When we do new

Human brains and concepts are atm a mess.

Its hard to understand yourself for example, your ego is in a crisis with your superego. Or you have a shadow in your mind.

Or your thinking cause issues.

Or you need love and hugs.

Its bad with NLP when Altfeld a NLP trainer cant calibrate and observe a intervention by Bandler that didn’t work, not understanding that makes me question the whole education of NLP and the quality of work there.

So I was asked by Imran when I posted this image,

RBIm 6 what we know as far

RBIm 6 makes NLP, psychology any change work approach, obsolete.

People can feel good without changing their behaviors, any workplace knows that or attending a nice class and be high with Tony Robbins is that while high its understandable to think that things have changed.

Measure change is trough behaviors if they didn’t change, well nothing did change.

Something altfeld missed totally as what Bandler did on TV with the phobia did not work. That he had to go behind closed doors to do hypnosis to make it work is a nice forgettable touch.

RBIm 6 is a new approach not just the way we perform the change work itself as we also understand that the brain reference memory that clouds or clears pour perception at any time. Most people after a while don’t see what happens as they rely on memory to navigate their actions. It becomes a reflex. Once the reflex is formed which can be really complex you can just do it as any habit. Its activated with contexts. Either real ones or imagined ones as the brain really don’t seem to tell any difference.

So I was asked about bridges since people assume going from present state to desired state means to fix the interference in the path like Dilts state here.

Present state


I can work without that shit as I postulate a whole new way to do change work.

If you do NLP or anything else for that matter you become stuck in the models and concepts for that approach as it’s the way to do it as altfeld show relying on memory when you do analyzing means he also missed that it didn’t work on TV.

Most NLP people will now try to cover his ass from that fact.

Why does interference happens in the path Dilts?

Ask him that please, and then listen to what he says and it wont mean anything as it wont make sense.

Contextual forms has one job to keep the system stable in homeostasis. In a form of balance either it works or not. If you think your boss is an asshole your brain don’t want to think he is a nice guy. You can try that if you like but that’s interference as soon you try to do that as memory will act as the real deal and the thing here when you do.

Your memory is now more real and will interfere in your desire to change.

Obviously we could run a few techniques to overlap that memory and mess with it which is what they do with hypnosis btw. That people assume it’s a representation to deal with when it’s a little more than that.

Now and then people make decisions that alter and change their behavior directly. They want to stop smoking and they do. Never have any cravings and never starts again. The main issue you cant understand how they did it with NLP.

That model don’t cover that and cant cover that.

I mean if they did don’t you think after 40+ years they be teaching that?

Now with enough skill and training sure we can do things but what if people could start using this with basically no training at all?

Many believe you need practice and lots of it to become good.

That’s a false myth.

If you can do it you can do it.

If not, you cant.

Most then in the cant camp will assume more practice (Talent Code) and whatever will assume that’s how you become good with deep deliberate practice.

That assumptions isn’t correct.

I had Hans learn a new skill directly without needing that time to practice it much and I often have to ask him what he is doing as he now and then falls into that trap he needs more practice to do it. That’s never really true.

The brain has a system of evolution behind it, we survived due to we could adapt and recall information what had happen it’s a natural warning system meant to pass information down to the next generation. It means its designed to keep and retain information not to change it.

That cause a lot of issues in our society due to we have a overload of information today.

If we however could understand how the brain does change on its own naturally then we wouldn’t need a lot of techniques and skill and more of a understanding and realization about how change does happen for us.

Naturally this is when RBIm 6 makes its entrance.

When applied there is an instant change to behavior. To measure that people can do as they can take notice if they do things differently or not. To ask someone if they changed and notice that is however too difficult for people.

I can but I am a rare breed of individuals with a lot of experience with this.

Instead of getting interference as Dilts has to have when he works and teach and educates people with NLP I don’t.

Now he charges around 4000$ or more for a training to teach a flawed concept and Bandler charges even more.

I would need to charge 50000$ to make people understand that’s the value I have here.

Its like when I had this talk about dyslexia and brought a kid on stage, he was dyslexic, with official diagnosis and his mom had brought 5 teacher from his school with her, 45 minutes later he wasn’t dyslexic anymore and none of the teachers wanted to learn to do it. I had numerous examples of that trough the years because people in the field of dyslexia cant believe what I am doing actually works in spite of the evidence and the same is true for NLP people as they cant believe they are taught a flawed concept from Dilts and Bandler and Grinder and whoever else like Joseph Riggio.

