Min fps Mantle and AMD performance

Games offers us fun and enjoyment. When I bought my 290 I decided to buy that due to Mantle as it was a developing technology at the time it appealed to me as you would have the benefit of process technology evolving while you had the card.

The above shows one reason, the Min fps means using Mantle the game don’t slow down. Average and max fps doesn’t mean the same experience. It means while you would think its better to drive faster it just isn’t. To think its better is to negate what gaming is about, its experience to enjoy the visual and gameplay. Min fps allows your game to be more smooth so it then would feel better playing vs faster which wouldn’t be as smooth.

Like a day at the beach, you wouldn’t want to run around doing a lot of stuff you would want to stay with a few things and doing them well.

That for me has been a great thing with Mantle.

Naturally it isn’t perfect, dice for example mess up BF4 so Mantle haven’t been working properly the last few weeks with BF4.

Still looking forward the Dragon Age Inquisition game with mantle.

Comparison mode stuff

How do we make decisions?

We compare.

You just cant make one without comparing.

Now you did read the above, did you make a comparison to answer, yes that seems to make sense or no Rob your off base or such like maybe?

So while you did read a few short sentences, a proposition your brain went and checked, yes or no or just maybe.

The maybe we want to exclude if we are in sales, marketing etc..

Choices we make often are done on autopilot, its already choices we made previously as it seems to hold value to us. The value often is what we rationalize we wanted in the first place. Its seldom are.

Did you really want that last bit of cake? Or did you take it as it seemed like a good deal?

In recent brain experiment, people was going to the cinema, and was offered popcorn, small for 3 bucks and a large for 7 bucks. They all choose the small one, the 7 bucks was to expensive. Next, they added a medium size popcorn for 6.50 bucks.
Now most choose the medium size that cost 6.50…..and once the girl said but the large one is just 50cent more? They all went for the large one and most felt really good choosing the large one as they got a great deal………….

I went to the movies a few months ago, I wanted a small popcorn, so the girl behind the disk said but this one cost less for this and I said, no I want the small one. I wanted a small popcorn yes it cost me a bit more but here is the thing, I just wanted a small one and I didn’t care if I paid more as I didn’t want more. For me that made sense as if I had got more then I be dissatisfied as I didn’t want more. The girl behind the disk was surprised. My action didn’t match her expected choice the customer make.

If you buy things, the value people presents you with is a imagined one. It always is btw. Is there any other value with a painting than whatever we give it? A rock is older than any painting people made why isn’t rocks valued more? Well the painting someone made artistically so we then value artistry and time.

You buy the car after values what you think you gain and get.

A company buying copy machines or computer want endurance stuff that works for a long time most of the time or efficiency.

Those values people expect must be met.

Thing is they can also be used and added so you make such decisions by comparing properly to exclude options that cause doubt or so called maybes.

Once your presented with what to choose your decision making system kicks in, since this is contextual localized information the information you decide already been pre-set for you before. You wont be able to make a conscious decision.

RBIm for example isn’t presented as a technology of choice it is choice. RBIm is evolved NLP it isn’t the right to choose anything it is choice.

The main difference here is, if meaning is localized to govern all your actions what you do then meaning also contain pre-set values before the action is made or that the action lead to the pre-set values.

Which one is it?

Now your faced with a choice a decision to make, what makes most sense?

You then will fall back to what you know. Old information, past memory.

To gain relief from the pressure your brain creates from being undeceive. If you don’t make a decision the brain cant relax. Your stress levels goes up and you cant sleep. You wonder around you get busy and slowly you start drinking and soon loose your job  and end up on the street and then die from some bad shit.

All that from not being able to solve a decision?


Your brain don’t like to stay in comparison mode. You want to solve it as fast as possible and then you will rationalize your decision even if tis the opposite of what you want…………….

High pressure salesmen know how to use that to their advantage meaning you buy things you never wanted to buy or give away money you would never give away.

The situation forces you to make a decision that you then do to relive yourself od pressure that only exists there due to we imagine value to what it would mean to us?

Isn’t that funny?

Making it easier to make a decision is what sales, marketing is all about. It isn’t to offer options or choices or such its all about them making sure you make a choice that is whatever they sell to you.

