Gods, Heroes and Legends

Around a campfire they settled down, the hero stoic ass hurt from serious horse-riding but who cares right?

The legend was naked and bloody.

The gods sat silently chewing on clothing.

Darkness fell, stars ignited.

The light shine upon the hero and the black hole was healed.

Once upon a time we would all go thinking its about your journey as a hero. I disagree. Whatever people did in the dark ages like building Stonehenge they did that due to them didn’t know any better. I mean if someone think the sun and its light is magical what is next?


Female dwarfs?

The flame from the fire flushed some air and the flames rise suddenly showing the eyes behind the ring. Gods were to busy eating, the Legend to smug and the Hero stood up grabbed her sword and cut them all down as the blood sipped away from the edge she had killed all the man on earth and all there was left was a girl dressed in wall mart with a belt of roses and a gum in her mouth saying oh, you killed them all look on her.

Darkness awoke ¨

Eyes glowing in the dark, time stop nothing else.

Why would the past with men who thought the sun was magical then make any sense to a journey of heroes that we are supposedly trying to be human when most when they do that are trying to make us be more animalistic?????

Sure we are breed from aliens and shown some heritage to monkeys but even them are social creatures not seeking to be become ape.

Is it just me and most of the time it seems that way that whatever people come to research what human beings have done in history without Internet without the ability to communicate instantly over such distances we do today and for gods sake we been to the moon. No monkeys there yet even though the monkeys can say, we were suppose to go first and then they sent up a dog?

What’s that about a man best friend?

Any tests show a girl is better suited for space flight, their tolerance levels are better, their stress tolerance is better in fact a girl in space is better fit to do that job than a guy and I have no issue with that at all we should send more girls to space as their boobs will lift up and be more interesting.

Who wouldn’t want that?


If the human race has sought to be more human why kill all the Neanderthals? Why not then go, oh cant kill those as I must be more human? No way they look ugly and are in the way so we will kill them.

So the all homo sapiens did mass murder.

What should we tell the aliens now?

Well it was a mistake something we didn’t really know due to we were trying to be more human.

The aliens but what about the crusades?

Ah well, the Muslims are not forgetting that as they now try to create a Muslim state and then kill all the Christians and we will all watch that go on as we are lambs to the slaughter.

The aliens left.

The Gods now had eaten it all up and looked into the fire and flames roared to the sky and the legend become agitated and then the Hero said it best.

He farted so loud the big band happen.

The legend farted along and soon their was music and smells all over the canyon and then the fire catches the gas and then, big boom.

All dead.

No more Heroes, no more legends and no more Gods.

Only darkness and a fire in the sky

and in there two eyes staring endlessly into the light

In the aftermath of gas life happen

I am a tech geek to some extent

Sid Meyer made the beyond earth game.

In the game engine Mantle is running which means if you have a AMD video card like 290 then you can use two cards in crossfire solution where the cards split the workload and rendering. Normally this means an AFR solution which creates delay so called input lag.

It happens due to two cards either its sli (Nvidia) or crossfire (AMD) needs time to sync the images rendered that adds stuttering. It cant be solved.

However it can be reduced.

Mantle using crossfire with firfax game beyond earth does lower the input lag a lot for crossfire users. It means the fps wont be as massive but the benefit is, smoother gameplay and I played once with crossfire and the sync issues been the main thing I stayed away from dual cards.

Like this guy says “It’s a very interesting discussion – would you rather have the much higher frame rate of the pair of GTX 980s or the smoother frame rate of the R9 290X cards running under Mantle? Even though the Mantle score is the lowest result in average FPS of the three, I actually think I would prefer that option!” end quote.

I know one thing smoother gameplay Is the better option any day with crossfire etc..

single cards don’t suffer from such inputlag that dual cards etc does as the technical aspects are hard to solve.

In the above image, crossfire has less fps, two cards 290x cost me here around 680 euro but two 980 cost me 1080euro.

Then the dual amd cards saves me 300euro while offers better min fps which is what counts and adds the benefit of smoother fps. So someone without understanding what is going on would think the 2×980 is a much better solution at 300 euro more due to the average fps of 30 more but then they had a worse experience playing this game at that resolution. Why pay more for a worse experience?

I think Mantle will if they implement it even more into fps games and other games and add similar SFR support for dual cards it be a really good win for amd.

