Confused about Mike Austin’s pivot?

You should be when the trainers of Austin have trouble with it.

Main issue, its not defined by them.

So when it isn’t defined one can become confused as you have several sources saying things differently and understanding it differently.

So I defined it and I am not confused.

While the pivot is important there is something else that Austin never were able to teach either which was a swing without compensations.  Once you know what that is like your on the way to own the swing. It means your able to repeat it and flush it every time. Achieving unprecedented consistency.

Your always doing the pivot. If it’s a Pitch shot or a full swing, your always doing the compound pivot. Less pronounced in the pitch shot obviously than in the full swing.

Any Ben Hogan, etc..pivots are bad for you. Really difficult to do consistency with them not to say even impossible.

The RBIm golf system allows one to own the swing as you know what to do to flush it and swing without compensations. 300+ yards within 4% dispersion and dialed in distances.

Focus your mind and be the best

One of the things I found most never do is to focus and train their minds. We let a lot of stuff happen and live in a reactionary world. Reacting to what happens around us isn’t a bad thing or wrong it just that it can be like a boat into a vortex sent wherever the current send us.

Receiving the information and then decide what to do about that already having your set desired experience first and foremost but most don’t know what that is and are easily distracted by whatever enter your mind.

Still winter outside, pretty much depressing I sacrificed kittens and there is still no summer? What have the Gods abandon me for?

That is how people loved for a long time that some outside force was good or bad or kind to them.

That still lives on in humans.

Its easy to have such due to we are treated with reactionary talks unless your told you can go and dream. I was told I was a dreamer a few times and maybe that’s true to some extent but here what I found out dreaming.

To be really happy and enjoying life the big secret is this

Anyhow after telling you that secret its time for me to go make a superb breakfast as it’s the champion style.

A few years back I had pains in my leg the muscles after the sickness from CFS/ME was hurting a lot. I had a mission and while I could sit down at the sideline and do nothing that wasn’t the way I did things so I focused on the muscles in the other leg and so I did for 4 days. While walking and such was painful slowly it started to subside and become manageable over time.

Most give up I guess, roll over a good dog, we don’t tap into our potential we reside in our limitations and just shake a leg and think well I tried. Breaking new grounds isn’t easy if it was everyone would do it.

Focusing on dreams might seem as a useless task something a hippie would pile of their drugs for.

If you want to do things and become the best you better dream first.

How else are you knowing where your going Alice?

Measurement and evidences with the RBIm 3.0

I am a big fan of measure things. Looking into the field of human change and transformation its obvious its more about new age than structural formats and measurements.

RBIm 3.0 is the answer from me for human r-evolution in a conscious way.

Looking into dyslexia creating he that allows someone to train themselves to overcome dyslexia is important.

Checking out golf and then defining the golf swing to own it was the last one I worked on and now its done.

The RBIm golf system allows you to learn how to own the golf swing. Like Ben Hogan did like Moe Norman did.

While all those systems offers evidence and measurement for their use the one model I am most proud of is the performance model as it allows one to be in the zone and control its output.

The RBIm performance model allows unprecedented experiences in your sport as you can always perform at your best. It wont be luck, a good day or such.

You be the one doing it and setting the level yourself.

Now, I don’t get a lot of media hype yet, as people tend to be covered in the beliefs what seems to work with beliefs without measurements. Their evidence lacking but people wish to believe so much. Its like my sister told me, they invested into new heating arrangements at home, they use wood to burn trough and heat their house, as they changed this to a more efficient one her husband thought they might need to start carry wood during the winter and she said, no we wait I think we be fine and they were. He was so used trough the years and years of going down to put more wood into the fire and now he didn’t need to.

He was still acting out of his past references not the new ones. Hans started to update his old ones now and his game will become so much more now.

How good?

Best in the world.

I know the value of my models, none comes close.

NLP is a hack and slash system without them really understanding things there.
Mythoself is like the fairy land of stories leading nowhere.
Golf trainers are like lambs leading themselves into slaughter.

There is little evidence there and lack of measurement tools to offer such evidence is sorely lacking as I asked them and all they said was, nothing of value.

Recently I posted the RBIm 3.0 application tools and those be the last ones most likely I post about that model. I am currently working my weight loss and physical fitness and then its golf for the rest of the year for me. I am finding out soon what I created for golf to be used for myself. Doing that also means I wont work much else as the models are done so they wont need work anymore from my side. I am focused sorely on the golf for the rest of the year.  Once I am done with a model I don’t do much with it. It works and the way its suppose to and then I move on to do something else. RBIm 3.0 is done so I move on from that. I am now finding out for myself what the performance model and the new golf swing mechanic will do for me so I be fully invested into that for the upcoming foreseeable future.

