A golf swing for the future

If one would want to emulate a golf swing the recent swing by Hans is a good model to use. Naturally some want to swing like Nicklaus or Mike Austin as anyone holding a club knows the fun it is to hit it long. Its like 300+ yards for those in a good physical status.

2014 2i

2011 I had Hans started his swing change, it was little, lift the left heel in the back swing Hans. The reason for this change was back injury and pain he simply couldn’t play with his old swing and he didn’t want to change even when he couldn’t play?


2011 Spain old Ballard swing mechanics bad back.

As he started to lift the left heel up in the back swing he hit it longer he added at least 20 yards with that move alone.  He now was in a good position to start altering things for the better. I am not a PGA trainer or instructor, I don’t do well with programs that teaches theory. I had to educate myself about the golf swing due to Hans couldn’t play the way he wanted.

So 3 years later after changes that been done over time I now understand the golf swing much better what is needed to create the desired action to do. It wont mean I am done but at least it shows I progressed far enough to start working this in a way that works faster and better.

I just wish I was healthier so I could do the work needed myself but it is what it is so I do as good as I can. Simon with this new recent addition to the instruction of the golf swing model played his best golf ever, he didn’t lower his handicap but he was for the first time 4 under his handicap after 6 holes and that has never happen before for him. He still ended up 11 shot worse than his handicap but that again is his best what he has done and he basically never practice.

He started to be more consistent.

Consistency been a big thing for me. I want to do a 0-4% accuracy so called dispersion pattern, it means if you hit a 200 yard shot your worst miss should be 4% of those 200 yards that means 4 yards left or right of the aiming direction and a total of 8 yards.

Now that is the level a player has when they win a tournament like Masters, British open etc…those who wins and end up in such contention have around those numbers those days. To make that your average is a daunting task and most would likely say to me its not possible. I give them the benefit of a doubt for sure as with a modern golf swing it isn’t possible.

However the future golf swing demoed by Hans?

Maybe not so impossible.

If you want slice mechanics then a rotational swing is there to be learned by many trainers offers just that to handle the two forces one going left and one going right. You can shoot 59 and be nr1 in the world with it like Duval did.

Slice mechanics by a tour player

The main question I had to ask was, why is learning the golf swing so difficult and why oh why is it so hard to be consistent?

The recent week my brain produced some answers to me and yes I am not sitting and thinking all day about golf at all I play games, I watch TV and just do my thing. It is however how my brain works from the years of modeling things that the models I built to produce when I study a field always distil down whatever I work on so it becomes simpler but also provide the needed evidence of the how to and why.

The evidence itself is what happens for me when I understand the way the model works to produce the result it has. Its true for dyslexia as well for golf swings.

Hans follow trough for example is better than Nicklaus if one asks me now. If the swing was all you needed to win 18 majors or more than the game would be easy. Its just more to it, putting the main one and the consistency to go out there and put down everything to handle the pressure and such to produce the best game you can muster for the day and improve upon that.

Hans is soon going to his first round for the European tour q-school. For him it means 3 stages, the first stage as any has many good golfers with it but the 2 stage is when all the guys who missed the tour card on the tour comes in so the 2 stage is tougher.

Naturally he needs to pass the first stage so preparing for that is ongoing, it not the swing alone, it’s the mind set to focus on the task at hand and to deliver your best game on demand. Hopefully the coming weekend as he competes will give me the data I want to have from him.

I found you absolutely need to do a external rotation of the right shoulder (right handed golfer) in the down swing, when the right elbow goes down and not stays level or even goes up (internal rotation).
The question I then asked was how do I make sure I am able to do that and what is my evidence for it?
Now it goes down to feel as I don’t hit positions as a position your brain cant do. PGA style trainers think you can but our brain is really bad with such, logically you know you shouldn’t go to a stranger on a corner and ask them to blow you as they expect to be paid for it and its illegal to do so for you but since the reward is so great many do that instead of learning to you know be nice and ask a girl out instead.

Feel is a evidence when you do things right, that you can verify with the ball impact and trajectory due to the evidence will be in the ball contact.

I started to do the new instruction and found I when I been twice at the range with Simon that my shot pattern has picked up a tighter dispersion.  What else is that Simon started to make better ball contact immediately also. Its how I verify if this works or not, if he can follow the instruction and prove from it then its all good as he don’t know a draw from a slice anyhow.

I also want to add distance as I know what I want to have a full tilt action with all I have into the ball. I as far haven’t been able yet to do so consistently but now there seems to be getting that down also. As I play tomorrow I find out how this works when I play, even if I haven’t played for a month it seems likely I be improved out there.

