A question for you

Read trough the instruction

Which of these activities do you engage in regularly? (write down all that apply)

1) Basketball

2) Soccer

3) Running

4) Hockey

5) Football

6) Swimming

7) Tennis












Did you answer the question? Then you failed the test.

Most simply never reads instructions fully.

Identification vs being

Sometimes its easy to mix those two together. You can identify with a context for a moment like, have some friends over and go – I will make an apple pie for them. You then prepare to make an apple pie and get into the moment so your are presently aware you become identified with the context.

That don’t mean that your identification makes you being different from whatever else you would assume is you with beliefs and assumptions.

Your suddenly didn’t become a baker, or a chef making apple pies that FBI agent Dale Cooper thinks is the best with the stunning greatest coffee ever. You identified with the context but that didn’t change you into a chef or baker even if the apple pie is the greatest ever.

Since identity of self is held causality a construction matrix some might say that you’re a combined effort of beliefs matching the causality of meaning for it. Its why kids can walk up to fat people and ask them, why is this lady so fat? When the adult would either be embarrassed or socially aware of this is a subject that people normally wouldn’t talk about. You would spare their feelings of not asking why they are fat simply as you understand they might become sad and upset by that.

Meaning then is much more complex for the individual vs being able to identify with the context to become presently aware. Its fully possible the individual are able to once they learned to be more presently aware that this then are becoming more of who they are within the world after a while.

Who we are and has become or what we want to become isn’t exactly a science. In someway being a great chef making food that is superb might be that how someone defines themselves while that might be true there is also to consider the context are they then always this chef?

Then, if someone presuppose that your great in school and you respond by becoming great at those subjects are you then an academic or such as you learn to adapt to become great? Its been showed again and again that when people expect you to be great people have the tendency to be. Those that cant identify with greatness also cant do it but kids are wonderful in that as their brains haven’t been fully formed to evaluate what they experience in a way that solidify who they are suppose to be.

At some point people come to believe what they are. That then has a tendency to form and shape their responses as they come to adapt who they are and then when we show that we react and respond differently than that in a context like,

You become a security guard as a soldier in the German army and your sent to a camp where you suddenly find out your witness Jews are killed but your just a security guard so you do your job.
Does this make you bad or evil? Doing your job? Plenty of studies shows when people end up in such circumstances they change their beliefs and go along with it as their behavior automatically changes with it.

After they cant really explain or answer why they did what they did.

Like a mob hanging someone in the western or killing Kaddafi or such leaders as the rage they have then suddenly is justify the atrocity of killing someone.

Humans evolved from adapting to different circumstances, we could hunt, we could grow stuff, we could wander and move from ice to heat and we could survive trough the changes the world went trough. Much better prepared than the dinosaurs btw atm.

People who needs up in such situations and mobs cant explain their behavior why they acted the way they did as humans group up they also go into the hive mode. We transcend what we are to become a group mind. We forgo our individuality to accept the group know.

Its why people are forced away from someone to jump from a  building, or else they will try to make the jumper jump, the same happens when someone threatens to do suicide on the net as the comments just do the same thing dare them to do it.

Our natural state is to flow with different context to become and identify its how the brain did evolve trough evolution. 

Still what we went trough and what we can do is to take charge of this so we choose to stay with the context of identification we want to have to create the meaning we want to experience on a daily basis.

That for example is the premise of for example Mythoself to create your own story to become to be.

In some ways we are either stuck with contexts we identified with once that still controls our actions as our responses to those create such response and actions. What some call unconscious mind is memories we still react to. Or we are free floating in between them on a daily basis and then never think why this is boring or dreadful or such as we assume we are what we experience.

That what we can experience is making us able to choose to stay with one context to react and respond to this one to held that as more important for us to be happy without needing to have someone tell us a joke or watching a comedy or that being happy means that things has to happen first for you and then we can experience it.

In many ways we have decision making that informs us, when this happens then I am allowed to feel this. Obviously that is limiting. Cause effect making you experience then depends when things happens.

Jumping between identifications with context happens daily and that is normal what most don’t understand is when they act in such a way and then think they are not such a person. The famous experiment with blue eyed and brown eyed kids showed us that. Prejudice then become attached to what we assume the color of the eyes did mean or not.

Learning to create your meaning in a world set to shape and form you accordingly to the society what to be and think. One reason to then learn to stabilize your mind and focus on your experience and its creation.

Creating your own meaning.

Mail correspondence with Larry golf swing improvements

Got to love todays technology, send e-mail all over the world and get almost instant response. I recall sending mail back in the day and 2 months later well you might have a response.

Communication is great with Skype also. I plan to have some Christmas night Skype talks.

Anyhow, Larry hit some balls again after a week or so swinging without a ball to train him to feel the golf club to allow him to establish the motion and reorganize his muscle responses a bit.

He had added 10-15 yards to his irons and hit one drive 275 yard playing 4 holes in the dark and cold. so a 270 yard carry which btw Jim Furyk is 30 yard short off which at age 67 or so isn’t to shabby I guess.

