Lydia Ko and her future

She did a few changes recently, she changed clubs, she fired Leadworse and she fired her caddie.

Leadworse didn’t listen to her, she complained about her swing and he shrugged her off, so obviously he didn’t listen to the player, as a coach that is a bad habit and she fired him.

Good job Lydia.

This season she is struggling, she is a 250 yard driver from tee, the best are around 290 so she has a 40 yard disadvantage. It means she has a 4i and ariya for example a 9i and however good you are that’s not going to work out for Lydia in the long run, she needs more distance.

I can add more to her tee shot, add some accuracy also.

Leadworse said he added 20 yards to her distance, with the A-swing, that wasn’t true.

so what should she do?

She may get back to her form, she may work on things that needs to settle.

However if she really wanted she could come and visit me, I could explain the differences, make her understand why this is better as she could feel the difference and watch the result.

2 days Lydia is all it will take to get you going.

You be having 30+ yards more from tee, you be making easier approach shots and that will with the rest of what I teach and do make you better than you ever been.

Like this


and this


So Lydia, lets talk

Lydia Ko should we be worried?


her recent performance has been, underwhelming.

Yes she did change caddie, she changed club brands and she fired Leadworse.

She haven’t been close to win yet. she did play decent in one tournament with no bogies but she currently seems to have putting issues.

Easy to fix for the golf God, give me a call Lydia.

3 tournaments and Lydia Ko been out of it

is the break from Leadbetter, firing the caddie, changing clubs and whatever else making Lydia loose  her game?

7 shot off this tournament shot a 72 to finish.

Her scores are off and not even sure she be able to fix her stuff that’s going on this year.

Lydia Ko first 2017 start


Iron game off. (not like her)
Driving off distance wise except third day.
Putting off a bit also.

Guess her swing is causing issues in her game atm make her second guess her performance.

Can an amateur become a tour pro? or the question of hitting your best shot, always

Thedanplan failed with science backing him.
What was his mistake?

Foremost it was Mechanics.

Modern swing theory wont make you hit it long and accurately, well to a point you can hit it relatively accurate but then you meet a tour pro and you realize they are 10 shot better than you are. You see them hit a 4i 230 or so yards dead on the flag.

Now you understand you lack distance and precision to pull that off.

That did happen to thedanplan, so he tried to hit longer and his lower back crashed.

tw 02 17

Tiger left 2017 and on the right from 2002 his prime.
Its like two different players.

Now Tiger is fucked due to his body cant handle the swing anymore.

As an amateur you need distance from tee. Once you can do that you need accuracy and margin for error to create consistency. Or in other words, you want to make the shot you can make not the one you want to make.

If your skill set isn’t good enough to do that then you need to work to make it doable as so. Analyzing performance means you need to be able to match stats. If you cant then its difficult to be competitive.

  • Stats and meeting them, distance, accuracy etc..
  • Course management.
  • Margin for error and consistency.

Main drawback for thedanplan was distance and accuracy from tee.

When I did study the golf swing I choose Mike Austin, he was plenty long.
So once mechanics is there to hit it long, then you shall shoot 60 all day long right?

Well scoring is about consistency and margin for error. For example Lydia Ko and Morgan pressel went head to head, and I said, Lydia wins with 5 shots. 18 holes and 5 shots between two tour pros? seriously dude? Lydia made a bogie on 18, Pressel a birdie and Lydia won with 3 shots. Why I said 5 shots is that pressel is inconsistent due to she can loose a shot on any swing she makes and Lydia not so much.

If we analyze what a player needs to do is to have enough distance from tee and that means 290 yards. If your not able to average 290 yards and a 70% fairway hit your going to struggle as a male tour pro.

If you can do that and have enough margin for error you be meeting the stats criteria.

Short game is the easy part as hitting a wedge x meter is easy, putting is basically about green reading as the stroke wont be important as any tour pro will have less than a half degree on their stroke. Why they miss putts? Green reading guesswork.

Next is course management to make sure you hit the shot you can do.

Let me give an example, I have 140m left and can hit a 9i to green but flag stands short and I don’t want to hit to short due to the green edges are not a good place to leave it short, so a 8i would be the better option due to hit it a few longer than needed and let it spin back or dead stop. Now what shot I can do decides what one to use, if I hit the 9i I enter more options to what can happen its less margin for error. The 8i be the better choice normally. Depending on the shot to make as let me say I can make 8 or so 9i the way I want then I could use a 9i and be fine with it but if my shot skill is like 3 out of 10 then 8i be the go to club in such a situation.

Now, while the distance and clubs and decision is slightly different for a tour pro the same principle applies. Then obviously their mechanics will be a factor as any tour pro will be limited by their mechanics accuracy. So in each shot there are many things going on from shot skills to what one can or want to do.

