Lydia Ko heading for trouble

She went with Leadbetter, I already see changes he made that I wouldn’t do. It seems highly likely she be struggling in a few years. at 250 yards average distance 2014.

She should be longer.

Her natural swing developed with her down under trainer has been tweaked and not in a good way. She risk going the same route Faldo went. Loosing years of career due to hitting it to short and starting to loose the timing.

John Wick

It’s a movie, has Keanu reeves and a few more with a swede also in the role. One face you have seen in a few other movies.

Its violent, it has respect, humor, dogs, lot of blood, superb action sequences, assholes, etc…

it’s a superb action go kick them movie.

Loved it.

One can see different action sequence which don’t involve a lot of cuts.

Hans swing changes

I don’t work with technique much if at all. Changes I make are based upon consistency and replication and those the brain can learn to do fast.

You can check the difference from 3 jan vs 26 jan. while its 3 weeks his overall swing pattern is changed. It now offers a more efficient energy transfer and more power with simplicity.

The most recent one I made was yesterday btw…and he still could swing with it just saying Sean Foley….

I added a spoon vs spoon same date 6jan vs 26 jan. Its a bit more obvious here, all this change is done without technique btw. (secret sauce)

what does strategy mean applied?

Back in 1973 or so maybe 75 or 77 NLP had a pattern to fix phobias, it took an hour. Once known the pattern was later revised to be 30 minutes and later done in a few minutes.

Psychology? They cant do anything yet with those phobias.
Your therapists will suck at that.

The refinement of the pattern to fix a phobia is that once the pattern is known revisions will speed up the steps and fewer steps will be needed to achieve the desired result.

Fixing a phobia is a few minutes at best.

So there is a strategy or pattern to be applied for those with a phobia and once applied they wont have it anymore.

Seems cool right and it is.

Main issue is that the individual however is likely to create another phobia as we haven’t done anything into how their reality is formed and respond to the world.

In golf everyone accepts that tour pros cant play consistently and call that normal to build compensations in their swings that needs fixing, why build a phobia to play worse is what I ask?

NLP is a great way to fix a problem. Naturally it wont work if the practitioner don’t know what they are doing which includes people like Robert Dilts. He once worked with a lady on stage, applied NLP the girls topped smoking for 2 weeks and then started again. I ahd to fix her whining and complaining as no one else did manage that in 8 years.

NLP isn’t the superb tool many think it is.

Applying a strategy and its pattern might work but it might not.

That troubled me why so I investigated and later created the RBIm 3.0 as a superior way to deal with life for any individual. Its simply are a better model with better strategy and pattern to deal with life than NLP are even coming close to do.

Since it’s a new model the strategy talk from NLP ahs to be revised.

Instead of thinking people create a subjective experience we want to study and change using old archeological tools from Bandler, Grinder Dilts etc…

We can revise the whole approach in how we accomplish what people call change and transformation by removing the need to do change and transformation.

I removed the need for NLP as a model.

I revised and updated a better strategy with simpler and fewer steps with RBIm 3.0 and as a model it allows a better result than what NLP can do.

For me that seems the way to do things, better.

Naturally this isn’t without effect and consequences as the paradigm shift here is substantial. Tog et the head around that change or transformation isn’t needed is a though one for any NLP and for psychology beyond their world.

I guess its like magic for them.

It is what I did do when I applied a better strategy trough modeling the modeling process itself and revised the RBIm process and patterns I developed so I could develop a better model.

RBIm 3.0

Its not a casual and effect from the previous works a better strategy with fewer steps, it’s a new model.


Why tour pros don’t improve their game scoring

Here is a PDF from two great coaches in golf.

  • The list the reasons why golfers don’t improve with
  • Nr 1 “Obsession with technique”
  • Nr 2 as “Caught in the reactive cycle”
  • Nr 3 as “Lack of confidence”

Those coaches are people who actually did take someone to the tour or improved those on tour and still whatever I am doing takes it a step further or two.

I told Hans, what you will have is the two best support systems in the world, the golf mechanics to repeat with both distance and accuracy and the performance model. Obviously for him he cant tell if I am lying or just blowing fairy dust into his eyes and mind.

He will only be able to judge if he this the ball better and if he can play his best each time he tees up.

I go check things out now and then and these two guys Steve Bann and Dale Lynch knows their stuff obviously and are good at what they do no doubt. They are addressing areas a golfer and a tour pro has issues with and still they could improve their efficiency and results with the RBIm 3.0 golf system.

Obviously again beliefs get in the way as if you didn’t write a lot of books, was seen in media etc..or run a golf school or whatever else then obviously it cant be good for a number of reasons.

In some areas like back in the day when math was doing a lot of improvement one guy discovered calculus and then published it but somewhere else in the world someone else already had discovered it a long time ago but they hadn’t published it so the honor goes to the one publishing it right? Nicola Tesla invented the radio btw, not the other guy if you learned someone else than Tesla did invent the radio your school is wrong about that and should fix their books.

The RBIm 3.0 golf system addresses how the tour pro can stay in the moment with every swing and game they play and how they can play at their best every time they tee up.

Your game wont need a ritual that needs fixing, In sport that is unheard off there is nowhere I know off at least where anyone in this Universe can do that.

