Upgrade the computer

I have a good computer atm (PC).

I rarely go after bleeding edge which would be a Intel x99 chipset and cpu 6core or more which from my current rig would cost 3x as much. Currently I am using a 4670k and a z87 asus-a motherboard and a 290p amd card. I am set for playing games I have at my resolution at 5040×1050 3 screen eyefinity 120hz.

Whenever I decide ok going to upgrade I check my needs, currently my 128gb ssd have a need of more space. This for me then kick start ok what to get?
The market today is filled with ssd at 256gb size that is half the price I paid 4 years ago for 128gb so not only has the price gone down and size gone up so for me it seems like a good time to update my ssd.

For me I view the use and what’s important, I don’t hold back in regard to the PSU as you always want quality stuff for power as well a good solid motherboard. So once those two are fine then basically the main drive is what keeps your data up and moveable. So I go for a 256gb ssd. Naturally choices opens up here, I can buy a normal consumer drive like a crucial mx100 or a Samsung 840 evo or similar other brands in similar price ranges.

I then also ask, what and how long do I expect to keep my ssd before upgrading/updating again? Current one I used the last 4 years without any issues.  Its likely the same will be true for the years to come as I don’t use much space on the computer, I don’t play many games if any due to being tired a lot.

The one thing I do know data and how fast it moves are important to me as I am sensitive to slow downs and ssd for me with windows 8 has shown a wonderful experience everyday I used my computer. I enjoy what Microsoft did with win 8 and I enjoy ssd speed and access.

Time to go bigger on the ssd.

Personally you want things that transfer stuff in the computer to be fast and also consistent. If one check ones values for me speed and efficiency and no slow downs are important and with my current one it works fine. Newer ssd are even faster and I might detect better speed or snappier action. Still what would I want to have as I have a tendency to go for what I enjoy and seldom what is best on the market. Sure I am a geek also so new tech appeals to me like the samsung 850 pro drive.

So sure enough after all is evaluated and tested, the Samsung 850 pro wins me over. Its either a 128gb or a 256gb for me. It’s the best overall drive with best reliability. It will offer me until the next upgrade if that ever happens as 10 year warranty its like usage pattern more like 20 years for me.

I often run down the main reason for me to upgrade as if there is little to no benefit I often just don’t upgrade. Intel release the 5820 and x99 chipset but the cost is more than 3x times my current set up with no real benefits so I just don’t upgrade until maybe the next die shrink for cpu. That is likely at least a year away or more.

Once I buy the ssd I will post some numbers for fun and my user experience.

Dyslexia isn’t a problem anymore

You might know it but the catmodel.eu is the best world class leading edge technology to help dyslexics overcome their disability.

Its so good that people cant believe how powerful it is to apply and use. Kids with diagnosis suddenly don’t have the same diagnosis anymore to the surprised establish places that offers such diagnosis for them as they believe once a dyslexic, always a dyslexic.

I suppose Goggle would be such a place to offer tools maybe an app to make kids in their homes to overcome this as most parents can run this with their kids at home but sadly I don’t have an app, I don’t have the programming skills to do it either all I do have is knowledge how the brain works and how the app should work to accomplish its results.

The world has changed a bit the last 15 years, Google, internet, Facebook and online services and apps has changed things for us a lot.

I don’t have the financial aid and resources to make such an app as if I did then it would be out there in every language. I would like to do such app and also even offer it for free if the situation would allow it.  Normally then donations are needed or a great financial backer like Google who then could benefit from the media publications and what they then done for kids all over the world.

For me it means up to 80% or so of the kids today which means around 5-15% of all kids in Sweden goes trough 8 years or so in school end up with either dyslexia or reading and such disability which means 5000-15000 kids every year here. Having a catmodel app would mean those numbers would shrink a lot up to a 80% rate with the calculations I do which would mean those resources today would be more effective adding the catmodel app to their existing workplace and then be able to offer the kids who struggle better care than before.

Its doable as I have the model. Applying it for an app is also doable.

The results will be spectacular to the crowd of science and curricula of schools.