RBIm for example helps you relive stress in life by making decisions aligned with what you desire the most of life and it will help you achieve tremendous relaxation in your daily endeavor and make you successful in what you do.

If the answer is yes you just made a great decision!

Don’t that feel satisfying to you and relaxing?

Its already happening!

RBIm is awesome!

For example when I held a workshop for dyslexics, I asked the parents, why come here? I said I mean if you tried stuff and it didn’t work why would you think a 2 day workshop would change anything?
Parents to kids with dyslexia will try anything until they find something that works and they will pay for it.
I often then would run everyone trough what I do, diagnosis what they do currently, then write it up and then continue with adding the new structure and run that and test that and then say to their parents well it seems your kid already is better and they are measurable so.

They just witness something impossible.

Their kids dyslexia started to transform in front of their very eyes and they will struggle with it but they also know this workshop was worth it.

Scientists tools to measure dyslexia cant do that with what I am doing as the changes happens to fast. Once the kids reach the criterion for the catmodel they then wont be dyslexic anymore.

Now I know how dyslexia works, what to do about it. What is the value of that knowledge? Priceless?

RBIm for example utilize the way the location works with meaning but meaning isn’t random. It also contain actions you do, it contains evidence the recursive action wants to find to be satisfied with whatever your doing and will even fool your brain to nationalize what you did do even if it wasn’t right for you to do. Some call it intuition or gut feeling. However you already knew it was a bad call a bad decision to make and you did it anyway and then the brain kicks in and rationalize it wasn’t………………………….WTF!

I made many things that I been thinking, that I shouldn’t have done but that always happens after the fact. The way changes works is you can only notice the change, after whatever you did do.

I had clients ask me, did this work?

I said, check in with me next week. Some did and said it was just fine now. Most never checked in due to for them the problem just went away. A friend drove me home and asked if whatever I did worked for his kid, I said, call me in 3 weeks. He never did. I called him 3 months later and asked him and he said,w ell you know how it is? I said, No I don’t.  So he repeated that 3 times, until he said well its been fine. I said why not call me and say that?
Well you know how it is?


His kid changed instantly. He asked me if whatever I did had worked and I said it as I do, I don’t know check with me later. It then takes time for the brain to organize to the new. The brain rationalize the new meaning it is then what its suppose to mean.

I had tickets once to a concert with Bruce the Boss Springsteen. I decided to stay home as I also had a martial arts workshop to attend to, and in the first 5 minutes I was in the class I knew one thing, I made the wrong choice. Still my ticket was given away to a girl who was unhappy and couldn’t go to the concert in Gothenburg and so she had a great time.

For me that become a way to understand that my priorities had changed.  I have since then made decisions that would work for me.

Ever since they have.

Our brain wants to resolve uncertainty and making choices isn’t what the brain like so it will take a short cut to think this is what you want to do and since you only ever will know after its done you then cant really know before it happens.

That is an issue for many obviously. How would I know RBIm will work for me? I say, I don’t know Its not for me to say.

Someone asked me when I was to run the one year class if this was a good training and I said, it’s the best in the world. He laughed and signed up, and he found out it was.

Many have nothing to compare what I do to what someone else does, then the value of what I do become indifferent. Its only when they go to a NLP seminar and I had many students telling me after but they cant do shit<?

I said, well now you know how good training I did.

If you have nothing to compare with then you can become really good doing what you do. I never compared myself to other in the field I just done what I did and went with that for a long time. Kids do that all the time compare them selves to other kids, cloths, make up, style and such and then press value of what they are suppose to be like and do in school.

Its then for the brain to solve the difference between what the parents did raise them to be and do and what the school makes them.

Normally the school wins out due to the brain wants to solve the issue of stress of indifference first and it will use survival instincts to do so, make decisions that works to be part of the group vs standing alone. Its why every teen American movie always are about beta zeta alpha and the popular kids in school vs the nerds, geeks or fat girls or fatties or gays or such.

Kids actually thinks you need to belong to a group.

Where did that come from?

Evolution adaptive behavior.

Later they will rationalize what they did do. How important it is with how they look, how popular they are or such and ever wonder how many prom queens ends up fat, doing dishes, boobs hanging out?