Next when memory interferes in our ability to change its believed that we have the cognitive function that make sense for us that we assume as usual suspects are true.

What troubled me for years was that a guy telling me this is how it works when evidence said something else. Mythoself was a crappy way to say what worked when it couldn’t be.

It reminds me about this guy Hakan lans who invented the mouse, color monitor screen the one your using right now btw. He also invented a system to track planes and boats with precision that was cheap that is a world standard for boats but airplanes and those don’t want to pay him as he has the patent for it. Any day you fly your brand of airplane is denying you more safety.

That’s horrible if one asks me.

When he invented that system he didn’t tell anyone for 10 years and anyone could have invented it along the way and patented it but no one did, when he did his presentation after he had a patent a guy in the audience said, oh obviously….but then its after the fact when you have someone invent it so you can understand it.

I am an inventor.

Its what I do, I engineer new solutions on a daily basis, Imran ask me about his job and I am like might do it this way and he is like so easy….and I say that’s why I am so good I make complex situations, simple.

I knew I always wanted to learn from the best and now and then when I study other fields like Golf I also understand a lot of people they think are good at what they do, just isn’t.

Once memory has formed and then when cognitive perception has happen you formed believes what’s suppose to be true. You seek evidence for it and even if evidence is missing from the activity like Bandler failing to make the phobia cure he invented work you assume it did work.

Your now blindsided.

When I say I am good even the best that’s not my opinion btw its based on behaviors I do vs other peoples behaviors which for me seems to indicate just that.

Its not a belief I have.

I know.

RBIM 6 offers something new a way to access the natural system the brain creates new contextual forms by building bridges to do so. Many forget that anything we think or do is a network of neurons firing off organizing different centers in the brain in any given moment and even when it’s a highly complex it still becomes at some point, a reflex. You can eat without needing to look at your hand and that’s when the hand goes into the bag of chips without you needing to be there to do it.

Its now a reflex.

Trying to change that will interfere with the neural net in place.

RBIm 6 understands that and builds new by creating a bridge and instant change in behavior.

No interference possible.

One still want to make sure what’s going on as we want to define from the present moment not what one remembers.

Rebellion is built on hope

So rebel.

While I am a bit to cynical for hope in that way as it tends to lead to crushed illusions.

For me the plans would never reach the rebels and Darth Vader would have ruled with his son. A much better follow up movie would happen as we wouldn’t have had the whiny shit Lucas made us watch as fuck him.

Fuck George Lucas give us a new hope and then crush it with some whiny shitty Vader?

Most people cant get out of their past and Lucas is a prime example of someone producing something good then gets worse and worse and before you say Empire strikes back he didn’t write that screenplay.

Leigh bracket and Lawrence kasdan did and Kasdan is the one at the end for it.

How can Lucas so fuck up his own movies?

He had to create something new that wasn’t founded on myths anymore and his outlook on Vader was fucked up. Why hire two actors that simply couldn’t act to display him right?

The kid? Gee fuck.
Then the teenage Vader also done wrong.

People conflicted with emotions don’t act that way. That’s an adult trying to make a teenager seem like one.

Now it was fixed by Disney.

The new Vader the Ren guy displayed as he should. Lashing out his sword, check, displaying worry, check and along the way give a portrait that should been done with Lucas but he couldn’t do that as he sucked at his job.

Hope is back thanks to Disney.

They had a strong female lead they brought back the old guys done right again.
They open up a whole new way to display the ebb and rise of the force.


What did that mean?

The prophecy suddenly fucking gone?

First line I would add in episode 8,
Rey: so what happen to the prophecy that you would balance out the force between the dark and light?

Luke: well I brought my father the strongest entity in the force into the light.
He was created out of the midiclohrians so I have no grandfather (Pause) as he don’t exist and I then couldn’t balance the force and failed to teach the force properly as Ren become distraught in the force.

Rey: ?

Luke: it’s a living thing the force it flows and goes here and there it streams and as we reach out we find us distraught with desires of power as we become afraid of who we are as a shining light a beacon of hope we fail to raise to the challenge as its so much easier to step down from other peoples opinions about what you should be like.

Luke: at the end we are judged by our ability to stay within our own power or become lost thinking its someone else’s and as things it will then always be something else and forever lost thinking you had it.

Rey: I understand and you sound like the RBImGuy.

Luke: Who?

Rey: There are stories about him as he was said to be the one to bring hope back to the world of mankind.

Luke: Did he?

Rey: Yes, I believe in him.

Its always good to be able to fix and correct bad screenplays.

