Unconscious installation or discovery method?

The Bandler way, teach by stories. No idea what is taught.

The discovery method by Grinder teach patterns by exposing people to patterns.

Personally I think both suck at their jobs.

While teaching is a nice interest of mine I found that if you teach distinctions like pattern detection by saying this is the pattern (demo) then continue to teach and do (practice) gain feedback from that practice and further nuance the pattern and the skill involved you get it quick.

However using the story telling we aint done yet, using the discovery same thing.

Those ways (story/discovery) takes to long.

Using what I learned about the Talent Code by David Coyle, investigated and did I found out to teach highly complex skills in a matter of minutes. Sure some research may be needed in a new setting for me, like skiing or jumping or running but once done the skill/model taught allows unprecedented enhancement.

Why did Hans change the grip again?

The new body movement would cause a steeper move so he could utilize the overlap grip to full extent. I foresee saw that and told him that he may need to change the grip from ten finger full to overlap or such. Took 2 weeks before he got that message and as he did that it felt, natural.

I expect a 10-20% speed increase during spring. (he wasn’t short before this) 25-50 yards with the same effort.

Hopefully he can bring the scoring down with that.

11 in a row, great job Mikaela.

Mikaela shiffrin won again her 11 in a row in slalom.

I know, people will say she is talented and better due to her talent and when you broken down how you create talent as I have I smile when I hear her competition saying shit like that.

How to become better?

Start over.

C.K the stand up comedy guy did just that, after years of saying the same jokes he decided each new year he start fresh, new writing, new jokes. It was as noted hard and difficult at first but then today he is maybe one of the top 3 stand up comedy guys.

I have 6 versions of RBIm.

Back years ago I had this workshop, a lady was trembling so I asked her if she wanted to come on stage for a demo, so I run at the time the NOTNLP on her, writing things on the table, she had been seeking an experience of enlightenment for 30 years. She was shaking in her boots.

She was terrified.

Five minutes later she was sitting there and then tells me, but I don’t have my experience?

Yes I know that comes next.

If your terrified that step towards enlightenment cant be done right across.

However, I had that more than 10 years ago, so why start over?

For me it was a blend of, having clients getting better without me able to explain why, no NLP could cover what I did as I was able to do stuff people in NLP don’t even know existed.

I collected those moments when I faced an unexplainable thing or when whatever I did didn’t work that Bandler said and taught me would work when it did not.

To become better, start over.

Yes you will struggle, you make mistakes but at some point if you keep doing it something happens due to the brain is wired that way with the work we do it also streamlines the work we do over time.

Its like doing repetitions like AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA then BBBBBBB and then CCCCCCCCCCC and while it may be more complex to do Acb,bbcaacb etc…at some point your able to do that but the interesting thing is your now more flexible which means you handle new information better due to your trained not just repeating a rote movement but actually trained to adapt.

That feedback of the adaption ones does when struggling will streamline and be more efficient as it does for dyslexics for example as once they are not dyslexics anymore after my intervention their brain is now smarter due to having to do more work but then when not needing to do that struggling they are freeing up more brain power to other things now.

so, start over.

The lady got her experience and waiting 30 years to have it in 15 minutes was I guess, special.

seize the day

Many believe they need practice and a lot of it to become good. It’s the way it is.
True, you need dedicated work to get it done but at some point we have to ask us this;

if all the people do dedicated work and practice
why don’t people then succeed more?

I had a short talk with Hans, he said, well I make this work and then and then it isn’t.

So he assumed and believe he just need more dedicated practice.

Not really.

Either you can do it or not. If you can do it partly but not all the time which is the common issue for any elite level athlete either its Roger Federer or Sarah sjöström they all face that moment when they don’t really improve anymore their performance curve goes as now and then it works and then it doesn’t.

Let say you want to do something extraordinary.

That you might think, well that’s not possible really to do for me.
If you look at stuff that people done a lot of people said the same thing before they managed to do it.

They did so by attending what was happening with measurement, penicillin was a mistake but they never say this, why did the individual then take notice that the experiment had failed but took notice that something else was going on and didn’t just you know wash the tubes?

I bet similar mistakes has happen when the individual had failed to notice the extraordinary.