I created the most advanced technology for human r-evolution with the RBIm 3.0 and offered the tool set to apply for change and transformation, so I think for the time being I am pretty much done there. There be no certification courses or such as its all here on the blog. Do the work and you can do it to.

I defined the golf swing as whatever people think it is has nothing to do with it. I am already owning my golf swing and it wasn’t a long process to do so. I am not surprised either or overwhelmed as I know what I am doing trough measurement and evidence and if any of them are lacking then I know one thing, they don’t know why it works and often they have no way to analyze what to do which is currently true in the tour pro circus.

I adapted to what I do indoors, I find I am done so my brain goes, done – what now?

Wait for spring and work my body. Evidence and measurement there is ongoing.

This means my presence here what I write will change during spring a bit.

I might find a new subject to be interested in but atm my focus is to solidify the changes Hans needs to go trough and what I need to be in for shape to do myself justice with the golf system I developed.

Best in the world.

Watching the PGA tour and wow

Seeing Poulter do a +5 and hit a drive on hole 18 256 yards.
Watching Harrington hit an iron 20 yard short on 17 and make double bogey and then he was one behind………….

Then he went for it on 18 into the bunker 280 yards? when he needs a birdie for play off. Reed? He is as wild today also.

Consistency isn’t the big thing on the PGA tour sadly.

Harrington the approach at 107 yards,  10% dispersion shot.
Outside chance for a birdie and play off.
He makes it.

What to do on a bad day?

I woke up, looked outside, still winter.

What to do?

Made a wish, still winter. Put a first born on a fire bed making a sacrifice to the Gods, still winter. Tried with a Virgin, none to be found, still winter. Printed faces of golf trainers used as paper, still winter.

Seems its still winter.

A bad day simply

Stacy Lewis didn’t make it

Not surprised. LPGA players consistency isn’t good. Lydia Ko is beating them all at age 17 due to her seldom if ever make a bad shot.

Consistency is king in golf.

Stacy makes a double bogey on hole 15 and there was her tournament over.

Even the best struggle with consistency and those LPGA players that stands on toes at impact will struggle as its pretty impossible to do that consistency.

Leaderboard Honda

Notable Yani Tseng after working out physically is now playing better. 325 yards day one btw. And people question if a guy can hit it 300?

Stacy did what many do, a 8 and a 9 shot worse than her best score during the tournament the last 2 days.

Imagine your good at golf a tour pro and struggle and become frustrated a lot and when asking around none can tell you how to make it work and then you accept that?


How Golfwrx works

Tell the moderator that guys hi-jack threads like Monte schienblum did so they ban you for such. (temp ban but Ler

Its like this idea of dictatorship, you allow people you like do bad things and not following rules due to them are your people. Its not surprising for me but when you have rules for some people and not other people you essentially run a dictatorship based website for golf. Exposing such might be questionable but for me I think its important. The same way the Mike Austin group told me I didn’t know what I was doing and then ban and also remove any posts video other guys post about Hans golf swing there.

Truth is a difficult subject, most find it more delightful to take drugs than living their life others deny that stuff works when it does in spite of their guru said it cant. etc…

The ISIS terror also shows how this works in extreme but the principle is the same instead of banning they kill off people with the ideal that their going to have an Islamic state and that wont work in our era but it could have worked before Internet and you known literacy begin but today they are just fighting for a soap bubble ready to burst but the idea people fight for has changed, instead of fighting the bad evil satan usa they now fight for some illusion of their own state, different motivation and easier to recruit the literacy ignorant.

I wanted to find out as I am keen on finding out how stuff works and how people work in the golf field is interesting to me.  How much dogma there is and how much prejudice and covering up there is. For me that’s educational and interesting. Golf swings become a huge industry with golf not just clubs and balls and cloths but the lifestyle of golf itself have gone backwards and the reason is obvious, no innovation is allowed to keep the field at status quo.

There is always noise in any field, distractions people have that seem really believable like some guys with the Ultimate Perfect golf swings that changes every time some candy blows into the cabin.  Truth is simple, there is nothing else than it.

Working out the code, the structure of Mike Austin been illuminating as the Mike Austin trainers cant teach what I can the real secret of Mike Austin’s golf swing. The golf swing don’t change things or win things it’s a tool to be able to do what you want to do. That is different as you also need other tools I worked on developing.

I am about to do some 30 second fast intense work, then go eat some breakfast and I feel absolutely mind-blowing awesome today as I be having the best breakfast ever.

Isn’t life wonderful say?

For me absolutely.