The Soma semantic model from Joseph Riggio

The webpage for this here.

Quote “Using this model it is possible to track the way in which an individual receives and processes infomation directly as it is experienced.”

Its either a spelling error or intentional.

Anyhow, Its stated we react to information (spelled right) on the somatic level before we add meaning to the event itself. Further goes on with “that we will respond to the event using previous held information to it to create meaning.”

Here is an example using this model here

Now for a NLP practitioner who might get NLP and understand it the way the article is written would then not be completely understood due to the NLP individual will apply previous knowledge to the information they read their own model of information will then get in their own way due to that will add meaning to what they read that is NOT there in the article itself.

In other words the NLP practitioner and individual will not be able to process the information the way its experienced (or written). They would then gone to phase of information meaning before they even realized it.

People do it all the time its inherent in our prejudice and pattern recognition since if we need to be aware and presently in the moment then the individual would process whatever happens as a result of our knowledge beforehand so then we wouldn’t experience the event of information directly. In other words you don’t experience the world as it is but as you come to expect it to be for you with contextual evidence.

Your then living a secondary experience to the world all the time due to lacking the access to the primary state and ability to change the pre-state of knowledge where you collect the applied meaning to the event.

Whenever we we experience stuff we decide in any given moment on 2 things, location and action. Where am I and what am I suppose to do here?

Naturally the brain don’t think that high in logic but if you understand that pattern of location where you are and what your suppose to do then you can steer your attention towards what your experience suppose to be here ahead of time.

You can then utilize that to pre-set your experience to then be able to experience the event and moment as it happens without pre-knowledge has set into the action yet.

This will allow you to influence and train your attention to work for you instead on relying on ancient data. Its too hard for a individual to be able to choose and decide while the event itself is happening you cant simply change it as it requires to much of your cognitive processing and attention.

When I did discover the NOTNLP protocol that is the baseline for RBIm btw which includes the comparison mode model I was doing something I never seen in NLP nor applied in NLP by me or anyone else in the field. I knew it worked flawlessly so I wanted to understand why it worked so elegant and efficiently.  A student of mine well maybe more a reader of my blog Louis Burns applied this and he was taken aback by the way it worked without him needing to do much with it.

When I started to learn NLP I was a rising star in the system as I when I went to the NLP Master practitioner already had the material and was already beyond it. As I later attended the 2003, 2 day workshop in Denmark designer swish pattern I asked the developer about how to take people where the problem isn’t, he told me stories and lots of them. He didn’t know.

That your able to recognize and understand what someone speaks about, talks about and then apply that you also can explain it in a coherent manner like a Feynman strategy might not be obvious to the individual themselves.
This is known as a familiarity and accepted understanding about the field and what happens conceptually and its true with NLP practitioners as well as other fields.

They all know about it but explain it?


I been aware of this for a long time, first when I started the NLP journey it became obvious NLP had holes in the system that they couldn’t explain and I asked Bandler about it and he told me stories.

Maybe its in the story itself?

No, a story is told (metaphor) when they are able to do it but not able to explain it but at least we have come from Milton’s days to drop people into deep trances to at least use stories I guess is some kind of progress.

Since there is no tools and models to explain the way your brain process information in a useful way then I knew I had to develop such ways and the soma semantic model for example states you apply a priori state to the event information you receive the feedback from the events information are then kicked in or triggered or a anchor fire off or a bell is ringing to the brain to know what to do here apply this priori state to this events information.

You on the other hand just believe the world works like this as your not aware the above is actually going on.

You experience in a way a second hand described pattern to the information and events around you and never really are living in the world but a map of sorts. That is the common NLP description btw if your into such.

RBIm deals with this to understand that your location where you are and what your suppose to do is a program of sorts to fire of your belief systems in order due to its expected by you to do so here in this context and event. Understanding that allows you to do things differently and experience the world the way you so desire. Naturally this don’t mean shit to you as you already think you know how the world exists for you and what it means.
Its much like the old joke, you had to be there to get it.

Your brain is configured to respond to locations and what to do, how else would you know how to make dinner, take a buss, fuck your wife senseless but you thought this all happen by a greater meaning as today you have no access to the control tower. One way to get access are to utilizing the soma semantic protocol for example from Mythoself or the NOTNLP protocol from my early developments.

