It’s a model its not really reality

Everything about us, the meaning of it all don’t mean anything.

Isn’t that mean btw?

The people murdering and raping well fighting such crimes are not meaningful then right? Or to those using penicillin unneeded or those that say vaccines is the devils shit right why even bother if its all a fucking meaningless shit?

People actually add meaning to whatever, if you eat chocolate and tell people its good you’re a lying bitch as you just created a habit and cant stop eating chocolate now. It has no meaning its just you thinking it is.

Telling people coming to me with huge issues called problems and then telling them problems don’t actually exist and then proving it to them makes anyone go insane.

Yea I know its kind of my job making people insane.

Your fucking retarded atm unless you been following this blog for a few years that is.

You cant (people tell me) write the way you write here on this blog (student to me said so, and others) and I am like still writing like this. Their intention was, there is a proper correct grammar and then everything else is you know wrong………..

Fuck grammar – go gay.

When people cant get out of their own limited mind set as it is then we as human beings are in big fucking trouble. (BFT for short)

Most are like cipher in the Matrix, put me back into it as then I know it isn’t real now but when put back I don’t know that as you wiped my memory as most people will and love to live a fucking lie and thinking it’s a good thing. I tell mothers that what they feel isn’t love and they get fucking upset at me when I tell them what they feel isn’t love. I have no issue understanding that a child cant love their mom at that age due to them don’t even understand the concept of love or whatever as they haven’t formed such thinking yet to understand the concept even.

So when clients would tell me that their mom or dad they didn’t love me whatever shit story crying shit I say well you started it, when you were born you didn’t even understand love or what that was all you did understand was, shit, hungry, screaming and sleeping your all day off much like teenagers do today.

Can you blame your parents then for stuff that you started?

Own up your shit.

BUT I hear now the excuse coming but then I didn’t know and besides I was an innocent child then. So now they try to defend their own shit telling me they are totally fine having a shitty life and its someone else’s fault that it is so.

I wonder who taught them that?

If something happens to you its someone else’s fault?

If you feel like shit, emotionally bad or eating all that fucking food as it helps you to not be miserable you really need to understand that reality isn’t whatever you thought it to be but what you learned from other people living around you when you did grow up. People are limited, they have no choices normally than to exhibit what they been taught from other people but once you know that’s going on you can start to grow some big balls and then show off your boobs and then really start working towards something different than what’s been taught as far.

Whatever we experience and feel is casual effects.

There is no Ontology crap.

When someone creates a model like Mythoself and goes lost in their own fucking fog you know the world is in need of better. I always wonder why Bandler cant do anything without hypnosis. Read and listen to anything he does and it’s a clusterfuck shit. That is what drugs does to you btw.

When people tells you that you do not have a problem and then proves it to you then your mind cant handle it. Now, People (me) doing that not people due to language can be confusing enough without asking questions about language and the words used and the order in sequence used called sentences. Makes you think.

Your faced with a whole new world of reality a new model where you never can be stuck again never be limited forever free and always roaming the world a mind of its own.

I call it RBIm6.

However when you know RBIm6 then what you say and think isn’t then what you say or think. Its then an understanding in its place that whatever this is present going on whatever this is can then be replaced and experienced differently in any given moment if you decide to do so or not.

Your down, you want the chocolate, you want the drugs, you want to forget the rape the abuse and the murder of Corine that Bandler did but your mind now can do it all keep the reality of stuff like how a child cant love a parent and that what parents feel isn’t you know really love but a genetic coded biology survival heritage so the kid wont be abandon and killed off.

Truths as facts wont go away.

I have no trouble keeping those separate and love the child knowing that this piece of sleeping, shitting and eating and screaming child have no idea who I am. I can deal with both as they are both meaningful and models of reality that I accept as they are and I can choose to do both or none or one and have no quarrel with either of them.

What else are you going to do when the parent say, well I don’t love my kids?

How are you going to deal with this individual that simply don’t obey your social and cultural rules off how you should think and do things for yourself or kids and other people?

You creates prejudice, hate and racism and then excuse that with some lame attempt to ratify your actions being righteous? I never felt the need to go grab lady pussys like Donald Trump does it, he is a elected president and think that’s ok due to Clinton showed him it is.

As humans we have a tendency to think whatever we think is right and correct. when we don’t obey the rules of the society at large we also think we should feel bad.

Your mind is using mirror neurons, to identify with people around you 24/7.

You learned behaviors from the world around you from early on and you have behaviors now that people taught you to have that you then exhibit thinking they are yours. I identified numerous such from my parents, and then decided to do differently. When told to spell and grammar better and not use profanity on this website I tell them Go Gay as its easier to fuck Trump and Bandler then.

