What’s your whole experience?

There is no answer to that question.

How do I get the full experience from RBIm 4 with SSG?

Its not how this works for us as humans. First we might stumble a bit what this is, oh its love some say that this what I am feeling is love? Most cant even talk what love is or such still after decades of research.

Our experience always are depending on two things, what’s the context and what’s your action within that said context.

With humans its never about the external context only what we react and respond to internally.

I still are improving with Intu-flow after 8 or so years its getting Better

Is that happening for you better?

If not that’s the main criteria I use to ask whenever people would go in this line of questioning, is your life improving becoming better?

No, the car the castle or the space shuttle outside your door wont make you happy nor a blow job from a paid call girl or the late night sandwich when the wife is asleep.

There is no real end results here as improving is what’s the human thing is about.

If you stagnate and loose the variation in life your dying slowly or fast. Our brain works that way as we learn stuff our brain automate that and moves the information for us and that for most people means a lack of connection to their experience and that’s why people are always searching for it.

I don’t need to.

Its getting better

How does the SSG template work really Rob?

To have an experience to perceive reality you find the end result what people are aware off. What happens before that how its maintained isn’t on the map. So when you set this what happens is your brain creates the recursive nature and projects this into a contained of neural nets. Its activated and then never really off. You have many such neural nets going on such as eating food and while it seems trivial you once couldn’t hold a spoon and eat soup or a fork and eat stuff due to your coordination wasn’t good enough. At some point you learned how to manage that and it wasn’t your unconscious mind as that does not exist.

That talk if anyone you encounter talk about the unconscious mind please run away as they don’t know what they are doing.

Imran had that experience setting the SSG up and then engaged into the context and first after understood and realized how it had worked but doing the act itself was in the moment presently aware, so how do you really explain how that works?

When your experience that presently aware you cant understand that normally. That’s part of the structural format itself did the chicken or the egg come first?

Was the moment 22 a moment 21 earlier?

The template works the way your brain operate with the SSG is the software to control and create reality on the fly. To learn to do we need to maintain and contain our perceptions and our received reality and while some think it’s a good idea to build beliefs your not in control they are with their talk of unconscious minds which is the same thing cults do or priests do with some unimaginable friend they call God, get the fuck out of that shit fast.

Once you navigate and set this up and its become a choice you have as much control and awareness you ever going to have as for most part it wont even feel like you did anything it wont feel like a huge change or transformation or master of anything as you working with how you brain are projecting the neural nets and contextual meaning later. Since it wont feel like you did anything much with this how do you check for evidence and measure and that’s done with engage into the action and after and take note after check that.

If you do something and it works and then something happens that you didn’t plan and then don’t tweak, adjust that whatever it was then it wont work as I told people The Mythoself process don’t work.

I had people telling me they cant do it that been to that shit. They cant maintain their attention long enough to make it happen. Their trainer don’t know what he is doing. Yea I just called out the incompetence of a world renounce trainer who work with fortune 500 companies.

Want me to continue?

I told the guy that 11 years ago already and he did nothing to fix his own perceptions of that.

Alright, so how does the SSG template work as what you can do is to set it up, activate it and then test it after if whatever you did with the template did work later.

Whatever your reality was before that wont matter. Your now different without even knowing what this new different did actually happen. That is the one main reason people having a slight skew idea of the RBIm 4 as what we are doing here are things that are so fucking advanced its tear down the reality manufacturing process and most are not that well equipped to handle higher advanced logic on the fly as can you do calculus to calculate spaceships entry points to earth from space?

The same level of logic going on here and while I am interested into the how to and how it works when I know how it works I then apply it and don’t ask myself questions why its this way and not another way.

Its your reality for fuck sake.

If you press this button then a nuke are sent off to a big town, this button? Yes so if I press this then that happen? Yes, ………a moment later the button is pressed and then they say, well nothing did happen?

Not here dude you just pressed a button so obviously nothing going to happen here.

That town however is soon gone.


Yes welcome to another misunderstood button presser.

RBIm 4 using the SSG template is a superb tool but it wont help against the ones who push buttons in spite of the text saying, nuke firing button.

You don’t want to change. It’s the human nature. We believe change can be controlled. That I can change this whatever it might be but that’s not how reality is created. Psychology, NLP etc…went into the rabbit hole and I asked why are those guys going into the rabbit hole?

It’s a process they told me.

I say no guys it isn’t.

I already figured it out but if your going into rabbit holes all day then you wont know what I even talk about.

