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Driver swing new mechanical instruction

Golf pro Golf swing Mechanics Hans Andersson Golf pro RBIm Coaching RBIm Golf System 3.0 RBIm Templates Tour Pro Performance

Hans 6i

Made changes yesterday, better today

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Mike Austin the bell concept

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Improvement trough feedback the Ben Hogan way going digging

Seems like a simple concept and it is, pay attention to the feedback vs preconceived notions and beliefs you have.

Most cant.

Once your able to your able to make changes and improve massively in a very short time. Not just for golf, useful in many arenas.

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The story of building a golf swing to reach the stars

I was a happy amateur, playing with friends, social and to exercise as its important to me and my well being.

The story could have ended there.

It didn’t.

Hans complained about his lower back pain, he simply put couldn’t play with the shit they taught him. I told him, change then?

I was in the camp of, he is good playing so surely he knows what to do?

He didn’t, so he stubbornly said, no way.

So I started to study, choose a role model Mike Austin and went into this field with blue eyes and open tiny curved lips.

I found religion.

I thought people was in the knowing about what they did, I found, not so much.

I found people like Monte schienblum basically clueless about what’s going on. He won a long driving championship 20 years ago, went into modern swing and couldn’t make a pro career. He wasn’t good enough simply.

Or is that the truth?
Talent code states we can train us to be talented.
So where are then all those talented coaches and swing experts then?
To train us amateurs into tour pro material?

I had none to ask but I had Hans to tell me what worked, but what I did was teaching him what I found worked.

I applied this for myself the last few weeks.

I got an issue directly, no power. I couldn’t feel it. I was like, why didn’t anyone tell me this? I told Hans the same night when I found what to do, he increased power also and I was like, why didn’t you say anything?

I hit it 300+ so isn’t that good?

I was like, ok seriously.

Next was to fix the pivot and I hit a rock there, hard right in the balls like puking hard. I simply put couldn’t make myself do it.

So I spent 5 days resting and reading, watching endless YouTube videos and thinking, I am good doing that at a iq 160+ which btw is genius level beating that guy Einstein on the way also I knew I could find a solution.

So I did.

Instead of inventing the fucking wheel again I was thinking out there someone did find and did something that worked and surely, I did find just that a solution.

Today I implemented that solution on the range, made a video and sent it to my students. No I don’t have many but those are in the inside circle, the round table I like to call it sitting there equal to the table at least.

As I did, I got 12 points of feedback to evaluate against, and every swing flaw I built the 29 years I played was exposed and had to go.

It was a cleansing of epical proportions my brain screamed at me no don’t do it but I did. Each shot started to work into the functional pattern, each shot suddenly started to working the way they should.


The left image a few days ago, today to the right and we see a whole new pelvis movement happening, a whole new shoulder movement happening, swing changes done in a day in one single session……….

I say that’s a world record.

Some do years like Sean Foley with Tiger, failing that and breaking Tigers back along the way. I never liked hacks teaching. If you dot each, be good at the shit, ask questions, analyze and go outside the fucking wall.

I read about Bob Rotella the sport psychology and he says, have super confidence? I say what the fuck?

Why did Rory loose his swing and game out of a sudden? Bad confidence?


RBIm6 applied it, in the zone just happens when playing, its godlike good.

Like Magic but real.

So I broke down the fucking walls, analyze why golf is so fucking difficult and none can tell you that btw, its difficult and complex, sure but why?

The drill I did today expose each pattern I had and started to ensure I couldn’t do them anymore while teaching me the proper one. I made changes in minutes.

It was fucking crazy.

Being a Golf God means a lot of responsibility and also to be open for anything really to analyze and importantly most of all, understand. To then later realize what is what to guide the amateur into new heights.

To have a tour pro impact.

Having that isn’t enough, we want simpler with power.

To reach the stars we want to understand what to do and having a drill to ensure we are taught the proper movements and canceling out anything else, godlike.

Many find the truth in their own image, they go no further they stand there in the rain thinking, rain and then depression hits them.

The few that walks differently, outside the walls, those that expose themselves to find things none have found and then make it work and while many thought Boklov as He ski jumped was nuts doing what he did then they stopped as he started to win and won the world cup to his funny style. Now, what he did is standard in ski jumping they all do it.

Digging the golf swing was a search for what worked and I found most don’t know shit and worse they do believe they do.

Finding those that did things that actually worked then reverse engineer that vs the role model in my case Mike Austin allowed me to find someone that did things the same way Mike did in his own way. Its the same movements, the same mechanics in action. Using that what he found then applying that allowed me to counter any old habits and improve immediately.