It makes a lot more sense for me that way.

What you need to do is to start over. Like >CK the comedian, well every year at new years eve I drop all I done and start writing new jokes. Now at first its fucking work and frustrating shit as you want to keep the jokes you done but a few years later you’re the top comedian in the country and what did happen?

CK forced his mind to expand beyond what he had mastered towards new things he hadn’t mastered and then when he mastered that he become a fucking comic genius?

People as myself are different, I am able to keep my felt state of experience the way I want. I don’t need to react to whatever people do around me, what I read as I can shit my attention and then, experience life differently. I know the reality as is are just that a present moment experience in time here and now and when shifted, well then I experience the in time differently than I just did.

I tell my sisters kid we are time travelers all the time traveling in time towards a future either it be the walk to the burger joint or the breakfast or whatever you do next then still you traveled to that moment somehow. However people usually don’t get it first as the concept of becoming aware of what’s going on in your own mind that your traveling the future all the time without understanding that your doing it seems like that idea of love for a child is far fetched suddenly?

Love isn’t the strongest emotion btw its ownership.

Once you think you own something either it be a child, a woman or man you can do so many bad things and justify them as you have the right to do so acting like a God on your own terms.

Trump does it so does Bandler so does ISIS and so does everyone else you know or not.

When that ownership takes hold and you become stuck with it, watch out.

You can start to do really bad shit and feeling totally fine with it.

You can also become awesome legendary so doing it also.

Patterns when formed becomes memory. Once that happens your mind can work with the memory and start to think called trajectory pushing that you will find coins everywhere and that’s called perception filtering you know have a filter looking for coins out there. All that it takes once memory has formed is that you starts to pay attention and you find more coins. Also doing so you find people can miss a coin in the open they just walk by it, I sat there are McDonalds once and someone drop a 5euro and I sat there eating my food, then when I finished I walked by and picked the 5 euro up and thought, today I did eat for free.

Now, why didn’t someone pick that up before me as I sat there eating my food in all calm?

The window with what we attend in our reality has no memory and then we wont attend it that much. It then simply don’t really exist for you and while you know what money is and that it can drop and that someone can pick such up you haven’t formed it so you can do it yet.

For me that’s obvious for that individual they don’t even know what I know.

Magic isn’t what people assume it is.

>Its way more cool.

The Kennedy assassination

Lot of theories.

He was shot several times.
From the back and from the front right side for him.

You will see the blowback of the headshot as he reacts backwards left and slump over from the force. The first shot hit him from the back. The head shot after he leaned towards Jackie came from the front.

Richard Bandlers T-shirt had blood on it from the blow back from the headshot Corine suffered from his 357 magnum.

The issue with theories and and minds is that its easy to start seeing things that is not there. If we check the evidence as far it can be checked the conspiracy theories all seems to go away but then surely its not as mystical anymore.

The umbrella guy didn’t shot Kennedy as the angle don’t match. He could have signaled but he didn’t shoot.

How people react to events are different, if for example Kennedy had thrown himself onto the ground in the car after the first shot he may have survived but that’s seldom the normal reaction to being shot as shock and then what’s going on happens.

I was with 40 other people walking the road, the Lt we had said, airplane incoming seek cover, I did run into the trees near by with a few others, the rest run the other way into the open, the Lt said, you guys are dead. How people react without proper training is a slow shock and no time to do things like survive.

Scientists knows how easy it is to dot your data due to we want to see things that isn’t there. Its pat of assumptions we make about the world so the brain fills in what we want to see. Its one reason I teach different people to then they can do their thing and I can gather data in how they first understood what to do then what they did with what they understood and then what the differences are and then adjust with feedback if needed if they went astray and misunderstood but that’s done after they had some practice time to contain and learn the ways.

I don’t mind people do it wrong or whatever they do as it just shows difference.

That is measurable and also offers feedback to what’s being taught and what’s going on. Evidence is such facts we don’t like as it cant confirm your confirmation bias. It happens to me also now and then, this evidence seems to contradict what I been taught, so I then go and double check. If the check turns up facts still there I then revise what I assumed true and go with the new fact.

It allows me to tell people about NLP and what else with Golf and the mechanics can be totally wrong and you just believe what you believe due to your misinformed with your confirmation bias.

Naturally, humans don’t like that.

