Feedback from Hans

As expected it went as I predicted. I talked on Skype and made the adjustment for him so he could now start to really go and do what he needs to be doing.

The path to what works regards a lot of failures. I call that variations as we try things to get an understanding of the pattern involved. Once we do things with the variations and form the patterns we can then start to adjust to the feedback received if we are aware of what that is and what it does.

In Hans case it took a while to get him there. I guess that’s the preparation makes magic happen.

Next few days will be interesting from him.

I told Hans to shoot 8 under today

Doesn’t seem like a good coaching right? You cant go and shoot numbers like that on demand.

The idea is that people believe that’s true but the way I do things don’t rely on chance, guess work and such with this technology that is what you shall be able to do every time.

If he cant do it it just means he needs more time with Phase 3.

Controlling your experience and the output in your performance when you never really been able to do so is a bit special it can be daunting as you understand what to do to create it.

So it might create pressure even stress and then you know what to do.

I don’t do drills as if you know what your doing drills are not needed. Some make a lot of videos to fix faults in the golf swing as they don’t know what to teach and my video would be 5 minutes what to do as its that easy.

Naturally it will take longer than 5 minutes for people to learn to do it and many might even dismiss it and go back to whatever doesn’t work.

So I told him to go shoot 8 under.

Then as he plays and give me feedback on the result I ask depending what he played and the feedback is the same as if he cant play that game he simply cant focus properly yet on what to do on the task.

Most think focusing is easy and simple and its one of the hardest things you can teach people as most are so used to either be able to do it or simply have no idea what that is. Many have beliefs and so many have perceptions getting in their way in how their reality is set up so they wont do it as they cant control what they do. That is always due to a lack of security in their own system and beliefs that been created to think what one should control and steer.

Its always wrong though.

This type of focus people in sports who wins a lot have learned to do and access most of the time but they don’t know how they do it but I teach one to know what one does to do it.

Many years ago soon 30 or so one guy said something and I was like, ok why?

Many such things I come across over the years I sought answers to and found them. Many of those answers created the models I have here today.

Where are you going? Well we want tour level performance so you also want to be able to do that and on demand. Issue is often we are so used to do what we always do so doing new that works better can be difficult to do at first as we don’t find it as familiar to what we are used to do.

Swinging for me went from difficult to simple that create a lot more time in my movements so suddenly my timing was totally off with a longer club. I had to adjust to the new timing and time even if it was new I had no issue doing that but many would as it seems wrong to them to do the new.

Its why in my view to find out what your suppose to accomplish. Is it to have fun, compete with the best, to play with buddies or what? Once you have an idea like ok want to make the tour you know what you need to do. Once you run the tests, technically if that is a match your golden there then can you put your mind into performance mode and go do it?

If no then you know what to improve.

I worked the golf swing as for me its what I been lacking and I already found my precision and accuracy gone up, the ball impact is now tour level and once the new starts to settle in and become the new reference I wont need to practice much as I then can do it. Next naturally is can I now play the way I want on the course and the answer for me is already a yes as I know what to do to make it work. I also know how to maintain and keep on doing it.

So what you want to do for me seems like the idea here as I wanted to play golf the way I wanted but never really could do that and now it seems within reach as the last practice showed me that I will be able to do just that. Its not there fully yet but at least my best swing to date which isn’t shabby.

I do the same I reason the same way that whatever Hans needs to do then I should be able to do so to. My home course is a short course it has some holes that are difficult to play but overall its a short course having a short iron to green is common. To play it and score low shouldn’t be difficult right?

Now expectation is created this I should be able to do and many tense up as they start to run their old patterns and beliefs and then freeze up and choke.

So I trained Hans in the phase 3 steps, mechanics first then phase 2 setting the baseline of the model and then phase 3 the Mikaela factor to control the zone with what you want to do out there.

So what do one want to do out there playing and how do one achieves that every time you go play?

Teaching that is difficult or simple depending if the individual has the system in place already but not utilized or if one lacks some and needs to train it.

The way people understand performance is by guesswork. You either have a good day or a bad day out there or your in a form that allows you to play good or such its just guess work.

I remove the guesswork so you always can do your best each and every time.

How to handle expectations like 8 under, the pressure, the stress and to smile and create confidence you never would believe would be possible ever.

