changing Hans golf swing

3 weeks ago, I was happy about his movement, 2 weeks ago I was hum, and 1 week ago I figure he needed a tune up.

I wasn’t happy with his movement.

Yesterday I run this change with him and he will be having a more natural swing movement once he gone trough it.

Primary criteria is “Natural” here. Next is “Athletic”.

If those are there then your ensure less compensations can occur and reach a better consistency.

And besides it looks better watching it a total aesthetic thing. (not needed really)

about grit and mental toughness

James clear and ted talk Link

Do intu-flow daily for 10 years, check.
Research the golf mechanics and find out what works, check.
Redefine dyslexia with the catmodel main solution, check.

If you have an interest in something the tendency is that you stick with it.

I did intu-flow as it made a lot of sense to me and was “simple” to do and took little time and you can do it anywhere with any clothes. (clown suits not tested)

  1. simple
  2. short time
  3. Can do anytime anywhere

Crossfit a way to prepare for anything.

  1. Simple
  2. Adaptive work
  3. Intense short duration

I don’t spend a lot of time on strange methods.

Golf digest advice

Link putting

Bad advice, two skills you need is perfect green reading and pace and I defined those. No putting guru out there knows how to do that btw, none.

swing coach, maybe but few knows their craft good enough.

Importance of putting?

Byronputting stat

That is Bryson Dechambeau stats.

He recently tried to putt like sam snead, he should have access to the best putting gurus but they aint so good at their jobs.

he hit it 285 yards (short) and don’t hit lot of fairways so means putting gets under pressure.

Technology needs to evolve along definitions

You know me, define first as its easier then to work towards something that isn’t made up guesswork.

NLP for example if your new to the field and read a book from 1977 then come to a training that’s highly different as there are no defined difference of various NLP practices.

Its one reason RBIm has numbers attached as they all cover different phases and things I researched along the way.

Definitions allow you to define the context and behaviors involved using measurement and evidence so you can understand the field your defining.

Bandler for example still use hypnosis as his primary approach, why? Overlaps being the operative word with hypnosis as your communicating with something that does not exist. If it’s a process how can a field then evolve?

Each skill or context has x variable of action and once found and optimized (efficient) then the skill is brought into the minimalistic option it can have and cant be improved any further as then to improve/evolve we need to replace the model we use. However when you do so the people invested in the old paradigm, NLP and various trainers and people there cant accept that there is a technology working both faster and more efficient than what they been taught.

The main problem for humans is to believe the evidence, due to we will make up shit like the current asshole as president in usa, he check TV news, twitter and then he suppose to know what to do as a job?

First I would ask, NSA, CIA etc.. what’s going on accordingly, then revisit the main concerns and then as I do that define the culprits and then find a way to solve them based on measureable evidence.

Otherwise your just guessing.

I am happy with RBIm6 atm, it does something new for me, it changed the way I approach change work and works by allowing a new reality to be formed that can be anything really, so choose the best.

So I can be a God? Yes
Or a superhero? Yes
or a legendary awesome dude? yes
or whatever you choose.

The system allows you to change decision making by itself, your using a new reference so new actions starts to make sense and you can use it on the fly as it changes your attention and then perception along the way.

However for many they run into problems due to their beliefs wont change due to the way people assume that change works the way they come to assume in NLP, hypnosis and various other practices. After spent a lot of time with various research one thing I found by many is that meaning happens later, it make sense later as once you organize differently it first can be difficult to comprehend all the thing that may happen as a result.

If you want to be for example more free in your time you may find you need to change work, even divorce due to things wont function with the new and many then compromise and suffer as a result due to them didn’t clarify what they really wanted to do. Its what your interested in.

It may be porn, until I guess you find your dick isn’t big enough or find that you need to go to the gym way more due to having a dick isn’t really enough. You find people do all kinds of things like climbing rocks, and when asked why they just say stuff like, because its there.

It don’t make sense.

It make sense to them and now and then people are not really into understanding their own reason and motivations, for me its research, I love research figuring out a new model, its what I do. I also enjoy applying a model to watch it work. I then test it on various stuff.

RBIm 6 for example I used to separate consciousness and self.

I figured that made sense as if we are a contextual response action behavior then doing so would also affect what the system would run from, and it does.

RBIm 6 opens the door to a whole future new for you.

Its like an empty frame most think in 2D as normally when we say frame and paintings we think 2D, but the frame can be viewed from many directions, even go trough it from the other side, and then as we have a boundary we can then go from there towards anything really.

Without the boundary we cant, there is no freedom inside you there is no calmness there is no bliss its all bullshit talk from people not knowing what they are doing.

A frame allow you either to to go anywhere you want or not.

What you then decide to be expressed and activated as a measureable behavior and experience there well that is where the fun begins.

Applying the model (swing)

For me atm its about healing my calf’s, I haven’t been injured like this in a long time, age and health isn’t what it once been but one have to accept the recovery times.

The good thing as the research is done with the golf swing is to implement the model, I don’t need to do research so for me indoors its slow motion work to familiarize myself with the movements.

Talked to Hans and made adjustments for him mechanically also. As much I talk swing mechanics and theory that is.

Tracking the movement is a key point here, not positions, while there are positions and we can break them down for check points its all about feeling the movement your suppose to do. Sure if your not used to do that it will take some practice to get there but tis important as movement supersede positions in human performance.

I have to be careful as my calf’s injured, and I expect a month more or so before I can start the endurance work I am late for now due to I cant even walk………….any longer distances, even a walk to the store have been a major difficulty.