If one follows the mythical approach as a hero for example, first desire to go somewhere, then shit cant go and if your offered to go then you wont go and then somehow your forced to go anyway and then that repeats again until you manage to be that hero wanted and prophesied.

That’s 101 of a hero.

I wanted to study NLP.

Not one place in Sweden had trainings there was no institutes here at the time. When one ask, why are there so many NLP institutes in Sweden I know why….

I made that happen.


I am the father to NLP here.

Didn’t see that twist coming did ya?

That’s what happens when I watch a movie so when I look at some TV shows I also know no one would ever talk like that. If you do what people expect then at some point as any King knew the jester dies. One can see it with kids also at some point when you point to the lamp the kid stop looking at it and don’t laugh anymore. You made them bored.

When I sought trainings I just wanted to find one and now you have let say 20 places to get training from so now you have more issues as you don’t know which one is good for you.

I had this guy call me up and ask me about the training and I said, well it’s the best in the world. He said, no really and I said no really it is the best in the world.

He signed up and become the best hypnotist I ever seen including Bandler.

That’s what I could teach 16 years ago.

I am better now.

What I started to be able to do now goes beyond description as I say, my skill is to ask questions and listen to the answer and then, change your mind.

So what do I do?

What’s my job description?
I have a particular set of skills.
I am basically self taught.
I did certify my self with my skill also.
I become a God in my own right.

Feels good.

I saw an ad for inner engineering from a guy with beard, Indian origin and clothing as those gurus have. I thought, gee another stereotype shit.

How original.

Its like that hero junk.

The question then can you be creative enough with it to create something new with it?

One reason DC fails to make good super hero movies as well as Fox is they don’t get it. Now superman as an alien is portrayed as an alien. He was raised as a child on earth he cant be alien in his behavior, Snyder fucked superman up.

Fuck Snyder and fuck DC.

If you don’t understand the hero type and then do things with it that don’t make sense, people also tends to think its shit.

What kind of quality control do the candidate to the president post have? Don’t the committee do background checks?

My fucking bank or the post office do more fucking background checks of their employees and wouldn’t hire any of them in those jobs and then they can get elected with a responsibility for nuclear weapons?

are Americans fucking insane?

I read about kids in college that cant stand if someone calls them a cunt or black or red or white or how great socialism is without resorting to killing their teachers and suing them for being offended.

America is rotten To the core.

If we let corruption happen any system will fall.

It did happen to Rome it did happen to Vader.

At some point the current system cant be supported by the means and ways leading to the system existing as it is so then its time to re-organize the system to keep changing with the ebb and flow of todays world.

However most will resist that even if current system isn’t working to support it.

It happens with families as in star wars as well with a company as Apple as well as anything else as a society.

so when someone would ask can we apply RBIm 6 for the individual and bring it into a company I would say yes absolutely but now and then the company have to understand that its made up of many individuals going in all kinds of directions. Doing a personality test like myers briggs for example is worthless shit for most part as what one can do is list what kind of behaviors people want to have in different jobs when you want to hire.

I know mine, if asked I say, anything that don’t allow me to fix the logistics so it runs more efficiently can forget it. Its what I do, as soon I know how the system works I apply efficiency to how it works. Now, many don’t like that due to they now need to organize their work day differently and while its better and work better for everyone people become so stuck in their ways they cant be trusted to know what’s best for them.

It did happen to Darth Vader so it can happen to anyone born out of no father and mother like Jesus.

Showing people this is the way to go wont work.

You cant be trusted with your own path and destiny and path.

Just look at what Lucas made with that shit he called 1,2 and 3 of the series.

Fuck that shit.

Now someone will ask me what then is the proper path, direction and destiny then.

I would just say.


That don’t make any sense what so fucking ever?

And people think Douglas Adams is a better writer than me?

shit sherlock.

I truly need a rebellion to rebel properly for a new hope.

Should one care about who becomes the president in the usa?

Both of the current candidates support that rape is ok to do.
Main issue, no one cares about that.

No females are suddenly organizing mass public demonstrations about that.

President is a power position. That you can pay to get there is well known. When we apply behavioral evidence to what the candidates approve off we get them into this rape support which people don’t want to believe.

Our brain when faced with such creates cognitive dissonance.

Example, I tell your mom killed 10 people and buried them in your cellar. You would laugh about that and wont believe it due to your brain cant handle it. Our mind the way its created means to stay in balance within current established reference.