Whatever the American dream is made out to be its just another way to think we can become something by comparing and belonging to that group.

RBIm is a tool for you by you.

I show a few guidelines but whenever someone asks me what this is suppose to be about I say, its a tool for you by you. I don’t know.


Sure but once you become enlighten enough and understand that choice then it just make perfect sense.

Its for me by me.

Best decision ever

Is it good enough?

Plasma as a TV is superior to LCD. Problem is that people tend to buy what’s cheaper as you look at a lcd screen it seems really good and it is for some things. Plasma offers better blackness and no distortion for sports. The financial reality is made more and more manufacturer to stop the Plasma production and just do LCD.  My Panasonic 42inch plasma TV I still enjoy.

I am sad as whenever I want to upgrade I have to go to projector to have what I want. I enjoy movies and good TV shows, normal TV I seldom if ever watch. So for me it seems the day of Plasma started to vanish and the whatever else that seems good enough replace it.

For me, I want a pleasant experience and if stuff like a golf ball if distorted in a LCD screen due to the lights cant flicker of and on fast enough then that ruins my watching. Technology is like that, the CD replaced the LP records due to it was cheaper to manufacture and people didn’t think it was different. But if you set up an LP record with the right equipment then its just blows your ears away.

I have for example sennheiser hd600 headphones, bought used but offers me superb sound, I also use a asus essence stx pc computer soundcard that allows the headphones to really shine. That is where it ends for me, I don’t sit down in my sofa listening to some classical music, I just enjoy a good sound for games and listening to music as I surf. It’s a bit overkill but for me its good enough. I play using 3 screens called eyefinity it allows me to enjoy widescreen gaming and its really immersive. I use 120hz screens and I got them for a bargain a few years ago. To replace this setup would cost a fortune.

For me, I spend time in front of the computer so I also got a chair that supports my body good. It have started to be a bit old so its about to be replaced next year but its good enough for now.

Good enough for me might mean something else but its like my sister when she listen to my computer music set up, she almost didn’t want to leave to go home. For her it was better than good enough.

If I would want to step up it wouldn’t mean much to me, it simply would be wasted resources as I when I buy technical stuff I have a tendency to buy what is good enough for me. The SSD I plan to buy is the best consumer disk, there for me that is important for reliability. I don’t buy the biggest disk either as the one I get will be good enough for me.

I don’t buy Apple stuff, I don’t like them at all. Its way to expansive for me to even consider and I tried them and the way they design them isn’t for me. For me they are not good enough.

Good enough can be misleading, it might mean we become so used to less than good like 128birate mp3 and think they are better sound than FLAC. Its why I seldom do impulse buys, I was in my youth rash and restless so sometimes I got things that simply wasn’t good enough for me. I have a keyboard that is using mechanical switches which last much longer than normal keyboards due to I tend to wear them out.

My phone is a cheap ass one, I haven’t owned a icon based touch phone yet and are likely to not as what I use my phone is to call or text, that’s about it. Its good enough for me. If I need internet then I ask someone to check it for me, its good enough for me.

When I buy ice-cream I have this tendency to buy cream based one and not the other chemical ones. Its like anything you do or buy, sometimes we do it due to fashion or such but I always when its about tech stuff, will I actually use it? I got my video camera, and I debated if I would buy one since how much will I use it? I found that golf really made me use it so that’s good even though phones like the iphone6 have really good cameras and video nowadays.

Maybe soon I will own an iphone6 due to them being good enough for me after all.

I don’t run around going to workshops either never had. Those I went to was due to interest and then I didn’t find much else to do there once I been there.

Today, I be preparing some coffee to really sit down and enjoy some icecream.Coffee-12-640x350

I choose to buy beans and then smack them really hard in a blender as then its like fresh coffee every day. I always wanted to have that and today you can buy beans in your local shop which I love. A few years ago that wasn’t an option.

I buy ecological eggs and bacon even though they are more expensive the difference is simply there. I do so due to taste and to make sure whatever I do eat works for me.

What is good enough for you? and just make sure your not satisfied with less than you would enjoy. Each time I sit down in front of the computer I enjoy my 120hz screens, each time I watch TV I enjoy the black contrast. Don’t just buy good enough make sure it is good enough for you.