What I wanted to create is really simple, you know how to go and shoot 8 under each time you go play no guesswork needed. Then you be in the unbeatable zone and the guy to beat every time.

A superstar performance.

The embodiment of the soul

RBIm 3.0 is about self the embodiment of location and attention to experience self which some might ask what’s that like and I go I don’t know. Soul I am not so much a believer of but embodiment is different.

That the path of a Buddha for example allows you to be fat, sit down and not move around much as its how he is symbolized since thousands of years. Taken such a path to distinguish the happiness of classification and categorization much like a recent NLptalk group on Facebook does talk about the classifications and such of what the map or mapmaker is and never really understand that self cant be classified.

Self is like those interesting subjects the study of the experience of the subjective what NLP does for example just tells us the story what people come to believe over the years that myths forms our life’s as narratives as chapters.

I didn’t know or even suspect that when I was done with the model it be the result it had. I didn’t know taking the best of NLP and the best of Roye Fraser would lead to this the RBIm 3.0 path and model.

Location and attention one would think it wouldn’t lead anywhere.

Maybe to someone sitting and meditating?

Many seek being whole, complete and then seek it out there with other people.

Or drugs or whatever choice one thinks get you there.

Let say one follows the path of embodiment that mind and body simply stops to exist it then cease to be as that we move to a form and shape and expression that is untold and unheard off we cant know what it is until we know what it is and even then as we know it we are at loss explaining it to even describe that which cant be described isn’t even a possibility as it leaves us hanging in the difference of comparisons that then allows symbols, stories and shapes and forms of symbolic ideas representations to form but then you know the truth you then absolutely know it but to explain and describing we leave it for the poets.

At some point I wanted to be a rock star, as singing was out of the question for me with one vocal cord active as the other one was damaged at age 13 with surgery for the cancer I had as I then pursuing other dreams as rock star was out of the question. Mainly the idea of the rock star was it rocked and the expression of the art could be done differently.

One could think such dreams are what we seek but one day we might find us finding out what works and things alter directions.

Consciousness has been such expression we cant really fathom or understand really and still it make us do things like creating cars, computers, phones that allow kids to text instead of talking to other people and one day we have computers talking to other computers for us then leave us text messages.

We end up loosing the reality around us and leaves us with us.

We travel to other countries and think we own the country in spite of the people who lived there for millions or thousands of years has less right to that than we do?

Isn’t it funny how people can exclude such?

Self and consciousness while mutually exclusive also ties one another to one.

How do we explain the waves crashing into the shores as they do so day out and day in at nights and at mornings as we watch the sun arise over the skies we watch and indulge into its rays.

That our expression then can be made without even the difference that created it?

Embodied the soul within its confinements and then the expression itself drifting into the stars blazing all new?

Trying to do things or change them is one thing but explaining is really difficult.

So many trapped within their own reactions and habits that going with them seems the way to do things as they make most sense to us that trying to do what make us sing and what paint we leave on the wall might be wrong?

I met a few who done things like work in banks and consulting making a lot of money just quit and start doing what made more sense to them some would arguable say they heard the call to the wild the myth of their lives but I personally don’t believe that bull shit.

Why would we want to study history when we are building the future expect that we can take with us at least how to build planes that don’t fall down when we fly them.

I asked one student take your best day ever and she naturally went for a day she had once and I told her no a new day a day you haven’t had yet but its the best one ever and she went with that and she had such a wonderful experience for 3 months and then she decided that she didn’t want to have that anymore.

Its easy to think we are free to choose but mostly we just react to the world as it seems safer and more logical and are speaking to us from experience it make sense to trust that more than what makes us sing and dance and smile.

When you succeed its like people cant stop what they are doing and want more of things you see it with jay-z in music thinking his Tidal is a good way but all he is doing with that is to piss on spotify that is a service people want to have they don’t want Tidal but he will find that out the hard way.

Music is like freshwater you need new not old. Now and then you put that into memories that its our song but then its tied to events outside that and then recalled as events people assume are real but all there is are memories from the past a ignited moment of what was and we hold onto those so much.

