Case file: Dyslexia

Many years ago a mom asked me to help her daughter.

She was in a class with 5 more students a special class not for she was special but due to her dyslexia.

One session later, she stop having headaches, she stop reading slow. The follow up adjusted the longer words and she could later move to a new school and class and be one of the top students there. Sadly the rest of those 4 kids in that class didn’t receive my help so they likely ended up struggling in their life.

When you present what you done as I do to a “expert” a professor or such they tell me and you what I did isn’t possible to do in spite of I did that and keep on doing it.

Its why the society still struggles with school and kids as they educate kids to become dyslexic. is the solution

why the heel and what about those toe girls?

There are toe girls swinging like this

They end up doing the following, on the toe at impact, arising left side due to they are out of position before impact. Need timing and need coordination to difficult to do for any human on the planet. Modern compensational swing.

The best players tend to be able to stand on the heel.

If you think logically it make sense, if your on the toe front foot it means you cant add more speed than you have. The center of balance is also more forward etc…

You will find those that hit it long tend to be on the heel at and after impact.

There is no toe or front front weight shift there.

Many tour pros however have a toe or front foot weight. Tiger during the Sean Foley 5 year social fuck it experiment show Tiger doing something incredibly difficult. It ruined his timing even to this day and worse likely his career.

In a golf swing we have a start then a transition and then impact. The idea is that if you look what you look like after impact that also shows what happens before impact with the speed and force.

Jordan, his left foot has lifted sideways, his arms has pushed ahead and he recently also worked to rotate his hands and arms which complicate his swing more and likely will end his recent year progress.

Hans has a balanced point here. No wasted energy to compensate. direct and efficient. Less timing needed as you rely on natural instinct athletically and knowing what to do to make that work.

Jordan’s body is going in 4 different directions, up, to the left (rotate) arms going forward, and steering the club head while this is going on to maintain balance is simply not possible to do consistently.

Hans has one direction happening.

The simplicity allows a more consistent tee to green game.

Case file: Darkness arise and goes to sleep

Bunker: secret location
Facilitated by black ops likely CIA.



-so tell me what this RBIm5 is then

-Why should I?

-don’t you know who I am?

-Should I?

-My name is Richard bandler and you will tell me everything you know as I will hypnotize you.

-Go fuck yourself

Violence ensured (censored)

Cleaners entering

-Well get the trash out then guys, I am doing fine and send in the next one.

Body dragged out.

Another man enters.

-So that was a bit, well did you really need to cut his dick off and feed him that?

-Well the way to make sure someone really be silent and send a message don’t you think it did work?

-Your still here in our bunker so it don’t seem so?

-You sure I am even here then?

-Obviously as I am talking to you?

-Now really are you talking to me or yourself?

Man wakes up from a dream.

Days later

-So here we are again

-Smiles, you know what happens next don’t ya Bandler?

Screams! wakes up

-Not going to sleep again  “pops a pill”

Case file: relaxation golf the religion


-Are you straining?

-I don’t know what you mean?

-Well what I mean is that do you tighten the grip adding pressure during the golf swing motion?

-I don’t know, is that important?

-Depends, hitting longer means a combination of relaxation and speed is created with enough force created with leverage. Its called torque.

-Sounds complex?

-Not really, simple physics but many make assumptions about what that is into something different that’s way more complex than a simple throw so it sounds more complex and looks way more complicated so you can spend time doing the wrong things thinking your doing the right things.

-Sounds like a Ponzi scheme or something like that.

-Your not entirely off by that.

-So what your saying is that I need to relax to add speed to my golf swing?

-Yes, simple enough right?

-Seems so, but what happens if I cant relax then?

-You want to practice daily then to build awareness of your relaxed wrists and hands and fingers and arms and measure your able to do better.

-Seems easy enough?

-Absolutely, but many think its not worth spending time with due to them come to assume its technique and mechanics that cause speed to happen.

-Are peopled daft then?

-One can think so as if your raised religious then its difficult to comprehend that people actually can find the truth without religion and then faced with the real truth any religious individual will be faced with a moment 22 situation that they suddenly have no basis to believe what they believe but that we as humans cant really handle so we go either nuts or in deep denial of the truth to keep believing in the religion that is false.

