Strategies of geniuses

I assumed that people who are good in a given field also know what they are doing. I later had to revise that as I understood that while people can be really good at doing things often they have no real idea what they are doing.

I assume if you work as a coach, therapist or such that if you need to change for any reason you then can do so. I however found therapists really bad at that in fact I found most of them borderline crazy. I guess one reason they seek out such education is to get help themselves but that system don’t hold water that well.

I also assume if you play golf that you do know what your doing but I also found out again that was a nice wake up call and not true at all. I mean Tiger Woods spent 5 years and then sunk that ship with, “hurt my body and don’t hold up the last nine holes in a major”.

I figure whatever experts say we might need to question the nature of the fields we engage into.

It will shatter some beliefs people have they are told are that is the way we do it as that is how it works. None as far have asked me much about how do you add 50 yards in 2 minutes to someone’s swing? I did that as I applied the technology I come from. I didn’t change anything just optimized.

I like to think about the performance itself as optimization to create a better efficiency doing whatever you do.  I talked to Hans after his nine holes today and I asked him, are you surprised? He said, yes. I knew he be. Still I ask the question as I might be wrong the model I calculate might be off so I better do a reality check now and then but the model is never off.

Whenever beliefs we have had as assumptions how things work, performance to produce a result is a important thing if your in sports and an elite level performer. Those ladies and men are motivated to be better. What they might believe to become better often falls into guesswork. You can have a perfect technique but if your head isn’t able to produce a winning experience to go with whatever you might be able to do then are useless.

I had this friend who loved hitting balls at the range but never play due to when he played he couldn’t do it perfectly. He started to blame himself then slowly it became no fun so one day he stopped playing.

To be better I check stats, where are people doing well in a field, what makes the difference for golfers for example the difference happens in putting and the long game. That makes sense to me the longer from the hole the more accurate you have to be. Hans played 9 holes and his average from the hole Proximity was 7m over 9 holes. The tour average over a season is around 9 for the leader. The last on the list was Baddely a stack and tilt swinger was at 12, 2014. Now its only 3m difference but that shows you cant loose on the proximity to the hole as it is then harder to make par and birdies.  I said to Hans, you should be able to reach around 6m as an average. That would be 3m better than the PGA tour average best.

Now, am I nuts?

I might be or a genius. The question is under debate still.

What I do is to calculate the models output what result it produces. I am pretty good doing that and one reason I am a genius I might add but don’t take my word for it, most here will complain about my use of the English grammar, spelling,. sentence of order words and punctuation. Lucky for me I am not a genius about being a professor in linguistic as that would really be bad for my reputation.  I do think you agree with me there don’t you?

Nice of you.

I calculate the model and its never wrong. Then I make predictions and the swing motion I developed for golf alone wont be good enough without the performance model the optimized efficiency of the zone action while you perform.

Together then for my calculations to make any sense that is where I end up with making predictions. The performance wont go off the chart much there wont be much deviation if any over a season. Sure the individual might deviate from the model and instruction due to beliefs, pressure or such but that still are outside the model.

For me its more like, ok done with the golf motion, now applied the performance model then I want numbers, so Hans tells me, hit 9gir, shot 3 under and was 7m in average and I say, good job. He almost match the number I wanted and then I wait further on if he is able to maintain, improve etc..of that and if so whatever happens is then analyzed for either containment or improvement.

Once confirmed, I am done with the field. It don’t hold my interest anymore the model works so I am like, ok what else might I go with this then?

This all started a long time ago but the event that really set me on track to create a performance model happen a few weeks ago. To conceptualize it have always been the thing I wanted to do, as I know what its like to just do it so I was like, how do I make a model out of this?

I then forget about it and worked on other things, the answer will be revealed sooner or later due to what needs to be done. In some point I told Hans to do this thing and as I told him about this I started to get the familiar notion again that I had gone into the other side again.

The dark side of the force.

Powerful it is, seductive illusive.

Then the avalanche was on. The stones and snow had started to pick up speed. Now I had the way to contrast this and then what happen was now obvious and obviously so but then as you get the hand in a cookie jar and find the cookies but haven’t figured out how to get them out yet. Its like reading a book backwards I guess the answer is there and then as any detective novel you then can read the book and say, I know who killed him.

