Golf swing Mechanics

New instruction golf swing video in the making

I reached criteria so its in the planning stages. It will offer the definitions of what a golf swing consist off and provide unique insights in what to do

It be downloadable.

Golf pro Golf swing Mechanics

Ben Hogan the clueless golfer

Hogan said (clueless)

“Let us study the correct motion of the right arm and hand in the impact area….
On a full shot you want to hit the ball as hard as you can with your right hand. But this is only half the story. HIT THE BALL AS HARD AS YOU CAN WITH BOTH HANDS. The left is a power hand also. If you hit hard with only the right and let the left go to sleep, you will not only lose much valuable power, you also will run into all the errors that result when the right hand overpowers the left.”

100% wrong, listen to experts gets you into trouble.

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GolfWRX experts cant teach you this

They teach you how to hit it short and struggle.

Dont be that guy

Golf swing Mechanics RBIm Golf System 3.0 Tour Pro Performance

Fans and students of the Golf God that’s me btw adds 50 meters to their drives. Outhit the golfguru Mark Crossfield by 80 yards.

Imagine that guys how fun the game could be if only…..

rob magic

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Golf swing Motion defined and done

Made it there.

Modeling golf

Golf seems to be a religion at GolfWRX

I always wondered why golfers quit, give up and keep doing other things.

Something is rotten in PGA big time.

First I thought it was just golf forums, they had to shut down the Swedish golf forums due to death treats over golf techniques.

GolfWRX is another mecca of religious zealots.

I find that golfers been lied to and been kept lied to in golf by trainers that are clueless about what they teach and then users that defend that without knowing what goes on.

The most dangerous thing humans do is thinking they know what they are doing and then not knowing really.

I find that true in any field, its easy to be seduced by it seems to make so much logical sense, the xfactor, the stack and tilt, the bounce, but when one take a look and observe and measure the evidence points to a horrendous conclusion.

Its guesswork lead by people that don’t understand what they are doing.

Then change makes things difficult due to money is involved the whole business is built around taking lessons and more lessons.

Having the golfer themselves not needing any lessons is a bad thing for anyone in golf, magazines wont sell, the ads wont sell on forums and so on.

Your sold out from the understanding of what could been your having the knowledge and understanding removed from you as a choice.

The sad truth is they don’t know and when pointed out, don’t want to know as it will hurt their business.

They want to keep selling you ads, magazines and lessons and so on to make you keep coming back and sure it works for addicts and gamblers.

Don’t be a golfwrxer.

Educate yourself

Golf pro Golf swing Mechanics Hans Andersson Golf pro

GolfGod taught this (Magic)

Golf swing Mechanics Performance

golfwrx forum poster knows me

Nah, just kidding none of them do

BUT they do say things I can or cant do without…..

Knowing me, never talked to me, never met me, never communicated to me.

but they pull rabbits out of their asses and said things about what I can or cant do without knowing anything what I can do or don’t do.

That is the status of golf forum experts, they know things without knowing anything and then make up that they know without them knowing anything.

delusional much?

GolfWRX well its not a good source to understand golf and the swing.

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Did I find the secret to the golf swing?

Yes I did.

Makes the swing so much easier to learn, hit longer and more accurately.

Highly excited for the spring range sessions and playing!!!

Cant wait!

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Driver swing new mechanical instruction