Mantle PC gaming from AMD

Mantle is an API which basically tells the game how it should display the visual things you see on the screen. It works with AMD cards like the 290 series. Its like Dx11 that also is an API but Mantle is different as it allows the game developer like Bioware to write a better code for the game they develop with for example dragon age inquisition due to they gain access to the hardware more directly with Mantle to amd cards. This allows them to skip a lot of abstraction layers DX11 has.

Why Mantle then?

AMD won the console designs so xbox one and ps4 has amd hardware and Mantle was developed to take advantage of that.

Mantle allows better balance between cpu and gpu. It means less frame latency for gamers and also better framerates and quality for the game.

What’s the difference then? Even if this game don’t utilize Mantle it can be shown what happens as resolution scales up. from NH

The above resolution 4k shows the new Nvidia card the 980 that cost over 500euro loosing out big time vs the amd card that cost 350euro.

The thing that is important is min fps. Average fps isn’t as important or max fps but the minimum frame rate (fps) is a key thing.

Here is beyond earth a civilization game from pcper,

You can take note here with Mantle the 290x drops 23fps and with dx it drops 45fps. Utilizing Mantle here allows a much better playing experience for the gamer. It also makes the 290x at almost half the price beat out the 980 Nvidia card. When I decided to buy a card a year ago, Mantle and the promise with Mantle won me over. I bought the 290 amd card and I game at 5040×1050 and whenever a game with mantle its just pure enjoyment. Now I wait for Dragons Age Inquisition to be release in 3 weeks and then as it’s a Mantle active game look forward to show screen shots here with my set up.

Mantle allow the game developer to access the hardware more directly this means less overhead for the game with cpu and gpu. For people who have a weak cpu this means load of the game moves more to the gpu. My decsion to buy amd was solely on the Mantle api as I saw the potential there.

It has changed the PC gaming for the world as DX12 is now whenever its ready coming out from Microsoft with windows 10 and that is directly due to Mantle and AMD and their effort. It’s the first time really that a manufacturer like AMD really sets the mark for years to come and we all benefit from it playing games.

More on Mantle here.

Backtracking history

Back in 1995 I was the one that made sure to launch NLP in Sweden, and still have had none to actually come and say, dude great job doing that. One of the biggest NLP institutes today run by Magnus Kull was a student in that first class of NLP Practitioner 1995.

History as anything else is written what is convenient and make most happy as it seem like that and since NLP are about subjective experience then there is no we. There is no common ground in NLP its all about you, or the other guy not about you then then its about them not you.

If people study the subjective experience and don’t add, ok how do we add to that experience so it not become like a war and conflict about it like Bandler and Grinder did make it to be?

Some might argue with me about RBIm and I go, well its actually a system about the future that is unwritten all the time, so the question is what do you want to write then there?

I am by far one of the few really good NLP people out there who knows shit about NLP you have access to online as anyone else most likely isn’t that accessible.

Its easy I guess to think its about me or you and not about everyone else.

Saving the next of kin to hold onto humanity that this is another human being and that we can share and arrange such don’t seem to work. While we all can get along somewhat the bonding seems at best not working with a larger scale as little to no consideration is taken to do so.

My interest of NLP started the NLP revolution here I can backtrack that to my interest. A revolution starts with one and then a few more comes along and then critical mass happens and then boom. Its easier to tag along what is popular ask any kid in school not dressed like everybody else or to the fashion? You get bullied. What’s that about?
Is that important?

Putting people into categories either it is schools or work or such is called differentiation, its done previously for us trough evolution that some went to find food, some built huts, some washed cloths and held the fire it was all things they did to survive. That evolution stuff still is there for us today, our brain and behavior are from such but the modern world lacks survival so we keep the system for a modern age and then chaos insure.

Classification into categories explains for example the class system and why people simply accept that its there without really question the system itself.

In Sweden the numbers we have that immigration has to deal with is massive. Our borders are pretty much wide open. Any immigrant will try to come here due to our policy is way different than any other country in EU or the world for that matter. Problem with it is that it doesn’t take account criminal elements and religious fanatics. The system doesn’t screen for such.

