so how do one do two book projects?

I often suggest, write an hour or two, set aside this time, no phones, mail, internet just do writing and then the rest of the day do whatever else.

Its called deep work.

I first write content to get it all down first. what to say, etc…
Once that phase is over I start to write revisions. Subtract and add after the initial phase due to things will change as information goes down.

  • Write all content down.
  • Start revisions
  • The final product will be different than the first idea.

Revisions means your using feedback to alter the information. Might not be enough or to much depending on the subject. Phase one can be hours even days or weeks. The main work is revisions. That takes most time as your likely to rewrite everything several times over.

Most think the initial writing is hard or difficult it isn’t, the revisions will be the main bulk of the work. I can write 100 books without even trying but the main work to get them done will take ages.

I use atavist atm it’s a program online, allowing me to add images, video, audio so I can make it more multimedia.

So then its not just a book but something a bit more depth within it.

Who created/developed NLP?

If one asks me the answer is obvious, John Grinder did.

Without him I wouldn’t sit here writing this.

Now and then people debate such but the answer is obvious as otherwise what would have happen is not much. We seen hypnosis and Bandler was incapable to build models the way they turned out with Grinder.

When core transformation was developed it was based upon the work of Roye Fraser, the andreases model his work and put it into the process form of NLP and totally missed the point. Modeling wont mean you get things right.

However refinement and definition is based upon what the result achieved defined are. So if one define the end result achieved in one way that also means the model itself will end up flawed depending in how the result was defined.

So we can have at least two sources for the wrong information both the definition of the result and the way the modelers go about their modeling.

When some of the world discoveries was made trough the centuries many people worked on the same problems and those we know today are those that published their result early on. They become named after the discoveries even though they were not the first ones.

Nikola Tesla for example discovered the radio.
He also built the lightbulb.
He also discovered remote control.

Yes! you will say and think now that what I wrote there isn’t right due to you learned that trough school that taught you lies.

The radio was Tesla and no one else and I wasn’t taught that when I was growing up and the fuck heads lied to me in school.

Then you have NLP and people telling you they lie to you up front.

The human nature to let the lies slide is astounding the morality and ethical concerns of humans are debatable at best. Let say someone came up and offered you one billion dollars to cut off someone’s head, now at first you would say no way I do that and then they say well its this person and then you thought ok I can do this then.

That’s how language works btw somehow you made sense of who that person might be and what made it doable and possible to do just that what you just thought you couldn’t do.

That’s a language trick a hypnotic if you like trick.
You have a human go from no way to yes way in a sentence.
and besides one billion dollar are a lot of money.

When Bandler sued people like John Grinder for stealing NLP away from him as he said he did create it etc…and I asked John La Valle directly what this was about and he told me to read the judge decision as I asked this, what was Bandlers NLP and he never answered me about it as there is none.

After the fact we can use concepts and language to create the wanted outcome but that one might never have happen but we think it did. When we do its as real as any real event that took place.

RBIm is a way to learn how to work with language trough context and understand the human frail perception as we are so susceptible to suggestion without ever realize it.

Its so easy to be fooled by the fogs of language and process and unconscious trough representation when people then are missing the obvious.

That language and representations are part of a process that can be mapped trough context using RBIm and then there as no process.

While we want to believe

The judgment of our own performance is poor from us, either we downplay or we up-play it as to judge what we do is often best left to others.

If you think its easy even simple your good at doing it and others may not even understand how your able to do it. I asked myself why a golf pga famous trainer in golf didn’t changed the main pattern of Tigers movement after 6 weeks and still a year later it haven’t changed. That was my cue to say, ok I can do things they don’t even know exist.

So can you.

Maybe its though to say or even identify for you that ok I can do this thing that so easy and that means I am good at it?

Yes most likely.

Matching what you can do with what you desire to do is what one can say the meaning of life. Once you can do that and maybe even no one else can its pretty darn amazing.

It wont help if you can both do it, explain it and demonstrate it as I done with public time and time again with dyslexia as people cant simply believe and they don’t want to believe either what just did happen did actually happen as the dyslexic isn’t dyslexic anymore but a normal reader.

The kid going from D to A in a week was called out to be a cheater as people around him, his teacher and classmates couldn’t believe he achieved this without cheating as the result was so dramatic.

