SSG, beliefs and projections

One could say that people are living their life from a standpoint of imagination. That what we think is real never is. Maybe that’s to much for you to believe in but truth and facts don’t lie, humans do. When the truth or fact isn’t a good one to support our argument or belief its ignored, blatantly accused to be wrong and whatever else.

We project information which isn’t a new idea or such but the way we do it wont be explained until you understand how contextual forms interact with your way of experiencing life.

RBIm call such SSG or self sustained generalizations.
You create your own reality and sustain it.

Projections are filtering effects we have in the way of reality. Depending on how much this is ingrained in the individual or group we can meet a high level of resistance when we introduce the idea of projections.

Maybe you heard about that an idea is first rejected, then slowly thought as silly and at some point its just accepted as is. The way perception works is that whenever we meet information we are not really seeing people and information and while we do see information it’s a constructed reality combined from how our brain functions and our eyes are designed. What we perceive is our habit or generalized notion of what to see.

You see a black man and think, lazy bastard. You see a police in USA and think, is he going to shoot me? You see a white man and thinks does he support Donald Trump? You see a catholic priest and think, does he rape kids?

To be in the moment to perceive as far we can without passing judgment which we don’t really do directly but more indirectly due to how the SSG is already set up for you. If we try to change then we are working within the system the way NLP works and suggest you to work.

But NLP does not work.

I know so after working with it for a couple of decades that whatever they stated is wrong as the technology of NLP cant work to change the way they said it would work to change.

To make any change or transformation have to utilize the same principle’s that are present with RBIm.

No way around that.

Whatever you perceive has already been run trough a construction set, an SSG and that then becomes your habits and behaviors expressed before you even consider or think why you even think or do things the way you do. Once we re-set and establish a new SSG the system can either work directly with the new or it can take time and the difference are due to how much filtering is going on how many layers are there to be able to define the current outcome we wanted to experience.

There is a difference between the visual and the vestibular system for example as both systems can track moving information both in space and internally at some time those systems interact differently its then you see a train move while it does not as you gain two set of information one visual and one vestibular. When there is no conflicting scheduling it all works seamlessly for us but when the systems becomes scheduled to provide information at the same time differently then we can experience a duality of the wrong things happening for us.

A golfer can believe he is suppose to feel strain and muscle it when he should feel it to be effortless and efficient instead, his beliefs and assumption what to experience will override the actual reality and fact and depending on how many layers he may never know the truth what to do. Many fight this in golf and some never overcome this at all and will struggle forever.

In other areas people might believe that to be happy they need a new car or a house or a child. That the external thing and objects somehow makes someone happy is a common assumption.

If you enjoy things you do, your always happy.

I enjoy writing blog posts, makes me happy for sure to do them and I look forward to do them.

People that are depressed don’t enjoy anything.


Their layering and projection from that is layered thick.

The idea is really simple with RBIm we simply put ask people to define and compare whatever they perceive vs what’s out there.

The golfer is told to that effortless efficient felt is the correct way to do it due to the assumption what to feel and experience while swinging muscle and with strain that way is wrong and once tested the individual accept the new. The brain does the new without changing the old.

The depressed can be focused on things they can enjoy and whatever it might be is introduced and defined and once the individual can do that they are not depressed anymore. No change happening as the system adapts and builds new.

Change and unconscious minds does not exist.

Contextual forms does as it allows the brain to sync and define various input into a contained of projection to be expressed by the individual or group.

Once you set up to meet and talk to strangers and your comfortable to do so at some point you can choose to meet and talk to anyone that way even if you never met them or talk their language.

The RBIm way the future new

SSG and beliefs the world of power

SSG or self sustaining generalization are a way to contain information into contextual forms. SSG contains a start point and a end point. Its due to the brain is constantly projecting information for you whatever happens right now your brain wants to project to the future actions you are about to do.

So the SSG stops the projection of the future and then make you manage the problem.

RBIm 5 and 6 focus onto building upon the future based upon what you can do.

Beliefs are projections you have “Opinions” about yourself and life.
None of them are real.