I build new, the actions of what is next what is to be the embodiment of the soul which would speak about religion as soul as a concept goes a long way back. It does that as we would think we are immortal. Its mostly an explanation from people who didn’t have internet and Google who lives without lights in the streets or in their homes when earth itself was a dark place where you could see stars at night as the lights from the cites didn’t cloud the view anymore.

It was called the dark ages due to it was really dark at those times as electricity and light bulbs wasn’t invented yet.

I follow the thread I come across at some point and I continue to follow it as the model itself seems important to me. It bleeds out from the symbols and language and such semantics naturally as those cant tag and contain what cant be explained anyhow.

How one follows such that rides along the thought itself along a light beam across the stars and Einstein would understand the notion he would say yes my young man that’s right go along its river of tides and follow it.

Is this useful time spent?

Maybe its a fool errand?

Then I be the fool.

As long it makes me laugh sing and smile and dance all day long I tag along.

The embodiment of ones consciousness and self within the confinement of locations expressed within its experience of the reality within the context well that seems worthwhile to me

A few things I take note off

Change will either be direct and fast and implemented without much fuss. The other option you need time to build reference to be able to do what is needed to make it work.

Over the years those two sums it up.

Other you have the skills needed and a change implemented either for real life problems or golf and it works without much work. Other times you might need to learn what to do which at best can be difficult as you don’t know what that is like as you have no experience of that.

I had no experience of what a golf swing motion and its mechanics was about but now I do. Applying that knowledge and findings for myself doing them is different than developing them. So while I know what to do it doesn’t matter until I am able to do. Once you end up doing it for some this means not being able to take notice of that directly but as some reactions later realizing oh this is what I am doing now not that anymore.

Later we want to steer and produce the desired experiences to control our destiny maybe or to make it easier or simpler. I just took note of how much simpler what I am doing now has become than whatever I done before and I as anyone else have to adapt to this new way.

The thing here is its difficult for most to just stay and waiting for the result. We come to believe drills will make things better as I found either your able to do it directly or it will require training something totally different to make it work.

Let say your life is a story and we have a narrative that happens as the story unfolds. That we have chapters written and then some chapters still allowing a blank page to be written for you. How seemingly interesting as an idea that is for an individual why would we want to engage that what make sense to us arising meaning out of what already is there instead of seeking a totally new field with music and video and the totally unknown?

For example the Universe will one day reach entropy a still cold place where nothing moves all black and no light. There be no stars no planets as all matter is now dead still. How can all that then create a new big bang? It don’t seem feasible to me that it can. Maybe the birth of this Universe were from people creating a brick in the time space layers to leak it out to bubble it off. By a magnitude of physics its incomprehensible to me how to even start doing such.

I keep it down to golf atm and my life.

You need skills as talent is developed. Many assume if your not mentally fit to pull things off to handle difficulty and challenge my take is to build it so you can do it. My challenge atm is to handle the balance between my health and the work needed to be done.

There is a lot of superstition in psychology and sports we believe without facts and then supersede facts as we want things to be believed vs what facts are there to support such beliefs. While imagination to have faith in the impossible and to invent and create the imaginable beyond what’s currently here can be taught and trained so for me I stick with what is known as that at least have support of what’s known and I leave the rest to be proven as any scientist would.

Its like, if there is no hook then the clothing wont hang.

It be a bunch of cloths that Darth Vader stamp upon.

The day after

Hit a few balls yesterday, spent some time with sisters kid and we watched a movie later and I was dead tired. I slept 10.5 hours and was beaten down today.

To think today I would go out and work things again is a long lost idea. Today I relax to recover and work slowly to evaluate what I was learning and doing.

The magical practice works wonders for me. The speed which the system changes now is amazing from going outside the back yard and hit the ball a few times to the range the changes was happening as I knew where to go. I already know what work I need to do to be able to do.

When I first started I hit some really off shots that slowly made aware of what I used to do. Changes to making it simple even for me to be able to experience what its like when it just works when its simple and adapt to that and do that to become aware this is what its like when it works is I guess for many really difficult to grasp when they experience it. I had so much time on my hands as I had no issues with the mechanics anymore. I shifted my attention around as I was now and then doing what I was so used to do and now have to adjust to what works. Slowly a feeling appeared for me correlating to the golf motion and angles I was suppose to do as I follow that the swing and impact improved and I could then just do it. This I can repeat I thought so I did.