Beyond belief

A never ending story of RBIm

Chrysta wrote and asked this,
quote ”when we pay attention to the vestibular portion of the experience , we come to recognize the inherent location present in this experience.
we then ask , what does this location mean to us ?
as we redefine the meaning to the One we want it to be , both our perception and behavioral stuff works as we want effortlessly and any previous residue of memory vanishes along the way leaving no trace behind .
is this , the essential form of RBIm process ?
b/w Robert , your posts this year are AWESOME , even more LEGENDARY than what you did last year !!
”end quote

I like a brand of cars. Now I never asked myself why do I like that car and not the other car brand? It might be the colors the style of the car or the lines of the car or the feeling of driving that car that made me go for to like that car. If I track that down I will find it haven’t much to do with the car but something else. It has to do with me and what experience I expect to have with that car.

I had this kid that was dyslexic, his mother sat there with us, after a while she became afraid, I took notice she was having a fear moment, asked her that she seemed afraid and she said yes, so I said, well the good thing about fear is whatever once did happen once cant never happen exactly the same ever again unless you have a time machine and go back and even then it wouldn’t be exactly the same.

The lady immediately relaxed and I continue to work with her kid.

Some say fear is about the future is about to happen and it isn’t. For psychology it seems like that for people who believes it is like that and it never is, fear is always about things that happen before and that the brain now thinks will happen again due to it has memory that fires of location actions is about to happen to you.

Fixing in some sense the memory access then also make the fear go away.

Realizing for example whatever happen to you once can never happen the same way breaks the pattern as it then become stored differently the location changes.

I have no idea why she was afraid, of her kid, what would happen or could happen or if it was something whatever.

So fear is always about the past being projected into the future, same pattern as worry, anxiety, panic etc…

Your brain reacts to whatever location and meaning your built up from growing up and entering the social and cultural life you had. The world make sense to you that way.
Once your exposed to difference meaning other people in school, friends etc..and even travel to another country you start to understand people are vastly different and when you come home you might notice those you known your whole life are different also.

You then have grown and found yourself faced with something others haven’t been able to do yet, you understand that the world is bigger than your home town that people make think and do things way differently and in some countries they haven’t much interest to do things that is remotely interesting to what other people do and think is important.

You have changed and become different which means stuff have changed for you. You now debate and talk differently, your reasoning have changed and you think that many are set in their ways and we all are.

Changing your life which RBIM can be used for is to update the core structure of the human being by running a recursive action trough the whole system and that people are not used to do in psychology, NLP, DHE, new code NLP etc…the model said to be model from Roye Fraser into the Core transformation model process.

They say, you transform your states. They say similar things in meta-states etc…

Once one understand or realize that there is no need to transform or change a layer of experience either if it’s a perceived problem or a limitation of some sort that the way the brain works are about location and meaning stored that then runs and governs our behaviors which also means in itself once you understand that that meaning then is resting within the understanding of the humanity itself and when you understand that then the infinity regression never really ends the endless and infinity recursive movement will then continue forever and ever ongoing updating itself into the formatively speaking life you do live.

Roye Fraser discovered that when we go outside the context in a way that we can say is beyond us the limitation of self into what is more the outside metaphysical if you like into the area of faith then the brain can act to use that location and its meaning to do things we cant do normally. He later when he found out tried to map this using NLP first and his approach did lead him to become in a way as many before him and me to explain the what isn’t explainable is at best futile.

You need a better model conceptually to make people understand this

What things means to us and what we stored all this are location based. It means in some way we already have a massive stored complex of contextual reference already ready to be active depending where you go in your life and those acts faster than you can think so you don’t need to think about them.

There is also evidence we seek to confirm this is what its suppose to mean. It allow us to keep the same reference intact and the way the brain normally works it wont be changed lightly, its one reason when people want to change stuff but cant. The evidence is still there to inform the system that well stuff is the same still. So the change they just thought would work, just wont and a few days or weeks then it’s the same again.

As I research why this was going on it seems like as anything else the brain works by location and contextual meaning. Now while that isn’t really new if one look at NLP for example but RBIm is an updated evolved NLP model if you didn’t know that.

The causality of our brain is once we have a location and then meaning seems to happen by itself as whatever we experience must mean something to us.
Things cant happen randomly for no meaning right? If that would be true then what’s the meaning then right? You will find that people cant talk about that much as having no meaning is a bad thing for most if not all humans.

So we set judgment and evaluate what this means to us.

It has to mean something right?

