Are PGA licensed golf trainer like Sean Foley competent and give good advice? (No)

A better way to go about this is to imagine you’re moving like a baseball pitcher.

Instead of thinking Get to the left side, think Get off the right side. A pitcher’s trail foot is firmly planted against the rubber strip on the mound throughout the throwing motion. It’s used as leverage to get the trailing side of the body to move aggressively toward home plate and help generate more speed for the pitch.

Here is a key point to the above what Sean Foley states, that is not physically possible to do. However Sean Foley not just say the above but demonstrate it.

Still if you do try this, take note, your not pushing off your right leg.

Once you go left its due to a weight shift. from this position there is no push off, not possible.

One your going left well it’s a simple weight shift as there is no push off from the right leg.

I have no idea how Sean Foley come to that conclusion, I have no idea why golf digest even posted that as don’t people try things out and ask, is that what is happening really?

If you follow his advice you will de-sync your kinetic chain and fuck up your golf swing forever.


Added some video chat also 🙂

Make golf easier

For the next three rounds I want you to swing freely. Here’s the process.

1. Look where you want to hit the ball.

2. Choose a club to do the job.

3. Walk up and hit the ball.

4. Repeat until the clubs are in the car

Your job is to do this for 3 rounds.

Talent code and the new talent build

Its easy to state well talent is just what you have, maybe you have a better hand/eye coordination or a better eyesight or whatever. The amateur in golf for example cant be a pro as so many have tried but failed.

Thedanplan failed due to modern theory and in spite of he using deliberate practice and he had support from professor anders ericksson the 10000 hour guy and his research but it failed.

It failed due to talent isn’t born but created.

But how?

Mechanics get you so far.

Hans currently has the best golf mechanics in the world.
They are simple, direct and powerful.

To score low you want to be able to correlate the intention the result you want to have with the execution to do whatever you do to get the result desired.

Or in terms of this,

  • The framework are: Context of the desired result defined by ones intention.
  • The execution: Golf swing is the skill set one use to make the result happen.
  • Talent is to be able to do so as consistent with each shot.

To create the desired consistency that also allows one to increase ones talent and skill to perform there has not existed such model out there to do so and even if you did travel to Russia or other talent hotbeds they don’t understand why one player understands it and get good and someone else don’t.

I do, as I been building a test bed for creating the talent code and I have started to implement this for Hans in his swing and game. The idea is simple, to increase the consistency to reach an unmatched accuracy and also produce the desired state when playing.

Explaining this to Hans, he went and hit a few at the range and struggled. He called and I explained it in steps, do this first then that and then hit a shot, so he did that and smoked it. Now he was like, what’s going on as what he is dealing with atm is what people call unconscious and I call context. So dealing with this is a challenge at first as your not used to control your action with such precision.

However when trained he will be able to hit all swings within the same tempo and cadence. That will allow him a consistency he never knew existed.

The practice now isn’t much about the swing or such but the focus needed and the organization needed to isolate the action needed so one can create the needed reference to just do it. Once compete it allows a control over your action which people cant believe is even possible.

RBIm talent code model program

Coaching >Hans talk today

Started to implement the new talent model development action to increase consistency and ease of play.

Or what some call unconscious and I call contextual awareness.

Basically it’s a way to produce execution and cadence in the swing movement and correlate that to the intended result.

D Trumps first day and the psychology of ownership

  • Fires 80 ambassadors.
  • Cancel Obama care
  • Cancel and rise price for home loaners
  • Cancel climate and ensure oil, coal and shale practices

Nationalism you know , America first or Sweden first is the worst thing any country can do. Main reason is, America isn’t yours it belongs to native Indians.

The ownership you have about the country is a flawed one. You don’t own any country, or child or spouse or such. Its one of those feelings people have that gets in the way of rational thinking.

Nationalism is a false security to think you and others have more right than others have.

The extension of ownership gets in the way of any rational talk due to you cant talk to someone who thinks he owns you or your wife or your daughter as then it becomes his right to do whatever he/she dwells right as its his or hers not yours.

When its applied to a country you get the problem ten folded as you can kill people (Indians) or (Neanderthals) due to them are not part of the ownership in spite of them was there first.

You see the same ownership with small groupings, rebels that they have a right to defend their rights, land or such much more in America as the country was basically founded on Europeans fighting off the governments and now has become one themselves that cut the rights to their people and also kills the world thanks to oil, coal and shale practices.

The way you pledge allegiance with a hand on the heart is part of the issue here as you started to extend your self who you a e to include a property as a country to be included to your ownership and while it can be a positive boost to free oneself from the tyranny of governments 200 years ago it can then become a cultish behavioral problem that you have more right to the country than other immigrants have due to them come later.

This can escalate fast and executive orders to kill or to banish people like a witch hunt can become accepted as those communists are bad for us in this country or socialism or whatever else and that then gets into a loop of incursion to raise your own values that may be totally flawed but you become self possessed in this ownership so you wont heed criticism.

D. Trump is personifying just those bad qualities btw a sign of ownership gone wrong.

Barack Obama personified a openness unity with the world not just America.

White house down

Any movie where the president is under fire will now end with they shoot the president instead after Trumps inauguration, any audience wouldn’t want previous movies to repeat themselves.

Writing a script atm.