When we grow as an individual those that does do measure things of difference

Even when what happens is outside the rules and criteria of what is suppose to happen.

Growing, doing things better means discomfort now and then, making mistakes is a big part of my work for example, I failed a lot but doing so I also learned what’s a key point in what works.

RBIm 6 for example is the result of years of work I done.

If I was for example already a famous world traveling seminar guru you be reading this work in a magical way out there.

Measure and evidence as people tend to think its all needed to believe its going to work the way they assumed things to work but that is one of the biggest traps out there. It did happen to NLP and its field.

To grow to go on means discomfort it means making mistakes on the onward path and at some point you reached that extraordinary and can seize the day.

Most cant hold onto such experiences as they are there and then fade away and gone much like that zone experience that athletes find themselves having now and then but cant produce at demand.

I always do the zone its just there. I done it for more than 20 years now. No matter if I am ill or not as its just there.

Contextual forms with RBIm 6 allows for unprecedented human experiences.


Time to seize the day

A question of groups and organizations, Since Chris asked.


A hired consultant is more or less hired on beliefs based upon what’s expected which often is, we hired them before, we like them, a friend hired them.

Normally we ask us this, do we want a change of direction in the company or not?

Most re-organizations is just changing logistics not the way the attitudes and behaviors that happens inside the organization works. So basically people pay consultants to make a day or two to blow of steam to do team building or whatever its called but the question remains did this change the behaviors or not?

A recent question from Hans as he also works in a company when he isn’t golfing as he said the current way problem solving is the customer calls in a problem, they send out a guy to check and fix and his boss was happy with that. Hans said, well I know this and how the system works so we could implement a system that allow us to fix problems in advance.

However his boss didn’t like that as the current system worked so well.

I just said, make a PM with the financials of difference. Calculate the cost of sending one man like this over a period of 6 month or so and the new solution. Later he got a task and was assigned to be a boss to a team to do just this.

Making decisions about risk and cost is a companies two main things. Obviously what happens is that people cant decide objectively if we are hunted by fear and stress and when we have such going on we will short side ourselves as whatever we do works so well.

Apple worked well also, they fired Steve Jobs.

Next thing Apple was about to be gone as a company a few years later as they fired the guy responsible for everything innovative. Jobs was re-hired and then Iphone, ibook, ipod came and history was made.

Change has to happen or else we will be stuck with mind set that isn’t real.

While it may work ok now the market may have changed in a way that the company cant handle as for example Nokia, Eriksson atm are cell phone companies big ones that are soon gone and Samsung and Apple and Goggle or such taking over, so what did happen?

One guy in Eriksson said this to me many years ago, I can drop my phone on the floor and it wont break….the Nokia one will. I smiled, that’s why I buy a new one if that happens.

The main thing about a phone is the sim card and nowadays the cloud storage the phone isn’t anything else than a connector to that. If the new phone made isn’t fast made meaning the overall design of a phone went from 2 years to 1 year to 6 months to 3 months and ide ally a new phone should basically be produced in a month.

Now the question asked from Chris was this “Any thoughts on expanding this to groups or organizations of people?”.

People don’t want to change and this goes as true to any organization and company.

So then what’s needed is a way to build new on a constant basis while also staying within its own brand and that also might change over time due to we were a phone company and now are a service company Nokia and Eriksson both didn’t understand just that the world changed the markets changed but they didn’t.

What happens if you provide a product that suddenly people don’t want for the same reasons anymore?

I know it sucks.

People used to believe we needed abc80 here to learn BASIC programming in schools that was btw before WYSISWYG what you see is what you get programming. Now its like a car, get a license, get gas, do some maintance and you don’t need to build a car from scratch anymore.

So one need feedback.

Are people buying things for the same reasons or have they changed them?

People over 25 don’t change often many who still use a landline phone are not 15 or 20 years old they are 60+.

However kids change based on trends and those can be happening in hours and days that then have an impact on companies years later.

My product which basically is a set of particular skills and thanks to movies like Taken with Liam Nesson people can understand how a soft set of skills can bring a bunch of bad guys down or to open eyes to something brand new.

Change is the only constant we have but our brain isn’t made to track that our brain is created trough evolution to stay the same even if things around as such isn’t. So for us when we take a walk we don’t think we are traveling trough time to that next stop and that’s the future as we think the future is always ahead of us somewhere and we never catch up but we are always catching up but we cant perceive that as our way of perceiving limit us from just that.

