Mike Austin throw mechanics

Mike was known to hit it long, current world record in a sanctioned PGA tournament is 540 yards at 64 years of age.

Mike taught what he did, so he thought but evidence suggest that no one was able to do what Mike did.

My modeling of Mike Austin’s motion is seen with Hans here the first in history of golf I successfully transferred the motion from one golfer to another.

In a modern golf swing your limited with your movement and that means your swing integrity of distance/accuracy gets a toll at around 270 yards and after that you be all over the place. Todays equipment allows people tour pros mainly to add more distance vs old tech. The amateur however did not benefit.

An amateur hit around 200-220 yards.
Tour pros top 100 around 290 yards.

That difference are due to a tour pro is able to swing within their swing mechanic and technique but are also causing back problems and dispersion issues.

Using a throw mechanic your using a natural body movement allowing for mass to pivot around an axis for speed.

Modern swing don’t allow that as you need to muscle it and adding a extra variable for dispersion.

Mike Austin mechanics allows

  • More distance with the same or better dispersion.
  • Better accuracy.
  • Timing is automatic and the same each time.
  • Consistency in a way you never knew was possible.
  • No back pains.
  • Leverage based pivot.
  • The tour pro can expect around a 350+ yard driving with less strain and better accuracy than previous swing.

The swing don’t make scores, its a tool to get the ball there but we have many skills in golf, putting, chipping, pitching and approach shots, course management and mental ability.

Mike Austin flew his ball over green in his 540 yard drive, didn’t make eagle or birdie. Hitting it long helps you keep more consistency but it wont do anything for your scoring. Jordan spieth for example if he shifted to this he be winning a lot more tournaments as he lost his Master title due to fighting his mechanics for 4 whole days.

With the RBIm swing system he wouldn’t had to.

It never goes wonky, you never loose the swing it always works.

Your modern swing always change tempo, timing shifts and you struggle with basic shots all the time.

Time for a change

Understanding elite level performance

Someone might say, Bob Rotella then and I would know, no he don’t understand. The placebo effect is real in his case. Super confidence? Yea ask him to explain that one and listen to guesswork.

To assist to work as a coach you want to understand what your about to do. The athlete just want to go out there and perform they don’t want to know every detail or be spoon fed metaphors.

What happens is your assumption and estimate of what your about to do is getting in your way of your performance. When that interfere with the result your doing you end up in a boot loop. A never ending cycle trying to solve what’s going on.

Utilizing RBIm6 one can resolve that both before and when performing if needed.

Golfers like Jordan spieth for examples struggled with his mechanics for 4 days in the Masters then hit 2 balls in water loosing the title. Once he hit those water holes he played better, his mechanics suddenly improved. If you have better mechanics helps to elevate mental issues when performing but isn’t a solution.

A change of focus did happen for Jordan but it wasn’t enough to regain his game and score.

if your able to understand what to do to focus on allowing your performance reach zone performance every time you go play then that will also help with scoring. If Jordan Spieth had known RBIm6 then what did happen day one with his mechanics would have made him change his focus and played better.

What happens is your assumption and estimate of what your about to do is getting in your way of your performance. When that interfere with the result your doing you end up in a boot loop. A never ending cycle trying to solve what’s going on.

Once you train yourself to perform your able to have that sharp laser like focus the very best people have in any sport they seem to be able to transcend their performance delivering a high level performance every time they go play like Ronaldo in Real Madrid in football scoring goals and deliver all the time.

Understanding what goes in is a needed thing due to otherwise your stuck adapting to bob Rotellas instructions to make them work and they don’t really work due to placebo effect is real there. When they work its due to the individual believe in them which again is placebo but then when stuff happens as your loose your game like Rory Mcilroy does as he is a client to Bob Rotella the answer then while performing and then loosing the cut?

No where to be seen.

Beliefs wont work long term nor does placebo as at some point the system cant hold together the adaption and then your fucked.

Jordan spieth vs the golf God


Even this early, I am in a better position already, 2 days in with the template I developed than a top 5 player in the world.

You may understand why Jordan couldn’t hit a ball for 4 days naturally in the Masters he lost with two balls in the water with a wedge. The below image explains it.

jordan s

why the heel and what about those toe girls?

There are toe girls swinging like this

They end up doing the following, on the toe at impact, arising left side due to they are out of position before impact. Need timing and need coordination to difficult to do for any human on the planet. Modern compensational swing.

The best players tend to be able to stand on the heel.

If you think logically it make sense, if your on the toe front foot it means you cant add more speed than you have. The center of balance is also more forward etc…

You will find those that hit it long tend to be on the heel at and after impact.

There is no toe or front front weight shift there.

Many tour pros however have a toe or front foot weight. Tiger during the Sean Foley 5 year social fuck it experiment show Tiger doing something incredibly difficult. It ruined his timing even to this day and worse likely his career.

In a golf swing we have a start then a transition and then impact. The idea is that if you look what you look like after impact that also shows what happens before impact with the speed and force.

Jordan, his left foot has lifted sideways, his arms has pushed ahead and he recently also worked to rotate his hands and arms which complicate his swing more and likely will end his recent year progress.