-Ouch sounds like hell?

-There is no such place but its easy to believe there is based upon what people stated its suppose to be there but since none of that can be proved people can take faith in that it cant be proven and since that a hell cant be proven our mind is free to attach itself to believe that without any “evidence” can interfere with the belief and faith they have that isn’t true.

-Isn’t that borderline insane?

-I never question what God wanted to create but yes it seems insane.

-Hey one second didn’t you say Hell was a made up place that means that God must be made up also?

-Yes you catch on fast and if you replace God with Golf swing theory from Leadbetter/Harmon, Como, Foley, Iteachgolf, Monte well its not exactly the same but any ideology at some point wont require evidence and measurement as faith and belief is enough as evidence without proof.

-Ok I am ready for the pill now, please wake me up.

-As stated, we don’t want truths and conflicted messages that interfere with held faith wont be able to be accepted by the individual or group due to it interfere with their projection of reality.

-So your saying I am stuck here and will never wake up?

-Most likely yes.

-Oh shit!

Relax or stress?

The same is true in golf as in life, if your stressed then you tighten up.

Most don’t stay relaxed trough their swing, you want to do that but if you have compensations they will show up as tighten the grip due to that’s what we automatically do if we are off balance. If our body is moving off the optimal efficiency we want to compensate and then you tighten the grip.

So practice that for a few weeks daily might not seem like good advice but if your doing it all the time it’s a habit you want to get rid off and be able to stay relaxed.

Most want a technique or drill but that’s basically worthless unless you mastered relaxed throughout your swing movements.

Once your able to do that you will feel when your compensate or not.

Then you want to improve the efficiency so you can stay relaxed during the swing to improve your game.

Its important.

How does improvement work?

Maybe a dream, a desire or a will to do more?

We do things actions we set in motion to achieve a difference.

Next most fail to understand that if we repeat what we did the result cant be different, however if the result is the intended one then all is good.

If its not we want to improve and so we do with feedback of the action we do that’s called behavior.

Behavior will soon be mapped to correlate to the result intended.

Once there is a match and fit we are done as we arrived at the destination.

We then pay attention where we arrived to seep into the atmosphere what its like and Aquent us with what’s here.

Later we can name this and understand this and then we want to come back.

Then we have the map.

Build new practice

Once you set out to improve, most don’t improve in a manner I call progress worthy of the time and energy spent.

For example I improved what I do with a couple of range sessions and a few back yard practices. Each time while the target is set for the session one could think I am a beginner in golf as I wont hit the ball that well from the start.

Set the target, pay attention to the feedback you receive.

I did hit a few yesterday, and was tired and was questing to even go and do some practice but sitting home isn’t a fun thing all the time so I went and hit a few. First as I was tired it was horrible and soon I thought ok this isn’t working so I adjusted and then it worked. I continue to do that what worked.

Each time you do practice most wont improve as they didn’t actually measure stuff along the way. They do 2 hours but did they improve?

Most don’t. They did the practice but they didn’t improve.

Skills to improve we want to know what’s going on that allows us to improve.

Target, where the ball is suppose to go and what its suppose to do to get there.
Then you receive feedback, once you notice the feedback you can improve massively in a very short time. I often when giving advice on the range make sure feedback is included and can have people have the best contact they ever didn’t even know existed.

Whatever they been doing isn’t working so they do more of that.

I dont do drills.

As I identified what my body is suppose to do in the down swing then it was a matter of doing practice allowing that to happen and let the system reorganize to that. Last shot felt like an devil opened up the gates to virgin city and penetration happen.

It was so smooth.
I saw the club head make contact and the sound and the touch was immense.
That shot still is with me today the sensation of such was amazingly powerful.

Many would now assume that I would go out there and trying to replicate that shot again. That’s not practice that’s drilling and wont work.

You become the the drug addict trying to find the fix the perfect golf feel again. It won’t work for drug addicts so why even think it will work for golf then?¨

Once you found better feedback and adjusted and measured your improvement then the next step takes place to let the organization happen and then as stuff improves along the way identify and define and then build new again to practice from.

At some point, it just works.

However if your not improving in the session, your doing it wrong.

Your not focusing on the feedback.