So a company can change as well as a organization to meet demands not even on the markets yet but to do so we require feedback and measurement to provide the evidence and then have people that understand that and wont do what people normally does, suspend the evidence as it does not fit the ideal belief people have.

Nothing wrong with ideals, dreams, hope, faith and destiny as without that we still be in caves but the same system that brought us here are also providing us with limits as the gap between actual happening with facts and behaviors vs what we want to believe which means people will falsify the feedback to suit their ideal rather than change.

That is true with a individual, an organization and a company.

To make change happen as natural as anything else we need a new system in place to know where we are and where we are going and in between that adapt to the measurable feedback.

The feedback itself will then be able to steer decisions and actions needed to make days, months and years ahead of when the company normally would. Once one can understand that you then adapts the system people used for ages like Steve Jobs, like Richard Branson and others.

The story goes, Branson was flying to island of man and the flight was cancelled and no more flights was made, Branson went and hired a plan to fly their, then went and sold tickets in the airport to pay for it.

So one could ask, why didn’t Branson do what everyone else did?
Book a hotel, complain, whine and whatever else?

Why did he go and hire a plane he couldn’t afford?

The airport and the system there had no offers. There was no plane going there. Why even go hire a plane then?

The feedback from the current system in the airport was enough for a lot of other people however they were also ready and able to pay him when he offered a solution.

The closed down airport didn’t stop Branson.

It did lead him to find a solution that worked.

What we do today in the current day and the next following days or weeks are the result of what has been true before. At some point that will stop new feedback to enter the system as a habit forms with the company and its organization.

Once that has happen the system it self becomes like cold syrup you know the syrup should move when poured but it does not do that due to its too cold and failing to realize that means nothing really changes.

The camera industry went from analogue cameras to digital in a very short time. Those that went ahead and foresee that development they changed their core business in time.

Many didn’t.

In recent years, Yahoo. Big and nr1 once and soon gone.
Netscape the web browser, once nr1, now gone.

Google for example innovates in businesses like eyeglasses, cars, phones and other things and they are a fucking search engine ffs!


Or are they?

They innovate a lot due to them have to stay ahead of the curve.

Companies that don’t attend the feedback that is out there in your field and contexts are slowing down, staling and soon might be taken over, gone or whatever else.

To hold onto what you have is a doomed attempt.

Look at my work, I have 6 versions of RBIm already. Solving different issues people have about consciousness and self and whatever else. I have models for putting in golf, the swing and those was evolving out of research and checking feedback to measure and find facts. While I did develop the catmodel for overcoming dyslexia that didn’t stop me from further improve and work on how it works and then improve it further.

Core values don’t exist.
They are a fools errand.

Its part of the old archetypes of thinking like Newton’s mechanics and while proven by Einstein that gravity does indeed bend light that didn’t mean newton’s math went away but it just did mean Newton’s math might not explain the Origins to the spices.

Newton’s math are used to send rockets into space, satellites and whatever else its now a tool. Einstein’s equations made nuclear bombs possible and as a tool its way more complex to use than newton’s. However both serve a purpose in different contexts.

Minds and consciousness isn’t a tool for most people as its mystical, magical and people tell you to meditate and whatever else bullshit to be able to stay calm, in the zone or whatever else but those aint tools they are ideals people believe in.

I create tools.

Elicit self a tool.
SSG another tool.
Catmodel a tool to overcome dyslexia.
RBIm golf system a way to play golf with and putt better in a way no golf trainer can teach you.

And other tools.

The recent discovery I made allows me to utilize the comparison mode wholly different than before and are likely the biggest thing in history of psychology and philosophy discovered.

Anyhow, years ago a girl asked me soemthing at a workshop I did, she said I am about to marry a guy in 3 weeks and I have a question about that, so I said, ok shoot, she said I wanted to be happy and I looked at her and said, are you?

She said, no.

I said, well girl that’s your answer then.

She broke off the engagement, kicked him out, changed jobs, and went with a circus a whole summer.

She already knew the answer to her question but she never got anyone to ask for feedback and when she did and I confirmed she was right she then suddenly went crazy to everyone in her family and to her friends.