Once Larry have the movement tweaked and refined as his feedback improves at some point he be able to add more speed due to improved efficiency and added force. I foresee he be able to reach the 300 yard driving magic. 10mpåh increase is done mainly due to improved efficiency as he be able to add more speed.

Golf is about fun and enjoyment we don’t want to struggle, we want to play and then find out what we are capable of performing. He has a lot of singing engagement during Christmas, he is a Opera type singer and swings with ball will be posted later.

His iron swing without a ball, Mike Austin would nod in approvement. Ler

I started the next phase with him about the mind set and routine before shots. The performance enhancement of the zone.

One piece take away For tour pros and amateurs

Not sure how people mess this up. Instructions out there are at best mixed or confusing.

If you sit down on the right hip, all that is required to create momentum.  You can watch Hans for example doing it.

If you think I don’t know what I am doing?

I know what I am doing, here is a girl sry lady sry queen and again sry a Goddess doing the same one piece take away


So Annika does it, Hans does it so why shouldn’t you listen to me?

I find no reason.

Do you?

The sit down creates momentum that will set your swing without doing any manipulation in the first phase, doing a hands and wrist movement instead of momentum action is a risk to then start building manipulations and then you will struggle.

I build swings that will work. There wont be any need to be fixed, changed once your work is done then your swing will work for the rest of your career. There wont be a need to have a swing coach to fix your issues from one day to the next and such.

You be free.

You be successful

You be smiling and laughing about how easy it is.

The brain builds patterns of motions and I make sure you start by building the motion as when you have it down then you can really start improving the golf swing and game.

Larry now have got to the point of finding the motion and then improvement is done fast. You now know what to adapt and respond to, you have evidence and then you build trust and faith into what your doing and then the world is there for the taking.

Anyone ready for a crusade?

The last goodbye the end of an era LOTr

Watching the five armies as the last film to be made by PJ once its out on blue ray I can make a 2 day film trip and then watch them in order.

I found watching the HFR 48fps been a pleasure. I been reading some really bad reviews of the Hobbit trilogy. I disagree with them. The book the hobbit was the first one Tolkien wrote and was aimed to children as such the movies are superb.

The trip the adventure was Bilbo’s trip to find the ring, the bard to slay the dragon and the end of  Thorin.

I loved PJ take on the books.

The growth of Bilbo, a whole back story to the LOTR the ring and the trolls.

A calmer time a more peaceful time. The quest to find the arkenstone and make Thorin the king under the mountain.  The greed of dwarfs, awesomeness of elf’s and the fun of adventures.

Watching the movies in order be a great thing.

The good morning in the first movie, the trolls, the darkness arising and the thief and its precious.
The second one with the spiders, the elf’s and the dragon.
The last one with the army, the fall of Thorin and the Battle.

A last goodbye indeed.

I find Bilbo out of place then growing to assume a direct role in the affairs of men, elf’s, dwarfs and wizards. The rings evil power starting to affect.

I will recall the battle in Dol Guldur as one of the best done in a long time.

Watching the two movies last night and I find them to be excellent and I cant understand the critics there. Great movies. Funny, witty and with depth.

I feel sad

I read guys like Jordan speith and he says well putting cross handed is optimal and I am like what?

If you release the club head as you shall then every putt is going straight. Well every putt thrown straight. The ball don’t roll from the impact with the putter.

People have magical thinking even tour pros fall into that thinking all the time. Once they loose their performance suddenly they look for the answer again….Like Tiger does.

How can you become worse over time instead of better?

How can a sane tour player believe one grip is better than the other? Sure to an extent mechanics are about eliminating variables that can interfere but at some point the restrictions they put on what they do start to impede their results and performance.

If you believe a tour swing used is optimal for example due to people use it is the same thing people did in high jump before Flosbury or Boklov in ski jumping. I also when I say optimal means for the task needed. You can play golf with many swings its not the dominator but it makes it easier or harder. It still comes down to the individual that is able to control their playing experience.

If not?


Lucas knows he shot 89 a 20 shot difference vs the other rounds he did the last day he went from nr2 to 49 and that’s a 170000+ euro money difference.

Its not the golf swing guys or putting grip or any other mechanics. It’s the player that is able to withstand their playing experience while having consistency and margin for error of their game. Some mechanics make that easier or harder and then your mind set might make it doable or impossible.

Once you can do and have the baseline of the skills distance, etc..then its all about utilizing those to score low

Your mental state, your experience not some fancy technique magical thinking.

Hold the shaft of the putter in the left hands midline you then eliminate any wrist action while putting. For feel the right hand needs to control the putter. Release the putter head is key if you do so naturally the putt always goes straight. Many become mechanical and technical, I read it on the golf forums, people cant putt and its the easiest thing to master. When you see 3 golf tour pros miss the hole on the same side you ask this, the first guy I understand but the second guy? They have about the same angle to the hole, then the third guy does it and then I ask, what’s wrong with them?