Beliefs are a loose concept as they are tangible to faith for example which means there is no evidence or proof in the way so the individual can create any truth to the statement of faith. There is no contraindication for the believer in faith. It’s a internal created imagination without hindrance.

Beliefs can also be convincing convictions which is also the same as Faith due to you can be absolutely convinced you hate chocolate ice cream until you by some accident tried it out and found it was the best thing ever. Convictions are supported by your own evidence what you come to assume is true.

Wait a second do you mean no one are having any truth what so ever?


We are constantly lying to ourselves all the time.

Once you understand whatever anyone tells you, friend, family, boss, customer, foreigner all that expressed is their opinion about stuff which isn’t true at all. Then your able to understand that’s a statement of their internal world their beliefs, culturally and socially and that they have no bearing on you or your life.

RBIm clarifies that a useable format as the SSG allows the individual to sort information they believe into manageable formats a contextual form that allows them to stop the future projection you have. That allows you to be moving towards a measurable way to go about skills, life experiences that isn’t wishful thinking but manageable units that exist and steams from contextual forms allowing you a new way to project yourself.

The paradox here for most people is that if we are being lied to all the time do we also lie to ourselves and that’s a yes also.

When faced with a contradiction like the example I gave here on Facebook,

RBIm suggest to make people to focus on what they can do and then form their SSG from that which means measure and compare.
Beliefs are basically opinions you have about the world.
I believe in God, (Opinion)
I believe its right to fuck small kids as they love me (Opinions)
I believe I am lucky, etc….all Opinions.
People then tend to forget that is all that is really and then start to act upon them,
Students protest and burn flags, or abortion is a evil devilish thing, no its just your opinion about that subject.
However you feel justified when you act upon your opinions due to your view its wrong to do abortion often supported by a Christian belief or about life and death and choice, the foster has no saying etc…so people feel justified to do things and act upon them as it feels right to do so.
However, after that you killed a few people and realize what you did you now value your belief in contradiction that its right to protest against abortion and then you killed a few doing so and many then actually forms a value proposition to that it was justified to do so and then they can keep their belief (opinion) while that means they just established a double-bind paradox, they protest against abortion killing fosters is bad and wrong but killing people to make their point about abortion is justified.
That’s called a double bind and is very common with nutty people.
You also find them with what you call normal people but when that bind is going on they are not normal.


Double binds are beliefs that falls back to themselves without being resolved. Your damned if you do and damned if you don’t. To resolve them we create an SSG.

The double bind cant be resolved within the environment/context it is active and works within as NLP teaches people to deal with them but the only way to make that work is to work as we do with RBIm and SSG. My client work and experience was to create SSG format for people and while I was working like that there was no NLP that taught that and something I formalized from my own work.

I knew it wasn’t NLP and the way NLP worked but I didn’t have a concept for it until SSG and RBIm.

Improving life the RBIm Way

Science is a big thing for me as facts is fun.

Article here

key is to craft a statement that’s inspirational, but still one you believe you can do

The way the brain works we want to keep it down to what we can do.

Brains are simple things in that as you can create anything imagined in your head, travel to the end of the known Universe or into a black hole? Done and done. That’s easy to do in your head.

Making it real working to make it work is not easy doing it the way people try to do things by making lofty goals, I will win or such statements.

Keeping it down to what you can do, adding some inspirational allows you to improve over time.

That’s the RBIm way.

If you try using a lofty goal that has no relevance to your current level it wont work.

However building it upon what you can do creates magic.

John Wodden used it to create a team that was unbeatable pretty much for a decade.

A month later or so.

Each step of the way one can ask, how fast can change happen or how fast can learning and improvement happen?

I don’t talk change as I tend to say its about learning and improvement to build new.

It wont matter if its about a golf swing or if its about language or a business plan or health or dyslexia or whatever else.

Where are you going – your destination?
Establish the definition there sets the direction.
SSG with RBIm4

For my golf swing its improving into the template so each session I work on one thing until I can do that. I don’t do 10 things or 5 maybe 2 but that’s seldom as its normally just one. At some point one can measure the improvement as if you can do that your attending feedback as you do.

Measurement of the behavior is the path to improvement.

