To shrink or not to shrink that’s the question

Weight loss isn’t about loosing weight, its all about shrinking the fatty cells.

Yes you loose weight while you do that I am not a total village idiot but the thing here is the cells shrink. If each cell is enlarged like water added to paper or a mushroom it swells.

So your not really getting a loss of fat but your shrinking the size of the cell.

Ok so what?

Its easier to do things if you know what’s going on.

Now some will say but why is my stomach cells bigger than the head ones? Evolution prepared us to shield us from cold. Then today we don’t need that fat normally and then it gets out of hand fast. So we are swelling. The body is made to have a balance a homeostasis but it depends on two things, the activity you do and the fuel you provide. If your fuel the food what you eat and its loaded with an unbalanced energy in this case carbohydrates vs protein and fat you grow bigger in spite of eating normally.

My food intake is around 75% less than it was before I started the Palo eating. So food can then be changed into a bit more balanced and high energy and the system will adapt to that.

Changes I gone trough since January are, slow pace practice and working out, walks, home gym and then changing habits along the way. Today I am to the extent the last 15 years since I got ill into some resemblance what I used to have as weight. Being as tired and the way my system works then is a wrench into the wheel all the time. Shrinking the weight and cells down have helped with energy which is no surprise so overall my day works a bit better.

I also follow a few weeks of more working out and then a couple or so weeks of lesser work and in some case none at all. Its not all the time its variance needed and coupled with intensity helps keep the system going.

9 months later I keep doing the work.

spirituality and souls

While the last post about new age the 3 principles tells you a tale of illogical assumptions at last I explain what they do. Joseph Riggio offered some philosophical Guesswork.

New age isn’t a bad thing, anyone alive will be about that soul and spirituality of stuff. While measurement and evidence is what I do and follow along due to while we can know and measure and have evidence for the result might not fully explain why that is but we don’t need to make up nice fluffy explanations either.

My mother for example has a 8mm blood bulge in her brain and needs surgery for it and she can die, become a dishwashing needing and there are other complications that can happen.

If I would talk to her about you know consi0usness or her doctors or such about her soul its like talking to some priest as she is deep within that crappy Christianity stuff. It makes her happy I guess or at least give her some hope of the insanity.

Religion as people found out isn’t anything else than some guys trying to control people and make them do things for them.
Much like cults or political systems.

New age and I been around them now and then have an interesting way to deal with this, they don’t know and then make up excuses. I had a small booth once at a small showcase and out of 30 people 29 of them chain smoked. I told my buddy there check this out all of them are smokers and heavily also and did drink a lot of alcohol also.

That’s the future of new age a lack of c0ntainment of what they do and believe in. The soul and the spirituality has nothing with the health and fitness of you or the choices you make. You might find that harsh, cynical or even bad form.

Still I don’t care, I think it’s a numbnuts, crazy people that rely on guesswork much like the Salem witch hunts people having no idea what they were doing but it for them made so much sense to take those girls out due to them did bad bad bad stuff called magic.

In Sweden the political parties just showed they cant be trusted, decision and agreement can be broken up at a whim due to people like Christian values and Nazism. Some people cant be trusted with power.

They cant do what a country needs to have, the declaration of independence was and is based on Christian ideas that every man has a right to seek happiness.

Now it didn’t say, every man has the right to seek God, Christianity or soul but happiness.

When the government fail us when the people don’t understand their roles then action needs to be taken to ensure the right for all the people that’s leadership and while the declaration was a separation from the English the idea is the same, when the people are under duress and appeal to slavery or under threat justice and action need to happen.

While spirit might be for some some other world action it will always go back to basic stuff that we do in our daily life take the kids to school, trust the school and teachers to do a good job which frankly I don’t think they do good enough nor the business sector.

Its short sighted actions people think more about confirming ideals already gone and passed. They think we need to go back to how things were done but that wont work. In Sweden we built this country out of the remains of Europe after ww2. We got rid of the slavery due to some guy voted against their party in the government and we could arise a solid foundation for the people here that allow us to some extent have a better way to taking care of the people in the country.

All that is about to change and is in transition atm and people are afraid.

Fear they don’t know what it is about they now rely on guesswork and adaption to that thinking they do a good thing which they don’t.

So when we don’t know we become adapted into guesswork and then the circle is going on with no way out.

Obviously then anyone with a promise of doing better, offering hope will be called upon and then the truth of that will be in the hand of the resolved man but beware as such hope can be false to be given without substance.

I found that teaching and instructing that I had to build steps that would allow people to do things by building the system as if I taught the way I did with unconscious installations that did lead nowhere and wasn’t accurate as people couldn’t do the things they should be doing.

While people talk state or experience or even transcending or such we are still stuck with the basic brain operations, fear and then all the responses from that and when we are dealing with soul searching and spirituality its getting even worse.

The system our brain and body, isn’t built to handle all day out the same energy levels, its why we sleep have a short napping a siesta in the middle of the heatwave.

The system itself goes bonkers if we go maximum and that is what happens to such people in the new age, they have the space the silence and then soon they start to act upon those and for some they will go into wild spirals not understanding why.