Hans has a balanced point here. No wasted energy to compensate. direct and efficient. Less timing needed as you rely on natural instinct athletically and knowing what to do to make that work.

Jordan’s body is going in 4 different directions, up, to the left (rotate) arms going forward, and steering the club head while this is going on to maintain balance is simply not possible to do consistently.

Hans has one direction happening.

The simplicity allows a more consistent tee to green game.

To understand Jordan spieths 12 hole fail in the Masters

The picture shows he steers the club trough impact.


Its A compensation, its way easy to then block it out right with 30% dispersion as he did in the Masters now and then.

Look at this shoulders they separated to keep the club head as it is.

Not even Jordan can do good with that crap.

swing technique and force

jordan 1

To this point, Jordan has rotated his whole body.
Here he keep doing that and then start to steer his upper body separate his arms from the body, loosing speed, adding timing as his left foot tilts up. (slows down)
jordan 2

At this point he extends his separation that’s why his left foot tilts putting pressure on his lower back and twist his spine.

If you go back and check in slow motion you see a slow down before the first image. That’s why he hits it 30 yards at least shorter than he could do.

Force is easy to understand, take a club and let it fall straight down as you hold it.
Now add speed to the club falling straight down, that’s adding speed to gravity. Now, as the club falls down and you add speed, try to steer the club more left or right as your adding speed. Doing so, you find you have to slow down and your need more muscle power to move the club left or right due to the force you applied simply becomes to big to handle and adds timing and slows down massively.

So Jordan slows down as he has to. He then adds timing as he needs to steer the club. Kelvin thinks that’s a good idea that the held off release is a good one to do.

It isn’t as it means the player has a compensation/s going on.

Jordan’s force goes,
around to the left
forward to steer
and he is going up with his whole body to timing that movement.

Seems easy to understand this swing technique suck ass right?

That he is able to score is in spite of his technique and shows how good as a player he is mastering the mind focus in spite of highly complex and limited swing movements.

The RBIm swing mechanics does this differently.



At this point Hans isn’t slowing down he is adding speed without steering. No held off needed as it’s a free release.


At this point there been no separation of his arms and body, its all in sync delivering efficiency to the impact.
His spine and lower back has no twisting going on either.


When you hit it 300+ yards you don’t want to steer the club at any point. If you hit a 8i into the 12 green in Masters you don’t want to steer as then you can actually steer it so much you hit it into the water and loose the title.

Steering means you loose speed and adds timing. Rory steers, Jordan steers, Jason steers etc…

Now imagine a game you go play without having to worry if your timing is on or off for the day. You can focus on hitting the ball where you want it instead of fighting your mechanics all day as any tour pro needs to do. They are good in spite of their mechanics. Many of them learned to hit within their integrity so they have basically one shot and if they try to change that shot they often loose their game.

Has Happen to Luke Donald, Martin Kaymer, Mike Weir, Tiger Woods etc…

Golf isn’t complex as its physics applied but when you add conceptual theory that isn’t working as they do for you with modern golf swing theory, your basically fucked.

Look at dechambeu, he plays really well and suddenly people try to explain why to his club heights, or his swing. Once Hans play on tour he will be of the same scrutiny and Kostas and Faldo will try to explain trough his mechanics and that’s why he play great golf.

Simpler mechanics means less timing and that allows you to skip the technique route and focus on the game. To make sure your focus is on the task and what you can do.

Jordan lost the title due to he had to fight his swing mechanics 4 days in a row, he don’t know why either or he had fixed it with his trainer.

I know why but then he didn’t ask me or hired me.

Whatever Harmon, Leadbetter, Como, Foley, kelvin, Monte, Iteachgolf is teaching you or others, it will be too complex for your mind and body to handle without adding slow downs, timing and injury. Once you understand that you can actually free your mind and body from bad teaching and go on the route to simplified mechanics your game will become on track to your potential.

What to do when the experts are wrong?

As an amateur in golf your out of luck.

Monte for example said this, “a smooth swing is a fallacy.” He stated Ernie els swing is smooth?

No it isn’t.

So why does people keep on reading what he says and teach when he is obviously off his meds?

Do you see him do the toe thing here as many tour pros do?

Now contrast this with smooth and efficiency as a golf swing.

What people don’t understand is the experts in golf don’t know what they talk about. They just believe they do when I point out the evidence then people cant grasp the failure of their own reasoning.

Efficiency cant be created by a modern golf swing that’s impossible.
Smooth is the same thing.

Jordan spieth would have won the masters with better mechanics as he fought his for 4 days in a row and in the end it become to much to control when he thought he had the win down.

Jordan afterrory after

Jordan and Rory both separated after impact, none of their swing coaches knows what to do to fix it nor does Monte.

You can believe whatever people want to believe in golf but that don’t make it true nor efficient. Its just random noise from people that don’t do science.

For example here is a list of things Chris Como teach in biomechanics and I ask why cant he fix the Tiger physical pattern then?

I can and I understand why Tiger hurt his back.

The issue as usual if you don’t understand that experts actually are experts that believe that what they study is efficient when it cant be then your as stuck as they are without knowing it.