Naturally this is just one game but my hope is that amd help other developers do this and then I might consider dual card solutions for myself.

Don’t go nuts–Alice looks into the engine of reality

Working over the years it seems like most wont be ready for peyote and a sauna. Some states of consciousness are severely impacting the mind. One reason I run the way I have with workshops is the safety factor, I seen people go psychotic in classes with Mckenna/Bandler so it can happen and it likely will happen unless you consider to do the workshop in a way that don’t make such happen.

Normally it wont happen much if at all but once you start to run core systems and the way the states manifest itself for the individual things can happen.
Eliciting the system we run into everything you haven’t normally explored and experienced before so it can be overwhelming if it happens.

In one of the RBIm workshop I run a protocol for one participant, as he wanted to be better at study in school, the effect of this shift was so massive I left him alone the rest of the 2 days. He came back to the next workshop I did and I talked about that and he conformed it. Such things can happen and its due to the way we are wired as human beings, we already have safeguards in place to not go nuts already.

Its why I rather make the individual take time to access a future state. The main reason people struggle with the futurenow is the level of gap is to big to cross directly and that is due to a safe zone is needed as if you access a pretty much a Godlike state directly it be like winning a billion dollar on the lottery and with no strategy and organization to deal with that the brain goes into chaos and most likely will be a psychotic state. That is btw normal, any divorce for example might crash the system that way due to the system is trying to solve the loss of identity and ownership. Again normally this is resolved for the individual over time and they cope and move on.

I took notice that some students over the years was sensitive to what I been taught to teach in NLP. I then tried to find other ways to deal with this and I even had to help some of my students who been to other trainers and came back psychotic and it was tearing up their life’s.

So I choose a path of going another route as this was troubling me as one individual is to much in my case.

Once you start going to the internal control state your own location of meaning that your holding your own experience then the inside map creates the desired experience. Once that starts to happen your recursive system starts to rewrite your experience internally to bridge the gap.

If one run it the way the system uses the system then everything will function the way any reality is changed and meaning changes. If one try to do to much to soon the risk is the system cant handle the overload. This happens to many in OSHO one of those meditation sects. The brain cant handle the new system and simply goes nuts for a while. It often doesn’t help many of these kids who does that also are having identity issues and giving a new name is a bad bad idea there. Those guys don’t understand what they are doing.

The risk with this without supervision the individual cant deal with the new change and wont be able to re-set and calm the system down, which I had to take care of with students coming from other workshops.

Its not their fault as simply put people don’t understand the engine of reality

Self help books and the edge of human consciousness isn’t trivial stuff.

RBIm as a technology deals with logic and meaning due to evolved human beings are meant to be in charge of their own evolution,
not the facilitator.

Yes I will stand here and guide to the extent I can as safely I can as I can do a lot more than I put on the web. However I cant say whatever that would be due to I don’t consider it safe. Which been one consideration of mine.

I don’t believe in fast track this as changes sure it can happen fast but I haven’t been interested in change since 1997 or so. I wanted to be able to design whole format core changes and while there wasn’t any technology to do so wouldn’t mean I couldn’t find one.

Rewriting the internal system the recursive loop that travel from one edge of consciousness to the next if edges even is the proper definition I leave to others to discuss. If one access a powerful state that suddenly sets the system of self into a experience we have no organization for. In some cases, then the individual cant handle it and goes nuts. As stated, normally the system re-set and goes back but in some cases an open loop happens due to the individual cant separate internal stuff from external. When that happens then the individual will need help.

Its like, let say you want to be happy, so you run some stuff to be more happy and most cant sustain that happiness more than a few moments, maybe for the time of the show or such but to maintain the state over days? Not so much?
This is due to the system kicks in the default state and pull you back. The normal external response/action we have as causality the belief system in place that makes up our world of events. NLP for example runs patterns and if you do NLP and run the patterns you risk fixing one system but then the next kicks in and that you haven’t been prepared to deal with. The client might go nuts and you cant do much about it due to not being trained for it.

I made sure when I did run NLP trainings people would be able to do handle such events if they did occur even if they are rare its better to prepare than to be late. Normally I don’t speak much about such or write due to its one of the dark sides of NLP and other systems that they aren’t even aware off in trainings. Its assumed NLP is safe to use but as anything people are not that predictable as NLP suppose to state they are.

This I think is a real issue with current NLP trainings world wide.

