When you don’t know and want to know how to do

Running the template means I can focus solely on what works, adjust what I do but then I may encounter where I don’t know how to do things. Then its time to figure out what to do.

Last night I had that moment.

I watched myself hit a 4i and was thinking ok that’s not it. So what to do then that’s the way to do it?

So I realized something that been bugging me for a while and then as I understood I had to go outside and test things and then I had a problem.

So How do I do that when I cant do that?

I apply variation of feedback. Your about to re-learn what to do but to do so you want to test a few variations, attend the feedback and adjust what your doing when the difference is there to know what to do. Then applied variance takes place again until the shoe fits when the movement works so one is doing it.

One then can do it, knows how to do.

However at this point one may even not realizing that as it may not feel, correct.

Your old habits, familiar feelings comfort may with how memory works interfere and draw you away from what works.

It happens to everyone. As I watched the 4i mechanics I was like, ok I reversed back here, need to fix that even though I started to alter and change my back swing I knew I needed to explore something as I wasn’t doing things properly.

So last night I had this moment and got the message, I need more variance and fix that as I finally understood this what I did do, wasn’t working as it should.

I discovered something new.

Today becomes then a day at the range to uncover the missing information as my job or practice today isn’t about hitting a ball but to relate to what I am suppose to do and discover that and then I find how it works out with the ball.

The story of building a golf swing to reach the stars

I was a happy amateur, playing with friends, social and to exercise as its important to me and my well being.

The story could have ended there.

It didn’t.

Hans complained about his lower back pain, he simply put couldn’t play with the shit they taught him. I told him, change then?

I was in the camp of, he is good playing so surely he knows what to do?

He didn’t, so he stubbornly said, no way.

So I started to study, choose a role model Mike Austin and went into this field with blue eyes and open tiny curved lips.

I found religion.

I thought people was in the knowing about what they did, I found, not so much.

I found people like Monte schienblum basically clueless about what’s going on. He won a long driving championship 20 years ago, went into modern swing and couldn’t make a pro career. He wasn’t good enough simply.

Or is that the truth?
Talent code states we can train us to be talented.
So where are then all those talented coaches and swing experts then?
To train us amateurs into tour pro material?

I had none to ask but I had Hans to tell me what worked, but what I did was teaching him what I found worked.

I applied this for myself the last few weeks.

I got an issue directly, no power. I couldn’t feel it. I was like, why didn’t anyone tell me this? I told Hans the same night when I found what to do, he increased power also and I was like, why didn’t you say anything?

I hit it 300+ so isn’t that good?

I was like, ok seriously.

Next was to fix the pivot and I hit a rock there, hard right in the balls like puking hard. I simply put couldn’t make myself do it.

So I spent 5 days resting and reading, watching endless YouTube videos and thinking, I am good doing that at a iq 160+ which btw is genius level beating that guy Einstein on the way also I knew I could find a solution.

So I did.

Instead of inventing the fucking wheel again I was thinking out there someone did find and did something that worked and surely, I did find just that a solution.

Today I implemented that solution on the range, made a video and sent it to my students. No I don’t have many but those are in the inside circle, the round table I like to call it sitting there equal to the table at least.

As I did, I got 12 points of feedback to evaluate against, and every swing flaw I built the 29 years I played was exposed and had to go.

It was a cleansing of epical proportions my brain screamed at me no don’t do it but I did. Each shot started to work into the functional pattern, each shot suddenly started to working the way they should.


The left image a few days ago, today to the right and we see a whole new pelvis movement happening, a whole new shoulder movement happening, swing changes done in a day in one single session……….

I say that’s a world record.

Some do years like Sean Foley with Tiger, failing that and breaking Tigers back along the way. I never liked hacks teaching. If you dot each, be good at the shit, ask questions, analyze and go outside the fucking wall.

I read about Bob Rotella the sport psychology and he says, have super confidence? I say what the fuck?

Why did Rory loose his swing and game out of a sudden? Bad confidence?


RBIm6 applied it, in the zone just happens when playing, its godlike good.

Like Magic but real.

So I broke down the fucking walls, analyze why golf is so fucking difficult and none can tell you that btw, its difficult and complex, sure but why?

The drill I did today expose each pattern I had and started to ensure I couldn’t do them anymore while teaching me the proper one. I made changes in minutes.

It was fucking crazy.

Being a Golf God means a lot of responsibility and also to be open for anything really to analyze and importantly most of all, understand. To then later realize what is what to guide the amateur into new heights.

