Patience my young padawan

It’s a line from a movie a fictional art introducing the force as a way of interconnecting stuff and that it could be harnessed and used by gifted individuals for good or bad.

Issue nr1 it was a good movie the first one but good or bad is a Christian value. Its religion creeping into the who am I your father right?

Trough the ages humans have tried to emulate Gods to be worshipped as ones from old Egypt to later renowned Rome and all empires will fall at some point due to mad people running them. The 9 or so crusades didn’t work but it took them 9 and hundreds of years and a lot of dead people to understand their worthy cause was a huge lie. However I don’t think they think it was a lie until they were there doing the bad shit.

Many want change, sure I understand that but now and then change cant be made in the fast lane. I done my fair share of fast changes removing phobias in seconds and such and the individual themselves not believing it was gone in spite of them couldn’t have it anymore so they did the good test they went and traveled to the same place they got the phobia to test it and it was now gone and didn’t come back.

Some changes made small over a longer time allows the brain to rebuild with precision untainted by the massive overload normally. I am a lot of such efficiency myself and it has been a long road traveling there.

If one does Intu-flow over years you achieve a unprecedented mobility one you cant believe is possible or doable. It seems silly as you cant measure anything special at first a few weeks then months and then you notice it.

I study golf so I found how to do better putting and applied that and lost 10 shots a round from that creating unprecedented skill improvement none in golf is able to do as far I know. That did lead to other things like RBIm 3.0 and the golf system and the performance model and something else in the modeling arena.

Humans tried to be Gods, legends and many become their own slave to the art they believed them to be when they were not which any revolution shown them to be when they shot you or stabbed you and you found out the hard way you were not immortal.

Immortality is such a thing human brains tend to worship themselves without any regard for the facts surrounding this cause itself but then you want to check the mirror and ask is this the most worthy cause I am walking and doing?

Putin be down that road soon as if we base our dreams and actions on the past and what has been neglected us or removed from us living in the past which btw every religion is doing out there and I say go to the other planet immigrate to Mars for fuck sake as that you guys can fight it out all alone with one another.

Living in the past trying to connect is dragging the reasons and causality that our life is somehow connected and become this way as we remember the past to be what is more real to us than what the future can bring us. Humans done that a long time the Myths and legends people searched some people like Joseph Campbell believed was the future of human kind the animalistic side of us and I say we as humans need to get that animal out of this shit as it just messed things up for humans.

Legends and myths are past living history and for me that’s not a cause for concern it’s a cause of horrible sucking ass shit.

The way people need to have something to believe in that make sense to them make their life having meaning is based upon someone ideal either its your parents or your friends or your social or culture and its religious basis and frankly all that is just pure shit.

RBIM 3.0 takes  create meaning to a science to know this meaning can be designed and created we can forgo the past and living the moment and create whatever truth we want to have as we switch on the click of the heels and we go. Its not like we take seven mile steps to do so but smaller ones even such we even cant fathom we are taking them at all as we tend to think we aint moving at all.

I took the process from NLP and the Roye Frasers generative imprint model and created something out there that is now transcending life’s beyond anything seen before in the history of mankind.

I cant say for any alien world out there as far we can tell with the age of the Universe and the number of worlds and planets that is possible its really big of any human to think we are alone in this Universe as we never are.

We are belonging to a network of interconnecting web so big its dumbfounding intersecting and the timescales makes you nuts as things that changes in a galaxy happens slowly so slowly its really difficult to measure how gravity is pulling or pushing things away as the Moon one day will be gone from Earth as its moving and moving as we speak farther away from us so slowly we cant even see it do that for thousands of years even millions. Its like it is constant never changing for us as we can see it and we think it hasn’t moved but it did.

We are not alone and while I have a hard time saying sure we have aliens who beam us up and anal probe us especially Americans of religious background and why do people do that from that country its all due to their own metaphor of a mother ship getting them there living on from the immigrating religious people.

While we are not alone in the universe communicating with them is troublesome so we need to invent faster than light tools to do so and hopefully the other guys the aliens think to do that to so we can talk to them.

While narrative fictions and fairytales are easier to believe in than facts and reasons and we as humans want the story more than the hard truth. We want the world to work the way we want to believe it needs to work for us to stay sane.