I make people better,

it wont matter what they do, triathlon, golf, tennis, baseball as when I check those out and ask why are you not doing this or that they cant tell me. I done that my whole life it seems, I ask “why are you going trough therapy?” The client tells me, well I have this diagnosis of this “and they tell me a nice story” and then I say, why are you not doing this then? Well then I wouldn’t have the diagnosis and be happy? yea….. Later I worked with dyslexia, and as I dragged the kid up on stage to demonstrate this and the kid went from a diagnosed dyslexic to a normal reader in less than an hour and the 6 teachers who was there none of them asked me how did I do that and how can I use this in my school to overcome dyslexia? None has called or contacted me as the teachers become afraid of becoming good at what they do.

When you do paradigm shifting technology as its what I do then people become afraid of their potential

I solved how to stay in the moment to be in the zone to control the output level of your game in golf so if you can score 60 you be able to shoot those scores every day you go play. The deviation from that score wont be changing much on the same course and environment.

What I do goes beyond anything you ever knew about performance and golf. I don’t do average as I do what the best are able to learn to do and then even better.

That do scare some people due to them suddenly will be able to do their best performance each time and it will always work isn’t for the average to do as its really powerful stuff.

Its just that.


For me?


I don’t offer solutions to fix a problem why the tour pro isn’t improving what I do works and once learned you can just do it.

The impossible made possible.

In the field of dyslexia for example we have taken dyslexics with a official diagnosis and then they went and tested themselves in the same place that gave them their diagnosis and they didn’t have it dyslexia anymore.

Its mind-bending technology.

The field of dyslexia cant believe it.

My student teaching such are doing what they (Professors/teachers)call impossible.

Imagine your game applying your best performance under your own control being the moment at your best every day every round every time you tee up day our and day in.

That’s what I do making the best better.

There is nothing like it.

It just works

The RBIm 3.0 Golf System

Golf swing illusions?

Cant trust what you see now and then.


Steve is well aware of the players shortcomings and what they tend to fail at. I have not much to say about the way he does this for the player. It still will not work unless they are able to, not add thoughts playing.

Anyone able to produce 5 teens into the tour top 50 has my ear.

About talent and skills

The post about archery and Lars Andersens skills will and have many opinions a lot of them I consider hateful, personal attacks and in a real fight with bows they all be dead vs him.

Bruce Lee had that with him also, real life skills used in action.

Talent isn’t much more than spend time doing things until you master the skills needed. I am always dumfounded how ignorant people are about what work it actually takes and its not luck or talent but about mastering skills.

If you know how to make a golf swing the way Mike Austin did as I know then you can replicate his feats with long driving or you can tweak what he did to play tour level golf at unprecedented consistency level.

Modeling means to build models that allow one to replicate the result one does and then take it further. Once understood then you can tweak and enhance the result to suit better as the original model didn’t know how to do that.

The idea that any skill and any result is out there to be mastered is what RBIm is about. That you can be happy, that you can enjoy small things, that you can stay in the moment and find the best performance every time as once known you can train yourself to be able to do such.

It wont mean its easy not simple to acquire such skills.

As I work the same instruction I told Hans for the golf swing I am obviously doing things differently from the start. So I work it then check and find if I do things as I should do. If I don’t adjust until it works. While some would think if one follow a model the result happens directly that isn’t true. It will happen faster however.

I adjusted already a few things, back swing has changed, set up slightly, impact and down swing and such. While this is going on I still haven’t been able to do what I want to yet even if I would play today I do a hell of a lot better than I been able to do before. Its improving, its now better I love that about this model. So this is how I should move, ok that’s different, then this and then that. Naturally this sets up a new coordination a new way to respond to the forces with better feedback. Its almost as the swing builds itself.

As I adjust I check the visual checks the evidence. Then what I am feeling vs what I should feel. Some might think removing excessive movement is a good thing and I disagree with that. The modern swing theory sucks.

Now I know what I am doing what I am working to do that works.

So if I am able to build such a swing I want to have then am I talented or just lucky? Or does it mean its skill based that one can train oneself to have? I guess the talent believer guys will cry in the dark when they go sleep.

Mastering skills is work.

Even if you know what a dyslexia needs to have a working structure to make them have such is a lot of work to make them have it now and then depending what they have with them in the first place. I taken diagnosed dyslexic kids and in less than an hour they are not dyslexic anymore.

Working the swing model I adjust until the things I do works with the model. The feedback I receive I know what its like so by that alone I swing better but since I also have a lot of things I done that are unneeded or excessive I need to wait for them to start falling off. That takes time as I am not fixing my old swing, I building a totally new one.

Once feedback is received the change or new is implemented within minutes. Then you can work the form and structure as you identify that. Its much like step by step and once one layer is laid down we build a new one upon that. Once feel is found and it’s the same for anyone then that feedback will allow you to organize your skills into a fabulous action.

The way people talk about talent makes it more a self helpless talk, well they have talent I don’t then I cant do it or learn to do it due to I lack talent. That’s like madness.

I understand the reasoning though as if you don’t know how people do things of course you will believe such. NLP for example was the really first attempt to decode what people did to achieve result and then build a way to transfer such results to other people.

Its what I done for 20 years, look at people with such eyes to search for clues about what are they doing to be able to do that?

The RBIm 3.0 for example is such an example as it takes mindfulness and consciousness into a new arena.

Want to learn to play the piano?

This also are interesting from the above website and while nothing new it’s a different perspective.

When I practice my new golf swing, I haven’t done much full swings for 3 weeks more a check to utilize the feedback as I knew if I do that I know how to react and respond to this and then be able to build a functional golf swing. It does seem to be true also.