However they all missed the point

she was now happy.

That’s what I found worth doing over the years but people think they know things and they do but the fail more often than not to pay attention to the feedback already there and now and then people ask me things and I say, well that’s your answer then.

I used to believe my job was to point out for people this is what you do and what you want to do and that they then be smart enough to you know start doing that to move ahead to do the things they do want. However I started to notice people wasn’t able to do that. Yes a few was but it isn’t enough as the rest took a lot more to get them there.

I found that people couldn’t change.

I then realized ok that make a lot of sense now.

Then as that was going on down the road RBIm 6 did happen.

That did happen as a result of that people couldn’t change as well as a company or its organization.

Ah Chris I miss the days and times when people tells me, dude I decided to do this instead and went all nuts to people around them.

However they missed the point.

Its not about them, its about you!


do what everyone else does.

When recruited into the military we had this task to clean the room we slept in and everyone was basically harassed at this point by the military bosses to you know keep the recruits in order.

so everyone cleaned so good.

I went and cleaned a pipe behind a locker as every place I figure out needed such.

The captain came in, looked around real fast, went directly to the locker and put his hand behind it run his finger down the pipe and it came out clean.


Another time I was in a workshop and was taught something about creativity and such and our group did something totally new. Faced with a task to measure a room no one measured the height as it wasn’t part of the instruction, only our group did just that.

Most will follow what everyone else say and do and wont think outside what’s suppose to happen.

Normally when I give instructions they are to be followed as they allow for the individual to adapt their own to those.

I owned that captain in the military as I owned that workshop teacher.

I did that by understanding the rules isn’t what the rules is.

You can to.

Steve down under has a lot of work to do so his feedback been sparse and that’s fine. He however did something with RBIm 6 that isn’t doable nor possible with anything else in the world and likely the whole Universe.

Just saying.

should you give up?

Let say you tried a lot basically everything and then go, that’s it I tried it all I give up!

However did you?

I found people that don’t respond well to change work/therapy etc..normally lacks the structural framework and I learned that from working with dyslexics. The change simply wont work.

So in such cases one want to build the structural framework to support the change.

Once it built the change will work.

Those individuals are often rare cases but happens now and then.

Like the golf swing let say we haven’t figured it out yet, so your thinking like Tiger, he haven’t figured it out either and he won a lot of golf. He still searches.

Recently Hans was told by me, do this and as he started to do that he got immensely new feedback a whole new form to organize from and that changed things for him. Modern swings want to rotate and if your trained in those swing systems its not easy to stop doing something you done for a long time as you need to build new.

Yesterday I identified something for myself my shoulders wasn’t at the same position as Hans so obviously first response for me was, ok, fixing that then. Then practice and then obvious for me, ah this makes a lot of sense now. No wonder I missed this.

Instead of giving up you want to stay open to all ideas maybe even be curious about why some people do things they do. I researched tour pros which btw isn’t a good idea if you want to say it’s the way to swing and play as whatever you study you might end up with something really difficult.

Lets ask, should one give up and if so when?

If your not making progress your doing things wrong, you lack feedback then.

The first 2 months my head hurt from this shouldn’t be this difficult. That did lead me to develop better feedback systems. However if I given up due to none existed then what? Then Hans wouldn’t have improved his mechanics or played 40 holes with a single bogie.

The difficult task is to understand whatever happens right now might not work or be the thing either as that whatever is done now might later lead to the discovery or improvement. Steve Jobs study some art in college to write the calligraphy stuff and that was later decades later used in Apples computer OS.

You never know what your interests and such leads you later we cant guess if this is going to be useful but I study the golf swing due to Hans couldn’t play with his modern shit. I found later the whole golf educational system is fucked up.

Its too difficult.

I study things I find interesting yes I know seems silly but I use dyslexia for the RBIm stuff and I use that for the golf stuff.

Its all part of the overall governing system I use and created over decades.

At some point things you research will be there when you need it.

I worked with clients so they come in and ask me stuff and now and then I been like, have no fucking idea what to do here so I start asking questions.

Teaching Hans stuff and teaching myself or for example Larry shows me that Hans is like a walk in the park but myself I ask should I give up I surely must be to dumb for this? I just find that interesting that the discrepancy there and its much easier to teach a tour pro than an amateur.