When faced with a truth peoples minds are badly equipped to believe it as the creation of dissonance is to much to handle. Moms do it all the time, so nice a boy he didn’t do it….they deny the truth from their drug son abuser and let them rob them.

Its like walking into a room of people looking at the roof instead of where they are going.

If you vote for any of them your essentially support rape also.

No one likes someone like me mainly due to telling the truth.

Nvidia for example along with Intel have bad business practices and the same thing happens, no one really care if they screw a customer over or break the law.

Same thing with Bandler no one really cares that he murdered someone.

I find it as a human observer interesting and at the same time horrific at the same time. The perception to not accept that truth due to it creates an uncomfortable situation which we cant believe is a bad design from evolution.

I understand power, to be president and have everyone call you Mr president every time for 4 or 8 years and then forever after that is cool I get that. I also get girls that wants to fuck powerful men and are in shame and guilt after no understanding why they did it. Its easy to become stuck to be lured into the emotional aura that what we believe it will cause to happen for us and then when faced with what just did happen people have no clue what just did cause that and guess what people then cant do anything about it the next fucking time.

People have the same assumptions about the government or medical system that they know what they are doing and forget that people are working there that you meet pretty much everyday with flaws of having the same evolutionary minds with them.

I could work as a doctor and no one would know any difference as that’s easy to fake.

People are inherently flawed.

USA after the best president they ever had with Obama might have the worst one in history next.

Personally I always had this novel idea that the best person for the job should you know have the job.

I found out that’s not really true as you can pay to get it.

And no one cares.

Even if you do care that step to action is to big and I always hated Tony Robbins shit as take action is such a bull crap advice for anyone. He does not understand human behavior either.

Time to get my make up from arisen from the dead today.

Then a coffee.

Tipping point and the end of the universe

When one start doing things at some point as one goes to the edge and drop off as seldom you do fly off the ledge as while you think it seems like flying it just isn’t.

Many think that is flying when its actually falling to your death.

Enjoy it as it’s a hell of a ride as long it last.

Let say we could have used dna testing back in the 1950 and take all those criminals and find out who did what. Today forensics are good stuff. Its no magic.

A Dutch man killed in Sweden 1965, found tortured and tied to a post in a room. The investigator found small rope, 20 knife wounds and some impression of boots as the room and place was filled with white powder from work.

The detectives was told to keep their eyes open for, knives, ropes and boots when they went and talked to people knowing this man, two detectives found a knife in a window and was suspicious and then did a house search and arrested the two men there also dutch.

However this tells us if we look for things, we find them.

If we don’t we might miss it right in front of us.

The last few days I been running a RBIm 6 directional activity for myself and doing so has also allowed me to analyze the activity closely. Definitions are important to know what’s going on so one can find out that’s what’s needed to handle.

I been impulse driven as long as I can recall. One can say I can be highly focused and then also not so much. I balanced that out fairly well over the years. However applying the RBIm 6 model something totally unexpected was the result of doing so. In previous I would never seek out that type of solution.

I guess it be like those guys with black holes they could never find even if they were sitting in pretty much in every galaxy out there, zillions of them. No one thought about looking there for decades.

Now while those guys had a theory about this hole stuff the whole field of NLP and psychology and philosophy is clueless still about human change.

Just saying, paradigm shifts when they happen so transform due to the shift off to the new is as much as Einstein’s was back in the day or when that guy said earth was round and the sun was in the center of the solar system, no one basically could believe them as the assumption was, that’s not what it is.

When one thing is like this and then the next you understand it as this and then when trying to explain that you end up with blank faces.

However you also end up understanding things people don’t even know is there.

As seen with Altfeld an NLP trainer well known analyzing Bandlers phobia cure on TV and he failed to note, it didn’t work…………………………….Bandler had to do close door hypnosis……………….to make it work that’s like going back to old days 40 years ago and some people actually tells me he knows this stuff?

So for me first, an NLP trainer fails to note, it didn’t work then make an analysis of that thinking it did work?

What’s going on?

Why are NLP people so blind?

RBIm 6 explains why that is so btw.

Anyhow, did some talking the other day and think its one of my best to date.


Jumping of a cliff no illusions of flying.

The wonderful thing about our mind is that we don’t need a first hand experience to understand we need a parachute to survive that even if we never done it before. Now some will say that knowledge isn’t really real its second hand.

Ignoring evidence that peoples mind cant know the difference proven time and time again means people thinking that second hand experience cant be first hand experience will say its not the

Same when your brain cant distinguish anyhow so what are they even debating?

