What works vs what else

NLP has this idea of, “if what you do don’t work do something else.”

Its an idea of not to get stuck as if you do get stuck then you do something else anything.

RBIm does what works.

If I started a education and training with RBIm the first thing I do was to explain what works and how to do that. Next is then to build response and experience around that.

Its about building new.

I don’t change or fix my old golf swing, I build a new one. Doing that makes me able to change it in a timeframe not possible in other ways. Hans use the same as I taught him that. For me it was like when he couldn’t play and had back issues, change swing? He didn’t want to as he knew how hard, complex and complicated and what struggle it would be.


He almost asks me every day can I do better and change?

Next naturally is to have a model of definition so once you start doing you know where to go. I didn’t want a modern swing, it seems strange and none of them can do consistency.

I then dug into the Mike Austin role model project 2 years ago. Once defined it allows you to map your body motion patterns into what works. Its like a guide. Currently what is missing is the steps of the process which will be worked on later.

Some might say we can change but forget change, think new.

If someone comes to me, tells me what they want and tell me that is what they want and I tell them nope it isn’t. Its for them about to change the problem for them. I had clients who couldn’t change due to them the change meant someone else would win an argument. Now double binds are a great way to become nuts.

The mind cant be broken, it just works, archaic thinking is like that though we believe that things like thoughts, mind, self etc..can be broken like a broken heart, etc…

I just look at some and say, well your fucked then.

Naturally people express how they perceive the situation but using such language just points to how they believe about stuff works in the world and naturally in their own mind.

Tomorrow I work my swing again, building new. I cant do my old one anymore and I am training my brain to do the new one. 2 hours outside walking and hit a few balls meant for me 2 hour sleep in the sofa after. My energy is just trying to keep up but this takes a toll on me. For a kid or someone healthy it be a breeze to do this.

NLP was founded on therapy and they often got stuck so it was a useful idea to have to do something else but I left that a long time ago and do what works.

Micro Moves in golf

Kelvins research is a lot about how the body moves what muscles are activated and so on.
The images you see here are from that above linked page.

Here you see sadlowski he hits it long. His spine is not straight its bent. compressed.








Here you can see such a micro move where the right shoulder pulls the elbow into what’s called a lateral bend.

Moves like this the guys who hit it long all do.



Naturally we need to be careful and ask, what moves we want to copy as he study tour pga style players but Mike Austin also had such moves. It shows you activate the same muscles and motion or patterns or not.

And yes I am working on the above action.

swing progress and learning

Today summer like with sun up but still cold I started to work on down swing and release a bit. Range that is close by haven’t open yet so went to my back yard as I can hit a few and walk so I get some work done walking.

23 ap impact

I struggled a bit, first as I intended to apply new motion the brain then started to adapt to do that instead of the old, a bit of frustration etc.. and this lasted 5 minutes and I was a bit tired there, after those 5 minutes I started to be energized and empty as the new stuff started to be formulated.

So a bit of improvement, still things to do but its all progressing in the direction I want.

Accuracy is good and I don’t spread balls as I used to do previous years which is one good sign. Distance is around 135yard carry with the PW atm.

A breakthrough with the swing

Yesterday things started to work, my perceptions updated and I swung better than I ever done.

Naturally this didn’t fix the down swing or release or any other muscle patterns I have that is unneeded. Still it allowed me to have the form and container to, aha this is what I have to do to make it work.

Next naturally is the down swing now and release.

Learning something its about finding the conceptual reference in how to do it. Before that many get stuck in the technical details using kinesiology which just confuses things. I worked the new swing motion since it was defined, first from slow motion and indoor swinging and later using balls at the range as feedback. Each time I check my motion, does it fit the template?

If not, I adjust what I do and I go trough each step of the process, set up, address, take away, back swing, down swing and release. During the 11 range sessions I adjusted that my right arm and hand was inactive, fixed the over the top move, fixed the left shoulder pull, adjusted the take away and back swing. Just a few of the adjustments I made. All of them pointed to the same thing and I identified that which allows me to build the feedback and reference needed to make the process faster.

In that definition yesterday the brain went from, what’s going on into, aha this is what I should do and I had a conceptual reference for that. My perception now took a leap of understanding.

I entered realization.

I guess its all mumbled chaos at first for anyone and many get caught into details of the golf swing and many still debate it. I could have model Ben Hogan’s swing and I be able to do it down the road also or any other swing out there. That is what modeling means, we don’t guess we learn to do.

Today I woke up, went and started to work the down swing a bit. I be working it all day. I know what my body needs to do in the down swing so next is to find out how to make that happen and working.

This process is different for each one of us but the template stays the same and we then work the patterns we do and adjust them until they fit the ones we want to do. To see what someone does like a swing wont make you able to do it, if that was so easy then anyone looking at Ben Hogan could swing like him  but none can. If Mike Austin really knew what he did then his students would swing his motion not the one they now use. Its for me an observation I make I don’t make a judgment on that as it seems true to me.

Many get caught into theory, debate the smallest thing why its working as it is and why its there. I don’t. I follow the template to do the motion.