However maybe that’s about to change though.

If I given up then I wouldn’t be here doing what I like to do, find answers to questions asked why do Mike Austin look different when his students fore sure cant do that? Maybe I should taken the blue pill to stay ignorant and abide the law from whoever is in charge?

Giving up is easy.

To stick with things to adjust and adapt and to research and discover what wasn’t told before or taught is a whole different animal and its at times frustrating even for me as when it should work but isn’t then there is some small thing there I am missing and I don’t even know what that is….!

At some point I find a way and I don’t even know how it happens except that it trace back to me asking a question about something I was curious or fascinated about, in client work I tracked things I couldn’t explain due to for me it was interesting to know and in some cases it took 20 years to explain but once I had an answer I also had something learned something truly important.

That giving up isn’t getting me anywhere.

Improving life the RBIm Way

Science is a big thing for me as facts is fun.

Article here

key is to craft a statement that’s inspirational, but still one you believe you can do

The way the brain works we want to keep it down to what we can do.

Brains are simple things in that as you can create anything imagined in your head, travel to the end of the known Universe or into a black hole? Done and done. That’s easy to do in your head.

Making it real working to make it work is not easy doing it the way people try to do things by making lofty goals, I will win or such statements.

Keeping it down to what you can do, adding some inspirational allows you to improve over time.

That’s the RBIm way.

If you try using a lofty goal that has no relevance to your current level it wont work.

However building it upon what you can do creates magic.

John Wodden used it to create a team that was unbeatable pretty much for a decade.

Mastering the game of golf and life

To be able to play well in any sport we want skills. While the skills don’t make or break things we want them to be as good as they can be and while many focus on the technique and mechanics to no end without real improvement.

Many modern golf swings says they cant hit the shot where they want. Many tour pros shot 67 one day or 77 the next day they have no idea how to smoothen their scores out over a weekend or season.

Mapping the mechanics is done for me as far I can tell. I can explain the upswing and I can explain the transition and the down swing and pivot now. Looking at putting and other skills the same way its evidently so most build bad habits.

If you mastered the mechanical side wont matter what swing system you use then is all about what we call the mental side to master the emotions and state while you play.

That however is complex.

One of the outcomes I had with coaching and modeling the golf swing was to build a template to how to make it to the tour identifying and defining things along the way to shorten the curve.

Currently the last 2 months I applied the template for the golf swing and I had to invent a feedback system to increase the speed of learning there, none existed. Larry couldn’t take the video and evidence and measurement as that wasn’t working to apply for him. Raw feedback did work over skype. So the obvious question become what to create to make such feedback possible and doable.

You want to master the technique first anyhow.
Once that is done you want to master sub skills within like putting or chipping, course management etc..
You want to have a plan to play from and you want to master the state playing from.

If you cant do it, (technique) then having the plan and state wont help you enough as if you suddenly hook it or something else without knowing what’s going on your turn to fixing technique which will draw attention away from mastering the game. The story of Tiger Woods, Luke Donald, Mike Weir and many many others on tour.

So I solved putting, its as easy as riding a bike now. You always read greens perfectly and you always make a good stroke. To do that you apply both a mechanical approach but then mastering the plan to execute that stroke is as much mental as its tied to skill. I find I make putts without even trying and many 3m putts are now and then gimme putts.

The way I used to do putting was immensely more complex. The study I made and applied for myself made me drop 10 shots from putting a round. A tour pro can make 2 to 5 shots at their current level. If you check any around top 30 or top 100 players dropping 2 shots a round make them top 10 in the world.

That’s a significant difference just by the putting alone. It’s a reason I keep this under wraps.

For an amateur it wont matter much due to most also have issues making the ball go where they want to.

I like to say, master the mechanics then we can go play.

Currently the only thing I haven’t mastered yet is the golf swing to be able to do it and while I can teach it and know what to do, who cares right? Its always about doing.

So I was hitting balls, adjusting and improving and at some point I thought, ok goes to slow. Then feedback improvement was set and applied and that did lead to the next step as my pivot was out of order. My brain and body just did the pattern I built since age 28. First a change to the upswing was made and working. No need to repeat patterns as once you understand the posture and upswing that will work automatically. Next the transition and down swing and looking at that and identifying what I did it was then a question of defining what to do.