The mythical and mystery is a seducer to talk fancy without any meaning like hypnosis talks but its also altering and perceiving differently your mind cant know the difference and then no mind of unconscious will save you from Richard Bandlers voice or beliefs.

Just saying guys.

Don’t be an idiot.

However if your able to maintain and run the template a few times it will at some point streamline the steps but to run it requires you to be active it wont be automatic. It wont be unconscious….

This is a conscious choice you can make with one reality vs another.

Are you ready to go big and really be able to pull off some things people still wont believe even when I said so for decades?

Did see the doctor yesterday he said, dude seems you lost like 10kilos?

Dunno was my reply as I don’t use a scale.

I changed my lifestyle using the SSG template.

It works better than anything out there in the world.

Don’t follow the rabbits as those holes leads nowhere

Since the context stays the same and we change its meaning then whatever was true before now isn’t anymore. That’s what happens when we do follow the template of the SSG. Explaining that goes into the realm of philosophy and I aint big on that shit.

Played 18 yesterday

Was a pain after a week of daily workouts but friend came up from another town so was to gear down and go grit it out.

Hit a good drive hole one with 30m to go to green. Hit more perfect shots in a round than I done in a season before. Finished off with another good drive but didn’t manage to get the wedge close enough.

However was so tired playing I hardly could talk, did eat a pizza after and felt like I took a bite of a small sandwich as the pizza felt like not enough. calories burned.

Hans playing a few rounds this weekend and I hope he does what he can do now

A new era for mind body technology

Imagine your anchoring resources then need to move them where they are useful.
What’s wrong with that?


That idea from NLP is a limited one.

If you then are to change you want to make sure the change your about to do are what you want and are easily measured and manageable for you. To anchor resources isn’t needed to do anymore nor is it to spin feelings or any other such.

RBIm 4 using new technology with the SSG allows one to create a contained of choice that allows the brain to create the desired context with its meaning once you follow the format.

Map old SSG start and end points: set aside.
Create new SSG and find the end point has the desired result.

Changing the context is impossible. What we want is to change the meaning but to change it within the same context in how it currently works are difficult as current stuff like NLP, NHR, new code NLP etc…are using old unconscious mind concepts that are 150 years old.

RBIm 4 breaks new ground here accelerating the understanding of what’s going on in your minds abstract layer to make it manageable to organize and plan for. Your then changing the way you make decisions for change creating infinite choice.

Once you get the hang of how this tool works RBIm 4 using SSG its like magic.

Your brain now knows what direction and Intention you have and what to do to get there.

Amazing technology.

I developed it.

I am the RBImGuy

Ever asked this question?

What to do with your life?

I got that in an e-mail btw.

Issue nr 1 one for me would be well whatever someone else does, who cares right?
Unless its someone climbing into your house then you shoot them on sight obviously.

Can we learn to be better and yes we can, then the question of why is difficult to be answered as what to do with your life as like some actors take heroin and die and are celebrated as so good when they were drug addicts. Some guy made sure his wife the star from bodyguard took drugs and ruined her life and died along the way as her kid also.

So what to do as the why needs an answer.

In schools we don’t have that in our education and its one I ask people why go to school? Is it fun? NO?
Why then spend your time here?

Internet have changed the social media rules and the laws we have are not catching those trolls and hate people spew out there all day long. Next they try to shield people from hate and ban racism talk, hate talk and prejudice talk etc..

Next they think we need a babysitter also.

Make it hot like the Affleck guy fucked instead of his wife. Why hire a girl like that? are she really that smart that wife of his Garner?

So if you become successful you fuck around take drugs and often just die from stupidity it seems. Seen that with NLP a lot also and if it isn’t drugs its food or some other drug of choice. Why are so many NLP trainers fat? does not make sense to me. Seems their lifestyle is filled with limitations.

People like to do two things, build or destroy.

I like to blow things up give me a few nukes and I am sure to use them for a good purpose but normally I just build things. Its difficult to build when you put a nuke to use but who cares then right?

What to do seems at best a funny question as most still are tied into drugs and bad lifestyles out there to hate and run prejudices and do bad shit.

Trouble is whenever we go on a rampage and requires better jails or penalties we need to check what’s going on to measure up things like do the usa crime vs drugs do any progress the answer is no. More people are in jail than any other country and they still haven’t lessen drug use or users as its so popular in their society.

Its always a signal its something wrong with the culture when people do drugs.

RBIM 4 is a way to build something better for oneself, to take charge of the changes and choices one has or want to have. You want to build a better spiritual and enlightenment path you can do so without the dogma or if you want to do better in business you can do so and if you want a better sport performance again you can do so. You want to fix things going on and then add momentum to build and improve and the SSG allows you to do so organizing the plan of your experience and future along the way.

