Alice isn’t lost anymore as RBIm 4 sets the pace

One of the quotes I like from Alice in the wonderland was when asked where to go and she said I don’t know and then was met with well then It wont matter where I send you then.

Reality is a construct but how is that then constructed? You find many talk about reality and its constructs but when you ask them how the brain does it they offer you stories and guesswork. While some would argue a MRI and brain scan will show you how reality is created trough science I would say Alice would disagree there.

We have a comparison mode that consist of evolutionary development, the voices in our head isn’t there by coincidence. Some would argue that well if you hear voices then you really are in for it into the mental places and I say whenever I turn on the TV I hear voices isn’t that strange?

Whenever we experience a context it happens as an aftereffect to the system in place. Its worthless if one asks me to do state and experience elicitation I saw and seen NLP and Mythoself trainers do it and it just didn’t work.

The usual culprit is that your models you operate from also steer your mind and perception so your seeing what you are expecting to see.

RBIm 4 using SSG allows you to train your brain to take notice of how reality is constructed for yourself and others.

Is that important?

The main issue with change is that people have no idea how to choose change and implement it. Elicit a soma/semantic Mythoself hypnotic process protocol or doing some state elicitation applying pattern in NLP or talking you to death with psychology might seem like a good way but its all process work and then also guesswork.

One of the things with construction is that its built and then added upon what’s built.

Is your house or such made up of one thing? Obviously it isn’t. You have wiring, plumbing and a lot of stuff not seen even. Still we end up calling it a house a single thing. We then continue to say the living room is cool and then we then value different aspects of this house. Its called normal.

That’s then meaning and value packed into context.

Once you have attach value to this house then for you another house is now different than this house as this one is now better for you by no other reason that your now attached to this one emotionally you then identified with this place this house.

You will understand that the above also covers why people creates problems where there are none except what is in your head and the voices telling you stuff.

Still this seems all so real to the individual. The house is now their home and then something that one feels really emotional about. Until one moves and find a new house and soon after a while feels the same about this new house. However many cant do that they continue to compare how it was better before in their old house and are constantly being miserable and have friends telling them stop doing that shit.

Its like having a chocolate bar and eat it and then think it was better before one did eat it. Isn’t that funny?

That is called living in the past.

Its creates perception of comparison all the time and the issue is then a lack of identification towards the context one want to experience. The issue with NLP and Mythoself and similar technologies is the stuff I wrote about they cant do anything about.

They need a lot of hypnosis talk, story mode talk. They need compliance mode to be activated and engaged.

Fuck that shit.

I was so tired of the stories without substance so I created a world leading technology calling the shots for the future.

If your living a life with decision comparing if it was better before or such then your constantly shifting out and in of context and need to work to stabilize them. You then know why things isn’t working for you and what you need to do.

That’s simple that’s obvious what the individual then needs to do and they know what to do then.

You can explain it and then they also can plan along accordingly. You know when your done also as you stopped shifting and can stay and choose what context to experience.

Creating a how to approach now becomes easy. You then know what’s going on and what to do about it. You can then start construct your own reality the way you want to experience it.

Alice moved out.

Many will still want to think about this as guesswork as stories and hypnosis seems so mystical and cool but if it has no precision in it then why even use it?

Now you know how.

Its called RBIm 4 with SSG


Make a plan for the future

If you are going to do a heist. You make a plan to get in there, crack the safe and then get out safely. You don’t say, well what’s my experience doing the heist am I happy or what? You don’t use words like what’s my strategy doing the heist or my submodalites or what feeling do I spin?

That’s ridiculous to do.

You make a plan.

Are you planning to be happy etc..?


Why not?

Are you relying on luck?

To be happy and enjoy anything requires planning.

Its not about the experience or state as its about the system that manufacture and produce all that for you. That’s the RBIm 4.0 way with SSG.

Make a plan allows one to organize tactically, strategically and allow a better use of resources and what one is trying to achieve as only in NLP and NHR and Mythoself and such systems your fed lines of state and experience and unconscious minds.

Make a plan be the smart one.

You might feel and experience the world the way you do but what produces all that for you? The way you set it up with a plan. I know that I need to drink enough water during the day as I am highly sensitive to shortage of water in my body and as soon I have any tiredness that is extra I drink water and I don’t even think about that  much anymore as I just drink and wait. Normally that elevates stuff for me.

Back into the game then.

I set that plan up for myself and its working fine.

I love it when a plan comes together.
Hannibal the A-Team

I make plans for what to experience and what state to experience.

I don’t use and think what’s my organization? That don’t make sense to me. Mythoself in that regard is a quicksand of hypnosis. NLP a confused mind mess.

A plan allows me to think what to do about what I want to accomplish and once a plan is set in motion guess what stuff happens.

Make good plans.

Be the smart one.

Where does the light go?