So what I have run here with RBIm is the start and end of contexts and then altering when they do start and end, being able to do that at will is one way to ensure you’re the one controlling the context not some loop of contextual causality making you react the way you would do normally. Once your able to do that your able to maintain control over contextual factors an important step. You can then start to do more futurenow to start to stabilize the containment field of consciousness.

To create a location to alter meaning isn’t made easily. How do we even relate to our self when we cant even define us?

I am running the system I have created for myself over the years to find a way to organize the system ahead of time. Then its like building a container to step into that we can decorate the way we want to and let the system update itself as it already knows where to go, the way a model works. Building a model however isn’t easy as you need to build the system and then find out what makes it work the way it does. It’s a long way to track its origin and equation of it.

Brains don’t do things on their own as whatever evolution made us into we now are running whatever we been exposed to and we don’t even question it as it seems the way to do things as we also seek evidence for it as the definition of the definition is wired to do so all the time.

Normally people never become aware of this as their perception has already changed before they even had time to even notice it. Its in simple terms to late. You cant become aware as its already to late to do so as the process itself works so fast and so in the background elusively so. Tracking your own perceptional consciousness isn’t easy. Its like physics, if we are to measure the electron where it is then we can find out where it is going not where it is. The method used to measure changes the baseline.

I had parents sitting there asking their kid if they understand me when I talk about their dyslexia, the kid often says, not all of it but it doesn’t matter as I am getting better to read. Many parents simply are astounded to find their long journey of their kids can now do what they couldn’t before in 5 minutes is a shock. They are used to whatever else that don’t work. I had parents who couldn’t believe their own kid doing what the kid was doing as they couldn’t believe their own kid could learn so fast.

Kids are easy to work with normally adults not so much as their brain have formed to conform to the environment to much.

The brain seeks meaning in whatever goes on and if enough patterns and repetitions are done its enough to form such that can be totally random events like the sun and beauty and then the brain goes that has to be magic then….I am like what?

Whenever someone cant explain it it seems like magic, mystery and the brain fires off neurons to solve this to create meaning for you as there has to be.

I have fragments over the years memories of things I encountered doing client work, I did things I couldn’t explain as the training I had was limited at best and I did things I never trained to do as I find ways to make things work and doing so made things happen that I had no explanation for. I stored those moments and waited until I could explain them to understand what was going on at the time and in some cases it taken 15 years for me.

However understanding alone isn’t worth much to me. Building models are.

If your trying to do RBIm and get stonewalled it’s a good thing due to your own system is there to make sure your safe and secure. You might not even understand its function or how it works but all humans have safety protocols built in for their reality. So we don’t go nuts when it rains when we are about to be married.(some still might however)

Bypassing the system isn’t recommended it happens when you do hypnosis and doing so one on one can be enough and then being into a group of people doing it can be really bad. It also can happen with language using semantic patterns as we don’t want to fix whatever people think they need to fix as then another system might arise much like Skynet.


I accept unpredictable but never liked it. For me it means sloppy work.

Recently I focus on the recursive action a lot. In how the re-write happens and why the system perceptually gears the way it does. I do it the way I do this, ask well if that happens then how can I use such to do that for example? How can I use that to swing a golf club better? or learn language faster and more efficient? How do I map it and contain it into what works?

Without going nuts of course, right Ler

This also has a lot to do with how you ask questions. Semantically whenever we speak and think and ask questions the way conceptually our brain works make uses of language important.

For example, if one asks a question like “who are you?” The individual wont be able to answer that without considerable effort, they have to shift and cross the gap to do so a safe option. If one ask a  more leading question “are you dumb?” the answer would already elicit a prerequisite answer based upon what beliefs you have about your self a secondary order of question. You then would choose answers you already have about yourself.  Asking leading questions just sustain the system as it is or elicit the desired response (sales, law etc..).  If one asks “how do I know who I am?” still leads to a prerequisite but then you have to build such new reference and cross the gap to that reference. Again its what many do in Mythoself for example.

If we ask “How do I define who I am?” then you have to find a way to do so. Your then likely to miss the answer as your not used to track your own mind. However, define means “future”. To define we assume its then in the future. Logic decides to us as language works the way it works, and definitions falls into a category haven’t happen yet. It also asks for a causality recursive action to be there as if your able to define then there is also a casual link between what you wanted to define.

Since the definition was, about who you are then the answer is there.