It’s a tool its not a cult or religious system like NLP or Mythoself or other systems out there.

As a tool you have the freedom to enhance your life beyond reality.

Want to become superhuman?

That’s a yes right?

Who wouldn’t?

Most would stop me now to say – well I got a ton of problems and excuses to not do that.

Its why I developed a technology and while it was for me to have answers to questions I had for decades I also created something truly wonderful.

The way to start allowing yourself realizing your full potential as a human being.

Godlike some would call it.

The limits society and culture load upon us are massive and we might not realize it until we have those days when we are really going good and we are as some say outdoing ourselves.

Those days and those moments can become your default way to operate your daily life. To use superhuman or Godlike is what we come to believe we need to be to do such feats.

The first time I worked with Hans he started to add 60 yards to his driving distance in golf as we walked he hit a pw 30meters longer than he ever done and told me, that’s impossible. I don’t hit it that long. Obviously that’s denying that he actually did hit it that long.

The question then becomes
how do we gain access to our potential to our own Godlike powers?

RBIm 4 is a way to solve that as we can start to organize our own reality by creating new ones by containing the changes by using our own choices to do so. In the recent Skype chat I suggested things like why not walk up to strangers like you know them already?

For those with social anxiety that fixes it right away.

Why do people engage into the way they are taught to operate is due again to what we responded and learn to react to in life. When ever something new comes along its at first radical, strange, new and frankly a bit terrifying as what if I could have my fullest potential all the time?

Now someone with social anxiety will try to tell you that they cant do that walk up to someone as they have anxiety…and I say no you don’t if you do what I suggest. What I suggest isn’t real to them as they know how reality is for them albeit a constructed one they have no control over so why not build a new reality they do have control over using RBIm 4?

  • Now you will hear its not possible I tried it all. No you didn’t.
  • You hear things like I always have it and had it. No you didn’t.

People don’t respond from facts and truths
but what they perceive reality to be for them.

As I was talking and demonstrated the RBIM 4 concept with SSG live on Skype without any problem at all going faster than slight of mouth as we don’t deal with change anymore. What we do is build new that you choose to have or not.

That’s a huge concept something unheard off you can now choose to have social anxiety or not. People working and those who have social anxiety will tell you or me that whatever I say or write about isn’t true it cant be done. Its that easy or simple. Once you go that you already know people you cant have anxiety that way anymore. You don’t need to change the anxiety you had as it will stop working as soon you have such a choice to choose from.

Your now starting to realize the potential of yourself and the RBIm 4 system.

You can access the best of yourself and then improve upon that.

You don’t need to guess anymore.

RBIm 4 allows one to take what’s really abstract and contain it and then be able to mold and work at it the way you want it to be. Freud was born a long time ago his culture and social standings was also brought into the mainstream that unconscious minds exist while none have proven they do.

Once someone proven one can do what we do here its suggest that the concept of an unconscious seems like its not true or real.

Metaphorically we are talking directly to the hardware without needing a lot of software to translate the instructions.

More to the metal.

Freud didn’t have this back then he had to guess what was going on and those guesses was then added as concepts of the mind representations what he thought was going on. Mainstream cultures today have accepted that and NLP for example rely on that a 150 year old archaic idea????

That is how old the unconscious mind concept is.

RBIm 4 simply changes the way you think and operate about change as you can have choice about it. You can create that choice by starting to apply the technology today.

Most are afraid though. It cant be done they say as there are no books or that some Gury out there in NLP said it but they are all stuck with process.

While a process do happen why would we want to try to fix the water going downstream when we can build a dam that regulates how much water that actually do run downhill and then have a whole reservoir of water just sitting there waiting for us to express?

Suddenly with that metaphor your brain goes what happens if I open the gates fully open? Your about to realizing your potential as a human being.

Want a minute to think about that then?

Take a break ponder it over? Meta-think this so you really get the idea?

This technology allows reality to be changed faster than light. RBIm 4 has cracked the code to human enlightenment.

What then to do?

A fix for anxiety has been found

In the world a lot of people suffer from anxiety, social or other forms even panic attacks.

In the form of social anxiety, one have issues either meeting or talking to people or masses of people like supermarkets and that cause a lot of social boundaries.

RBIm 4 concept Self Sustaining Generalizations [SSG] allows that to be fixed.

One create after defining the current anxiety and I use social anxiety with people here as an example to a new SSG that simply put set it as you already know the people your going to meet and talk to.