Our system is made to balance us and when information of fact and evidence gets in the way we don’t stop and ask, is this true? We delete the truth and fact and adapt the information so it fits our confirmation bias and then evolution stop.s


Indians all their life living in a forest when watching ships coming to shore didn’t understand how big they were out there on the sea. Many never think about how much we learn to see as a kid and when grown up such new visual places can challenge us. I was often wondering about that and when I went south and never saw any mountains it’s a nice treat to just watch endless vies not interrupted by any forest nor mountains.

When one study a field one also tends to assume they know what they are doing in the field but as we as human beings tends to take anything at face value we also forget how much we have learned to see and do over the years. When a newspaper started the 3D images with dots on a 2D paper many older people wrote them and was so angry as they could not see those 3D images.

Result was the paper stopped doing them, obviously.

Telling people stuff that is there that they cant see does not go well.

You find that with NLP for example when Bandler miss the signal in what to do and then his student altfelt analyze the language pattern’s Bandler did use without understanding, what he did wasn’t working so why analyze?

I always assumed with NLP that I want to study what works.

I paid attention and found out the people within NLP got stuck.

Imagine my surprise when I got that and then tried to tell people about that?

Like talking to a wall.

That’s btw about a field that says they are open minded….

Pay attention.

Dc vs Marvel

Dc make superb TV shows.
The flash, green arrow, legends, supergirl and the mix with the shows like flashpoint and current dominion.
Movies have sucked IMO, superman, batman vs superman, suicide squad, all basically bad.

Marvels movies, awesome.

Tv shows, ok but nothing groundbreaking even if Agent Carter was really good.
Still their more gritty approach with Daredevil, luke cage, jessica jones and upcoming iron fist have been good.

Marvel could had several super heroes for the Tv show agent of shield but they somehow hate Tv shows with heroes they have in the movies.

Overall, the Tv and movies are candy land for someone like me.

Change old school vs the new invented RBIm technology

Change with NLP, hypnosis, psychology etc…will tend to cause abreactions. Its emotional events charged for release a novel idea from Freud’s days. If you focus on the problem to be fixed that will happen.

If you however build new, it wont.

The main cause is that peoples attention runs where their brain will fire off signals and run neural clusters. I know its not fancy talk but that’s basic brain for you, when signal is there it runs x cluster. If the signal is not there, the cluster does not run.

So if the emotional event fire off a abreaction then it is triggered to run.


It can be triggered by the change of build new itself as it has no value anymore due to the attention is now moved towards a working solution.  What typically happen in NLP, psychology that the change itself will trigger off residue of those abreactions due to the way they do the change.

When I researched the NOTNLP protocol it was due to the way the change worked in a whole new way. It did release old emotions sure yes but that was a side effect to the change of building new. RBIm 6 is the notnlp protocol in building new allowing for the release in such cases those would happen naturally as a side effect.

The problem with Freud and psychology, NLP and hypnosis that abreactions can be really bad for people even lead to psychosis in some cases. I saw that happen live with Richard bandler running his hypnosis and they had to send a student home as he couldn’t handle the abreaction he had. One of my student almost lost their mind thanks to Joseph Riggios intervention and there is a reason I call his work dangerous along with bandlers.

Now some may say but one in like 100 people that isn’t so bad is it?

Its then easy to miss the point, why does that happen and why was there no open ended solution towards freedom he talks about so much then?

Anyhow I am gaining feedback from Steve down under next week in his testing the last couple of months.

Inner power the mind released

Many want you to be mindful.

Or maybe mindless?

Or maybe totally mind empty?

Why not mind powerful?

You know reach inside, to the source of all power almighty godhood into the heroic value of expressed amazing? Isn’t that you know, more interesting than that other stuff?

For some fucking reason a lot of assholes out there say you need to calm down, reach inner peace the calmness of the sea and whatever else but reality don’t work that way as far I know.

You want the almighty power residing in your core the out mighty reached energy within your mind that allows your mind to unleash everything magical about you.

Isn’t that a better option than say,

well you be mindful, reaching oceans of clarity about life standing in a steam understanding the flows and ebbs of life?

However why limit us to one or the other option?

Mostly that is what people talk about that one option is the better deal the nicer choice and why not you know do both or more?

Its easy to paint oneself into a corner thinking well that’s it then I am stuck here now. I got to accept this is my choice for life. It may seem like that what people offers, be happier why not you know offer, be more sad, find out the range of your hate, be more tragic?

Why not?

People want something outside their world view that they cant have atm or want to have but cant due to them believe that’s what they need. The same reason people go all their life towards something then they find out it sucked and become depressed as it didn’t fit their world view as they come to assume?

