Motion captured still the art of performance

hans oct 2hans oct 2015

Images capture motion.

Now and then some would argue nothing are happening there as it’s a still image and you cant distill what’s going on from them and true nothing is happening in the image.

However if you read a comic book for example its also only images and nothing happens there either….and still you read them as something did happen?

Anyhow the work with Hans new change for putting is going on and he said that’s so new but it also allows him new feedback in how to organize better for putting which in my estimate will take his best putting days and rounds to be presently aware every time he goes to play.

Yes every time you go play as a tour pro you can have your best skills ready to be used in the same manner every time you go play.

One of the things I like are to measure stuff people guess about like, thinking, behaviors and while patterns might suit some its not enough to understand what’s going on which make for example NLP and such limited to use.

Performance is a cool thing due to how to preform consistently is for a golfer difficult to do its why there are so many books, trainers and experts that do things that isn’t really working like Sean Foley with Tiger Woods, 5 years and nothing with a guy who won like 80 times on tour and had 14 majors?

Why haven’t Tiger Woods called me yet?

I set him straight.

Naturally he never heard about me and then even if he did how could he even know what I am capable of to do for him?

Here is a thing people might not know, I do people better at whatever they do. I taken someone to Olympic level performance and while she did the work I did however offer her the framework to make her push her potential trough the roof.
If you have the genes for some sports it helps to be built like a pole vaulter and for basket it helps to be tall and not 4f 5 as however good you are you cant do well in such circumstances unless you start a new league that has height limits.

Doing better isn’t easy as anyone who are an athlete are trying new ways well often they are not due to them believe what others told them about performance and what to practice. Then as the result might not happen in spite of you spending huge amounts of time doing the work. You need another way a different route.

I developed along with Hans a way to start planning performance and golf is interesting as anyone tells you its difficult and requires luck. Swing trainers are like mushrooms coming out from everywhere. Boo Weekley don’t need a swing trainer he needs someone to show him how to make more putts consistently.

I taught things and some of my students choose to not listen to what I did, its their choice. Some think maybe there is a better way out there and if there was I be doing it.

I had a lot of questions once.

Now I have a low of answers.

The perfected man

The idea of perfection can cause strange stuff, I met a girl once her apartment was spotless. It was like no one was living there. One can then ask, is it my own idea of what an apartment should be about or is the idea of perfection taken to far?

I have no issues with the idea of feeling like perfection, that’s the idea of sports when your in the zone going all forward and cant miss, cant do anything wrong but that line of reasoning isn’t present when your in the zone itself.

Then its simple, easy and effortless.

Mapping human excellence and then I found out that you don’t need to do it anymore. The RBIM technology I found out is so good that your able to design the experience itself without any need to do modeling anymore. It hit me the other day so that’s what’s going on and that I found it much like a Rosetta stone or the holy grail in any way it seems so obvious but then I also know it’s a lot of work going from there.

Back in the days of Mozart it was a statue an icon of music being displayed for the inventor Håkan Lans it was something different entirely but when the idea is there the impact of it are present and shining like a star and while the star will diminish one day the idea stay strong.

Can one say its perfection?

The human psyche the mind can dwell on itself and create all kind of illusions for sure. It can also show great things that transcend the lives of mankind. Is it then chance that we can be having a great idea or the destruction of life itself?

I guess Oppenheimer thought about that a lot.

Its not cars or guns or knives that kills people, it is other humans. The main issue as always who can we trust to have such in their possession the power itself for sure can drive anyone into the delusion itself as it has with Putin.

People do strange things for glory. Is it glory when a city is in ruins and the children are dying on the streets? Or all the death for ideas?

I find Christians that think IS is doing bad things are hypocrites as they had 9 crusades, 9! to not talk but kill anyone that disagreed with them. You think its barbaric to do what IS is doing and all your ancestors did worse things themselves.

Now you try to hide that to divulge your more modern more a good person a novel idea but all so false. Human beings have not come forth much and technology of the mind haven’t done much to do anything about human evolution either.

For me the developer of RBIm a R-Evolution of mankind is the idea here. I find its important but then again who else? It will always be to late before people do things they will procrastinate and then divulge into excuses and negations of what’s going on due to we are not capable as a race to discuss our own survival at all.

The perfect man simply don’t exist.

What we can do is to be better and do better and as such statement we also need to be able to learn new things act upon new behaviors but if all we have is guesswork then we are stuck.

