Why did Tiger Woods change golf trainers?

Butch Harmon? Couldn’t give 30 more yards to Tiger so Tiger said, fuck this.

Hank Haney?
He couldn’t say why Tiger blocked himself out.

Sean Foley?
No major wins and a broken back, yea Tiger got the message late.

Chris Como?
Same as usual.

Modeling a golf swing the replication of a result

One can ask, what is modeling and then when choosing a project what to model?

Take Mike Austin for example the swing he did when he was 40? or 50 or 70?
He changed things along the way.

Let say one you can play golf with and hit it long enough for a the widest possible of margin of error? Sure but that’s not how it did start out for me as what I did was to choose one golfer that did hit it long and I choose Mike based on pure aesthetic reasons, it looked better.


However it does not look like this one which is based on his swing mechanics.


One can see in when Hans swing its more fluid, simpler more direct even more elegant and allowing pure aesthetic to happen. That’s part mechanics but also part focus of the mind in what to do.

Its optimized Mike Austin mechanics better than the role models.

That is what a model and modeling does, it allows one to understand the results created to create or expand on what the model did do and find out how one can do more with it or in this case, less.

I am atm doing this myself indoors, running trough the steps in slow motion acquiring the references and then allowing myself to update what I am suppose to do when I go out when grass is seen again. Calculating the difference means I am like ok without even trying I should be 3 to 4 irons longer now. It also should mean I can swing the driver up to 70m longer.

That’s with calculations even before I can test this.

Naturally my calculations can be off, I can delude myself even fool due to guessing can mean one take the best possible outcome that ever if never works out for people. A 70m increase would mean a 20mph+ increase swing speed. That without physical work with strength and based solely on mechanical changes. Hans added a club or so with the recent change I made for him, as I said, do this in early December and he did and then change the grip and it fit again so it all worked out well.

So why did he change his grip then?

I told him to, your likely to be more vertical and will need to change grip to allow the body to do this without injury. A ten finger grip on the shaft in this case wont work to facilitate the change in mechanics.

I base the calculations on the difference of being able to free flow trough the movements as you can see Hans do vs whatever I used to do before the new implementation as I don’t need to do research and test the golf swing anymore I can now go all out just to implement the model the reward for the work done as far. So I can take note of the difference indoors already and then head starts make all kinds of updates in regard to what I have done and research and what I could be able to do now.

Let say I am correct in my assessment what then does that mean? I be able to swing all out with freedom of movement.

Let us see what Hans used to do once vs today

Today he can swing without limitations, without a strain on the spine and lower back. Huge difference. He should be around 40-60m longer today vs then. That is with less effort and higher accuracy. My estimate for summer for him is around a 320 yardage or so. This again is also calculated in his current distance in zero Celsius or so temperatures.

This is btw with kept accuracy better than Jordan spieth, Jason day, Tiger, and such can do.

That is a pure mechanical advantage both in distance vs kept accuracy.

Can he do better?

Yes but then we are going into details and start asking us if the benefit is worth the effort? If your long enough and accurate enough you can swing with confidence in every way when you go play no matter the course and conditions. You see the other players struggle to keep the ball in fairway and they don’t like to be outdriven either.

But shouldn’t the swing model look like Mike when he did swing?

It’s a common error, when you model you build a different understanding in how to reach the same result as the role model did, so you can look at Mike and think he swung like that due to personal preferences and body build and other things and Hans swing as he does due to keeping the role elements of the core essence of what’s modeled and then as I do it will also look different as I am built different and older.

When I started out it was due to two main things, first I tried drills in golf and none worked really and then Hans got back pain. Then as I went along and built up a knowledge base to understand this I had to educate myself about the swing sure but also about a lot of other things along the way. Improving putting as it always bothered me that I could putt like a God and then the next day didn’t know if I even could hit the ball. So I dissected down putting also. Once I stood on the fairway and asked myself how is it even possible to not hit a green from 120m with an iron that is 10m deep and 30 yards wide?

So many things along the way went along the line of, ok how then do I do this more consistently? Listening to people that said they knew was a waste of time.

I built along the way a system of instruction going much like this,

  • Movement Pattern
  • Positions within the movement
  • Evidence to check for
  • Measurement to correlate positions with movement
  • Feedback allowing for personal preference

Any movement skill a human does follows a pattern of movement a whole structural form and as such as a feel associated with it that will be the same for everyone. People saying feel cant be taught is wrong as the feel will be the same. Once you know how the movement is like you can then break it down into positions allowing measurements to be made. You can then practice those and become familiar with the wanted and desired movement you want to do.

This ties into the https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sense_of_balance or Sense of balance aka equilibrioception and the https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Proprioception of sense of movement.

Again the same for anyone who does movements.

This is work that goes into length to ensure the individual will be able to replicate the result by processing several positions tied into one unit of movement.

The RBIm golf swing model.