RBIm allows you to start doing that to be able to correlate what actually happens in the world vs what you perceive it to be.

At some point when I improve I might find that I am not able to do things and then I stop and either apply the proper action or I have to test a few variables to find out what works to establish the intended destination.

Yesterday it become obvious, ok need to fix my pivot now. I didn’t had a thought or plan to do that but it all was obvious as once one follow a template we work one step at the time until that works and when it works we move on to the next thing in the list.

I also work trough the instruction set as it means it takes a bit longer as I am also mapping the system along the way. Old work habit. Doing so means I can understand this differently as I measure along the way what’s going on.

Where are you going?

Measure current progress.
Evidence with behavior (SSG)

Take note of improvement.

If no improvement in a reasonable timeframe check the evidence feedback.


So NLP and Richard bandler didn’t use Modeling to create models of being happy and enjoy life.

Go figure right?

If your not happy you would assume they go, here think and do things this way and you be happy right?

But no, what they do is this, fix your problem using this x pattern.

Feeling good or feeling bad making decisions Bandlers talks about all the time?

Its bullshit again.

Think about it, how many times did you make decisions today or the last week that was heavily influenced by feeling good or bad?

For me its more like, bit tired so I go a bit more slow today, relax a bit more. Or I wake up its cold in the room due to temperature dropped outside and the heaters cant fight this so I go, ouch cold that sucks, turn the heaters up, put on a blanket, check my e-mails, smile.

At most its annoying, at worse its something else but good or bad?

My video card burned up, so I was like, ok I buy a new one but I also had to get a new screen, so I got the screen and delayed the card a couple of months and got it.

So Bandler lies to you all the time and people don’t notice that?
He spew the same crap and no one bothers to check it?

I have some facebook buddies who takes more classes to him every year and I ask why due to I could teach them stuff Bandler wont know shit about?

I guess he hypnotized them right? No free will there.

Its all a huge conspiracy according to Oli anyhow.

If we check facts and evidence, are we influenced that way feeling good make us make better decisions or feeling bad make us make worse decisions?
I guess if someone feels paranoid, scared they wont be making a lot of rational decisions sure. But is that feeling bad?

The words bad or good are quantifiers that assume that your thinking ahead that this is a good or bad thing to decide about before hand but that isn’t how people normally do make decisions.

That Bandler don’t understand that seems for me strange but not unusual.

If modeling did work the way Bandler and Grinder stated then why didn’t they study happy people that enjoyed life and taught that to you and others? It seems to me that modeling the result someone has like happy and enjoying life, isn’t possible to do with the modeling the Grinder and Bandler did and use.

For me the evidence seems to be that NLP and especially modeling does not work the way the developers of NLP state it does.

RBIm for example is a form of education its not that you apply a pattern but here we understand reality is created trough the comparison mode. Now your brain went to, what’s the comparison mode and your likely to dismiss the part of when I wrote education, right?´

Its more interesting with things we don’t know about than stuff we assume we do know about like “education” vs comparison mode”.

Why is that?

Well you might want to be educated about that.

Its not as fun I guess to educate oneself about how it really works as we assume it’s a big secret there somewhere we can find and it explain it all for us. I tend to ask someone what then is it that you want an answer to?

Rarely does it have to do with the comparison mode but the overall human condition that when we don’t know things it tickles our imagination and it then leave your fantasy your brain to imagine what you want it to be without interference from evidence/truth and such.

RBIm de-fantasy stuff for you.

Its not sexy or interesting or fascinating the star trek spock way directly but the cool thing about doing that is down the road it leads to really cool fascinating interesting stuff about life and reality and the experience of it.

What you say?

There is no manual and guide to be happy out there.

I wish there was.

Goggle it up, page 4 how to be happy, follow the guide, and then yay!

Sadly there is no such manual out there.

NLP, DHE, NHR? All about fixing your problems.
New code NLP same thing.

When people do modeling the end up with whatever people are doing normally but we or at least I don’t want to end up with people they do but what we can do instead that works.

How many people do things that works out there?

NOT Many.

