8july golf swing progress

32celcius today so hot out there.

spent some time on the range with sis kid.

while things is improving I was so tired I even thought I would faint. However still standing. I tried a split grip today as it felt like I could get my back swing in order better and the down swing also and both assessment was confirmed.
I also discovered I could do a even better release which wasn’t happening here in the video. I been fighting the swing motion a bit so decided to try this which worked just fine, solid shots followed.
Its still early but with a better release action should improve things a bit more. I would like to lessen the secondary tilt a bit on the top of back swing but in all the way I hit the ball was solid.


What do people want?

Its either a fix some things that doesn’t work or to improve things so they work even better. Reasons varies for some the quest for money and success they find ways to do more of that while also missing things along the way.

Its always a choice what to do.

Focusing on fixing leads to missing things like consistency enjoying stuff along the way.

Let me say there is no optimal or perfect way just one way to go explore the variations of life.

Change people might want but also the effects and consequences of that change some haven’t really figured out before hand.
If your golf swing becomes better you also play better golf and then maybe realize your having issues winning or that other parts of your game isn’t that good.  Its work whatever we do.

You can however create a business which means its not needed to have you there to make it work it works without you. Personally I am doing things that I am there to do as its how I enjoy doing things still it wont mean I cant have a business that I don’t need to be there for as my interest normally is elsewhere.

I can do company change transformations taking a company and then alter their whole infrastructure and process levels and sometimes all it takes are one individual to do so and the effects will be there. I changed a small company fully in 4 hours once.

I have taken impossible cases with clients and they today live normal lives and still I don’t get send presents every week for a thank you.

There is no reward for doing good work.

You need to understand that when you do work people will be grateful but your not in this work to feed a misdirected thinking why your doing it. I don’t work nowadays as whatever is going on in my body takes to much of my time to keep in line if I was to trust and rely on the medical community I likely be dead now. Some things they are really good at but this not so much.

People want things they are close to and many times they don’t even really know what they want. You might think if your have an issue or such that if you do read or watch a you tube it will help and it might do that but likely it will involve you doing things to change things around to as some say take action.

Those that make RBIm work for them all fit that they do things that work and test stuff so called pragmatically approaches.

Let say your stressed, so your running mixed representations and combined them and jump in between them all the time never really stay clam and rest.
Once you focus on the staying calm and rest what happens is that your system has to disconnect all the representations you normally associate to be you and your life.

Its what we do, our brain identify with them make them to believe its us.

When I play golf I just play golf and whatever score I do this day its how good I am. I don’t think I could have done better out there and I don’t go thinking like that the next time either, if I do a score and a result its how good I am. Its also what I did do so the next time I am free to do better as what I do isn’t based upon what I used to do in the past.

It’s the future result and possibility at work here so if your going to do RBIm one thing will be there and that is whatever you just did, you just did and the next thing you do is new and fresh.

You then cant fail with this system. You cant be wrong with this system. You will be both at times for sure but you cant respond the way people normally responds.

The brain do this, you cant learn new with old. If you do new and fresh that the brain can do and respond to anything else it builds habits to. To much the same and the brain responds by automate it. Failing and many become sad and disappointed and depressed.

I fail and don’t even think about it as failure.

I am already set to do the next thing.

When I do a workshop I might have 15 people who all have a different world view if what they want and what I do. I have to do the same thing to all of them, differently. I cant do that if I was bind by the past what I used to do as the individuals themselves also change over 2 or 3 days. I had students and their life was fully different in those days and they haven’t even themselves started to realize that yet. Some did when their kids reacted to them fully differently due to them now was different.

So what people want then?

I don’t know I am not in the people pleaser business.

My writing is what I do if you hire me for a company change I do what I do to make the company transform or change into the system that will work for the future. If that is fully what we intended to have when we started out is another matter though.

A business needs to evolve to innovate and to change every so often, a product or a service might go out of date and we need to anticipate that to change with it.

