Language is a fun expression of mind

When you deal with assholes and critics a lot which I do due to they are in denial and don’t understand they are.

Words like for example “toy” in Swedish its “leksak” and it means translated, something you toy around with.

Implicitly you know when someone use the word toy that it is “something you toy around with”.

You don’t need to explain what the word Toy means as its implicitly understood.

That help us make short cuts to understand the subject what’s talked about but it also contain perceptual holes as you start to think along the way the same way so you basically stop understanding the words you use.

When Einstein came along the whole field believed in Newton and it was absolute, he told them all, its relative and no one believed him and today he is regarded as the genius of our time.

Soon, I am regarded as the genius of the future 100+ years and more.

When someone said the earth isn’t the center of the solar system the world didn’t believe him either.

Its always after the fact that people implicitly suddenly understand how it works.

Not before.

Then your just ignorant, often prejudicial and an asshole filled with hate of yourself. I understand those people making personal attacks that it isn’t about me but themselves. Once you understand that when the brain works the way it does using language making people have a path of thinking they cant get away from as it forms their thinking and decision making we can then educate them obviously to understand what happens and how it works.

I did and done that with dyslexia, professors and those working with dyslexia don’t understand what I am doing to help the dyslexic overcome their problem in a timeframe they call, impossible.

What typically happen is that people don’t want to know.

I point out that Richard Bandler shot and killed Corine 1986 due to evidence suggest that and the police don’t along with a court don’t put people on the spot thinking they are innocent as the evidence points them to the guilty party. Obviously the NLP student cant believe his trainer did that so they then end up in denial.

Dyslexia can be adjusted and when you point out that, dyslexic – apply the catmodel – not dyslexic anymore that suggest that what I did worked. However the response is from the professor, cant work without them have any evidence for their opinion whatsoever? 70% or so never read an article to understand it, they will comment without understanding due to they will either confirm their beliefs and assumptions about something and then write that without knowing if the article is real or fake.

What those Swedish males writing personal attacks only attack themselves I know, they don’t. Even when telling them that they don’t understand that either.

Socially and culturally your bind by the language you did grow up with and sure, if we start saying something you toy around with´you would assume why explain to me what a toy is?

You find that distracting from due to you have to then compress a sentence and then execute a understanding what was said which is a lot more work than to say, “toy”.

Take the toy and go to your room.


that what your toying around with take that and go to your room with it.

Now, a child is better off to follow the second longer example than the first one.

The first one requires them to be able to implicitly understand which a lot of kids simply cant do depending on the age they have.

How you use language and what way you sentence the words can be really important as you are in regard to kids educating them about how words and meaning connects.

When a whole field is doing the wrong thing then they wont understand what someone else does as I do.

I can train someone in RBIm they be better than Richard Bandler to do change work.

The NLP/DHE/NHR student will now tell you and others, that’s impossible.

I know they are wrong, they don’t.

What would be expected to happen would be a string of questions but people seldom use the meta model they learned as they cant apply it in the action.

Language as we process words like toy we learned to organize what is said into compressed meanings and that goes fast and when you analyze speech patterns like for example Donald trump you hear repetitions over and over again, nonsense really as he isn’t saying anything profound.

Its then your brain fills in the gap and adapt to what’s spoken without realizing you are. So it then goes back to either again confirm or deny what said to your agreement or denial.

Educating oneself about words like “Toy” can bring about a childlike wonder as something you toy around with and have fun using it.

Difference between a pro and an amateur

440 yard par 4.

Pro: 2i and a 9i

Amateur: drive 220 yards, spoon/hybrid, wedge.

It’s a different game depending on your skill and ability.

Its why we have different tees and distances to play from so all can enjoy the game at similar ways. However going pro when you hit a great shot… well you need to be able to make a bit longer distance every time.

some say you need balance in golf

This thread on golfwrx says so.

this guy state this


Now, if this girl soft flinck had listen to this guy when she learned to throw a javelin, she wouldn’t have won the world championship as a junior.


If you think you know stuff about balance in the golf swing as waldron states, your misinformed.

to hit far, you cant be balanced with a modern golf swing.

Hans can hit his 2i the same distance a long driving champion as sadlowsksi does.

Here is the kicker, Hans don’t loose his balance, sadlowski does.

Adam young has no answer to why.

The golf God (that’s me) do

Tip of the day

when you wake up, have a big smile.

Put on some good music then dance.

if your wife or husband or kids are looking at you strangely or ask what’s going on then smile more and dance.

You will find people or even you yourself cant do that as limitation kicks in.

RBIm6 can do wonders with that

How do you handle critics and critic?

Is it critic on topic?
No – Ignore.

Are they personal attacks?
Yes – Ignore

You find that people cant stay on topic then, they don’t know and can only do personal attacks or run blame patterns.

Like the wife complaining about your toothpaste or snoring or whatever else, if you ignore them and you need to due to otherwise the relation wont work, they may start to run the blame pattern , you don’t listen to me due to if you love me etc…

Ignore them again.

What they are doing they don’t understand themselves.

Once you point out their behavior they will either run a deletion pattern denying that they do it (add excuse) and then change topic.

When the critic is valid which btw is rare then you run that vs the result you want to achieve, the outcome experience you desire, if the critic has value then you can acknowledge it and either do nothing or change something as it works for you.

Some say, I cant write fuck you motherfucker as your comments are retarded to someone I didn’t slip trough making the comment disappear in spam.

