should you give up?

Let say you tried a lot basically everything and then go, that’s it I tried it all I give up!

However did you?

I found people that don’t respond well to change work/therapy etc..normally lacks the structural framework and I learned that from working with dyslexics. The change simply wont work.

So in such cases one want to build the structural framework to support the change.

Once it built the change will work.

Those individuals are often rare cases but happens now and then.

Like the golf swing let say we haven’t figured it out yet, so your thinking like Tiger, he haven’t figured it out either and he won a lot of golf. He still searches.

Recently Hans was told by me, do this and as he started to do that he got immensely new feedback a whole new form to organize from and that changed things for him. Modern swings want to rotate and if your trained in those swing systems its not easy to stop doing something you done for a long time as you need to build new.

Yesterday I identified something for myself my shoulders wasn’t at the same position as Hans so obviously first response for me was, ok, fixing that then. Then practice and then obvious for me, ah this makes a lot of sense now. No wonder I missed this.

Instead of giving up you want to stay open to all ideas maybe even be curious about why some people do things they do. I researched tour pros which btw isn’t a good idea if you want to say it’s the way to swing and play as whatever you study you might end up with something really difficult.

Lets ask, should one give up and if so when?

If your not making progress your doing things wrong, you lack feedback then.

The first 2 months my head hurt from this shouldn’t be this difficult. That did lead me to develop better feedback systems. However if I given up due to none existed then what? Then Hans wouldn’t have improved his mechanics or played 40 holes with a single bogie.

The difficult task is to understand whatever happens right now might not work or be the thing either as that whatever is done now might later lead to the discovery or improvement. Steve Jobs study some art in college to write the calligraphy stuff and that was later decades later used in Apples computer OS.

You never know what your interests and such leads you later we cant guess if this is going to be useful but I study the golf swing due to Hans couldn’t play with his modern shit. I found later the whole golf educational system is fucked up.

Its too difficult.

I study things I find interesting yes I know seems silly but I use dyslexia for the RBIm stuff and I use that for the golf stuff.

Its all part of the overall governing system I use and created over decades.

At some point things you research will be there when you need it.

I worked with clients so they come in and ask me stuff and now and then I been like, have no fucking idea what to do here so I start asking questions.

Teaching Hans stuff and teaching myself or for example Larry shows me that Hans is like a walk in the park but myself I ask should I give up I surely must be to dumb for this? I just find that interesting that the discrepancy there and its much easier to teach a tour pro than an amateur.

However maybe that’s about to change though.

If I given up then I wouldn’t be here doing what I like to do, find answers to questions asked why do Mike Austin look different when his students fore sure cant do that? Maybe I should taken the blue pill to stay ignorant and abide the law from whoever is in charge?

Giving up is easy.

To stick with things to adjust and adapt and to research and discover what wasn’t told before or taught is a whole different animal and its at times frustrating even for me as when it should work but isn’t then there is some small thing there I am missing and I don’t even know what that is….!

At some point I find a way and I don’t even know how it happens except that it trace back to me asking a question about something I was curious or fascinated about, in client work I tracked things I couldn’t explain due to for me it was interesting to know and in some cases it took 20 years to explain but once I had an answer I also had something learned something truly important.

That giving up isn’t getting me anywhere.

Tiger Woods over the years

What surprise me none of them used and utilized Tigers squat into a more powerful swing. To hit longer and be more consistent, he tried the artificially created swings but none made him better really and recent two, are bad.

Making a change and building new

Yesterday I played and struggled. Had taped swings so Looked at them later.

rob and hans compared

Now what pop out was how my shoulders had turned to early.

So identified a culprit so add the new change today,

rob ny och compare

Naturally while not optimal yet my shots were now consistent. Sure first what I felt was, awkward and funny. Two things pop out now, better shoulder angle similar to Hans and a better pelvis move. I also bottom out better and there was no felt struggle in the down swing anymore.

Tomorrow I play 18 again. No idea how it will go but the new is there to stay.

One bucket was enough to let the new awkward and funny to dissipate.

40 holes later and a bogie

Talked to Hans and in his recent 40 holes he made one bogie.

More consistent, more stable and less things going wrong.

All good.

Next Monday he plays on some club series game and then the weekend after that it’s the club championship. He is the current champion and hopefully he can play the game he is displaying atm and then it be a much easier win.

One can see he is now more active in the movement than before and has fully immersed with the new feedback a whole new movement. (grey short is new)

Played 18 holes today or was going to but

Last Thursday, 26c and blue sky to hot for me couldn’t focus.

Today a bit colder but still blue sky so went and thought go play, lot of clouds at the course but they seemed to go in the good direction, played 3 holes and then skyfall happen and it went from a nice good round to unplayable as it was pouring down and I had to abort and go home as I was soaking wet into my underwear, forgot my umbrella in the car.

Made 3 straight pars until the skyfall so felt good.

Hole 1, drive 60yard to go but the pitch went to far as I was between clubs there, pitch to 3 feet so par.
Hole 2 pin high, 2 putt.
Hole 3 had a decent birdie 4m putt but didn’t make it.

Might be 18 tomorrow as forecast are good.

Think before one acts

The above shows how caught up people become now and then, they are on a SAFARI meaning they are in wild animal place and then an argument in the car makes one woman run out and around and gets killed.

It’s a wild park and if you don’t respect the wildlife they wont say, oh sorry, they will kill you.

Now and then we get caught up in real life things that’s basically meaningless arguments. Some are right and some are wrong but in the end who cares right?

If you forget where you are and real danger lurks expect to be killed.

Here opens the door…imagine you think your safe….


the girls got lucky.