Maybe when some tells you that stuff works one way and then say, ok must be so due to this guy written a lot of books about the subject right?

That’s now how our brain works with our mind.

Just saying as I am writing this half way down as I walked the tipping point to the edge and beyond that its all the way down.

Unless obviously you have no mass (good luck with that) and then you can curve space and gravity with time and come right back up where you started.

Yes that what Einstein said……………my example just make it crap to understand for most humans as its how they do understand.

Adding mass fucks the whole thing up.

Your brain is made up from it.

Your body even more.

Androids only have issues with their minds.

The end is near.


So Harrington won a title after 8 years and here it is what it takes for him to even do it

He won by 1 shot.

he had a 96% scrambling……………………………..96%!

That’s why he cant win regularly and never is in contention anymore, he needs luck to win.


Learning strategies’ for the future the RBIm way from a genius

Let say we want to learn something that we cant do. That’s obviously something that’s true in regard to learning but it can also be about becoming better and that is also a task for a learning strategy.

If I wanted to learn a language, I could do this,

buy a costume and a nice hat with some props, watch a movie from the language I want to learn. I could then live roleplay a scene later from that movie in the language. Don’t need to know what they say though.

Many believe to learn a new language is to needing to know what the words mean.
(not needed btw)

That comes later anyhow.That would take you a few weeks to a few months to do and learn a new language. It’s a fairly common approach btw.

Once one have a grasp on how people approach learning we can add strategies that speeds up stuff.

For example science show we can double our learning if we practice differently.
Imran sent me this article LINK

Was not impressed.


Someone has shown you can learn any basic skill in 20 hours.

I shown that can be enhanced multiple times myself. I taught dyslexics to be normal speller and readers now and then in 45 minutes or less. 2 minutes with me and 60 yards longer driving in golf and stuff like that I done.

So why does for example Dr Eriksson say this,

“Ericsson told me he doesn’t know of anyone who’s become a world-class expert in more than one skill”

I say Leonardo da Vinci and I would mention myself along the way.

Once you have a grasp on learning like this,

  1. Apply Feynman’s strategy to understand the skill/concept.
  2. Establish that you already can do it.
  3. Find a strategy/model that allows you to do.

For dyslexia
Catmodel.eu allows a dyslexic to adapt the way the brain works to retrieve information.

Understanding the skill isn’t what people do normally, why did Mikaela Shiffrin become so good in skiing?

She mastered the skill of tracing her trough gates faster than anyone else. She spends less energy not doing that than doing that. Measure her vs the others they look like amateurs. Main reason is she has a broad skill set with measurement and evidence that her parents didn’t really teach her but she got support for that with a widen of skill set outside skiing. They also didn’t send her to compete at a young age solely.

Step 1 is fairly easy. Step 2 takes some practice and step 3 is often totally wrong for most athletes.

Take Hans, first he had most stuff about the golf swing and results backwards as he didn’t understood what caused the low scoring. He however had assumptions and beliefs that however didn’t match that reality of results.

NLP for example is a stuck technology as well psychology but psychology has one good advantage they do research and a lot of it so someone might read something and do something superb with that research like you know RBIm.

Strategies and models often come from inventions, why do things this way?

Why not do it this way?

Normally you meet resistance due to people when they have a couple of gold medals or competed in the Olympics or a 5 year education at some nice university also believe they are good at what they do.

That isn’t the case.

I trained for example the best NLP Practitioners in the world. There are people here that bypass anything you seen from NLP trainers like Bandler and Grinder from me.

They are that good.

So obviously I do things, differently

In regard to Mikaela she also learned to do something extraordinary,


She says, when you pushed your best for years, then….as she went for her second race she went into this zone extraordinary when she let go.

First at age 17, first race she was nervous, couldn’t feel her legs and wanted to go home. However her second race tells the tale: That’s called breaking trough a limit as the system itself is going outside the comfort zone. Once she went trough that she also as she said, BOOM she was ready. Before that she stated she woke up as her body arisen trough layers becoming awake and energized.

So what made her able to do that?

Deliberate practice?

No, she done that for 12 years.

What she did before her second race Dr Eriksson work cant let you do.

We see how it failed to teach Dan golf. He got back problems and have after roughly 3 years given up.

To perform like the best or better you need the skill set they posses. You can measure that with golf with distance from tee, accuracy from tee etc..He never could hit it long that’s why he struggled. That was a limitation of modern golf trainer technique btw.

I offered him my assistance he didn’t take me up on it.

My skill set which basically consist of, listen, asking questions and then change your mind.