Its why enjoying the trip the journey is so important as one thing one heal you or fix your life or make it better. However a lot of small stuff will if your able to understand that power and with such comes a responsibility to utilize that power rightly. (ripped off spiderman)

The range of emotions is a much larger scale than people go after why just go after clarity of calmness or awareness of whatever or the maximum power lifts?

Maybe you just need some stuff to explore the vast inner world that awaits you the scope of which is as the Universe endless?

Go watch Dr strange and get a healthy injection of what else.

The Einstein icon

Currently there is this novel idea that light and speed isn’t constant at the start of the universe which would mean if proven true that Einstein was wrong.

Will that then provide us with a deconstruct of his genius?

Often a discovery while good takes time to implement, the led light took 30 years before mainstream usage.

Mindfully present

One upon a time…

step down son the dad said. The son occupied with the ladder and climbing after the star didn’t even turn around but misstep and fell down and died.

Good intentions while good wont mean they end up where we want them to be.

Loosing focus allow us to be removed from the experience.

If your walking down the street with money in the pocket, feeling like a million bucks or more and having a diamond in the pocket at some point life throws you a curve ball right into the balls. The ladies has to be excused here.

Now you try to get back after the balls have recovered to that walk and you find yourself failing to do so what else is that your trying to fire that anchor and it just isn’t working what they told you at your NLP training.

so you ask, what’s wrong with me?

Nothing, bad training wont replace good intended work.

However good work will replace both.

Education is like this tricky part of transferring knowledge and skills that people used decades to gather like myself as I spent 20+ years honing my skills. Now, I ask a question or two, get an answer then suggest action. The result works.

Now to then be able to copy what I am able to do without my personal history and experience or spend decades meditate to find mindfulness is a bad way to go about that.

When human beings does things well we can copy that and learn to do it without their experience. I shown time and time again that people are not doing what they say they are, Bandler fails to understand what the client tells him and has to resort to hypnosis, his student altfelt analyze what did not work believing it did work due to him was not paying attention. Now those will try to excuse their behavior even when its there.

I don’t.

What we can do is to ask if we loose the experience we just had and that when trying to get it back forcing the memory further away some will say but isn’t the answer then to move the memory closer again? No, that makes it bigger basically for most. Moving it away wont mean it becomes smaller it means the memory is locked in time. Time is a place not a submodality. It’s the wrong logic and model to be able to copy or clone people skills that are able to do including for example mindfulness.

Yea that guy or lady that spent decades mediating you can copy and clone in minutes to achieve the state they developed with that work without you having to do the work. Most don’t get how effective modeling can be as you cut away so much unneeded information. However having the state they developed wont mean your able to get it back when you do need and want it to be there. Your now facing anchors, language patterns and trance work and we seen with Mythoself that isn’t working out so good either.

I can and been able to put people back into their experience without even trying as that is easy but to give them a tool to be able to do it on their own in a reliable way, not so much.

RBIm 6 for me seems to indicate that will be a tool to be able to just that.

Which means for you that is awake reading as far that potentially any state or experience can be found and establish for you at any time and any place.

If you loose the walk you will be able to get it back.

You wont need anchors or fancy language patterns to do so to risk the ever recursive movement the brain does when faced with this. While knowing how it works wont fix it as you seen with NLP and Mythoself and other tech as they don’t have models for it. What people cant do they often somehow confuse with if they do more practice they will end up being able to do but that isn’t true.

I found that with Hans now and then as he assume he need to practice to do it but as I demoed with him time and time again, one you can do you can do it and don’t need the practice. He was here a couple of years ago, –4 cold ground, he hit 2x 20 balls and then as he was about to hit the third he hit 4 balls and then started to smoke the balls. I looked at him and said, ok you got this now.

He wanted to spend 3 more hours hitting balls and I said, why?

You can do it.

He still couldn’t believe he could do it as he assumed he needed to practice to get it when he already could do it. When you teach that way, the individual can do it the brain haven’t got the message yet as the beliefs people do have about how to learn and do often are in the way and we want enough cognition from us to become aware of what we are able to actually do.

Awareness means mindfulness as its not just sitting there blissful as some think its about. Your aware but when this is going on it wont be like what you expect the way it to be normally due to what people assume what its like and what it is like is vastly different, telling people ok this is your high performance state and they look at you and say, nah it isn’t. Moments later it hit them as they are kicked out of that performance state and not able tog et it back and then  they understand what it was if lucky. Most are not sensitive enough to notice shifts of their mind shifting out of states normally.

RBIm 6 solves this in my estimate as we get a better model to understand how to utilize contextual modes and the attention markers to bridge the gap of consciousness.