The way consciousness operates and self means we cant really know the exact truth of things they are all approximations of reality anyhow and the meaning we set then becomes the way we act upon. Knowing how to define yourself helps to scan and set the system the way you want then. To become aware of, this I do want and that I don’t and then to be able to decide what to experience to go for. So if the definition of me then is this then I want this happiness with that or the calmness of the eye of the storm taking the metaphorical approach with such statement. You then can choose what to identify with and then create meaning that means something to you.

If that then means sipping margaritas on a beach or to work to have a billion dollars, or to build houses or to learn a craft none really care about except you well then you go.

Your meaning your life starts with definition of self.

Once defined it wont mean we know what it is and how it works.  It just means we can use it to then access and build meaning the way we want to do.

Follow the white rabbit

Dragon age inq

I always thought about RPG games that you want immersive environments around the play. Now visual nice stuff don’t make the game but when I walk into a zone I want to find myself looking at 3D objects and lush green settings as it should be that way, stones should look like stones do, water, rain, mist, sun etc…as a RPG you don’t need 150fps.

The frostbite 3 engine Bioware use are from DICE which have a great technology even if their BF4 is a clusterfuck of shit as a game their engine isn’t.

Its one reason gameplay is key, BF4 suck ass it’s a pile of shit. No engine can save gameplay.

However, Dragon Age inq can use the engine and have added specific things like making 4 legged animals as the engine couldn’t do that. The engine can make the environment seem like people actually live there and if the game holds up in gameplay its likely you wont see another blog post in a few months.

I be walking in the landscape the age of dragons.

Die hard fans of RPG

Reading some stuff in the dragon age inq game and some are already planning 13 play troughs of a game that can last 200+ hours doing everything. The mayor storyline seems to be around 20-40 hours.

Are they fools?

Or just dedicated to their experience?

Let say they spend 130 hours on each play trough that’s like 1600 hours playing the same game these are the same kids who sat there playing dungeons and dragons but now are people with family and such. The gaming generations are growing up, I am 50 and still own kids in fps games. I still walk into the movies watching the Marvel movies and while some would think those movies are not Oscar worthy are wrong.

The value of a good movie is about how much experience you have when enjoying it. I enjoy the Hobbit with 48fps HFR due to me it give the movie depth and reality in a way I haven’t seen before. The movies themselves cost billions due to the cost of cgi but also clothing and prop.

I am a SF and fantasy fan for sure, seems game of thrones agrees with me.

If the world of dragon age are crafted and done so people playing are drawn in then I suspect 13 play troughs wont be enough.

Are you a fan of something?

Its what we humans do, enjoy stories we dwell into the mystic and the magic as it allow us the thrill of something special. I guess then its no wonder the stonehenge was built if one look at the massive undertaking to actually build that its beyond todays standard by far but for all those people the sun and midsummer was magical. They dug holes to find Flintstone and was massive mining that killed a few and the manpower to make Stonehenge happen is just amazing.

The way they managed to build this was trough magic and the mystery of it.

The way the people at that age view the sun and the mystery of it not falling down….or the moon for that matter….created a worship magic and understandable also.

The light of the sun in the right moments seems magical and beautiful

To celebrate the magic we enter a new age

Upgrade the computer

I have a good computer atm (PC).

I rarely go after bleeding edge which would be a Intel x99 chipset and cpu 6core or more which from my current rig would cost 3x as much. Currently I am using a 4670k and a z87 asus-a motherboard and a 290p amd card. I am set for playing games I have at my resolution at 5040×1050 3 screen eyefinity 120hz.

Whenever I decide ok going to upgrade I check my needs, currently my 128gb ssd have a need of more space. This for me then kick start ok what to get?
The market today is filled with ssd at 256gb size that is half the price I paid 4 years ago for 128gb so not only has the price gone down and size gone up so for me it seems like a good time to update my ssd.

For me I view the use and what’s important, I don’t hold back in regard to the PSU as you always want quality stuff for power as well a good solid motherboard. So once those two are fine then basically the main drive is what keeps your data up and moveable. So I go for a 256gb ssd. Naturally choices opens up here, I can buy a normal consumer drive like a crucial mx100 or a Samsung 840 evo or similar other brands in similar price ranges.

I then also ask, what and how long do I expect to keep my ssd before upgrading/updating again? Current one I used the last 4 years without any issues.  Its likely the same will be true for the years to come as I don’t use much space on the computer, I don’t play many games if any due to being tired a lot.