Your then starting to configure you to react to the event in a more direct experience in the moment way.

However most will not be able to keep that configuration after a workshop constant they wont be able to keep going at it.They wont be able to be in the zone all the time, or happy or efficient or perfect they will try but fail to get it back.

I don’t say there isn’t a learning curve to all this but the curve is different depending on what tools you use.

I wrote a blog post, and Hans the golfer I coach understood it. He could read it and apply what he did read to make it work. I then knew ok if he gets that then a lot more might so to.

You can plan ahead, any decision your about to make haven’t really happen yet when you wake up in the morning you will decide to go to work or what else you do before you actually are doing it. The understanding your location is then work and what your suppose to do there will fire off for you and you go on autopilot and don’t think about it anymore.

RBIm then asks you to focus on, what kind of work experience do you want to have no matter what happens at work?

Margareta one of my students asked me in a class I did as she then could be happy in school and then started to realize those other teachers wasn’t happy and she asked me what she could do make them happy?

I told her simply, if your happy and having a great time at work keep doing that and just let the whole school be part of that. She wanted to change the teachers but I plainly said why as if your happy you shine as an example what they can be too and we all react and respond to the world somatically right if the model holds true and later we change the event due to our priori state to add meaning right?

So why not change the meaning before the event even happens?

The RBIm way

Here is a article from Leiken a student of Joe on the subject of soma semantics

Sideshow is a way to think about stuff, whenever we want to change we cant do it due to we are experiencing the problem directly right here but the problem isn’t accessed and experienced directly. its like if you sit in the living room and watch TV and then decide to get a beer in the kitchen your then not watching TV anymore. Yea so what? Its an example of how fast you did change and decide what to do in this location. You just went, get beer its cold and juicy and be real good to then put the hand in the crotch and check the game out with it.

You already set the experience what you wanted to have with the beer and the game and watching TV and now to do so without the beer, without the TV without any game to understand that meaning like that are created by location and what to do by deciding so ahead of time then can start you to realize that you can create the meaning you want to experience to the event as it happens and then be able to keep it going to refresh it to make it new everyday so things don’t go stale and keeps on vibrating.

For most the grab a beer watch the game has gone stale its not fresh and new anymore as you done it so many times and you then applied the zombie pattern the autopilot letting the location and what to do become something your not really participating in anymore you just think you are.

The idea of the beer and greatness of it watching TV has then become to motivator for you not the event itself.

You can then stop, understand the cold beer, the small watery ice coolness on the bottle, the way the you open it, the way it sounds the way watching the game become the event but then you would do it the way NLP does it.

Why not ask how you would want to experience the game and watching it would be the best time every every time you do so? Then learn to do it on command every time?

Wouldn’t that be better time spent?

Then its always a new game for you to experience and frankly it is always a new game you just forgot it was.

A message to you

Family guy started the season with a crossover episode with the Simpsons. Fabulous episode.

Sometimes the prejudice in the world is horrible I know its just what makes us human that we can adapt to any situation for most parts, some people in a disaster shut down and just take it in their ass and die. I know its horrible also.
Not the ass part but the dying.

When a crisis hits you that you never planned for your brain goes into panic/survival mode. First the absurdity hits you, is the boat sinking? Never seen the Titanic movie I guess?  Then should we do something?

Its easy to be lost in such circumstances we never really prepared for such we just then rely on basic instincts and some just give up and die. It’s the reason people could be walked towards their death in camps back in ww2 due to the prisoners who were 50 people then didn’t try to escape vs a few guards.

Its when we give up we fade away as human beings, watching people in a hospital and when they slip away and give up its not the finest hour of a human life.

Some react differently they don’t sit around asking what is going on they do things they become focused on the task, get the life jacket, if not move your ass out and they can later recall everything they did and all the things that wasn’t important to get them out of whatever they happen to be, are forgotten.

Its moments when we are able to shut down whatever else we do and just go survival mode.

Its then in such moments you know what your made of

Planning things before they might happen like a plane going down or a boat sinking can save your ass then. Its due to our brain is really good at doing things if we set a course for it if we have a way to deal with the situation.

