Distance increase for tour pros


Up to around 1995 or so it was all equal and once tech came along with Tiger Nick Faldo was out due to being a short short hitter. The Titleist ball at 2000/2002 changed the game.

The average golfer on tour top 100 is around 290+ vs 255 1990. Its why usga will limit something either balls, club cor or such.

If you can swing as fast as you can, 120-135mph with for example the RBIm swing system your in a good place either way they change the game or not.

The new reality of gravity wells

Building a new reality sounds really awesome! kaffe

However if you been living the same one for ages you wont understand what that is like even when told.

I tell golfers, tour pros, this mechanics and system I developed allows you to realize your potential as a golfer, allowing lower average scores from day one.

Do you think the tour pro goes, ok seems great I am in?
No they cant believe it even when they see Hans swing.

I have students tell me, I cant believe what you taught worked and then trying to fix it so it don’t work.

Can you imagine my situation then?

Showing what works and then people complain and whine about that or even say stuff like cant work due to Bandler didn’t write a book about it or released a video?Or some other retarded shit?

I just introduced RBIm 6 to two of my senior students and it works just fine but both also reacted to that with a backlash as it starts organizing your system in a new way its like gravity wells, with a big enough mass even light bends around the sun.

Creating a new organization means your system wont function the way your used to as it slowly bends the organization around the new focused point of attention.

In neurological terms, if the brain builds a new cluster of neurons to fire off the new establish point of reference, guess what its not like what people normally does to change things like NLP new code does it or NHR or hypnosis or whatever else.

It’s a new way to go about human evolution.

The issue is, how do you explain something people cant understand?

For several weeks now I been running a new script based upon RBIm 6 where I separated consciousness and self and built a whole new reference for a new future for myself. I didn’t go crazy, I never experienced hallucinations or strange phenomena along the way it just worked.

Neural clusters works like gravity wells, you start a new organization and the system re-organize along the way but since this is unknown and new the behaviors people have will be delayed due to them are built in response to the events.

Its like children, kids, as such you was growing up without understanding he world around you and become educated and taught what was going on, language you didn’t understand at first but then one day you did, due to the exposure (new) taught you somehow this is useful to do to communicate what you want with others. However when you did that you built new the same way RBIm 6 does it as that it takes time to understand what you been exposed to and organized around.

The behavior we do later are organized to contextual forms so to understand your current stuff you can ask and correlate your behavior and they be associated to reference forms (memories) about past events and your likely to have no choice in how to react and respond. (normally what people call issues and problems)

The user then turns to therapy when they cant change those behaviors they have. NLP would make you map the pattern and overlap to a new change using language representations to do so. Mythoself would make you believe you can hold a position when all the evidence points people just cant. The therapist would teach you a model in how to explain why its like it is but offer no change. New code NLP would make you do a spatial anchoring and adding in decision anchors. NHR would make use of overlap and hypnosis to change the response happening before the event of the contextual form kicks in.

They all work trough the wrong assumptions about how the brain create reality.

I found how it works.

However its not an amazing miracle but really just common sense and based upon how a kid learns. Issue is always that people when they grow up have to much information and many seek more information to change and create that miracle or whatever they seek in India with gurus or some personal development gurus like Tony Robbins, EST or NLP and such.

If you start doing intu-flow for example it takes around 2-4 weeks for the first effect to kick in and then another around 4 months after again where your body and mind and brain organized your system differently. However for many intu-flow seems to easy to do and wont do it in a continuous manner every day, I done it for 10 years now. Showing the result of intu-flow to people they cant believe it works so well due to them cant understand that you have to do it daily for years to have the benefit, yoga? sucks if one asks me.

For fitness do Intu-flow and Crossfit and add some good Paleo diet along the way.
Still even when people are told the facts they wont believe them.

They cant understand the time it takes to reach the result due to them have some assumption there is a secret way that they never find. That magical thinking is part of the human perception as peoples till believe for example the golf swing has a secret to great scoring? Its not the swing. If it was that solely then more would hit both longer and more accurate and score lower. What the swing has is either a deviation for you when its more difficult or easier to perform the same task making the ball go where you want it to. If your margin for error is to big you will struggle. If it is less you be free to play better.