Here we can see Duval and Hans in the follow trough, Duval has turned (rotated) and has to contain the slice mechanic’s he has using a really strong grip to do so.  Hans has still maintained his Austin release mechanics and have no issue with containing the forces.








Duval lost his swing consistency and game the last 10+ years though.

If it was just the golf swing that made you good it be simple but the game becomes easier if your mechanics are solid and functional and Hans atm has such swing IMO.

A swing for the future a heritage and legacy to the great swinger Mike Austin

How to hit a 2 iron


Some say long irons are hard to hit.
Hans hitting his 2i.


Just to take note what the recent swing change have accomplished for him.

2i 22i 4

vs 2013 I think.
hans old 1hans old 2

Yes I know the swing angles of the mages are different, so its hard to say exactly. Still the external rotation is now in place and working vs the older where he had a slight internal rotation from the top.

I didn’t want to change and don’t change things until I know what the change will do and to have a way to improve this without a lot of changes as if its a better aka easier instruction then the change should work pretty much immediately.

Tomorrow if all goes to plan I play 18 holes at my home club after a month of rest. Tired, been to hot and recently to rainy…so I be rusty but I do the same instruction and I find out how it applies for me.

Tiger Woods new coach

The above is TW progress trough 18 years or so.

Butch Harmon some say had the best swing for him but I see things differently. Butch amplified the tiger crouch move that became worse under Haney and even further under Foley.

I see that Harmon amplified that as he started coaching him and Tiger has since not been able to adjust and fix that.

In every swing change Tiger made he has gone to arise on the left side more and more….more issue with his back…..

Imagine Tiger swinging like this? He be 50 yards longer with less stress on his body. It wont take 2 or 5 years, it takes 3 weeks.

To verify “what works” with sports like golf

I wish it was easy and simple.

It just isn’t.

In sports like golf the trainer teach you technique trough instructions. You the athlete take the instruction the way you understands it and then you need to adapt to the instruction as you cant understand it the way the trainer understands it.

Hans played with a golf trainer last Friday, he outdrove him with 60 yards…..To the story is that Hans played with this golf trainers student the Friday before and when the trainer asked him about his distance Hans said, well I outdrove him with 35 yards so I don’t think he hit that long…The trainer became silent….and then saw his ball end up 60 yards shorter.

Now I am sure that trainer with his license, his PGA membership and PGA education know a whole lot more about the technical things in a golf swing and the positions you need to do.

I just know how to do what works.

If you do a instruction it has to be vague enough so you can form and adapt to it so you can find your own version of it that is what a model does.

Recently I formulated a golf swing model, it was done early January, since then I looked for instructions, and then refinement to cut away and make the essence known. That took me until a few days ago.

Mike Austin who was the role model here have said things over the years that don’t make it easy to learn what he did do. It’s a problem for sure as what the instruction he said was and is to complex. The student will end up not being able to do what Mike did, and yes they will indeed hit it longer but not Austin long. The model Mike did and use was his own understanding about what he himself did. He had to wade and fight trough the way people took what he said to then be able to do what he wanted him to do.

Now what happens when you try to do it?

You will always struggle at first as your head is filled with so many golf concepts. Then you try to do what is told you need to do. Trying that you will struggle and now and then make it work. Jacob Bowden for example who IMO hits it really good isn’t straight enough, he struggle with accuracy out there.

I talk about a 0-4% dispersion pattern.

I talked to Hans yesterday, he said he with the new essence instruction started to hit it longer but somehow with irons hit them right now and then. He had tried to identify the reasons and it seems as he said that he aim way to much right due to the way he was swinging earlier. Whatever you done with the old swing will interfere with the new at first, your used to organize to what you used to do and when you do things that are easier and better your old references can be wrong then.

Now, some will laugh at me when I suggest a 0-4% dispersion its not possible none on the PGA tour can do it so how can you even suggest you can teach such? Tour pros swings breaks down and need constant fixing. They get off their timing and cant get it back. Rory lost his swing and game for over a year suddenly, Tiger lost it the last 8 years.

I heard Tiger looks for a new coach, I might be able to free my schedule if he calls me.

What happens for the tour pros is they try to hit positions in their swings and that our brain isn’t to good at. To do that requires you to do constant comparisons, and RBIm as a model works with such or more the removal of those when we engage into present moment awareness the so called consciousness bullshit of the new age right?

So I told Hans as he was hitting irons to the right that what he needs to do is to do when he swings well, and that was easy to make him understand, he could now focus his attention to do what works for him. He might do it now and then but unless you become aware of that is what you need to do to make it consistent you will struggle with it.

