RX 480 amd radeon graphic card

The big thing is HDR which means new monitors can do a better color, contrast and luminance meaning content looks better, sharper on your TV and games once supported.

The big thing pushed with TV and Monitor is the HDR standard coming now.

If your buying a TV or Monitor, wait and make sure you buy a HDR one.

4k screen can show up to 96hz HDR so make sure you buy the new monitors when they come out if your into buying new anytime soon.

The 480 card support the above resolutions along with HDMI 2.0

Talent code 101

To be better we know some people are able to teach kids to do outstanding work, one teacher created 3 Nobel price writers, a lady in Russia developed every tennis player on the top 100 ranking basically and one center teach vocal singing lessons in the usa which basically every singer goes trough so what made them able to do so?

The talent code book by Coyle tried to answer that but they cant bottle it.

The experience I had 2011 allowed me to formulate an approach to practice and I am currently trying to figure out how to use that to learn the golf swing from video. Making the video isn’t the issue it’s the proper instruction to be able to do it.

The experience I had hitting a iron on cue exactly the same for 30 shots as my instructor looked at me with Goosebumps as he never seen anyone do what I did there showed me what’s going on when you create talent. To bottle that I am currently running tests for the golf swing learning. If I am right that should aid in the process of learning what to do.

Talent isn’t anything else than a skill set you develop over time. To understand that you can provide a skill increase people don’t understand as I seen time and time again with dyslexics, their parents, teachers, friends, professors don’t understand how I am able to do what I do to create the results I have.

Its using the tool set for the Talent code 101 in a way that allows the dyslexic to learn what to do to become a reader and speller. They can just do it. Very little if any practice is needed for most part.

80% of the dyslexics I worked with seldom needed more than one session. 3 was often enough for the 15% more and those 5% or so need a more but then again we are talking about really difficult motoric and in some cases brain damaged cases.

Anyhow, that’s what I work on and today I am playing 18 hole golf again.

A walk in the park

When you coach now and then the difficult thing is to explain what its like when it works. So I was told that as Hans said well I want to hit even longer and I was like send me video I take a look, did that and was like, ok what his he talking about?

He was absolutely swinging fast and with efficiency so that worked but here what was going on,

he felt like he should swing with force and effortless efficiency felt, wrong.

Now, imagine you have to tell him the bad news, dude your wrong.

Your suppose to feel like that effortless efficiency that’s correct the other stuff is wrong. However if all your used to is when you struggle then that becomes the norm and the normal. When faced with what works you deny it as it don’t feel as your assume it should.

So if you elicit an experience to play in the zone your well aware what its like when your having such but now your not having it as its just talked about and to have it back requires something different.

It’s a bit like describing to walk in the park you well aware what we talk about, you been there you done that but then when someone ask how to go about it to be described to be there most wont be able to establish such experience. We can remember what its like but doing it?

That’s not like a walk in the park.

Our memory system goes high wire and we cant stay in the moment.

Training such a skill takes time obviously and you need to know how to do it and what to focus on. However if your assuming what its suppose to be its then a very difficult task to explain and requires some good belief and faith adjustment to even grasp what that is like and how to go about it.

You can have someone in the experience and they flat out deny it. They flat out deny they are doing something that are doing so how about seeing is believing? Its bullshit as it does not even help if they are doing it.

Your assumptions and memory and the norm of normal gets in your way every time.

Even when you explain that its going on right now and that its happening right now to them they still deny it.

In such instances the individual isn’t ready to let go of their limited reality.

Moving on got a walk to do

18 hole golf today

sunny, was tired but at last I was out playing.

Played first 5 holes –1.

After that energy wasn’t really there and I was fighting my mechanics the whole day. Distance control was optimal, putting great and chipping top notch and absolutely playing with a great experience.

Hit ok drive hole 1, approach pin high right side green. chip one putt.
hole 2, 8i to 2m downhill putt in the hole for birdie.
Hole 3, pin high from 170m chip 2 putt and the greens took that one.
saved par on hole 4 with a 4m putt.
hit a 6i to 1m from 150m into the wind and another birdie.

Stats wise it was ok but main issue was focus and energy as I loose coordination mainly and had issues to get my mind into making a swing. Manages to hit two 9i so badly it was beyond repair.

It took 10 holes before my brain registered I didn’t kick in my right knee.

To much old habits still there when playing. It be adjusted over time as I go play but overall it was a pleasant first round.

Main improvement will be to wait for the coordination with the swing to improve as on the range I was swinging fine.

Now I am in pain and hopefully I can sleep tonight Ledsen

Robbing a bank next

I had this comment about what I do on YouTube that I should disclose what I do with the golf swing.

Its like walking into a bank and ask for their money to give them away for free, as you have money so why not give it away for free then?

At some point people actually think you should do what they tell you to do. I am unfair maybe right? Its not my fault that the golf trainers don’t understand what they do. Its not my job to disclose everything I researched the last years as I keep it under wraps.