That explains a lot to me and suddenly the system brings out a new model.

Once fresh out of the oven then its baking hot.

Then its revision time to go back and recalculate the data previously and to streamline the performance itself. It allows explanations why things didn’t work before moments I took notes off, why is this happening when the swing trainers say it should work in fact it isn’t?

The swing motion has peeked interest from someone Hans knows, he looks at it and was impressed with Larry also. (me to but don’t tell him I said that)

I love it when a plan works.

Håkan Lans is an inventor here, he built his first submarine at age 16, yea the marine had to visit him about that, he later invented the world standard for boat navigation system that should be implemented for airplanes also but they don’t want it as it is to secure. Many who manufacture similar systems that cost 20 times more or even more than that try to limit the system as they cost more and works worse. Lans invented the mouse for pc, the color on your screen you use now he has a patent for.

One day he was with his boat and the idea came to him so he developed the math for the navigation and then sat on it for 10 years.

There could been someone else who made a system and then patent it but he waited due to he wanted to make sure when it was out then he be having the patent ready to go as he wanted to make sure no time wasted. Once it was out as he explained it a guy in the audience said “OF COURSE!”

Made easy to explain once you figured it out anyone can use it without giving you credit or money for the patent then wouldn’t be doable.

I am in a similar situation, I solved what Mike Austin did, I can teach it I also added a performance model upon that.

Now what to do?

I am not much for business if any, I know what I like which is research the interest I have. I worked to help Hans pretty much to do what he loves to do as that for me seemed like something fun to do. I didn’t know I had to learn the swing into details to develop what I did but that came from finding out how to package what I knew was true but haven’t found a good way to explain as no other model is there for it.

My approach isn’t for the amateur, its for tour pro, elite level performances as it is what I want to do as it seems like fun. They are highly motivated individuals but often are taught bad things in good measure that they then have trouble to actually perform better and how to improve it.

I can explain to them what they think and feel and then translate it into a understandable thing to then improve for them what they cant really talk about.

Its pretty much a lot of work, study, analyze, test, then analyze and evaluate then do again. That is from the end when the data is collected as that has a phase also. 2010 and to now it took 4 and a half year the way I worked this.

Now it works.

Anyone know how to do a patent application?

Wake up you’re the best in the Universe

The call was beeping trough the signal was frosty buzz and crackling pops, the voice went out and away, do you hear me?

I was sure I was dreaming but the voice kept on, wake up, wake up

So to my better judgment I said out loud, who is it?

Its you from the future

´I pinched myself as I was surely dreaming or hallucinating as those red pills I had last night surely was not what they said it should have been´

Voice continued no your not dreaming nor is it the red pills either so wake up dude

I am awake

Good, you’re the best in the Universe the voice stated and the reason is this, the crackle and buzz become worse the static continued and until a pop was heard and then there was all silence.

I looked at the radio that threw out smoke linger into the roof.

I was awake and then it hit me you’re the best in the Universe

Merry Christmas

The RBIm swing motion Legendary awesome ensured

After a few years as I coach this guy Hans he hurt his back using the modern swing, it also surfaced with pain and he couldn’t really play and I told him dude change your swing, he told me no way. I after a while thought gee, I go study this shit and then teach him a new one, so I did.

I choose the Mike Austin swing as a model for this. The one he did do not the one he taught which isn’t the same. I choose this due to the distance and accuracy as playing golf is all about consistency.

I didn’t know what I was doing then as I assumed the people in the golf field knew what they were doing, I was flat out wrong about that they are pretty much ignorant. I assumed Hans knew what he did, but he didn’t. The last video comparison I did he even didn’t see the differences and for me they were like night and day until I pointed them out to him.

I found after a while the swing wasn’t enough so I also researched consistency. For me its all about the motion, set up, stance etc..grip etc..whatever works right?