To have a tour pro impact.

Having that isn’t enough, we want simpler with power.

To reach the stars we want to understand what to do and having a drill to ensure we are taught the proper movements and canceling out anything else, godlike.

Many find the truth in their own image, they go no further they stand there in the rain thinking, rain and then depression hits them.

The few that walks differently, outside the walls, those that expose themselves to find things none have found and then make it work and while many thought Boklov as He ski jumped was nuts doing what he did then they stopped as he started to win and won the world cup to his funny style. Now, what he did is standard in ski jumping they all do it.

Digging the golf swing was a search for what worked and I found most don’t know shit and worse they do believe they do.

Finding those that did things that actually worked then reverse engineer that vs the role model in my case Mike Austin allowed me to find someone that did things the same way Mike did in his own way. Its the same movements, the same mechanics in action. Using that what he found then applying that allowed me to counter any old habits and improve immediately.

I told Hans that yesterday, so he went out and improved also.

I found that what works is a process that takes time then when one understands then one can take that new knowledge, tweak what one does so it works better, more efficient.

The main focus is the new drill allowing one to have a better feedback so any swing flaws will be exposed and your forced to shift as long your able to pay attention to 12 points of feedback to do so.

As a Golf God I am.
Massive improvements.

So as Hans changed from his moderns wing he improved and his back pain vanished, then I got a massive shit from various people in various golf schools and they were all wrong. Some said Hogan knew what he did, obviously not as he couldn’t explain shit. Then a few make myths of what he did and the guy said it best, before the fucking accident that’s when I played my best not the pitch swing he had to do after the fucking accident.

I was reading golfwrx people its a forum for golfers and let me tell you they as stuck as a  pig in a farm knowing they are about to fucking die.

Adding massive guesswork and then so many of them have no idea whatsoever about golf really but think they do? Clearing up >Hans confusing about golf swing techniques he was taught that was dead wrong still continues to this day.

You know what I do, use evidence, check facts, find measurements, change your mind if you find supporting material.

I find people so dug into various mechanics in golf cant. Its like having an amateur on the range telling you some advice and they slice the driver 100m and they cant hit a chip to save their life. I simply look at those and ask myself, if your not able to do things better why even give advice then?

What you believe you can do and can do is different and then the blinding effects of our mind kicks in and that’s when people have trouble to save themselves from the crap they spew. I got zero patience for such nowadays.

I simply say, no that’s wrong, when asked why I say, well you do that then you cant do this and hit a solid shot. Knowing what your doing also means you can do it on demand. Problem is then you cant explain that.

Watching a golf clinic is just time spent with someone hitting balls and their explanation will suck Absolut ass.

Explaining what your doing is basically impossible.

So what I do is to build a model that allows you to teach the proper stuff without an explanation. Knowing that when expose your then able to build the proper sequences and proper movements without needing an explanation allows you to learn trough useful feedback.

Having the world best software technology RBIm6 for the mind helps also obviously.

Still with the mine field golf is after so many decades of bad golf theory its not been easy to identify what works but its getting better and easier to do so.

Reaching the stars even with light speed take years even decades.

Once each thing that worked was identified, taught it build up towards a complete template. Next was to build a instruction set the model to transfer skills within. Building power was easy, the difficult part was the pivot movement and then habits one may have developed over years.

Once identified, then testing takes places and as I applied the solution today and check how it stands out. First was the habits kicking in then as those was identified and checked the movement patterns started to improved immediately. The skill set was transferred.

One big model to teach proper pivot and movements is a huge deal.

The Golf swing become simple to do.

While I have a bit to go still having a solid ground to go from makes all the difference.

Instructions etc, models built to teach you patterns that works to transfer skills means you can get a leap of skill improvement people always tell me is impossible to do and I still do that.

>Making the impossible – possible.

Building talent

Usually people tell me what I do and teach is not possible. I always thought that was funny since if I am able to do that then it is possible no matter whatever you may or not believe.

I found that true in every field as far, dyslexia? yea I fix dyslexics like a magician and science still don’t have a clue what I am doing and keep telling me what I am doing is impossible when it obviously, is not.

RBIm6, makes the zone accessible in every performance you want to do it. sport psychology changed forever.

Golf swing system that taught someone what someone else did do “Mike Austin” and then someone else was able to do that what he did, a first in golf btw history.

