Development process RBIm 3.1

In every model I want to make a instruction set that tells one what to do in steps. In each instance when someone cant do it for whatever reason we want to then train us to be able to do it.

While this is ongoing work on the side for me as I am focused on golf fully this summer I am still doing small changes and tweaks to the instruction set for the model.

Its been the last few weeks again obvious for me that you really need to build the corner blocks of the brain to be able to do it unless your already able to just do it.

So, ongoing.

Talked to Hans today and he is on track as he started to really get the new phase 3 better and better.

The RBIm golf system and what it can do for you

1. Have a 300+ yard driving
2. A 4% dispersion pattern.
3. 15 feet average proximity to the hole.

That sums it up to be the best golf system in the world.
The Ultimate Perfect system for realizing your potential as a golfer.

Tour pros have a 8% or worse dispersion as average. A 30 feet average for the best from proximity to the hole.

If your top 500 or so on the ranking you can be top ten in the world using my system.

What are you waiting for?

The recent air crash

When someone has decided to end their life and the rest with them, there will be signs that something is off for them.

Main issue for humans are, can we trust the instinct about them when such happens?

While he was able to talk and chat it still will with such a decision there be signals that something is off. The trouble as anything we need to know what they mean which can be difficult as humans has a tendency to ignore such as the disbelief is what people respond with, as I cant believe he or she would do such etc..

For example Dx12 can have a 400-500-600% improvement over dx11 as a new api for your computer so your fps in the same game with the same hardware can be 400% better, the marketing? they told them to say 40% due to people wouldn’t believe the claims made. I went and checked that and accepted it as someone did test that and got such result, no disbelief from me.

Naturally one can always fit the stuff into your existing world and beliefs about it to make you accept it, influence it, persuade etc..but for me that means work and I don’t do that shit.

I just state the results and then you or anyone else can believe or don’t.

That someone decided to kill themselves and the others there is then a signal in the system if you know what to check for that then if you believe they would do it then you are dead as I am in the, better safe than fuck we are de….!

Update: seems the trigger was a break up with his girl.

Is the Titan X futureproof with 12gb ram?

No, the Nvidia card don’t support dx12 tier 3 only tier 1. (3 tiers for dx12)

Windows 10 is about to hit us during summer. The new OS has dx12 which makes the change to a new paradigm where cpu are used better and the dx12 api specifications are different and the Titan X don’t support all tiers of dx12.

Buying the latest card from nvidia means you basically buy old tech.

For the price I assumed I get the latest bleeding edge stuff.

You don’t.

Are you a Nvidiot?

I buy AMD graphics cards as they are fulfilling what I want to do when I game and currently a 290 from amd sits in my machine since 18 months.

I don’t buy Nvidia hardware for several reasons, one the CEO lied on TV when presenting a new card then the recent 4gb ram which was actually 3.5gb is another one the third is the idea of locking everything to licensing fees. I dislike them as a company and I also found they tend to hire people to do focus group on forums and such. Its just bad business practice.

I also find Nvidiots tend to write in amd threads a lot and I don’t write in NVidia threads much if at all. Nvidiots are much like Appliots people who don’t understand reality at all. I don’t by Apple either as their system are limited and functions badly for what you want to use them for but some swear it’s the best thing since chocolate as they will excuse any bad thing with the products.

Don’t be a Nvidiot.

There are enough of them out there already.

Phase 3 started for Hans

The Mikaela factor.

Its taking the baseline skills from phase one and two and improve them to find out how its time to go, boom I’m ready.

The performance mode now goes into gear big time as we want to really exceed the limits and start to control the variables of the zone and explore what’s going on with the intention and experience in regard to the results.

To do so we use the variables and measurements from phase two.

Creating the baseline and feedback and then apply the skills to test what one want to do and then be able to measure how one is doing allowing unprecedented precision and control over ones performance in the zone.

You know why SEAN O’HAIR struggled?

Quote “You know, last year I tried to go back to Foley.  What tournament was it?  Honda of last year.
He was still working with Tiger and I just couldn’t quite get the time from Sean that I wanted and the time that I did get I was getting bits and pieces and it just felt like it just made things harder for me.  Not saying what Sean was saying was wrong but just — I wasn’t getting that feedback that I needed.” end quote article

My highlight in bold.

Another one Sean Foley messed up. The players know it instinctively.

RBIm golf system is a different animal
provides you with feedback, measurement and the zone.

What a student did to his wife

In meetings she started to feel she wanted to get away as the group had grown and started to become larger and she developed claustrophobia in the process. Her husband asked her to re-visit the chair she used and where it stood and asked what else she could to arrange it up. He asked, if she did like the people in the group (smart move) then continue to add some space around the chair and a clear path to the door.

No need for the phobia cure, no therapy for daddy issues or years of regression work either. Whenever people need to fix issues due to them are thinking obviously if its an issue it needs fixing but in reality it just doesn’t.

What you want to experience is a powerful thing and what we do with our focus of attention. The student understood the basis of RBIm 3.0 and how simple it can be and then powerful along the way.

Creating and building greatness and superstars

One could argue that Mikaela Shiffrin was created and built to become a superstar. She didn’t follow the normal thing people do in skiing as the leaders wanted her to compete her parents said, nah she has a play she wants to do instead. They fostered her to be good but the one wanted to be best?

