Locke + Nicklaus putting, pure awesomeness

The fun fact was he did win the national masters in putting 2013 with what he did before and now it be even easier if he went and competed there.

Had a really good talk on Skype tonight with him, feels good


Booby locke was a south African that was so good with putting the American players made a ban for him to play there. (he took all their money). Nicklaus well that guy don’t need a presentation, 18 majors.

This weekend I get some updates how this all works out.

stay tuned

and why not one more putt

Futurenow with a plan and understanding self the soul and consciousness the RBIm 6 way.

Language is funny.

If you say stuff like “ I am happy” or if you say “I am depressed” one have to ask, who is saying what about what?

So while we conceptualize consciousness into manageable forms we are not taught in school what language means to us.

For example, is the “I” separate from “I am” if so it indicate a process happening causing a casual effect between the “I” and to the “AM”. Your brain linked them.

So now your something. That means you added meaning in those two words linked together and then we add another like happy or depressed. Then as we do that we also cause another chain of event that extends further. You then caused an assumption that lingers with the statement.

You created the memory of you being something.

So whatever just did happen you created a memory that now sits as a source of assumption for you to be something. It goes that fast.

If your aware that whatever you did say and think that the “I” is you your missing the point here, who you are is difference as your consciousness itself is different from you that is “I”.

So if I say, I am tired, I understand that sentence as different from that me the individual are tired but I don’t identify myself as a tired person.

What most people do is to assume they as an Individual is a tired person, not just tired. The generalization within that is a distinction you can make or not.

Its then more useful obviously to make such assumption to be a happy person which means that if your tired or depressed that’s temporary as your not a depressed or tired person but a happy one.

That’s the main reason and cause to understand human consciousness and the way you make assumptions and generalizations useful or not.


Have new skype adress

The old one I had for 10 years or so is no longer in use.

so if you have it in your skype contact list “svensknlp” then you can remove it.

New one you can search notnlp (at) gmail.com

skype chat aftermath

Talked some about SSG and Beliefs (Adal wondered), did a demo of RBIm live and how fast it works nothing in NLP and elsewhere comes close.

Had a good time with Larry, Martin and Anders, yes no more showed up and missed maybe the best technology ever presented in the world ever and then likely in the whole Universe in all time.

Wow, that’s huge, the Rock huge.


I mean you don’t mess with that guy unless you have a gun.

I had a good time as I always seem to have when such meetings happens and why shouldn’t I be as I get to talk about stuff I developed with people who wants to know!

skype RBim talks

Its been a while. Its summer here, warm normally, hot even and some days rainy like Zeus peed from a soccer moms party.

However I figure that some might need to socialize, talk, ask and receive questions and answers maybe not in that order or just want to hang out with other awesome people and if your thinking your not awesome get your head checked in order.

To be as a slumber party with a lot of girls or a raise for hell KKK meeting debating the inner child that’s hurt so badly or just some fireside chatting along the way of drugs of choice.

The world have time zones and while I don’t really the time to be set is late here, early somewhere else and midday anywhere else.

Want your mind blown or just find out when someone does have their mind blown?

Not the place to be fur sure as we debate the dickens movies, the art form of candy and the revolution of last man out on the space station.

How about Saturday? or is another day one that works for everyone? if one records the event can always be listen to even though its not really the same but then one can think in time towards space along the lines of what did happen to tommy?

what say you?

So say we all or?

RBIm for fixing problems and

The RBIM tool can be applied in several ways, directly elicit a desired future experience contain within a context or solving problems.

I learned by testing that whatever Joseph Riggio talked about was bullshit. It didn’t work the way he taught and spoke about that stuff with Mythoself.

We map what we call the old SSG the way you sustain current limitation by start and end points of contexts. That allows the individual to set it aside and reference it for the choice we want to have what to choose. Once the old SSG is mapped we then establish the new SSG.

