Go slow and small over time greatness awaits

Now and then we think we want to change things around. A big change also requires changes we might not think would happen along the way and organization is needed.

I was impulsive for decades and have worked on this to establish a more patient approach. I previously couldn’t plan ahead and anything beyond a few days wasn’t in consideration.

Over time I found how to do this and you know that by my intu-flow that’s I been at for 7 or so years the palo diet and such. The slow but tiny improvements of my mobility and the new found movements along the way of that has allowed me better recovery, higher energy and less prone to injury.

Issue nr 1 is that if we go slow and small the improvements like loosing weight or stop smoking or other such things we do isn’t obviously measurable for us. Following the evidence isn’t easy then as we are focused on the result we want and since that isn’t happening yet its then hard to stay on the course.

Intu-flow takes time and the obvious benefit from it isn’t seen until weeks and months ahead. Its then for some difficult due to we might not think its working then.

Lifestyle changes are different as a new way of life we decide differently and value things differently.

Easing into a new lifestyle can happen in many ways we might find our new life taking up our time so much we need to prioritize it and then choose with older things we like to do vs what now needs to be done.

I met a guy once who said his wife was nagging him all the time they just had their third child and he was trying to having fun with buddies instead of being responsible with his family and a divorce was heading that way with express train.

Things doesn’t just happen normally they happen as a result of what we come to perceive them to be. Our beliefs the way we react to causality and respond to contexts are set on auto mode normally. To change either small or big we alter the meaning of the context.

Renascence of the past

The FutureNow isnt a complex idea we take what we want to happen in the future to have our experience. To have our experience and experience the day as we go it’s a good idea to remember that if whatever your doing today or did just do is now past history.

If you farted out loud it is now in the past and yes in the most pressing future for some around you but still.

Most decide what just did happen and ask, what did I do wrong here? Instead of asking what should I do next?

What you just did is of no concern.

The past is tricky as it activates comparison and brings us out of the future.

The past did just happen as one reads a few words those words and meaning we just left are now our renascence of the past. We are then actively created the past again to be revived for us as the most important or critical thing today instead of letting it go and focus on what’s next.

I planned to do 3 range sessions to implement the swing model I developed it took me 4 sessions on the range to do so. I didn’t think that after 3 sessions what am I doing wrong my plan didn’t work? I did another session and now I arrived. My plan was made as an educated guess for me what I planned to be able to do and it was almost a perfect plan, almost. So what then do I do when I found out it didn’t work as planned the third session? I thought “Next time” it will work and it did.

If you stay with what just happen and then try to figure out what didn’t work you become stuck in life.

What’s next to do is what you should focus on.

I showed the swing to Hans and his comment was like, good swing now, I am tired after a whole day…. Its not like I get feedback from him that’s detailed and in-depth but more like – ok works.

This is an AD with Nike but for me it doesn’t do anything as the renascence of Tiger is now gone after his 7 year lack of what made him do what he once did.

Most however are living in the past recalling what he once did but now he cant do it anymore he now is at best average and more often worse than that. Its so easy to think we want to remember the past dreams the past performances to put our heroes on pedestals.

Do we need idols, heroes and role models?

I don’t know its so easy to then come to believe what they once did is now true also when it just isn’t.

So think
what is the next thing I am about to experience that I want to do better?

Then you can Renascence the future

To move without stability is foolish

“A ruler must learn to persuade and not to compel… he must lay the best coffee hearth to attract the finest men… a good ruler has to learn his world’s language… it’s different for every world… the language of the rocks and growing things… the language you don’t hear just with your ears… the Mystery of Life… not a problem to solve, but a reality to experience…
Understanding must move with the flow of the process.”
Frank Herbert, Dune

Range session today

Sun was out and it was a good day the first really good one this month.

I never had any tour pro dreams when I played as I was playing with friends and later for my health as it helps to spend a few hours to chase a ball to do things with low intensity now and then. Today was my first day when I could feel I really get the golf swing for myself. The last session established things so today I worked on aim and direction and to improve the movements. It has already started to feel comfortable.

I still have things to work on and improve but at least things have picked up where I wanted them to be. For the summer I hope to have a consistency and then start working the scoring and lowering of handicap. Not sure how much I can play depends on heat and health but the first few rounds will tell what I can expect.

Talked to Hans also today, adjusted his decision making and evaluation as he went into past performances to much.


I learned to go slow build upon what works and then add and tweak as one goes along. I could do better leverage and extend better and was working on that but battery died during session so at the end it was better.

The above is a carbon copy of Mike Austin in the same position. I don’t say I hit it as far as he did as I aint.  At least for myself the structural format I developed is fitting into place.

Hans Progress

His –1 under at the Monday qualification wasn’t good enough obviously and I wasn’t happy with it. What wasn’t working for him wasn’t new but I had failed to understand what he was doing there. I run down adjustments the last few days to organize him differently and its getting closer to the result I want for him.

Hopefully the next few rounds will settle this for him as he is so used to do what is complex and really complicated to pull off consistently. To remove all those takes some time as he become accustom to the new organized way.

Models of modeling

There are a few ways modeling is done.

  • The success factor modeling by Robert Dilts.
  • New code NLP John Grinder.
  • The original modeling pre-nlp.

There is also various other models of modeling out there.

Main issue with modeling it requires lot of skill to differentiate between perception and actual fact. For example did someone model Roye Frasers work the generative Imprint and got it all wrong the model they came up with the core transformation process. To badly they didn’t know what they were doing with that modeling and that was people who was there in the start of NLP that did that modeling. So if even those people consider good get it backwards and wrong what chance do anyone else?

Roye Frasers work you find with RBIm 3.0 btw its as core you can get with eliciting yourself, we don’t use it to transform or change anything.