The RBIm templates are a way to for example create innovation. Imagine thinking like Elon Musk the guy creating solarx, tesla cars and spacex travel rockets for NASA. Maybe you say but I don’t have the same engineer or programming skills or work ethic as Elon has so how can I think the way he thinks then?

Many more will list reasons why they cant do things now, ramble up excuses along the way and rationalize much more.

However I am happy and enjoy my life, sure, I am ill since 16 years and tired a lot, I get upset, mad, frustrated and whatever else but default mode is enjoying whatever is going on. I didn’t have a manual or guide to follow.

I built one.

When I started to study the golf swing one thing that did happen was that I didn’t make many friends doing that. I was told that I didn’t understand…..and I found out they didn’t understand but thought they did.

However trying to communicate that is difficult.

Its not enough to post a swing of Hans telling the tour pro, here is the way you could swing and then be able to 300+ yard driving and have a 4% dispersion due to them tells me, that’s not possible even impossible when someone is able to do it?

Oh happy right, so since NLP cant teach you to be happy what then to do?

The trouble we face is the comparison mode.

It removes us from behaviors and leads us to perceptions that may or may not be accurate. Trying to advice and help has shown me how difficult people have to take a verbal instruction even written one and then be able to carry it out as people simply put have an enormous difficulty to follow instructions.

When I write it tends to be about, doing. Not to understand which is which but normally a bit of that also as its needed now and then.

Focus on what works.

Seems easy as the first question is, what do I do if that does not work then? You keep focusing on what works in spite of whatever else is going on. I don’t 3ant to do that as it requires me to do a lot of work?

I shrug and say, your not ready then.

Some think its like a snap of fingers and then you can do it but more often your required to learn a basic skill one that allows you to do other things. If you cant focus and be distracted by others, your own minds wandering and then complain well your in trouble as nothing will work for you until you learn that skill.

Telling someone they need that skill wont work due to them wont get the message.

Take Steve down under, as he started to work this with RBIm he taken steps and along the way he mastered skills and can do things now that he previously couldn’t do. That’s work he done to master skills that really has no fast track that I know off.

The RBIm 5 I am working on atm will take huge building blocks of conceptual ideas and bring them together and apply the application for the futureNow. You can then always choose what to do and then its up to you to focus on what you want to happen. There be transitioning periods, where whatever you choose didn’t work for some reason but then your able to get back on track again like nothing did happen as failure wont be possible with RBim 5.

For me I can do it without even trying for Hans it taken a few weeks with his golf game. The thing here is when its learned and your doing it, whatever you went with means you can just do it. How long time it takes for someone to get there will vary. Some will do it fast and others might take, weeks maybe months or even years.

The reward is that you educated yourself to build skills that your now stuck with.

Skills that allow you to feel happy and enjoy life a internal satisfaction if you like in whatever you do if you so choose.

The RBIm templates are the way people think to create results. They are not NLP models or such as with those you be stuck in a particular mind set as we want to be able to innovate.

The model then evolves or your life then evolves as your applying the thinking then that shifts what we think about what we do. Your then able to take action to do things by mapping behaviors and measuring evidence of such.

That step can take some doing due to people are not used to think around language and representations with distinctions of contexts, I have on guy on facebook that is totally blind for that and he been going to a ton of NLP Bandler classes in the last 15 years and he still haven’t got that down. Maybe that is due to bandler cant do that what do I know right?

What can Hans do with this RBIm 5? I have no idea. I can calculate based upon his potential as a golfer and have an idea what he should be able to do but when you do things the way I do them I have no manual or guide all I have is an educated guess a calculation based upon projections I can do about skills and whatever else. If he is able to meet my calculations I made I have no idea that’s why they are called calculations.

However if you have nothing in your way and you become self adjusting and able to correct what you do to keep your experience and state going then you soon will solidify the things you do to be in the moment and then you can do wonderful stuff.

I learned that working with dyslexics as no one have asked me yet this question after more than 15 years with dyslexics, no one of my students have asked me this, why don’t the dyslexia go back to being a dyslexic after you worked with them why does it work and why cant they be dyslexics again??