The lady with MS and cancer and 2 weeks later the cancer was gone and her doctor didn’t call me to ask how the hell….

Understanding that the brain for example register events isn’t hard to get but to understand that not only does that happen but isn’t released and then people do things that does not allow that stress to be relived as people say, blow off some smoke?

That’s means metaphorically there is a engine heating up and has no release which means they haven’t fixed the pump doing the work yet. So if the issue and valve isn’t fixed then how is blowing up some smoke you know shooting stuff, beating up some guy going to fix it?

You want to believe but the truth is different.

Physical intu-flow and tips on the road

Mobility is created by moving joints and ensure the range of movement with tendons are extended slowly over time. If one just move the joints range of movement wont increase much unless when your each your current limit of mobility and work on that a bit slightly with intu-flow. Over weeks even months to years your mobility will slowly increase.

When we stretch the idea is to make the muscle release the tension. To do so we hold the muscle stretch a bit until the neurons relaxes out, as one holds the tension will release and that’s it. 1 to 3 times is enough. This isn’t really stretching but to ensure the muscles do release the activity there. Once one feels the release its enough due to the way we don’t need to repeat much as we create a direction for the release.

Many never thinks about this but if you hurt yourself, bump into anything your brain retracts the muscles to protect but here is the kicker, it does not release that to the original value before the bump.

The brains signal and warning system isn’t created to relax this fully.
It keeps a tab on this for a long time.

If we bump enough we are in a constant alert and will be stressed even if we don’t have a busy schedule.

Intu-flow and releasing the alert muscle system is a good way to ensure a physical make up both for relaxation and recovery. Our mind and body are made to be used if either we relax to much or stress to much both wont work.

Its beyond me when you hear all the gurus say things like meditation but once you do physical work as I do you don’t need meditation anymore. You learn to stay in the relaxed state and can maintain it with little effort.

  • Once a bump (stress) happens the muscle contracts (protection)
  • The brain don’t release the contraction back to its original value as it keeps tabs.
  • To ensure good mobility and increase range of movement we do Intu-flow and physical work.


From wiki

In short, wisdom is a disposition to find the truth coupled with an optimum judgement as to what actions should be taken.

To be able to do so as humans we need information coupled with the ability to stay meta to the task itself.

If to invested we cant make a sound judgment (That fucked up NLP subjective experience shit right there) if we are to objective we cant make an informed decision.

When we think which we all do 24/7 we have less knowledge about that process than how a space ship works. We have scientists that can say what happens due to the way they do experiments but that does not lead to better ways to go about thinking as the same flaws they discover is still there either they want it or not.

So the problem is the way people think and the way our brain works and while we can understand the current situation we don’t have a solution due to the flaw of thinking already in place prevents just that.

Either we become to invested or not invested enough.

A new conceptual thinking to incorporate the way the brain works and how humans make judgment is then the way to go to find out what that could be.

The mouse and the eagle a tale about global warming

In nature the eagles and hawks multiply when there is more food around which means more mice’s. Sadly for any lover of animals that’s what is going on out there.

Hawks and eagles and others kill mice for food.

Its why we have so many of them as they have learned that more mice ensure survival. That’s Darwin.

Let say we take an animal not inherent to the country like rats to Australia or dogs or whatever else and we find that the nature natural cycle goes out of order.

That’s means the context is stable if all the sequences are as they been for a long time and that means down the road that will also happen to such places that is out of order today but it will take some time for Darwin’s evolution to happen.

Still its not just animals but fungus and plants along the way also.

It all will reach a balance point in the future but that takes time and generations to happen and we might not be able to wait for that.

Human beings have an ability to understand that something isn’t working and can either help or create disaster. Adding oil spill or import illegally animals or plants and give a shit about laws and then add to the unbalance already in place.

Weed for example is an issue there and many of those come from gardens that was made to be pretty.

Humans are actively contributing to such and then people ask if global warming is a cycle from nature and I say yes but now we added humans to the equation and those don’t give a shit as they wont change their lifestyle just because a few countries have hurricanes or storms and cant survive due to heat or other reasons.

To change the course of global warming your lifestyle needs to change.

