A great range day blue sky and sun

Heat wave. Sunny blue sky so went with Simon and hit a few balls.

It’s the first time I felt like ok got this down now. Last shot I hit a 6i pure and it slowly did draw flying away and then it was a perfect ending.


We sat down had an ice cream felt fitting for the day and talked some golf and also graphics cards. Felt really good sitting down as my body was hurt and filled with pain seems I am getting old. Now I wait for food and some coffee and relaxation and tomorrow its likely I go play 18 as the summer heat has arrived.

28 1

I taped some swings early on and later it did improve to the extent of well this is done. I hit a few drivers now and then and the last one the longest of the day sat down at a point I normally haven’t been able to hit. Then I was done with that club. Accuracy gone up as I hit several shot the same, distances started to go up and was a club longer from hitting irons before.

It felt good perfect even and I just wish I felt more healthy as I am dead beat atm as I wait for the food to cook.

Is it the golf swing that wins stuff?

Not likely. Jacob Bowden shot 86 in his region qualification for the open. The swing is one component. You need the long game, the short game and putting.

Mechanically it don’t take long to master the technique there.

Mentally it’s a different ball game.

Consistency in scoring is difficult to do.

I hit the range tomorrow after a weeks rest with sisters kid. The rounds I played I worked on the consistency a bit and it will be a few more before my game reach the level I want.

If it was the golf swing it be easy.

Its just one variable in a lot of them.

Cold and rainy

Days lately been cold and continue that. Tomorrow it seems the sun comes out so I do some range work with sisters kid. At the end of the week it seems some heat is promised finally.

28 Celsius at the top and that’s like 15 more than today. Hopefully it’s the end of the cold era and continue to be a better summer here.

The road to success Updated

While learning make sure your not comparing how well someone else does and what your doing make sure you improve what your able to do.

Pick up strategies that make sense and improves what you do with efficiency.

Updated: When you are learning the feedback you receive allows you to make better use of your learning faster.

It works for sports or business as well as love.

The AMD Fury launch and my notes

The first launch they presented the Fury was off, they were nervous. Not calm assertive and confident.

amd cool

It was a told to be a Over clockers dream….it cant be overclocked at the reviews…. I cant understand that


Next they send cards out to review with expectations that was high but the card couldn’t meet them so now there is a backlash for AMD.

If you say it’s a great card then you also need to deliver on that. The reviews are basically slashing amd in the middle as the card Fury x shows great 4k results but are not beating the competition. The overhead on dx11 and drivers been an issue for amd for a long time. I look forward windows 10 and dx12 and while the games for dx12 will take some time the OS itself will have good things for amd.

However their launch and reviews was mishandled.

First they needed to manage expectations of their line up. They didn’t. Its like they want to fail if one asks me. How can they miss to handle expectations?

The first NH review I did read pointed me to ask those guys if they had driver issues, they had. So for me it meant drivers wasn’t ready yet. Why didn’t amd then say that before any reviews in any presentations?

Its like, while the card is done and ready we are early in the driver development and we are making great strides day for day. That’s one way telling it like it is. They could have limited testing and reviews to 4k and games that showcase their strengths. Now you would have had a more balanced expectations and then pointed towards windows 10 as they should have an idea what that will mean to them.

For me windows 10 is what I going to use in 5 weeks or so. Its my new gaming platform and no words from amd on that with their fury card.

So mishandling expectations making it a strange launch as the card does well in resolutions it was designed for but early drivers then it will suck at lower resolutions until windows 10 and drivers are maturing.

Techpowerup review

Hardwarecanucks review


The Nano a small factor fury coming later.

The heroes journey etc…

I think its crap.

I was asked, what specifically….

I responded with “everything its new age nonsense”

He said “oh we are not talking about the same thing then”

—–Everything—– I thought that word explained it well for me it means the same thing whatever else he thought is covered by that word and I meant it.

Is my everything different than what he said must then be different?

Cant be true.

Its then either both or none of the things but it cant be separate one and then not.

Everything covers both.

It cant be outside as its then about everything.

Really surprised people teaching and talking high level coaching and spirituality get semantics so wrong.

Everything right?

As a generalization [Everything] which will cover it all and while he then continue to refine his answer it wont change the generalization itself and the contextual map we have there. Now he could have asked me a different question from my response but choose not to which is fine.

Everything is fine.

Your living someone else life

It might be your parents, grandparents, or whatever your friends tell you what you should do. At some point we fold into the patterns the social and culture teach us to be.

Your simply living someone else life either you know it or not.

RBIm 3.0 and the self elicitation along the separation of contexts to become aware of the behaviors that whatever you do and feel and react to can be either a knee jerk reaction or a choice. At some point this becomes a way to create the futurenow the way you desire to experience it.