I am good with such, working with athletes is easy to me  they tell me what they want to do, what they cant do and what is going on and I tell them to sort and organize away what doesn’t work for them and identify what do works and once they attend that their consistency suddenly skyrocket.

Its then simple.

I did however spend 25 or so odd years trying to figure out why I was thinking and feeling and behaving the way I did as I became interested to do that. RBIm as a technology will scale to whatever your doing today and then start to strip away whatever else you don’t need to do. This free us up, we will then have more time and space to move with when we do things with the sport we play or the life we live. Your able to then be happy all the time, relaxed, peaceful or whatever you choose and want and desire to do.

You seldom if ever it still might happen as you might be stressed, nervous, afraid but then you just stop and smile and go back to what you want and desire to do as your focus of attention is known to do what works for you.

Hans texted me and said, he was hitting irons better and more straight now and I replied with, I know its expected as whenever I do things it seems to always work except naturally when that doesn’t.

Problem I have with the way I teach and coach its real easy for me to add for example distance for someone in a golf swing, if they do things right that is, Larry for example hit it much longer at his age than he did earlier. He will add up to 50 yards more once he is able to find and identify his swingpath and the funny thing as he does he also will add accuracy. I can say that due to me understand the way models works.

There is no unconscious. There is no secret entity hidden in you or on a different plane than you. What happens is that you get stuck in between comparisons and you will ride that carousel until your able to make a different decision to what some call take action or understand that if you learn to utilize the future what you desire to happen as your reference when your engage into the moment your able to create perfect futures and then experience such in the moment.

Instead of having what you been told to do, what you learn to respond and act upon from your culture, your social status your family and  parents you simply start to do what you desire and want and then fulfill every single moment the rest of your life being what you want to be.

Then its easy to smile and do what works

About extremists

The crusade 9 times over 600+ years and it didn’t work to kill Muslims to get them to adapt and accept the real faith of Christianity….

Killing Christians aka as ISIS does wont work either no matter how many.

Its just how people believe and that wont change no matter how many you try to kill.

I have planted a bomb in the Earth planet core, its about to go off any time soon and wipe all us out to ensure equality.

"We’ll Never Walk Alone"

Your never alone you always have your self with you.

Some might call that egoistic and fancy and totally semantic.

In a movie “Will” which is a road movie of sorts the journey of Will takes him into places as he meets people as he does.

The bad things, the good things and the in between. It’s a movie for those that absolutely balk at Hollywood’s take on it.

On another note DR.Who is back and well maybe not the same but who knows right?

Our journey trough evolution founds us adapting to stuff along the way, we when a pattern becomes known to us random things happens we find a connection in between then we construct something that we already knew about it but that is the brain making sense of it so it does construct it for us.

Hold on our horses!

Did you just say my reality is made up?


Once we accept that we can also move on to create new ones. Those created by you for you so you wont walk alone.

Like Robin Williams, he couldn’t handle it and like someone dying from a bad heroin overdose like Philip Seymour Hoffman its just choices people make some might be to deal with whatever life has thrown at you or the way we reacted and responded to it.

Some might call it sad, tragic or such but eventually it boils down to patterns and what we accept and make sense of them into the way we did.

I know the rational will say this isn’t the way our mind works and I go, ok prove otherwise then, right?

Truth is like that, its just truth its not about emotions like fun, sad or such it just facts about stuff we encounter.

Are you the sickness or whatever and some will be sick take pills and have a drug dependency soon and blame the doctors instead of going on a diet and start doing intu-flow daily and then working out to help their blood pressure but the easier solution is to blame the doctors the government or whatever else.

True bad things happens and so does good.

It proves nothing.

People do things for simple reasons, power, money and sex and then enjoyment like drugs can help you do things you cant do otherwise so drugs are not good for you but the effect of them are.

It’s the reason we go take that coffee, that sugar those snippy lips that tells you things that just sounds awesome.

It might not be good for us but since the effects are then our brain rationalize what we do so it make sense for us to do them anyway.

Logic wont work here.

A single simple movie like Will might.

The love of football, the unquestionable faith and hope of someone like a team will aggravate things and sure as soon we go beyond the now we enter the transcendence of many.

We then loose our self our identity we become one of many like seven of nine.

If my movie references falls short of you then your either to young, to old or just whatever.

Once we are able to go towards self then we are not one of many then we are one to many.

The moment we can let go, the moment when we transcend this into that the present moment awareness is then upon us, we step onto the field and we see the truth.