If one has general anxiety like supermarkets you apply it for that context and follow the same outlined SSG procedure and steps.

  1. Define the old SSG Social Anxiety start and end points
  2. Set aside the old SSG. (Its not worked on)
  3. Build a new SSG adding that you already know the people you will meet and talk to.
  4. Choose one of them.

Once the anxiety is taken care of some individual still might need to do more due to unresolved underlying issues the brain tried to fix by creating the anxiety as a solution. If there was really an unconscious mind there doing things it really sucks fixing things for us. Since anxiety and stress and worry are our times common problem it’s a sign that we need ways to address this and RBIm 4 with the SSG will allow you to take what’s abstract in your mind and get practical and then your able to start changing at your own choice and pace.

The recent RBIm 4 SSG Skype chat with me applying the RBIm 4 with SSG will allow you a firm grasp on the steps and if any questions after that let me know.

Skype session follow up and about relativity

If desired and wanted I will run an updated feedback Skype session if there is demand for it. After all you can talk to the developer, me and then have access for free to one of the most brilliant minds ever in the field of NLP how about that?

I am surprised that John Grinder, Richard Bandler and Joseph Riggio haven’t lined up yet to be part of the future of mind and body technology. This should also apply to their followers of their cults along the way.

Sadly that does not seem to be the case for some reason?

One of my favorite actors as a character is in the TV show Defiance.
Dr Yewl played by Trenna Keating. She has by far a touch of sarcastic irony that I find hilariously funny.

Back in the early 1900 a young man called Einstein set the world on fire with the theory that newton’s clockwork world was suddenly in question as the relativity would show that light bends around gravity. It did. Today we use Newtonian math and mechanics to send shuttles to space and while the Einstein relativity was important for example nukes and such devastating power with nuclear power we still use both those for different things. While the world model changed from Newtonian was to bring in a bigger world and then somehow they also found out where all the black holes were hiding in the middle of pretty much every galaxy.

The world changed perceptions so we could discover new things.

You and me both are stuck in what we perceive and what we can conclude from that perception and if we are stuck with old stuff all the time we never get anywhere we need or want to be anytime soon. The world changes based upon perceptions so we can ask how to control those so we can perceive more but that isn’t the case with cults. In such people belong to the idea that other people know what stuff is about for real and they don’t know anything at all.

The reason a gang or a cult is difficult to deal with is that the individual give up their individuality their soul so your no longer talking to the individual your always talking to the gang or cult when interacting with their members. That’s how it is with NLP and Mythoself and also true with other such organizations. Main issue is that people don’t understand themselves how this works when they gave up their soul for a group to belong to. Its evolution obviously partly as we are good hanging out with other people.

RBIm 4 allows you to start discovering a whole new world for yourself.

Freud was born in the 1800´s and was from a culture of Newtonian clockwork and a unconscious mind was a thing to add due to he couldn’t understand the logic of the issue some people had. NLP based their technology on what people caused to achieve results that is based upon that same Newtonian culture.

Imagine your working with a 150 year old technology today which is what NLP does along with Mythoself.

Our minds and body needs a better way to organize and that is done trough taking what’s abstract create a self sustaining generalization within a defined context that creates relevance and relation to the information you just created taking what’s abstract in your mind into manageable working structural forms trough the RBIm 4 system. That’s a really good thing btw…

Once you have the organization down trough contextual format your formed a contained structure to hold the information that the brain can work with using neural nets. One has to recall that we construct reality its not out there for us we merely respond to the world we come to assume is real for us the way it seems real to us.

The mind is able to project for the future so that’s what anxiety is for people the past real it seems projected to happen in the future so why would anyone want to project what might happen so they can create anxiety?

The same structure people also use to project what can happen that works for them.
So what’s going on then? Your reality is a projection of stuff you come to assume are true. Either they are or not.

Naturally this can cause all kinds of theories and that’s what you see out there with psychology and other such technologies, guesswork in how reality is created and maintained.

RBIm 4 allows one to create a whole new unified theory of the mind and body to create a whole new progression and discovery in how to deal with stuff that psychology, NLP, religion etc..have no idea to do.

If you believe in a unconscious mind and use a process without definition like people do with NLP can you then have any idea what will happen when you present something different that don’t use that? They cant even comprehend its real.

Its beyond reality for them.