I talk to people but more what I do is listening and understanding people.  Often way more than they themselves listen and understand themselves.

Was I born with that?

Obviously I wasn’t as I was growing up and moving around a lot it helped me becoming faced with different social and cultural differences and yes even if I did move around just here in Sweden things was different due to people was different and those moving around helped me to view things differently due to the environment was different in all those places we moved.

So I listen and understand often reasons people have no idea they even have. I guess we could say whatever people are about when the shit hit us I know one thing its going to be ass ugly.

This can happen in anytime people become involved, it happens for some in breakups when their wife decide to leave them and kills them due to them cant leave as they own them. You met them, slept with them, had kids with them and then they are suddenly a target to kill?

Just because they stood up for themselves as your being an asshole?

Flawed human beings are the problem.

We are all flawed none of us made the cut to heaven as we all ended up here.

Flawed and none told us how to master our responses and understand why we do and react the way we do until we stay there over a body with a gun in our hands and think what did I just do?

Some might go technical and call it temporary insanity and I go, I don’t think its temporary at all.

My family is dysfunctional. My parents split when I was really young. I didn’t handle that well at all. Then moving around didn’t help either. It did however make me well equipt to do what I do today though. I then use my knowledge and skills to make life better for people who don’t understand their own minds or life. I listen to what they are actually saying.

I found people don’t do that much, actually paying attention to whatever they are meeting this day. We go into zombie mode and habitual response time and we forget what we are doing in the moment we then just become robots that are half living and half dead. Worst is then the zombies don’t know they are doing the dance of zombies. They think life is this.

Now and then we have a moment of clarity and we become aware and often we shut it down due to us then don’t like it or don’t understand or just plain confused about it. Its like when we do new things or things no one else does like myself as I found I just don’t understand how people cant notice that?

I then have to understand my work also gets in my own way now and then as it might be obvious to me but surely isn’t for someone else.

I pointed out to the Mike Austin fan club that whatever Mike did do he surely wasn’t teaching and I got a bad rap for that? Its still true and valid and you can check that for yourself and I had people telling me that I am the one who actually understand what Mike Austin was doing.

Speaking up about whatever I perceive might be to have the foot in my mouth now and then but I like it there much better than in my ass.

Doing new every time, fresh and unhindered is a skill you want to learn to do. The future then whatever you do is always kept fresh, it never goes stale whatever you do and done hundreds or thousands of time, like kissing your wife or selling hamburgers then never get stale you don’t go zombie mode and just survive you actually live your life then.

Not someone else’s or for someone else.

Just yours

Good Better Best Awesome

Do you know how you think?


Why even then ask questions?

If you don’t know how you think maybe someone else does it for you then?

I was present as Joseph Riggio did run a elicitation protocol, he pointed out the lip that moves in the upper lip muscle, did you see that he said. I looked and did not see anything move and I bet those other 50 people didn’t see it either.

I also will say Joseph Riggio didn’t see it move either.

I have pretty good eyes spotting visual cues and sure visual cues are important for many to survive the day so we don’t walk in front of cars, get distracted by facebook or a selfie and then tumble down a cliff killing us in the process while our kids watch us die.

I recommend Intu-flow as it’s the best body work technology out there, period.

Its fast, efficient, easy to do and follow and require no special clothing or classes, its just pure awesome. The benefits with the system after 6 years for me is beyond anything I would thought back then. I didn’t know what would happen when I started to do Intu-flow I just took note it might be a great way to do things so then for me that was enough to start doing. Many others wants a book a famous author a TV star and an absolute authority and a scientific explanation and friends who does things to tag along the train for such.

I also talk about the vestibular portion of our experience a bit, the awareness of your own spatial location in space. Not outer space as there is no air there dummy and aliens might ass wank you.

Space is the way the brain map neural activity in a net much like a spider net is activated when a path is disturbed by something. The wind don’t make the spider go out but when a string is making the vibrations that is cause for investigation.

When we build new, the FutureNow of our attention and awareness we build our desired future memory of our experience, we then use that as the foundation to then experience the future ahead of its time. It’s a way to use your brains ability to create scenarios as it already does that but your tendency to use past memory, past events as references for such scenarios will let you live a life from limitations and not possibility.´I stopped doing NLP years ago and someone told me I couldn’t do that. He a NLP trainer said and compared that with an example that wasn’t relevant. I also stopped doing a lot of other things along the way and I also don’t believe the way I used to do.