Not really, as I after the model was finalized tweaked the grip to accomplish 300+ yard driving and 350 is doable and then adding a 4% dispersion pattern to it with the grip change as it allows a better integrity.

hans 6decHans shows so good integrity here its uncanny best in the world.

tiger como

Former world class player now lost, he cant own the swing, I have him add 50 yards in 2 hours and with better accuracy.
Back hurt, knee, hurt, injury prone swing here.



The swing motion defined the system itself allowing feedback within its own boundary.

For Hans this is stuff he never knew could be done playing golf, he listen to the experts, he thought as many does they actually know what they are doing. I asked him after his last 9 holes with the new swing motion and the new performance model and said, your surprised right? Hans, yea.
Whatever he had believed about performing and create result to score low just went out the window. He shot 3 under under winter wet harsh conditions. I told him that you now can do each time you go play.

Next naturally is to have him accept that and adapt that this is now his new playing performance.

The RBIm swing motion as I don’t talk swing system as this contains feedback within it so your building your own swing motion from the proper feedback and then once done your stuck with what works. You be owning it.

It utilize the compound pivot the ten finger grip the RBIm technology for both the swing motion and the performance.

If you’re a tour pro then you owe yourself the best, simplest and most powerful system to create consistency making more cuts, making more money and then start developing unheard consistency that others will ask you what are you doing?

Talk to my coach I just play golf.

Doing modeling the way I do it is slightly different than what NLP modeling does and different vs whatever modeling others do. I developed my own approach. It has now started to kick up a gear as I compound enough evidence and experience with this to add a few more things to it and the performance model I developed are such one.

I stopped doing NLP a long time ago as well doing hypnosis. The change work I did when I worked with suicide, phobias, fear, anxiety, performance was all relatively straightforward. Its different when you see someone as a client and you know the responsibility as the therapists they seen don’t.

I consider a golfer struggling much easier to work with but still you need to translate the feel the player has into coherent talk and explain to them what they feel and what they a re doing and what they are doing. The player feels and that was true for Mike Austin as what he did he didn’t understand well enough to teach. It’s a substitute.

I said before and previously that whatever we are doing we ourselves are unable to uncover in a way that is precise enough to then say, this is what I do and have someone else repeats the result. It seemed true for a long time but now I revise that as I am able it seems to do just that the impossible.

For me this sets an unprecedented ability that the performance model is now model down and put into conceptual model that the individual can apply and use and have the benefits from. I understand how to create the high performance state of the best performers each time every time.

I don’t talk technique, I say this is what you need to do, feel that, receive feedback develop a athletic action to it, natural flowing and once that happens we start to add the performance model to that allowing you to play from your potential.

Consistency becomes unheard off, distance as well and when you can hit it long and make solid shots each time that skyrocket your confidence into again unheard off.


Greatness ensured.

I know this stuff works.

You’re a tour pro?

Inquire for coaching.

The RBIm Swing Motion demoed by Hans Andersson

Perceptually a motion is perceived with less effort the better it suits the body and its natural movement as you strain when you compensate and the more fluid it is the less antagonist you activate and while its possible and doable to make a modern swing fluid you be 40+ yards shorter also and less accurate.

The more naturally you can make it then your also able to add speed and create more force adding distance as you still work within the integrity of the swing motion and its system that starts to break down with a modern swing around 270 or so yards and after that accuracy goes out the window. Here we talk 300+ yards and you still haven’t started to really go at it. You think Bubba hit it long? How about hitting it longer and be more accurate?

Mike Austin won many long driving competitions, Mike Dunaway a student of Austin was a 380 yard carry hitter. John Daly said it best, he hit it longer than me.

I want to work with elite level performers as its where I feel at home myself being one myself in other fields. I find spending time not getting results and having no answers within the field is for me unacceptable. Its why I worked so hard to ensure Hans can have the best system possible and the performance with it. I met the same issues with NLP, with therapy, with dyslexia, and I took the time to develop working world class solutions that creates unprecedented possibilities unheard before in the field.

Legendary Awesome ensured

365 days later

I am now 51 years old.

The last year in retrospect has allowed to define a better golf swing motion unheard off and world leading, the performance model follows along another stroke of genius and then RBIm as a model has created a breakthrough of human change and transformation without needing to do any of those.

