Seek what you believe in or do difference?

Many tour pros seek what they already believe will make them better, Tiger woods listening to sean foley for 5 years and now he is bashing Foley really hard. I don’t think that is fair to Sean Foley as he is a great coach but ignorant with the swing mechanics for sure.

People not just for golf but for anything will seek what they believe will work for them.

I met clients for years telling me what they thought would work for them, and in no such case it did. If it didn’t work for clients with real world problems why do people think it will work for golf?

What you believe will work wont.

I understand that as I had to build new as golf theory is wrong. I also built a zone performance model unheard off in sports.

Its why I charge what I charge as its cheap for a golfer as it will work to bring out your best performance every time. Woods be pretty much unbeatable with it if he knew about it and did it.

I check things now and then in performance, and its like the story goes, none know. Knowing it as I do wont help as I wont explain how to do it here. You pay me I teach you. That’s how the world works.

Once I go live testing with golf during summer and can calculate the level in how much better then the price will go up.

Its that good.

None have solved it for the sports until I did.

Pure magic.

The common thread for business is that people buy the things they believe will work and I don’t as I ask and check what will actually work. Often there is no answer so I searched and then had to invent what worked as when I looked around there was no working technology out there only beliefs.

It will provide you with what you believe but the result will be lacking, you be happy initially obviously as you paid what you believed for but then disappointed and frustrated as the results didn’t happen and you start that shit again believing and then go look for that.

I offer do different.

Its pure magic.

The RBIm golf system 3.0
Making the best better

working out

I started the pre-season work.

It means for me a slow adjustment over 3-4 months of home gym and walks normally. This year I decided to cut down on the distance I walk and work more on aerobe capacity.

I just walk 1km, and the good here is around a 400m or so uphill stretch which I walk full speed. as far it allows me pretty max pulse.
While not impressive and it isn’t, this allows me at least to start build momentum towards spring and summer.

Having CFS just takes a toll. during summer golf is a bit much so I cant keep my gym work up during season. I do short, intense durations, I eat palo wise and I make sure I start working towards a slow build up response potential.

It means once the body adapted to the load and variation it starts kicking into gear the hormone response making one ready to do anything.

That takes a few months for me.

I did some arm home gym today and slept a few on the sofa later.

Intu-flow helps and as I continue to do the preparation I work the golf swing. (its going better)

The RBIm Golf system 3.0

I start this with, want to beat the Nicklaus 18 major record?

You better be young and then apply my system to have the support to do it. I say young as winning 19 or more majors take some time.

I built and finalized the support systems, the swing mechanics are there now, the swing feel to repeat the motion and then be able to hit 300+ yards and achieve a 4% dispersion and unmatched distance control.

However while mechanics is good and all and important you still need something to support your performance to be able to stay in the moment to bring your best performance each time you tee up so I built that to.

It allows you world class unmatched consistency.

I am currently learning the new swing instructions myself as I been a recreational golfer an amateur that enjoys the walks and play some golf. Now I feel like I am able to deliver my potential and since I am 51 years old I don’t have an ambition to play the PGA tour but to make anyone willing that want to do so.

The new mechanics allows me
simplicity to do distance, accuracy and score low.

Hans who had modern mechanics before that destroyed his lower back is now saying things like, I have never been able to do this before ever.

The performance support to stay in the moment the zone and under your control to be in the moment allows you to bring our your best potential each time you go play.

The RBIM golf system 3.0 allows superb Mechanics and the Performance to go with it.

How I accomplish that was due to this, Hans told me he wanted to play golf, he said he tried the golf trainers and technique couldn’t do it, he tried in various ways with performance coaches, books and the works but it just didn’t work for him to do it.

I applied what I do and he played well, he added 50 yard to his driving, and all that put to much stress on his body his back gave up. I had to start to study golf theory and mechanics to build him a better system so I did. The Mike Austin swing was used as a role model here. He also had issues to stay focused and the NLP and the stuff I done for 20 years wasn’t good enough as it didn’t work for that. I had to build a new performance model also.

The last 2 months writing this the Jan 26 2015 atm I finalized those two models. I wished I had them years ago as I myself would been such a better golfer by now.

However better late then never.

Maximizing ones potential to bring ones best each time you go play is here now.

Learning this will allow you to sit back later and go, amazing Mind blowing etc…

I do.

Even for me with 20 years working with such its mind blowing.

Its that good.

The RBIm golf system 3.0 allows the same strategy for putting, chipping, putting, tee shots, approach shots pitch shots etc…

Legendary Awesome.

The path of Bene Gesserit and the RBIm 3.0

Now and then fiction and tis science shows what someone can do with study the patterns of men. Frank Herbert wrote dune, as a 18 year old I got a hold of that book and did read it in one session I couldn’t put it down.

Bene Gesserit was a school of witches that did study the mind and trained oneself to produce great control over the mind.  Total fiction but we have similar schools today with Buddishm etc…

All proof inevitably leads to propositions which have no proof. All things are known because we want to believe in them.”

Herbert knew his stuff.

Once known people tend to believe in what is proposed to them when their seldom is ever any proof of that. Its true in psychology as well with sports like golf.

Naturally fiction has it we cant have a all powerful being without shortcoming so the witches couldn’t access their male line of genetic memories so they used a gene breed program to produced a Kwisatz Haderach.

The basis of Herbert books was that humanity repeat themselves.

There is no new, no surprise.

That is a concern and a big issue today we see people hate others for crimes done ages ago, Jews hated by Islamic people for something that happen decades or even hundreds of years ago.

