What’s cooking in the RBIm shed?

No its not drugs.

Its not any bad break guys hitching there either.

Maybe there is a guy dressed in a red dress and having a white beard in there?

Not saying the name out loud though.

Anyhow conspiracy aside, I am rewiring the application and presentation atm.
I am also working on video presentation of concepts.

Atm the baseline are a ground basic certification that will be mainly a home study program with the website as a communication platform. Once the basics are down and mastered you gain access to the RBIm templates to be applied for innovation.

There is also some work on the RBIm application protocol to be applied for different scenarios. Future wanted experience, what to do if you have a problem, the meaning of life, performance for sports.

That’s what I work on for now.

Any questions?

The days of education and some late reflections

First day started with the mapping and the evidence trail. Once that was taken care off which took a few hours I then the introduce the comparison mode and mapped the system as a demonstration.

Once that was done I introduced the SSG format applied from the mapping.

Day one was a bit hard on me, new concepts, logic and the test run to make a efficient tool for teaching. There was also an analysis’s if the Bandler phobia.

Day two was easier as we could start applying the mapping and also add the main comparison mode criteria to reveal the contextual meaning hidden behind the invisible walls of consciousness to contain and create the containment for measured SSG down the line.

As a result of this weekend it changed the way I teach this.

Mapping stays obviously, adding the evidence with measurement and definition utilizing the comparison mode to then be able to contain the consciousness trough an SSG format.

I also solved the awareness issue plagued in mythoself and any other technology along the way as it was tested with a 40 year old pattern and explained without any awareness that this is how it did work but once contained into a SSG the magic happen.

Awareness of ones own pattern and chain of events.

The emergence and paradigm change tends to happen naturally as the individual can now start to create choice.

Now this was with two of my senior students so it might be either easier or harder for someone new.

The force awakens the RBIm way

The force is a total fictional thing its not real.

However there is still hope that it can be!

I thought that why would the Jedi order be so retarded? Its like they had no idea what was going on in spite of them relied and study the force so much. Sure the force and the power was seductive to be all powerful to seek more power to rule the galaxy to create order who wouldn’t want that?

Would that be a bad thing?

Did the empire harass and killed innocent people out there in the galaxy?

I don’t know.

It seems like everyone was doing pretty good, they had star ships and they had the force what to complain about really?

Then they had laser swords!

Starships, laser swords and the force ok I am all in.

Still while one can say its not really magical by the way we make those swords and stuff come to life on the screen the idea they represent are however truly there for us.

You dress up and go cosplay and soon your everyday clothing isn’t the same across the town but you have a shop that sells you Jedi clothing or such that works well in our climate and your kids dress up going to school and wont be harassed as that isn’t cool due to then you’re a evil dark sith if you do so and none wants to be such right?

The idea is powerful it seduces us we try to fight it but the power it holds are so strong. We are drawn into the field the force arises within us we feel it we hold it and we cant let it go.

As I start to look for my sword the humming is starting within me as the field expands and as my senses sharpens its time to dress up.

Join me as together we can rule the galaxy December 17 when

The force awakens

Steps to an ecology of mind and the purpose of life with RBIm

One can ask, is there a balance between what we think and do in life?

You might not know what your past has taught you explicitly as many things we are as a human being comes from events that shaped our life and in RBIm we call those contextual meanings and we use the SSG format to map the contexts that makes up those events for us.

Let say someone wants to find their life purpose or such which is difficult at best I recommend to start with,

what are you interested in?

Your interest will be some generic stuff like, traveling, meeting people, painting etc..you will have a few things your really interested in.

Mine are, analyzing complex systems, research and inventing to create simpler applications.

One you start elicit such what your interested in your life you most likely will say things like, its not possible to happen due to time, money, beliefs or cultural or parents or whatever else.

You then go back to step one if you become stuck in the loop, so go back to what your interested in and then start to map the contexts involved.

You find that this might be going on then:

Context: Belief of money
Context: Beliefs of time and constraints
Context: Beliefs of what one can do.

Each such is mapped into contexts as once you start doing that you will clarify the events that are shaping your life as it is today and how it influence your life for the future.

If you get stuck mapping go back to step one about what your interested in.

Then keep mapping.

At some point you find out what’s going on and what the reference context/s are.

In my example here it might be about yourself and what you want to experience and about your family and the activity you want to do.

If you don’t really understand the system your likely missing something and start over again to step one.

Always go back to step one what your interested in and then run the mapping again to clarify as each time one does that allows you to not be stuck in the process elicitation itself.

And at some point you want to identify what your wishful thinking is that is going on as that’s what’s you believe will happen in the current situation with current system in place. You then run a comparison with the evidence which is the actual behavior your doing in your life so now you have 2 set of criteria we apply to the result of the mapping what you expect to happen [Belief] vs what’s actually does happen [Behavior] with the mapped contexts as a source for this comparison.

Once your able to do that you find you be able to choose.
One might need to map the final elicited mapping contexts into a SSG format to establish a clean definition of the old SSG contexts.