Its been a Legendary Awesome year by all accounts for me.

You follow this blog, and it’s the advanced edition of the human worlds without any seriousness allowed without some research first. Maybe I am just make sandy nice clouds and dreamed that its that good but I cant deny the truth its really hard to withstand the impact this year have had for me.

Sitting here today after talking to one of my older students sharing with him the latest and best of what I done is a treat.

RBIm as a technology have started to gain some momentum. I am really happy with the model atm as I find it hard to even go further as for me how would I even begin to top this?

You never need to change or transform, all that is done without you even trying to do it once you know what to do using the RBIm self locating recursive process. (the Skype guys knows)

You can learn the motion that Mike Austin did with improvements that maybe makes it the ultimate, perfect golf mechanical system ever.

You can learn to read and spell utilizing the catmodel I developed if your dyslexic. (old but still valid model)

I sit in awe over the last year as when I work I just work and write and research and then during the winter time is spent to reflect and analyze what has going on and finalizing the golf swing motion been a huge thing for me as the research now is done. I can explain and teach it utilizing the instruction and without any kinesiology or technique talk guide someone who never heard of Mike Austin to do it.

That makes me happy.

To be able to instruct and then see the finished result of the model displayed is wondrous. I love such instructions and one reason I Loath the NLP the golf instructions as they don’t work so well.

The new models sits well coming into 2015 and hopefully a superb year for me but also for you and especially for Hans which I hope will have the time of his life next year playing a game seldom seen.

Its all set now time to go.

Baseball vs Golf swings

I said it before, Baseball don’t have what we want in a golf swing and while both are athletic actions we cant copy moves from one sport to another without serious challenges.

baseball 2

Here is a hitter at the point of no return.
Left side open, shoulders open and at impact he is fully open.




baseball 3


So while some might study baseball to make it into the golf swing I think it’s a waste of time.

I said so and was banned from a website due to me was rude saying so.

A baseball swing happens around a rotational swing center and that generates a lot of power for sure.


Golf is different as we cant use rotational power.

If you do like modern swings then accuracy goes out the window due to your body now moves in two different directions creating slice mechanics. I told Dan Shaugher that on a golf forum on facebook and I was banned there also as he said I was wrong about that and for me he didn’t seem  to understand the modern swing.

Since the golf swing is a 3D swing as you swing across two planes that will create illusions to fool what we think we see.

Golfers use diagonal power. We rotate around a vertical axis point.
The body is a stabilizer in that. The three planes of how the body is jointed allow us to move the body separately to create the angles we want to make a good swing motion.

If you could swing at 155mph+ like Mike Austin was able to (if the story is true) then he was able to create a lot of speed without using rotational baseball mechanics. 



The right side compression here gives it away for Mike.

That is created by the upper and middle segment of the body. The delay of the pivot here allows him to really pivot fast around impact

Study the baseball swing and you will have a rotational Ultimate swing not being able to create accuracy you want for playing golf. You will rotate as a baseball player like this guy does.

Some might think it’s the ultimate I disagree it’s a hybrid rotation swing and he will spread balls all over the place.

Proper use of the diagonal power delivery system with the three segments allows one to create a ton of power the way the RBIm swing motion does.

Mike Austin was different. I study the best and then check and contrast this vs the rest. Can you play with a modern swing a so called rotational one and sure most tour pros does but they also all complain about consistency and accuracy.

You want to balance it out with power and accuracy. If you want power then go do long driving. If you want both then go play golf.

The RBIm swing motion allows both power and accuracy with 300+ yards driving and my estimate 350 yards is doable for a young athletic player as an average. You also will be able to have a 4% dispersion pattern with that power! and as you cant do much wrong with this motion that allows you unprecedented consistency playing golf. (more fun)

The swing system itself don’t make the player so you need a way to perform at your best along with it also.

The RBIm technology provides a performance enhancement model to access the zone each time you play.