Social phobia with people we use “I already know the people I am going to meet and talk to” as a result achieved with the new SSG.

The new SSG cant be related to the old SSG like, “I want to be confident” in the new SSG wont work due to its based upon referencing the old problem the old SSG.

We create a separation between old and new so we can choose which one to do.
You do the same with habits, and other limitations.
Map the old start and point and set aside.
Define the new SSG.

I was approached in Mohonk and the stuff I did run at the time was the notnlp protocol that worked flawlessly in Canada the weekend before. In Mohonk with the Mythoself people it hit the ground and I didn’t know why but later understood those guys all believed in the unconscious mind including Joseph Riggio. I had a guy walk up to me and ask stuff and he said I am committed to the Mythoself and he told me and I sat there listening but he said he couldn’t do it. I smiled and said, you seem disconnected from the experience, he sat there for 30 seconds still and said, oh where did that belief come from and thanked me and walked off. Now, I had to ask myself why is he asking me and not the guy who created and developed Mythoself? He in my guess already did and couldn’t do it.

RBIM allows you to do Mythoself easier than ever before, map the start point of your life and when that whatever that has been to date and then set that aside and start to ask what’s your future self is contained within such context.

Mind blown right?

No need for story telling, no need to do hypnosis and I break it down into a single choice to choose from. That’s power.

Your brain run constructed concepts we call them assumptions that are derived from contexts so called facts people use to stay sane in the world. What was previously assumed that you had an unconscious mind that made stuff for you like decisions but here is the thing once you change the source of the assumption your reality is changed along the way you now perceive the world differently but still the same.


Normally people try to change the problem etc..
with a reference to the problem within the problem itself like:
social phobia then needs a solution a fix with “Need confidence” which wont work as its based upon the assumption the social phobia needs confidence to not be a problem anymore which never works.

Any change, transformation, transcendence etc…is always done trough a replacement of facts the underlying contextual containment of assumptions.

For example Richard Bandler have for 40 or so years not been able to understand this and cant teach people what he is actually doing that works to create change and it has nothing to do with submodalites or the VAK patterns. The issue with the unconscious mind concept an archaic relic from Freud which Paul Bjerre told him due to Bjerre had better results and he understood that whatever they taught wasn’t accurate there either.

Your brain use neural nets which means a flexible network drawing from multiple sources like for example an image in your mind is constructed from 5 different centers for the visual reference alone, 5! and then you have several more centers also included in one single image. Its all a composite into a single coherent understanding that this is an orange or an apple.

Knowing that it’s a concept and multiple sources used wont help you change the phobia or the social anxiety or the habits. Trusting the unconscious mind guesswork using hypnosis etc..takes time and isn’t efficient.

RBIM 4 allows one to map the contextual containment the neural net sources use to create the understanding used. Once we replace the old contextual containment, the system have now a new source of facts to draw from and then your reality is new.

You don’t need an anchored resource like they do in NLP or collapse anchors as they do in NLP as every pattern there is built from the idea that its sensory data that makes the change happen and it simply isn’t. It just seems like it is.

Had a student, he said he had a height phobia, so I asked him about it and then told him after 30 seconds, you’re here in this town in a classroom with other people, he snapped out out of the phobia and it now was gone. He could not believe it. He later traveled back where he got the phobia and tried to find out if it was still there and it still was not. Some people cant believe what I do did work when it did work.

Amazing really.

Its due to what people like yourself already believe about how change happens. Why are everyone trying to change the problem within its own containment? Its like walking into a cage with a lion expecting the lion to sit down and purr? That wont work. The containment of the same context your reality of the problem is then limited in its choices and decisions you simply have a moment 22 going on.

When a trauma is established the system contain it and try to fix it by moving you into a new SSG but that’s isn’t working due to the new SSG is contained within the old SSG your now nested within the same old SSG and then when fixing the additional SSG your now faced with the trauma and that the brain is trying to protect so fixing the additional SSG then will meet resistance from you.

