a stranger of self

Back in the day when I became bored with client work due to what I was doing was in most cases not a challenge and become pure routine. I worked with a girl with a phobia, we met at a local zoo and she had a snake phobia and was about to travel to Thailand and was afraid of her not having a good time with her boyfriend.

We went down there into the shop, I held her hand and sure enough, cold and sweaty as she went into her fear response,w e walked up again and I talked to her for a bit and did what I do, 5 minutes later we walked down and I held her hand and now it was warm and fuzzy.

I thanked her and went home.

She mailed me a few weeks later, one reason was due to what I did she didn’t think did work, she also didn’t see any snakes or such in Thailand and had a good time but she said I was running on a path here at home and saw a snake on the path, I didn’t stop, I didn’t do anything and I frankly just run pass it and when I had done so a thought crossed my mind, WTF?

She wasn’t afraid of snakes anymore phobia gone.

I cant do normal client sessions and haven’t since years back, trying to fix a problem is normally relatively straightforward but fixing problems are boring.

RBIm is about changing without change utilizing the way your brain works to create reality. Naturally this will challenge peoples beliefs about an unconscious mind, there is none here. Its one of the criteria’s to do and use RBIm to update ones beliefs about that unconscious stuff.

For example the brain will recursively rewrite the position you have, so if you use past contexts, like memories etc..your brain will run a comparative check and generate from that into a future scenario and if its fear based well you either will develop, worry, doubt, anxiety, fear etc to that.

If we re-set the system by accessing your own self location without adding a in-depth analysis of what it is and what it mean then your able to steed your brain to force it to respond to self which is contextually speaking different. Once that is going on the brain is trying to do what it does best run comparative analysis of this but since your constantly going back to this then the brain adapts its organization to the new location and once rewritten the system can then be used differently.

Like the girl with the phobia, she thought what I did, didn’t work. She didn’t feel like I changed her problem or phobia at all. She thought what I did was a full blown smokescreen.

Kids changes like this all the time, they just don’t need to think much about the shift. I see kids with dyslexia go, ok so I do this and then I can spell and read better, ok got it, their parents still are thinking does it work? I tell them, its already working…..the kids say, I now can.

RBIm as a technology is derived from NLP to some extent and the work of Roye Fraser to some extent and from the presentation of Joseph Riggio back in 2003. The back history don’t tell us what RBIm has become today though.

If we are able to access the way the brain works to create reality and how it maintains it and let you operate the controls then you can have any reality you like happening, you can enjoy your daily life better than you do today and you can learn how to do such and once you know its like anything else, its like riding a bike.

Issue is people cant calibrate this as the system change is invisible to the user , much like Intu-flow, you do it for 3 months daily and then think, does it really do anything for me as it doesn’t seem to be working? You then might check evidence, do you wake up stiff or not? Can you do more work outs and isnt as tired anymore, do your new found mobility help you cope better with whatever you do?

Suddenly the evidence is piling up and you think, why didn’t I notice this before? Small changes like kids growing wont be noticeable until they pass a threshold of your sensory systems. Once the difference is huge enough comparatively then you notice.

RBIm deals with change and transformation by re-set the location of self. Your then able to access the self and let the system build a response to this and adapt to it utilizing tis natural recursive system by comparison. Then the brain works for you not you for it. Once that is going on under the hood then we wait until the location goes away as that is a indicator of the system is updated to have a full vestibular access point of your experience of self.

Then whatever you go from you always have a place from,
you experience yourself.

To then access and utilize other experiences  then becomes a choice.

While the update and rewrite is going on the system will try to use the default settings which we don’t want as we want to set a new fresh start for us.

The FutureNow then takes precedence.

One can ask, why would I want to do this then?

One reason whatever you come from whatever life you lived as far then wont be interfering.

Working with people simply put is an argument of I think I need this to live my live and I say no it just don’t work that way whatever you believe in. I had clients walking in and I did what they asked and Is aw the same client 2 weeks later however funny they also would be happy that I did the same thing again for them as it was working for 2 weeks. I could set up a practice, have 8 clients every day, then do the same thing every 2 weeks, and never need to see any new clients.