So I took a look at Hans then Mike Austin and sure enough they did that the same way and they did it like that which I didn’t do. Naturally at this point one can ask, so how come you didn’t know that then? Its like everything else, one you tasted chocolate ice cream many knows what that’s like and then explaining that to someone else that never eaten ice cream wont understand. How did I not see it before? The same way our perception works, we cant see it.

We are seeing something else that we can overlap and translate.

I see when someone swings the level of grip pressure someone use, what muscles isn’t working in order and many things so I can adjust and give feedback real fast. Hans ask one thing I take a look and say do this.

However, I cant really do that with myself the same way so I worked to utilize feedback and then that allowed me to start thinking differently about learning the golf swing. Obviously at this point it become obvious what I needed to do.

Templates don’t happen by themselves they are developed trough work.

One way is to say you lacking information or you have the information but don’t understand it. You then return to step one which is, is the result happening that you want?

I taught Hans focus like this, do this and he took several months before he started to be able to do it. Something I can do directly out of the box.

Mastering the mental side of the game is as much a mastery of oneself.

How do we handle rejection, hate, stagnation, difficulty, mistakes, and various things we cant control like the weather, other people what side the grass is growing on if the greens are fast or slow and whatever else we can be upset or disturb or unbalanced about?

What people think as control is the idea of a concept the memory like “I am stupid” and you did act stupidly but do that mean your stupid now? No but your likely to either think you did act stupidly or think your stupid.

What difference does it do how you remember that?

If you did act stupidly, you have a choice to act differently.
If you are stupid your stuck.

It then affects your decisions soon you start to confirm your stupid also by checking that its true. Confirming the identity becomes then a solidified thing and soon your fucked.

Can you build and create talent?

Sure I created my own talent in what I do today the RBIm side of stuff. I built a putting system for golf that makes it as easy as riding a bike. You never need to think about practicing putting again as you can just do it.

Once that stupid thing been solidify your potential goes down the drain.

The tour pro struggles so they think its their technique due to them are hitting it sideways now and then but I tell them if they ask me, your mechanics isn’t good enough. Your coach isn’t good enough.

That’s seems to hold true sure I dont win any friends in the golf swing theory club but I am interested to build stuff that works not having the player complaining and whining about their golf swing isn’t working when its based on shit.

I can prove it to them also.

Hans been having nightmares as he is so afraid to ask me questions due to I will answer them in a way that now and then goes against his most held assumptions and truths about himself and the game of golf.

Proving things seems to work well, whatever you believe is faced with the sign of oh shit now. Its what evidence does and measurement and then pure logic.

Ok I cant believe like this due to its simply wrong.

I say, do this.



Nothing else?


To do it simply means you need to focus on what to do, simply.

Isolating skills are needed to improve them as the talent book tells the tale if you cant isolate a skill, improve it your not doing it right. Isolating, use improve feedback leads to your able to do it.

However it also goes trough the box that’s called mistakes and failures as your not able to do it and have to work trough to be able to do it.

That btw the individual don’t know what its like. If you never done it, you don’t know what its like, doing it……………….

You miss it when your able to do it unless you measure the evidence.

How you feel now?
Client, Now?
Me yes.
Client, hum I feel fine.
Me, so what did you come see me for?
Client, don’t know really…..
Me so you just paid me and showed up here for no reason really?
Client, no I am sure I had a good reason……

Such conversations been common the client suddenly don’t understand their whole reality is different due to them simply cant recall and remember what they were doing there. I forget stuff all the time.

When your focused on the task other things wont enter your mind then.

I taught Hans a few things and last week I went and played 18 and did what I taught him and thought, gee he must shoot 62 every round if he can do this. I did teach something that I built from Jack Nicklaus that I picked up from an interview he did back in the day. Worked splendidly.

It did allow me to play at my best and my putting and chipping been awesome the last two rounds. I had two chip shot that wasn’t spot on. So I understand ok no wonder he was able to play consistently over 40 years.

Naturally for me I am currently working trough the mechanical side of the golf swing and have made progress so I can play better but the real fun thing happens when you master what you work on as then you can play to your potential.

That’s the true mastery