The one thing I do know data and how fast it moves are important to me as I am sensitive to slow downs and ssd for me with windows 8 has shown a wonderful experience everyday I used my computer. I enjoy what Microsoft did with win 8 and I enjoy ssd speed and access.

Time to go bigger on the ssd.

Personally you want things that transfer stuff in the computer to be fast and also consistent. If one check ones values for me speed and efficiency and no slow downs are important and with my current one it works fine. Newer ssd are even faster and I might detect better speed or snappier action. Still what would I want to have as I have a tendency to go for what I enjoy and seldom what is best on the market. Sure I am a geek also so new tech appeals to me like the samsung 850 pro drive.

So sure enough after all is evaluated and tested, the Samsung 850 pro wins me over. Its either a 128gb or a 256gb for me. It’s the best overall drive with best reliability. It will offer me until the next upgrade if that ever happens as 10 year warranty its like usage pattern more like 20 years for me.

I often run down the main reason for me to upgrade as if there is little to no benefit I often just don’t upgrade. Intel release the 5820 and x99 chipset but the cost is more than 3x times my current set up with no real benefits so I just don’t upgrade until maybe the next die shrink for cpu. That is likely at least a year away or more.

Once I buy the ssd I will post some numbers for fun and my user experience.

Dyslexia isn’t a problem anymore

You might know it but the catmodel.eu is the best world class leading edge technology to help dyslexics overcome their disability.

Its so good that people cant believe how powerful it is to apply and use. Kids with diagnosis suddenly don’t have the same diagnosis anymore to the surprised establish places that offers such diagnosis for them as they believe once a dyslexic, always a dyslexic.

I suppose Goggle would be such a place to offer tools maybe an app to make kids in their homes to overcome this as most parents can run this with their kids at home but sadly I don’t have an app, I don’t have the programming skills to do it either all I do have is knowledge how the brain works and how the app should work to accomplish its results.

The world has changed a bit the last 15 years, Google, internet, Facebook and online services and apps has changed things for us a lot.

I don’t have the financial aid and resources to make such an app as if I did then it would be out there in every language. I would like to do such app and also even offer it for free if the situation would allow it.  Normally then donations are needed or a great financial backer like Google who then could benefit from the media publications and what they then done for kids all over the world.

For me it means up to 80% or so of the kids today which means around 5-15% of all kids in Sweden goes trough 8 years or so in school end up with either dyslexia or reading and such disability which means 5000-15000 kids every year here. Having a catmodel app would mean those numbers would shrink a lot up to a 80% rate with the calculations I do which would mean those resources today would be more effective adding the catmodel app to their existing workplace and then be able to offer the kids who struggle better care than before.

Its doable as I have the model. Applying it for an app is also doable.

The results will be spectacular to the crowd of science and curricula of schools.

Beyond belief

A never ending story of RBIm

Chrysta wrote and asked this,
quote ”when we pay attention to the vestibular portion of the experience , we come to recognize the inherent location present in this experience.
we then ask , what does this location mean to us ?
as we redefine the meaning to the One we want it to be , both our perception and behavioral stuff works as we want effortlessly and any previous residue of memory vanishes along the way leaving no trace behind .
is this , the essential form of RBIm process ?
b/w Robert , your posts this year are AWESOME , even more LEGENDARY than what you did last year !!
”end quote

I like a brand of cars. Now I never asked myself why do I like that car and not the other car brand? It might be the colors the style of the car or the lines of the car or the feeling of driving that car that made me go for to like that car. If I track that down I will find it haven’t much to do with the car but something else. It has to do with me and what experience I expect to have with that car.

I had this kid that was dyslexic, his mother sat there with us, after a while she became afraid, I took notice she was having a fear moment, asked her that she seemed afraid and she said yes, so I said, well the good thing about fear is whatever once did happen once cant never happen exactly the same ever again unless you have a time machine and go back and even then it wouldn’t be exactly the same.

The lady immediately relaxed and I continue to work with her kid.

Some say fear is about the future is about to happen and it isn’t. For psychology it seems like that for people who believes it is like that and it never is, fear is always about things that happen before and that the brain now thinks will happen again due to it has memory that fires of location actions is about to happen to you.

Fixing in some sense the memory access then also make the fear go away.

