How do voices happen in our heads?

As we grow up people are taller than us, so a lot of internal voices and I don’t say that self-talk or internal dialogue necessarily is part of that. As growing up is then voices from above a lot of those then later get stuck above you also.

It can be some nice easy and simple things like, remember the lunchbox as you go out and it can also be some screaming one from arguments people had.

A lot of those voices are let overs from old ruminants but memory works like recalling things enough often to never forget them. If you repeat a memory access enough times you simply don’t forget it. You might not be aware of the system itself or the voice later on but it will still be there.

Some learned to have a voice of doubt, some of reason and some of logic. Working with people its amazing how much is left overs from the past events.

Most don’t read the sign above them that states, watch out for the low ceiling.

Some become obsessed with their own talk, OCD for example, did I really turn off the stove? I need to do 3 things every time to make sure its fixated. Its due to the image they have about the action they supposed to do (turn of stove) isn’t there. They simply cant see it until they don’t enough repetitions. They drive anyone normal crazy doing that naturally.

Its more than a simple image naturally, seeing an action your doing is different as your recalling the action itself. So its an image and a movement.

The RBIm technology deals with this so called voices (representations) and its access via the vestibular system and how it works in combination trough the comparison channels.

No Q-school though

Sadly there was no q-school this time for Hans, he got a small injury in his upper back chest area, a small compression which a week before the q-school was stopping him. Likely due to some stress and work.  He played some match play today and won that made 8 birdies on 16 holes and 7 under so game he has.

Hopefully we can transfer that level of game to his normal rounds in competitions.

Do you have a twin?

There been photos showing that we have people who look alike some over waste time spans.

Then there are two that whenever I see them think, twins.


They share a lot of similar facial structures and whenever I see them in their two separate shows I go, how similar they do are. There are differences obviously but they could been sisters if one asks me.

Renee for the ncis LA show and Tina for the Legends show.

Evolution allow us to go across several iterations of DNA and we can be a long lost relative to some people that we normally wouldn’t ever think so, and still we all come from Africa so since then things will show up across the population.

Steering your truck

Our mind is in many ways really simple,
its reduce complex stuff into simple actions.

Many years ago I was reading a book called “Using your brain for a change”.
It was filled with sub modality patterns to be used to change things.

There are many patterns to be used
and they all requires skills to be applied.

RBIm deals with change/transformation by focusing the attention where you look and focus on a future reference. Its built within the space between two contexts (inside one gate). Once your about to change contexts there is a moment when the brain is about to shift contexts (gate) but haven’t shifted yet, it still contain a moment when its deciding to move but haven’t yet. Much like waking up it takes time before we wake up and become ready for the day.

So one context starts and ends. Once its about to end it still maintain a moment where we are deciding what to do next, habitually we normally don’t take notice of this due to we are already on the move.

If I play 18 hole golf, then I also at the end of the round going to sign my scorecard so since I still are maintaining my golf round but its moving into next phase (signing my card)  I then insert my instruction there signing the card and that is where my attention reside when I play those 18 holes. This approach allows the brain to produce my desired experience when I then play those 18 holes. My attention is freed up so my brain can produce the desired experience for me as I don’t change the contexts.

Its like charging a battery it takes time for the brain to settle down to produce it if it needs to be active all the time. Once your comparisons settles down, once your focus and attention starts to stay the same then your experience can be produced and steered by you.

To some extent it requires you to be active to monitor your own experience without changing it.

Seeking easy solutions might be the ideal for many, it’s the next book or such but as far I can tell it always require skilled people to do things that works and when it works the solution follows the same pattern. RBIm as a tool is a way to train and practice attentions spans to deliver the desired experience we want to have on a daily basis.

You can think about this in different ways like,

  • self hypnosis to program yourself ahead of time.
  • Insert code or instruction into the passage when the brain haven’t changed context yet and keep attention reside there.
  • Like any arrangement when we are doing one thing but it isn’t finished yet like signing a book deal, having a meeting, changing diapers etc…

Still even when that is done a constant to some extent active action to monitoring is needed, often its just a check now and then that the system is kept going as it should and your free to just do what your doing.