RBIm 5

Lets face the truth, RBIm development over the years

I thought when I looked at elite level performance that they wasn’t doing what they could do. I also had personal experiences obviously along the way so I tried various ways to map this along the way using NLP but that didn’t work and other techs out there also.

At some point I went with evidence and measurement as everything else that NLP, Bandler/Grinder and people as Joseph Riggio Mythoself didn’t add up. It did bother me that they didn’t know and also that they didn’t know that they didn’t know!

At some point I went with evidence and measurement as what I could trust was behaviors. Like, do you know why you think/feel the way you do?


None does.

When I measured and pushed evidence then something did happen as I started to notice inconsistencies in what NLP and Bandler said and did and taught that didn’t match reality. Joseph Riggio flat out lied about his workshops along with bandler.

So I was like, what’s going on here?

Is what I am observing false a hubris a way to fool myself?

More and more such evidence came my way.

I had to face it.

I knew more about this than Bandler did or Grinder did or Riggio did.

I checked golf and did some deep study and then the same thing did happen, I knew more about the golf swing than golf trainers with 50 years of work and experience as a golf trainer and more than any tour pro.

I said so and written before, I do write and say things based upon what I can do.

One guy in my workshop said so, BUT this is what you write about on your website?
I looked at him, of course why would I do anything else?

I thank him due to he also pointed me to a scary fact, people actually expect that Bandler, Grinder, Riggio, Paul Mckenna is going to teach them something else than the announce in their brochure.

Imagine that your lied to and accept it.

Most cant due to cognitive dissonance as their hero, their guru or such don’t know what they teach must be wrong that cant be true and then excuses and rationalization happens and you lie to yourself.

You don’t want to lie to yourself obviously but you cant fight your own bias that way.

I found when teaching its difficult to speak the truth, that your own behavior is in your own way that your own bias and thinking and feeling is in your own way.

Most cant face such.

Working with people has shown me how easy some can have doing something and then some others struggle. For me that was interesting as, what makes this individual to be able to do things vs this other one that just cant keep holding on to one single thought even?

Dyslexics taught me a lot about why NLP sucks.

Most want to quantify things to simplify into one single unit that the police are the lackeys of the government and in some countries I guess that is true but everywhere?

In Sweden we have nationalists they spew crap all the time how great Sweden can be without immigrants that are invading our country so they say with shit. Obviously a nationalist will quantify people into objects that they now isn’t even animals but evil doers and bad and needs to be put down.

I understand that even many socialists for example don’t really understand socialism.

Its like if you serve 10 people dinner and the investment capitalist comes in and say, I eat one and then take 4 to then invest further on. Now you have lost 4 and only one did eat and 9 more people are coming for dinner. If a liberal comes in they eat for one and then take 4 with them just for the sake of argument as its their right to do so. Now 8 people are faced with a dinner for one. If a socialist comes in he make sure everyone can sit down and eat and then ask them if all would like to share some food for investments for the future. The investment capitalist and the liberal wont do that.


They cant face that the socialist is right and correct about what they do.

Their own bias is now creating cognitive dissonance for them.

Their behavior is now just a reaction and response to the upfront what they believe cant be true. In Venezuela the government which is socialistic acted stupidly, the oil price sank from 100 to 28 a barrel that meant their economy crashed totally but that isn’t socialism that’s stupid planning which neither socialism or liberal or investment capitalist can be solely owner to be. They didn’t plan for the future.

Some quote Margaret thatcher that socialism is great until someone else’s money runs out. But she sucked at her job and was one of many that don’t understood socialism either.

Idealism in any form will create bias, measuring that shows at least for me how badly people who works with such like Bandler and Grinder and Riggio and Paul Mckenna how bad they are at doing what they say they do.

Your always planning for the future but most people cant face that.

My sister tells me this “I am fat”. (people even my sister tells me fun stuff now and then)
I was like, so why are you so fat then?
I eat a lot.
Why do you eat a lot?
I am bored a lot then I eat.
So I looked at her and said, well sis, never thought eating a lot can be boring also?
She laughed and lost 30 pounds in 3 months.


She now faced her own truth about her own behavior.

I call that RBIm.

She had to stop doing her old behavior and start doing new things.