Mikaela as she at age 5 wanted to ski gates as she then could measure her performance. At that age she wanted to know. I assume her parents at some point taught her taught somehow and one of the questions I ask them and her whenever we meet.

Most think talent is needed. Its skills basically you learn to do. Obviously if you believe you cant do it then as usual suspects go there is no chance to learn them as you already limited the whole approach from the start.

I went and built a superstar as I figure I find out what to do and I did.

Most would give up beforehand as if you lack talent if you haven’t succeed if your golf swing is whatever it is that decides how good you are in golf.

Skills can be mapped, developed, trained and put into use if you know what they are but normally you just don’t know and lack the technology to do that which is what I done with the work with modeling to create models like the dyslexia one and the RBIm 3.0 one to be used to implement functional unit of actions so called talent build.

Building talent is easy for me. The work itself might not be obviously but once you done enough of it as I done you just end up knowing what to do. I can then map and contrast that vs what Mikaela Shiffrin did do on her own without really understand what she is doing so yes I can make her better at what she is doing being that good as she is already. That is all due to tools developed over the years.

In recent times I applied the Marvels phases of movies to the steps one need to do to master the sequence of result and success to build oneself the talent. Marvel applied phases what happens as each stage of movies are out, Captain America, iron man, then those with Thor started to fold into the Avengers movie that concluded the phase 1.

Once the phase one was over then Phase two started.

Sequels to ironman, Thor, captain America, then added with agents of shields, guardians of the galaxy, ant man, all expanding the phase one into more diversity and action ending with the avengers age of Ultron in April

Phase 3 is then adding even more diversity and expanding the land with dr strange, black panther, captain marvel, inhumans, and avengers etc…

Each phase is built to support the underlying phase and then expanding upon it.

Never knew that comic and business and success can be taught from superheroes and the CEO of marvel?

Hans just concluded his phase 2 learning curve and now he goes into the third phase the Mikaela factor.

Phase one was implementing his swing mechanics and have the best golf swing in the world to allow him the 300 yard and 4% dispersion performance variables. Done and concluded after 2 months of work, phase 2 was initiated from that to go to the performance model to learn the sequence and structural form of the zone and access to it under your own control along with measurable evidence of this to create the foundation of a new model of the world allowing new beliefs to be formed that were based upon what works.

Phase 3 the Mikaela factor is starting today.

Its all about making magic happen and then adding fine-tuning and tweaks to the performance from phase two and one to bring it into a even better output and result.

Creating the, boom I’m ready.

I wonder what would have happen if marvel didn’t make those movies then what would I have done then?

The process itself I used to get to this point to know what to do to create a plan in how to become a PGA tour pro wasn’t straightforward as it was built upon the premise I thought this you should be able to do as its what I want to do. On the way I was a bit naïve now and then but as things happens and you don’t give up and work to find out what needs to be done and works at some point I finalized enough experience and data about this so I could do it.

Naturally this haven’t been doable nor possible without Hans Anderssons ambition and willingness to keep on doing to get where he wanted to go. The tools I developed was learned first from the NLP field even though the modeling I developed is different than what those guys do. It was my interest to find out how stuff works that helped me get this far and then some.

Now it seems all simple and feasible and obvious but then I wandered a lot in a lot of forests and never saw the trees.

Becoming better

I often asked myself as the answers I have seems to be good so why not ask myself some questions?

Walking dead and becoming a zombie seems like a bad idea but then again I never did eat brain as far I know but I suspect the schools I grow up did put brains in their food.

Becoming better well its relatively straightforward, become good at what your interested in and one day your good at it. I never compare myself to others in what they do as I focus solely on the task at hand and becoming better at it. I often done mistakes and a lot of them but as the saying goes if your flawless and perfect you most likely are Jesus or God or some alien.

I had this idea that whatever coaches and elite level performers were doing wasn’t good enough. Even as a fan of Mikaela Shiffrin its obvious she isn’t performing to her potential all the time but that is what humans do we do our best and become better. If we don’t have the tools we become obsess with technique and in every instance I hear that I know the guys doing it and the guys coaching them don’t know the secret to elite level performance to your potential or ELPTYP for short.

I thought that they could do better as I wanted people who do a lot of work to become good to have the best tools and be able to know what to do and train oneself to become good so it would work. The Shiffrin progress shows someone that are doing what I do but she isn’t able to do what I am doing as she lacks the tools even though she is doing pretty well without them.

Realizing ones own potential what one is actually able to do is always a bit better than what people believe is doable. Its even true with those people believing they are good already as the performance levels we are capable of are indeed a way to greatness but random at best much like ice cream are made of sugar and ice crystalized with flavor but in the end with the right cream it can be truly epic delicious!

I guess I hope I would be done but the truth is your never really done with elite level performance as you can improve efficiency a bit, even change the approach a bit and then tweak that and then there is the effect over time applying it.

I been doing this thing for so long I never reflected much on it as I just did what I do.
That I become good isn’t the thing but the way I at some point exceled beyond good.

Into what people call magical, some call it nuts, insane full of it and asshole and other such nice expressions of ones own inadequacy of themselves.

What I do is magical.


I quote the guy I like about that “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.“

RBIm 3.0 and me = Magic