Becoming aware that the brain is doing contexts, it starts and ends but normally we just flow in and between without thinking much about this if at all tis a passive  habit we do as we learned to think tis the unconscious mind doing it all for us.

If you start doing what I suggest, there is then no unconscious mind controlling your actions. If you start learning what I suggest there is no letting the world control your experience and responses to it.

The main reason I do Intu-flow and other things like RBIm as it helps me function to my peak levels in what I do awesomely so. Anyhow did some talk about all this here

Brain damage of evolution towards dumbnuts?

I thought we be smarter, but that isn’t happening as we seems to repeat whatever mistakes we as a race die 1000 or 2000 years ago, we make things extinct and we just have better tools to do so now. There is none that want to change their way of life.

Are we smarter?

Many men beats their wife’s due to them are disobeying them. Its evolution at work some say its how we make kids and girls our things our objects we now own them. We can own a human how old is that?

Slaves been around for millennia.  Nowadays its called minimum wage.

Are we settling that humans are to repeat the same mistakes and as what I do is to find ways to evolve to become greater to be more even though maybe its about becoming less.

Naturally the ownership many suddenly grow are then to mistake ones own identity with the outside that we now are our outside that we now own someone else?

When did that shit start?

I don’t understand why the society keeps up with that. I know we don’t want to upset our assumptions about the world that we rather die than to have those in question and doubt, it’s a funny thing if you ask me.

Its like a double bind no I cant feel good then they win.

I am like who cares if they do win?

Isn’t it more important you feel good?

For reasons unknown we confuse what happens inside us and our events and how we recall and remember that our memories now are actual events that still are happening and they was just a thing once but now comes back to haunt you?

I done bad shit and I don’t think about those as a defining moment or that those events now makes me what I am or makes me think the way I do think or feel.

I am like, don’t people understand if they do shift their attention their experience also follows along and how they identify along that also?

Mirror neurons can make us feel bad when someone falls down and hit their head on TV, its when someone are born then evolution made us to protect those and there is no rational thinking to do so and when some parents don’t do that we say they are bad parents but in reality its just bad code. In the old ages those died out.

They didn’t make more bad code.

We can narrow it down to science and remove the emotional and ethical and morality of it and if your not able to do so how then can you state your actually having free will that you decide and choose from your own free desire and want and will?

Can you?

You just might think so.

Logic and thinking is to rationalize what you already decided and I met many who still thinks about things that they don’t even understand they already made decisions about but I also met a lot of those emotional energy people who still are trying to feel it in to know what to do.
They still don’t follow their instincts about stuff.

I once went into a shop with one of my sisters, as I looed up a salesmen was on his way as Is aw the look on his face and approach I held up my hand and just shook my head as I didn’t want him to even talk to me.

Most bury their instincts they become numbnuts.

There is so much happening in a conversation and most are spent about stuff that don’t even matter. Your not happy? Go do things that makes you happy or just shoot up heroin right? Like that actor who bought stuff from a guy of the street type if I had a heroin addiction I find someone I get some safety from the same dosage but the guys whoa re drug users don’t think smart anymore they just want to float away.

I worked with a ton of people over a few years all kind of stuff, addicts, suicide depressed, phobias, nutjobs, religious freaks, new age crazy and the normal obese or such girl. I am like why are people so messed up?

Where does it all come from?

Has to be brain damage from evolution I say.

That all that survived was the one that was most mean, those that owned things of jealousy then killed the others either a family or in wars.  It makes more sense that the religious people thought it was a good thing killing others who didn’t agree on their rituals.

Same thing happens today we just got better stuff killing people off with.

However as always the brain and behaviors haven’t changed much, once the emotional state been activated, survival mode some say has kicked in and then logic and reason goes out the window, its then the husband gets the gun and shoot his wife, cut his kids with a knife and out them on the sofa watching TV and then goes to the police and says they are all dead and smiles. It’s a normal thing to do as evolution taught us how to deal with such events.

