Gravity waves back

Today they (scientists) could see gravity waves that space shorten and lengthen as waves travels trough space.

If these guys had seen star trek they known the guys who traveled from the future, spock had an equation and as the guy who did invent them in the future looked at his own equation from the future which he hadn’t invented yet he said, oh never thought of space traveling and folded onto itself.

You can learn a lot of future shit from TV and movies.


Understanding PTSD

In a war the brain has to deal with survival and threat on a daily basis. While we train for such the war itself is difficult to understand until your in the situation. For many that means they are unable to handle life when they are home again and suffer from ptsd.

It basically means they still believe they in war while they are at home.

The brain haven’t been updated and taken notice where they are.

Once you work with RBIm then you understand the confusion their system is under.

To reboot and re-set the system to where the individual are is the work that needs to be done. Its purely contextual and once re-set the individual don’t have ptsd anymore.

PTSD is like confusion as long you don’t know the difference then you be confused.

Hit the ball where you want it to go

It seems like an easy simple enough concept if you play golf, hit the ball where you want it to go but golfers knows that rarely if ever happens.

So the conclusion then is this, golf is complicated.

Every golf forum have the same questions coming again and again. A flat wrist or cupped at top, fix my over the top, and whatever else people struggle with due to the same reason.

They cant hit the ball where they want to. (its that simple)

So inconsistency happens and people don’t know why. So they go ask the experts in golf which tells them stuff that makes it complicated and their focus on the technique portion. So soon you have people talk about theory and guesswork as it’s the real thing to fix what they cant do.

But the evidence is this, not even a tour pro can hit the ball where they want to.

So if that is true why then are people assuming the golf trainer can actually help them achieve consistency and hit the ball where you want to when the evidence shows us this, they cant?

Hans told me once, oh I hit straighter now, (I taught him some stuff) and I was like what you mean didn’t you hit it straight before? No and I was like why didn’t you tell me? His answer really baffled me, well everyone else hits it like that?

I was like, so since everyone hits it like that that’s the idea for people to assume that’s is how its going to be then?

Truth is golfers cant hit the ball where they want to as what they are trying to accomplish with what they been taught is to difficult to accomplish that with. Then as that becomes a struggle they turn to golf experts to help them do it.

Never ending story there.

Look at Jordan nr1 in the world here, is that an ideal to strive for when your trying to win majors and be consistent?








and isnt this better?


Its by far easier and simpler to then be able to hit the ball where you want to.






what makes a winner, a winner?

If we take tennis we see about 4 people on the men side winning and on the ladies its like one. Federer, Djokovic, Nadal, Murray and williams for the ladies.

In golf the same tendency is there, Jordan speith, Lydia Ko, Inbee park etc..

So what makes them raise above the rest so often?

Here is one key, none knows out there the why that is, they all search for it. No trainer, no coach no books will tell you what that is that makes them a winner.

Isn’t that fascinating say?

One of the things I do as I coach people to do better is to build better systems to do better. Yea normally people just coach them with whatever system they been taught but I don’t fit that role as I evolve what I do constantly.

I wont accept that you cant play at your best due to some crap technique theory Monte or iteachgolf teach you in golfwrx and then think they know what they are doing that wont work for me.

One could say that the 10000 hour rule works to produce experts in a field that deliberate practice is the key and its part of it for sure but you see what has happen to thedanplan that he got stuck with swing mechanics, hurt his back and I knew that would be a risk he would be exposed to. So why isn’t Dan then able to succeed better after so many hours dedicated to the task? In him you see the limitation of the modern swing gury experts like waldron, like iteachgolf, like Monte, like Haney, Harmon, Leadbetter, Foley and Como and whatever else they are called out there.

I know why what they teach wont work so well. They wont come and ask me though. If they do I say, pay up, I did the work so well got to pay me dude.

The 10k hour rule for master and expert in a field is just one bit of the equation.

Federer need to change his mechanics to have more power in his game to push djokovic more. Its evident for me that he lacks that and he needs to adjust what he do to take that step up. If your game have a weakness then for some players that wont be good enough to win against them even if you have it easy vs everyone else.

