OTT or Over the top or not?

Golfers all face the same thing that learning swing mechanics is a though thing to get right. Every golf forum is filled with how do I do it or how do I fix this or such. For many this becomes a fascination in itself to be more technical minded and to dwell into the details of how a finger moves. I understand such and it might be good but can also lead you into darkness and more detail than needed.

Over the top or OTT is when the right shoulder goes internal rotation from the top instead of externally rotates from the start top position. Instead of locking the right shoulder the socket the muscles does a judo throw over the shoulder socket which leads us to let the right elbow to go up and around in the down swing.

The Gif is Rory doing a proper top action External



The red shirt guy isn’t doing it right  Internal. (Kelvin research)









I been suffering from it and its been so bad I cant use a conventional grip anymore without doing it so I changed my grip.

Here is Larry 3 days ago a typical slight OTT with a spin around to the left side from the top. The second swing is 3 days later with new instruction. The OTT is now gone.

Main reason why this happens is that he now shallows out the shaft better obviously in the down swing which are due to the external rotation he now started to do. To shallow out the shaft in the down swing, then you need to do a proper external rotation of the right shoulder. I been reading up on fixes for the OTT over the years but none of them have worked for me.

I am a fan of concepts for sure my instructions are based upon detailed analysis but once formulated then the instruction itself is vague. The brain cant do detail that will fuck it up. If you are free to form a reference then you will find one that works for the task at hand.

So I asked what make it so you can always do a external rotation?

Once you are able to do that then you will find a proper action in the down swing and so it seems.

This works even for a tour Pro like Hans.

Many believe a tour pro have perfect swings, none of them do and many have huge compensations in them and they can play the tour due to them don’t go overboard with their game they stay with the game they know as if they go outside it then their score goes out the window and blue screens.

Naturally this new instruction allows you to start removing the OTT action you done and start activating the muscles of the right side, the scapula contraction and the latimuss dorsi and other spinae muscles also.

My thesis here was if one is able to do a proper external rotation as it seems its need to do for a good golf swing the question then becomes how to make sure your able to do it right. Hans, is for example surprised about it.

He hit a 375 yard carry driver with the new move.

He said it’s a bit longer now… Problem for him with irons is to much spin on the ball. I suggested a check with custom fitting to find more optimal launch angles for him.

While a tour pro will have any swing working for them the question still will be how consistent can you do it. Brian Gay for example don’t load his right side and activate them properly and he also hit it short but have superb putting to make him play the tour. Once you hit more greens and are more consistent then its all down to close to pin and putting.

A swing like Brian gay for example is so timing/compensation based its for me surprising he even can play the tour. A rising up at impact, not loading the right side properly etc…


The idea here is to train oneself to feel the external rotation and make sure it works as you then can speed up the swing motion. You can add likely 10-30mph depending what swing speed you had from the start once your movement starts to work for you.

Reaching the potential you have much like Mike Austin did.

External rotation of the right shoulder.

A golf swing consist of a few things a club and to make sure the right shoulder externally rotates. (down swing sequence transition)

For many that doesn’t happen as the shoulder simply goes internal rotation what some call over the top even though you don’t need to go over to not externally rotate it though.

Normally it goes external and once just before impact it goes internal as any other throw.

So for me the question was, how do I make sure it goes external from the top?

External rotation is a kinesiology jargon, it means the right elbow goes down from the top of the swing and not up and out. For an amateur this often is a cause for compensations due to if you lack stability and Ext rotate you will not swing well.

It could be due to being stiff, old injury etc..or to soft even. Either way throwing with the right arm into the proper direction will make sure you stay externally rotated until just before impact as then we automatically goes to internal rotation and release.

Intu-flow is a good way to make sure the flexibility and mobility is there. Stretching also but by far the mobility you gain from Intu-flow is superior to stretching.

Another view of this:

For me I had to separate my hands in the grip so I don’t use Interlock/overlap but the hands do stay connected with ten fingers in the grip. It was the only way as far for me that I can feel and do a external rotation.

Once I could feel that then things have improved immensely. This is Simon, he started to do it and he is a total beginner without optimizing the action he still improved during the session.


Rory, Gif curtsey to Kelvin


375 yard carry later

It was a bit downhill and a slight wind in the back as Hans unleashed a drive. While not specially toning and tuning him for long driving the new instruction has elevated some more speed. I suspect he can be up to 50m longer aka around 15-20mph more with that as he already had great speed before but wasn’t able to contain and unleash properly.

