Core values

Let say you want things to be perfect. A perfect dinner, wedding, relationship or such. Your chasing the perfection and all you find is stress.

So it never become perfect.

You cant have perfection by going after that it suppose to be perfect.

Our brain cant produce result if the specification isn’t precise enough. I want the wedding to be perfect, or this guy/girl to be perfect which by far is a recipe for failure.

So let say we have perfect as a core value and we experience the world from that the way we want.  Now you produce the experience of perfect not asking that the world submit to your perfect matching.

Your experience has to be perfect not the other way around.

Let that sink in for a bit.

People try to find evidence in the world around them to match the core value when its suppose to be produced internally by you.

A core value have a behavior attach to it in RBIm we call those traits.

If you want the world to be perfect it will always break the experience and pattern and produce failure for you.

If your perfect in your experience you can always have it and then your doing something that produces the valued experience.

When we have the behavior matched to the value and doing that then we can experience the output of that to experience the world that way.

So to have a perfect experience you then have to find what your doing (behavior) that produce the value of perfect so that in turn produce the internal experience to experience the world the way you want.

It’s the way the brain produce experience for us by keeping two things at the same time in a casual loop the comparison mode from the RBIm system.

If I am tired, I understand the difference between to identify to be tired and that I am tired.
My experience as I am can never be tired. Most people however cant separate what they are to what they say they are. So if I experience being tired I know how to make sure the “I” am isn’t tired. I am relaxed, resting in movement, doing nothing etc…

People talk about stress and I don’t even understand the concept.

Hans swing update (updated)

He is adding the new tweak into his swing. Testing today.

You might think whatever I do is strange but education of the body as what I done last few weeks is research into what it does. I discovered something a few days ago, my swing works now and it does so with ease. I told Hans about this and naturally he tested it with my explanation of the how and why and he feels it easier to do now once he become aware of it.

Tweaks is ongoing, the motion the template the model is already done as I said I am done with Mike Austin’s mechanics. New instruction was developed and from there I investigated the education of the body how it moves. I apply it for myself whatever I find and test it and I check criteria of, can I do it? If so is it easy and natural? if so do I need to compensate or can I just do it?

As long its to complex, I don’t start doing it as I still feel this isn’t it. Once I feel its easy and simple and it just happens, then I go this seems to be it.

It’s a sorting program I use to distill down what creates the result in this case the golf swing. If I am right with this then you can build a whole golf swing from this action.

Its what I call a common dominator.

If it works I find out later today as I be going to the range and I get a report from Hans hopefully with video.

Updated: He said the new tweak added a club of distance with no effort.
left image from today

Range day 9 light in the tunnel

For the first time things went bazooka today. I was able to generate more speed and start doing things a lot better. For the start of this for me today was a breakthrough range session. Now cleaning up the motion is next as I have to clear up all my old things I been used to do.

6i today


started to look like this guy.
still, release is off, body motion pattern is off, some minor tweaks still needed to get the top position better. still even with this today I could go after the ball for the first time.

Cleaning up and tweaking is next.

Your experience of the world

Its called core values.

Normally when we do things we value and have criteria for it like if I buy a TV it has to meet my criteria for the TV I want, good blackness and contrast and be a plasma as a LCD/Led TV wont cut it for me. So I wait until the size and price match the criteria for me and if there isn’t one I don’t buy yet or save up. Once I bought such a TV I enjoy it as I watch TV with clarity and enjoyment every time.

I use 120hz for my eyefinity computer screens so I have  a 5040×1050 surface area and its wonderful.

Core values needs to be matched as those produce the experience you want to have of the world. For me whenever I do research I am figuring things out and for me as I figure things out I am a happy camper as it produces the experience I want to have. In my case “figure things out is a core sample”

Hans for example had one for golf, 2 of them to be exact, I knew about them he didn’t. I asked him how he wanted to play out there and he told me things and I said, nope not it, nope and nope until I had to tell him. He wanted to just send the ball away and it had to be beautiful. He do so now as he does that it creates for him the experience he want to have playing golf.

Finding those values those core samples if you like digging them out are important. It allows you to be happy all the time or enjoy whatever you enjoy as your doing things that match the core sample value for you so your able to enjoy your experience of it.

The core value itself is a way to access
the portion of behaviors we do in relation to the task at hand.

Ignorance is easier

One of the things people have a tendency to do is to keep on holding onto what is old. We continue to believe in ghosts as I like to say to indulge into the memory.

Its true in golf instructions. People believe things that isn’t true, people believe things they don’t even know isn’t true nor correct. Now I could point it out and I do sometimes but if you don’t even have a concept for it then how  would you understand it? Many don’t understand their own behavior changes daily or that they try to say its one way when they act differently.