Microsoft with windows 8 removed the start button and made their life product a mess due to them did innovate but made it harder to use their product….than it was. I am trying to make RBIm easier to use. Microsoft failed with their own core product. DICE did the Battlefield game and now also did fail big time and they have done so for 4 years now with both BF3 and BF4 and soon BF5.

If you loose the identity of your product then you also soon loose the business and dissolves as a company.

Naturally to identify the thing you do so you know this is the core thing your doing is important.

For me I make people better.

I just do it either it’s a individual who is dying from something or a company needing to change their infrastructure or the group or family that have issues in life in general as whenever I do things and I don’t even think what I do its what I just goes around doing, make people better.

Many times the individuals themselves don’t even understand what I do or why it works or that I even do things.

Its what I come to accept in my line of work I just do better.

I made miracles happen for sure no doubt. I don’t even think about it as hard or strange its what I do what works that makes it better. Now and then I find something that is a challenge and I had students that been with me for years that I tried to figure out how to do better for. It helps me to understand the human brain better and consciousness and perceptions.

What we do, think and behave and feel as a human is a product of your society. Its how you conformed to what the world think you should conform to more than what you yourself thought it should be.

Whenever I do things and write I don’t think what people will think about this what I do. I don’t go out there and this is what I want you to do and think and feel.

I let you be you as I say I respect the human right to be who they are. Naturally people cant respond to that due to normally they engage into this awkward communication of rules and laws their society happen to put on them. Sometimes it means I am to them a bad guy or a strange guy or a crazy guy or a genius guy. For some they can find a way to fully start to explore this life in a way to experience it fully to drink the stars light and to walk in the shadows and step into the darkness of empty space but as metaphors go the space is filled with stuff we don’t normally attend to.

I had parents who have kids with dyslexia ask their kids if they understand this guy and they look at their mom and say not all of it but I am getting better. I cant explain that I am already is tracking their expressions of their skill and I am doing it in real time and then adjust on the fly within the a time reference most say cant be done or even know about so for me its science and skills and for parents its often overwhelming and later magic.

Yea I am good making better.

Since dyslexia is an issue that don’t need to be and I can do things that work there to make dyslexics to learn to do things like you or me makes it impossible for many. For them what they think and do is based upon what is true in the past.

I move with the future and I dance along the lines of stars aligning themselves and I do smile and awake the giant within as I move on unseen into the shadows and the space opens and there is nothing.

Just me sitting there waiting.

My view of health and fitness the trifecta

Its three things to track.

  • Gym/fitness
  • What you eat
  • Strategies to life

If you work out make sure if you’re a long distance runner like marathon etc..to once a week do a short intense duration like 60m dashes. The reason why is this, the brain and body responds to new and fresh.

To grow and build we need new and fresh.

Example, the triathlon athlete I coached got stuck in her training due to overloading her system to much for weeks – 25 hours a week practice, so I said, go do rock-climbing or such, “meaning do new things” and her system responded and she could compete without issue.

Cross fit is a good model for variation and load for fresh and new.

Next is food, if you eat badly you create inflammatory responses like an allergy but only all the time. To much carbohydrates isn’t good for you so go the Palo lifestyle or such.
Main reason for a lot of issues in life is food, the body is much like a chemical plant, if you feed the chemicals in the wrong order or to much of it then it shuts down and cant process properly. Do yourself a service and check that out.
Food I eat today is around 25% of the size I used to eat and still I never go hungry like I used to do. Now I go hungry now and then due to it’s a good way to enhance your body fresh and new response.

Third is strategies like what your doing mentally and emotionally. When I do things I do one thing at the time, and full focus on what I do in the present moment.

If you have to many things to do, overwhelmed then make a list to priority and then do the first thing fully.
I worked with a guy in the building business and every time he got home at night he drunk himself to relax, he also instead of going back and forth with tools he tried to go one time and bring everything at once. He injured himself doing that. He then started to do smaller things and do more back and forth and found his workload got better and become more efficient.