Why didn’t the third guy make it closer or make it when he had 2 reads before him?

Mind set and thinking.

One of my students Hans in this case was practicing putting and a guy walked by who started to talk about his new software where he said the most optimal set up was. Hans was practicing but still people tend to not let people practice but disturb them. So Hans said, well I make putts from any stance so he made several 30 footer from different stances, the guy left.

Some nice guys

The Hollywood version

The real deal, serial killers who actually did kill a load of people.

Ted Bundy a nice guy right?
The Russian and some green side guy.

People tend to have this ideas what a nice guy is or what a bad guy is and how they look like, while a facial expression can be seen before acts most will ignore their instincts and intuition and shake it off.

Many girls made that mistake.

Its their last mistake.

Protecting oneself from all the things that are bad while a nice good intention isn’t really practical. Becoming aware of ones surroundings is better and then trust the intuition as we have been evolved from danger all our life. Previous generations faced danger all the time they developed ways to detect such and they trusted their instincts.

If it feels wrong go with that and even if you make a mistake with that its better than to then feel strapped up and have a knife cut trough your ribs.

Looks are deceiving, instinct might be but the first signal is often right and then many suppress it due to, it cant be right he seems so nice.

Don’t be ignorant

Thedanplan golf mechanics

I said previously that Dan will struggle with his swing mechanics.

Main reason a flat swing with a strained impact lacking distance. Becoming a tour pro you need distance especially if your 30 and have a plan. You want to make sure your at 300 yards or better. If your not then you will try to keep up. Then you spread the balls and then doubt, frustration etc..creeps in and then you loose the game.

His swing is an attempt to be athletic naturally with swing theory making it hybrid like.


Issues are, his club head turns over to fast, then he will have timing issues.the dan plan

Second he has a handsy take away. Which isn’t recommended as it prevents a more natural flowing motion to happen as its easy to be to fast or slow with such.
He be short and if he try for more distance he will start hooking it or push it left as he try to compensate for that making it a Phil Michelson issue.

Whenever you want to compete two things are important you want margin for error and consistency.  Even if Dan use deliberate practice and works his game he will struggle due to his foundation of mechanics makes it really hard to perform at your best.

Its hard any way you call it for him, he has a lot of attention from media, he tries and has a definitely good short game but if you struggle with hitting fairways and distance and have timing issues you will not be able to lower your scores consistently.

A tour pro has around 10 shot difference of a good round vs a bad round during a season and its not uncommon to see one shoot 65 one day and then the next shoot 75.  Tour pros cant do consistency unless they for some reason manage to keep their shot making in check and then they still need putting to match.

Its one of those things I looked at, why do they have such difference?

One reason is they cant keep their tempo the same during gameplay. They loose their experience as they play. Partly due to their mechanics are to complex to just do.  You see tour pros shank balls now and then especially under pressure. 

Trying to be a tour pro you want to be able to match their stats or even improve upon them. I figure that if your able to hit it 300+ yards and then have a dispersion of 4% then you be pretty much able to play the same each round. The main difference would then be weather and putting for the day. Still it seems likely this would bring down the scoring difference with a few shots at least.
Next I figure that the playing experience needed work in how to maintain a high performance state during the play.

I would assume thedanplan don’t have that covered in his planning.

While modeling a golf swing like Mike Austin and then tweak it to improve what we would want from the game the nr1 question is, consistency to know without doubt and with absolute certainty that if you do a normal swing and shot the result would always work.

Now I know how to create that and why that happens we can see changes in Hans swing for example with this. He now have a better tempo than in November

The way any consistency happens is to match the tempo of the swing so you cant hit the same shoot with the same rhythm.

The improvement with Hans tempo is mainly due from two sources his attention and focus on his playing experience and his mechanics where the new instruction allows him better feedback so he can adjust what he does more accurately. I really don’t need to learn him to swing but find a way to express what he already can do so it works for him.

I think atm he is really have it down within what to do with his game to make his performance potential to come out. Atm I am working to improve his distance control. Its basically an adjustment for him to calibrate the new found ball striking to accept and adapt that it now works. While he currently match tour level with distance to pin I expect him to be able to work that into unprecedented numbers.

My plan changes over time while the goal is the same the plan goes trough revisions and any writer or such will tell you one thing, mastery don’t happen in the first draft it takes a lot of re-writes and then more so to uncover the gems. Once the draft is down and the changes started to work and the gems are shining then the rest is still tweaks as any director will tell you with movies some scenes don’t work and a rewrite needs to be done on the spot. Happen to Thor the dark world as Joss Whedon was flown in and re-wrote two scenes as they didn’t work.

Many assume success is a straight line, a simple thing but far from it as I run trough computations and test things at some point something will be found that works and that which stays is then going to be there the next time for someone else cutting down the time for success.

It’s the constant re-writes and changes to the plan that make the plan work.