If humanity is to go to the stars and beyond, such past events cant rule or govern our life, Egypt for example is run by a government that is power based military and those guys don’t want anyone questioning the decisions made. Its how people assume it should be run with control and fear and hate.

In the essence of Bene Gesserit teachings fear is the mind killer and the axiom of my mind controls my reality.

The order itself was about power. Their teachings flawed but without purpose it wasn’t. It later produced the late Paul Atreides who was born due to the Love his mother had for his father so Jessica broke the sisterhood bond and later created a chain of reactions that would last for thousands of years.

Surprise is when we are doing things the patterns isn’t showing us. Once the future is known no surprise is then as if we know then the future is the trap we cant escape.

It means people are doomed to repeat the same things people before them did. Rome empire fell, the British empire fell and any empire has fallen due to the corruption and power seekers.

Once the truth is twisted then the value of the status quo goes away.

The litany used within Bene Gesserit was to guard oneself to the past memory race or primal terror by saying the

“I must not fear.  Fear is the mind killer.  Fear is the little death that brings total obliteration.  I will face my fear.  I will permit it to pass over me and through me.  And when it has gone past, I will turn the inner eye to see its path.  Where the fear has gone there will be nothing.  Only I will remain.”

If the Bene Gesserit or Herbert had known about RBIm 3.0 then the books might turned out differently.

We cant succumb to the fear the responses and actions of old,w e cant stay the path of the past we need to go and move towards a future oriented path to free the system from what was. We as we do so run into the paradox if we know the future then the future would trap us.  If we are bound by any such future is then the ability to build a new future and such in no end.

Then any future is then tied to the endless decision to be different as the pattern is known and then as its known it can then be rewritten.


RBIm 3.0 is a way to set the system to the one. Once set then the system is free to engage any future and any experience the individual then are able to choose and engage to.

If only you remain there is to attachment to past memory, identity, formulation of experience or anything else as only you remain.

While following the RBIm 3.0 path one don’t become a witch nor a Bene Gesserit along the way but it shows how similar some systems have been created to relive oneself from the past or the creation of objectivity or consciousness to know ones reality and then to act upon such.

RBIm 3.0 removes the need for religion. It isn’t needed anymore. The baseline truth for those going to religion is to attend a something else beyond oneself is the causality of the world. If one choose to do so you then are stuck with a book or as in the Bene Gesserit case the power gained and eventual corruption.

If there is only you then there is no causality and then no pattern.

You then become a no form and no shape and new to the world.

Allowing one to alter and change patterns at will.

The main concern in any culture or social construct is to be stuck with patterns inherited by previous generations and then the patterns shared to you by the world around you. The world today share information faster between one another than before. Internet has changed that, technology now allows one to communicate faster.

If we are bound by previous patterns we then are stuck to repeat the mistakes of past and no surprise can happen and we then become trapped by the future and destiny already set that the individual isn’t even aware off.

RBIm 3.0 offers away out to be surprised.

Bene Gesserit just offers a cool story to read about one mans take on it.

McCabe didn’t ask me about the zone

Quote “So many books on the subject deal with athletes “being in the zone,” something that McCabe doesn’t ascribe to.

“Why? Because it happens five percent of the time,” McCabe said. “So I’m going to invest my time and energy in training my athletes how to get into the top five percent. I believe they’re going to get there naturally — by doing the other 95 percent efficiently.” end quote

article here

In my book its 100% of the time.

RBIm golf system 3.0
Making the best better

Third generation golf swing

I assume if you say its the third generation golf swing your stats should be better if you use it.

Looking at Mahan and Rose students of Foley, that aint happening. Their stats are the same as before or even slightly worse. As I said, he is a good coach that builds confidence but skills and facts in regard to the mechanics? No.

Once Hans plays out there, stats measurement would be a way to check if things needs to be better, not the same unless your already the best of course. Even then it be nice to improve slightly.

Oh btw Tiger just bashed his old Foley swing hard today. He now with Como is back to distances he used to do 15 years ago. Not much progress then.

Want to beat Nicklaus 18 major record?

I make the best better I aim to elite level performance and beyond.

Want to beat the Nicklaus 18 majors?

My system will help you do that.

Someone might ask me, so if I do this then I can do that?


But that isn’t possible….

I say then your not the one for my system either.

Records are there to be broken.

Kathy Withworth won 88 times on the LPGA tour.
She came in second 94…times and so her record could been well over a 100 wins.

Main reason that never did happen?

She couldn’t pull of her best performance each time she played if she had my system, she would have. The difference would be huge.

The world we are born into are filled with limitations we are told to behave in a manner of what’s limited. We are raised into what we are suppose to accomplish and when we question and ask what’s beyond that we are told to either shut up or be shot off.

I always been a fan of the best, the lite level doing what is so good like Stenmark did or J-O Waldner but I never thought they blessed with magical powers as I thought what they can do I can learn.

I though it was enough with practice.  I learned that it wasn’t enough.

I thought strategy was enough, it wasn’t.

I found that to make it work you need to bring your best performance each time and then stay in the moment and with that have a superior strategy with mechanics to allow an advantage vs what others do. I also found most say what I write is impossible.

Its not for those guys.

I write for you the tour pro that goes, yea I want that performance.

I can deliver that.

I had to build new models to be able to do that to make it simple.

While its simple which basically means highly advanced and so efficient most cant wrap their head around the performance they are able to do now.

They come up and against their beliefs about themselves, their own performance and life.

If you want to beat Nicklaus record of 18 Majors is just me saying what I can do.

The RBIm 3.0 golf system