Truly a God I am or just a genius.

Take your pick.

I am at the stars shining

How much time to improve? or talent building

It depends due to feedback of difference is different.

My first session informed me a lack of power, so that was easy to fix as I made adjustment coming home after watching on video why that was. Second session showed me power was there.

That was an easy solution. Improvement was good.

Next was to create a better pelvis movement based on throw mechanics and that’s taken 3 more sessions. In my terms, that’s reasonable time spent to change the movement one does to a new one. I haven’t done the new one before so making the body able to do that obviously is a hurdle of new. Today it felt like progress as I started to do what I wanted but was on and off and it wasn’t optimal. I got to a point where I felt like I could start swinging with the movement.

So once I have progress, and can swing with the movement then next step towards a working movement is close. Once you get there then you can just do it, its then done.

How long that takes has to do with quality of feedback or what some call deliberate practice. The progress often goes slowly at first then accelerate as your started to build enough feedback and crescend when your able to do.

  1. Want to improve skill, bridge the gap between knowledge and doing.
  2. Define new and old action.
  3. Utilize the feedback for difference.
  4. Do I do more of the new or continue to do the old?

At some point frustration happens as your brain is firing to accommodate the learning and when you become slightly excited its when your brain has started to kick in the new direction.

That process can take a few minutes or be longer depending what quality of feedback is used. I use the reference “can do” once that happens practice is done and over as you can do. Before you can do your learning take time to bridge the gap and how fast that happens is depending on how good your quality of feedback is.

Usually you be highly focused on the task itself (deep focused stare) to isolate the movement itself due to your brain cant separate one (old/new) from one another. Once your able to do that your then able to improve massively in a short timeframe.

Then the step to “can do ”isn’t far away.

while this is a few years ago the swing movement was changed to “can do” in a single session and the -4c wasn’t helping either.

Learning faster

The idea is really simple, do more and add feedback for improvement.

So for example, make a golf swing movement, then video it, check for positions and evidence of doing the movement properly, then adjust accordingly to the model, do it again.

Normally 3 to 5 such is enough to start make the new to work.

I do 2, one with whatever the state the swing is in and then check and then do a new one with the feedback implemented. If improved I then stop for the day.

Live – action- role – play or LARP is the way this works.

Its simple and fast.

Sure you can then add to that using definitions, the model applied and various focused attention markers as I do to aid the process but the overall usage wont be different.

Test again.

In a few days your movement has been built and works.

About RBIm

RBIm stands for Realization Behavioral Integration and as a model it doesn’t concern itself with theory.

Realization is about meaning – what the context means to you, realizing that allows you to understand that meaning is what you responds to before you are even aware of that you do. (Solved the unconscious mind shit there) Realization means you understand that your life is controlled by meaning you attached to contexts. To change things we attach new meaning to the location.

There is no need to change the problem anymore if you understand the above or to work on the process (NLP) or to debate if your belief system is right or wrong.

The behavioral integration happens once the realization is done, the location then forceforwardfeed our actions our behavior then happens from such localized meaning change and then our belief system follows along becoming created as a result of such change of meaning. (causality is then formed from expected evidence created by the meaning changed) (Futurenow)

RBIm deals with meaning what the context means to you.

Applied to sports one can take some performance one do that satisfies once desire and then map that meaning into the location you want to have the same performance also. Hans for example always plays well with match play and for him the meaning of match play (intensity/tension) I then transfer to the location of playing 18 holes. There is no change made to the 18 hole round he plays just added new meaning to it using a working foundation from match play.

If one don’t have such an example, like some clients have had that they never knew any other kind of life then one can use a role model as an example someone else that does what works or just run a progression model and start with the current best or optimal for the individual and then update the best and optimal as the individual progress though their life.

Since the brain works with identification what we want to identify with that then are used to run the comparison mode protocol with. Then desire kicks in for you, whatever meaning we want to have is run by the desire to have it as such.
Like, well I want to stop smoking for example.  The desire is then to have a experience that doesn’t include smoking.  Its not a desire to stop smoking.

Often people confuse those two desires. Your brain cant tell the difference and act upon itself for you between those two. Semantically/conceptually your brain creates a scenario from both. Location of meaning has then already happen. If your desire is to stop smoking the brain then cant make you stop doing what you then attached meaning to. Its already to late.

You can then realize and understand that you did that and then go, what I really want and desire is an experience where smoking isn’t a concern anymore and what I really desire is such an experience where smoking is no longer a problem/concern to me.