We can try and think we can do better but the truth is we are not becoming better human beings. Naturally we can ask what a better human being is and we can not escape our heritage as at least 3 generations of people before you are in your behaviors, your parents, their parents and then the social and cultural path is laid down and so few can escape that. In Israel its even worse.

We as humans are limited in some ways and then we are capable of such greatness.

I guess the choice is yours what path to go.

How do change?

Seems like an easy simple question in itself, how do we change?

Once the context changes, then change happens so any technology that has created a change does that for you. The way people go about making that happen can be a long and diverse route though.

Once you get that it’s the contextual change that needs to happen then there is only one technology allowing such “Meta” approach in the world which is RBIm as we are talking directly to the system here.

It’s a one size fit all approach as we understand that any change whatever it might be needs to have a contextual shift.

NLP for example use guesswork and many who are trained there cant do change work that actually works. They are stuck with a limited mindset and guesses.

I was wondering why the Mythoself model didn’t work.

I run things the way the guy taught and the guy was Joseph Riggio some say as he runs seminars now and then with John La Valle and then also understood Roye Fraser he is the guy to talk to so I asked him and he didn’t know.

I tested that shit and found it didn’t work as it lacked contextual shifts.

Once you get that down and understand that, Mythoself is simple to do. However if you don’t know what’s required for a technology to work, then how your suppose to do things if all you do is guess?

RBIM magic backed by science and I like that line.

Magic happens when people don’t understand which any NLP user or Mythoself user or developer of NLP would think when someone comes loaded with RBIm technology but for the RBIm practitioner this is pure science.

The RBIm user knows what they are doing.

So why then are a RBIm Practitioner then someone who knows what they are doing?

We understand the way reality is maintained and created and while we can argue what reality is more real and more useful the RBIm practitioner don’t concern them with such debates they do things that works.

I knew what I was doing was working with change work but it wasn’t optimal and I knew stuff was lacking and missing but I didn’t know what.

Now I know what was missing.

This allows one to be able to create change that works like nothing you ever seen before. To offer choice and the decision to change in your own pace is unheard off in the technology of the mind since the age of dawn.

Have a belief, habit or something else, can change it all or just do some change and then do some more it’s a choice.

Change works magic backed by science

The RBIm way

So what did Jordan Spieth do?

Obviously he changed something from the year he almost won the Masters to then becoming world nr 1 and winning 2 majors. He didn’t change his mechanics like Tiger woods did with sean foley that btw didn’t work at all 5 years later tiger fired Foley.

He told his caddie, we need to prepare better to come here next year and win Masters. So he did.

When he won the Australian open I knew he was coming big and his performance in Masters was better than what Tiger ever managed to do there.

He continued to almost get into the 4 major wins the same year as he was in contention all 4 majors.

So how do you explain that?

You make a decision, create change prepare better obviously he did something to change to be able to do that and it has nothing to do with swing mechanics.

It has all to do with plans and minds.

I want people to do better, perform better not just for golf but for life. However the world have guess technology,NLP, Mythoself, 3dmind, meta-states, psychology its all pure guesswork tech.

I then developed a technology that allows you to be able to perform at your potential once you have it down. I did read the talent code book and while interesting it didn’t tell you what to do so I went and investigated and discovered what to do to create unprecedented change and improvement with the RBIm practice system.

RBIM now starts to become a whole body of knowledge about human performance that basically is changing the world in this area.

I can analyze and then implement a structure that allows you to be better and better and then never hit the wall of whatever limitations people have about their performance, how good or not good they are how worthy or not worthy they are.

Once your able to do this then your curve of improvement goes into the impossible.

You need a good plan, then a good practice ritual then a even better evaluation improvement curve to that and then the ability to change on the fly and all that is found with RBIM the only system for performance enhancement without guesswork in the world.

Now you can guess what Jordan did and try finding it out or you can learn to realize your own potential here with RBIm.

RBIm magic backed by science.

Coaching elite level tour golfer

I haven’t done work with Hans swing for months now, as I said before once done, why fix what’s working?

hans oct 2015

Recently I applied the RBIm a bit more so I changed the way he played which has allowed a much better consistency which I am big on so from tee to green its solid. What happen next wasn’t surprising suddenly he started to complain about his putting. He didn’t make enough putts.

Being a coach its about anticipate the incoming problems that can happen so obviously I knew putting would be next as if you start becoming consistent and hit a lot of greens and making the flag suffer from your approach shots, putting then becomes more important.