You find that no golf trainer can explain this,

Hans after

as it’s the best position you can find yourself after impact, both in balance and with efficient mechanics. His integrity is still intact here which it isn’t with either Jordan or Rory or Tiger.

Can you fathom that Luke Donald nr1 in the world wanted to add 30 more yards and his swing coach made him loose 2-4 shots vs the field can you imagine that you were nr1 and then wanted to be better and then lost 2 to 4 shots vs the field that means, 8 to 16 shots a competition and that’s why you don’t see Luke Donald at the top anymore he lost his game thanks to his swing coach.

He hired someone to make him better to do better but he just cant and the evidence is strikingly there.

Experts as it wont matter if the study they do is from a tour pro swing you know that’s already wrong there before they even started to study whatever they find will still suck ass. If I study shit it wont matter how I dress it up, its still going to smell.

Kinesiology then?

It’s a study of how muscles and bones work, well it wont explain either how Mike Austin swing either as shown.

If you throw a stick at someone you react to the force. You also intended to throw it for some reason maybe its a dog and you play fetch. How do you analyze that environment as the dynamic interaction clearly have many variables but basically its throw stick, fetch. Do you get a lesson how to throw a stick? Naturally not.

So at some point in golf some people become more vocal than others they offered theory and the player was good enough to overcome the limitations they had and then that become more common as others then started to believe that was the thing.

Isn’t that interesting say?

How many isn’t so taken by the legend Ben Hogan that they today think its a superior way to swing a golf club and still no one has been able to copy what Ben did for more than 60 years. Isn’t that enough evidence that something is going on?

Isn’t the evidence enough that Mike Austin couldn’t teach what he himself did?

Its not easy to be doing what I do due to I know when I clarify and define this then becomes really difficult to handle for the people believing in fairy tales.

Not for me obviously, but then again I know the secret to the golf swing.

swing advice from Jordan Spieth….


First, its about the worst swing a tour pro can have.
That he is able to play so good isn’t about the swing and he is struggling as he did for 4 days in the Masters and lost the title due to it and his thinking he already won it before the 12 hole.

His dispersion was 20% or more now and then. (that’s not good in any book)

Hitting a 155 yard shot means if you have a 10% dispersion you hit it 7/8 yard to the left or right of your aim. Jordan’s shot at the hole 12 was bigger in margin than 10% dispersion. That’s a huge deal that he cant hit it within a better margin.

I quote “There are two things to notice regarding my head position. The first is, despite a lot of lower-body thrust, my head looks to be in the position it would be at address. If it didn’t remain pretty stable during the swing, center-face contact would be a serious challenge. The second thing is, I appear to be looking at the ground behind the clubhead. This proves I’m “staying behind the ball,” as teachers say. It helps me square the clubface at impact and sling the club out to the ball.” end quote.

Jordan his dead wrong about that as he has to steer his club head trough impact to not hit it left. (hook)

His trainer states this to him “My hips have really rotated through, but you can see here that the upper half of my body is not going as hard—it’s basically facing the ball. Also, my right shoulder is still substantially lower than my left. Cam says these positions create a conduit for moving the energy I’ve created during the downswing out to the clubhead for maximum speed.” end quote.

His trainer don’t know what he talks about.

Maybe time to move on Jordan to what works?

What was the mistake Jordan did?

He made 4 birdies in a row, then he changed his game plan, lost the title as that combined with hitting it all over the map made him loose it.

So you just made 4 birdies, you also hit it wild why change your game plan to play conservatively?

Now and then people make silly things, Rory did the same mistake when he lost it totally 2011. He changed his game plan and lost it.

Your system is now geared towards a different play but your not capable to play like that due to change it while you play like you do is like what people do when they play well like about to shoot 59, they change their minds focus during the game and loose their game.

Most likely Jordan leading for so long, making 4 birdies was that he made it, he already had the title down and playing conservatively would now make it par in and secure the title. However he couldn’t play par all week without pushing everything so why reason like that?

People seldom make informed decisions.

He should have known better but that seems the likely scenario, he thought he made it, changed his game, lost the title and now wont understand why he did what he did.

His game plan changed but his capability what he can do wasn’t enough to support the game.

That’s not a look of a happy guy dressing up the champion

When the pressure is on as it can be, you want simpler mechanics not more complex ones or how to loose the Masters title….

Jordan spieth just did what tour pros can do when its pressure with complex mechanics and your timing is off, he shown 20% dispersion earlier and then disaster as he now did a 7!!! on a par 3 hole (12 hole) and lost the tournament.


His mechanics are subpar.



He has to steer (held off) compensation and if he gets pressured he cant maintain integrity. Its to difficult to keep it up in play when your timing is slightly off for the days and weekend.

Kelvin from Hawaii might think a held off release is good but it just is a sign of compensated swing mechanics but he don’t get that.

You seen him do a few birdies, lead by 5 shots but he haven’t been able to keep it up and he just made mistakes by mistakes and then it did catch him in the end.

How to loose Masters when your mechanics cant support your game.

The Jordan way

With RBIm mechanics behind him for support he would have won it.