Then the question would be, should the system screen for such then?

Like if a dna test would show your baby has a disease should you then do an abortion?

Not so easy questions to answer.

I also ask why are people fleeing their countries due to them let the people in charge do what they do without questioning the system. Greece pretty much was like a family that none questioned at all and then it was to late.

The system itself people don’t question due to people go ape when such exists and don’t question it.

It’s a evolutionary trait we as a modern human can live without.

Many of these countries are run by religious history behind them, several factions fight for what God is most just and fair and that’s like 2000+ years stupidity right there.

If history is going to be the system we use as a country then humanity never will get to the stars anytime soon and I am sure as hell wanting to find a new planet to move to as fast as possible.

Build me star ships so I can leave this planet and go find a much better one that make any sense for me to live on.

Explaining ssd tech

Today a ssd replaces your OS mechanical drive as you can buy a 256gb ssd within reason. What make ssd so good is access time, a mechanical drive takes much longer to access your data, an ssd its pretty much instant.

Buying an SSD is however not so easy though.

There are 3 different flash memory technology that the manufacturer uses.
The two most used are MLC a 2 bit flash and TLC a 3bit flash. The main difference is here, TLC is the cheaper solution. What complicates things are that a flash cell can withstand x number of writes.

40nm flash for example MLC can withstand 10k writes. A 16nm MLC maybe 1k.
When the shrinking of flash happens then we have electron issues that means the flash cell cant hold the charge without having interference from cells close by. The manufacturer then adapt to this with algorithms and controllers that decide how many writes is done and when they get old. Bugs however happens so a firmware needs to be updated.

Recently the Samsung 840 evo had a bug of slow down when old data who just sat there slowed down. Samsung recently sent a restoration tool with new firmware where the tool flashed new firmware and restored the drive. My own crucial M4 I flashed 4 times new firmware into it, never had any issue with the drive but I always flash recent new firmware to make sure it stays updated.

The samsung bug was due to the flash cells changes over time and the firmware didn’t account for that enough. The samsung 840 evo has TLC flash memory cells in it.

Recently Samsung created a new flash a so called 3D they call it V-Nand. It means they stack the cells above one another up to 32 layers currently and then make holes into it. The benefit with this approach is they can use older flash 40/32nm with 32 layers which means they can have a much better endurance with the writes.

SSD is a good thing to have, buying one one need to think before as you don’t want the cheapest one at all times.

One I would upgrade to are the samsung 850 pro due to V-nand but mainly for endurance. I use my drive for OS and games. I need small files to be written more than moving large files. The 850 pro then will make sure my system stays up for a long time and offers me consistency there.

Normally I recommend brands like Intel as those guys often if not always write their own firmware to their drives. Samsung are good also and Crucial.

The main thing about buying an ssd are
What flash type do they use?
Then what controller do they use to make it work?
Intel, samsung crucial often have different generation controllers depending what ssd you buy.
What size of flash?
The size matters, the smaller the flash 20nm or 16nm the less writes it can handle while that normally wont matter much as the manufacturers controller and software handles this pretty good nowadays.

For example, the Samsung 840 PRO use MLC that is a bit more expensive than their 840 EVO that use TLC flash. So if one use important work for the drive, school etc..then I rather buy a 840 Pro due to its likely to hold up better even though its highly unlikely that the EVO wont do as good a job as the PRO version.

Many manufacturer just slap their own brand upon a drive that someone else makes.  So buying a drive for a normal user then pretty much today any SSD are really good to buy.

Normally an ssd last a long time. My 4 year old crucial m4 128gb still has 95% left on it. The main reason for me to upgrade is size. I have 10gb free so then I am thinking I need more room for what I use the computer for. If the degradation is 5% in 4 years I can still use it, 80! years from now assuming the same use.

My recommendation is the Samsung 850 pro without doubt. Second would be more MLC based drives.
Like: Intel 530 series, crucial m500, M550, MX100, Samsung 840 pro or such. I also recommend a 256gb as minimum. An OS drive benefit a lot from ssd, the better 4k writes and read let you have a better experience with the OS to start and close programs.