However that seems silly.

Re-set the self allows the individual to fully build a new system then they can decide what to have in there within their own contextual FutureNow format.

This sitnf or people who think they need a fix this is about a full system restore a new re-boot if you like but doing this dosnt seem like your doing anything at all, so all I do is to track this lcoation?


Nothing else?


But….and is ay I build models that work and if you follow the instruction it will work however if you try to add a BUT to then start to think what this is, what it means and what it will do to you then your fucked.

The RBIm process will clear a new foundation a storage if you like open up space as the system moves neurons and pathways to organize to this new set location.

For me as I run this it took me 3 weeks.

After week 2 and to week 3 I started to find that location has vanished.

There was no more location as I was experience the effect of the result that the brain now moved this to that.

One can question what is the brain moving there really? Then also ask what and if it does a difference for me. The way the brain acts are based on neural network that solidify information so once location have been created the brain starts to add neural networks to that then speed those up. Moving to a new location forces the brain to update the neural network to a new location.

If its like that or not I base on the study of riding a bike, you cant access how you did learn to ride a bike only that you now can ride it.

It seems not a far fetch idea that the same thing is going on with self, reality creation as once the location goes away what is left is you.

a stranger of self no more

To change without changing

One thing I learned over the years change is really difficult due to you have to deal with what people think needs to change for them to have whatever they want.

The recent Skype chat we had I talked about RBIm a bit and I don’t believe in the unconscious mind, its a old fashion concept and isn’t doing you any favors. What we do is to adapt and respond to contexts that shape our life’s. Once that has happen you have no recollection of that as the brain moves the information how you did learn it, much like riding a bike,d riving a car, talk, languages, and eating as you cant recall what you did to learn it.

You can just do it or live it.

Once you access location of self for example one I talked a bit about, then it’s a specific location for people, once that is then attended it will make the brain recursively loop back to it and then we create a feedback loop of self and once the location is resolved which can take a while due to the brain has to adapt to that you just did.

That is what our brain does, adapt and respond to whatever you present it with, if no context then the brain goes into search mode, if you provide the location, this not that then the system respond to that and adapt. Once its run its recursive action re-write you then are free to choose your life experience.

You wont be tied to whatever came before as you can start to making choices and decisions that you were unaware even existed before.

Like magic then slowly the system changes without people even perceive it’s a change.

They follow the model and the function of models they just works by following their instructions. I don’t debate what self is or why its there or if its even there.

I just follow the system itself what and how evolution has brought us to be as species. Each individual having the way the brain functions we can argue about what it produces as a result but the functions of the brain is evolution and wont change anytime soon. The framework in how the brain process information isn’t done by unconscious means its done by settling your attention to contexts.

Once done the brain adapts to that and starts rewriting the system,

Your changing without even change.

There is no transformation either.

Its just this.

Whatever this is – it then allows you to start acting to set in motion the responses and experiences you want to have there instead of being burden by the past your culture or what your suppose to do or be in your life by someone else’s standard – you now have the ability to choose.

“Dwell on the beauty of life. Watch the stars, and see yourself running with them.”
Marcus Aurelius, Meditations

2000 or so years ago that guy understood this.
He was a emperor.

“Our life is what our thoughts make it.”
Marcus Aurelius, Meditations

But without structure and understanding we cant make thoughts or create what we/you want without ensuring chaos. Trust the model and the system and then the brain has to adapt and do the work for you. Instead of working for the unconscious mind your now the one steering forward.

Not your past, not your culture.

The Golf grip

I recommend a ten finger grip (no separation), which means I don’t do a vardon overlapping or interlocking etc…all ten fingers on the shaft.

Main reason for this are higher accuracy and swing speed wont be much different and seriously north of 130mph you don’t want to make mistakes.

Hans hitting spoon with a ten finger grip.


Iron 10 finger grip

Game of thrones ..err.. life and political scenes

if there is a system that people agree on then it works. If no system is there to choose from then chaos happens.