Obviously that makes it worse.

In psychology they are called stuff like depression and then when they go on an episode they go all out draining energy as they go and the depressed phase and I talk about manic depressive here then the system needs to back off and calm down. Obviously such a system isn’t a balance we would like so how do we teach someone having such a better one when they have no idea what’s that is about?

How do you teach a fat individual who never been thin and fit to become thin and fit?

You can show them images, videos, books and tell them stories but they never know what its like.

I can do things with the stuff I developed that people wont believe I have done. It touches stuff that will give people nightmares.

I don’t talk about that much as I find it has little to do with life as we know it. I know how easy it is to seek confirmation to correlate the evidence to match what we want it to be to continue believe what does not work based upon guesswork like NLP consists off.

I like what people like Elon Musk does, taking a practical approach, work at the problem and innovate something better.

New age isn’t better its just different.

One shouldn’t underestimate different, when whatever you know is the same and gets you nowhere then someone offer you hope with something different and then you adapt to that thinking it must be true and then your in for the roller coaster ride leading nowhere.

Many kids gets there with drugs trying to keep up with other friends, smoking to be in the gang we want to belong to hang out with the cool kids but they aint cool kids you just lack a sense of what you are and your place in the world.

What we are or what we can become, happy maybe but that is simply a way to enjoy things you do that makes you happy in return. It’s a causality pattern.

Maybe I am too cynical here and harsh but the thing about finding your place or finding out how you tick is so stop the adaption and the guesswork and start mapping evidence and then find out what’s really going on.

However its not a road taken lightly.

Anyhow, James Spader would be a cool president as his character in the blacklist is superbly funny. Maybe deadly serious? A joker in hat?

Isn’t there a joke in there somewhere?

The 3 principles

That everything you experience are based upon mind, consciousness and thought. That you experience everything trough feel/thought.


So I listen to a couple of videos here, my first impression is, rambling about lack of definitions.

Its new age.

Now nothing wrong with people doing love and karma and what else even the Beatles tried that with all is love back in 1969.

Does the reality we experience come from within or the outside?

The 3 principles will say its inside as its thought/feel.

One issue with guesswork is that it is guesswork. It may sound fantastic and it might seem so amazing and loveable you huddle down into the eyes of a child or a puppy as they are so cute.

The puppy can bite you badly the child cant.

The question then, is the feeling you experience with the puppy or the child, different?

Yes or no will suffice.

Is then the dog or the child the source of what you experience or is it the reaction to the puppy or child you experience?

Or did you create the thought/feel to experience the puppy or child?

The answer then is obvious, the dog or the child did create your thought/feel which contradict the entirely of the 3 principles. I also added, the puppy can bite you that changed your reaction after the initial comparison to the puppy so now you changed your view of the puppy and the child without even thinking you did change that at all. That was done entirely by an outside source.

Its easy to logically try to make guesswork and what seems sounding nice with words like experience and state. Tony Robbins use such, Bandler use such, Riggio and others use those.

If you don’t understand the structural form of how reality is created by you then you be in the hands of guesswork. It might seem so logical and make sense to you but that is your adaption (puppy example) to the guesswork to make it work…..ongoing….its always ongoing.

Your brain and reality is always working ongoing every moment of your day and night it never stops.

So if people find a silence, quiet place within themselves RBIm can tell you why that is and how it work due to we can define that. Definition then becomes science to create magic. If we forgo the definitions we end up guessing and then we adapt to those and we don’t even know its going on as it make so much sense, yes spirituality and yes mind and yes consciousness absolutely.

You find all those systems do one thing all the time, they talks about stuff and then leads onto spirituality, soul and such like Mythoself talks sacred shit about roye frasers so called models. If you don’t know, you guess.

I don’t.

I found that while I am good at what I do I also wanted to make sure I could train people to become good also to do what I trained them for, I hit a snug there NLP couldn’t do that for my students. Their life become the same without much difference. I then started to ask, ok why cant they implement and use the technology I was taught to teach them? Using it with others, sure but who cares about that how about you changing things with NLP? Now you find not even Richard Bandler can use NLP to change himself.

What use is such a technology if I cant use it on myself and make it simple?

Now I found a way to make it simple. Next to make others to discover how simple it is and then I have to make them understand like yourself that you can do this on your own for yourself. Understanding this allows you to start making changes and allow new choices and decisions to be made.

Your training your brain to think this way – the way RBIm with SSG allows you to do.

Then and then you really will understand that we can skip the guesswork and start using a whole new way to explore the realms of what’s going on within us.

sugar cause inflammatory responses

If you eat to much sugar it will cause inflammatory responses essentially you trigger the immune system to think its under attack.

Your tendons can become sore, you be in pain and now and then many can go years without having any idea how their body is reacting to sugar.

Normally nothing much happens, I run tests on this for myself and its not a good thing for me to eat such as the effect are highly noticeable for me. Sure I am not the average healthy human as I have had ME for the last 15 years which means my cells don’t do the exchange properly.

So with the changes of shrinking the Weight aka fat cells and altering habits along the way to change the lifestyle and habits the last 9 months and its been easy.