I become awesome.

We awesome people and your free to join the club for awesomeness and legendary so anytime. It has no cost, no special God like religious believe in the after life or such. I believe in the life before I was born as it seems more adequate.

Anyhow, as Joseph Riggio was running a elicitation protocol of his so called soma-semantic stuff I was like so why cant I see that muscle move then of that upper lip? He said it did move and I would testify in court it just didn’t.

Back in the 1850 or such well maybe we go back a bit more, once there was fairs on the river thames, it was so cold that you could stand on the ice and hold fairs in the winter and they didn’t go, global warming is bad for us. They just had a fair and fun. Later theater and traveling parties did juggling and many thought juggling, magic card trick was really that, magic. A hand can move so fast your eyes cant see the move. A really good trained magician can move cards faster than the eye can see it move. Card tricks are easy to do and perform and we still think its magic?

Its like magic for us whenever we are demonstrated an inability to do the event in a manner we come to believe how the world works so that in some aspect we need mystery and magic in our life.

Without it the world goes grey and boring.

The ability to stay fresh and new to the same events is what the RBIm users do, the students I trained are taught to do new, to the same event how many times they ever done it or seen it or experience it, then its then always new.

Then its always magical and mystical and live is enhanced.

Its then awesome.

Is it worth learning the how to do that to make such happen for oneself? I cant tell you as I get asked questions about what I do and I don’t give answers I ask questions. The answers you either come up with or move on.

Many of the recent blog posts I made are cutting edge conceptual ideas and explanations of the way the brain works without needing a degree of academia or years of trained experience to understand, Hans the guy I coach could understand it and if he could then anyone can.  He took the idea and made it work. Its one proof of evidence when it works then it works.

Naturally how do we even begin to explain that your hands can move faster than your eyes can track them? That you have a blind spot in your visual field that the brain covers up so it fills in the missing information and if it can do that what else is the brain doing when you cant answer the question?

It then creates excitement and make mystery alive the magic happens and your like a kid wanting a present at Christmas again.


It creates frustration, irritation, anger and violence for you.

The only difference is what part you attend your attention on with the question.

Conceptual vs deliberate practice

Learning we always do, we however do forget how we did learn due to the process of learning moves information in the brain once learned so we loose the memory of the process itself.

Like riding a bike, driving a car, walking etc…

Trying to find out how we did actually did learn we simply struggle with to recall. We can now just do it.

Let say you want to learn something, golfers for example are told to do technique, conceptually apply what they are suppose to do and golfers struggle with the learning. They simply cant do it. Any instruction that makes you struggle is flawed in its design. I have under the years seen it happen again and again.

I talked to Hans yesterday, he said he now drives the ball 310-330m carry atm. This without going all out its his normal golf play speed. He is currently happy with what he is doing its simple now and after have struggled with a modern Ballard swing for so many years what he does now seems liberating.

Its now simple.

When you can do things without compensating then you start automate it to deep habitual levels you then are free to play the game.

Reading faster for example requires you to scan the text and translate into visual images as 5% of text is what’s needed and then we can store and categorize what we are about to read so we can learn what we read faster. Speed reading requires you to read differently, you wont understand the material the same way you do now. A 15 year old reads around 100-400 words a minute (WPM) and the average is around 150-200 WPM or so. I read slow when I read some books I want to enjoy at 800 WPM a minute. >When I go faster around 1200 or so I still think its normal for me. In other words I read 4 times or more than an average 15 year old in school today.

Conceptually we are badly dressed to learn such what people tell you to do, my instructions that I develop are based upon simplicity, it’s the essence of what is needed to master things you want to learn.

To practice deliberate there are some sources out there like the talent code. That we focus inwardly, that we have the clint eastwood look a sign of intense focus and such. Still learning things like skills if your constantly interrupt the learning of the skill like a golfer struggle with the golf swing the learning never gets the coding down.

