Yani tseng shot 66 and then 76

If you ask why Leadbetter don’t know what he is doing just ask Yani.

Cant be consistent. Still struggling with her game years after the switch to Leadbetter same as Tiger Woods did with Sean Foley.

she can hit it long but if you cant create consistency you then cant play and win.

Roye Fraser and his models the basis for RBIm 3.0

He created the generative Imprint and the functional mode. Never heard about him or his models? No surprise there.

Article about his here

Roye used NLP to map whatever he did found out which suck ass using NLP and its crap as NLP and Richard Bandler don’t understand this shit at all.

RBIm 3.0 btw is the next level of whatever Roye Fraser did as you can map those models he did straight over with improvements I created. I didn’t do that alone as I also had help from various people without them knowing they did help me get there.

Naturally the issue is how do you describe what cant be described?

I don’t even try to do that. Hans ask me now and then and I say, I don’t know do this then it works like this that’s how much I know. I don’t understand that as I know where the limitation of the human mind and its construction tends to be more about understanding than doing its why so many read books but don’t do what the books is about.

Why read books then? Entertainment? Why not apply what you did read?

What does it mean to be happy or to be?

If you always are going somewhere then your never here.
If you always are here then you never go anywhere.

This is about faith pure and simple and I utilize that for the work I do in practical ways to achieve results.

I use faith you use beliefs.

The dark force of the universe and the Phase 3 civil war

Its invisible.

The physical amount of mass don’t explain what the scientist can calculate so that means it has to be more mass that we cant see. The old axiom of if you see it and then believe it will be cant see will believe. That isn’t true in either case.

If gravity works the way it does it means mass has as we know it as soon you accelerate and break then you add mass to your body which can be felt so galaxies etc..moving affect gravity the same way with either acceleration or breaking that creates the added mass as it interacts with gravity. The timescale of this are long so measuring that is difficult.

Anyhow, phase 3 has started for Hans.

The Mikaela factor.

It basically means we are defining the variables to perform better in the zone.

In English or whatever people call what I write that you steer the intention to create your desired outcomes.

Most call it impossible, McCabe said none can do the zone more than 5% of the time playing any sport and I say 100%, so who is right?

I am.

I actually test things and don’t believe shit people tell you or me.

Naturally when your able to do things people thought was impossible it challenges your core foundation as a human being.

Your assumptions of the world changes much like seeing someone flying like Superman or wonder woman. When we transcend the normal into the magical people expect to see rainbows and unicorns for some reason.

My work is all about results. That I had to go trough misconceptions, not knowing what your doing like Sean Foley in golf or Monte Schienblum or iteachgolf or some other random expert on the golf forums or the coaches of Tiger Woods people might think well they must be good and the answer isn’t that.

The answer is, they talk to you fitting what they say to what you already believing to be true that you believe will accomplish the result you want and it does not work. I learned that trough client work over the years people coming to see me where the doctors failed, where the therapists failed where the new age coaches failed and then I did things that worked.

I was focused on results not beliefs not stuff that seems to be about nice talks like Sean Foley is doing not the random beliefs people have about the golf swing or such.

I actually know what I am doing.

Then again random stuff happens that we cant explain, the asteroid hit earth instead of passing by wiping out those dinosaurs.

Believing things when they don’t work is common, its safe as you then are working within your comfort zone. I don’t.

I challenge the established as I created the legacy to Mike Austin as I cut trough the red tape that the trainers don’t know about there. Its really simple btw when you know what it is and how it works.

Simple doesn’t mean easy.

The way I found out is some can do directly following the instruction, those that cant need to train themselves to do it. In some cases it might take some serious time and investment to master this.

Figuring out the behind the scenes stuff is like invisible forces working the corners of the eye. Its what I do then I say this you need to do and I told Hans this a long time but it took a long time before he started to listen to what I said and now he started to understand what its all about.

Measurement and evidence to create your desired result using the RBIM 3.0 and the RBIm 3.1 systems.

You might find that I don’t try to convince people about this or write a lot of sales letters persuade or such as I don’t want to do that as I want to work with one or two elite level performers.