In USA that burns 3 times as much as an average household in Europe they have to cut down 75% of their current usage patterns, you believe that will happen anytime soon?

Unless governments enforce better rules and laws towards industry and human lifestyle we wont be able to change the heating process that already is out of control.

That’s just the way humans think and do things and while you may have a interest to help out to do your part of this and I applaud you for that it wont change the problem anytime soon.

Humans have contributed and contribute today and that means we as a spices are killing ourselves.

The curious fact about human psychology is that we can know everything about something and still do nothing. There are books about self help and ton of gurus out there telling you things and you done it all but still its not working.

Fixing problems while logical and seemingly the way to do it right as if a problem exist then to fix it we provide a solution.

What’s the solution to the global warming then?

To cool down the heating process right?

How do we do that then?

We can start to pinpoint exactly what to do that leads the system to balance out itself. We can get down to the behaviors you and others need to perform to make it happen.

If you don’t throw the garbage out of your sink it pile up and soon become a sanitary problem to fix that you remove the garbage when it starts to get out of hand and then someone else take that garbage and then move it somewhere else.

However you never forget to remove the garbage for some reason, well some humans might be doing just that we call them homeless or just weird and they are not common just a way to show humans can do weird shit as a suggestion what not to do for most people.

So that’s easy to understand that we remove the garbage before it starts to pile up and smell.

You now need to start doing that with the planet to make sure it does not heat up more. Take note no scientist out there is telling us what to do that allow us to make sure the heat isn’t piling up and nor does anyone else.

So what happens when you don’t know what to do to fix the heating global warming then? You read the labels the warning signs and think to bad for those people living in that country and we are still living on the same planet…….but humans cant stop doing what they do if only you have information as more information about global warming and the effects of it wont change, your behavior in what to do.

Isn’t that interesting say?

So while we may know it’s a problem there is no change due to information don’t help us at this point.

Self help works the same way and its easy to think fixing a problem is the way to solve bad thinking, feeling like shit or whatever else that might go on.

I found out a long time ago people have problems and try fixing them but evidently it wont help them to live and create a life that works for them. There be new problems.

The same cycle will happen again unless we find something to alter the cycle.

I then started to research ways to design ones life.

There was none.

When the garbage pile up even the most fool hardy will change it or your neighbors will against your will. That’s how wars start.  People at some point wont take it anymore.

That’s human nature.

We need something better that can actually take advantage of the human mind to evolve it into an action produce machine.

So we can understand that ok, that’s not going to work out so good for the country or the world and we need to do something about it. In global warming what’s lacking atm is a context in what to do. While knowing it’s a problem wont help fix it. Behaviorally we don’t know what to do.

Buy a car that runs on electricity is one good way to do it btw. Burning Fossil fuels are bad for the world. Sell your current car and buy one that draws 25 of current fuel that your big dodge does is one simple way to drop 75% of your contribution to global warming.

Its that simple.

While an electric car be optimal to ensure 100% a 75% or 50% reduction of your fossil burn behavior of gas and oil today goes a long way if everyone started to do just that.

That’s what the politicians need to say, buy this car brand as it ensure your contribute a 50 to 100% reduction of fossil contribution.

Now we have found a way to ensure your contribution can be done to aid the world.

Those that wont change their cars get a tax that’s cost more than anyone earns in 10 years. that drop those cars and owners down big time. People wont change cars unless force to.

They say things like its their right to have whatever car they want and simply put, it isn’t. You don’t have a right to kill Earth the planet.

That’s what your doing along with other people with your current lifestyle and the lack of incitement from the world governments.

Killing the planet.

Its been a long day

First went online with twitter and figure I link twitter to my site here, well that didn’t work so well as the site took a hit for slowness as I tested jetpack. couple of hours I figure make link to twitter seems like the fast efficient way so it is.

Then I got early feedback from down under about RBIm 6  which was positive, yay!

Next was to test a online software that allows content creation with text, audio and video that for me seems to look really great to view. I did a test and easy to use and has a plan if I want to sell online.

I cleaned house also and are about to make some cinnamon buns.

atm I feel tired as the twitter, cleaning and atavista took a toll on me.

However I will post updates on twitter as well as the Facebook group and here along the way.