Some might call it temporary insanity and for me its just a display of brains doing what evolution taught us to do when we get upset and angry or such.

We grab a weapon and go kill.

If it was just grabbing an ice-cream and go eat ice-cream but often its drugs, kids or some other human getting in the way and blood follows.

Brains haven’t changed much, those primitive things you read in history your as much capable to do so yourself and when you do well then you loose the humanity you had and go animalistic beyond things demonize if you like. The concepts had to explain why people did things that none could understand why this smiling neighbor suddenly got a knife and cut open anyone he knew.

Its like obsession as I understand the need to rationalize such behaviors I do understand that we need to make sense, make meaning of the why.

Its just not what people been taught to handle growing up, its not taught from your parents, nor in school and if your lucky you might come to my class and started to handle such but I don’t do classes nowadays and I dont want to go out there as a Buddha or a Gandhi or such lama.

That we let kids grow up without any ability to handle their own minds and life’s. A kid grabs his gun and shoots a girl at a train station here, my sisters kid rage against the police that they grabbed the wrong guy and understandable so but still the guy did it. One kid doing a random act from some drug trip or just unable to handle rejection from girls or guys?

Its simple things, some cant handle rejections due to them think they own other people and what they are suppose to say.

Stop being a numbnut and evolve.

Heal you brain.

Train yourself with practice.

I do and continue to do so after 20 years as I think tis really important to do so.

Casefile: Unknown

Layer upon layers, no name, device created last papers of the late professor.

Secrets told, magic created.

Recent news states its transported to a safe house, what is really transported is unknown at this point. Its said to be magic to create a new whole reality tunnel towards human population Nobel prize is set in stone.

Some rumors states it’s a time machine or a alien artifact or just some human invention.

Report found: The last days of mankind, my words sits here at these papers as I hold my hand and look over the bay as the sun is settling down, they ….are coming to us. Its time.

Archeological dig: Recent research points to things uncovered that doesn’t make sense, military and researcher has been going black ops on the site and no information is coming out. The recent broadcast was from research assistant that had a scream of, its alive!

News: a disease has spread and the zone is quarantined atm.

Disproven and a cover up is made.

Where are you?

Dust settles, alien microbes released and infiltrating as we speak the human race is now going to be evolved.

Those surviving that is.

I sit here with Eve and we are naked and soon the sun will arise into a new morning.


Activation ensured

Last entry: We are


What is it like?

Your experience?

Most use the metal to the bottom high end risk-takers going all out with adrenalin to become alive in the moment to let nothing else enter their realm of consciousness. Skydiving, climbing without safety net etc…

Then some learn to shut down the noise to focus the mind to stillness, silence and learn to notice what that its like having such experience. Its important to know what its like as any comparison will change the context and then the experience loosing out on it.

Taking notice then becomes a skill when the mind starts to quite down into stillness. Then movement starts.

RBIm deals with this by training ones own brain to develop skills to steer the mind and its consciousness to create the perception we want to have when engaging into the world.

The brain needs to know where it is when creating the experience.

If it doesn’t know where it is it will change (compare) constantly to locate and focus on what its suppose to do, here.

Now that is a key variable and needed to understand since if you want to create the experience you desire then knowing where you are are just such a thing you need to master. Some might think they know where they are but the brain doesn’t work that way.

For example the way people go to a sports thing spending time with many others is a way to become part of a mass of people the same mechanism that people who hang someone in a cell due to people firing up one another to do and after thinks what did happen? Police for example clears the people watching someone who stands on roof as if people are to close they will actually try to tell the jumper to actually jump……………!

We don’t become rational in a group far from it.

To maintain sanity we want to learn to have our own experience your experience in spite of what else is going on outside yourself.

Knowing where you are is then important.

Once you learn to notice what a context is, and that those contexts can be used to insert your own codes and to kick start your own desired experiences then you learned to control your own internal matrix of contexts and locate where you actually are or want to be.

Being” as people would talk about is language of imprecise semantics.