What will happen once you start doing such semantics is that your shifting your intention of desire here. You started to realize that your desire and attention with it created meaning you didn’t want (stop smoking). You then shift your attention towards desire that has a future that works the way you want with the experience desired for you.

What then would that mean to you having such experience?

Then next, what location would I want to belong to? This kicks in the gear of identification as what we want to belong to (location/meaning) controls your behavior and choices you make.

Does then a life without smoking make sense to me? Does waking up having a day when I engage into my life then make sense to me to do? To answer such questions then kicks back the brain to respond with identity the belonging to a particular location that meaning is attach to.

If you ask questions about what your doing (behavior) the answer will be about who you are or think you are. Technology like psychology, NLP etc.. all deal with that what your doing the process of things and changes that to fix your problems which is stone age technology.

If we deal with the meaning like RBIm does and what your concern with what things means to you then you also resolve a full cluster of life events a fulcrum point of leverage happens and a cascade of changes happens as a result. In technical terms the brain generalize meaning and its action based upon localized events and the meaning attached to them. If those changes then changes are more persuasive and deep in the meaning of the event itself also reside what else is then produced as a result of such. Like: I cant play the piano due to me tried once at age 8. Once the new meaning is set you not only can learn to play the piano but effortlessly so the change of meaning will replace all behaviors residing from 8 years of age and touch onto any residual event attached to that decision making.

In the case of smoking then your changes also will make your way trough other time and events so your memory access will change as a result your not just did stop smoking and become a non smoker, your in essence, never smoked in the first place. For the brain meaning is what it responds to and once meaning is replaced then the brain runs that instead of what it used to run.

Some might think, well it cant be that easy or simple.

One of my students run the NOTNLP protocol with someone, first he tried the NLP approach by explaining what he was suppose to do and what would happen then as the smoker didn’t understand his explanations he just run the protocol. The smoker said nothing changed. Behavior however indicated differently.

RBIm makes changes so you don’t need to think about if it did work or not as it already did work due to you can map the changes in your behavior what happens as a result of the change of meaning.

How then would someone run this then?
(This is a preliminary experimental test run it at your own risk)

Since location is key and when I say location I mean what happens in your head/body. If you have a problem, then ask, what does this mean to me?
Make that location A and then ask, what meaning do I want to have in this A location? If the answer then is different which is highly likely, then check your desire of attention, so it is then a future oriented one of a working foundation, like (Not stop smoking) a life that works like my friend who never smokes and never want to. (use of role model) Make that location B.

So if your desire is to have such an experience where your life works, then the question becomes, what does that mean to you?

It means??_________________________

Once you formed a meaning attached to location B the one you desire to have then ask, what does it take/require for me to have that [B] instead of the other? (A)

If shift doesn’t happen run the process again.

Indications of shift can be, there isn’t a problem anymore why am I doing this? Physical changes. In some cases the body might once stress if relived react to that. Physical responses are common due to when we change meaning identity is involved and what we belong to then needs to be updated and rebalanced again.

Let me know how this works for you or if you have any questions.

The Importance of where and what

We have habits, behaviors we do. Our brain when entering a context asks, where am I, and what am I suppose to do here? Naturally the brain doesn’t ask a question but to steer and influence our choices we can become aware how this works.

Habits like eating a snack at 3pm every day and becoming aware its 3pm your doing that might help altering the pattern there by coming to awareness aha at 3pm no matter I eat that snack. Then you can change that.

3pm snack then we can say at 3pm in the afternoon (where I am) then I do eat a snack (what I do).

Becoming aware of that and then categorizing what your doing first by where helps you identify what is going on.

Is it important to understand why and how? It can be but behaviors are run by where and what. As you wake up in the morning, your seldom ready to go to work before you first performed whatever you do in the morning. Morning (where) and then getting ready (what you do)

To conceptually do this in where and what allows you to map whatever is going on.

When I mapped change and transformation its not enough to elicit the experience aka Mythoself that in itself don’t work. You either have to run a interference protocol as they do there “limit the limitation” to make whatever was to trigger of the new. So if you want to have a experience you also need a support system in place so called belief system.

Belief system are location points about where you are.

One of the things we want to do with RBIm is to make sure for example your doing your best every time and that for example every day is awesome.
To establish such you cant just have the experience as once you shift attention due to some stuff happen that needs you to focus attention (shift) then comparison might be activated and once that happen your location changes.