That’s it.

After that I don’t know and that is good.

Challenges the RBIm 3.0 stands 4 creates a civil war between the old and new paradigms.

Your mind or the Universe it’s the same shit anyhow.

Development process RBIm 3.1

In every model I want to make a instruction set that tells one what to do in steps. In each instance when someone cant do it for whatever reason we want to then train us to be able to do it.

While this is ongoing work on the side for me as I am focused on golf fully this summer I am still doing small changes and tweaks to the instruction set for the model.

Its been the last few weeks again obvious for me that you really need to build the corner blocks of the brain to be able to do it unless your already able to just do it.

So, ongoing.

Talked to Hans today and he is on track as he started to really get the new phase 3 better and better.

The RBIm golf system and what it can do for you

1. Have a 300+ yard driving
2. A 4% dispersion pattern.
3. 15 feet average proximity to the hole.

That sums it up to be the best golf system in the world.
The Ultimate Perfect system for realizing your potential as a golfer.

Tour pros have a 8% or worse dispersion as average. A 30 feet average for the best from proximity to the hole.

If your top 500 or so on the ranking you can be top ten in the world using my system.

What are you waiting for?

The recent air crash

When someone has decided to end their life and the rest with them, there will be signs that something is off for them.

Main issue for humans are, can we trust the instinct about them when such happens?

While he was able to talk and chat it still will with such a decision there be signals that something is off. The trouble as anything we need to know what they mean which can be difficult as humans has a tendency to ignore such as the disbelief is what people respond with, as I cant believe he or she would do such etc..

For example Dx12 can have a 400-500-600% improvement over dx11 as a new api for your computer so your fps in the same game with the same hardware can be 400% better, the marketing? they told them to say 40% due to people wouldn’t believe the claims made. I went and checked that and accepted it as someone did test that and got such result, no disbelief from me.

Naturally one can always fit the stuff into your existing world and beliefs about it to make you accept it, influence it, persuade etc..but for me that means work and I don’t do that shit.

I just state the results and then you or anyone else can believe or don’t.

That someone decided to kill themselves and the others there is then a signal in the system if you know what to check for that then if you believe they would do it then you are dead as I am in the, better safe than fuck we are de….!

Update: seems the trigger was a break up with his girl.

Is the Titan X futureproof with 12gb ram?

No, the Nvidia card don’t support dx12 tier 3 only tier 1. (3 tiers for dx12)

Windows 10 is about to hit us during summer. The new OS has dx12 which makes the change to a new paradigm where cpu are used better and the dx12 api specifications are different and the Titan X don’t support all tiers of dx12.

Buying the latest card from nvidia means you basically buy old tech.

For the price I assumed I get the latest bleeding edge stuff.

You don’t.

Are you a Nvidiot?

I buy AMD graphics cards as they are fulfilling what I want to do when I game and currently a 290 from amd sits in my machine since 18 months.

I don’t buy Nvidia hardware for several reasons, one the CEO lied on TV when presenting a new card then the recent 4gb ram which was actually 3.5gb is another one the third is the idea of locking everything to licensing fees. I dislike them as a company and I also found they tend to hire people to do focus group on forums and such. Its just bad business practice.

I also find Nvidiots tend to write in amd threads a lot and I don’t write in NVidia threads much if at all. Nvidiots are much like Appliots people who don’t understand reality at all. I don’t by Apple either as their system are limited and functions badly for what you want to use them for but some swear it’s the best thing since chocolate as they will excuse any bad thing with the products.

Don’t be a Nvidiot.

There are enough of them out there already.

Phase 3 started for Hans

The Mikaela factor.

Its taking the baseline skills from phase one and two and improve them to find out how its time to go, boom I’m ready.

The performance mode now goes into gear big time as we want to really exceed the limits and start to control the variables of the zone and explore what’s going on with the intention and experience in regard to the results.

To do so we use the variables and measurements from phase two.

Creating the baseline and feedback and then apply the skills to test what one want to do and then be able to measure how one is doing allowing unprecedented precision and control over ones performance in the zone.