some feedback from Hans

first confusion and feels wrong.

so I ask what did you do and he explained and I said, did all perfect then.

He: but I didn’t get the result?

Me: yes you did the training function perfectly.

He: did I?

Me: Yes, due to what happens now is this, to isolate the skill one need to isolate the skill first to produce the experience/state once that happens (tempo and rhythm) I said and you can do that then we can focus on the target and how to deal with that from the new way to organize to smack the ball.

Took him 2 tries and then he could hit 2 balls the same way the same distance.

Me: Now you can do that if you can do that then you have consistent action in each shot due to optimal tempo and rhythm. Next to use this as a reference towards the target when playing.

Gave him a drill to do just that.

It will feel wrong or such due to when we feel and think its never right. Its always right towards familiarity we are so set in that context anything else feels basically weird however after doing it for a few times it soon start to feel like, I always done it like this.

Its why measurement and evidence is so key things or else we are stuck with guesswork like NLP or psychology or sport psychologist are.

when it don’t work then what to do?

Obviously we are working with what works but now and then it simply wont. It should but isn’t. Typically what is lacking is definition. I struggled as I couldn’t do a normal shot and then when I was driving I was asking wait a second what’s a normal shot for me really?

I forgot to define it.

Then I started to do pro level shot and trajectories.

Talked to Hans and he should really shoot lower scores so I figure ok back to basic as that’s what you do, you define you find the smallest or biggest nominator to the system, in question.

I figure he could dwell with feedback with the club and ball impact a bit as he played 40 holes and made one bogie and that’s what he did and once he did that for a week I talked to him about it. Figure that would help to define down what was needed. Once the impact was improved I talked about focus of attention as to where to focus.

I mean anyone in NLP like Bandler wont be able to tell you where to focus in any of his workshops. He don’t know.

Isn’t that amazing for anyone spending 40+ years and cant do such a silly simple thing?

Focus is elusive stuff, you know what I am writing about and you might even say now and then, I cant focus really on this or I am bad at concentration and I have dwelled into this for a while also. I understood there was no definition either in religion, quasi psychology like NLP or in philosophy but we all know what we talk about isn’t language and such fantastic worthless now and then say?

I told Hans, ok focus between those then and he had no idea what I meant. Then as I helped him define what that was as it sits between contexts obviously as a middle ground. Next to test that for a week.

I expect a better tempo and more consistent movement in his game and play and a lower score as a result.

Back to basic, define is needed when it isn’t working as your stuck with the idea of the concept but don’t understand the idea.

And yea it can happen even to me your own Godman Blinkar

Feedback and the golf swing.

Talked to Hans, problem been to inconsistent and I wasn’t happy with that as he shouldn’t be inconsistent, so back to the basic, elicit feedback and working to identify and define that.

He did that and then talked to him today about what he did and then what to focus on. If I am right he should now have a more consistent, tempo wise swing and will be more clock work.

He focused on ball impact the feel and sensation there.

Once he did this then next step was to identify the main trait in what to focus on.

The slot of the golf swing

It’s a mystery for sure.

If one search you tube one finds nothing about that looks like what they are doing.

The slot means that the arms have room to fall into the angle that people call on plane. While there isn’t a plane due to the arms and the club move in several directions in the down swing its easy to think there is one perfect plane here.

One wants to create space for the arms to move freely.

How do one do that then?

Here is a worthless tip for that btw.

While I understand what he Dustin means by saying that he see the shot and let his body do that shot it wont help anyone else as you cant hit a good shot to start with the same way Dustin is able to.

The above show Hans hitting a wedge and the one with white shirt is the older one which are a few days old vs the other wedge with grey shirt. There is a obvious difference of pattern there. So when someone tells you a new movement and a golf swing takes 5 years like Sean Foley tells you then you know something fishy is up.

A tour pro is already good with the slot its why they are a tour pro.

It should be I think something to understand since everyone is talking about it but no one understands what to do to create it. How do you create space for the slot so it happens?  If you ask that you find yourself listening to concepts and theory without end. At some point you find there is a theme a huge story that no one really knows.

Then you think but shouldn’t there be a definition already?

There is no swing plane that’s like saying the club moves in several directions and one of them is on plane due to that angle is more correct than the other ones the club also moves while swinging so what one is then the one true plane?

I don’t know.

Its like everyone assumes the theory they been taught is accurate and fail to note they are perceptually not able to discern if they are accurate as the brain will fill in the gap and adapt to whatever theory and instruction. Tiger did that 5 years with Sean Foley and never asked why is it so difficult?