This video shows the difference between what he used to do a few days ago and what the change did achieve.

His transition is now vastly improved. The good thing this didn’t require him 2 years of practice, or months it took minutes.

Its always about choice yours

I said the headline and wrote it a lot.

Change, transformation or whatever we call it its never about stop smoking, to loose weight or to fix a problem.

Its always about having a choice to do or not to do.

To either have the smoke or not to, to find a way to simply choose what to do. People however are concern with how to fixing it and why.

Its isn’t about taking away and replacing whatever is broken.

It never really isn’t broken as it’s a concept we have about processes and we turn them into living things that never really existed but in our mind taking a life on its own like a genie in a bottle.

We rub it down and once we do its out in the open and run our life we loose control and we goes along for the ride.

RBIm takes this approach to ask and elicit the future when it works, building a new context and once we is able to do so the content appears and the process comes alive into our minds again

In a new way

Normally this works just fine and we can wait for the response to happen to make the brain build its reaction as that is what brains do, respond and react to focus of attention or as context. The future is such context, it hasn’t happen yet and the brain will if you don’t steer it create a reaction from what already is true.

Our life is created from a platform of memories that we assume are true and they all come from what has happen to us or more what we come to believe did happen to us as they are all responses we had to real life events.

Did the failure to play piano once mean you never can learn? Surely not but if you’re a kid age 8 it might be as one client I once met did that.
Choices we made based upon things we did or couldn’t do still are forming your behavior today with your thinking and emotions.

Breaking free or as I say building new is a process itself as we cant do it all in a day but we do can start the trip and journey to something.

Its builds down to, what to do or not to do or as I like to say “choice” what you choose and even more about being able to have the choice to smoke or not, to loose weight or not, to fix the problem or not to be able to change attention of focus by adding choice to the equation.

Its always a one-sided argument otherwise.

I have this problem and it needs fixing…….

Ok, so what is the future like when it works for you? (people will draw a blank here) The reason for that the answer is located in a new context.
Your brain can only draw information from the process your involved in atm.

If you had a choice to have this problem you have right now that needs fixing or to be for example content/happy/etc…..instead what would that be like?

Now your offered a choice what to do instead.

You can now come up with an answer.

Well maybe I be happy/content/don’t care/ignore it then?

Ok, so what is that like?

It is that simple.

Suddenly you can go from drawing a blank and not have an answer to suddenly have any answer you want.

The reason for this directional change is the question is taking into account your situation the way you think about it and applying the option to that. Yea our thinking about the problem is in itself the problem really not the problem itself.

Might seem strange but have a few days to think about that and the above question will make a lot of sense to you and the good thing about that is you cant get stuck again.

You can then always have a choice about anything to open up a possibility to anything you think your stuck with

Your choice then

There are several reasons why it works as it does as our brain will paint itself into a corner if you let it do that. Our brain is good to responding to events we experience and then exclude information and to get stuck is then easy.

Once a spiral and process of thinking have no choice in it then we get stuck.

We accept the reality we experience as the one really real one that is true and cut in stone.  To keep us sane we cant shift them to much around as we also identify with whatever we think.

RBIm is the future NLP due to the possibility and doable is what we do here we cant get stuck as we know how to create possibility with a single question.

“If you had a choice to have this problem you have right now that needs fixing or to be for example content/happy/etc…..instead what would that be like?”

The question itself don’t fix anything but what it does is to remove the limitation about not having any choice and give you the option to have

Possibility then happens and the the step to actually be able to do and experience isn’t to far off.

To have balance in our life we need to be able to have choice to either our own habits and such to the family, friends, jobs and government and stuff like religion. However many such systems will try to create the illusion of lack of them.

Now you know what to do instead.

Ask a really good question.

The RBIm way

The New star trek

Many fans of the TV show was and is appealed by the new movies. The movies focus on the development of people and not ideology. I love the new movies as they display what I would think would the future be like that traveling it never is about ideology as its about the humanity.

Developing oneself to some extent into what’s doable and possible for you to become as a human seems to be a good way to do things in life.

In that the struggle and comrade of the new movies I absolutely love.

Whenever I watch the TV shows for me it seems like nothing happens, yes new system new planet, some development some science but it lacks the depth as if we go to space its about humans developing traits to go there.

Re-booting takes some thinking the new star wars for example I hope comes with some depth also.

Its easy to think we want the romance back the good old days. It was better before but in reality it seldom if ever is. Its just our way to idolize the stuff we become so attached to. Its what we do as human beings we don’t attend the reality the facts but what we was so fond off.