I been really happy with my crucial drive and even if the ssd tech is 4 years old it still going strong for me. I haven’t any real need to replace it heh except for size.

256gb seems to me to be the size to go for today.

Even though I can have a 512gb for less than I paid 4 years ago for 128gb. It moves the right way.

More with some pretty pictures also here.

What can be notable is this,
the new 3D V-nand is using older flash at a bigger size to avoid the interference of electrons that disturbs the flash cells when you shrink flash down which will cause degradation if not kept in check. The good thing is Samsung can use bigger and older flash to increase durability and endurance while still allow faster speeds than current shrinking of 2d nand. This technology as far I can tell is awesome.

Importance using an ssd is this,

I quoteTop 5 Most Frequent Drive Accesses by Type and Percentage:

  • -4 Read (8%)
  • -4K Write (58%)
  • -512b Write (5%)
  • -8k Write (6%)
  • -32k Read (5%)

Top 5 account for: 80% of total drive access over test period “ end quote

The speed of an ssd is then not about the sequential speed first and foremost like 500mb/s but about those small files your OS like windows 8.1 does when booting up, when you game etc.. The write number is the key here, buying a cheap drive is then likely to not have the best 4k write numbers that is the key criteria I use for a ssd drive. The good thing since the sata interface started to become the limit soon much any ssd will only differentiate between in size.

Buying an ssd, check the 4k write numbers as 10mb difference is a lot here. The 500mb sequential speeds marketing use is secondary when you decide. Samsung 3D nand changes the endurance due to using bigger and older flash, that has better sustained write performances. Older and bigger flash 40nm or 32 down to 25nm is a better option for an ssd drive due to the die shrink for 2d nand 20nm and smaller also starts to cause electrons to interfere with the flash cells more easily.

One reason the samsung 850 pro ssd stands on my buy list as nr1.

About locations and contexts and life

This is Dilts explaining contextual anchors.

Quote “

4. Context Surrounding the Anchoring Experience

Context is an important influence on anchoring that is often ignored. The context or environement surrounding an interaction contains many cues which may effect the anchoring process. Even though they are not the primary focus of attention, environmental cues can become anchors. In what is called “context association,” the general environment may begin to elicit a response that is being conditioned to a specific stimulus. (Context association is the basis for “locational anchors.”)
”end quote.

As I written before, RBIm is a evolved NLP and you will find many things in common with NLP and risk doing what many do thinking it’s the same when it is different.

Anchoring for example was used with NLP as the founders of NLP wanted to move away from stimuli-response as a concept and used word in psychology as it had a negative (bad) association to it aka anchor. The NLP concept is then exactly the same as pavlov and stimuli response except people don’t associate the same towards the word anchoring itself.

Anchors can be used to stabilize an experience or state for the individual like kids having nightmares or monsters under the bed then the light can be lit and a story be told about something that let the kid own the power of monster killer.

Location for an RBIm disciple means meaning. Its not an anchor, it means, location/meaning.

If you want to remove people and disassociate them then go ahead use old NLP stuff as if people wasn’t enough removed from their hardware vestibular experience enough.

The brain seek using patterns of generalization so what it tends to do first is to seek, do I know this? If it does it use a generalization that seems the same as the one concept its faced with. While that allow us to adapt to a lot of stuff without going crazy it also limits people due to the perception then deletes the new experience and knowledge fully. Its called a  perceptual filter.

What people wants to do is to understand meaning and reality the same they always understood it and then they want to change their life at the same time keeping what is old the same while they change, doesn’t work…guys. Psychology have a hard time changing their clients to feel good about life due to them cant change meaning.

If location store meaning, what happens when you change location?

Meaning access changes. You then built new. FutureNow for example is asked about a new future which means bridging a gap from wherever you are to whatever you need to go, change of locations and meaning and you cant bring the old with you.

Once meaning is changed then location changes automatically.

So for me, it seems easier to change the meaning for the individual as then they will change the location also.

Meaning works differently than anchors or stimuli response, its how you understands the world within the evidence you create to recursively write and re-write everyday.

RBIm is designed from a two different perspectives called the comparison mode. Its used to create leverage to change the meaning for the individual by change the evidence and meaning for the individual so they can change without effort into a new location.