Your now different.

To uphold a constant experience you need to know before your doing it what its about. A belief is a casual response system, it means if your here then doing this follows that pattern of where > what so whatever you are is second as you need to know where you are. Once you identified where you are, this establish the identity pattern and then from that we can formulate the experience with belief system.

Like, I am here (where) and I am happy (what).

Such sentence short circuit you to access the desired experience.

Then if all works well you will find the space widens and opens up a bit, you have more room to move and even though I speak metaphorically internally here with the vestibular action.

The RBIm way

How change works

When I started out one of the things I wanted to know was about how the brain works as I was naturally interested in this the stuff about change was coming along also.

Whenever someone has a problem it might be about early childhood, a event that left memories of feelings or events that has repeated itself a often tried solution is to think if I believe I feel stuck then to get “unstuck” are then to have for example freedom. So the individual then come to therapy etc..thinking they need to be free. Which naturally doesn’t work so well. Normally they just got the belief system reinforcement that it will help a so called placebo effect. Soon the issue returns.

RBIm deals with change this way, once we ask about a future context when stuff works we then wait for the brain to respond to that. Once that happens a chain reaction is now set in motion, the system itself will react to the new future context by arise the beliefs so called responses to that.
Like, I cant do that I am not worthy it, it cost to much, its to deep and I had it to long etc…

What actually happens is once the question is asked about a future context, then you shifted your attention there. However since your not used to do so the brain will arise responses that changes your attention from that future context.  Eliciting the future experience alone wont work to establish change. It might. I say might as you also need to have a new belief system about the new found experience. You once you have the experience will be fighting your own reaction/response system in relation to the experience.

Every reaction to the new future will change your attention and focus from the future context.

What happens is a process called decision. However decisions alone don’t explain why we cant go trough with it. Many believe for example the unconscious mind controls their experience and brain.

I had clients and I told them this, they want to tell me all about their problem/s, and I tell them: ok lets do this thing first since if it doesn’t work you still will have the problem right so we can do that later then? So they go along and once done they don’t ask me about help with their problem anymore. The funny thing they still don’t go, and ask me this why don’t I do what I wanted to do when I first got here?

This is why for example when I did workshops asked the same question, sometimes for 2 days to someone, once they had run trough all their patterns and responses, what was left was the answer to the question. I didn’t need to do any special work but use a bit of patience until they did respond and answer the question. That alone naturally takes a lot of skills.

Your not used to control your attention and focus, your used to let it drift and change all the time, stressed? Your attention shifts between a lot of stuff all the time and never rests. I had clients who sought help for 30+ years and I looked at them and asked them so what is it like then to have this future experience? Then I waited for their response, and then run the question again.

Once their system stops to compare………….another RBIm foundation thing and let the attention rest and focus on that then their brain could create it for them.

The creation takes time for the brain to do.

I had this girl come in, she was fat, afraid to be alone and couldn’t do things without her guy with her and she took painkillers that threaten her life due to poisoning her liver.
I then had to stand up after a minute and wave my hands in the air to make sure she stopped telling me what she thought was important.
I sent her boyfriend away, talked to her two hours, dealt with her pain relief, her pain and her being alone and afraid. Her guy came back and he got a bad reaction to all this so I spent 45 more minutes to calm him down. 
Not that easy to work couples btw. She came back a second time, telling me how she now had took the boat to see her relative alone that she previously couldn’t walk down into her kitchen when she was alone and her boyfriend was at work.

Her behavior was pretty much a dependency one where she sought help and got pills and none actually talked to her about her future what she really needed and desired.

Change is like that for me, I talk to people here in my blog about when life is what you want it to be, desire it to be what that is like and how awesome it is.
Some will think I am nuts (might be) and some will pass on thinking its not how it actually works with change (not so) and some will not read much and then again some like this kid who actually did read every single post I made for 3 years…that is like 150+ posts maybe 500 or even 800. He still did read through them all. He in that process did something that I think is wonderful, he changed. He took the advice and did things to himself that worked. His writing changed and his life transformed in the process also.

Its easy to think you need some specific help from some expert, sometimes all I do well mostly what I do is ask questions, once asked I expect an answer.

I expect two things to happen, one is the experience itself and the other is the response to the experience to build a new belief system in regard to that.