Swing mechanics in golf for example is simple enough to get down in 3 weeks even for a beginner in golf. That’s the difference with swing mechanics foundation as what I teach is easier to learn and do. It wont mean you be a tour pro in 3 weeks but you can go play well enough as an amateur.

Thedanplan miss out on a few things one is mechanics obviously as if he had asked me he would been much better off today. He be way ahead of his schedule. He also lack the performance mode which is based on science and Nicklaus performance.

Since I build systems I had to analyze golf and to ask questions off, what does it take really? Matching stats and improving them was one area I checked, so improving proximity to hole on approach shots, and the system I developed can teach you a 20 yard proximity which btw is 10 yards better than the best on PGA tour currently.

Knowing that’s doable and possible imagine thedanplan having that stats under his belt he be on his way shooting 10-15 shot better than he is able to today.

Once you know you can do such numbers and stats that’s a confidence boost and then you can plan your game differently than anyone else can out there that you compete against.

However, what makes you a winner then?

The ability to be consistently able to go into performance mode.

Those that win have learned that by accident. They have no real idea what they are doing and many golfers who changed their swing also lost their game, like Monte, like the guy down under and they never got it back btw……once lost its gone for them and they don’t know why.

20 years ago I learned about the performance mode as I did a workshop for 2 days I was able to do just that and then it never went away as I always been able to do it and not just in workshops, when gaming, when I do other sports and such like coaching.

I tried to map it down but NLP sucked ass for it, so did Mythoself and so did everything else so I had to develop my own tools.

Unlocking the winning mind.

The RBIm Golf system

Once you start that path and get trained into how to think and do your performance your going to reach your optimal performance potential your genetic and physical make up has.

You move pass the technique at some point, your swing just works and wont need any fixing anymore you can trust it as you own it. You have feel and evidence your doing it right as you learn it. Once learned you move into applied performance mode along with the putting system and your in for a simplified game that allows you to focus on what’s essential.

You understand the technique that everyone else talks about and works on is so wrong as you wont need anymore fixing. You play faster as you need less time to decide the shot needed to make. There are no more difficult shots and your green reading is 100% correct each time as you leave guesswork out of that and then you putts are deadly accurate when you putt.

Your confidence even before you play is beyond anything you ever known.

When Nicklaus hit his 8i on hole 16 1986 in the Masters and bend down to pick up his peg his kid said, “be right” and Nicklaus while still bending down said, it is.

How did he know?

The same way everyone who wins knows.

Once you have access to that level of performance, your in for a treat.

RBIm golf swing system vs modern swing

RBIm state this, 300+ yard driving and a 4% dispersion.

A modern swing ends at 270-280 yards and dispersion can be anything from 8 to 25%. When you see tour pros hit it close its due to that day they are playing extraordinary for their game. You wont see the guys at place 40 or 60 play as they are missing it so much. So if someone like Monte or Iteachgolf or Haney, or Foley or Como or whatever name teach you a golf swing you end up with dispersion all over the map.

I was asked by William (MA trainer) what I did mean by swing integrity.

Its when you swing within your own momentum of the mechanics and motion your swing system allows. If you go outside then your dispersion goes south and widens.

So if you hit a wedge at 100 yards and have 4% dispersion you know you hit it within 2 yard side left/right of target line dispersion. If the flag stands tight behind a bunker and you have a 3 yard clearance then you can hit your normal wedge shot. That helps you with confidence to play your default swing shot every time.

A confidence boost.

You know you can make that shot every time you go play.

With a modern swing you then have no idea if your going to miss the approach shot with 4 or 15 yards.

Its how different mechanics can affect your decision making when playing and if your swing is off and it happens to all the tour pros all the time they cant trust they can make some shots. This goes to the head and then they assume that’s how it is and none of them think its even possible to do anything else and then start talking about talent, luck or a good day.

