Its a trick…

Many think practice makes them do things better. But that isn’t true.

Anything we do the brain figures out what to do to coordinate things if your able to have a good idea where your going. Doing a skateboard trick or learning to juggle is the same, its a point when the brain, kicks into gear.

When that happens your able to almost gets it done, you juggle a few but its not automatic but your nearly getting it. At some point the brain cracks it open it figures out how to coordinate.

When that happens all the work, the frustration people usually have ´vanish as you can just do it now.

It never goes away, it never needs practice anymore.

Its like anything else we do, we can just do it.

But people don’t train that way in golf, they teach you to focus on things, practice drills and what not. It messes with the trick.

You work skills, you apply variation and at some point your brain can bring this into awareness. In physical work Ross wife does the ability to move the muscles exactly for cerebral palsy kids allows them at some point to reach a can do awareness their brain reach a high enough signal value so the brain can notice you to this is how to move this leg as this.

I long suspected all that work can be done fully mentally for the cerebral palsy due to how mirror neurons works and be less work and pain related but to do such a study would take time and a lot of money. Its an interest I have.

Anyhow, once enough variation been applied with skills you will be able to start doing things as soon your brain kicks into the coordination.

It took this guy a year to learn to ride a bike the other way.

Its not so easy but once you figured the trick out, it is

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Golf swing learning

Learning loop golf swing

My work been focused on developing golf instructions a lot due to the many misconceptions that runs in golf.

The recent one will allow you to develop a pro level golf swing, in testing atm

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Template applied. 13 July criteria reached, “can do”.

started 27 April or so.

Next to adjust a few things, tweak and reinforce.

rob ume range 13 juli

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Did Ben Hogan have a secret?

Don’t think so.

Question what did he do then?

Myswingevolution states he swings like Hogan did, and my reply would be, well Hogan went down at impact, your going up, not the same then.

You react to force in a golf swing the same way you train to ride a bike and after a while if all you need to do is react you have superb ball striking. Ben Hogan, Moe Norman for sure had that.

10 weeks later I arrived at a finished template instruction set.

Its a bit like having 100 puzzles and you only have one image to fit the bits which means 99 puzzle bits isn’t fitting. A lot of work then needed to make the bits fit the framework.

Tuesday the 4 of July 2017 I understood my old reference, once identified I knew this I don’t do anymore. Then as expected I had to start over so I did on Thursday the 6 July as I applied the advice I did for Hans a couple of weeks ago.

I started to have good swings.

Played and had my best round in years and my ball striking went to something extraordinary. The day after today that is I analyzed a bit what I did do and how it worked and its a simple reacting to the force movement. Knowing that also helps to keep on doing that reacting and build a habit out of it. Explaining the movement and what to do is next.

Making a video later on in what to do for the students I have.

Copy or mimic is easy but then you don’t often understand the forces people react to especially if they have a ball striking that people notice as extraordinary.

I guess its the same with people that are happy all the time as they don’t really understand other people becoming depressed, sad or down. For others they cant understand how someone is able to do that.

Modeling is a way to look behind the scenes of magic to understand how it works and then train oneself to do magic oneself.

Golf swing Mechanics Learning

some good golf sources

Michael Broderick
study cmotion
60 year old

gscribing, he went from amateur to a +2 handicap

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Code instruction set transfer skills in the golf swing

Made significant progress there to analyze what muscles needed to do things in what order. It has allowed a more specific sequence to be trained and one can then position oneself properly in the transition phase which is the most difficult thing to get right in golf.

I made improvement directly once I started to do that and transition and down swing is now getting continuous improvement by the day.

This also has shown me why its been so difficult with moving properly in the golf swing and why drills and concepts people talk about often isn’t near what happens.

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Getting closer

Modeling building models is a bit like a huge puzzle, you have the image but then you have so many bits that doesn’t belong there that are extra and you need to sort those bits out that don’t belong in the framework of that puzzle image and its result/behavior.

Applying a template is a lot about sorting out what dont work and what does not work.

In Bruce Lees words, “Absorb what is useful, discard what is useless and add what is specifically your own”

The golf swing is similar to martial arts, we have our own style our own body build and our own timings. Today I made another such sorting happening, identifying what to do what worked and did some nice improvements.


Improvement happens

Create variation for difference, analyze difference old and new, identify what your suppose to do, repeat it.


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When you don’t know and want to know how to do

Running the template means I can focus solely on what works, adjust what I do but then I may encounter where I don’t know how to do things. Then its time to figure out what to do.

Last night I had that moment.

I watched myself hit a 4i and was thinking ok that’s not it. So what to do then that’s the way to do it?

So I realized something that been bugging me for a while and then as I understood I had to go outside and test things and then I had a problem.

So How do I do that when I cant do that?

I apply variation of feedback. Your about to re-learn what to do but to do so you want to test a few variations, attend the feedback and adjust what your doing when the difference is there to know what to do. Then applied variance takes place again until the shoe fits when the movement works so one is doing it.

One then can do it, knows how to do.

However at this point one may even not realizing that as it may not feel, correct.

Your old habits, familiar feelings comfort may with how memory works interfere and draw you away from what works.

It happens to everyone. As I watched the 4i mechanics I was like, ok I reversed back here, need to fix that even though I started to alter and change my back swing I knew I needed to explore something as I wasn’t doing things properly.

So last night I had this moment and got the message, I need more variance and fix that as I finally understood this what I did do, wasn’t working as it should.

I discovered something new.

Today becomes then a day at the range to uncover the missing information as my job or practice today isn’t about hitting a ball but to relate to what I am suppose to do and discover that and then I find how it works out with the ball.

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