A golfer cant learn a golf swing the way they teach it today they will struggle due to the coding gets interrupted all the time by flawed concepts. Like you need to hold the head still, to angle the wrists etc…you then try to do that and then don’t understand why you cant do it? Hans take a 80 year old golfer, 5 minutes later he swings 30 yards longer with his 7i.  The 80 year old golfer have seen every golf trainer around and then some.

Deliberate practice might not be enough you also might need to understand the learning structure itself also but practice will be needed and lots of it.

LARP for example is a good way to strategize your learning do things and then use feedback and then do it again to familiarize yourself with the things you do. It’s a good way to train troops for house to house searches as they are going to hostile environments so they then train for any kind of scenario that might happen. How do you prepare someone if there are only civil in the houses and the information you had was wrong? If the soldier isn’t prepared for that then wouldn’t he then kill a lot of innocents? It did happen in Vietnam a lot.
I wouldn’t be surprised it it also happens in Iraq etc..also.

Learning theory conceptually is what is largely the most used approach today.

If someone ask me to learn a golf swing, I say it’s a throw with specific direction and the reason and evidence are a extern rotation of the shoulder so the arm and elbow moves the proper way. The good thing you can do that already but need to adapt what you are able to do for the mechanics a golf swing has. So while not exactly the same it wont take long to get a golf swing once you understand what to do.

Whenever you need to think what to do when your doing it you will struggle. All such has to be taken care of before the actual practice. The  using and utilizing effective feedback to adjust to improve from. What once took days, weeks even years can then be done in hours or minutes.

I can train someone today faster and easier to do things I couldn’t without strenuous effort 10 years ago.

I used such knowledge to map screenwriting skills. Using a role model to then apply for example LARP is one way and then apply what writing is all about. It took me days to understand the screen writing process and then its all about one thing, write and write more.

Being awesome

It’s a way of life.

It’s a quality naturally of experience.

Its man made and created.

I guess its like Buzz Aldrin when someone came up to him and told him, you never went to the moon……..and Buzz looked at him and then his right fist hit that guy onto the floor.

Whenever you been there and told your not be ready to duck fast.

Its about being there to have the idea of sitting there in the capsule going around the moon and then knowing if stuff don’t work they aint coming home. Obviously they went and came back but imagine that traveling to another planet and then been told you didn’t go there?

For us awesome people those legendary so we face the same issue. We don’t need to go to another planet even though it might seem we are from one.

So load that right arm up and be ready as I load this video an example of one single shot.

The Importance of where and what

We have habits, behaviors we do. Our brain when entering a context asks, where am I, and what am I suppose to do here? Naturally the brain doesn’t ask a question but to steer and influence our choices we can become aware how this works.

Habits like eating a snack at 3pm every day and becoming aware its 3pm your doing that might help altering the pattern there by coming to awareness aha at 3pm no matter I eat that snack. Then you can change that.

3pm snack then we can say at 3pm in the afternoon (where I am) then I do eat a snack (what I do).

Becoming aware of that and then categorizing what your doing first by where helps you identify what is going on.

Is it important to understand why and how? It can be but behaviors are run by where and what. As you wake up in the morning, your seldom ready to go to work before you first performed whatever you do in the morning. Morning (where) and then getting ready (what you do)

To conceptually do this in where and what allows you to map whatever is going on.

When I mapped change and transformation its not enough to elicit the experience aka Mythoself that in itself don’t work. You either have to run a interference protocol as they do there “limit the limitation” to make whatever was to trigger of the new. So if you want to have a experience you also need a support system in place so called belief system.

Belief system are location points about where you are.

One of the things we want to do with RBIm is to make sure for example your doing your best every time and that for example every day is awesome.
To establish such you cant just have the experience as once you shift attention due to some stuff happen that needs you to focus attention (shift) then comparison might be activated and once that happen your location changes.

Your now different.

To uphold a constant experience you need to know before your doing it what its about. A belief is a casual response system, it means if your here then doing this follows that pattern of where > what so whatever you are is second as you need to know where you are. Once you identified where you are, this establish the identity pattern and then from that we can formulate the experience with belief system.

Like, I am here (where) and I am happy (what).

Such sentence short circuit you to access the desired experience.

Then if all works well you will find the space widens and opens up a bit, you have more room to move and even though I speak metaphorically internally here with the vestibular action.

The RBIm way