Its a trick…

Many think practice makes them do things better. But that isn’t true.

Anything we do the brain figures out what to do to coordinate things if your able to have a good idea where your going. Doing a skateboard trick or learning to juggle is the same, its a point when the brain, kicks into gear.

When that happens your able to almost gets it done, you juggle a few but its not automatic but your nearly getting it. At some point the brain cracks it open it figures out how to coordinate.

When that happens all the work, the frustration people usually have ´vanish as you can just do it now.

It never goes away, it never needs practice anymore.

Its like anything else we do, we can just do it.

But people don’t train that way in golf, they teach you to focus on things, practice drills and what not. It messes with the trick.

You work skills, you apply variation and at some point your brain can bring this into awareness. In physical work Ross wife does the ability to move the muscles exactly for cerebral palsy kids allows them at some point to reach a can do awareness their brain reach a high enough signal value so the brain can notice you to this is how to move this leg as this.

I long suspected all that work can be done fully mentally for the cerebral palsy due to how mirror neurons works and be less work and pain related but to do such a study would take time and a lot of money. Its an interest I have.

Anyhow, once enough variation been applied with skills you will be able to start doing things as soon your brain kicks into the coordination.

It took this guy a year to learn to ride a bike the other way.

Its not so easy but once you figured the trick out, it is

In times of worlds

Tolkien wrote LOTR as a documentary. Its a historic book about the things that was happening historically in the UK. Its also a map into his mind, he wanted to go into a hole in the ground as a Hobbit, play with friends, smoke and dance and sing. He draw upon his ww1 in dead marshes where friends who died laid in the water dead looking up and those memories hunted him.

If one would be trapped inside a prison and thinking to escape and everyone would say its impossible but you wouldn’t listen to that. Intention works as such you find patterns how the guards rotate, where the keys are and how they are used, what guard can be bribed and so on and you map the prison find a map and what else and then you be able to exploit and escape one day.

Our minds works as such also but you may not know your trapped.

When I taught Hans Andersson he added 50 meters in 2 minutes but it took him a year to accept he actually could hit that long, I caddie once and he hit a 9i as he couldn’t hit a pw as it was the wrong club he said, he hit the ball into the wall behind the green and lost the ball. He walked back with a pw had a uphill putt pin high.

He is now surprised that people he teach that hits longer goes back and hit shorter when he had such a reaction once but he didn’t reverse back as he learned to deal with the increased distance.

Whenever we are trapped we would assume that conflicting information should be like a comparison we objectively would view and think about and make a rational logical decision.

But memory makes it moot. We relive the memory and that is real for us and we cant replace and change memories as then we go nuts. We wouldn’t know what things are anymore.

I found this true everywhere, people simply cant comprehend how I can do things their daddy, guru or such cant do.

It also makes them unable to do it due to them its, impossible.

For me, I am escaping already.

You may not know how, I didn’t know if I could build a golf swing for Hans Andersson that would work better for him. I never done that before. I met clients I had no idea what to do.

I just found that if you go look for things you tend to find them.

I didn’t know if I could build talent but then I found out how to do that. The feeling I had when I looked down and saw the same divots pros have when hitting balls was a moment of oh this seems to move into a good direction.

Impossible means your giving up. Our mind cant separate what you imagine is real or what did happen. But evolution made us memory creatures to write down images on walls, caves and illustrate maybe even educate their children what a elk was.

Many are taught the unconscious mind exists and it don’t.

Its all contextual and once you understand how that works your free to move into any world of choice.

The One Ring however you cant have as it was destroyed

Oh btw, don’t be a Golfwrxer

20+ years later

20 or so years ago I decided NLP was like a Swiss cheese filled with holes of not knowing and that wasn’t working out for me or my clients as I wanted better.

I desired to have a technology that was driven out of improvement but as I searched and checked, none was out there that made sense to me.

I had to build it, called it RBIm and here we are.

2018 the year of Godhood

  • RBIm world leading software for the mind

  • The world leading software for overcoming dyslexia

  • The golf swing model world leading instruction for golf

I haven’t written much here lately, the main reason is I spend my time in my Facebook group and writing here have taken a back burner.

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