Its one way to do the SSG.

Once you learn RBIm you can do things Richard Bandler cant do.

That alone should be enough for people to sign up in mass for RBIm.

Measuring with evidence has been more important to me but first it was troubling due to I saw Riggio did things that he wasn’t aware off, then golf trainers, Bandler and others so first I was like this, am I imagining all this?

I had to face the truth myself that I wasn’t imagining it.

I could do.

Academia and education are overrated

I am self educated for most part what I learned in school is pretty much very little to even speak about.

I read about golf trainers PGA education and the Chris Como biomechanics and whatever else and I ask myself why cant they do and teach what I can who is self educated without any such education?

I did meet clients and had such that been to therapy for decades and I asked why they didn’t do what I did as it worked better. I still don’t have a education in psychology either.

The issue with any form of education is that people assume that you actually need one to have a work and its required to do the work. It’s a form of ensure that the one to receive the work is trained and educated to do the work.

However its not the best way to educate for a number of jobs.

For example who is actually certifying Richard Bandler to teach what he teaches?
Unconscious installation? That’s at best a step backwards btw.

What there should be instated is a way to certify or clear those that have the qualifications for the job without the so called needed academic education. I met just graduated people who couldnt do their jobs.

When I watch golf trainers talk like Andrew Rice recently he is absolutely right tot each the shallow out the shaft he does but here is the thing what I do means its actually totally wrong and he don’t understand that action actually. Now, I know telling him or some guys Like Monte at golfwrx who complains and whines how bad golf trainers are and he himself don’t understand what he is talking about isn’t that a nice paradox?

Let say you could take a cellphone and travel back 200 years and tell people there that we can travel to the moon and then talk to people over this to other people countries all over the world and even watch them talk to you?
You be killed. That is what happens when people simply put have no idea how you do things it becomes magic for them.

Hans told me in the Skype chat this, no more magic? I said well there is only science for me but obviously its going to seem like magic for you or anyone else not really knowing what I am doing, for example I added 60 yards to driving in less than 2 minutes for him in our first meeting. 60 more yards! and he wasn’t hitting it 220 when I met him.  What I did works that well but if you’re a golfer and hang out on golfwrx and named Monte you would obviously think what I did was impossible in spite of me done just that so for Monte its magic and for me its science.

While education can be good and needed we really need to ask questions like, do I get the best education I can get for my time and money here?

Leadbetter ruined Faldo’s career. Now some might think me nuts saying that but I say, well check the facts, first Faldo believed he needed a swing change to win majors.
Any swing change would have worked for him to win majors.
Once Leadbetter had taught him he started to loose his athletic timing and that did lead to short hitting and once that did happen after 1996 he was gone as a golfer.

I can see the shit happening to Tiger with Harmon and worsen with Haney and a absolute disaster with Foley and I ask why are the golf trainers not able to see that?????


Education should be about results but to state you need a academic education to do a work and that no other option is there for someone like myself who is self educated but can do better than the majority of a golf field of trainers that’s insane.

For example I cant work as a golf trainer at a club due to me lack education as a PGA processional. How long does it to learn the things I don’t know about that line of work? a few days 3 weeks?

That’s about it.

Its why I don’t work with amateurs as my focus is on tour pros the best of the best those that want to arise above their own limitations to be educated and unleash their power.

Results and how to create the success is a lot of work to get done.

For example I spent 20 or so years trying to find out how stuff actually works which Bandler and Grinder fucked up not knowing what they are doing. Its further push forward with their lackeys from Bandler who simply put don’t understand their own field.

So education often becomes this way of controlling who can say what and do things according to some beliefs that isn’t about doing good stuff.

When you question things you wont become popular, normally….

I had and have to put up with golf trainers and golf forum experts who don’t know what they are doing. They believe they do but I check their results and the evidence the produce isn’t that they say it is.

The issue with our mind is that when faced with incompatible evidence then we face cognitive dissonance that simply push us to go to what we know already and is familiar with. I know what that is and when it happens to me as it does now and then I just stay with it and check the evidence and if the evidence measured obviously shows this is this then well fuck Bandler and Grinder due to them don’t know what they are doing and teaching you.