When I study change I found there is no unconscious, change isn’t happening the way people believe and teach (Bandler (Riggio, Grinder, Vizzini, Robbins etc…)

I reasearched golf to find out how to perform and found clueless trainers doing crap that people told me was the best of the best like Butch Harmon, hank Haney, Sean Foley, Chris Como, Pete Cowen and so on.

I dissected drills due to them didn’t work and once I formalized the golf swing I knew why all those people don’t understand the golf swing and mechanics. I am now the authority on golf swings in the world. But golf swings wasn’t enough, putting become a nuances for me as I wasn’t happy with that either, so I went and investigated and started to develop a putting system that allows me to have perfect green reading skills and perfect pacing of putts. (distance control)

That wasn’t enough either while better I also need to have the performance state of the zone happening and while I been doing that for 20+ years myself analyzing that and formalize a model to do what I wanted to teach did happen and all this came from coaching one guy (Hans) in golf, the RBIm 6, the consciousness, the golf swing, the putting and much more.hans

There was to much guesswork.

One breakthrough came as I took 5 lessons from my local golf trainer, he did what he did and I did what I do and then a day indoors I was hitting ball after ball on perfect cue each time and he saw something he never seen before reaching goose bumps as he was in awe of what I did.

That feedback along with the talent code book pointed me along with science to develop the talent development program in how to reach the zone automaticallytc_3d trough the process of performing the action your doing in the sport for example your in. If the field of golf already knew how to make the play good and be able to score low and hit long and do so consistently I wouldn’t need to develop all this that I had to do due to no one knows in golf to do just that.

So once one have a new gravity well a new organization to build around the first experience is, nothing did happen, sure you may notice your behavior changed and your thinking differently and decides things differently but those wont feel like you did change something. Its like driving a car or a bike or just walking at some point you find something that catch your interest and then without much ado, you moved there instead of going the old path. There was no struggle, no pain and your just sailing trough.

However maybe you expect to feel different but as a kid you just went with things you didn’t ask, how am I able to say dad or mom? or lamp or even coherently form a sentence or draw a picture?

The way this works is when you try to ask what’s going on right now to change that actually inhibits the change you go trough. Lets say you were phobic and then 30 seconds later your fine and cant be afraid anymore. First thing people do is to make them scared again due to it cant be working. so they are fine now but cant accept that due to them believe what to change is happening in some specific way they assume which when shown isn’t true still people don’t believe it.

Your going against your own best interest and your not even aware that’s going on.

Your essentially recreating the problem again.
Bandler did that on video with a phobia btw

When a change does work its due to your able to create new. It wont matter what change system people use, either its hypnosis or some other tech when the change works you built new. Hypnosis and such actually also believe they are negotiated with something inside you to make the change. Not sure if that’s healthy.

I was highly successful with client work due to more than 95% of clients are fixed in one single session. The 5% that is left can take 3 or more depending what’s needed to do as building a whole new system for them may take time.

A tour pro won’t believe his swing never needs practice anymore as he has previous memory of his game where he loose his swing from one to the next and with the RBIm system that cant happen. Obviously the tour pro wont understand that and even when they are doing it won’t believe it either still doing it.

Explaining things like, if your dyslexic and we run the catmodel then the result will be your not dyslexic anymore, seems simple enough. If you ask a dyslexic that gone trough that they cant believe it either but they are able to do what they thought was impossible now.

Dyslexic >applied catmodel >normal reader

Seems easy enough to understand.

Once re-organized the system itself bends as more mass bends light and we elevate us into a new point of reference allowing the system itself to update towards what we so desire trough the comparison mode.


Lydia Ko first 2017 start


Iron game off. (not like her)
Driving off distance wise except third day.
Putting off a bit also.

Guess her swing is causing issues in her game atm make her second guess her performance.

Tempo and rhythm and the lack of it in modern swing theory

I asked Hans to send me 3 swings from the same angle. The above is 3 different swings with a 4i but look a lot like, the same swing copied 3 times.

