The down swing

Since most have their back swing working then transition of the swing is where when things go ugly for many. In the take away we sit down on the right hip on the right heel and ball of foot as we move off the ball.

Transition then is the waiting time for the body to sync it self up. Producing the kinetic chain or as I like to say taking the orders in cue.

Now the question remains if you cue is set in the proper order or not.

Last few days I worked to fix, left shoulder scapula/lattimus pull in the down swing (fixed) then to improve the external rotation of the right shoulder (fixed) and then take away to the top of back swing (almost fixed).  What’s left is the driver swing take away as it’s the club that isn’t moving properly yet. Next is release and down swing action.

Naturally this is done in sequence and worked on while I have feedback from balls.

I also keep study to optimize along the natural body movements we do.

You can move the left leg and hip differently the way they do it in a modern swing when the left hip spins out and around which is fine if you do a rotational swing motion.

A compound pivot does this a bit differently.

Naturally explanations of this makes it conceptual for the most part which is why there is no definition of the compound Pivot as far I know. Saying its how the joints move and its a 6 lever system etc..wont help me to do it.

So I worked with kelvins research from Hawaii and done some tinkering. I work this the next few days and hopefully this also makes what I do, easier and better.

Hans thought it was my best swing yet.

I take that.

A small step for me a giant leap forward

Once you follow a plan and you start to really make stride its really nice to feel that progress. Today was such a day, all clubs was good except the back swing for the driver as I didn’t get that right yet. Just a matter of time now.

Then release pattern will be worked on.

It felt easy and even when I was real tired at the end I still was able to contain most even though it wasn’t optimal but still working something I never been able to do before.

Naturally this felt easy now, effortless is a good word to describe this. Even if I am not done things are lining up nicely. The plan works.

I hope the range opens up where I normally practice as I have benchmarks there from previous years to better measure up distances. More speed trough the swing atm, cant say I am done there but all in all where I come from where I been and now just making shots going where you want them seems at times unreal.

Most will tell you their swing is lost during times, it wont work and needs fixing, you shank it, slice it, hook it, it on the toe, humped the goat along the way or some other thing.

Never understood that talk myself. If it works why would it need fixing?

Its like Hans as I had to put the hammer down as why on earth would you want to change what you do if that works to hit the shot you want every time? Do that a bit better and you make it closer in no time. Once what works been found and identified then you can just do it.

I look forward this season as I already know I be playing golf in a way I never been able to do before one I want to play. A few things needs to be worked on still but at least the small steps made suddenly made a giant leap forward.

Soon time to tee it up Skrattar


I will check distances as I keep on working to find out where I stand there, once I hit my own benchmark distances I go play.

Day 1 vs day 11

Making it hard the simple way

Hans played today with new instructions, naturally he then stopped doing what he been doing well for a week now, instead of doing what works already and doing that better he then started to do something that was to complex again and utterly couldn’t hardly play.
He still shot +1.

What I do works and when it works you then do that what works and nothing else.

That is an issue with human beings as we are used to think if we do other things it works better and I say no it don’t. You do what works, better. Its that simple, I don’t need to learn a million ways to work with people as I already have the one thing that makes it work so I do that better. The same is true with dyslectics.

Going astray as Hans does from time to time is learning the hard way what he needs to do already works but needs to do it better not different. Once you found it then its really simple and requires you to start doing it a bit better and often you need to fail a bit before you really understand its magic.

How simple it really is to do nothing.

Understanding this simplicity takes a lot more from people as we are used to search for secrets and when your presented with the secret to play superb awesome golf and then don’t understand that you will fail as you change the approach and its needed to really learn this.

RBIm is a self discovery system, I don’t tell people what enlightenment is or what you should do, its work you do yourself not asking me about what it is. If you want someone to tell you how to live your life your in trouble.

Hans main thing is to actually understand that this already works and all he needs now is to do it better. Then he can shot any score he wants whenever he wants.

The light bulb has to switch on first though.

So it has.

He now understand he needs to do this same thing he learned the last few weeks, better.

Nothing new, nothing different just what works better.

Now my work is near completion a day with stillness


A technical view of Hans

At the take away we see a move off the ball sitting down on the hip a weight shift that every good player does.take away

Not much has happen or happens.






at the top, we can see two things happens that his right elbow is going back and down a micro move due to the scapula is now pulled towards the spine and we can see a twisting move a so called loading of the spine also with the hip movement.




half way down

the elbow and shoulder has moved back and down and externally rotates.  weight still on right leg.





half way

Just before the impact weight is still on right leg. a weight shift happens now.  The so called Lag people talk about in a golf swing happens due to proper movement in the down swing.





Around impact we see a slight closed shoulder and a turned hip the half turn allowing a drop of the spine to elevate the pressure so it doesn’t twist (right knee kicks in). Right side has now lost its pressure and weight been transferred to the left side.





After impact the momentum carry around, little to no rotation has happen, the right shoulder now internally rotates naturally.





We can check what Mike did in his action. At similar positions you can see Mike using a lateral bend in excess. Mike always wanted to hit long which was his primary choice which was reflected in his swings. Main issue with that is precision will be a concern.

This was due to Mike had a unneeded re-routing at the top which makes it tough to do the same move all the time.

To change a golf swing

Its easy to change a golf swing and build a new one. I do that to every range session. In between I update and fix and adjust and then practice the new at next session.