I use Larry as an example here, he is 67 years old, he played for 50 years and he been using a compensational modern/old swing and as he sought me out as I had started to model and develop the Mike Austin mechanics into the RBIm swing motion you know today. He wanted to do the Mike Austin swing Mike himself did. I do think he is getting there, don’t you?

Larry does the swing motion here the way Mike Austin did. Being able to do that is evidence why I didn’t study Baseball as I thought gee what a fucking waste of time.

larry special

One way to check a position to find out if your doing a compound pivot or not.
While Larry has started to grasp the swing motion he has some old residue from 50 years lingering in his muscle firing but the good news is this is really instinctive athletic action he is now started to do that will allow him to improve faster and also provide the proper feedback so his own body and brain can adapt to a proper sequence in the swing motion allowing him down the line the same swing motion Mike Austin once had not the one he taught.

If a 67 year old can shift his swing mechanics and make it look relatively easy imagine what you as a tour pro could do.

Please inquire for what I can do for your game of golf

The incompatible actions of Baseball to golf creates this if you want to know what happens if a baseball player starts to play golf.

I rest my case on this silly debate.

This is what I love to watch

RBIm swing motion mechanics

Learning the motion

Many years ago I did read a study made from a guy who did it where I live.  He had found if we repeat AAAAAA and then do BBBBB and then do CCCC you improve that obviously if you do train like that.

Those who trained with BCACCABBA and random the patterns did learn slower BUT they also developed flexibility to adapt to new situations faster than the AAAAAAAA and then BBBBB and then CCCCCCC group was able to do.

True it takes a bit longer to build skills this way. However its better for you as your able to adapt better to new situations.

So build adaption and flexibility into your game of golf and you be better.

Its one of those things I done with Hans, many of his skills are developed that way as he was way to much robot like in his approach previously taught.

Yesterday it hit me. This now means I can train people in the golf motion, its now defined and you might recall I tend to talk motion when I mention Mike Austins difference what he did vs what he taught and believed he did. That discrepancy did peek my interest and I wonder why he was doing things differently vs what he taught. I knew that meant that there was something to model and discover there. So I did.

I model the motion then as the model was there which means the motion demoed by Hans in January the rest of the year been a distilling down and that was rewarded later in autumn and when winter was coming naturally it was, oh.

Got it.

Once the motion is known you can teach that and let the individual know where to go.

The work “the modeling” did lead me to an approach called feel plus evidence. I focused on the feel and the motion and once this kicked in and it did happen yesterday then I understood. Basically this means you can do your practice following the instruction and then check on video if your feel of doing this was correct as if you change and practice what’s new you don’t have any correct and proper feedback for the new feel it will feel off, awkward etc…however if your able to check for evidence doing it right you can then go, it feels funky BUT it looks right in the motion then this is what I need to practice more.

Practice feel check evidence.

Once the motion is known and down into the motor centrum and started to become habitual then new details (adaptive) can be added or altered or changed without the motion going away it means you never loose the golf swing ever again.

It then will always work.

Its like riding a bike or speaking a language when you train a new language like French you then don’t forget your native one when you do or riding a bike for that matter.

This has been lacking in golf and now its known.

Early Christmas and birthday present.

My approach btw isn’t compatible with what your taught from your normal PGA type instructor. That has to go.

I am currently hoping that during spring/summer I be able to video Hans and such with better fps camera. It might lead to some product with this down the line.

The motion is a storage for your structural form and once known it wont go away. Evolution at work for you. Its why you cant forget how to ride a bike even if you never ride one for 50 years.

Once known it will always work.

RBIm technology

Intu-flow 6 years later

For me it has increased range of movement so called mobility. Even if I work out I don’t feel the things I used to do which was aftermath of the workout.

Its more or less permanent mobility for me now. I don’t need to stretch or do any such.

It will allow you a better life quality.

start doing it and if your doing it, continue.



What happens is that we extent slowly the tendons in the muscle holders, while a muscle can stretch twice its length the tendons are slowly adapted to the workload and intu-flow allows those to extend allowing a greater range of movement. It means when you workout your body can send blood to those areas easier as they aint contracted as they used to be.

One reader of this blog started to sleep better so the natural question to ask, you got any intu-flow stories to share?