Golf is about consistency and knowing your variables that you have in your game means you can plan differently when you plot the course. Your game plan becomes different you know your dispersion, the putting and then your able to make better decisions with shots speeding up your time when you play.

That’s what I want to do and have when I go play in any sport, leaving guesswork out of it.

I built this system from observing and mapping and measuring. Its as a support system really solid and then its up to you to go play with the performance mode with it.

If you’re a tour pro contact me and lets talk.

Golf performance and scoring

It seems like it seems simple enough to understand that your golf swing don’t have much to do with scoring at all. True you need to transport the ball but if it was up to the golf swing then someone like Mike Austin or Mike Dunaway or Jacob Bowden would shoot 55 every time according to them. I still haven’t seen Jacob Bowden on the PGA tour in spite of him able to hit 400 yards.

The tour pro want to be a better player to win more, to score lower to improve their performance. They hire a swing coach?

Tiger woods done the same mistake for 16 years now?
The result? He is afraid to hit a chip nowadays.

Modern theory of golf sucks.

So as I looked at the golf swing I also understood that you want to be more consistent to score better and to become a better player so I built a system to be able to do just that.

Once your at the 300 yard driving then its all about two things, dispersion and distance control. The golf swing system I developed allows you to do a 4% or better dispersion. Best in the world. The putting system I developed allows you to cut 1 to 5 strokes a round for a golf pro, an amateur would see an improvement of in some cases 10-15 shots.

So what affects scoring?

If your not able to hit the ball where you want consistently and no tour pro can do that then your scoring will fluctuate around 10 shot from worst to best score over a season at least. Frank Lickliter with the Monte swing fluctuate with 16 shots.

So scoring has not much to do with the golf swing but, consistency has.

Working with an establish tour pro like Luke Donald or Tiger woods is way easier than to work with an amateur and its beyond me why swing experts cant make them better.

Once your stats goes down into 4% dispersion and you have 300+ yard driving and your able to control distances your putting comes under pressure and if you have a solid putting well then your making more putts than ever.

Then when you have that its about performance mode.

To control your performance mode you need to develop one first to be in the moment, the flow, the zone to have the momentum and then be able to have variation depending on the situation and what it requires, do you make a lot of birdies or just cruise trough?

Golf swings rarely allows you to play better or to be a better player, just look at Tiger woods demise with Foley and Como. There are plenty of others that has vanished from the scene due to swing gurus.

Performance comes from you able to control errors and mistakes you do as each bogey cost you 2 birdies. I analyze the game from an error point of view, what kind of stats you have with the scoring along the way with what kind of mistakes you did.
If you make less and less mistakes it means your scoring goes lower and consistency goes up.

The performance mode system I built shows how to focus your mind during the game and play. Allowing you to stay in the moment and discard any distractions. Your game takes off into better performance over time using an algorithmic scale. Your slowly improving and can measure this along the way.

Everybody talks about scoring, becoming better to be in the moment take one shot at the time but none is able to teach you how to actually do just that, isn’t that funny?

The RBIm system takes you into the performance mode for your sport to improve over time to become better and better as a player to be able to score lower and win stuff.

RBIm Golf swing

Humanity lost

Questions are good, things we think about we want answers to. Its easy to assume so many answers sits there as they are taught in books and on todays media. At some point everything we used to know have been surpassed again and again. Alan Turing helped win the war and his homosexuality which was a capital offense in the UK btw which begs the question to ask us is our world really gone further since then?

Russia suddenly ban such activities as bad?

So someone wins a war and the thanks he gets are so clouded by the prejudice and let me say this that we haven’t gone far as far yet with such.

The imitation game and I have a crush on Keira for sure, I like what she does as an actress. As a movie it was more fun than expected and I am not so sure Alan was portrayed properly but then I have no idea what he was like at all.

You hope the individual will be the man you hope them to be.

My own school sucked, first I was taught rubbish. If that wasn’t enough it was long days without end. I learned English from reading science fiction books as school was boring as hell with such classes.

Did you know I was banned from several NLP forums?