I told Hans that yesterday, so he went out and improved also.

I found that what works is a process that takes time then when one understands then one can take that new knowledge, tweak what one does so it works better, more efficient.

The main focus is the new drill allowing one to have a better feedback so any swing flaws will be exposed and your forced to shift as long your able to pay attention to 12 points of feedback to do so.

As a Golf God I am.
Massive improvements.

So as Hans changed from his moderns wing he improved and his back pain vanished, then I got a massive shit from various people in various golf schools and they were all wrong. Some said Hogan knew what he did, obviously not as he couldn’t explain shit. Then a few make myths of what he did and the guy said it best, before the fucking accident that’s when I played my best not the pitch swing he had to do after the fucking accident.

I was reading golfwrx people its a forum for golfers and let me tell you they as stuck as a  pig in a farm knowing they are about to fucking die.

Adding massive guesswork and then so many of them have no idea whatsoever about golf really but think they do? Clearing up >Hans confusing about golf swing techniques he was taught that was dead wrong still continues to this day.

You know what I do, use evidence, check facts, find measurements, change your mind if you find supporting material.

I find people so dug into various mechanics in golf cant. Its like having an amateur on the range telling you some advice and they slice the driver 100m and they cant hit a chip to save their life. I simply look at those and ask myself, if your not able to do things better why even give advice then?

What you believe you can do and can do is different and then the blinding effects of our mind kicks in and that’s when people have trouble to save themselves from the crap they spew. I got zero patience for such nowadays.

I simply say, no that’s wrong, when asked why I say, well you do that then you cant do this and hit a solid shot. Knowing what your doing also means you can do it on demand. Problem is then you cant explain that.

Watching a golf clinic is just time spent with someone hitting balls and their explanation will suck Absolut ass.

Explaining what your doing is basically impossible.

So what I do is to build a model that allows you to teach the proper stuff without an explanation. Knowing that when expose your then able to build the proper sequences and proper movements without needing an explanation allows you to learn trough useful feedback.

Having the world best software technology RBIm6 for the mind helps also obviously.

Still with the mine field golf is after so many decades of bad golf theory its not been easy to identify what works but its getting better and easier to do so.

Reaching the stars even with light speed take years even decades.

Once each thing that worked was identified, taught it build up towards a complete template. Next was to build a instruction set the model to transfer skills within. Building power was easy, the difficult part was the pivot movement and then habits one may have developed over years.

Once identified, then testing takes places and as I applied the solution today and check how it stands out. First was the habits kicking in then as those was identified and checked the movement patterns started to improved immediately. The skill set was transferred.

One big model to teach proper pivot and movements is a huge deal.

The Golf swing become simple to do.

While I have a bit to go still having a solid ground to go from makes all the difference.

Instructions etc, models built to teach you patterns that works to transfer skills means you can get a leap of skill improvement people always tell me is impossible to do and I still do that.

>Making the impossible – possible.

Building talent

Usually people tell me what I do and teach is not possible. I always thought that was funny since if I am able to do that then it is possible no matter whatever you may or not believe.

I found that true in every field as far, dyslexia? yea I fix dyslexics like a magician and science still don’t have a clue what I am doing and keep telling me what I am doing is impossible when it obviously, is not.

RBIm6, makes the zone accessible in every performance you want to do it. sport psychology changed forever.

Golf swing system that taught someone what someone else did do “Mike Austin” and then someone else was able to do that what he did, a first in golf btw history.

Truly a God I am or just a genius.

Take your pick.

I am at the stars shining

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Best instruction in the world by the Golf God (me that is)

Stenson goes against Adam Young and world leading bio mechanical experts and is more accurate and longer than what Adam Young states and those experts.

Listen to the Golf God I know

Golf swing Mechanics Learning RBIm Coaching RBIm Golf System 3.0 Tour Pro Performance

Most important thing for an amateur?

Learn about impact and what happens there.

Once you can do that your swing will change due to knowing what’s really going on will cure you from modern swing crap and compensations along the way.

So yea I start with the impact drill and identifying when your doing things right there first.

Golf swing Mechanics Learning Mike Austin Modeling golf RBIm Coaching RBIm Golf System 3.0 RBIm Modeling RBIm Templates strategy Tour Pro Performance

Technique vs feel and what happens and the path to self corrections

Watching PGA golf trainers means they teach with a technique focus or even explain what’s going on but neither of those makes it doable to do for you.