If the problem for example is about how you identify (essentially all problems is that) then it will take time to accept that you can have the experience of a lifetime awesomeness obviously as you will think you cant do it, your not worth it and your just to silly, positive, etc… (insert excuse here…………….)

Once you shifted attention due to a response, then you lost the attention to the futurenow and you need that to create the new support belief system to it. When I did try to do this that taking someone to a new experience also make it stable and permanent it just didn’t worked that way, You can do the “limit the limitation” they do in Mythoself using the old problem context as a trigger anchor to go back to the new one.

I asked myself over the years why some had issues doing the RBIm protocols, like the NOTNLP one and the reason was you loose the attention and focus in the process your not used to keep the attention stable. I might confused some with the vestibular talk. It still remains as you need familiarity with the way you hold your experience stable which is a combined effort of the vestibular and the belief system in place with attention.

Once the question is asked about the futurenow, then we have a response to that future context due to us don’t believe in it. Its then kept the same and we can explore the option of it out until the brain has created the response to it. New pathways and neurons needs to fire off, new centers in the brain are activated.

The new context then copies the needed information it needs from old pathways.

Ever wondered why changing identity seldom needs a new id card?

Yes for some they might forget their password to the credit card or such but that is just showing how much their issue become permanent to the lifestyle.

You don’t forget other things just because you change.

Some think that if your silent in the head that the internal voices are gone that they are gone, which obviously isn’t true at all, you still have the same conversation with yourself. I showed that in Canada 2004 for the group there. Naturally a lady had a ton of issues that it was possible as seeing is believing isn’t true.

Change is easy and natural for kids, as they have to accept that Santa Claus isn’t real and a ton of other things. I watched my sisters youngest kid believe in him and think the roof had his sledge on it. He don’t today but case in point. Kids has to change their world due to them are told fairytales a lot.

I changed a lot about change itself over the years, I found out even the best in the field had no clue about how change works.

I was told stories, and I am like wtf?

Don’t they know?

I found out that they didn’t.

Then I was like, oh make sense now with all the stories.

Once your attention drift to the futurenow and you stay there for a moment there be a window of space opens slightly and it will only get more empty or roomy depending on how you define it as you experience the new context. The space opens up due to the brain needs (time/space) mobility to move to the new location and copy the needed information along the way, to reroute the signal network to the new location. Your likely to experience this when your more familiar with the vestibular system but as it happens it just shows the process is now in action.

The funny and good thing it just happens without us needing to do work to make it happen as once the process is kicking in that way then it just happens due to the gravity of the neural network is falling into itself. If space has open up and your attention reside on the futurenow then what will it fall towards then?

To get to that point in change then you have to wait for the system to respond to the new asked question. Its both about the experience and the new belief system.

The RBIm change way.

Steering your truck

Our mind is in many ways really simple,
its reduce complex stuff into simple actions.

Many years ago I was reading a book called “Using your brain for a change”.
It was filled with sub modality patterns to be used to change things.

There are many patterns to be used
and they all requires skills to be applied.

RBIm deals with change/transformation by focusing the attention where you look and focus on a future reference. Its built within the space between two contexts (inside one gate). Once your about to change contexts there is a moment when the brain is about to shift contexts (gate) but haven’t shifted yet, it still contain a moment when its deciding to move but haven’t yet. Much like waking up it takes time before we wake up and become ready for the day.

So one context starts and ends. Once its about to end it still maintain a moment where we are deciding what to do next, habitually we normally don’t take notice of this due to we are already on the move.

If I play 18 hole golf, then I also at the end of the round going to sign my scorecard so since I still are maintaining my golf round but its moving into next phase (signing my card)  I then insert my instruction there signing the card and that is where my attention reside when I play those 18 holes. This approach allows the brain to produce my desired experience when I then play those 18 holes. My attention is freed up so my brain can produce the desired experience for me as I don’t change the contexts.

Its like charging a battery it takes time for the brain to settle down to produce it if it needs to be active all the time. Once your comparisons settles down, once your focus and attention starts to stay the same then your experience can be produced and steered by you.

To some extent it requires you to be active to monitor your own experience without changing it.

Seeking easy solutions might be the ideal for many, it’s the next book or such but as far I can tell it always require skilled people to do things that works and when it works the solution follows the same pattern. RBIm as a tool is a way to train and practice attentions spans to deliver the desired experience we want to have on a daily basis.