Why the brain does that? It cant separate between real or fake or imagined or real events anyhow.

I was having a client calling me 12 years ago and I was then at the time running down the soon to be discovered future NOTNLP protocol with her, as she after a while told me she had her desired experience she also said to me, that her sexual abuse was the reason for the issue she had in her case driving across bridges but here is the kicker, we never worked on the sexual abuse as she didn’t know it was even there. She had no idea about that as her brain had managed to create new additions new SSG within the old SSG but once we run the NOTNLP protocol for her future experience the old one vanished by itself (the sexual abuse) and she was fine about it. I knew then when I put down the phone that this what just did happen was not doable with NLP or Mythoself or anything else I come across.

I had just discovered the NOTNLP comparison mode.

Her old trauma was now gone and she was totally fine with her new found reality.

BUT we never worked with the trauma at all so what did happen?

The comparison mode today are called the RBIM 4 with SSG.

The same process that allowed her to release the trauma is now used to fix limitations and problems the same way by replacing the contextual containment what we call with RBIm 4 SSG or self sustained generalizations.

You can work with single habits, phobias, anxiety, worry, or learning new languages or fixing traumas or replacing the whole identity your self in one single choice.

This all did happen as I was wondering why I was able to create results that NLP practitioners and the like couldn’t. Once the comparison mode was found and mapped out this allowed me to reconfigure and reinvent the way change does happen so you can directly work with the source of change replacing the context the containment source.

RBIm 4 works by definition to create the distinction between the old and the new SSG. The comparison mode is then engaged properly and you can then choose what containment and context you want to run for your life.

RBIm 4 use the same approach for whatever change you do or solution or transformation or transcendence as its how the brain already does changes to create reality for you.

If the old or current assumptions are not mapped and addressed the future experience wont happen. You might be able to have a future experience but what typically will happen is that the system reverse back. In Mythoself this is addressed by anchoring by the limit the limitation pattern and then fire off the desired resource. Its taught differently with NLP but the system they do there are based upon VAK and submodality and language patterns without really understanding what’s going on.

Once you map the problem with RBIm 4 then you can reference it due to defining it allows a new SSG to be built free and separate from the old one. We then wont need to work with the old SSG and can focus solely to establish the new found result we want to have and then choose when that’s done which one to run.

In the above example with social phobias; Social phobia with people we use “I already know the people I am going to meet and talk to” as a result achieved with the new SSG.

If everyone you meet, strangers, friends, family, co-workers etc…are people you already know then your able to be fine and confident and what else without fixing the social phobia at all. Its then gone.

That’s one of the possible ways we can work with the RBIm 4 tool.

The skype chat with RBIm 4 in action here.

Apples and oranges and why NLP suck ass and why RBIm 4 is a rock star

A fruit belongs to a different logic than apples its called category.
Semantically it makes sense to map words and meanings into order of logic like math. An apple is then a different fruit than an orange.

Fruits can be compared to vegetables (same level of logic) and so on and each detailed down logic is called chunking up or down (fruit to apples for example).

NLP says submodalites are used to change representations, so if you have an apple and an orange in your visual field at the same time you can now change the colors, brightness, etc..and then the representation changes the order of logic.

No it does not.

It changes the representation.

However that isn’t what we need to change at all and Bandler got it all wrong with his submodality model.

At some point people will ask, how do you know? Its what they do with NLP they ask you questions you cant answer. That’s interesting to me so if you don’t know that then do they know?

No they don’t.

So we have a whole field of people trained that ask questions none knows the answer to and everyone agrees there it’s a good thing to do, right?

Amazing really.

They will say it’s a process without evidence and without anything logical at all due to it’s a process that lacks definition the whole field of NLP lacks it totally.

So what is then going on that those guys from NLP have no clue about?