One reason Hans is progressing is that I asked him many years ago how his tour school attempts had worked out before, he said he never tried. I asked but you want to be a tour pro? Yes he said but it cost a lot and so on….and I looked at him and said, bullshit….He looked down and said, yea just an excuse.

That year he went and tried and almost made it trough stage one.

Experience is one thing fear is another we fear more the thing we want to happen, but many never go for it with everything they have, he does and he also stopped the ignorance and started to pay attention to what works.

I write on golf forums, and I just say it how I call it and view it, I don’t think anyone else should do differently as its what I think about things and naturally I am not the popular guy around obviously as people rather want to stay ignorant than anything else.

I guess its desirable for many to want to be ignorant as it’s the safe road the comfortable one. That way you cant fail and you also can make excuses along the way to shovel the crap under the mat as people do.

Conceptual thinking (c7/UGS/MCS etc..) and similar concepts wont make people do a golf swing and build one that just works, once done it should just work and you never would need to fix anything again. That is what I want to do and as I progress and define I stop being ignorant about how to make that happen.  So if I am able to do that I be content with it as I do this for my own sake obviously and for assisting Hans to play better as my skill set is geared towards the PGA/LPGA tour not amateurs.

I didn’t want to change my back swing or work it as I am tired and don’t have the stamina and energy to do it still what do I do? I start working on it as its not acceptable for me to have it that way as its not good enough for me. I could have used what people suggest and done drills out there and stayed ignorant about it but I didn’t do that as I figured out a better way and allowed me to define it better so it works from the start now.

I know it’s a road to brighten the day the light of it to explore avenues isn’t for everyone but staying ignorant seems like a waste of time. I do read other things from people I think pretty much are clueless about what they do. I also read stuff from people I think are geniuses when they themselves never think so or anyone else’s. I sort trough a lot of noise out there to find the nuggets the diamonds that shine brightly lying there for pick up.

Tomorrow I hit the range to work trough my latest stuff. Video be coming up after.

I was ignorant once, I just stopped doing that to educate myself a bit about life and stuff that works. I guess enlightenment isn’t that fun after all Ler

Building talent for success

Do you know how to be happy?
Or how to make a ball go into a round hole?
It’s the same as you need skills to do both.

Many would assume to be happy is easy but frankly do you know people who are really happy? It seems easy being happy right? How do you do it? Is it when you figure out to make your face muscles contract or to think about things or just to say it?

You don’t need talent to be happy skills, practice and such yea but talent?

Golf is the same, tour level game people tell me is way beyond an amateurs capability as its so hard and complicated.

Let say you identify the needed skills, then found out how to practice them faster and also along the way found out new skills none posses in golf and are able to practice those also, then what?

I call those superior strategies skills we develop by thinking outside the box. Like the flosbury flop.

I study talent and I never found it.

I found if I was able to study skills and reverse engineer skills I could isolate and define the skill and understand what builds the system. Nikola Tesla once was asked to demonstrate his ability, so they started a engine in a shed, he then wrote down the wear and tear after a month and then they open the shed, picked the machine apart and his calculations matched. He was able to build models in his head that matched external reality exactly.

I do that with behaviors of people. I do that with skills and models I study. Naturally for golf what I did before the injury of Hans was to assume people knew how to build success for the tour. I was wrong. I once I study this found that its to complex.

I started to build talent.

So once my model was calculated based upon Mike Austin which btw I am done with as what I am doing goes a bit beyond what Mike did. I devised the instruction not from Mike but from someone else, built upon that told Hans he improved his consistency and dispersion with it. Once I did that he now was better than before, he also now have a better putting all based upon me building models and calculate stuff and then teach him without even testing them. I know they will already work without testing.

That skill I developed trough 20 years of what I do and I have applied it for golf. Recently I started to check the back swing as I was done with the hands and wrists I wanted to find out more about the back swing, yes we move off the ball and its done to create the space in the down swing. I then stipulated a range session where I was running variations and all those only one worked but still I thought, this is to hard. I then went and checked and researched online a bit. I tried a few things but that golf system didn’t work either as they all don’t but that gave me an idea. Taking the idea and then running it allowed me to do a better back swing and golf swing, just like that.

It was now easy.

The above is from today at my back yard hitting a PW.
The swing is now effortless. Things are now going to proceed faster.

I updated the education of the body with this as it’s the single most important thing you can learn to do that creates the golf swing. It allows you to build a swing that works. My progress with the swing will now take a giant leap.