I watch Hubble and think it see light that is 12 billion years old.

it then had traveled 5 billion years before earth and the sun even existed…..a thousand year ago none worried about asteroids hitting earth as none knew they wiped out the dinosaurs 65 million years ago.

Then 7 more billion years passed until Hubble was made and sent up and I was able tow rite this blog post.

I still wonder if I turn on a flashlight where does the light go when I turn it off?

Some say it vanish but 12 billion years of light shows it never goes away…….

some say my logic does not make sense as once those galaxies goes away and dies then the light dies also. It then stops to travel I ask?

so instead of the Universe goes all dark then all the light ever created still travels forever infinitely?

I like that when I turn my flashlight off.

Windows 10 and the Future

Its today and now I run win 10.

We need a plan for the future. A way to think organize and strategize.

RBim 4.0 using SSG allows one to start planning how to take what is abstract to a plug and play decision making so you can change for choice at your own accord.

I use it as it allows me to do things more efficiently. It gives a tangible effect something solid to work with.

Windows 10 for me holds a promise tis the future way to software no more iterations of windows now it’s a service something that just happens over time it gets updated as long I stay on my motherboard and CPU obviously as whenever I choose to upgrade my computer its likely I need to buy a new win 10 license.

Still on my current computer a few years and down the line I will upgrade but that’s at least a year away. Intel release skylake soon and next year its AMD Zen tech. So I wait for those to come out and then decide.

The future is always changing.

In 20 years we gone from no cellphones and Internet to a social media where the new behaviors of trolls and hate are exposed like nothing else we seen before. Prejudice are exposed now as you cant really hide as NSA are keeping you in the loop.

I am really happy using win 10 today.

It makes my life easier.

I like that

1995 and onwards the Internet revolution and the future of RBIm

1995 I sat at a library watching Netscape Navigator turn its rotating icon.

2 years later I designed my own website using HTML and I thought this sucks and I waited for the WYSIWYG to be unleashed and many attempts was going on and today I use wordpress.

First we use detailed stuff and later we have people designing easier plug and play and point and peek tools.

NLP is a language heavy semantic tool with a ton of detailed patterns.

RBIm is a peek and point tool using the same approach for any problem or future desired experience. Simplicity and under the hood massive improvement you don’t really need to know about how it all works.

It just does.

The generic approach of RBIm 4.0 using the SSG allows you to quantify what your working on so you can choose what your reality to be like. It helps organize you into the same structural form the brain use to create a new context and the pathways and neural net.

The control center of reality.

Windows 10 tomorrow

A new OS should we care?

I am all in for new tech and software if it helps me do things better. Its one of the new OS I been looking forward due to Dx12 finally comes for me as a gamer. Thanks to AMD work with Mantle Microsoft got fire under their ass and created DX12 using the template of Mantle to do so.

I tried the preview and worked as well as my win 8.1 I reinstalled waiting for tomorrows release.

If all goes to plan I can install tomorrow hopefully.

Bruce Lee and repeat the same to stagnate

Back in the day I was reading tao of jeet kune do. At age 19 Bruce set foot ashore in America wrote a piece of philosophy and then went on and started to investigate the martial arts due to him couldn’t beat the other guy efficiently.

Primed with superb coordination and a mind he started to analyze the art and found it lacking a stereotyped cartoon of steps repeated to be the same. The art had stagnated so he went on to examine things and created something really wonderful.

You find his attitude in what I am doing. A no hold bars take no prisoners approach.

I found people didn’t know in NLP even those guys creating the system didn’t know and still don’t.

I tell you it the way things works.

While you might disagree and even think different that wont matter as the truth is what it is, true. In that its science.

Each art focus on aspects that they do well so when I wanted to learn to fall better I took a class in aikido as they had a free evening I figure I go there and learned that so I did. My Escrima/Kali/Silat instructor told me when I was training with him that I done this before and I told him no its my first time and he didn’t believe what I said even when it was the truth.

The truth will set you free and I call it the RBIm 4.0 with SSG atm.

So reading that Tao book got me down the road of figuring things out as I had questions a lot of them and no answers out there to be found and as I asked I notice this response “Richard Bandler had no clue nor did Joseph Riggio nor was Robert Dilts nor was anyone else there”.

I first thought was none taking notice and was I totally insane?

I then took notice guys coming here from NLP and Mythoself and other areas.

It didn’t work for them and one of my student said it best, your teaching here what you write on your blog? I was like of course I am why would I teach something different than that I write about? However thanks to this guy I understood anyone out there cant teach you what they write about in books or such.

I normally start a workshop doing the thing to demo how it works and what your going to learn the next but I never found that true with NLP trainers they simply don’t know what they are doing.

Back in 1992 I was attending a seminar in Stockholm held by Cass Magda a Inosanto student of the arts and as he talked and demoed I understood so I talked to him about that and he asked me how long you study this and I said 4 years soon and he looked at me and said normally it take guys 10 years. He was a great guy.