Some say that it takes 2 years to move patterns you do to long term memory. I ask you then how long did it take you to ride a bike? an hour, a few days? its really complex to do that but once you could do it, it was already in long term memory.

Why would a golf swing change be different?

Mike Austin golf swing

Is it easier to hit longer with? I would like to say so yes. Main reason is a easier release pattern. I don’t think that kinesiology is a good way to describe the swing action as the description wont tell me how to move my body to do it. So I look at this with how the body are moving and descriptions that Mike did say but couldn’t explain things like, take it on the inside, I then ask, inside of what?  Which naturally isn’t mentioned the how to is missing.

Gaps like that happens due to people want to describe and create concepts about things they do. Problem with concepts like MCS Mechanically correct Swing or Universal or perfect is those don’t exist.

The same action can then be described in many different ways so then which one is more correct? None of them obviously as they are only labels.

The tea bag isn’t the tea.

I dug trough this, release patterns, set up, address, and top and back swing and there is a lot of things very similar to a PGA style golf swing no doubt. Naturally there is some differences as the lower back wont be strained as much and the release is a bit different. Still there are many overlaps here.

I got ask about transition, normally it’s a fluid in between going back and going down. If you look at those who mastered that then there is little to no delay and often they even started the down swing while their upper body is moving back. Then you look at those who already mastered things and it might not be the way to learn to do that. One reason people doing things for a long time optimize what they do so its then highly efficient. If you look at my top I stop and wait there currently.

Bringing clarity is sometimes to understand what your study and why it works the way it does. I found most swing videos when Austin talks about what he do, isn’t correct as he does things differently than what he himself demonstrates, why? The human brain see what you want it to see. Mike saw those things he talks about even if he didn’t do them. Then what he did he couldn’t see when watching himself swing.

I know what I do when I work, watching a video of myself working is highly different. I had people taping me working with dyslexics and they never understood what I did.

Once Hans was able to do this,

For me that showed he was able to do what Mike did the same motion pattern. As far he is the only one in the world able to do that.

To make myself doing the same is more of a jigsaw puzzle where I sort and scale whatever I am doing until it matches the motion. I am close and next piece with make me closer.

Some say you cant copy swings and I don’t, what I do copy is the motion as when I do the motion I use similar or the same pressure points. That is the reason Hans swing looks the same as Mikes. You can do that with Hogan also as its not about matching positions which is why any attempt to copy Hogan will always fail or any other swing for that matter.

The difference with a template as I use is the motion is matched but not by copy the position but following the pressure points.

I have the last 4 years worked variations so much to be able to train myself to explore the nuances of how the body moves trough space. So while I didn’t apply what I was researching I was study the variations and then one day Hans was able to do this.

Next was instruction took me a month and then currently its education for the body to do and follow the pressure points.

You are throwing the club head from the top in sync with the pivot which you know when its effortless. If it isn’t then your not doing things right.

My best swings are effortless. Any swing I do feels easy and simple as my body has started to follow those pressure points by study what I do and what I should do. Utilizing the feedback I told Hans I am now applying for myself. I naturally have to change a lot more than Hans due to him could already do impact really well and I couldn’t.

I am currently doing something indoors to familiarize myself with the new motion and it feels awkward and totally alien. I don’t even have a reference to the action as its that alien. I know however how this works once I am comfortable with it and used it a few times and it makes it easier for me then it will be like the second coming of coca cola.

It be like I done it all the time.

Most people have a hard time to change a golf swing, look at Tiger Woods, 5 years and no go. Foley don’t understand the golf swing and is highly ignorant. I don’t even need to teach a golf swing or understand golf at all to make that statement as if it takes 5 years and someone cant do it then its evidently something is wrong.

I know that from my own field, I have Hans doing new things in a day or a week or two. It wont take longer. Naturally he is easy as he been with me a long time. Larry can do things also as he cleaned up all his muscle pattern’s that come from a flawed down swing and release pattern. How can someone get things right to the top and go all wrong in the down swing?

So I study such to understand things better.

Then I set in a applied practice with dedicated focus and I don’t do anything else next time I go on the range as I will work the new action. In a few swings or 20 or 100 balls it will work. It wont take longer.

5 years? or even 2 years is silly.

Those that does it that way don’t understand how to train your brain to make it working the way you want.

Problem with any field its get its own lingo and jargon things people talk about that loose the meaning to what’s going on as its hard to do those concepts. The concept can be loose if you also provide a description to find your own angle as you cant match the position anyhow. Those concepts I fund and taught Hans could do. It means the concept works to produce the intended result.

Contract the spinae?
Supply quickness?

Concepts are good and well but if they are not telling you what to do by following its outlines they are not good concepts. I redefine the C7, I don’t use much kinesiology and very few concepts used in the Mike Austin swing is good.

Now Mike himself knew that so when he taught he told people things like pull the navel out. But its rather easy to teach in person as your able to provide feedback to what they do directly and adjustments are easy.

So I moved on, once the motion was a match then I was done with the Mike Austin swing system in whatever they taught and do. Hans swing now doesn’t match what Austin did anymore. His motion is now slightly different. It’s a higher precision model by still provide ample distance. Mike wanted to hit it long and then couldn’t play competitive golf.

I want competitive golf.

Its also why I built a consistency model for golf.