Running the technology you created on yourself without even thinking its difficult at any point as once identified and defined then the choice is obvious what to do.

The infinite change forever

The RBIm template a way to create change trough choice by switching contexts are something that we can do infinitely. The main reason we can do so is covered in the neural nets mechanics the brain utilize for its containment and storage.

The new configuration think network here is then switching the routing and move the new information into a new neural net the so called SSG.

That type of change allows you to experience reality a new way but it will still feel the same. This allows for choice to be yours and then its about your decision in how much and how big a change you want to do.

The SSG template is a whole new way of understanding choice and change.

Imagine the impact of NLP but in a whole new scale as that’s what’s going to happen here once people have the training with this.

Its my main reason I will offer a form of certification. It helps me define down what the body of knowledge is about for me and for you. It helps with planning and logistics to organize the work you do either its change for your own sake or working as a coach, consultant or just using it to raise kids in a positive way.

The neural net means your brain use neurons to store and retrieve information but this is a very precise system so it move information based upon what SSG is running.

While proving this with the community is difficult the theory have basis in practical science research already done and performed from the field. Your able to keep forming new neurons trough life and then the path and signals change strength in how much myelin they formed in the configuration used.

Then the question becomes what configuration we want and that we can do with the RBIm template to plan what system we want to have in use. It’s a powerful tool as you can map what’s going on and then change what’s going on by switching the storage for the neural nets.

Theory and concepts are hard to prove here, it could be done by tracking neural activity by mri but the tools we have might not be good enough to do it precise enough. So what we can use are what’s called empirical observations. That allow us to research and test an ongoing theory, hypothesis and such by providing enough data under a testing time period. If the result is predictable and replicated by others like for example Imran or what others have done here then that is then a empirical observation we can do by the technology trough the written word and the concept used. Obviously its difficult to say if the concept itself is accurate as for example NLP showed that Richard Bandler have no clue what he is doing after 40 years and cant teach his students or trainers properly what he is doing.

How I know that is by applying the RBIm template and map what he did doing changework. By far it proved the RBIm concept and theory and its template as it can map the change constant what actually works so good its now doable and possible to train others to become geniuses in change work and then we can start educating people a whole lot better.

RBIM is a whole new way to do things and also to be able to understand what happens when you cant change and when you do change and that’s provided by research empirical observations and testing over a period of years.

Your brain is activated and then brain centers fire up depending on how this is organized, becoming angry? Sure a casual belief is there but then you have no way to turn it off when it happens its then habitual in its reaction. If you don’t know why somehow something silly makes you so angry you can then map that and design a whole new reaction to that so your responding in a way that you think and feel are more balanced or appropriate or whatever else.

If you have trouble relaxing you then need to be able to do one thing at the time and be more in the moment and then be able to control that which can be mapped and designed using the RBIm way.

The new SSG can then be designed to be replaced by an even newer SSG.

The same way the old SSG was replaced.

Change then becomes a choice in what system to run what SSG to have as it allows one to store and maintain a stable experience and state trough the control center.

What’s certification about really?

In my NLP trainer certificate it says I demonstrated competence and skills at the highest level.

Yea I am an NLP Trainer.

I am also the developer of RBIm that was started to create the foundation for a whole new world R-Evolution for change and choice.

Certification wasn’t on the table for me until a couple of my students said they come visit me for an update and then I figure its time to do such with RBIm.

So what then is this certification about?

Its about why.

Its not the how to the process of NLP and what to do.

It’s the why you think the way you do and how to design the framework to work for you.

So what skills and competence do one need then to be able to do that?

You need a way to map and plan the environment. It means being able to make such distinction when working and mapping a situation either its for an individual,sport, business, or such. Once your able to map that then you displayed proficiency in how to use RBIm the way the brain works to create reality for us.

Competence means your able to replicate your skills across a various sample of contexts and especially such your not familiar with already which then shows an embodiment of the skills used in the various tasks you will face when working with people.

NLP cant define itself and then cant tell you what they actually did certify you in the how and what and people actually buy that approach for their education?

To know why you do the things the way we do it here with RBIm are important to me as its real easy to start degrading into the distortion field and then run causality pattern about that which then can create all sort of stuff along the way not the thing originated from the developer in this case me.

Once you have the skills down and can map the system using the RBIm way your developing competence.

You will know.

NLP and such ask you, how do you know? It means the guys asking you don’t know.

I don’t ask people how they know due to I already know what’s going on for them.

My main thing then was, how do I then teach that to people that want to become good at what they do?

The RBIm certification then is where that will happen.

While some would need to learn skills a lot of them you already posses trough life. I can take an amateur in putting or a tour pro and improve them equally and sure the tour pro will do better initially but they both be using the same template for putting which means if the amateur wish and desire they can be then as good as the tour pro in less time the tour pro spent becoming good at what they do in the first place.

Your already able to use such a template for putting that allows you to cut away the guesswork for golf and putting. No theory but solid science and how your brain already are able to operate there.

You then know why your doing it the way you do.

The certification will have a template to follow and while some skills might be needed to develop you also know why you need them to be used in the work you do.