Realizing for example whatever happen to you once can never happen the same way breaks the pattern as it then become stored differently the location changes.

I have no idea why she was afraid, of her kid, what would happen or could happen or if it was something whatever.

So fear is always about the past being projected into the future, same pattern as worry, anxiety, panic etc…

Your brain reacts to whatever location and meaning your built up from growing up and entering the social and cultural life you had. The world make sense to you that way.
Once your exposed to difference meaning other people in school, friends etc..and even travel to another country you start to understand people are vastly different and when you come home you might notice those you known your whole life are different also.

You then have grown and found yourself faced with something others haven’t been able to do yet, you understand that the world is bigger than your home town that people make think and do things way differently and in some countries they haven’t much interest to do things that is remotely interesting to what other people do and think is important.

You have changed and become different which means stuff have changed for you. You now debate and talk differently, your reasoning have changed and you think that many are set in their ways and we all are.

Changing your life which RBIM can be used for is to update the core structure of the human being by running a recursive action trough the whole system and that people are not used to do in psychology, NLP, DHE, new code NLP etc…the model said to be model from Roye Fraser into the Core transformation model process.

They say, you transform your states. They say similar things in meta-states etc…

Once one understand or realize that there is no need to transform or change a layer of experience either if it’s a perceived problem or a limitation of some sort that the way the brain works are about location and meaning stored that then runs and governs our behaviors which also means in itself once you understand that that meaning then is resting within the understanding of the humanity itself and when you understand that then the infinity regression never really ends the endless and infinity recursive movement will then continue forever and ever ongoing updating itself into the formatively speaking life you do live.

Roye Fraser discovered that when we go outside the context in a way that we can say is beyond us the limitation of self into what is more the outside metaphysical if you like into the area of faith then the brain can act to use that location and its meaning to do things we cant do normally. He later when he found out tried to map this using NLP first and his approach did lead him to become in a way as many before him and me to explain the what isn’t explainable is at best futile.

You need a better model conceptually to make people understand this

What things means to us and what we stored all this are location based. It means in some way we already have a massive stored complex of contextual reference already ready to be active depending where you go in your life and those acts faster than you can think so you don’t need to think about them.

There is also evidence we seek to confirm this is what its suppose to mean. It allow us to keep the same reference intact and the way the brain normally works it wont be changed lightly, its one reason when people want to change stuff but cant. The evidence is still there to inform the system that well stuff is the same still. So the change they just thought would work, just wont and a few days or weeks then it’s the same again.

As I research why this was going on it seems like as anything else the brain works by location and contextual meaning. Now while that isn’t really new if one look at NLP for example but RBIm is an updated evolved NLP model if you didn’t know that.

The causality of our brain is once we have a location and then meaning seems to happen by itself as whatever we experience must mean something to us.
Things cant happen randomly for no meaning right? If that would be true then what’s the meaning then right? You will find that people cant talk about that much as having no meaning is a bad thing for most if not all humans.

So we set judgment and evaluate what this means to us.

It has to mean something right?

The RBIm experience for example is to stop all those causality that runs, fixate on a future that isn’t true yet, as such it doesn’t have any real meaning to you.
Your own comparison and decision making is recursively going trough the infinite checking pattern and to cover the gap between the future and today then the location of meaning needs to be replaced.

The recursive update takes time, you cant simply change it as the evidence of how stuff works is there to inform the system all the time. Once the systems location has shifted to a futurenow experience then slowly the system rewrites and updates itself to support the new but it doesn’t update or re-write what is already there it simply does that with the new evidence.

Once the evidence is new and the location replaced then the system has to update and work with that.

The update and rewrite can go fast or take time depending on who it is. The recursive nature of the infinite regress is a system to be set into the same system so the system provides its own evidence of its own existence.

This has to do with evolution and adaption the homo sapiens evolved into.

Our existence is then provided for us by creating its existence and evidence in its first place so when someone asked what came first the hen or the egg then its both. The hen proves the egg and the egg proves the hen.

Your brain works the same way except we don’t lay eggs or pick stuff from floor to eat.

The logic that most people are used to are based upon this means that.
RBIm then adds upon that by adding whatever this did mean can then mean anything.  Most then become confused as if there is no meaning that cant be so people reverse into whatever they already know.