Once I do that I move on to play golf.

I heard some talk about you will reach a plateau in your performance, that your halted in your progress as you cant get better move on to further heights. I hear that from trainers and others. I guess during the last 20 years I did things wrong somehow as I only got better.

My swing is better now, lot better, but it wasn’t getting better during the 4 years of research due to me still was building the template. One I had that then my work to make me do it started. However I cant plateau out though as its just gets better. I know some asks how that is possible since you should plateau out right?

You cant just get better right?

Unless you have reference with feedback with feel and evidence.

I call that the RBIm system.

For me its feedback but without proper reference (template) you don’t know how to be better, then the evidence is provided with feel. So since I check my swing after for the template match, and if its a mismatch I then start adjusting. If I move forward from the top which I did I knew that I shouldn’t do so, why did I do that and then find a way to do the proper way. Sometimes I know what to do and sometimes I have to do research.

Feel some say isn’t real but that’s not true. Many even say the feel is different for each individual and again not true.  The difference happens due to conceptual abstraction is added upon those so called representations or symbolic meaning.

Naturally a golfer would first to think about that like many use Mike Austin as a reference so first they have a held view of what he Mike did, then trying to do it wont work as what they view their system cant do. If it was that easy golf would be simple. So I built a way to identify what a golf swing is about and then how to systematically learn to do it in a few weeks. Then as usual I need to formalize those findings into a program or steps to follow. It wont happen this summer as I be playing golf as it’s a lot of work to do that right.

All the work and research is now piling up combusting into concepts and symbolic meaning to me. I now can understand what I need to do to teach it but the steps are not formalized so those needs to be drawn out. Its like Einstein I guess or any math guy as they find what they find thinking but then they need to investigate the math to prove what they then understand. It might seems strange but its like that what I now know I cant put into writing or video as it wont make sense. I tried, made several videos and it just don’t wont be good as an explanation yet.

I knew this would happen also its why I been tracking my own progress since I started to follow the template, the few months from January when I swung indoors for motion and variation, discoveries I made along the way, definition of motion, instruction and now education of the body.

All those small nuggets vanish if you don’t track them when he brain moves the information due to when you can do things it happens automatically and amnesia normally follows how you did it. Like riding a bike, driving a car, learning to speak, eat etc… I know how that works and unless I track the steps as I go trough the process I wont be able to recall what went on during this process.

Yea the brain re-locate stuff when you learn and then since it moved information around your access path to the information changes also. Its why someone can do things but not understand how they are doing it and their interpretation of what they do are coming out wrong.´It’s the same reason Mike Austin could do it but not explain what he did as he couldn’t access the learning process in how he did learn to do it.

I have no idea how long the down swing and release is going to take to get right but at least I know I am on the right path now.

This Breakthrough feels great.


What works, works

Identifying what works isn’t easy.

Most are so used to their usual patterns they fail to notice what they are actually doing that works.

I taught Hans a plan, as he does it and it works to make him the shot he can do every time, then he can just do it. Naturally then as I gave him a new task he started to do something else than that and failed big time. I said, your done this is it do that and just do it better and you will shoot any score you want on demand.

Once I did swing indoors and felt the effortless I immediately knew, aha this is what its like to swing when it works. I felt it and knew it and then started to do more of that. Identifying what works is often a bit tricky as its obvious but requires us to be aware of what happens to some extent that this what I now experience is different from that.

Its often the lack of what was that is one such key that you don’t feel stressed, or worry or such. That your experience the world differently but since its new you might not notice that your actually doing it until someone asks you or tells you that you seem to be doing great.

One of my students wrote me and said he couldn’t identify any problem areas…and I was tear eyed from laughter. I wrote back and said, good job.

Sometimes its my job to just point out, dude it works…stop messing it up.

This morning as I woke up I felt like someone took me on a roller coaster, body snatched me and played snooker all night as I was dead tired, later this afternoon like now I am still tired but I went out for some fresh air and hit a few balls.

Now coffee.


2 years or 5 years to change a golf swing?

Please….most changes can be done in a day.

Did it take you 2 or more years to ride a bike? Car, eat with a spoon?

It still surprise me people think it takes so long, it just don’t. I made changes in 3 weeks and continue to make them and swing better. Why?

I am extraordinary and its easy just for me to learn this? No, tried a few system none of them worked. I had to develop my own. Today I added a new tweak to Hans and my own swing, took me 15 balls and then it was like I done it a long time.

People saying this that it takes 2 years are those that have little to no feel, people with bad coordination and lack of feedback and hand eye timing. All trainable though.

I view this as, if I cant do it directly I know two things its either a bad instruction (most likely) or I understood it wrong (less likely). I am not impressed when people say things like, oh you get worse before you get better and I am getting better every day?

The trick naturally is to know how to move your body and if you cant feel the difference then obviously you will struggle a lot. My new instruction and education of the body has been about to define what I need to do to make things work. I now follow the template I developed from my modeling Mike Austin’s swing motion.  Its getting closer.

Once I am able to do that, I move on and further apply what I do.

Make better.

