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Bunch of crap why haven’t the Como guy fixed him yet?

don’t he know?

Obviously not.


While people support that oh wait until his new swing change works and then he plays like he once used to do that thinking that has hope and delusion in it wont help him play better. The above image says it all.

I am a self taught golfer. I tried the stuff people do out there but my brain hurt. It’s a mess with a lack of definitions. So I spent time working this out from a different field called modeling.

In that process I also developed models I now use for golf and golf mechanics.

Fixing the mechanics is the easy part with a tour pro. I also needed a better way to add performance increase.

Riding a bike part two

As seen in the last post riding a new sort of bike can be difficult and it took him 8 months to learn to do it and then 20 minutes to go back to the old one. His kid took 2 weeks learning to do it.

What happens when you add futurenow to that learning curve?

The curve changes.

It might take the kid an hour maybe a day or whatever to do it cutting down the time with a vast amount.

It would also cut down time for the guy also.

Most don’t do that when they learn new things.

The difficulty with performance and life

Its common someone scores a bit lower and then suddenly thinks in golf, 59.

Naturally the next thing that happens is a bogie and the easy holes becomes ravines.

That happens due to the comparison mode.

It’s a difference between beliefs and the expectation and capability and many call it the comfort zone without knowing what that is in the first place.

If your expectations goes up “59” then it creates discrepancy and the comparison mode kicks in as your beliefs about the result your able and capable to do contradicts the results your actually doing.

Establishing the experience like the story as in Mythoself wont work as the individual cant do it. They cant maintain their experience as they have no structure or form that can make such distinctions and even if they can make the distinction they cant hold onto the form itself.

Knowing that was obvious 12 years ago but the question was, why wouldn’t the individual be able to keep doing it?

Normally when people have faith and beliefs this happens, you believe God is real and then so whenever misfortune happens your brain adapts to the faith and belief and says “he is testing me” not thinking its maybe your strategy, your attitudes, lack of skills etc..but your brain adapt to the belief itself to maintain homeostasis or balance.

It’s the same structure everywhere.

The pedophile who rapes a one year old kid and kills it in the act still thinks they love them.

While some would argue they are insane and totally psychotic the structure stays the same as the brain adapts not to the actual event itself but the way you rationalize about the event.

This btw goes fast as the brain don’t like cognitive dissonance.

Whenever discrepancy happens and the comparison mode fires off the brain adapts to what it deem rational. Its not like its a logical process going on here if so you would stopped smoking a long time ago and you would not be fat and out of shape either.

This kind of adaptive structures the brain does is are due to evolution as patterns we are exposed to creates the reference for us in life. The patterns expose us to things we think are linked if we find money on the street one day then 3 weeks later and then 10 years later we form a belief I find money all day long.

Later we can form those from reading books, YouTube and people around us.
Then the culture and social exposure reinforms and confirms your choices and decisions.

Logic doesn’t change us.

Difference does.

Naturally none like change and difference.

It’s the human nature at play.

The brain will adapt faster than your thinking to defend its own system of homeostasis balance.

While you want to stop smoking, loose weight, change your routines and habits you cant as you fall into the trap again and again.

The RBIm 3.0 system which is a world leading technology for mind and body does it differently.

Golf swing process

Maybe I should say progress instead of process. I am in the I know what to do but not able to do it yet.

Now I wait for the neurons and pathways to do their work.

There is a learning curve to anything to some extent we can debate it into neurons and pathways as the understanding wont allow you to do it but to learn it. That’s different than believe you can do it. I wait for the system to kick into gear and when that happens discoveries are made that overlap between the movement done and the distinction made between vestibular and representational systems.

Its like driving to work and take a new road due to the road normally taken is under construction. That affect the road taken not the skill to drive. Many confuse those to be the one and the same.

Especially in golf.

I have no issue with my playing experience where to drive but an issue to drive.

The last 2 weeks been illuminating into the driving and improving that a lot and hopefully tomorrow 26c yay! and sunny Yay! I be able to do better driving.

Once down it works and hopefully tomorrow its down.

Now and then

Its so easy to sit there waiting for the past to catch up it seems logical but it has already past.

Isn’t the future already here now gone.

My brain cant decide if its ever settling down ever and continues

Once in a while peoples evolution got to a point where they thought maybe I can keep this and frame it up into a nice memory which was all good as we want to recall where is our food?

Then it become the next moment and soon we built cities surrounded by all this almighty thinking.

We went from doing chores to planning ahead we evolve into innovators thinking so much ahead we got stuck in the past

We did genocide with the Neanderthals we tried it with those heretics with crusades and tis all coming back and I blame the English priests who thought God thought this was a good idea.

Man will rationalize that its for a good cause whatever it might be killing innocent well they are not innocent as God made sure they are not.

It seems retards are commonly a living condition for the Greece people who complain when their own government did it to them its their own fault.

The same goes for people like kids thinking IS is a good cause and all they do is to take advantage of your ass.

Now and then I guess an asteroid really need to hit us badly again as for now this world have become stuck.

A great range day blue sky and sun

Heat wave. Sunny blue sky so went with Simon and hit a few balls.

It’s the first time I felt like ok got this down now. Last shot I hit a 6i pure and it slowly did draw flying away and then it was a perfect ending.


We sat down had an ice cream felt fitting for the day and talked some golf and also graphics cards. Felt really good sitting down as my body was hurt and filled with pain seems I am getting old. Now I wait for food and some coffee and relaxation and tomorrow its likely I go play 18 as the summer heat has arrived.

28 1

I taped some swings early on and later it did improve to the extent of well this is done. I hit a few drivers now and then and the last one the longest of the day sat down at a point I normally haven’t been able to hit. Then I was done with that club. Accuracy gone up as I hit several shot the same, distances started to go up and was a club longer from hitting irons before.

It felt good perfect even and I just wish I felt more healthy as I am dead beat atm as I wait for the food to cook.