That does not mean for example that I know what I am teaching you. A few years ago I was faced with this, the guy I coached in golf had back pain and as soon he started to play it started again and I told him, change the swing then? He refused. I then had to say, fuck this shit and started to study golf swings and then build him a new one. I had guys like DJ Watts, I had Dan Shaugher telling me I knew jack shit about golf swings and Mike Austin. One could think they were right and whatever else but the things is when your done your done.

DJ Watts for example is now onto the Ben Hogan perfect mechanical pivot, that’s the next perfect mechanical pivot and simply put the fad of the week which is due to guesswork he, don’t know.

Anyhow, education is normally overrated a lot. True we need education as RBIm is such a system and several here have gotten an education over the years following blog posts I make about this shit. One can remove a lifetime of PTSD for his grandma.

Just saying that while education from academia is overrated don’t mean all of such is but it can be further shorten in time and cost.

Its like Elon Musk tells us, why would the companies add more and more cost to the same things all the time? If you keep paying them for the same shit without questioning what’s going on and build something a lot better and cheaper that shit will continue.

The RBIm templates btw are thinking patterns “Hats” that create results of innovation and one such is based upon Elon Musk way to think about stuff.

My models are way different than NLP models due to them creates innovation.

Build new don’t stay with the old.

Memory lane road as Alice followed the white rabbit to RBIm

When someone would ask me, what’s reality?

That’s a good question and likely be touching philosophy as well as theoretical physics.

I ask, what’s our baseline?

Let say you see a cup of coffee. You lift it up and enjoy it.

In that process of all those moments, did you ever stop to think what was going on for you to even consider what made up the concept of all those images along the way?

We can relate to the event itself either its one we rarely approach or one that we face every day, at some point your will habituate all that and then act upon what your mind created about that. For you however it seems like you react to the event but your not really doing that anymore.

All human interaction is like that and when I hear people talk about the somatic stuff thinking that its being comes first I cant say who is more insane.

True, we can believe in whatever we want, free will and all that. You can even believe your happy all the time but your not likely to do just that due to your education in life.

I watch Limitless, it’s a TV show which I find interesting, first its really funny, and its some logic there about awesomeness. Take a pill and become the best version of yourself.

I had this moment back in 1997 when I was teaching a 2 day workshop when it was like it all fit. Now, that was an awesome moment and it continued for 2 days and then 19 years later its still going. It took many years and a whole new technology to develop to then put it down into science.

Measurement is an important thing here due to we can replicate that but we cant replicate perceptions and memories for reasons as we change the way we recall what we remember. Then we don’t know we just did just that.

How many people do you think are acting upon false recalled memory in how their life turn out to be?

RBim educate us to understand that any context can be set to be the way you want it to be. The event itself that reality is based upon is that it isn’t really the snake we fear but the meaning that this reaction created for us. In some cases there is a biological and evolutionary strife from dna and thousands of years. Mostly it from your ancestors behavioral patterns dad and mom and grand dad and grand mom etc..about 3 or so generations back as you use words and concept people created a long time ago and you lost the why to them but still use them.

Yea this goes way back and not only affect the way you think but the way you come to think about the world.

Your absolutely right to ask questions and make assumptions. Your also absolutely right to believe whatever you want to believe, cant do RBIm? or apply the very process to learn the very process?

In any instance our brain just act upon what we come to assume what’s true.

The problem is that most never realize that all what’s going on is a meaning to the event the reaction it self created but since our consciousness is involved and we become what we contextualize one step to take is to separate consciousness from the context.

One way to do so was with RBim 3. Eliciting self allows you to if you rest in the system to create awareness of what you normally wouldn’t even know was there.

You can now create choice where before there was none.

If you have choice then you can choose between one or the other. Context anchors us in the moment or our mind goes off wandering about. I never understood the work of Castaneda or the demon states as it sounded like what?

I met this client many years ago she was in pain in a really interesting way, she enhanced her feelings multiple ways so for her riding a roller-coaster for example was so much joy she lost herself. She also was the other way around when she felt sad as she also multiplied those feelings. She could also do things that was out of the normal range for most humans. As a case for a therapist they could do nothing for such clients obviously since even 5 years of education in academia isn’t worth much as me with zero such education can work better than those trained to do such work.