If your going to the moon don’t look at the finger pointing there.

Strategies are good as we need smarter ways to achieve results. Failing is needed in the art its pain as pain will teach you to block better or deflect blows better it hurts to be hit. Its no fun and most students don’t like it but it will help them survive the initial blast to take command to be prepared for the fight.

You simply negate the pain as its part of the deal here.

You welcome it and focus on what your suppose to do.

NLP helps you figure out why this guy is pointing with his finger and I am already passing the moon going to other galaxies.

The RBIm 4.0 utilizing SSG allows you to command your own brain to change choice for a change.

  • Plan accordingly.
  • Learn and use efficient strategies and organizations to get it done.
  • Apply Magical practice to increase skill beyond the years.

You will find Bruce Lee knew a code to practice that allowed him to increase skills faster than anyone ever seen until I come along to explain how he did it.

I don’t like guesswork. I find it disturbing for myself and doing NLP means your guessing doing Mythoself and such means your guessing.

Going to therapy?
Even worse than guessing as they have no clue whatsoever.

It’s a classical mess.

People come to believe and once they believed truth emerged but it was a false truth one that didn’t really work but people believe in it. That’s the danger in any system to believe and then find out the hard way this stuff don’t work and then what do you do as it should work you don’t trust yourself…..that what you now experienced proved the system isn’t working the way it should work so you adapt to that.

I don’t.

Its why people are coming here for a no held bar face on truth.

I tell you the way it is.

I ask people to prove me wrong all the time.

Some come and speak about religion and God and I say I am a God so what?
They don’t do well they hate that stuff from me obviously as your born into a world still believing in a false God.

Some come here saying I am bashing NLP all the time and I say well now and then I write about something else didn’t take notice of that how are your filtering going for discovering life that is out there outside of your own black box?
Don’t work so well I guess.

I had questions and I mapped things I found along the way working with clients and other stuff as I took notice and then later created the system you know as RBIm 4.0 to deliver a R-Evolution to the human kind.

People trapped into the world they take selfies about all the time. We all love our own mirror image and dislike the photo taking things as it is. Maybe more make up will help?

Hiding don’t conceal the truth.

Repeating the same no matter what wont move us forward.

Bruce took notice and distill down the elements into manageable bits and created a system to survive the fight.

I wanted to understand why things worked the way they did and to create change as easy as making pie and a a coffee and apple pie can be the best damn coffee and pie in town.

For me its like that in every town I visit.

That seems to be the way to live life to the fullest each day.

I think that Bruce would be the first one to say “its time are you ready?”


Waking up each day is like this for me

Find a way to get it done.

I couldn’t ask people about how to build the RBIm 4.0 model there was none it now exist thanks to work I done the last 20 or so odd years.

Its far more advanced than NLP and way more simpler.

I talked on my YouTube video about state and experience as I don’t use those concepts as that’s for people who do guesswork. NLP, meta-states, 3D mind, new code NLP, Mythoself, NHR etc…

Any state or experience you have is a result of something else.

Accessing the control system the mechanism of reality well its here with the RBIm 4.0 using the SSG system to create change for choice.

That’s something else.

Anyhow I just installed windows 8.1 and wait for the 29 to make an upgrade into windows 10. Hopefully the same day as Microsoft have something to prove after several mistakes in the OS but here is the thing we still use those as what else is there?

Linux? Mac? windows me? win xp?

Some stay behind the curve and then some are way beyond curves.

Don’t be afraid don’t be lost be one that changes for choice

In the rain in the sun in the snow in the sand of the desert

Be one

Having none to ask allowed me to be here sharing this technology with you

use it to create greatness legendary such to be awesome beyond the scope of everything that might or is different than that

wake up its time

Failure is important

How else are we going to learn and improve? Reality is that you cant learn without failing. People expecting things to work the first time are in for a disappointment.

Since I am a big fan of tests I run them a long time to work out the details.

Met a kid once who was having a hard time in school his issue was he expected to learn things directly and the reason was simple, his dad could do things already so he also expected to be able to do it but without any actual learning it.

I told him simply, so you think your dad didn’t spend time learning?

He never thought about that as all he saw was his dad doing cool things.

Writing a novel a movie script or such is a lot of re-writes much like songs its not perfect the first time.

If it is it’s a fluke.

You think that is the first take of that video?

Peter Jackson run so man takes in his movies his actors are like wtf?

Imagine doing the same scene all over 40 times with a nuance added to the scene.

Then imagine Jackson sitting there cutting the movie with each scene having 40 or whatever takes for it.

You better know what the fuck your doing then.

He learned that skill doing splatter movies before his big break with the lord of the rings.

I learned to write pretty much a post here every day for 8 or so years.  Its well spent time if I ever want to write a movie script. Got the idea down, several scenes also then its all about that thing

blue collar Jane the process of doing the work simply over and over until it works.