I apologize to you the English reader about recent swede comments

This is a English website and meant to be English reader friendly and yes while my English grammar is questionable it has a purpose actually.

I recently had 4 male swedes comment on what I do with the golf swing or such, in Swedish. They simply put don’t respect you the English reader at all, they failed to understand that this is a English website, they failed to understand that personal attacks don’t work as they don’t make me better at all as I say, make people better is what I do, pointing out contradictions in what people say and do as I have, means I know shit they don’t and they cant handle it so they lash out due to their mind cant deal with being limited when pointed out.

I let them post a few as I couldn’t believe how stupid they were. yea I know I assumed people here in Sweden had more iq than this.

I now have to apologize for them to you, and I made the above video to do so. They will never apologize due to its better to stay ignorant for many and they seem to fit the bill for that.

Anyway, time to move on, as an example of the stupidity for male swedes it still has some hope as not everyone is as ignorant as those been and no more posts from swedes as such will be posted again.

We are back on the English friendly now.

whenever I find such comments I tend to cast my mind to this clip

replace male models with male swedes


Even hateful, ignorant comments or such can teach you about how the world works, how people behave and actually believe coming here commenting makes the world a better place?

I am ashamed of how these Swedish males has behaved and think they can do better once they stop being ignorant and btw RBIm6 will help with that. (shameless plug)

Moved on, here goes the boom

Measurement and evidences with the RBIm 3.0

I am a big fan of measure things. Looking into the field of human change and transformation its obvious its more about new age than structural formats and measurements.

RBIm 3.0 is the answer from me for human r-evolution in a conscious way.

Looking into dyslexia creating he catmodel.eu that allows someone to train themselves to overcome dyslexia is important.

Checking out golf and then defining the golf swing to own it was the last one I worked on and now its done.

The RBIm golf system allows you to learn how to own the golf swing. Like Ben Hogan did like Moe Norman did.

While all those systems offers evidence and measurement for their use the one model I am most proud of is the performance model as it allows one to be in the zone and control its output.

The RBIm performance model allows unprecedented experiences in your sport as you can always perform at your best. It wont be luck, a good day or such.

You be the one doing it and setting the level yourself.

Now, I don’t get a lot of media hype yet, as people tend to be covered in the beliefs what seems to work with beliefs without measurements. Their evidence lacking but people wish to believe so much. Its like my sister told me, they invested into new heating arrangements at home, they use wood to burn trough and heat their house, as they changed this to a more efficient one her husband thought they might need to start carry wood during the winter and she said, no we wait I think we be fine and they were. He was so used trough the years and years of going down to put more wood into the fire and now he didn’t need to.

He was still acting out of his past references not the new ones. Hans started to update his old ones now and his game will become so much more now.

How good?

Best in the world.

I know the value of my models, none comes close.

NLP is a hack and slash system without them really understanding things there.
Mythoself is like the fairy land of stories leading nowhere.
Golf trainers are like lambs leading themselves into slaughter.

There is little evidence there and lack of measurement tools to offer such evidence is sorely lacking as I asked them and all they said was, nothing of value.

Recently I posted the RBIm 3.0 application tools and those be the last ones most likely I post about that model. I am currently working my weight loss and physical fitness and then its golf for the rest of the year for me. I am finding out soon what I created for golf to be used for myself. Doing that also means I wont work much else as the models are done so they wont need work anymore from my side. I am focused sorely on the golf for the rest of the year.  Once I am done with a model I don’t do much with it. It works and the way its suppose to and then I move on to do something else. RBIm 3.0 is done so I move on from that. I am now finding out for myself what the performance model and the new golf swing mechanic will do for me so I be fully invested into that for the upcoming foreseeable future.

I created the most advanced technology for human r-evolution with the RBIm 3.0 and offered the tool set to apply for change and transformation, so I think for the time being I am pretty much done there. There be no certification courses or such as its all here on the blog. Do the work and you can do it to.

I defined the golf swing as whatever people think it is has nothing to do with it. I am already owning my golf swing and it wasn’t a long process to do so. I am not surprised either or overwhelmed as I know what I am doing trough measurement and evidence and if any of them are lacking then I know one thing, they don’t know why it works and often they have no way to analyze what to do which is currently true in the tour pro circus.

I adapted to what I do indoors, I find I am done so my brain goes, done – what now?

Wait for spring and work my body. Evidence and measurement there is ongoing.

This means my presence here what I write will change during spring a bit.

I might find a new subject to be interested in but atm my focus is to solidify the changes Hans needs to go trough and what I need to be in for shape to do myself justice with the golf system I developed.

Best in the world.

Donation drive for website

I don’t charge for my time either on Skype or elsewhere. The cost to run the website isn’t big but still its a cost.

110 euro a year is the price to run this.

If you have had some benefit or just would like to show support for the cause (RBIm 3.0) and whatever else strangeness, insane or dark comedy then use the PayPal donation button on the left.

RBIm 3.0 is my attempt to bring a bit order into the madness of chaos that religion and the world at large are confused about with clarity to the task and where to go to find what we are.

If you had no benefits, no idea what the cause is all about feel free to use the paypal button anyway.

Choice is good.

Thanks its appreciated.

added some links

If you’re a student of mine RBIm or such and have a website, send me the link I put it up here.

Added for William a new Zealand resident who teach the Dan Shaugher golf swing a Mike Austin swing.

Dyslexia, the cat model awesome tech for that.

Joseph Riggio developer of Mythoself. One of the sources for RBIm.

Windows 10 preview

Microsoft has started its new windows 10 program and since I am a geek for the windows 8 which I consider excellent and the best OS I used I am currently going to install the win 10 on my other machine.

It’s a technical preview for geeks it means it be bugs, it be unstable and support be non existent etc…

Still since the chance exist I can try it out on my other machine and find out how it works. It’s a given buy next year for me as I am like that the software I want the latest, hardware can be delayed and waited as performance is enough there.

If you want to try and check it out here

Tool to make ISO to USB for install here

The windows 10 technical preview is for experienced users.

Up and running, smooth install and everything I normally use the other machine for works.

WordPress 4.0

WordPress reached a new build (website updated). Back in 1997 I made my own website with html. It worked and I later started to use what you see code and today wordpress  is one such tool.

Once people believed you needed to learn to code to use computers…………………
Today we are reaching minority report levels….soon you hook your mind up to a computer and it read your thoughts and do what you want.

All your neighbors, all the white, black, green red people in the world just died from a huge attack from the machines.

Just saying.