Doing this I also can explain why a modern swing have a lackluster mechanics with their timing and why its so difficult for them vs what I am doing. The same movement is true both here and in a modern swing as the body has to move the same way albeit with a different path to do so. Understanding this difference allows a better instruction to be developed.

Consistency is when your able to repeat something again and again. However many who goes to their practice at the range or play often cant do that its something new and different they shank it or top it or duff it or something else. Maybe they can hold it together for a bit but in the end its inconsistent. Playing golf is then at best frustrating. Hitting irons become after a while easy. Evaluating today the prognosis is the same and I know what to do and work on the next time. Still whatever I as far done will work the next time.

Its difficult to tell someone else what to do as the way we understand the instruction will change depending what background we have. We then adapt to it without realizing we are. As I evaluate what I did yesterday and direct to what to do next its already happening even before I go there the next time.

Know where you are and where to go so you end up where to be.

Physics still contemplate that in regard to electrons.

I had a tremendous hard day yesterday so today as I rest and relax as I been in this game so long I know while I had plans to do a work out its now canceled.

Life puts things in our way and we arise to the challenge or we end up missing out on life’s enjoyments

  • Having a solid impact now was step one and that’s enjoyable.
  • Having a swing that starts becoming easy and simple is enjoyable.
  • Having the ache in the body doing both new and mentally focused to do the work is today enjoyable.
  • Having something to look forward to be improved is simply awesome


Why I am a Mike Austin expert

Mike Austin wasn’t perfect in his mechanics as he had a lot of compensations going on.

Golf is a game of two variables distance and accuracy according to the course set up. Once you reach 280 yards you can play the tour and if you go above 300 yards you have an easier time making pars and birdies.

Then  as I model this down and adjusted to golf allowed me to improve what Mike Austin did to achieve a 4% dispersion and a 15 feet proximity to the hole a 100% improvement over the current PGA tour leaders in that stat.

Problem with Mike Austin was he didn’t understand his own swing motion in spite of kinesiology and such study. That did lead him to create concepts people and show videos and saying that’s what you should do however if you try that good luck with that. He was about 5% correct in what he said but to find those moments he get things right vs he messed them up is just bland needle in the haystack.

So I took the Mike Austin swing motion he did, adjusted and tweaked it for tour level golf. It allows a 80% reduction of effort and allows more margin for error.

When I showed the videos on YouTube of Hans I got some Austin trainers telling me, wow! Some other Austin trainers deleted any attempt to post that swing on some forums and such groups.

Today I am teaching Simon this as we are about to hit the range now.

My experience today was typical of me. First I was toeing the ball hitting it all over the place. Slowly the new update and feedback started to kick in and adjusted to the mechanics I wanted and while this is going on I just stay patient and work the movement as doing this allows me to wait for the signals I receive when things start to happen. We stayed 2 hours which was a bit to much for me but I could train Simon some and show him what to train for. We later watched a movie and had coffee.

I still have some old stuff lingering but the practice showed the accuracy had started to happen already. Ball impact had improved. Swinging indoors and then go hit balls has a transition process to adapt to the new action. After 30 balls the changes had started to be implemented and improvement was happening. This swing shown on video was when it started to work better. Its not the best ones as I did those later.

There is some issues still, lack of speed to some extent, bit steep as I am still are in the establishing the kinetic chain event. Still its my best swing to date though.
Its not free flowing yet but that will happen later as this starts to settle.

Weather was ok, no wind which made this a enjoyable afternoon.

One of the issues surrounding Mike Austin is that what he said and taught can be understood but doing it is at best difficult. It wont help when Mike Dunaway had a tendency to be over the top in his swing either and he was his top student.

I am teaching Hans the same way I teach Larry as I teach myself as I do with Simon. Its called a standard for a reason as the mechanics will be the same for anyone applying this instruction set I developed. There be use of the three segments of the body and how to use the natural system the body angles are created trough the kinetic chain. There be no guess work as you know why your doing what you do. What to feel and what evidence to check for that your doing it right.

The same instruction will work for anyone. Its why its called a model as the instruction wont change if your old or young or male or female. The result is the same.

With Mike Austin that wasn’t true.