The RBIm experience for example is to stop all those causality that runs, fixate on a future that isn’t true yet, as such it doesn’t have any real meaning to you.
Your own comparison and decision making is recursively going trough the infinite checking pattern and to cover the gap between the future and today then the location of meaning needs to be replaced.

The recursive update takes time, you cant simply change it as the evidence of how stuff works is there to inform the system all the time. Once the systems location has shifted to a futurenow experience then slowly the system rewrites and updates itself to support the new but it doesn’t update or re-write what is already there it simply does that with the new evidence.

Once the evidence is new and the location replaced then the system has to update and work with that.

The update and rewrite can go fast or take time depending on who it is. The recursive nature of the infinite regress is a system to be set into the same system so the system provides its own evidence of its own existence.

This has to do with evolution and adaption the homo sapiens evolved into.

Our existence is then provided for us by creating its existence and evidence in its first place so when someone asked what came first the hen or the egg then its both. The hen proves the egg and the egg proves the hen.

Your brain works the same way except we don’t lay eggs or pick stuff from floor to eat.

The logic that most people are used to are based upon this means that.
RBIm then adds upon that by adding whatever this did mean can then mean anything.  Most then become confused as if there is no meaning that cant be so people reverse into whatever they already know.

RBIm as a technology moves us into the unknown the map of more that is there than within the notion of self and its consciousness. As I am fond of saying, I let people be themselves and then they often cant handle the interaction as they are not used to be who they are without the evidence from someone else to support them to confirm their existence.

The recursive nature of the decision making makes it hard to change due to the system will define itself at all time. The infinite regression then always works to compare the system within its own space.

RBIm deals with this by using a start and end point of a context as a rule set. The context starts and it ends. However you can adjust when its suppose to start and ends.

Hans drained himself of energy before a competition as he was preparing for it so when it was time to compete he was already tired. I moved the competition start point to, first tee. Once he enters first tee, then the competition starts. It ends when he signs the scorecard for the day. Once in the activity itself, playing golf he can then relinquish anything else as next is what experience do you want to have in between those start and end points?

Once people can do those and adapt then the step to apply the same to self, life and your own experience everyday isn’t far off.

In my world its all about definitions.

Unless you define the new references then its really difficult to make changes or anything else as you will reverse back to infinite recursion of self. That basically don’t lead anywhere.

So the definition of self then are created by self to sustain that there is a self in the first place and then provides its own evidence. Talk about evolutionary nuts. Once such is formed and the references are created for us, we have a tendency to forget them due to the brain moves and store them as habits actions we are suppose to do. I cant remember how I learned to ride a bike, nor skating, even though I can recall a memory of my ankles sitting down on the ice as my muscles wasn’t strong enough at age 5 or so to support the skates.

RBIm as a technology is letting the system become in your control to steer it into functional actions to add the evidence and meaning you want to have so you can experience the world the way you want to to.


Mylene been running on my music box the last few weeks I don’t understand French at all but her I can listen to all day.

I guess I got a thing for French red heads.

Anyhow, if the brain manufacture the evidence for its own existence by producing its evidence itself then who then thinks ever they would be normal ever? And then why would you ever think you be stuck with whatever you been taught and accepted over the years? Unless you somehow have evidence you are and since the evidence did define its own existence in a infinite recursion then what’s next?

So I thank Chrysta for the words as I been writing and I guess it will be hopefully even more awesome.

Dragon Age Inquisition

It’s a game coming soon, 30 days to go here is some images of the crafting and loot systems


It’s a RPG it means it has a single player portion and also a multiplayer. The two play modes have separate actions although the crafting seems to interact a bit as far I know.

I like the look visually they have and it seems to be a big game looking at 200+ hours to go trough it depending on your play style. The game engine is built upon the Frostbite 3 engine. It allows state of the art features and is modded to fit the rpg style.


Bioware has a system that allow actions and decisions you do in the game to influence what happens in the world for you which also provide to replay the game as you then can make different choices and see what the game ends up with then.

I look forward this as I want a game that offers great visuals that is a bit beyond the blocky 8 bit graphics that is dominant today. I hope they offers PC gamers the ideal addition to add even more high quality graphical choices.

The game will support Mantle which means AMD users with a 290 or 280 series video card can add more fps and smoother gameplay. The game was suppose to be out 7 October but they pushed the game to 20 November. I guess due to additional time to finish up.