RBIm 4 with SSG allows you to define the way the brain moves information around and organize that information ahead of time trough what’s called neural nets. The way the brain does that are trough a replacement of contextual meaning.

How we know an apple is an apple and that we want to have an apple is contained within the same neural net the same context with its associations. That you like apples and enjoy eating them does not belong in the same logic as a fruit or the chunk of apples as fruits. That’s what semantics cant tell you and since NLP is a semantic representational field, they got it all wrong and they don’t know it yet.

As I like to say, if it’s a representation, why then don’t work with what created the representation?

RBIm 4 allows one to define the system we currently are engaged into. We define when it started and when it stops. Once defined like that we set it aside and don’t work with it anymore. If your going to change something you need to know what it is to be as then we can replace it with something else normally better. The way you buy a new cellphone, car, clothes, etc…

The way we know an apple is an apple and not an orange is due to containment of context. Once that is there you can then have a craving for apples, cigarettes, drugs, coffee, cigars etc…but be unable to change those cravings due to working within the containment you have active. Once the containment been defined in a SSG you can then allow the brain to move this into a whole new containment a new neural net.

The brain don’t know why that neural net should fire off during this context but its how that works. Once we replace the contextual meaning, your behavior changes along the way.

The way we know one context is the one vs something else is trough distinctions as the signal value in the system have its peak once people do drugs those values are changed. The signal then wont be able to contain the containment. It happens for us perceptually with groups as we enter a new context we are not familiar with the system don’t know what context to run so then its vulnerable

Its not like its an alien in there an unconscious mind making splendid superb choices for us. It’s a system of reactions and responses to the world. The world we are attached to are a casual one. Some need to climb mountains go into the nature every weekend to relax and be happy and centered, all I do is, smile and there I am no need to go hiking and climbing and walking hours and hours upon some mountains. While I do enjoy the nature and hiking and mountains I don’t need to go out there everyday to experience serenity or such but those who does have no choice other than to go there to experience that a external reactionary world they now cant change.

Once you define the old SSG what happens is your brain now puts that on hold and create a reference to the SSG and its contextual containment. You now know, so I just or you just did something NLP don’t know to do but ask people about (how you know) but have no clue about and I just taught you what and why that none in NLP been able to do or the world for that matter. Once the old SSG is defined the brain now created a difference and can relate to that.

What’s next?

As the Skype chat I did with RBIm 4 and SSG with a couple of guys I pointed them to solutions the new SSG tweaked their current approach and that’s what someone like me does streamline so the mistakes you do the trial and error is less and less and smoothen out the learning curve.

RBIM 4 have evidence to the change and what goes on. Its not guesswork here.

So one can ask, why does this SSG approach work the way it does?

If the logic of the representation and the chunking and the category does not matter the way NLP believes it does as they have done that for 40 years and guessed its also why people don’t understand how to become geniuses from a field that supposedly studies them and build models from them.

So how can you like apples and dislike oranges for example when those are in the same logic and chunk?

You know what context what one belongs trough as your able to distinguish which one is which. Once you engage that system as we do with RBIm 4 you can then learn to create a new SSG to have a new meaning enjoying whatever you couldn’t before easier than ever.

RBIM 4 teaches you how to know.

We don’t do guesswork. Once you know which SSG is old and which one you create that is new, then you can make the choice to what one to do. Its then for our brain easy to do the new SSG. So this one instead of that old one? Ok.

Our brain reacts it does not think.

If you replace the system organizations baseline then the system changes assumptions, behaviors and such along the way automatically.

RBIm 4 with SSG allows that to be done and created for you by you.

Instead of guessing and be asked how you know you can create the way to know.

That’s rocking it.

Skype session follow up and about relativity

If desired and wanted I will run an updated feedback Skype session if there is demand for it. After all you can talk to the developer, me and then have access for free to one of the most brilliant minds ever in the field of NLP how about that?