If you then tell me for example Mike said it then its so I guess we can read a book from 1850 and say that’s how to do it also. Progress is made but many wont like that it is being made. Its easier to stay with what someone did say even if it wasn’t accurate or descriptive enough to create the distinctions to provide the feel and evidence for the things we want to do.

I knew today as I made progress what was going on and why the changes was made. At the end it felt simple really simple and for me it was evidence of its now a matter of time to sequence it up a bit better as its already has improved the way I wanted it to do.


Even the driver started to be comfortable and I always had issues with that club due to my back swing and such. A few more sessions and I be ready to go play.

There is no guess work for me, I know what positions and angles I need to do and what it should look like and then feel like when doing them.  The old stuff I done was still there and all of them started to go away as it become more simple as the session progressed.

I am sure I have more to learn about the game of golf but the main work have been done and a baseline been created and improvements I predicted have started to happen.

It feels in regard to the golf swing and mechanics as complete it can be.

A few days rest will be good to do as I am so tired from todays work.

My weight loss and progress 10 weeks in

I run the 5:2 and have since the last few weeks seen improved energy when I have a intermittent fasting day. 10 weeks I should have lost around 5 kilo if the 0.5 a week is to stay as a value. 10 more weeks should make this into some level I consider a target for what I need to do and as anything goes I evaluate contentiously how this is going. I don’t use a scale as I use visual evidence to find how the shape of the body changes and as far, all good.

Really easy as far and soon the range golf season opens up which shall be fun.

About mentoring and businesses

Since someone asked me what I recommend for mentoring and what I recommend for that here is what I think about that.

First issue the buyer will buy from someone they already know or the buyer that best represent the ideal they look for.

It means you need to match the ideal they want. That is to get the job which is the selling phase. To do what you do for the company or client isn’t the issue as the buy and selling phase is more important.

Doing the job either you follow a model or strategy from any business technology out there I would check their results first before buying it.

I once went to a guy who wrote 4 books on selling, he was paid highly and worked 9 days a year and I asked him one question he failed to answer it. At the time 20 years ago I didn’t know I was already better than this guy in that.

To sell you create a match and fit and rapport to the customer. If their ideal is a neck and tie guy with impressive brochures that is what you then build and present to them.

One guy asked me about seeking job in selling business and he asked me what to do in job interviews and I said, your not going there to get an interview your going there to find out if you’re a match and fit for the company and if you are then you do this.

He got a job.

I was asked to do coaching to an individual client and his company would pay me for that but if I do such I am like I need to charge so much to be worth the time for me.

If your one who seek such mentoring from me check the price I charge for golfers on tour and double it.

Anyhow, doing deals then Donald trumps strategy is the best which is what I use and then now and then combine it with the Apple Jobs approach.

Now I don’t write this blog for selling tips or the influence or persuasion as I am not selling rbim 3.0. I do offer dyslexia service and coaching for tour golfers and that is it.

If I wanted to do a business blog I keep it small and to the point.

Match the ideal that the customer seeking and you get hired. What I do in such contexts are very little what I write about here as selling, influence and creating results in such isn’t as interesting to me. Its really simple to increase the profit for a company, make the workforce happier and more efficient at the same time.

If the work your doing is following a strategy that produces results then your all set there. I just find business to easy for my time to do.

Its like I was at this class 30 years ago about starting a company and they taught economics and I was like, guys I want to know how to run the company to make money not learn economics as its, cash in and then cash out and a balance between those. If I wanted to learn economics I take that class not this one. If I make money I can hire someone to fix the finances stuff. Creating jobs in the process…imagine that.

Match the ideal
Have a good solid approach to the service you do.
Be very social and take cards, numbers and references.

The work I do is asking questions to find out what they want to happen.

For me the same is true with a individual client or a company or a golfer.

Hans wanted to play the golf tours and dreamt about that which I find worthy of my time to do. Making dreams come true seems for me a good thing.

Are game developers lazy?

At age 51 I play PC games now and then.

I also take note games are made for the 8 year old kid and the market of average and mediocre.

Diablo 3 for example added Greater rifts so called ladders and now are scaling damage for the player and HP for mobs which means I can run around I  a 4 man group on T6 torment 6 and the others cant even fire a shot as the mob is already dead.

Where is the fun in that?

The number of game designers who understand human behavior seems to be lacking.