Multiplayer will be up to 4 people that does dungeon crawling takes around 20-30min offers 3 different skill levels with it so make sure you bring your friends along for some action.

Singleplayer will include tactical view combat, so it means you can pause the game if some bad ass enemy comes up and you don’t know how to handle the situation or if a bathroom break is needed or phone rings or husband calls you for sex or food. Multiplayer your stuck with whatever happens then happens.

I will buy and play it, so if you are also then I will post my handle later so we might team up for some MP action.


and a good image of dual daggers.

PC specs for the game are and take note it’s a 64bit OS NO SUPPORT FOR 32bit OS.

OS: Windows 7 or 8.1 64-bit
CPU: AMD six core CPU @ 3.2 GHz, Intel quad core CPU @ 3.0 GHz
System RAM: 8 GB
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 7870 or R9 270, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660
Graphics Memory: 3 GB
Hard Drive: 26 GB
DirectX 11
Or, if you’re playing on a slightly older setup, here are the minimum system requirements:
OS: Windows 7 or 8.1 64-bit
CPU: AMD quad core CPU @ 2.5 GHz, Intel quad core CPU @ 2.0 GHz
System RAM: 4 GB
Graphics CARD: AMD Radeon HD 4870, NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT
Graphics Memory: 512 MB
Hard Drive: 26 GB
DirectX 10

Why there is no unconscious mind

It’s a misnomer a concept of not understanding the human nature, ever since Freud’s days people assume there is a unconscious mind due to Freud didn’t understand the hysteria phenomena, he also when he worked out his 10 year fix for clients then used a 1800 century ideology on it and then it caught wind  with NLP and psychology.

For me I had clients who told me they were controlled by things they had no idea about and I put them in charge to control their own reactions what they felt and thought, and they didn’t like it. Becoming conscious to understand that there is no unconscious mind that you can alter the meaning and location then also changes your perception and behavioral output without doing anything to resolve problems or issues is beyond psychology and other systems like NLP.

Once you localize that your mind is constantly creating projections and scenarios from decision making engagements meaning pretty much all the time for most individuals as keeping one experience going over time most just cant do. They flicker into something else.

Its how people are taught and trained by growing up to attend what happens on the outside then governs their internal experience and perception that has been called unco0nsious. If you then put whatever you want into that location then meaning changes and your perception with it and behavior output changes along the way the way you want it to be.

The so called unconscious isn’t anything than what you already have stored as memory to the external world and you responses are already pre triggered by this storage that scientists then measure how you think with an EEG seems to indicate that your brain reacts before you even become aware of what is going on which seems to prove there is a unconscious mind reacting to things you haven’t reacted to yet. Its bad science.

Did you know the old diagram of an atom? Its not used anymore due to the atom don’t look like they way they used to understand it. Once scientist couldn’t believe Einstein due to the light cant…..bend……………but once proven people who were young went with it not the old guys. Then later dark matter, black holes and such was also up there with scientists that couldn’t believe where are those black holes? They are everywhere sitting in the middle of every galaxy out there pretty much there are trillions and trillions of black holes out there.

Whatever we believe and conceptually think is happening might seem true with the experiments we do to prove such but later all those tests and theories can be proven wrong due to those that did measure and do those tests might not understand they only measured what they could believe in and anything else was negated by their own perception as we cant see what we don’t believe in.

Once Freud started the unconscious mind people started to believe one such existed and soon it was assumed it also existed. Its only called unconscious because people don’t understand how it works for them. The kids growing up today never question the tale of the ID, EGO nor the unconscious mind.

I do.

Yes it do remove the mystery of the misnomer it will free you up and understand the world differently I might think its better that way but opinions vary.

Once you understand there is no unconscious mind then you can replace any response and reaction to the world by your own meaning instead taking control over your so called impulses if you like without even thinking its unconscious as then they are part of a much simpler grid and matrix if you like about your own nature of self recursive humanity.

Self recursive is in some ways like this and I quote this website “The formula for the volume of a cylinder leads to the mathematical joke/self-description: “What is the volume of a pizza of thickness a and radius z?” Answer: pi z z a. This result is sometimes known as the second pizza theorem. “ or “ Twenty-nine is a prime example of what kind of number?” end quote.