It shouldn’t be.

Hit a drive, then a bad second shot for my placement third one, had 155m uphill left to right wind and hit my 6i as the ball was in the air the impact that shot and swing had one me was simple, oh that’s how the pros does it. It had a draw and ended up in the fringe and dead on it be s a superb birdie chance but I didn’t mind that as the swing itself was done right as I thought so that’s how the pros does it.

On the eight hole I hit a 6i again over a creek into the elbow to set up my approach and again it was, ok that’s another one.

Its said two tennis players was hitting a serve and one guy made 9 out of ten optimal and the other guy hit one out of ten good. The guy who hit 9 good ones always complained about the last one he didn’t hit well and no one knows his name, the other guy that recalled his one good serve was called Ivan Lendl. If the story is true or not I don’t know but it’s a key point here that we want to recall stuff that works. It shows where to go and get what we want.

Its all contained in the feedback, the trajectory and the spin and the way the ball moves is different. I spent time around pros so I when I saw the ball flight knew, ok that’s what they do. I also hit many worse shots than this and while I do that the question is what to focus on and its both, do more of what works and accepting that one will hit a bad shot now and then while one work to isolate and reinforce the better ones.

The key thing here is, you don’t need to train and hit shots at the range to improve either. Once identified it works better if you don’t spend time at the range.

Its been shown time and time again if you visualize the shot you can do better than actual practice. Obviously you need some practice to keep in shape more than to actually improve. I can putt and chip without needing to practice that game. The amount of practice I do is very little. Mainly its just about the speed on the greens and that’s also about it. The feedback I receive tells me if I am on track or not and if I need more or less practice.

Feedback tells you if your on track or not. If to difficult, takes to long or anything else you know whatever your doing isn’t working to do what you want to do and obviously you want to change something.

However what to change?

If you ask a golf trainer they cant tell you what to change as they will have a traditional mind set. Over the top how to fix that? or any other swing flaw?

How do you teach one that works that takes care of all this and then over time fixes every swing flaw you had? Now you move into a different territory into what works which people don’t get or understand well they might think they do understand and get it but really, not really. You need to define and ask different questions outside the scope of the golf field, its to difficult and the answers isn’t leading anywhere. You soon be back with a need to fix things again.

Going outside the scope of golf instruction leads us to new territories, about feedback and new answers and solutions. In the swing above with Hans which are days apart, change been made so what did the change do?

Its in the video.

Maybe you can see the difference maybe not.

Its like talking to people and correlate that, hear the shift in voice? the new cadence that was due to getting trough the numerous projections going on?

I talk to a dad that couldn’t hear the difference in his kids voice as she was a bit dyslexic and also had speech issues since age 4, and at age 11 she wasn’t happy to work with me due to she had gotten help before me but NONE had worked, except when I worked with her that worked, fixed it in less than a couple of hours and I have no training in such work but I am better than speech consultants.


I understand how that works with dyslexia and speech patterns, those trained in those fields, don’t.

One can investigate why that’s going on for sure as why cant the so called educated experts in a field do their jobs?

Once a long time ago scientists couldn’t find black holes. Today we know they are everywhere in each galaxy pretty much. So what did happen how could they suddenly find them when they couldn’t find them before?

1915 Karl Schwarzschild a scientist a month after Einstein’s theory calculated that a region of space could become so warped that it could create a gravitational well that no object could escape. Later in 1967 this was called Black holes an expression coined by John Wheeler and then in 1971 the first black hole was found which was 55 years after the theory itself and in 1974 a guy called Hawking published a paper about the escaping radiation of black holes.

Even today scientist don’t understand black holes.

Imagine that the best in a field don’t understand the phenomena of black holes and they been doing it for 100 years now

and then are people really surprised that golf theory and trainers don’t understand?

Can I get a BIG YES!

Its awesome how people actually think people in a field understand what they been educated for when they are taught a theory and a model about it which often ahs no bearing on reality itself.

Big muscles making control over the golf swing and putting? Whoever coined that and sold it made millions on a scam.

In Sweden the Swedish golf model based on the Ballard swing theory was about making a golf swing based upon those myths that there was a sure proof way to make a mechanical swing. Its idiotic.

If you seek and Google the slot in a golf swing you find no one talking about it.
I get 898000 results on google,
This one is a shitty tip
more crap here

No one knows out there in spite of 898000 returned pages.

Amazing really.