I love the style of Abrahams in the new star trek movies its just brings some presence and aliveness to them.

For me superior to any Tv show done.

Next billion years


This did happen when a galaxy the one on the left pass trough the one on the right, soon (billion) then Andromeda will cross our path. Its likely we will be part of the Andromeda galaxy or just wander off broken while the gravity forces cut trough.

In any way, I go get my coffee now.

European tour qualification

In September Hans will play the first stage for European tour q-school. Its like a needle with 1000+ players trying to get trough.

I am then doing what I can to make sure he can play as good as he can there. Its not life or death is much worse.

Its about dreams.

I am changing his technique lately a bit it will work fine for him. I also altered a few more things during the summer and spring and lot of it due to being able to handle pressure is important and that he can do. Handling himself is another matter though. There are no margins for error.

You need to be able to shoot 3 under every day, it will be different depending the field and course and weather but about there you need to be. He tried before and have gone trough first stage and also missed with a shot.

He has the game its all about managing oneself to put the burner on and dig the head down and go for it and take it home.

I guess its about the love of the game right?

I don’t think talent is needed if you take any of the 1000+ players and do mapping you find them pretty much equal. Its about holding on and creating the margins that leads you trough.

I caddied for Hans a few years ago, last nine holes he made 9 straight pars. On 17 he hit the drive into the lake, as we walked to hit I asked him if he should played the ball as it was (in the lake) and he looked at me and laughed and said “no need to drop a new ball” so he did. Hit the next shot into the rough on the other side of fairway, next shot covered the flag and he had a 9 yard putt down hill and he made it for par. He missed a 10 footer for birdie on 18.
He made the stage with 2 shots to spare.

I am big on acceptance, to just accept whatever you do is what you just did is what you did and NOT that you did play better than your score was.  You don’t want to think that way that you did leave a score out there.

If I shoot 90 or 80, 70 or whatever its what I did shoot and was able to do. It’s a simple yet powerful idea to then improve from and that you can do. To improve from what you could have done well that wont work so good.

He will play 36 hole on Saturday this weekend and hopefully some answers will be there. New technical change will be easier for him to play with so he should be able to focus better on his game.

Game developers are lazy

After many games I can conclude dice for example with Battlefield series suck ass the last 4 years they now make shitty games and they are not alone, the quality and functionality of games taken a toll to worse they simply make to much money.  Some games is done good like Diablo 3 but then it also lacks the style earlier Diablo games had its now a boring mainstream game.

I understand there is technical difficulties with online games and still the majority pretty much cant make it a good experience for me to play, kids age 10 can play any game and be happy as they wont have much to value about the games and the parents just buy them.

Recently I played some path of exile, it’s a dark good game an action rpg but it has a technical problem called desync it means the game cant update where your avatar is and lags behind what happens on screen. The game needs a rewrite of the code and change totally as whatever they do isn’t working.
Diablo 3 I never died from such but today I died like 15 times due to the game shows me to be somewhere else than where I think I am. If I didn’t loose exp its one thing but now I do.

Its simply not fun and the diversity of the game wont happen.

My experience of games seems to be more off becoming annoyed with them as they lack quality. DICE for example ruined their own franchise, how did that happen? They sold out to EA and they hired the wrong game testers and lost sight of what made BF the game it was its not fun anymore its just annoying to play so for me its the last dice game I bought. I didn’t even buy bf4 as a friend did that for me so for me it just seems tragic that developers are loosing sight of fun and enjoyment and produce stuff that shouldn’t be out there.

About those extremists

Lot of people in the current IS in Iraq atm have killed off people and still do if they don’t convert to their religion. I don’t find that strange at all Christians did that during 9 crusades to Islam followers.

TV helps to show what people actually do, put people up, ask them and shoots them. Religion is like those things people get to think there is only one right one, its much easier to have one accepted religion than to accept every one as equal as after all there is no God.

I guess that wont fall into the ground that well for the religious freaks and for me they are all freaks, my grandmother was religious not the extreme one but she went to church and all and I had no issue with her about her religion or her at all.

Those IS freaks and they are such think the world becomes better by following what someone said a few hundreds years ago and that its habit and routine what some say is true when it just hogwash to make sure people follow rules to control them.

I have as much issue with Christians here that are so indoctrinate in that shit.

Acceptance of difference?

Don’t apply to the religious zealots.

Run you fools