A state of being is different than the process done with NLP and the assumptions of NLP isn’t compatible with the work of Roye Fraser or RBIm 3.0. As stated they don’t understand their own modeling or model and that it cant be applied the way they applied it.

Anyhow that horse is beaten enough.

Modeling is tricky as perceptions will change and filter the result what you come to believe is what you find as a construct. Its why science has so many protocols to check and validate someone else’s work. If someone else can replicate the study of for example penciling, cold fusion, solar power, space engine, etc…then one can say its fairly accurate to say that’s something we can replicate so its not burden with beliefs.

So if I replicate the motion Mike Austin did I can check that by making someone else able to do it or I can check and validate by myself doing it. Then one ahs two sources of check and validation. One can then argue which many does that modeling is to replicate the original result which I find argumently true for many but I found out that isn’t needed anymore to do with the modeling I developed.

Once you have the construction down and able to reverse engineering the process you use yourself to replicate the result then you know what’s going on that created the result. Its easy then to assume we need to allow our own assumptions to set the guidelines here which will most likely corrupt the result and blind us from the truth. That happens fast as the default way people operate in their reality is a process that works to create your reality so the very process itself is then corrupting the end result due to the way you perceive things to happen.

Its why modeling isn’t for everyone as its like theoretical physics only a few does it and fewer might even understand it.

For example I found out how to make sure you can learn to do a 100% uptake of the zone when performing. NLP cant do that for you nor can Mythoself or any other tech out there.

RBIm 3.0 is the first technology in the world to be able to do such.

Its not in the media or in the news as I stated before people don’t understand it and simply I wont publish anything about the how to. If you’re a elite level performer might be golf or tennis or music or whatever else well your welcome to learn it for a price.

Its awesome.

Main criteria I use are efficiency and simplicity and its for a reason.

If the model is efficient and simple enough then it has the requisite variety one will need to be able to do something that’s really difficult real easy.

Its then a functional model.

Once one have enough examples of replication the model can be refined and tweaked if needed depending on the result one is after. The current model takes some time to learn as you learn to understand how Intention works and how you can replicate the result in any given field.

It has allowed me to refine the original model the one I used for 18 years into a model which started me to teach and train someone else to replicate the structural format to access the zone to 100% and obviously refine it better so its more efficient and simpler. For that simplicity and its efficiently there is now a price to pay to learn it but then you can start to have your potential in your performance unleashed like no other.

Its magical by science.

I don’t use the format taught in the NLP community as their modeling isn’t good enough. I don’t use the concepts people have in Mythoself or such as it leaves you to do unconscious work which doesn’t exist.

All in all I am happy atm with the modeling I developed and continue to refine.

I taught a early version of this 2001 which was the best course to date in the world.

It has gotten better since.

Common flaws for amateur golfers

The short game is about spin to control the ball behavior. It means the club head needs to accelerate trough the ball which amateurs seldom if ever is doing. Instead they slow down due to a longer back swing and then put on the breaks as they realize this is going long. Doing so leads to inconsistency. Second their grip is to tight and often adding grip pressure during the swing both in their short game and in the full swing. Having a constant pressure can be trained as well as proper acceleration but since the grip pressure is tight adding then cause compensational approaches for most.

So start chipping with as a loose grip you can muster and don’t add grip tension during the stroke. This will take 3 to 6 weeks of daily practice to become automatic.

Back pains are common due to the compensational golf swings out there. if your lower back is twisted and then added pressure as you twist then lower back can crash badly and I meet a lot of older people playing golf that have back pains that needs pain medications playing….the main reason are a modern golf swing and its instruction. Since your having a bad technical movement you then want more distance and then your going outside the integrity of the technique and what the body can handle and you can be playing injured for the rest of your life if not careful.

Modern golf instruction removed athletic movement from their teaching.
The X-factor for example are deadly for most backs. It’s a bad idea. I suggest anyone playing golf take up Intu-flow due to over time that will prevent more injuries than anything else you try to do.

How bad can it be? Here is Hans with his old modern Ballard type of Swedish mechanics. No speed and a lot of pressure on the back.


Today its like this.

Pretty big difference.

Much less strain and more speed with athletic movement now.

Its not what I would call optimal yet as more speed can be added and tweaked along the way. However I am not concerned with distance as golf for scoring needs accuracy to achieve consistency.

If you have a compensational swing like any Tour Pro today then consistency cant be achieved and no tour PGA pro I seen can do that. So if you’re an amateur rest assure the tour player struggle as much as you do just with different scores. Their swing is off now and then. Their margin for error is pretty big actually as they need to hit the ball a lot longer and as they do their integrity breaks down loosing both accuracy and consistency.


Images shows Hans with Mike Austin and Payne Stewart, Adam Scott and Tiger woods.  Woods the worst of them with integrity totally separated.

What you want to look like is more like Mike Austin and Hans. If you look more like Scott or Tiger watch out. Your then stuck with a compensational golf swing and lack athletic movement. Its also a risk for lower back injury and you can clearly understand that with the Tiger Foley swing integrity its purely bad stuff.

Golf swing instructions and ladies

Once you get up on your toes as Stacy here is you loose consistency.toe

The move she is doing as many other ladies are is to get her left side arising or else she runs into other issues.

If you need to change directions during the swing guess what happens with consistency? It goes out the window and you cant play the game to your potential.

Spent some time at my backyard as weather here is cold. Forecast is horrible also as the upcoming week shows low temperatures and no real summer sun yet. It also means golf courses isn’t opening up until June here.

It took me 4 range sessions until what I been study and working on during winter worked. Today I can do the movement I wanted to do.  Plan was 3 sessions but it took 4. I can live with that.