I then added a slight change to Hans putting, then something again and then again. I didn’t change his technique at all. I work mainly on the decision making and organization level which is what counts anyhow.

So he called yesterday and then today and as he was on the putting green and was having issues and he tried to solve them which made it worse….so I run it down for him, step by step, first make sure you know this, he then had that from behind the ball and went to set up above the ball and missed the 5 footer. Set it back do it again, same procedure again and he missed it again. As I worked this he missed a lot of them. Once the steps was followed do this then this and as I altered things and clarified what was going on he then could organize differently and understand why this was better than what he been taught from golf trainers.

He wasn’t a bad putter before this as he won the national championship when he entered it but consistency in putting is a key to lowering scores and to control your gameplay.

Applying the new RBIm template allows me to adjust things for him to remove any variables and things that makes it to difficult like guesswork.

The effect was like magic now he suddenly started to make the same putts he recently missed. The difference was that now he knew how to make them by doing one thing and then have the feedback from that.

Once you know what works you don’t need to work on it again. Sure we can tweak and add adjustments to no end but consistency is a difficult concept for golfers due to guesswork. Putting made easy and simple allows you to remove obstacles people teach you like aimpoint etc..

You don’t need to guess.

Hans have issues with this what I do now and then due to it goes against what he been taught and done for years. His intuition in other words is his worst enemy. So I say, do this and he is like,don’t want to as I want to do it this way and then I say, well that isn’t working….so do this…and he goes out test it and report,works….and 3 days to a couple of weeks later its like he always done it.

Naturally one can ask, why isn’t he producing the scores I want him to do yet?

All that are due to old residue from his old golf and I mapped enough to offer certification with RBIm and then I can now apply it in a way that allows me to bring out the best of him and make him able to realize his potential.

What I am trying to do here is to teach him a way of golf that allows you to shoot any score on demand. That type of control and consistency isn’t taught in golf. Doing that has allowed me to formulate a template for success that I can then apply for golfers and even other sports and athletes there.

Hans Andersson swings


I was hoping he been ready to go to q-school but he wasn’t. While he wont eh club championship and also have produced better results lately than he been doing before the recent changes haven’t settled fully. He then wasn’t ready in time.

There is some winter tour down south for him soon so he have time to test this and work with it and then be ready next year.

The new RBIm template that I developed made my job much easier as I can then design what works and run it directly without having to run a lot of tests and checks. I then can put the system into play and as far I can tell its now working as intended.

shocking news, there is no happiness

Did you know NLP haven’t found out yet oh I am sorry NLP does not exist at all so NLP cant do anything at all ever, Richard Bandler never figured out what to make people happy with NLP.

That’s a inhouse joke btw in NLP circles.

Do you think happy is a state or experience like Bandler does or as Joseph Riggio does?

Its not.

So how can two people like that get it totally wrong the last 40 or whatever years?

They are not alone, another 9 billion people or so along the way. Including any religion and cult.

Tony Robbins talks about state also and he got it wrong.

Its easy to believe the people who write a lot of books, have a lot of videos and who worked a lot of years. They surely must have figured things out right?

One of the many things we have with our perception that its so influenced by the world and then when its configured that way its really difficult to think any differently.

I use a new template which means my brain is now projecting new and that leads to discoveries about the same thing the same concept that I might believed worked one way but really didn’t.

I then understand this, differently.

Naturally those schooled in NLP and such will say of course there is a state and experience what are you babbling about?

Come and ask me I say.

They never do.

Running a workshop one can ask, what are you doing here? which assumes what they are doing here with me and the others. Some say to learn things and when I ask, learn what? they might say whatever you teach… and I say I already written down what I teach on my website. There is no difference….

You might assume I teach something different than what I write about here, I don’t.

Naturally now you might think, hum what about happiness do you teach that?

Yes I do.

Developing new technology put me in an awkward spot. Whatever I am doing here lacks reference out there and while some of you have started to gain traction to use and apply the RBIm technology as anything in life time and people produce at some spot enough movement to make the reference enough visible.

I stay happy anyhow.

Thanks guys

About Learning

“Many have remarked the speed with which Muad’Dib learned the necessities of Arrakis. The Bene Gesserit, of course, know the basis of this speed. For the others, we can say that Muad’Dib learned rapidly because his first training was in how to learn. And the first lesson of all was the basic trust that he could learn. It is shocking to find how many people do not believe they can learn, and how many more believe learning to be difficult. Muad’Dib knew that every experience carries its lesson.”
Frank Herbert, Dune

RBIm makes this true

The main reason to do certification is this

To make it official with RBIm.