I am surprised that John Grinder, Richard Bandler and Joseph Riggio haven’t lined up yet to be part of the future of mind and body technology. This should also apply to their followers of their cults along the way.

Sadly that does not seem to be the case for some reason?

One of my favorite actors as a character is in the TV show Defiance.
Dr Yewl played by Trenna Keating. She has by far a touch of sarcastic irony that I find hilariously funny.

Back in the early 1900 a young man called Einstein set the world on fire with the theory that newton’s clockwork world was suddenly in question as the relativity would show that light bends around gravity. It did. Today we use Newtonian math and mechanics to send shuttles to space and while the Einstein relativity was important for example nukes and such devastating power with nuclear power we still use both those for different things. While the world model changed from Newtonian was to bring in a bigger world and then somehow they also found out where all the black holes were hiding in the middle of pretty much every galaxy.

The world changed perceptions so we could discover new things.

You and me both are stuck in what we perceive and what we can conclude from that perception and if we are stuck with old stuff all the time we never get anywhere we need or want to be anytime soon. The world changes based upon perceptions so we can ask how to control those so we can perceive more but that isn’t the case with cults. In such people belong to the idea that other people know what stuff is about for real and they don’t know anything at all.

The reason a gang or a cult is difficult to deal with is that the individual give up their individuality their soul so your no longer talking to the individual your always talking to the gang or cult when interacting with their members. That’s how it is with NLP and Mythoself and also true with other such organizations. Main issue is that people don’t understand themselves how this works when they gave up their soul for a group to belong to. Its evolution obviously partly as we are good hanging out with other people.

RBIm 4 allows you to start discovering a whole new world for yourself.

Freud was born in the 1800´s and was from a culture of Newtonian clockwork and a unconscious mind was a thing to add due to he couldn’t understand the logic of the issue some people had. NLP based their technology on what people caused to achieve results that is based upon that same Newtonian culture.

Imagine your working with a 150 year old technology today which is what NLP does along with Mythoself.

Our minds and body needs a better way to organize and that is done trough taking what’s abstract create a self sustaining generalization within a defined context that creates relevance and relation to the information you just created taking what’s abstract in your mind into manageable working structural forms trough the RBIm 4 system. That’s a really good thing btw…

Once you have the organization down trough contextual format your formed a contained structure to hold the information that the brain can work with using neural nets. One has to recall that we construct reality its not out there for us we merely respond to the world we come to assume is real for us the way it seems real to us.

The mind is able to project for the future so that’s what anxiety is for people the past real it seems projected to happen in the future so why would anyone want to project what might happen so they can create anxiety?

The same structure people also use to project what can happen that works for them.
So what’s going on then? Your reality is a projection of stuff you come to assume are true. Either they are or not.

Naturally this can cause all kinds of theories and that’s what you see out there with psychology and other such technologies, guesswork in how reality is created and maintained.

RBIm 4 allows one to create a whole new unified theory of the mind and body to create a whole new progression and discovery in how to deal with stuff that psychology, NLP, religion etc..have no idea to do.

If you believe in a unconscious mind and use a process without definition like people do with NLP can you then have any idea what will happen when you present something different that don’t use that? They cant even comprehend its real.

Its beyond reality for them.

That is true for any cult and followers they loose their individuality and become a member of the new context and its culture and now you have a huge problem as new reality and information wont go trough that mind set. While it can be a good thing as stuff like Stonehenge was built due to no wars were going on for hundreds of years and they built a place to worship their Gods and gifts and at least they didn’t build pyramids and then sacrificed virgins like the Inca guys.

Both did the same but added beliefs what the behaviors was suppose to be and that’s true for any religion today people believe in things to make up to handle what they cant comprehend and instead of seeking out the science its better to bury ones head deep down in the sand and let the ass stay wide open to be fucked with.

Had a ton of a good time with the Skype chat with RBIM 4 and SSG and will enjoy them further on.

Cult or no cults we are all equal Gods.