Trying to solve the way the brain works, to find the principle has been ongoing work as its not like I can ask people about that as none knows.

Once you become accustom to define contexts, then be able to insert the code you want to experience you started to make the brain produce your desired experience in the wanted context.

Going to work, after work, at home, going shopping, talking to your kids, wife, husband, to stop things you don’t want to do anymore to focus your brain to start doing things that you want it to do vs being a victim of decades of conditioned responses to the world.

You then need training to get that down. It wont happen by reading a book or a blog, or watching you tube or TED videos or hanging around cool places. It takes practice and a lot of it. I am still doing Intu-flow 6 years down the road. My body is mobile so much in fact I haven’t been this way since I was like 4 years old. Old injuries have gone.

However I didn’t see much results the first few weeks, it took me a year to loosen up the chest area in the back and those who want instant gratification well your out of luck.

Learning the experience is practice as you’re a victim of the modern world to shift your attention to whatever the world crave of you, texting on the phone and I often turn off mine and don’t answer for days as I don’t have any need to do so since if its important they get hold of my some other way.

Just because the technological advancements are good and ease up things for us it can also require your attention way to much, the new sickness is the kids who sits and text one another in the same room without talking to one another. Its more important to text and update Facebook than to keep the eyes on the road when driving.

When did that happen?

That driving is less important than update what your doing right now?

To be here presently aware?

Election the day after

Here we had an election yesterday. The government now changed.

We have a load of people coming from other countries, escaping Syria and other countries to seek refugee here. A party like SD here wants to close the gates to stop the immigration. SD is a naziparty in its foundation. It’s a rightwing extreme to some extent.

What bothers me is that no other party wants to work with them at all, it’s a zero non sum position and still a million of our 7 million voters still voted for that SD party.

One of seven.

If such is going on in a democrazy as we have in this country that a million voters cant get a fair hearing and the risk is that next time even more will vote for them as voters want to change things and if they have the risk to current leadership then many might want to vote them there to change things up.

It’s the human nature, we want to change things to find out if things will work better, if nothing happens we sit there and are unhappy. That in itself isn’t good for anyone.

Its much easier to appeal to people with a problem. Not solutions.

I do what works. Most don’t like that as it mess with their reality of life. People tell me this sucks and I tell them, so what? Do something like this about it then, and then they tell me they don’t like my advice as it makes them feel better.

It mess with their belief system in how they are suppose to believe in life and how their reality is created and made up without them not even understanding how it works for them in the first place. Its how humans and brains works, they don’t like when beliefs are changed and altered it’s believed that the problem needs to be fixed as everyone talks about that but when does that really work to do that?

In 25 years I still haven’t found anyone that has worked for.

I had clients that told me they needed peace of mind so I gave it to them, a week later they return with the same problem. I did the same thing again and a week later they come back again. Here is the problem they were happy that I did make it work for them for a week due to it did fit their beliefs….about the change they did need.

What I then when I took note how people did things was to do what worked. Then they never came back.

Some didn’t like me, some hated me and even though most was really grateful for the new life they come to have it just shows a client works the same way a country does. Shutting out a whole party like SD with a million voters just might make it worse. The SD took voters from the right wing party M here.
Its rich people the tea party people if you like that don’t like their ceremony to be interrupted with immigrants.

Maybe I am wrong but as far I can note it seems like that.

Still change happens when we start doing what works, it might not be fun, even painful as you got to let things go. It’s a choice we make.

A million voters made a choice. They want things to be different. That is a bad direction for the political parties here. Naturally for me I don’t think they realize the dangers.

one of 7 thinks a change is needed beyond what the other parties are doing and I assume this number will increase the next 4 years until the next election unless they do something about it.

what terror is about.

This open letter from a brother is what such religious people try to do, target the innocent that works for the human condition to do good but good isn’t what we want as a human species.

We want power, money and the ability to tell people what to do when to do it and if they disagree they kill you.

Targeting people like journalists, red cross and organizations that are doing pretty much things to help people are tactics to scare people but the problem with that it’s a backfire tactic, none like that shit.