One of the things I seen time and time again is that people teach you guesswork.

For example: there is no unconscious mind in there in your head.

There is also no disassociation or associations either.

Its illusions due to how our mind see stuff. What we see is a constructed anyhow so what we influenced by to see is difficult to deal with for anyone due to the change in our perception normally goes unnoticed by. At some point you believe in Santa Claus and then you don’t and at some point you cant ride a bike and then at some point you can but what did happen there in between that made it go from cant do to doing it?

The template we use with RBIm 4 the self sustained generalizations are a way to map contextual meaning and how that applies to your reality. Change always includes a referential replacement of contexts. NLP for example has no clue what they are doing there, it’s a belief system a cult basically as your taught and told things like they do with mythoself as I asked people there but none of them could teach mythoself as there was only one guy who could do that.

That seems like a huge narcissism act don’t you think?

I was stuck with the NLP a long time but I also knew it didn’t work the way they taught it as I had enough evidence of that but the people I asked all didn’t know anything different like John la Valle a trainer of NLP, DHE, NHR and whatever else who spent decades with Richard Bandler and Joseph Riggio and he didn’t know nor did his guru Bandler.

So, I had to ask and then when answers was lacking I do what I do, I researched.

The compound effect here having this technology and as I apply it allows me to know what to do in each case. It wont become guesswork as you have a set of checks you do and those needs to be working in order as if the individual cant do things for example they are always stuck within a old SSG so called self referencing it.

Once that is going on you want to define that so you can deal with the new design of a new future. RBIm does that using the distinctions between the spatial orientations the way we know as here we lift it to a level of knowing what goes on we don’t ask you, how do you know?

Then as you know what the old SSG is about you defined it, then you have a typical example what can happen either you can go directly to the new design of the future SSG or you need to define the old context better. What most are not aware off is that the brain is constantly working 24/7 and that means its always trying to fix stuff. If you had an incident or just listen to someone who you believed was an expert as they told you so like Joseph Riggio does all the time due to him being so fucking smart and know it all?

Then you assume that was true due to the expert told you it was.

I found they are all wrong.


They don’t even know they are yet.

Ok Rob, let me then ask you, can you be wrong then about what you suggest here?

Absolutely but the fact remains, I aint.

Once I stopped doing NLP and hypnosis and the other shit I could for the first time also start to investigate the discovery properly that I had with the NOTNLP protocol the comparison mode.

Whenever we want to change we want to change the behavior.

NLP for me is to complex, Mythoself you can do in 5 minutes using RBIm technology due to the model don’t need hypnosis to do its work.

The template I developed and are using allows me to do rapid diagnosis to define what’s going on and then device an operation of change. Sounds technical yes?

Technology means nothing unless you know what it does.

The way our world works for us in reality is that we don’t know much if anything at all. It needs to change and its what RBIm allows you to do, to be part of the
R-Evolution of the human society. Allowing kids to grow up with support and allowing adults to fix their life’s as they don’t know why they do things or think or react the way they do but with this technology you can become aware of what is going on and then, you can change.

Certification wasn’t planned but the time was right now as I have a couple of senior students coming so I can then take a few weeks get it down on paper so I can revise the information a bit and then run it by them and then revise it again if needed to clarify the points. It might make it more real for you and your friends. Since I am big on definitions and measurement putting it down on paper helps with refinement of that also. However this technology is mindbending due to you have to rethink the way you go about change as we don’t use an unconscious mind approach we make choices and define so we can make those choices.

Change becomes a choice.

Do I want to continue to be an asshole and a bigot and a redneck or do I really want to go around hugging people instead? Normally you cant change such identification iconic religious ideas due to the concepts there speaks about faith and such but now your able to.

Reality becomes a choice to have and then of course what one do you want to do?

Since the certification happens it be certified as RBIm 4 with SSG.

SSG or self sustained generalizations are the way you sustain and organize your current contextual meaning. To elicit and find to be able to define what’s going on a contrast is used to do that and we establish that using the template. Then there is no confusion what to do as each step clarifies itself.

You will know why your doing it this way not any other way.

It’s a one size fits all approach its why it’s a model and template.

You can have a word template for example writing letters and while some things stays the same in the template you can write anything in the letter that correspond to the subject at hand there. Then your able to free flow your creative output into something tangible every time even if the template you use is the same one each time.

Yes certification is going to be big deal and thing for me and the tech itself.