Then the mental edge to be able to hit your best shot everytime or not comes in play.

If you could hit the best shot you can make with every tee shot and fairway and on green etc..then you be playing a different game vs someone else in the same game.

Hans played in the snow/rain yesterday and said just “straight shots”. He didn’t think much of it until after as it felt easy playing. That’s the difference in perception you have as your playing in the zone as when you do, each shot feels, simple and easy. The main difference is when you can use the system to enter the zone as a reference to the shot you need to make the best shot you can make will then happen. That takes some adjustments to accept for the individual as they are now doing something they often will tell is impossible to do. (still doing it) Its due to the new approach I teach allows that to happen but it also goes against what people assume is true and doable and even when Hans is doing this now he has to go trough the acceptance bit as it will be so easy to do and then people then to have a lot of beliefs assuming how performance is suppose to be and when faced with something they cant explain a lot of people wont be able to continue to do the new. Even when they tell me they want to do it.

I had golfers hit perfect shots in 20 minutes and they were like high due to them just did it again and again. To then be able to do it more consistently and accept your doing it due to your skill set and shot making is now pushing the best you can do often many gets into the hard to accept as it goes against what everyone do and believes in the field itself.

I can take a dyslexic, and then they are a normal reader when I am done with them. The field of science professors etc..tells them and me what I did and the result they achieved, is not possible to achieve. So how then are you to argue with retards in science like professors when they deny the evidence even when its there?

I tried to tell some of my students this that trying to fit the catmodel dyslexia solution for school and science is a waste of time due to them cant accept the result achieved as they cant do it themselves.

Golf or any other sport like Tennis etc..don’t believe some thing are possible and then as I ask, well if the talent code works like the old Russian lady with tennis adepts, why isn’t everyone of her students then become so good of her work produce the talent?

Information is missing and it was one of those I investigated and built a model to create talent or in this case to always hit your best shot you can do. Then your average consistency and margin for error will then be unmatched by any of your fellow competitors as they wont be able to come close to what your doing.

For me working with the mind and performance and using concepts people don’t even know exist can take some time to adjust to as I speak about things like unconscious in a very upfront conscious way. When you lack know how about the subject its then easy to dismiss it as it cant be true as if it is then everybody would do it, right?

I never liked guesswork and when you have someone like Tiger broken his back with Sean Foley third generation golf swing and never got the message after 5 years due to his body couldn’t do it, consistently.

If its to difficult, no matter how much you practice, it wont work out so good.

Distance + accuracy = Swing integrity
Modern swing theory its around 270 yards
RBIm swing mechanics its around 320 yards.

Short game = easy enough no matter the mechanics.
Putting = green reading skills and all tour pros today guess.
RBIm Putting = 100% accurate green reading skill no guess needed.

Consistency + margin for error = make the shot you can make.
RBIm talent development program = Hit your best shot every time.

This forms the baseline for the RBIm golf swing system

Advice seems simple enough,

Match distance + accuracy on tour or better.
Margin for error + consistency the shot you can make.
Putting with green reading skill.
Hit your best shot, always.

Even with that you still need ambition, time, practice and patience.

Thedanplan did this basically 24/7 and it just shows how difficult it can be for an amateur to reach tour pro levels. Then we can add, time, money, handle various qualifier and gain enough experience and we can add 3 to 5 years to even get going to enough level to play as so.

The secret to the golf swing found

For me obviously not a secret.

Equations are as wiki state:

In mathematics, an equation is a statement of an equality containing one or more variables. Solving the equation consists of determining which values of the variables make the equality true.

When one defines you have a core principle showing up into the pattern so any swing is the same but the expression of that core principle is often different.

It means that Mike Austin swing is the same as Ben Hogan’s swing 1948/49 and 1953, it’s the same as the modern swing like Tiger woods. However to understand each difference between those swings you cant do today with any education within PGA.

I can then examine whatever drills people do and the outcome accordingly to the secret and find if its even close or not to teach the principle or not. Its immediate as I don’t need to calculate things anymore, I just know. Its then what some would say internalized as an equation expressed in behavior, a model simply.

Each project I done I learned more about how things work in regard to consciousness and understanding about the perceptions.

The tour pro can have the swing Hans have and I got this question what I do with Hans as I work with him, I don’t, as when asked hit the ball where you want then ok I am done. There is no fixing needed as Tiger does like Lydia Ko does like anyone on tour does.

It wont fail you Ever

What I do is to ask questions, then from the feedback devise a test and then implement action.

What I do to teach this golf secret wont be disclosed to the public.