Imran asked me about his practice in how to meet clients as he does massage, I said, well greet them with a smile and show your hands and say, your in good hands now. Obviously you do that the first time only with them.

Now I asked myself, why didn’t the trainers that trained him in that stuff teach him stuff like that? They were NLP trainers btw recommended by bandler btw also.

Anyhow, learning,

understanding the skill set needed.

Are you lacking in the following:

  • Technical
  • Physical
  • Mentally
  • Emotionally

So if you hit a bad shot in golf, was it due to a lack of technical stuff, did you try to do things you couldn’t do with your current skill level or did you make a mental error or where you too or to little emotionally?

If you don’t know what you did you will repeat it.

Hans made 18 bogies and 18 birdies in 4 days play so I sent him out after to check what he did that did not work why he did hit those bogie shots, he said, he was afraid to hit them to long…..he didn’t know why.

Issue was, he didn’t know why he suddenly hit a bad shot.

Once he knew, he stopped doing that being afraid.

It wasn’t a technical error, many golf trainers would assume so. It wasn’t a mental error and it wasn’t a physical error it was a emotional one.

To perform and learn we need to master skills many people never know exist.

Once I teach dyslexic they can do it they don’t have a learning curve a teaching curve that shows how much they need to practice as when I am done, they can do it, no need for practice.

Its called, installation of a model.

It’s a skill set I have developed over the last 20 years.

Sure there is a initial practice to have the skill presented, practiced a bit and understood to know what to do but in that there is this skill that allows you to just do it.

Now all this fancy talk by Dr Eriksson is going out the window suddenly.

Hans did also believe he needed to practice to be able to do it. When he tells me that I say, NO FOR FUCK SAKE……..

I ask, what your trying to do does not make any sense what so ever for me.

Either you can do it or not, if you cant it means your doing things wrong.

No matter how much you practice, you cant learn to do it.

Most never understands that btw.

Dr Eriksson will think if you send that to him that I am a crackpot btw and I be telling him he don’t understand then.

When you do cutting edge work as I do, lesser minds don’t get it.

Isn’t that arrogant say?
Or is it simply true?
Can truth be lesser or more?
Or is truth just you know, true?

A fact?

If you don’t understand it has nothing to do with iq and intelligence.

The catmodel for example don’t need that to be taught and learn. Just need a dyslexic to do the steps and then once done and can do them which does not take long they can then do it.

That’s the difference with a RBIm model and Dr Eriksson science.


If I would learn a language I would make someone send me the alphabet to me in that language. Each letter spoken out loud from a native speaker in that language.

Steve for example is English and spoke English English when I talked to him from the start and then spending time in Australia he adopted the Australian accent fully.
If I didn’t know better I would taken him as an aussy fully.

Now once you can do then you can spend time improving but that’s different than learning to do it. Many confuse those two.

  • Can do it then yes do better improve is part of gaining a better improve skill set.
  • Cant do it then we learn to do it.

However those two are different in time when and what to do with them.

If you try to improve when you cant do it you will fail and make a mess and spend countless hours doing what Dr Eriksson tells you is the way to do it when I already know that’s a bad idea.

Hans knows the difference nowadays.

He also had a though time when I called out retarded golf theories he believed was true.

Evidence and facts is those true statements not theories and beliefs no matter how much you love them wont make them true.

So once I gain that letters spoken out loud in the language I want to learn I go and practice them and then after a short while would speak them out loud to a native speaker of that language that could correct my sounding until it was spelled out correctly. You now have mastered the sounds that language is making with each letter. Your able to speak each letter fluently now. That’s how long it will take to speak any language fluently, a few hours.

Now, you can do it the way I did described from the start, listen to experts like Dr Eriksson or start listen and hear someone like myself that is the best in this field.

A genius the one guy called RBImGuy, me.

I also dabble in superhero, Godlike and other avenues on my spare time.

RBImGuy talks

Made a video post today

Little about minds, perceptions, beliefs, assumptions and a bunch of words.

The Feynman strategy can be used to understand concepts you don’t understand. Its one good tool out there.

I guess the majority would want a Tony Robbins version a jump up and down cheering but one knows what goes up also comes crashing down. Unless in space then your drifting forever.

NLP got things wrong. Issue one they don’t know it. As I said with the present state to desired state that the path the gap between people talk about accessing states which wont work. That’s a problem Robert Dilts obviously haven’t addressed.

RBIm 6 and how memory works and in relation to experience reality along the way so in that regard I am happy with what I talked about.