The example of two mirrors when angled to one another you never stop seeing yourself in those other reflecting’s a so called infinity recursion.

Self recursion works slightly different but by much. We seek evidence the world works the way we understand it. The evidence itself then proves to our logic it does. The question I ask, does it really?

Its also always present, if you ask someone a question about who they are, you then engage the self recursion for them, to seek the answer they need to resolve anything else that is blocking or stopping or hindering the answer to be self explanatory. Once resolved, the who am I then the individual is free from constant responses and reactions from so called unconscious mind conceptual thinking.

Our behavior is feed forward from our location where we store the experience part of our expression. Once the meaning in that location changes so then does our behavior. The behavior we then are doing from that location then seek evidence to prove to us that whatever we have then make sense logically to us and then we fabricate that evidence to back up our location make sense to us.

If the evidence isn’t making sense, we start questioning our reality. It happens in trauma events, divorces, childbirth, wars, relationships etc…

Some of this are triggered biological evolution like childbirths where old survival instincts the activates primal instincts to protect the new. Its not always working as intended as some don’t have such or is interfering with it due to drugs etc.. Mainly its cultural and social they way we think we understand the world but we always do so from proving the evidence is there for us to then believe in to then move on to go with it.

Once threshold has happen when you start to question the nature and role of your world, then decision making kicks in with recursively nature located in it. While the process of recursive and decision making is happening the brain is trying to find what its suppose to respond to and for the brain it can distinguish if its real or not or just plain made up or an illusion.

If you pretend your happy in spite of every evidence your not the brain will make sure your happy. It will then produce happy stuff for you.

The brain reacts and respond to what location means to you

Once you understand that and can define the meaning then behaviors and whatever you perceive and feel etc…changes along the way and then there was no unconscious mind anymore.

This doesn’t just work with abstract minds but how the body responds also, with injury I worked with people and used their opposite muscles that was fine and when working to make them focus their attention there, the injury healed faster, was less painful and often forgotten. There are body methods out there working that way already.

One reason I stopped doing NLP was due to

Every now and then working with clients they reacted really bad.

The client might wanted to stop smoking etc..and then suddenly once this was resolved suddenly exploded into a pretty much described as a nutty psychotic behavior. Since lucky it didn’t happen often but for me it just didn’t seem proper that even should happen at all. Nothing in the training I had was remotely there to say what to do when such happen as it wasn’t ever mentioned.

People don’t do things randomly, we as human beings go have systems we follow which btw have its own logic.

Once I was exposed to what Joseph Riggio did run back in 2003 I had the opportunity to develop something better than NLP in the lines of what people would react and respond to. You might think about this as a way to fix NLP as neither John Grinder nor Richard Bandler understand this either if they did then they wouldn’t teach NLP the way they do or whatever else they teach nowadays.

Anyhow, its like Photoshop layering or a onion layering, once one layer is exposed and fixed, then the risk is that the next layer is a baseline a trauma, an unresolved childhood etc..and there is no real way to know if that is the case normally.

RBIm deals with this building a new future, we don’t fix the layers we build a new future which then the individual is asked to present an answer to the question posed this means what happens is this:

the individual is faced with a new future a new memory of one, to bridge the gap between where they are now (contextual) then they need to resolve the recursive nature of their own decision making (reality made up of meaning). The recursive nature of the brain and how it works is that it has a endless pretty much circling nature of definition to its evidence. In other words we seek proof and evidence the world works the way we think it does so we can keep being sane. (even if we aint)

Once that layer of abstraction are resolved the risk is whatever else been covered up then wont be.

RBIm deals with creating new and then the recursive nature of the human is never threaten they are kept into their own recursive nature of self. Then there is no threat to risk resolve whatever they have a problem with. Human beings have no real understanding what they do things they do, why they cant or can do and why they even react and respond the way they do. That creates a lot of doubt, worry and subsets to the equation.  Logically it make sense for the human and individual to think and feel the way they do but for someone else it can seem at best nuts.

Since I came across this happening I knew one thing, those people in NLP don’t understand this themselves or I would been taught how to handle it and the funny thing you cant do it with NLP or its cousins like dhe, nhr, new code NLP etc…

The main reason I stopped doing NLP as it wasn’t effective enough and wouldn’t allow me to work safely or to teach it safely.