Talent is not needed if you know what works and how it works and why you should train things the way the instructions suggest. Happy is as much a skill to focus your attention to let yourself to be happy no matter what, to decide now today this moment next or tomorrow, I be happy. If you know how you can always be happy. The same is true with any skill like the golf swing is just a mean to make the ball go where you want it to, once you can do that you don’t need to practice anymore mechanics you can go play golf and train other skills.

Like I done with Hans, first his mechanics are done, his golf swing is solid, accurate and long enough and importantly he knows how to do it consistently. Then scoring pattern was scanned and implemented with my evil plan. How to create low scores by examining decisions that changes the outcome out there. He then have been able to shoot low scores and even when he has had issues been able to shoot around par where he previously was way worse. His variance been within 5 shots as far.

He is now self correcting the way he needs to be to make the game simple.

Still I build talent, models that works by applying better ways to achieve the same thing. Now I already know it works but I don’t know how well they do work. I know from todays back yard session I am able to hit shots in a dispersion I haven’t been able to do before ever. So I know I am better now. Still does that make me talented or just able to update what I do so it works better and follow models that allows a better result even if those models are not created yet? If your not happy it’s the same people then say cant be happy as things are as they are. I just say there is no spoon either. Pretty much a mind set.

I wasn’t happy with golf instruction but I am also built to then go and research to build better. I complained but I also knew those guys don’t understand this. I had no answer coming from those as they couldn’t answer my questions. I knew something was to be fun with this.

I progressed now to a point of accumulation where the change I make for Hans or myself are obvious and my own swing progress has started to be self correcting now. I know what to reference and gain feedback from now so as I change my swing patterns now and build the swing I am about to have the progress rate will be off the scale. One funny thing it will just work also. Once that happens and I am doing it then scoring patterns will be my next thing. I will be a lot better this year and way better than I ever played.

I built myself talent I guess.

Skills you can learn but as anything if those skills are hidden in fog, and lost in myths and assumed that people know what they do based upon their perception alone as I find it like this, it take a few minutes to learn pretty much anything if we do it right.

I believe I found that common dominator to build a golf swing for anyone.

Larry is now the target for this Blinkar

If he at age 67 with a 40 year old pattern can start doing a golf swing using that approach it has then some merit I guess and talent just did happen then.

When people cant do then they say your born with it, talented for it.

I always ask them, how they do it. I asked Hans how do you do that spinning wedge? He said “hit it low” and took me a summer to do it. He couldn’t teach me it due to him could just do it. Once I know how to do it and what it takes then it’s a lot easier to learn to actually do it obviously but much such is not taught within golf as its too complex.

I simplified it.

I found out how it works in a few weeks.


Hans Update spring

Talked with him using Skype got to say tis an amazing thing Skype nowadays as I can talk face to face with people all over the world. Putin call me so we can sort Ukraine out.

Anyhow, Hans is on track he is currently learning to accept the plan I developed for him to play from. It seems easy right to just ok this works now I do that? Myself is like that I follow instructions and if they work, I follow and do them. However if you been struggling for many years and suddenly achieve results your likely to run into mind stuff like old assumptions, beliefs and such about how to succeed. Hans is now in that convincing phase to accept this what he do that works actually works….

We want the reality and world to be one way but the practical functionality of the world its different than that and we cant as human beings accept the truth. Maybe after some soul searching a walk about and such maybe.

If your into tour level golf its like this you cant make mistakes. Make a bogie you need to even that out with a birdie. Then you need to play consistent and able to master the mind to deliver that shot after shot and to trust what you do so it just works. ATM Hans is in that process about to break out of old and into the new.

Accepting the truth and what works is one of the cornerstones with RBIm and one people have a hard time dealing with. To take notice that my mind and body already produced a response which attending to works so fast and then suddenly wont work due to me shifted attention without even knowing I did?

Yea, I taken Hans trough this many times and its so simple most people have a hard time with it due to not only is it simple and works but you can do it. Our brain is constantly creating scenarios of what we are experiencing all the time.  Let say you like ice cream I do but not all ice cream so for me ice cream as a word means, fat rich ridden cream ice cream not the artificial milky cheap ones. For me ice cream is a quality thing.

If I tell Hans to hit a shot he can do it every time. Its funny as if I don’t tell him what to do, he cant do it as well consistently. Its all about being able to free wheel and let the system do what it can do. He is now getting there, able to self correct to adjust to accept this and free wheel it.  He has a slight cold so I don’t know when he is able to play again.  What I can judge he is on track though. Next up is compete in tournaments during spring which will be a factor to find out how he responds and react to those if he is able to follow the plan or deviate from it.

I built a plan, a way to play consistently, this is simple yet doing simple things often gets in our perceived notion of how the world should work not the way it works.

Next stop summer.