When you do one thing at the time its like zen, tao etc..as your doing this then your not thinking about that. Your attention reside on this moment and you do better work and also rest as you do work.

Since I got ill 14 years ago, I developed ways to handle my level of capacity so I learned to live with this shit by making sure that I developed more efficient ways to do things.
One of those are making sure you decide and do things that makes your experience worthwhile during the day.

Example: went to play 18 holes Thursday golf, stood on the range and could hardly make contact with the ball, to tired to focus at all and coordination went awry, so I packed my things up and went home. My experience going home was an easy one as the prospect of playing when tired simply wasn’t a good one. If its not for me then I don’t do it.

Main focus is on variation as if you don’t change the intensity and variation the brain wont build new responses. Practice 2 hour on the gym 3 times a week the same way wont work in the long run. Short intense durations.

Variation, adaptive responses are from fresh and new both for body and brain.

If you don’t do new and fresh your brain and body wont produce a response to that, your just do a rehearsal which is good and dandy but here is evolution at work.

I done intu-flow for 6 or so years now and my body adapted to the workout, I am more mobile at age 50 than Hans is at age 40. I am more mobile now and this allows me to do work outs without tensions in the muscle joints. It helps with recovery and maintain my level of stamina during the day.

Do fresh and new use variation with intense focused brief and learn to live the moment.

When I do client work I do client work, nothing else goes on.
When I do write here I write, here.

They call me the shadow man

Its inevitable as shadows are my friends. I move with them unseen and in between. Time and space and the relation ships so near the elusive frontier of man where the mind haven’t moved and still we do.

Some say we all are shadows in the burning light.

Metaphors only goes so far I guess.

Many years ago I walked down the street of Stockholm, an idea presented itself to me and I understood something about the human mind. Naturally as time has passed and we learn and still where does it all come from?

How can we really exist?

Now I walk in the shadows unseen unmoving.

From within a star is ignited.

It happens as mass pulls together with gravity and in some cases like Jupiter its not enough mass for ignition which is good or we would never been.

Maybe its pure luck, coincidence even alien hands turning stuff up or some entity pulling strings as we lack the mind to fully grasp the greatness and still we can linger in the unknown as we just know less than we ever will know.

I find that soothing and comforting that its always is and will be more to know and that I know less than I ever will be able to grasp is a nice thought to comfort me during the star glazing nights in the shadow.

Man of shadow.


Its those watery places that interact perfectly with their environment. Small islands of water without separation at all. If you try and think you fail and are disappointed then you might go the bad way to learning.

As I played, 4 holes in a row, 6 swings and there it was ponds small events of perfection where it was the way I would want. It what I think off today and not the other holes. It lingers with me as I had 6 swings in a row that just worked.

I take those and separate them out from the environment small ponds of things that worked. Many don’t do that they look and think about what they thought they wanted to achieve and failure comes to mind fast.

Even if I never will be able to do what I want due to being tired and sick those small things sitting there mirroring blank we as a human race can take upon and sit with and dance to the stars as they reflects and when the darkness comes the guide is there to show us where we go and what we did.

Those 4 holes in a row are etched down and separated out as a unit due to whatever happened there worked. Maybe it was a fluke sure or just luck but still it did happen and I smile to the stars.

When you work towards something, the long run what your after has to be there as many say top bottom approaches and then as you do things dive into experiments, tests do the try outs and once you go above the pond to be able to evaluate and then make sure you do so with finding out what you did that works.

A paper wrapped upon itself again and again can reach the moon eventually. (not really it’s a math thing but)

If your attention reside what you thought didn’t work and then in that darkness and failure a glimmer of hope reside in the oceans of calmness where that you did do actually did work.

It didn’t work the whole time…….yet a pond don’t fill itself up fast it take decades to work out the ground, slipping away the edges but one day once worked upon it just sits there as you watch the wind goes out there cruising the surface you know one thing

stillness is stuff affected by other things or not

and that the Doctor knew what a treasure she was.