Location and context then interfere due to your used to respond and react to the outside world without creating difference. Its seamless for people, going to work means bored shit, talking to their boss means asshole etc..once you change the meaning of those then your thinking, feeling and actions changes along the way.

You can do this differently obviously, back in the day I used 5 states to pack into a massive anchor as soon they saw their co-worker who they hated then the new 5 massive states would fire off, he said the next time he saw me, dude that guy is really nice……….now. I guess its never to late for a second impression?

Meaning is written with evidence all the time to keep meaning the same we are always checking the evidence for this to be the same. The comparison mode is then engaged and often this evidence is located outside. When its located inside then you are likely to have what therapists call a resisting client due to them resists pretty much any change tried to be done to them.

I had one client who told me that she couldn’t change due to if she did her parents then was right and got the positive effect of her change and so she couldn’t change. Her behavior was filled with split personality.  So her evidence of change then was that her parents would feel good if she did change and that couldn’t happen a so called double bind, your damned if you do or don’t. Whenever evidence is located Inside/outside like in her case change pretty much using conventional means are doomed. You need to build a new reality for such clients which a therapist cant do.  A NLP therapist aka practitioner cant do anything either with her.

If the context means this then a change cant be done its as simple as that with a double bind.

Then you need to make the meaning mean different.

Our brain is capable of adapting to killing a whole race like the Neanderthals, removing them out of the way without having a racial question mark – should we do it?

Meaning is created by you for you, whatever you experience and perceived are from meaning what stuff means to you. To change or transform or whatever you call it, meaning has to be different. Since the system is checking this to provide its own evidence for it (recursively) in an infinite digress then one need to handle this by using a top down approach of logical order.

The system contains of meaning that is evidenced within the comparison to a recursively order of two. Instead of altering or changing any of those two variables like NLP tries to do or psychology we are letting the system be as it is and just replace it with new meaning then the process itself located in the meaning and  location wont change and don’t need to be changed using NLP tools anymore. I just made anything NLP obsolete with that if you understand it that is.

Your own system keeps a check on reality to keep the meaning as it is, if however the meaning changes then the system still works as it did before just now it works with a new meaning and then location also changed for it.

Whenever I done rapid fast changes, often in a few seconds, I did that in the Mythoself workshop back in 2004 where the NOTNLP protocol, worked to establish a whole new structure for one participant none came and asked me about it, none. The changes was to fast and worked to good so people assumed that whatever changed was easy to do and frankly it wasn’t. It worked on sexual abuse and the individual could let go of something they wasn’t even aware off that held them back in life.

The letting go is a locational change.

Your told in Mythoself for example to “let go” of stuff but never told how – same with NLP and other systems.

Letting go means, locational change of accessed information.

Eliciting a new experience means the system now works the same way it did just seconds ago but your decision making, actions, behaviors you do is now, different. I did that in Mohonk and also in Canada the weekend before and one guy an NLP Trainer from bandler said whatever I did didn’t work. He couldn’t understand what I did do that worked and also totally ignored outside evidence for it.

My students who been to NLP trainings can do things those trainers cant do.

Anyhow, treating locational change or move as a shift or anchoring exercise is just not right. The change happens without any change made and that NLP cant do and why they cant understand RBIm as a technology as its to advanced for them.

For example people know who they are most of the time, its then something people must have a system to keep the self and have evidence for it. Asking someone about how they know they do doesn’t work due to them then have to verify the system itself which people cant do its not neurologically possible to do so.

I simply then thought if that isn’t possible the question then how do I verify the system itself  (self) that keeps it in the location it does and how do I distill that system (self) down to its essence?









Intu-flow a few years later

One thing I have gained is a permanent mobility. All my old injuries are now gone. Been in 2 car crashes etc..and some other stuff so overall couldn’t be happier about starting to do Intu-flow.

The increased mobility cant be overestimated. You wont be for example, stiff in the morning, after a workout etc..you recover faster and can increase your workout load if wanted.

It seems simple, move joints and let muscles flow the way they do and slowly day by day increase your mobility. It is fast, easy to do and require no special classes. It is by far the best way I found to increase health and fitness for the individual.