RBIm as a technology moves us into the unknown the map of more that is there than within the notion of self and its consciousness. As I am fond of saying, I let people be themselves and then they often cant handle the interaction as they are not used to be who they are without the evidence from someone else to support them to confirm their existence.

The recursive nature of the decision making makes it hard to change due to the system will define itself at all time. The infinite regression then always works to compare the system within its own space.

RBIm deals with this by using a start and end point of a context as a rule set. The context starts and it ends. However you can adjust when its suppose to start and ends.

Hans drained himself of energy before a competition as he was preparing for it so when it was time to compete he was already tired. I moved the competition start point to, first tee. Once he enters first tee, then the competition starts. It ends when he signs the scorecard for the day. Once in the activity itself, playing golf he can then relinquish anything else as next is what experience do you want to have in between those start and end points?

Once people can do those and adapt then the step to apply the same to self, life and your own experience everyday isn’t far off.

In my world its all about definitions.

Unless you define the new references then its really difficult to make changes or anything else as you will reverse back to infinite recursion of self. That basically don’t lead anywhere.

So the definition of self then are created by self to sustain that there is a self in the first place and then provides its own evidence. Talk about evolutionary nuts. Once such is formed and the references are created for us, we have a tendency to forget them due to the brain moves and store them as habits actions we are suppose to do. I cant remember how I learned to ride a bike, nor skating, even though I can recall a memory of my ankles sitting down on the ice as my muscles wasn’t strong enough at age 5 or so to support the skates.

RBIm as a technology is letting the system become in your control to steer it into functional actions to add the evidence and meaning you want to have so you can experience the world the way you want to to.


Mylene been running on my music box the last few weeks I don’t understand French at all but her I can listen to all day.

I guess I got a thing for French red heads.

Anyhow, if the brain manufacture the evidence for its own existence by producing its evidence itself then who then thinks ever they would be normal ever? And then why would you ever think you be stuck with whatever you been taught and accepted over the years? Unless you somehow have evidence you are and since the evidence did define its own existence in a infinite recursion then what’s next?

So I thank Chrysta for the words as I been writing and I guess it will be hopefully even more awesome.

Dragon Age Inquisition

It’s a game coming soon, 30 days to go here is some images of the crafting and loot systems


It’s a RPG it means it has a single player portion and also a multiplayer. The two play modes have separate actions although the crafting seems to interact a bit as far I know.

I like the look visually they have and it seems to be a big game looking at 200+ hours to go trough it depending on your play style. The game engine is built upon the Frostbite 3 engine. It allows state of the art features and is modded to fit the rpg style.


Bioware has a system that allow actions and decisions you do in the game to influence what happens in the world for you which also provide to replay the game as you then can make different choices and see what the game ends up with then.

I look forward this as I want a game that offers great visuals that is a bit beyond the blocky 8 bit graphics that is dominant today. I hope they offers PC gamers the ideal addition to add even more high quality graphical choices.

The game will support Mantle which means AMD users with a 290 or 280 series video card can add more fps and smoother gameplay. The game was suppose to be out 7 October but they pushed the game to 20 November. I guess due to additional time to finish up.

Multiplayer will be up to 4 people that does dungeon crawling takes around 20-30min offers 3 different skill levels with it so make sure you bring your friends along for some action.

Singleplayer will include tactical view combat, so it means you can pause the game if some bad ass enemy comes up and you don’t know how to handle the situation or if a bathroom break is needed or phone rings or husband calls you for sex or food. Multiplayer your stuck with whatever happens then happens.

I will buy and play it, so if you are also then I will post my handle later so we might team up for some MP action.


and a good image of dual daggers.

PC specs for the game are and take note it’s a 64bit OS NO SUPPORT FOR 32bit OS.

OS: Windows 7 or 8.1 64-bit
CPU: AMD six core CPU @ 3.2 GHz, Intel quad core CPU @ 3.0 GHz
System RAM: 8 GB
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 7870 or R9 270, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660
Graphics Memory: 3 GB
Hard Drive: 26 GB
DirectX 11
Or, if you’re playing on a slightly older setup, here are the minimum system requirements:
OS: Windows 7 or 8.1 64-bit
CPU: AMD quad core CPU @ 2.5 GHz, Intel quad core CPU @ 2.0 GHz
System RAM: 4 GB
Graphics CARD: AMD Radeon HD 4870, NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT
Graphics Memory: 512 MB
Hard Drive: 26 GB
DirectX 10