End of the road start of the new

Figuring out the golf swing is like asking 10 PGA coaches of the golf swing the same question. likely to receive 10 different answers or the same answer and in either way it wont help.

My job as a modeler is to figure out what works. Identifying and defining what works is a lot of work to check and recheck and test.

I figured out the golf swing and then some. Clarifying it so its understandable also, with what to do and how and why. Next is field tests. While it all works at home and explains it all, one also need the raw test to feel it and how it affects ones swing and results playing.

So it feels, done, complete now after a few months and finished.

Next is field tests with playing and scoring and checking for distances and accuracy patterns. Looking forward those.

Did Ben Hogan have a secret?

Don’t think so.

Question what did he do then?

Myswingevolution states he swings like Hogan did, and my reply would be, well Hogan went down at impact, your going up, not the same then.

You react to force in a golf swing the same way you train to ride a bike and after a while if all you need to do is react you have superb ball striking. Ben Hogan, Moe Norman for sure had that.

10 weeks later I arrived at a finished template instruction set.

Its a bit like having 100 puzzles and you only have one image to fit the bits which means 99 puzzle bits isn’t fitting. A lot of work then needed to make the bits fit the framework.

Tuesday the 4 of July 2017 I understood my old reference, once identified I knew this I don’t do anymore. Then as expected I had to start over so I did on Thursday the 6 July as I applied the advice I did for Hans a couple of weeks ago.

I started to have good swings.

Played and had my best round in years and my ball striking went to something extraordinary. The day after today that is I analyzed a bit what I did do and how it worked and its a simple reacting to the force movement. Knowing that also helps to keep on doing that reacting and build a habit out of it. Explaining the movement and what to do is next.

Making a video later on in what to do for the students I have.

Copy or mimic is easy but then you don’t often understand the forces people react to especially if they have a ball striking that people notice as extraordinary.

I guess its the same with people that are happy all the time as they don’t really understand other people becoming depressed, sad or down. For others they cant understand how someone is able to do that.

Modeling is a way to look behind the scenes of magic to understand how it works and then train oneself to do magic oneself.

Applying the template around 6 weeks later

A template is a frame that fits in a particular way, its based on what works.

Once the template was formed then the coding to develop the instruction manual took place.

  • The power move.
  • The pivot impact move
  • The swing move.

Over the weeks I worked on getting things working within the framework of the template. I had to find ways to teach a particular movement since if I couldn’t do it for some reason i found a way to isolate the movement to do it.

During this it become obvious that coordination was at best, difficult to get right not to say if I ever could. Yesterday I had a breakthrough based on perceptions and my work with the brain then overlapped into golf it made sense and went and hit a bucket and was striping things.

I knew one thing, this I can do.

Still got a few things to improve but ball striking was working. I knew I can swing any club now without any issues what so ever. It was done, completed the task of finding the code for the golf swing to fit the framework of the template.

Having a template means you know what should be there to make it work. It don’t mean you can do it but knowing what needs to be there however  allows you a sorting program for feedback to include what should be there vs what shouldn’t. The code to transfer skills and I call them “moves” as your moving to include the skills needed are training formats that teaches you the skills needed as your isolating the movements one needs to have.

so for me it took 6 weeks to have a swing that wont go away ever.

I still need to work on some take away and back swing still as I have 25 years of movements learned that will be next on the list to do.

My knowledge and understanding why golf been difficult to learn has taken a quantum leap along the way. If I can transform my swing and amateur mechanics after 25 or so years into a pro level down the line means one can start rewriting the difficulty factor into something else.

Practice is getting there

While I am tired, resting from Saturdays round I found myself the last few days tinkering and today that went into the big lightbulb moment.

While I still have a bit to go my ball striking improved directly beyond anything I ever done before. It went from complex to, easy.

Technique vs feel and what happens and the path to self corrections

Watching PGA golf trainers means they teach with a technique focus or even explain what’s going on but neither of those makes it doable to do for you.

It just makes you have information.

Your then satisfied as you think you understand but in reality your not. You then find that out on the range and when playing and start to believe you didn’t understand the instruction.

Now your blaming yourself when the teaching was lacking.

That leads to a merry go round a never ending search for the magic secret Ben Hogan that some people believe he had.

Now the above video is a typical merry go round, you think its good and you understand but when testing you cant do it.

More information isn’t the solution.

What we want is to apply the instruction to match what happens so we can feel the difference.

I made a video about the power move for the inside group, it means to isolate the one needed thing people need to feel and master to make a pro level impact. Release happens by itself no need to manipulate the wrists or such.

However one need to feel the difference as when you do, its effortless.
When you do a golf swing its suppose to feel, effortless.

How do explain effortless with more information and even more technical know how what happens when you swing?

Answer is, you cant.

The instruction set is then worthless.

You need to relate the instruction set to can do and identify what your suppose to feel. I know some will say feel is different and it really isn’t.

What typically happens is that people when they swing effortlessly think its wrong due to them are being so sued to feel effort and make slow shitty swings all day for years so your tuned to shit. When your expose to pro level swinging your brain will immediately take this as wrong as it will feel wrong according to your beliefs and information about the subject.

Its why as a scientist I find it important to measure and find the evidence due to then one can correlate what one does to understand that this is how it should feel like. I can lucky enough correlate a lot to Hans and just ask him if he fells this or that and he have confirmed such over the years.

We need better definitions, isolate the movement and feel and then measure with evidence when one does it right and then understand this is how it feels like swinging like a pro, effortless.

Naturally one need to be able to correlate the feel vs measured result achieved and then update ones beliefs accordingly to accept the new found action. I find a lot of people are unable to accept the new result as it doesn’t fit their expected assumed reality what’s true with golf or any other sport for that matter.

The problem then are:

  • To much faith with information
  • To much faith in explaining what to do and technique.
  • Beliefs about what happens that isn’t happening.

Solutions are to understand:

  • Isolate the movement to feel the difference
  • Measure the result one achieved with feel and correlate and accept.
  • Repeat the movement to reach “can do” criteria.

Isolating in that way means once the individual can do it to feel the difference and replicate then they have a set reference to do which then will always work for them.

Sources to instructions

When I develop an instruction it may not be from one source alone but several and I look for those that are ball strikers, good such ones. You want to study good sources people that can do, if they can explain it well or not is secondary at least you know they are doing something that works.

Each improvement I do is put under the microscope and then taken from there and analyzed further to find if I understand the subject better to develop a better instruction. In the recent days I been researching and updated my instruction sets.

Once tested they go trough the same evaluation, as once tested one can either discard them or refine them.

I found the importance to a pro impact release pattern needs to be felt due to if you know that then you can feel if your not doing that.

Your then on the path of self corrections.

If you know what its like then you will adapt to start doing more correct movements.