RBIm was created as one technology to deal with this. Doing so its been a trip that covered some miles on dusty roads.  Now and then a waterhole was found and the dust could be cleared a bit. Once a new world was found a lush and green such with great blue skies and happy animals the dust then was begotten and something new could emerge, RBIm.

Learning by feedback

Let say you want to speak a new language the process to learn a new language as anything else becomes effective with a good plan.

Any plan used needs feedback and enough variations.

A plan to know or understand what your suppose to train to make you able to do it.

While I can confirm for myself that what I need to train now it wont mean I am able to do it directly. I need to go trough a feedback process with enough variations until the coordination and movement of information does its job.

Let say I want to change the grip on the golf club, so I do that this then affect the way I swing. Then the normal reaction due to the grip change also affects my swing, should I then stop the change if I cant make the same swing that I used to do before?

It depends if the new grip change makes it better and it should make it better.

I changing my take away now and down swing sequence, the change for me is already done. I haven’t however had enough time to practice enough variations to build the system to actually utilize the new performance yet. The plan is there I know where to go.

In golf the problem is theory that has nothing to do with the golf swing. I cut trough a lot of theory and dismissed it due to knowing the various stuff the guys are teaching isn’t needed.

Applying the new for me also means I check for evidence, does the new change cause a reaction?

Can I then measure the difference can I note this is what did happen?


So while Is wing and check the difference I see it, motion is different, the position at impact improved, I also see things I don’t like but are going to change as I improve the stuff I do.

I guess some expect miracles, it seems easy and it always is when you can do it. Its like throwing a ball, small kids cant throw, they don’t open their hands and fall over as they don’t open the hand to actually throw. Its funny. Many think that throwing is easy but takes years to do.

Once we can do we can go artistic, simplify it. Make it efficient, faster, more habitual. To run and move a football in high speed isn’t easy but some learn to do it and if you don’t practice that way then good luck leaning it. There is no natural talent there only a difference in training and culture. If you apply the Spanish ball practice to English kids they become Spanish skilled and vice verse.

Since I can take not what I am doing works better it shows evidence whatever this is it now works better directly. I then continue to work that and then realize also trough feedback I need more speed and force so now the lower/middle body has to move differently also.

So while a kid can learn to throw in their own time the more feedback the faster the variations we do the better evaluation of the evidence the better we become.

If you want to be a writer, write a lot every day. Its 10 maybe 100 books you need to write before you learned the trade. Good thing once learned, you can just do it.


Hans won the national championship when he tried it last year.

I don’t teach it online normally due to feel and set up and grip etc..need to be personalized.

Once you understand the set up and why we do it the way we do it in RBIm, then putting can be as easy as riding a bike. For a tour pro there is a high probability to reach 24-28 putts a round consistently. That require a bit more work.

Late in Spain, the darkness had fell but Hans was making putts from everywhere.

evening practice putting.

Hans Birdie early season start

What kind of pivot do you want to do?

A compound pivot as Mike Austin did it or as a modern golfer does it?

One is easier to do.
One make you longer and more accurate.

A modern swing balances two forces as a modern golf swing is essentially a slice swing.

I said so before and it seems not that many found that concept understandable.  The main thing you need to know timing happens. You will always have timing its evident but let ask us which pivot makes timing automatic vs one you really need to make it work and then work every day on it?

If one use a slice swing, an amateur will struggle with slice. A tour pro with a hook. Hogan fought that and found a compromise that worked for him which I don’t recommend anyone to emulate.

When I build a model there are thing you need to do in the model, getting there might take time depending who it is and what they need to do. The evidence is there for them to know when they do a compound pivot and when they do things that works.

Hans has done this new instruction sequence for around 2 weeks or so maybe 3. He now has a changed kinetic sequence. A much better compound pivot and slowly are closing on the ideal model here.

Its easier to balance one force going one direction as a compound pivot vs two like a modern pivot has. Its one reason I don’t bother to talk about the modern swing its just too much work to work with it.

I expect Larry to hit the ball 300 yards next year even at age 67 he still is fit for his age and have done good work. Now it started to pay off.

The RBIm golf swing model predicts a working compound pivot by following one single instruction and learning to do that can take some time but we know why we do it so once doing it we can go, got it, done.

Love what I do, don’t you?