Its one benefit of the system I developed, your timing and tempo will be there and as much a human can do, the same. If you tape a tour pro with a modern swing, they cant do that due to their reference is moving along and wont be good enough to reach a replication of the same timing and tempo for them.

PW 3 different swings.

And here is driver 3 different swings.

some guy asked if I had all the gadgets to teach a swing and I was like, why would I need such when you cant use them to swing and play?

Either you can swing and make the ball go where you want it or you cant.

If your consistent with tempo and your timing, gadgets wont be needed as you know the difference. Gadgets create a false sense of security, any pro have less than half a degree angle with their putter stroke due to putting is all about green reading and pace control not angle of your putter. The two variables for putting you cant use gadgets for, silly tour pro mentality to believe such.

I asked due to I wanted to see how much the same was going on or not vs what he done before a few years back, now it was a ton better.

The swing wont make you shoot 55 but at least if you don’t need to worry about timing or tempo anymore your free to play the game the best way you can.

Consistency comes from being able to replicate the same action as much as possible vs the result you want to achieve which is to make the ball to go where you want to. Consistency with a swing that is the same is a good step to ensure ok that works now use that to make the ball go where you want to as you won’t need to tweak or fix your swing anymore.

The above demoed by Hans no on one on any tour can do as well or better.

300+ yard driving and Accuracy with it
Tempo and timing automatic due to easy sequenced chain

A tale of difference the distinction that made it

I found out how to make a golf swing that allows the player to go trough step by step to measure what to do. Moving the body the way we do here in the RBIm swing allows you to train what to do and why we do it that way.

Explaining for example RBIm 6 is simple enough, next to make the distinction to be able to do it, isn’t. Main reason we are dealing with the way the brain works to create reality. You never asked how and why you think and do things the way you do them today, reasons, motivations and the way you been raised and the understandings you have, most have no idea how to interact with their own mind to make a new reality.

If you never was a Muslim or a Jew or a Christian or an atheist or a Buddhist then you don’t know what that is like, yes you can read about it but understand?

Explaining a new reality is of no use, even showing what to do is of no use, people simply put cant perceive it. If you cant perceive then your unable to distinguish to understand.

Even when explained.

Bridling that gap to understand to be able to at least distinguish the difference started for me with the comparison mode. I knew NLP had it wrong 20 years ago but I didn’t know why. So I found out.

When you done the work as I done this what people call abstract to deal with what people call unconscious which is for me conscious actions people do but fail to understand due to your not able to distinguish your perception to make the distinction. You can listen to Skype recordings and hear that happening when I have to repeat the same question 7 times before the individual even understood what I asked.

If it takes that time when I do it, guess what when you read it you need to repeat what you did read at least 7 times to start understanding the difference and how many does that? Most likely read it once and then move on if they understood it or not seems for many not to be a criteria they use when they go about learning things as if you understand, you remember.

Global warming is real, climate change is real and still you have people coming here make a comment saying, it isn’t as its part of the natural cycle that people think and believe happening when all the facts points, it just isn’t.

Donald Trump make up facts, and he is a president some say which begs to ask, should we have such people in a position to make changes that make up shit?

Ask NLP trainers like Bandler a question and he will bullshit you a story. He calls that advanced teaching btw. He also said he researched drugs when he was addicted to them for teaching purposes and tis called an excuse and bullshit.

Facts are difficult for people, science is difficult for people due to it actually requires you to change your beliefs about how the world works.

If you cant do that with climate change why then should I even release RBIm6?

It seems fairly easy to me, present fact + source for this, test the evidence, make up your mind if this can be trusted or not, accept it and go with that. Its not difficult.

Hans hitting pw, 4i and driver

I just wanted 3 swings from the same angle so instead of just showing one swing this is x3 a different new swing each time.

One can then to some extent check tempo and timing.

some notes about the golf swing

Your mind is good tracking movement not positions.

To create a new position and doing that (Sean Foley/Tiger) is at best impossible.

To make the new position to happen you need to track the movement.