Then what happens when you can start create any meaning and make life mean whatever you want to mean for you at anytime and at anyday?

RBIm 3.0 is a powerful technology your meaning can be whatever you want it to be, if you want to be a superstar, a hero a successful or happiest person ever you can do that and then forever enjoy and reap those benefits without being trapped by the past or the the ideals from people who simply don’t get it.

Why pass on the limitations and ideals of such fictional lives lived before when you can live your life from the utmost ideal of your own?

8 months ago I found out the RBIm 3.0 model and its been running since then for me.

Its how long I run tests sometimes for years.

I don’t go on a whim and say things based upon guesswork like people normally does it as I kind of like that whatever goes on can be science and practical and constructed into a form and shape useable by me for me.

For golfers I can make them have the best system to do what they want to do as a tour pro. For dyslexics well is the tech for it and I feel like I just started to unfold the power of the system I seemingly created as an accident one step by step.

RBIM 3.0 as I make the best better and now you can to.

Your not alone.

We are Legends and Gods and we are many.

What difference would the RBIm Golf system make for a tour pro?

You be able to shoot 60-66 any given day and have around a 5 shot variance over the season which means if your able to shoot 66 then you wont do worse than 71 over the season.

Its accomplished by the RBIm putting system that allows you consistency you cant believe until your able to do it. The golf system allows a 4% dispersion and a 100% proximity to the hole improvement vs the tour.

For anyone who struggles to keep their card on the PGA/LPGA this will allow you to start playing at your potential.

Its that good.

What do you want to make happen?

Intention is the thing we do to make stuff happen.

Let say you don’t like what your thinking, doing feeling atm. Or that you have a problem you don’t want to have.

So now you know that let ask, so what do you want to happen then?

Issue nr1, the individual will first answer by BUT my problem is this?
We already know that so the question is, what do you want to make happen here then?

If you do RBIm 3.0 then you already know how the above fits into the model and framework of the model and how easy it is to fix any trauma, mental issue or similar better and faster than NLP etc..can do it. If it wont work that just means you need to educate either yourself or the client about the definitions we use in the RBIm 3.0 model.

Once you know the framework then changing meaning happens in seconds.

Can you become a tour player at any age?

What do you believe?

Its not about talent as its about skills and those are trainable such. Its not as easy if your older and then take up golf obviously as any tour player today are kids starting early and become a pro at 20. Very few have been older when they started out there are a few examples like Y.Yang.

If you can match stats a tour pro does then you can become one also. Master scoring and performance and your able to make it.

But it will become about what you actually believe is doable and possible.

Then you needs skills, strategies and practice and really good feedback.

Seems a no go for the Nordea Masters

hans kval nordea 2015

Atm while early he sits at 8 place (40 results as far) and since only 3 spots goes to the competition one under didn’t cut it today. He needed at least 3 under and 4 or 5 to be optimal.

So its not a bad day at the job but not where he should be. In simple terms he made 2 bogies to many. I will talk to him later and hear how the round went.

Updated: Talked to Hans he did his best but wasnt comfortable enough with the long game. 28 putts. Changed a bit in his approach so hopefully this now will work as intended.

Calories the good the bad and the ugly

You can eat a lot more food before your even close to the ugly with for example chocolate, peanuts, beer, coke, wine, etc…So if you eat a lot of bad calories you don’t need a lot of them to have the same calorie amount as food.

Loosing weight is simple math – Eat fewer calories and make sure you eat good food.

If you eat extra then compensate that to ensure its not a bad habit you need to change.

2 glasses of wine/beer, peanuts, chips and something else your about having a full meal but without any benefit. so skip dinner Ler

Qualification tomorrow for Hans

Just talked to Hans as he is about to try get into the Nordea Masters european tour event as he and 99 others will try to be one of the 3 people going there to compete. He felt awkward today as I talked to him and a bit lost. I spent an hour talking him into what he needs to do and focus on and as we ended he felt fine.

While we know what we don’t want as I say, we need to define what we want to happen when we play. (Intention)

He needs to shoot around 3 to 5 under tomorrow as previous result shows around 4 under has been needed like last year. If he plays as he should he be able to do that without much trouble.

If he is able to we will find out tomorrow.

It’s a good test to find out if he can focus on the task or get lost in the dreams and assumptions.