“We’ll Never Walk Alone”

One step further

Hans played H35 division play with his home club yesterday. He made 5 birdies and won the event, while the weather seems to been bad he said he played well.


If it was just about the golf swing he do well.

But its about consistency, to make sure you don’t make mistakes that costs a lot of shots and patience.

I don’t like that he did so many bogies, 4 less and he would have a decent score. its just 3 shots but they make or break the score.

Swing plane or no swing plane?

There are no swing planes and no glass to follow.

A lot of concepts in golf don’t make you able to do it. I tried many and they just simply don’t work. I then had to go trough and find one that made sense, that I was able to do, verify with evidence and be able to feel.

All swings have tension, pressure and such points. The forces you deal with are such you can feel and once you do then the swing will also be there to do for you.

To think let me do and follow a swing plane wont work so well. You can do things like Brain Gay or like Chopra and have a golf swing but it will also make you struggle to play.

When we add wedges and putting the game of golf is hard enough for us without having to think about what we do with the swing mechanics.

One you have the overall motion there in a golf swing which by definition then be a motion you can then adjust finer points so called details so your overall action improves.

Adjusting Hans golf swing is done by chunking big, overall changes are made conceptually for him, its one new instruction and nothing else. If the instruction works then his swing pattern will change fast.

Simon my sisters kid complains as we go to the range and swing he says I got new things for him to practice and he have no time to practice what I told him earlier. I say, well the new thing makes all the others work better and is easier to do. It’s a new scaled down essence if you like that makes other things possible. Finding out that if the shoulder is externally rotating properly then you will have a golf swing that works due to the forces you will start to feel with pressure points. Like shallowing out the shaft will happen.

There is no plane to follow in the golf swing its all torque, force and power creating pressure points you can feel and work with.

Want to be someone else?

No real surprise there, you get your name from other people some call them parents and others call them assholes. Many more think their name is like a written in stone like some prophecy stuff.

Your name, your culture and your social stuff and pretty much what you should think and do was already set in motion early on.

Its no wonder people think they are kidnapped by aliens or a result of some experiments and I seen enough hillbilly movies to really think the genetic pool isn’t big but in reality potential comes from other things.

Naturally your name don’t make you, you. Nothing does.

Its what you want it to be.

Question would be, do you really have a choice in the matter?

Can we as human beings suddenly awake and go after decades of social conditioning into our habits our thinking and our natural responses to then suddenly change our minds?

To start over to go new?

Let say you’re a politician and your ideology is the environment or taxes or any other thing. Now should you follow what the law says about what you do or follow your ideology and either break the law or not follow it due to its wrong according to your beliefs about this?

I think for example NLP is taught wrong, badly and are hurting more than its useful and rather should be totally redone and retaught. So I do that if someone asks me about NLP and I just say it, I don’t do NLP or teach NLP as it’s a inferior technology. I know the difference.

So I do the difference.

Now and then some might ask me about the golf swing, and I say it I don’t teach a modern golf swing, I teach what Mike Austin did do. I don’t teach what those Austin trainers teach you as it isn’t what Mike did. It wont win me any friends in that community for sure but its what I do.

I take dyslexic kids and turn them into normal readers and spellers like you and me with ease. Its so simple for me to do that that the community of dyslexics deny it that whoever I work on didn’t have real dyslexia…..

I taken clients people like you or me with clinical disorders and now they live healthy nice lives and even if they might want to be someone else at least they have a better choice now to do so.

I just slept 10 hours with the best sleep in months. I added a pillow and it did wonders to my sleep. The intu-flow have made me so mobile so I need a bit support there now.

Becoming different some will tell you its what they think about your choice. They think you gone crazy, nuts and insane and will tell you why should you listen to that RBImGuy?

I tell people what is the truth?

Its made up anyhow.

Your free to believe anything you want.

The problem people have is that our brain is created to not like uncertainty so whenever someone comes and tell you God see you and watch over you its real easy to go for that option to sit in the camp with other people and hug them for safety and comfort.

Our brain crave what make sense to us and that seems as far I can tell to be a heritage of our social and evolution to survive as a species.

To go and change and to become happy, content, relaxed, moving into the world with peace in mind and heart to soullessly kind or whatever like a rock star with energy and spirit and then move the lawn down well tis for you to decide then.

Some think it’s a mother Theresa to go for and I go its more about finding your own path and truth than to find some stuff already done. There are ways to check things of course to find calmness if your stressed out a lot and learn skills to do such experience sure no doubt before we walk we see other people walk so we want to do that also. We want to be like the people around us before we have choices.

Today when you have all the choices possible in the whole Universe what then do you do with them?