Ok I get the first injury but then when walking to the store one day the other calf got a injury also!

ah shit.

So I then added indoor gym work for my arms and chest and such and any pressure on calf is forbidden except intu-flow.

Healing while doing slow motion, well that’s my day.

Feels great as I await spring.

Putting is important

Amy Yang, 104 putts 4 rounds.
2 place so yeon ruy 118 putts.

T32, Anna Nordqvist 123 putts

Amy missed more greens than so yeon but she made more putts and won by 5 shots.

Lydia still struggling, had 2 good finish rounds at 68 and 116 putts.

Background to RBIm 6

Its based on the work I do and done the last 20+ years on the comparison mode technology.

NLP had gaping holes in what they did, as language and representations didn’t explain what was going on and started the “process” talk with no definition to talk about to understand.

Let me give an example, let say someone is unhappy and want to be happy and the reason they tell you are, “client stuck in memory of past” I am unhappy due to my sister beat the shit out of me growing up event that is now the cause to their unhappiness. If you fix the memory and history will the client be happy then?

Not likely.

Maybe they learn to discount their happiness, that they had a good time and later when reviving that event decided they didn’t actually have fun. They alter the way they see memories in the past automatically and distort the event and what did happen due to their beliefs about their sister beating the crap out of them.

Fixing the memory wont fix the way they access past events.

Their brain have that habit now in how it affects their perception, an NLP user would then think about that as a strategy using VAKOG with language and representations. (that’s a huge mistake btw) The NLP user now has to deal with how the individual creates reality and that they are not trained to do.

The RBIm user will however be able to as we don’t fix the memory or the way the individual access the memories their habits as we simply go directly to build a new way of perceiving the world.

Perception decides reality so it wont matter what comes first, either its an ontological position or such due to you can have a great time and later decide you didn’t so what then is real for the individual? Both would be obviously but that’s not how the individual perceive this. Telling them that wont help either as they will likely deny your “evidence” in spite of being accurate.

Once you understand how memory and contextual forms interact with how reality affects perception your able to design a new experience create the needed distinction opening the door for the individual to slowly in some cases and fast in other to realize their new behavior is now making distinctions and decisions from that new set reference point of focus and attention.

RBIm 6

  • Memory and how it works with contextual forms
  • Perception and how it works with beliefs
  • Decision making and the comparison mode
  • Designing new reality based upon the comparison mode
  • Distinctions create windows to open the door to perceived reality
  • Focus, attention and intention.

1997 I was like ok this is easy to work with clients but how do I design an approach that allows people to design their life in a more evolutionary way? I assumed there was such an approach but there was none, all fall into new age or other beliefs about freedom or enjoying life and none was you know, defined.

RBIm 6 as far I can say does this, allows a design and evolution of perceived consciousness and as far I can tell works really well.

AMD Ryzen and buying advice

Whenever a new technology is out, wait. If you cant wait check for solid performers.

Technology works often by tweaking the final product, so when its in its early phase its simply not mature across the board. It will improve as we see motherboards have several revisions of bios over its lifetime.

I myself wait for Ryzen 6c/12t that comes later as I mainly game, write and send emails and read the news. If I did a lot of video editing and was requiring software that needed 8 cores then it be different but all my video editing is light work.

So I wait as march 2 is the release date, I check various reviews, then buyers experience and then sort trough what seems to be what I would want and need for my usage.

It boils down to what your usage patterns are as for me I am in no rush.

Hans 4 swings slow motion

I find that modern theory isn’t a good way to swing the club, it makes the body go several ways, create timing issues and run out of space fast.

The RBIm swing based on modeling Mike Austin is a way to understand the movement to do and identify along the way key positions your suppose to do that drills and such never allows you to find unless by sheer luck.

I done drills for years previously but I couldn’t change my swing much if any.

I am now applying my own RBIm swing template indoors currently as I am done with the research phase as the model itself is complete.

Teaching this is interesting as I say, start with the movement itself, your able to understand what to do if you know how to move, positions wont help but more get in the way unless you understand how to move. One movement is there, positions and such can be isolated and felt and we can understand why we do this movement and why positions and check points needs to be met during the movements.

When we swing obviously we cant feel positions.

Then we swing the movement and can check with feedback and such if we are meting our intended movement with positions. It makes learning this much easier than to think, positions.

Movement allows whole forms, positions activate the wrong idea for us as then we start thinking how a body part like the wrists is suppose to move which make us stuck. If we have movements that isn’t working once you know how to move then the movement itself allows for feedback to adjust what your doing that isn’t optimal.

To fix a flawed position or movement we done, for example I have had a inside flat back swing so I figured, ok I should be able to identify what to do to get this right, so I did. Then once that was done it felt, awkward and really strange first to do that. However once I done that for a few days and done the slow motion work I also started to arrive at some aha moments along the way new insights in what’s going on and where to move.

I got into this down swing position and felt like oh no wonder I can add speed now as its just go for it.

In early December 2016 I told Hans to change his movements as I identified the last piece of information. I understood the swing fully. His first response was, cant move things that way due to him never done that but it took him 2 weeks, a changed grip and then he said he was ripping it like never before. I expect him to have 320 yards or so in his driving.

An amateur hit around 210-220 yards or so and that’s due to flawed mechanics. You can expect to be able to add 60-70 yards with a better mechanic. That’s a 20-30mph increase of swing speed. Amateurs have a 80-90mph or so swing speed. Main reason the amateur hit so short isn’t technology, like balls or clubs but mechanics.

The RBIm swing template allows freedom of movement and to throw for maximum speed.