Its never beyond amazement about people that at some point your required to be told for free when you can say got 6000 euro what you say Rob?

I think about it.

I once walked into a movie theater bought a popcorn and said, want a small one, the girl said you get a medium one for that same price, I smiled and said, want a small one and she repeated again….the same thing and I said again, want the small one.

Got the small one and was happy as I just wanted the small one.

Now and then people buy a car that’s really fast and really uncomfortable to drive and cant even fit a traveling suitcase in it and they cant drive faster than any other car but are filled with a lot of limitations. For me that seems like a really bad trade off.

Just watched the ending of game of throne episode 10 current season.

Maybe I should call the people making the show to stop fucking doing what they are doing and send me the script so I can fix it for them?

Did you know that no one for 60 or so years cant copy what Ben Hogan did?

I ask, why bother? He hardly won anything? Maybe I should study Mike Austin how to win as he had such superior swing? He sucked at golf.

I don’t study Mike Austin to win stuff.

  • I study Nicklaus.
  • I study Lydia Ko
  • I study Annika
  • I study those that won….not those who talked a lot.

I reached a level of my golf mechanics where I make contact in a way that tour pros does. Teaching myself as I started late at age 28 or so and now at age 52 I am re-learning what a golfs wing is suppose to be about and doing so I also research a better instruction set at the same time. Doing so allowed me recently to define the pivot of the modern/classic and compound pivot and what they accomplish and does.

The definition helps with the understanding what your body is suppose to do to make something happen. Like swimming you might know what to do but when in the water that element feels differently so you practice on shallow waters first so you don’t drown by accident due to those that tried the depth before they could swim found that out and never heard from again as they all died.

Sure so why should I tell someone I don’t even know on YouTube what I found and do?

Due to them think I should disclose everything I do?

Talked to Hans and he getting better and his muscle pull in the neck is healing slowly. When I made the tweak the last time he played and said when he hit that 350 drive, oh boy. That’s with a ten finger grip mind you. He could hit 400+ if we worked on that but then that’s long driving and a different thing to train someone for.

Sure maybe I should disclose everything there also?

Next time I walk into a bank I will ask for their information for free also and I guess next time I post I am in jail.

When I worked with clients like dyslexia they had no hope really they tried it all. I asked so why come here if you already think this will fail to? Its their kids so they do anything to find something to give them a better future.

I said, ok and 2 minutes later I explained how their kid was dyslexic and how it worked and then started to adjust what they did and in some cases they had no more problems within a timeframe of a few minutes. Here you had parents not believing what just happen as a miracle for most and I been called doing voodoo btw and magic and everything in between and for me its all science.

Like its said, now and then science is indistinguishable from magic.

Some ask how do I do my best?

You start by sucking at stuff then you start improving at stuff and then one day your doing your best.

Why wait and rob a bank?

Pressel vs Ko who would win then?

Last round, equal score and I said well personally I say 5 shots ahead after its finished towards Ko.

Pressel can hit a bad shot in any swing. Her scoring best is 68 and worst 80 this year.
Lydia has a 62 and  75 as worst score this year. In any way she basically is 5 shots better any round than Pressel.

After 13 holes it’s a 4 shot difference towards Ko. Pressel made 3 straight bogies.

Main reason for Pressels bad shots?

About as bad one can do it at a tour pro level. I feel sorry for her.

Roye Fraser and the generative imprint

He could not explain what he did nor could anyone else he taught.

If your at your best for example, or happy its easy to be stuck with the label what that is instead of being able to tag and go experience it.

Some say anchoring is the key to that.

RBIm5 which btw is the future destination for improvement will work just fine to establish whatever Roye was talking about.

At some point you gathered enough variation to generalize to just be able to do it as it solidify in the mind as a concept for you.

The ability to take notice what its suppose to be like is a good skill to have though.

In the golf swing when it feels effortless then your doing it right not when you add power/strength etc..as then your fighting physics compensating.

However if your used to struggle and compensate in a golf swing and in life then you wont notice when things are the way they suppose to be.

Hans said, well it felt like I did nothing when I swung so I want that due to him been so used to fight the physics in his modern golf swing as that must be natural. That is what happens when you listen to 128kb MP3 songs and then suddenly listen to Flac which is lossless the real new music sounds, wrong for most at first. Your used to a lesser standard and think that’s, normal.

When exposed to something better and new your first instinct is then simply, wrong.

You don’t understand that at first due to the same way the brain simplify life for us by creating habits. Taking notice when it works as it should be is pretty darn impossible.

In the golf swing that’s what I look for.

When Kristine Persson arrived at the finished line she didn’t feel tired she was thinking that whatever I taught wasn’t working as she believed by heart she should be tired when she done her best that she did a personal best by 10 minutes didn’t matter as it felt, wrong. Later as she took her bike to the hotel she found herself unable to walk the stairs up as her legs stopped working and she took the elevator.

Then she understood she had done her best race and she could overcome her beliefs what her best race was suppose to be like.

So can you.