Its really common to think that it takes a long time if everyone tells you it does and if none is doing things differently as I do. I never knew how to build a super star for golf, now I know. Once I knew little to nothing about the golf swing now I know a lot more. Once I didn’t know how to learn faster and now I know how.

Hans can practice a new action and in a few days be able to play with it like he always done it. Its real easy for him.

Sean Foley haven’t been able to make Tiger Woods swing better in 5 years, all I hear is, I am getting closer…(no your not)

Its common out there.

Now Larry for example do struggle more with his 40 year old habit of doing things one way and what he is about to do is doing things in a whole different way. That means perception will be different, his view what he does and do will be different and how he does it will be different. Getting there can however be a struggle due to again people tend to not work this systematically and identify the proper differences.

For me I looked into Kelvins research which been great. I use the RBIm system to learn faster as I used that with my local teacher here and did things I now added into the system.

Main reason people say it takes 2 years are:

Conceptual instruction=you need to adapt to make it work (guesswork)
That leads some to be able to do it (adapted) and some that become stuck.
The trainer don’t understand why those golfers gets stuck.

Lack of feel which means they cant feel their body moving trough space.
Jack Kykendal creator of natural Golf, LPG, E2E lacks feel and made 3 systems that requires only arm movements.

Swing instruction believe you need positions aka geometry swings like stack and tilt proving it with trackman. You will become mechanical and loose athletic dynamic positions. Did happen to Tiger Woods do you think your brain works differently?

Lack of definition and easy to follow instructions that allows you to adapt to the instruction as you develop your own golf swing along the way. If the instruction is precise enough your able to do it and develop feel along the way for it.

I have in the last 11 range sessions improved steadily. I follow my template (Austin swing motion) and adjusted what I did until it worked, since I adjusted and adapted along the way I also found things you need to do that allows you to build a golf swing.

  • Motion= Template
  • Instruction= One.
  • Education of the body= One.

If the feedback is there you can use that reference and respond to the feedback by measuring your feel and have evidence from it that your on the right track.

Feedback + Reference = Measurement and Progress

Naturally this is lacking in todays golf instruction and one reason I pursue that a lot during this research. I know with the proper feedback you can have a tour level swing/Mike Austin swing etc….I know that due to its true with any sport when it works.

I also know this due to previous fields I work with. I had a kid who was diagnosed dyslexic, with all the help he could have, no progress, one hour with me and his issues was gone. None can explain it what I did, except I know why it worked.

I sat with a girl that no doctor have been able to help age 19 eating painkillers 24/7 and a year later as I met her once a month during this time until I figured out what to do and she became pain free. I didn’t know what to do but I applied what I do and found a way.

Golf swings are no different, its just that I had to wade trough more bullshit as people are religious here. People in the Mike Austin camp don’t like what I say as I ask them bad questions they cant answer. I saw that Mike did swing differently than any other student he had from day one, and asked myself, why is he different? I then set out to model that when I was fed bullshit from the students of Mike and other researchers there.

Obviously its going to take 2 years or longer or forever if you don’t know. Since I am not an elf that lives forever I cant listen to crap all day. I checked sources of good information like Kelvins research.

I discarded everything taught in the Mike Austin circles as Kinesiology is pure crap. Your brain cant do that description. For me that sums up kinesiology a nice language and descriptions but pure shit to learn a golf swing.

Hans worked the new motion yesterday. It’s a tweak but still I made this video from a year ago and yesterdays practice. Blue shorts yesterday. White shorts a year ago.

Differences are: take away, Top, pelvis movement, release, etc..most of those all made the last few weeks/months and yesterday.

So if Hans can do a better action, easier, more accurate and with distance and better positions so why is he getting better with all that’s new and don’t need to say, ^
I am getting closer………….soon….?

That I say that wont change the golf instruction any time soon or kinesiology language in the Mike Austin camp or such. I continue as I do to do research and once I do the template I move on.

I am excited to find how Larry does with the new as if he gets that right he will progress fast from there.


The new addiction, food to be fat

Food with a 50% fat and a 50% sugar like cheesecake etc…is the main reason we become fat. We don’t eat sugar alone or fat but both combined like in ice-cream.

The reward system in the brain the pleasure signs is fired up with such combination.

I eat since many years a Palo diet, it has normalized my insulin and I eat much less than I used to do. The good with that I also have some sugar with it like orange juice and bananas.

The last 3 months I extended my fitness regimen and a day like today I am tired, soar and pained in my body due to I need to rest now. If I going to loose weight then I need to continue to do more than I take in. So I lost a few pounds but still with 2 weeks to go I will continue this as I have decided to make sure to gain back what I used to have with weight  before I became ill. It’s a lot more to go there.

I got a break trough with the doctor and they are sending me to a clinic that specialize with chronic tiredness.

Habits are easy to do to get those combination of food that are fat and sugary, so stay awake and attend that so you don’t get stuck on the get fat as you age due to bad habits.

I need to loose around 20 pounds still which will be a ongoing thing during the summer. I am happy with the changes I made as far but I will continue this as summer its easier as I do spend time playing golf.