That is true for any cult and followers they loose their individuality and become a member of the new context and its culture and now you have a huge problem as new reality and information wont go trough that mind set. While it can be a good thing as stuff like Stonehenge was built due to no wars were going on for hundreds of years and they built a place to worship their Gods and gifts and at least they didn’t build pyramids and then sacrificed virgins like the Inca guys.

Both did the same but added beliefs what the behaviors was suppose to be and that’s true for any religion today people believe in things to make up to handle what they cant comprehend and instead of seeking out the science its better to bury ones head deep down in the sand and let the ass stay wide open to be fucked with.

Had a ton of a good time with the Skype chat with RBIM 4 and SSG and will enjoy them further on.

Cult or no cults we are all equal Gods.

RBIm 4 with SSG Live skype audio chat is now up

Had a great time talking about how to apply, understand and shared stories I encounter with people before RBIm 4 but the fun and live action is here for your benefit also.

RBIM 4 SSG Live as it can be chat link

Let me know if any issues listening etc,, with it.

The talk and chat covers, create context start and end. How to create the new SSG and what we can do to modify it on the fly.

  • To learn new skills
  • Interact with people differently
  • Dance salsa, martial arts and what else?
  • Communicate differently while understanding others better.

This was with two people and me and while I wished it be 10 people as its the maximum on skype it still however shows the potential and how fast this works as its applied live here.


Make mistakes and fail the way forward

Development either its change for whatever reason or improvement are filled with mistakes as the way we learn we cant really do things perfectly. We fail as the brain and body are made imperfect.

Can we improve the learning curve? absolutely. If you ever did write a book or a article or a script you find that they rewrite a lot. If you ever painted you also know before your able to put anything really shining on the canvas it takes a lot of time to develop the skills to be able to do just that.

However many who approach stuff believe they cant do it due to them fail doing it a few times so what’s that about?

A lack of a good plan obviously.

The RBIm 4 is the 4 iteration as far.

Microsoft has windows 10 and still they add upon whatever due to the technology changes around us. We use devices differently and newer and we need support for them.

So does our mind and body and the main reason of human development is that schools has a tendency to suck for us with their education. You might been lucky to have good teachers but I didn’t. I had to learn stuff myself.

Many also believe they can change by thinking they can change if they have enough information and I met so many who had more information they ever need but still couldn’t change. You might be one of them seeking more YouTube, more books and more articles.

The way to go about stuff is to try it out and fail and make mistakes.

Questions to ask are, how does this work? Am I improving in a reasonable timeframe? Do I need to adapt to the instructions or not?

So the Skype chat I am holding today are all about definitions and distinctions those small details people can learn faster due to talking to the people doing it helps to accelerate the learning curve. You will still fail and make mistakes but the curve changes.

If I was doing anything over the years it was to test things and try stuff out. I found out the NLP founders was clueless about their own technology. I found out that if I stuck with the NLP process I be as clueless like Eric Robbie the guy who Richard Bandler had to go to due to him could do things Bandler couldn’t.

I would have been clueless also if I did that.

I am clueless about a lot of other stuff but this I do understand.

Its why I write more about the understanding and making plans as those allows you to work on the proper levels in regard to change and make improvements.

Once you understand the RBIM 4 you also can skip everything else in the world in regard to change tools and religion and body work. Its that good.

Still your result will vary due to your background as everything I done the last 20 or so years is spent working on this. Its what I do research, analyze and test what I am interested in. It changed my life doing this technology it’s the first that really worked to allow me the answers I had starting out a long time ago.

Anthony Robbins lied on stage back in 1994 and I thought that funny so I sought NLP out and understood why he lied. He don’t know.
I asked NLP trainers and founders questions and got told stories. They didn’t know.
I asked the guy running Mythoself how to do the advertised stuff and he didn’t know and told me stories.

True now and then a story is a good thing for sure but if you don’t know you then be reversing to story telling due to you simply are stuck in the process. You don’t know that you know what you do know.

NLP and trainers like Joseph Riggio ask, how do you know? What’s true here and I don’t get that questioning due to asking someone that doesn’t know seems at best silly don’t you think?

Those masters of NLP asking questions people cant answer that’s how about the reason they cant communicate properly? How they fail and make mistakes still due to being stuck in the process? John La Valle said when asked about the future of >NLP that if he knew he be doing it and its here in Sweden John just call me up and pay a ton of money you be here certified to teach it.

Yes this is the technology they all be using in a few years.

Its currently called RBIm 4 with SSG and tonight it’s a Skype call Q&A with me.

I made mistakes and failed a lot of things but this technology I created doing all that allowed me to create something unheard off in history of mankind.

That I do know I didn’t fail or made mistakes about.