It just makes you have information.

Your then satisfied as you think you understand but in reality your not. You then find that out on the range and when playing and start to believe you didn’t understand the instruction.

Now your blaming yourself when the teaching was lacking.

That leads to a merry go round a never ending search for the magic secret Ben Hogan that some people believe he had.

Now the above video is a typical merry go round, you think its good and you understand but when testing you cant do it.

More information isn’t the solution.

What we want is to apply the instruction to match what happens so we can feel the difference.

I made a video about the power move for the inside group, it means to isolate the one needed thing people need to feel and master to make a pro level impact. Release happens by itself no need to manipulate the wrists or such.

However one need to feel the difference as when you do, its effortless.
When you do a golf swing its suppose to feel, effortless.

How do explain effortless with more information and even more technical know how what happens when you swing?

Answer is, you cant.

The instruction set is then worthless.

You need to relate the instruction set to can do and identify what your suppose to feel. I know some will say feel is different and it really isn’t.

What typically happens is that people when they swing effortlessly think its wrong due to them are being so sued to feel effort and make slow shitty swings all day for years so your tuned to shit. When your expose to pro level swinging your brain will immediately take this as wrong as it will feel wrong according to your beliefs and information about the subject.

Its why as a scientist I find it important to measure and find the evidence due to then one can correlate what one does to understand that this is how it should feel like. I can lucky enough correlate a lot to Hans and just ask him if he fells this or that and he have confirmed such over the years.

We need better definitions, isolate the movement and feel and then measure with evidence when one does it right and then understand this is how it feels like swinging like a pro, effortless.

Naturally one need to be able to correlate the feel vs measured result achieved and then update ones beliefs accordingly to accept the new found action. I find a lot of people are unable to accept the new result as it doesn’t fit their expected assumed reality what’s true with golf or any other sport for that matter.

The problem then are:

  • To much faith with information
  • To much faith in explaining what to do and technique.
  • Beliefs about what happens that isn’t happening.

Solutions are to understand:

  • Isolate the movement to feel the difference
  • Measure the result one achieved with feel and correlate and accept.
  • Repeat the movement to reach “can do” criteria.

Isolating in that way means once the individual can do it to feel the difference and replicate then they have a set reference to do which then will always work for them.

Sources to instructions

When I develop an instruction it may not be from one source alone but several and I look for those that are ball strikers, good such ones. You want to study good sources people that can do, if they can explain it well or not is secondary at least you know they are doing something that works.

Each improvement I do is put under the microscope and then taken from there and analyzed further to find if I understand the subject better to develop a better instruction. In the recent days I been researching and updated my instruction sets.

Once tested they go trough the same evaluation, as once tested one can either discard them or refine them.

I found the importance to a pro impact release pattern needs to be felt due to if you know that then you can feel if your not doing that.

Your then on the path of self corrections.

If you know what its like then you will adapt to start doing more correct movements.

Dan Shauger Golf pro Golf swing Mechanics Mike Austin Modeling golf RBIm Coaching RBIm Golf System 3.0 RBIm Modeling RBIm Templates RBIm6 strategy Tour Pro Performance William NZ

Once found gravity came to existence

Developing models creating blueprints “templates” and then applying the template “transfer of skills” allows the individual to reach Eureka the Nirvana of golf in this case as I developed such a blueprint.

Once I could do I also knew I could improve the template itself focusing on essence and developing a better instruction to the skill itself.

The Divine right as a Golf God.

The feeling of awesomeness knowing this is now so easy its a bit like cheating and none been able to do it in the history of golf?

Indeed a Golf God.


A special thanks to Mike Austin is in place.

Someone said, easier to see when Hans swings what Mike Austin did then when Mike did swing.

High praise indeed, thank you.

Golf swing Mechanics Performance RBIm Coaching RBIm Golf System 3.0 RBIm Templates The Mind Game in golf

summer arrived

Last Friday it snowed and then one week later its 14c and warm.

Great turnover.

However golf is delayed due to grass haven’t really grown lately so I expect golf courses to open in June. Provisional greens earlier.

Until then I done some backyard practice and are happy with the progress I made.

wedge imapct

I wished I could practice hours upon hours but sadly I cant. I just take the time to spend outdoors in the sun a bit, doing my walks and continue to rehab my calf’s as heat will help with that along the way.

Did a chipping video about mechanics.

Basics are length of back swing and adding speed. A normalized movement will help with consistency. If you add grip pressure then your judgement of distance is off.