I was asking questions that the guys couldn’t answer…one was Michael Hall the guy that created meta-states.

I ask questions mainly I have a curious mind as I like to figure out why things that tick, ticks. While some get hang up on that idea I move on, I find that needed as once solved or figured out what good is there to stay there with that?

So why ban someone asking questions then?

The guy Hall was clueless and didn’t like the way I understood what he didn’t understand. It happens. He still haven’t figured it out.

I find dogs be a good pet but I dont own one, the time needed to care for the dog simply put is time I spend elsewhere. It be no right to the dog for me to have one and not spend the time needed for their needs. Maybe I change my mind one day about that?

Ah yes change does not really be there so easy to slip into old concepts so well old and known we take them so granted we cant hardly ever think without them.

I do.

Dogs don’t, they get nuts if people change their mind around them.

Dogs are like a well looking mirror, once the image is set they do it.

Humans however are stuck normally within their own reasoning.

To get unstuck we want to build new futures.

Your not really stuck the thoughts just keeps on circling much like any harry potter game.

The hamster wheel but hey someone needs to get electricity there.

Dogs cant write so well, neither can a monkey or dolphins. At some point people wanted to track stuff so we used stones, wood and then paper, the someone figured out we could print letters. First people couldn’t read that well. People were dyslexic and analphabets for thousands of years and survived! That just tells me how much education is worth really.

The bad thing about humans are the prejudice along the other hate stuff. True I have a dislike for most stuff, I don’t like cigarettes or smoke, nor loud noises or a bottle up my ass and a ton of other things. I don’t like a lot of shit out there. I don’t spend time thinking about them much if any. I see a gang of clueless golf trainers on golfwrx who actually believe they know what they are doing and I am like, no you don’t and I don’t think its even a debate as they are fully totally off beat.

Naturally I am just saying things you know my opinion but I know its my opinion not the universal truth to mankind. That’s the first mistake people do believe their opinion actually mean something to people, it does not.

People just shrugs off whatever you talk about as meaningless noise unless they have the same confirmation bias as you have. Its worse btw if you hang around a gang you tag along their beliefs and opinions and then think they are your own when they are not…

I had a phone conversation with a NLP lady many years ago and as soon she started to talk I was like, what’s going on? I found out she had talked to Bo George Sjöberg who had manipulated her into his parrot as he had no such scruples as he was a trained psychologist. He was just a bad creep the ladies would say. That he runs an NLP institute tells you how much control there is over quality with NLP in the world.

None. You have Bandler telling stories and shit and stall evolution for NLP all day every day the last 20 years what’s going on guys?

Humans loose.

Time to pull my head out of the sand so people stop fucking me in the ass.

Just my opinion.

A few simple rules to make life work

Focus on one task. Make sure you have time and don’t become interrupted all the time, shut down phone etc…Make it your time and it don’t need to be hours but a short your own quality time on the task.

When I write a post, I often listen to music which I normally don’t. Its my time.

Set aside time.
Make sure your not interrupted.
Quality time with intent.

Could be to paly an hour with your kids, read a book, write something or whatever you do.

The idea are to build habit and prioritize your time.

Life happens, don’t make it happen to you.

An hour or two deeply imbedded to think and do is hard work. I often take walks as that allows me to just walk and think. So did Einstein and others. However the idea is really simple, spend quality time uninterrupted to do something. Shut down the phone etc…

Its important to stay on the focus point here since if your interrupted then your quality goes down. The shift of attention is so common nowadays and kids do it well but adult hood we forget that kids also can sit down and focus on one single thing for hours also.

If I work on Hans golf swing as I previously done I could spend days on the task.

If you want to sing better, to do things better then spend quality time uninterrupted and work on it. At some point you push trough a threshold.

Thats when stuff happens.

Weight shift in golf made easy

William demo the weight shift.

I would exaggerate the move more as a beginner often has habits that they keep on doing. But if you look at what William demo and Nick Faldo with leadbetter and Monte you find that Williams version is beyond doubt, better.

Making the move more obvious helps with feel and evidence.