You can think about this in different ways like,

  • self hypnosis to program yourself ahead of time.
  • Insert code or instruction into the passage when the brain haven’t changed context yet and keep attention reside there.
  • Like any arrangement when we are doing one thing but it isn’t finished yet like signing a book deal, having a meeting, changing diapers etc…

Still even when that is done a constant to some extent active action to monitoring is needed, often its just a check now and then that the system is kept going as it should and your free to just do what your doing.

Becoming aware that the brain is doing contexts, it starts and ends but normally we just flow in and between without thinking much about this if at all tis a passive  habit we do as we learned to think tis the unconscious mind doing it all for us.

If you start doing what I suggest, there is then no unconscious mind controlling your actions. If you start learning what I suggest there is no letting the world control your experience and responses to it.

The main reason I do Intu-flow and other things like RBIm as it helps me function to my peak levels in what I do awesomely so. Anyhow did some talk about all this here


What is it like?

Your experience?

Most use the metal to the bottom high end risk-takers going all out with adrenalin to become alive in the moment to let nothing else enter their realm of consciousness. Skydiving, climbing without safety net etc…

Then some learn to shut down the noise to focus the mind to stillness, silence and learn to notice what that its like having such experience. Its important to know what its like as any comparison will change the context and then the experience loosing out on it.

Taking notice then becomes a skill when the mind starts to quite down into stillness. Then movement starts.

RBIm deals with this by training ones own brain to develop skills to steer the mind and its consciousness to create the perception we want to have when engaging into the world.

The brain needs to know where it is when creating the experience.

If it doesn’t know where it is it will change (compare) constantly to locate and focus on what its suppose to do, here.

Now that is a key variable and needed to understand since if you want to create the experience you desire then knowing where you are are just such a thing you need to master. Some might think they know where they are but the brain doesn’t work that way.

For example the way people go to a sports thing spending time with many others is a way to become part of a mass of people the same mechanism that people who hang someone in a cell due to people firing up one another to do and after thinks what did happen? Police for example clears the people watching someone who stands on roof as if people are to close they will actually try to tell the jumper to actually jump……………!

We don’t become rational in a group far from it.

To maintain sanity we want to learn to have our own experience your experience in spite of what else is going on outside yourself.

Knowing where you are is then important.

Once you learn to notice what a context is, and that those contexts can be used to insert your own codes and to kick start your own desired experiences then you learned to control your own internal matrix of contexts and locate where you actually are or want to be.

Being” as people would talk about is language of imprecise semantics.

Trying to solve the way the brain works, to find the principle has been ongoing work as its not like I can ask people about that as none knows.

Once you become accustom to define contexts, then be able to insert the code you want to experience you started to make the brain produce your desired experience in the wanted context.

Going to work, after work, at home, going shopping, talking to your kids, wife, husband, to stop things you don’t want to do anymore to focus your brain to start doing things that you want it to do vs being a victim of decades of conditioned responses to the world.

You then need training to get that down. It wont happen by reading a book or a blog, or watching you tube or TED videos or hanging around cool places. It takes practice and a lot of it. I am still doing Intu-flow 6 years down the road. My body is mobile so much in fact I haven’t been this way since I was like 4 years old. Old injuries have gone.

However I didn’t see much results the first few weeks, it took me a year to loosen up the chest area in the back and those who want instant gratification well your out of luck.

Learning the experience is practice as you’re a victim of the modern world to shift your attention to whatever the world crave of you, texting on the phone and I often turn off mine and don’t answer for days as I don’t have any need to do so since if its important they get hold of my some other way.

Just because the technological advancements are good and ease up things for us it can also require your attention way to much, the new sickness is the kids who sits and text one another in the same room without talking to one another. Its more important to text and update Facebook than to keep the eyes on the road when driving.

When did that happen?

That driving is less important than update what your doing right now?

To be here presently aware?

Intu-flow and why I do it

I made a short video talking about intu-flow.

Its by far the best technology out there for body work. Its fast, efficient and creates range of movement aka mobility.

I advice doing Intu-flow for about 3 months as the effect of the takes time to mature but once you notice how much more nobility you have and no issues with stiffness and such you continue it for life.

Points I make normally doing bodywork:

1. Intu-flow.
2. focus on the muscle groups that doesn’t hurt and work those, Steve down under has tips for you if you want.
3. Move the body in the way the muscles work and is tied to the vertebra and such.

I never stretch normally. If I do then I set the muscle at the point where it cant go without strain and hold until the receptors give in.

I make a video of how I applies this later.