It’s a matter of time until they all die in that ISIS system. Any system requirement of fanatical obedience don’t work with human beings in it.

I just wonder why everyone has to be right about what religion will win.

They all wrong if you ask me.

Living with chronic fatigue syndrome

Its no fun.

Each day is a day of brain fog. Any activity requires planning and also causes break down of the system.

Its simply being tired all day every day of each day. The last 14 years that has been the case for me. I have changed my diet and I also changed the way I do things and I become a minimalist in many things. Small things become a chore, talking to people about ordinary social things are often something I skip as holding concentration to such extent is not what I want to spend time doing as it is exhausting more time than not.

So I spend my time doing things that let me regain energy, that saves me energy and that makes me enjoy my day.

It seems simple and would obviously seem to be the natural thing to do for anyone, do things you enjoy. Most don’t however, most seems to me spending time whining and complaining and excusing themselves for some reason.

I have to tell people that I cant talk to them as I am to tired to listen to them. I go rest somewhere and contemplate about stuff. I spend early mornings doing a post here as I take time to write things as it’s a habit I acquired so I continue it. Recently it seems science has stopped caring about replicating things, any science is about your able to replicate the finding. If you do cold fusion and progress there then any other team should be able to also replicate the same result the other since team had. Its due to the falsified evidence we humans do.

Perception is key there.

We are badly equipped to handle things we don’t believe into. We are badly equipped to handle evidence that contradict our own.

Once that happens we negate the facts and delete it. Ignorance is king here. Problem is that we are seldom aware that its happening, we are just doing it due to having a contradiction in our head so called cognitive dissonance is a bad thing for most. I guess its evolution as anyone who hesitate in the wrong situation died fast.

Our brain evolved due to we could cool food faster, grow it. In the Inca towns famines trike for years and years and they died out. It wasn’t diseases it was hunger. Then due to their culture and religion the Gods had to be satisfied so they sacrificed kids, girls and anyone suited and that in turn did lead to war.

The Inca people didn’t understand the world they lived in the dark ages.

I so think that is still going on with people here today.

When all is good and well its always easy. However stop eating for a few days and don’t sleep much and watch yourself become a pain in the ass for the people around you. When we change our homeostasis our own balance in the body and mind then the system will try to set it right. Problem is when we go outside the level of balance we can do then things might go really bad for us.

My internal balance is like a soufflé we put into the Owen, done right it works and slightest mistake makes it go puff. I calibrate and map my own internal state and I set to eat at times when I start to loose the balance. If I eat to much that isn’t good for me either.

I did say my day requires planning didn’t I?

Naturally I done things like Intu-flow and pretty much anything else I could think of. If I didn’t do that I either be dead or in some hospital somewhere. I do good with this and talking to a doctor is like talking to a parrot, you put words out there and they just look at you and scratch their heads.

As far I can tell there is no cure. There is a strong possibility this is my fate for the rest of my life to live with this.

I did say its no fun didn’t I?

Enjoyment to have your experience as it is, isn’t a given ability its something you learn to do once your brain has grown enough your able to experience beauty. Having the physical traits to experience beauty and then choose to do so in your daily experience living your day is something different. People don’t seem to stop and take the time to enjoy what they do, their family, kids or the new TV they bought. Its to much of distractions so many distractions.

If you do things why not do them with 100%? To make sure you did put everything in it?

Most never do and never did learn to do so.

I don’t have a voice screaming at me in my head but many does that they need to do things as its expected of them to do it. I have met many such that simply went into life living someone else’s dream. Mostly it’s the dream of the society that your expected to do things the way people acceptably do them.

Its not for me I say. I get these looks then and they think I am nuts, crazy even and I go, I do think I am the sane one here.

When the monks sat down and did meditated all day they become fat out of shape and died early so one guy thought lets make meditation on the move and that worked also.

Naturally if you done things the way you done them a long time and that your expected to continue to do them, the way your doing them well anything else is considered insane then.

I just remove the “in” so I become sane.

Welcome to my world.