Each political system to elect people works due to the people accept this is how we choose our officials. It will also work when your in space and one of all has to go trough the airlock to save everyone else and that will work if everyone agrees on the system to use to do the election of that one.

USA for example has a system that is breaking down, the politicians are not working for the nation but for a company or someone else who needs a favor. If the system that is in place people don’t agree to use anymore as intended then chaos happens.

Life is similar, as long we agree on the system to use to choose, we go along with it.

A mother and a daughter argued a lot so I asked them and found this out, the daughter wanted to stay out late and her mom said no way. I told the mom, ok do this, tell your daughter that she can stay out as long as she wants as long she is home at 11. She looked at me as I am the one who was nuts, she told her daughter that and she said, ok.

Her mom was freaking out of surprise.

Its like anything when we communicate unless you understand things are important to other people also, then how else to communicate that to them?

The daughter wanted to stay out late but that wasn’t the real thing, it was her having her way, her mom then stonewalled the situation instead of just saying, stay out as late as you want just be home at 11.
It worked to make the daughter feel she was heard and understood.

Political systems are there for the nation to produce the result the people want, period. Once that is agreed upon no deviation can be done or else the system fails.

If people have food on a table for 50 people and someone grabs everything on it, then 49 people will go hungry. Then the system wont work if someone acts outside it and that is what happens both in political scenes and obviously corporations. while a few of those 50 eat a bit more then a few also eat a bit less so the system then works. Once chaos happens, then either fix the problem or build a new system. Fixing the problem leads to debate and endless so due to people haven’t then built an agreement on what to agree on yet.

Get it?

Larry the amateur and the Austin SWING

We had a Skype talk last night all of us and I hadn’t seen the video when we talked.

Larry asked me to make him able to perform the Mike Austin swing the way I would say Mike did it.

In some cases change needs faith and Larry been there along the way keeping it. It also seems he now started to be rewarded. The last few weeks he been running the new instruction set.

But enough words, let see it.


Pretty big progress in regard to the swing motion.

The logic of life are you a world citizen?

We do have a brain.

Question is, how do we use it and what for?

For example I suggest we skip the country stuff, there is no more Russia, USA, Cambodia, Korea or such just one big world citizen.

Now if that happens there are no more borders, all have to share oil, gold, metal, productions export and import.

Global warming suddenly will be handled and fixed.

The only one to go to war against are aliens out there and we need to find them first or if they find us.

Sure they might be some that thinks but that seems like a good idea and its due to it’s a good one. What will happen is that any politician or power that be in the background wont like it.

Its not our oil, or there oil its all our oil.

Naturally some will think its unfair that their resources are dragged to Africa or such but if we do live on the same planet shouldn’t everything be shared?

Some I am sure would argue for that’s silly, insane and stupid.

The doctors who did autopsy said the same thing when they was accused of the killing of new born due to bad cleaning routines they couldn’t believe they was the reason for it. Back then they didn’t know about bacteria, viruses and penicillin.

Imagine that.

Do some countries really need that much resources, do we sit still when some just take stuff due to them are lazy? (sorry I did mean culturally it is ok to be dragging your feet and do nothing)

If you live in the right country, the right parents then you can heritage a throne like here in Sweden and I am like seems sweet so I kill the king, the queen and the rest then I am king then right? No?
BUT it used to work like that before….!

Nothing we have today was there once, no countries just a band of people going around digging up stuff for food, hunting stuff there was no oil or sharing it was just us or them.

I just think we can do better as world citizens

Hey Tiger Woods says that coaches don’t know

More Here

“Tiger Woods says swing coaches don’t understand tournament pressure”

Is it going to work under pressure?

You can come ask me Tiger.

Will it let me hit longer?

You can come ask me Tiger.

Will it let me improve accuracy?

You can come ask me Tiger.

Will it hold up last 9 in a major?

You can come ask me Tiger.

Will it be solid and consistent the last nine in a major?

You can come ask me Tiger.

I tell you how to dominate again.