Formulating a new future can be done in several ways in some cases by knowing what your interested in and clarifying what’s going on by mapping the system you can make better choices in your daily life due to you now have a way to understand what’s important for you.

A balance between what life have in store for us and what we are doing with it.

Purpose with an ecology of mind along with it.

Did you notice this with the Bandler phobia Tv appearance?


At 3:30 they changed from one position of chairs to another, why?

The shown clip up to 3:30 didn’t work. Bandler had to do hypnosis which wasn’t shown on TV due to the obvious reasons for such.

You can see in the first footage that he is trying to amplify the positive choice but it isn’t working. He moved the fear to the image of the snake vs the snake itself. One can ask, what? Isn’t all we see an actual image of what we see?

Someone who isn’t seeing the whole story here would assume what he did first shown on TV is what worked but that isn’t the whole story.

Now and then we can alter the way the response we have which we will feel fine but then would that mean we would act the same way we previously did or in a new way?

That is a bit complex as a question due to we can feel fine about stuff but the behavior haven’t actually changed in the context.

2 days later certification done

Maybe I need some time then.

I am dead beat down and now days of rest are needed.

Pained body and mind which was expected as this was a stretch for me but it took me 2 months to prepare to do 2 days so that’s not a good way to do things but as the saying goes if your sick and been as such for 15 years then deal with it.

The feedback I had and received these few days been invaluable.

I hope I can start designing things for the website membership soon.
The class was well received and the concept itself wasn’t to difficult to get across.
After all you learn one thing and that cant be to difficult to learn right?

Next few weeks I will be in touch with them to assist and aid them as well as I can with what they learned and add feedback and such to improve and also when time passed to have a better talk with what its about and what’s going on using the RBIm 4 with SSG.

Mapping which is the idea allows you to once you do that start to understand the system in place which then will allow you to know what to do. I added the main criteria to that elicitation also as once you identified what the evidence consists off and accepted that you can diverge between wishful thinking and actual evidence.
Once I added that the elicitation process went as smooth as ever. Evidence as the usual suspect is the behavior people do. Like prejudice or assumptions or whatever else as expressed we then map down into containment of the SSG formats as one context or contexts then allow us to understand the involvement of the system itself.

Once you start doing that creates a paradigm shift that changes everything down the road. I will start once my health improves to draft videos of the concepts and there I be having these girls adding input and also others here.

The main idea stays, certification will be consisting of 3 main criteria once your able to do them you gain access to the RBIm templates that atm consists of three such and more will be added part on request and part on what interests me and would add a benefit to the system to create innovation.

RBIm is a education tool to teach yourself so once you have it down you be able to teach and learn yourself to create new stuff in the world.

That’s the idea.

The question then remains if that is to be possible to achieve and as far nothing else I encountered goes against that.

Lets find out if we can create history here together.

The girls and me


Glad to meet them again as one live in Germany and the other in south of Sweden way far away and that they took time and spent money to spend time with me talking for 2 days is beyond me why anyone would consider doing that.

They must be as nuts or even more so than me.

The days went by to fast as usual but it was a pure pleasure for me to talk and teach about what I cooked up here as it was ready to be served. The delight itself for me to be awesome to deliver the awesomeness to awesome girls can only be stated as Legendary so.

Bring back the awesomeness

Never lost it

The next day which is today the day two of the weekend the second day of the certification and I woke early way early and I was energized and awake.

I should be right?

After all I am talking and presenting the awesome technology of RBIm right the very one I developed so I should be excited right?

Oh yes.

This day is the best day of them all, the first one is always work as the teaching the concepts to present them to make you understand the system what to do and why we do it as this isn’t about doing things this RBIm is about understanding why we do all the things the way we do them as we do them.

This day is about applying the system, to trial and error to familiarize oneself with the mapping of the system to make errors to test how it works and why it does work.

Yesterday I walked them trough how to take away any prejudice and to understand what evidence is and how one can measure the units of consciousness. After all if you cant take what’s abstract and then make it practical its difficult to do anything really. So they learned that.

I also took a 40 year old pattern, mapped it out and then said this is how this all works for you in your life now, do you understand this?


Then I took that mapping put into a unit of an SSG quantified all that 40 year of pattern into a measureable unit and wham bang madam.

Now she understood.

Become aware.

How do you btw do new when you never done it before when you have no other way of life?

What the SSG format allows you to understand is that you can now start to create a whole new behavioral program for the contexts you engage into either they are work or home or life in general.

The SSG mapping and containment allows the system to never need to do any change whatsoever.

No change, no transformation and no mastery or whatever.

You create new.

Free from the past and not bound by the rules of what the world as far taught you what to be or do.

So now we need innovation, creativity and creation.

How do we create choice for the individual so they can choose to do what they either done or do something new? Many would think and assume we need to change things but that isn’t really true, as we understand and become aware of our own way of life the patterns the system in place then we can replace the system with a new one creating something that wasn’t possible to exist in the first place.

At this moment I am waiting for the ladies to show up.

It might be a few minutes or an hour I don’t know they be here soon anyhow.

Then I bring out the awesomeness and lets find out what will happen today.