Golf pro Sergio Garcia

It took 74 tries

Then he had the day when it worked out.

Gratz to Sergo Garcia, others like Montgomery will never win one.

Its difficult.

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Looked at sergio garcia putting stats

I wanted to cry.

At close range which is within 10 feet his stats are horrible.

That no putting guru can make him make those tells a tale of incompetence.

Call me Sergio, today.

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To many trees in the forest

Here is Sergio Garcia swinging.

He is the best ballstriker from tee to green and one reason is the lack of a drive hold the Hawaiian kelvin that you need and must do as a tour pro.

If you have fixed ideas and then the evidence points to something else I guess I know what’s going on then.

Looking at Mike Austin and understanding whatever he believed wasn’t correct and then people he told thinks what he said is correct you end up with a cult.

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How to loose a title like the Players

Sergio Garcia lost the title.


His putting was awful loosing half a shot vs the field.

Kisner and Fowler had almost a shot vs the field so Garcia should have won with 6 shots if he could putt better. Being a superb ballstriker wont help if you cant putt as well. I heard he missed 5 putts within 4! feet’s in one round shooting 72. That’s why he doesn’t win much.

The game of golf isn’t just about the golf swing to win its putting and other things.

Also the American audience was also really bad for him heckling him a lot.

Tee to green superb vs the field.
Putting oh my.

If he could putt better he would win a few majors.

Now I don’t think he ever will win one unless he gets his putting in order.

If you know him send him my way as I will make him putt like a God along the way.