They tell me I should write nice things like, you’re a nice guy with a small dick that cant do anything else than make personal attacks and be retarded.

At some point like Einstein or Newton you have people that are totally clueless about what you present. Its not talked about much if any, many tell you, live your life without regrets right? Now, if you do that you will stick out like a bad hemorrhoid and that’s really painful unless your able to just ignore things.

If what people state and communicate to you have value then sure go ahead and listen but you find real soon that many never has, its just noise. Rarely if ever do you find people do things I do, communicate as clearly to the point and when I get paid I offer excellent value to the customer.

Critic and critics are often unhappy people, now and then they are really tragic freaks with no life. Its due to them are so used to find faults but never to utilize it in a creative way. Often they get stuck in the same communication protocols, shut down to word calling or plain personal attacks without substance.

Disproving things which I tend to do a lot means the trainers like Pete Cowen, Monte , Haney, Sean Foley, Mike Austin, Chris Como as I point out there is a discrepancy and then now and then as I did today with Adam Young shows, whatever he wrote with the back up of world leading bio mechanical experts, is 100% wrong.

Now, that is critic with substance, what he state and say cant be true, he still stated it was when it cant be as I showed today.

That is critic with value and now and then I add the disproving bit and now and then I withhold that as I don’t spend much time with fools.

Its like sex, if you have a babe, they are hot and you fuck their brains out due to as I am good at such then when they go back to their husband they are like, this sucks now?

I know I say, that’s part of life to know what your doing.

Critic needs to be organized as anything else, as if no value, ignore, if plain silly, ignore, and then if they try to run blame or guilt patterns then, ignore and likely get another wife or husband for your sanity.

I work with people that fits what I seek in a client and money isn’t it as it wont matter what someone would pay me if I think, well don’t like this so then I don’t do it. I do work with an amateur golfer in Australia atm, he sought me out and was persistent and I found what I could do so I did. One reason was to find out how long it takes to teach a pure amateur, with an over the top movement to redo their patterns into what works so they can do the movement pattern in the RBIm swing model.

Once you taught and they can do, they will always be able to do it. The modern swing crap where you need to fix your flaws time and time again, never happens.

Hans never say to me, lost the swing.

It just works.

Critics comments ignore that as it don’t fit what they think is valid and true, they plain and simply are ignorant. That’s the most dangerous people I meet that are close minded like that, they are bullies and think they are impotent.

It just happens when they least expected it.

Anyhow you need to know your stuff, as a scientist I have the data and evidence to back up what I say and do, but that’s rare many just take what someone taught them like Sean Foley did, he talks really well but also ruined two golfers back that had to do surgery which for me means, he is clueless about that swing stuff.

I am not.

Now some may say I need to prove that but I don’t. That’s the cool thing about what I do, people look at Hans, and see things only Mike Austin could do and ask how the hell this swede with magic could do that when no one else been able to.

Valid critic is rare, I found over 20 years as I done this work only a few times I been offered valid critic mostly its been wrong, attacks or just plain fear.

Recently with RBIm6 I been thinking a bit into how to present this for people due to for me its easy to use and goes fast both for me and when I worked with people, it’s a 30 second or less app when I do it.

When you learn to do, that’s seldom the case due to you need to acquaint yourself with the model and gain enough experience how it works.

Its also btw great to use to ignore critics with nonsense.

Upgrading the computer a step to Ryzen

I seldom upgrade my computer, last was 4 years or so.

I knew I wanted a 6core cpu so I waited for amd to unleash their stuff and they did recently.

I am waiting atm for the 1600 Ryzen a 6core 12 threaded cpu and mboard. I paid half the price vs a Intel cpu system which makes this an incredible value performance.

I want a fast snappy computer, so it was time to let go off my 4 core Intel 4670k cpu. It be retired to lesser service as its good to have one extra if needed.

Looking forward when stuff gets here.

some rehab reflections

if you get injured and have a calf for example that ruptures, or two in my case, then you need to do rehab. Once the injury heals up, you will have scar tissue which means once you start using your body more swelling, stiffness and other reactions are expected and you want to separate the good stiffness and even pain vs the bad one.

yesterday I walked 3km, which was a stretch for me, as I increase the distance walked I also expected some reactions. I could hardly walk when I was home, stiff and such, this morning much better even though I feel I did that walk yesterday.

so today I mainly did intu-flow, some calf rehab and likely to do another walk today.

Increased usage is important and then scale that to your rehab as tendons and muscles get used to work again you want to ensure, length of tendons and muscles are kept as mobile as required.

I am 3 month behind my usual schedule for the spring and I cant make that up so I just prolong it to august instead of may.

When you increase blood flow, then stiffness etc..happens as muscles and tendons are not used to the new volume, so increasing work, rehab after and before, allows you to slowly make the body adapt to the workload again. I am doing this until the sun comes to warm us up as soon I am able to go outside to hit golf balls and its going to be a treat. It’s a cold spring still here but there is hope.

The good pain is when you did work and the body react with a felt workout done good. you feel the work, but there isn’t pain just left overs from the work itself and then you have that small boost as the body kicked in the hormone boost to prepare you for the next work.

My walks are decided when I start them, as I walk 200m or so I can then decide if it be a shorter walk, like 1km or a bit longer like 3km. Feeling and observing what your body react to the workload is an important task as its easy to do to much especially when things have healed up but not able to withstand the endurance portion yet.

still, progress made.