40 holes later and a bogie

Talked to Hans and in his recent 40 holes he made one bogie.

More consistent, more stable and less things going wrong.

All good.

Next Monday he plays on some club series game and then the weekend after that it’s the club championship. He is the current champion and hopefully he can play the game he is displaying atm and then it be a much easier win.

One can see he is now more active in the movement than before and has fully immersed with the new feedback a whole new movement. (grey short is new)

Played 18 holes today or was going to but

Last Thursday, 26c and blue sky to hot for me couldn’t focus.

Today a bit colder but still blue sky so went and thought go play, lot of clouds at the course but they seemed to go in the good direction, played 3 holes and then skyfall happen and it went from a nice good round to unplayable as it was pouring down and I had to abort and go home as I was soaking wet into my underwear, forgot my umbrella in the car.

Made 3 straight pars until the skyfall so felt good.

Hole 1, drive 60yard to go but the pitch went to far as I was between clubs there, pitch to 3 feet so par.
Hole 2 pin high, 2 putt.
Hole 3 had a decent birdie 4m putt but didn’t make it.

Might be 18 tomorrow as forecast are good.

Think before one acts

The above shows how caught up people become now and then, they are on a SAFARI meaning they are in wild animal place and then an argument in the car makes one woman run out and around and gets killed.

It’s a wild park and if you don’t respect the wildlife they wont say, oh sorry, they will kill you.

Now and then we get caught up in real life things that’s basically meaningless arguments. Some are right and some are wrong but in the end who cares right?

If you forget where you are and real danger lurks expect to be killed.

Here opens the door…imagine you think your safe….


the girls got lucky.

Organization and feedback allowing the system to react


Grey shirt new, white a few days ago.

Movement patterns and motion pattern can change dramatically in some cases when you allow a new organization and feedback. Working with performance and golf swings has shown that if we don’t include a good feedback system learning and doing takes much longer and we face stability issues a lack of consistency along the way.

The above is basically Hans doing something new based on implemented feedback the last few days. Is it better? I don’t know but it shows difference can happen in this case a few days apart thanks to a better consistency in your movement patterns trough feedback. While we may think that golf instruction is solid and good I found it highly distressed and lacking any form of consistency and the time spent doing drills vs actually be able to do is a quest of impossible now and then.

Dyslexia is a question of implementing the new feedback and organization then the dyslexic will soon become a normal reader and speller often within a timeframe anyone in any research scientific field tells me is impossible to do while I just did it!

If you were Galileo back in the day telling people that the earth was not the center of the solar system as then it was called the earth system then and once you know the truth telling people that have no incitement to believe you as the current earth center view works just fine so they will kill you.

Today we think such people are old, dark ages and religious fools but those still exist even with scientists today as I faced them time and time again as people forget that its not the science that stops evolution its people there that still believe in old systems.

While the evidence is there with measurement and all the people still faced with a huge paradox as whatever they now believe is obsolete isn’t handled well with our old brains.

Settling new feedback organized in a different way allows us to change and transform faster, easier due to the system basically builds a new way to orient itself.

There is no real change people believe in as the way the concept works, changing current are done trough accessing new futures.

NCIS LA Tv show

When you see 4 NCIS agents chase a military guy into an alley, then he suddenly expose himself to gunfire?

If that would been me, first that would had happen, the first 2 agents coming around corner would be dead. I would be behind cover of the dumpster truck barely if ever be visible, if the 2 other agents came around, they be dead to. I would then if they stayed behind, move the dumpster forward stay in cover and then take them both out.

It be the end of the TV show but then I be happy.

Had a breakthrough with the golf

Sure one can always ask, is there a secret to the game of golf?

Some will swear that ben Hogan had one. Still years later no one really can do what Hogan did so obviously there has to be a secret then surely?
Mike Austin same thing, whatever he taught didn’t end up well after translation the same way whatever he did vs whatever he taught.

Obviously something is missing in the tale and description from instruction towards the swing and game.

Its easy to think it’s a secret and mystery much like elf’s, fairies and other spirits are out there waiting for you.

I don’t believe in such but at some point I guess its easy to do so for anyone.

I looked for consistency to be able to play the game in a way that average out errors and mistakes so one can make more pars and less bogies. Obviously it helps with a consistent golf swing to do so but its not enough.

Recently my chipping and putting been extraordinary, simple even but solid and good and consistent. I made more birdies already in the few rounds I played than I usually been able to before. That’s with chipping, pitching and putting being as good or better than a tour pro.

Nailing the final bit of that puzzle the long game the ball striking seems also to come to an end recently. While some testing and such is going on it seems like this solves the ball striking, the consistency and other things along the way also.

Playing 18 tomorrow in the sun 26 Celsius is expected so I guess I prepare for a day in the sun and drink a lot and cover up my head. I am cautiously excited for tomorrow as I expect things to be more consistent into a scale and level I never had.

When one reach a milestone the point when it starts to make sense, ah yes that’s what is going on and then even more cascade effects along the way once understanding increases the realization along the way hits you. It’s a moment that is so rare I recall back when the comparison mode and then when I found out something else and the feeling was like a rock hitting you and then as one smile one keep on walking enjoying the moment and then its moving on.

Tracing concepts I found they don’t really work, step and throw? while I agree on that with mike Austin I know what to do to create that, he didn’t. Knowing what to do and not being able to do them just means we failed to understand the governing principle involved.

Recently I played better, sure some of that is due to better putting and chipping/pitching for sure but my misses even with a golf swing that is in need of a emergency visit the bad misses stopped being really bad and become ok. So the experience playing the focus was going all right, the small stuff with putting and chipping and tower things I taught Hans was skyrocketing my game. Got to love teaching things that I observe and then thought ok that seems to be that and told Hans, do this. Later applying them myself I ask, darn he should shoot 60 all the time!

So easy.

However the inconsistency with ball striking bothered me.

3 months later testing things I found that the feedback was lacking big time took way to long for me, recalled talk with Hans, yes right told and taught that a long time ago, then other things along the way and then the breakthrough.

It happen on the tee shot on hole 10, as I hit my spoon then I notice something was different. Sure I hit it a bit to much right but something was going on, tapped it out as I wasn’t having any shoot from where the ball was, played forward and hit a 8i from 150 onto green and made bogie without even trying. Hit an 8i on the par 3 and made foregreen pin high. Hit a 9i approach on hole 12 and covered the flag all the way from a downhill lie but to much club so went foregreen and long. Then the same thing with a 6i pin high on 13 and a eagle putt which I didn’t make. Shorter irons started to be so easy it was beyond comprehension. Sure I struggled still a bit with longer clubs but figure that would solve itself as I would analyze this later.

So I did yesterday and today.

Told Hans yesterday and he went and hit bullets.

Today I spent with my sisters husband as he helped me with the car and we talked some and then along the way I refined things even more.

It now started to creep over into other areas. I can analyze other sports better now without even trying improving that and with a much easier concept to explain in how what one does relates to the result one achieves.

But then again it might be back to the drawing board after tomorrow and go figure out what the hell is going on.

Once defined the definition stays and the results just happens.