Main reason no one can replicate or mimic Ben Hogan, Nicklaus or any other golfer is that you can look similar but it wont mean you can replicate the ball striking skill the golfer had. Take the recent Tiger woods, which swing should you mimic or emulate the one he used 1997 or 2000 or the one 2005 or even the one 2011?

Mechanics are a help to allow you to do what you want but the golf swing wont make you skilled the same way as those are different skills but better mechanics allows you to express your potential and if Tiger had the RBIm mechanics, well he would play better. The less trouble you have with getting things right the better you can play.

Tiger woods 12 shots behind the leader

That’s one round.

Many want him to succeed, but when I look at him swing I see an old man with pain due to his lower back is so stiff. The Sean Foley experiment took its toll.

While he can play great now and then to withstand the moment to win without risking his whole life in pain or even in a wheel chair well, not good odds.

Takes time to learn the golf swing mechanics, the Sean Foley path with Tiger Woods

5 years and still Tiger couldnt do it.


He become to steep.


If you’re a PGA certified trainer as Sean Foley you teach what you know. He call it the third generation golf swing and I call it the geometry golf swing difficult as it can be swing.

If you force someone into positions that are difficult to get to then it can take years.

If you do it my way then its days or hours.


If you force people into positions it takes a lot of time and you will struggle.

If you do it my way you find yourself in natural body mechanical positions with athletic instinct and its an easy adaption to just do it.

I understand that people believe things in the field of golf that isn’t supported by any science except beliefs and perceptions about what they do.

To have this


Or to have this

Any tour pro will see that one is easier to do and want to have one over the other.

Its difficult to be good in golf, struggling is common, your swing stops working, you hit so crooked and then try to fix it again and again.

Once you learned what I do, that wont happen.

Obviously its difficult to believe someone as myself can do it better than Sean Foley a licensed PGA Trainer in the field of golf. Some say I charge to much and I disagree, a 20000$ season can turn into a 2.000.000$ if you shave off 2 strokes in your putting average like it could do for Dani Holmqvist that is trough stats alone. If your on the PGA tour it can be even bigger difference due to a few strokes here and there and a lower consistent scoring would allow you to make a lot more money and keep the card easier.

To realize and create the potential you have does require work for sure, but to keep struggling with golf swing mechanics or putting shouldn’t be part of that as those should just work to create the desired game you want to have when getting the ball where you want it to go.

I can relate and understand the way the mind works and how its expressed into actions either it be a golf swing or ordinary day life stuff.

Your in good hands here.

Tiger Woods called me up

Me. Hello

Tiger: hey its me Tiger.

Me: Tiger who?

Tiger: woods.

Me: your in the woods?

Tiger: No I am Tiger woods the golfer.

Me: oh ok, what you want?

Tiger: well I heard and watch that clip of Hans swing and you said you could make me hit longer and more accurate and it wouldn’t hurt my body as the other trainers taught me.

Me: Yes.

Tiger: so you can do that?

Me: yes.

Tiger: but that seems impossible?

Me: Yes obviously.

Tiger: so it is?

Me: no.

Tiger: Can you give a straight forward answer?

Me: I did and done that, not my problem if you cant understand the answer.

Tiger: that you can do what you say you can do?

Me: Now you getting it.

Tiger: hum but that still seem impossible?

Me: Obviously due to your talking to me and not being here in person hitting balls so I can instruct you, don’t you understand the difference between those?

(golfwrx member listening in) what’s he talking about?

Tiger: what was that?

Me: nothing of substance.

Tiger: Ok so I have to come there to learn to do this and then I would swing like that guy and wont hurt my back and I be both longer and more accurate the same time?

Me: yes.

Tiger: but I had 4 of the best PGA trainers in the world and they cant do it?

Me: Not my problem and are you really asking me to teach them what I can do so they can do that to teach you then?

Tiger: no that seems silly.

Me: yea silly indeed, anyhow got to go, call me when your really serious about this.

The secret to the golf swing found

For me obviously not a secret.

Equations are as wiki state:

In mathematics, an equation is a statement of an equality containing one or more variables. Solving the equation consists of determining which values of the variables make the equality true.

When one defines you have a core principle showing up into the pattern so any swing is the same but the expression of that core principle is often different.

It means that Mike Austin swing is the same as Ben Hogan’s swing 1948/49 and 1953, it’s the same as the modern swing like Tiger woods. However to understand each difference between those swings you cant do today with any education within PGA.

I can then examine whatever drills people do and the outcome accordingly to the secret and find if its even close or not to teach the principle or not. Its immediate as I don’t need to calculate things anymore, I just know. Its then what some would say internalized as an equation expressed in behavior, a model simply.

Each project I done I learned more about how things work in regard to consciousness and understanding about the perceptions.

The tour pro can have the swing Hans have and I got this question what I do with Hans as I work with him, I don’t, as when asked hit the ball where you want then ok I am done. There is no fixing needed as Tiger does like Lydia Ko does like anyone on tour does.

It wont fail you Ever

What I do is to ask questions, then from the feedback devise a test and then implement action.

What I do to teach this golf secret wont be disclosed to the public.