The reality of education in academia is a troublesome one. Any model of therapy will face a limit and psychology gets there fast. They know how to describe a diagnosis but actual doing anything practical that works? That’s different.

When you met a client as I have that told you they been in therapy for 17 years and you look at them and understand their situation in a session isn’t that a question mark for psychology and its academia?

Its like golf, as a golf trainer is trained in PGA they certified to teach you a golf swing but its never really done.

What I do and teach goes like this, once done you never need any more golf swing training ever, as you know what your doing and can do adjusting on your own. The same way RBIm approaches education is once we are done we also don’t need more.

At some point you reach an understanding a form of realization aha this is this and it. Then your done.

You can then choose any reality at will and create it.

However before that you will find that it’s a struggle due to most try to understand before they can do, your then stuck at your conceptual reaction form vs reality.

You failed to understand the simple truth about our life as its all a reaction and response to stuff. What happens when you cant understand that yet is another attempt to understand that and then again that and then again that in a never ending spiral.

So then obviously we come to ask, what then is real really?

Once there we can then create from free will and choice to identify and react the way we want to.

We become legendary awesome.

Now your stuck with this question, how do I do that?

It’s a common question for people. I ask people a different one, what happens when you can do that already? I know it’s a fantasy right or a dream or just an imagined concept but still just by doing that listening to the question but more importantly await the answer its likely to be, awesome or fantastic or such. Isn’t that interesting that we would answer a question we cant do or even comprehend or even understand but still we can say, awesome or fantastic?

What’s going on?

Your brain just projected the answer from the question. The idea is formed from the comparison mode. Then the question becomes what to focus on.

Many make the mistake now to think they are done. However we just had a moment of knowing where to go and then knowing for example how memory works we can recall the moment we just had a few times the coming days. That simply reinforce the memory. We also have an idea here that each time we recall the moment that we can add to that due to memory as shown tends to be recalled from the last moment.

The last moment also are influenced with how we feel and experience the mood currently. So while in one moment we can go, seems doable then in the next we wont think so and that’s the human mind that for example con men take advantage off. They pump you up by focusing on things that make you make foolish decisions thinking your doing a smart decision. Your own mind and bias works against you.

So I did a elicitation last night, the first thing I went on to recall this morning was just that one. I asked so if I didn’t do an SSG with this as the SSG concept keeps the comparison mode occupied normally then what?

Now I have a memory of my elicited event from last night. So no more elicitation is needed as its now a memory. Most don’t understand how simple this is as you always create a memory from the elicitation. Question as usual what memories do you keep and reinforce and recall?

However if you focus on the yesterdays event what did happen yesterday with the elicitation today your then simply recalling the memory from yesterdays elicitation from todays moment which then will cloud the elicited memory with whatever todays moment is all about. Athletes do that all the time mistaken previous great performances and then try to make them again and NLP teach them bad stuff with anchoring.

So I take the memory I did from the elicitation yesterday to apply RBIm 5 for it.

That makes me in the moment and then FutureNow oriented.

Update will follow.

RBIm and onwards the SSG trains hop on

I would have assumed that this post would been more commented or even asked questions about. Maybe its me then that understand that only or it was clear enough to be understood so no comment or question was needed from you.

Its said that the thinking we have the strategies we use are the cause for the results we have. So to have another result then one would like to alter ones own thinking but to what?

If I never did think that way why would I want to think in such a way when I never did think that way or?

Diversity is good as different questions and different opinions allow us to go outside our own box. In todays world that however isn’t liked. No one like someone who tells you that your dead wrong. Or have a totally opposite opinion than you do.

You ever wondered why you react and respond that way?

If you have an original that original isn’t the copy of the original. The copy of the original isn’t the original. Some say a painting painted by the original author is worth more money than a copy made exactly the same. For me I wouldn’t see any difference until someone maybe put a stamp on what painting was original vs a copy.

However I be as happy with the copy as with the original.

Now, most would now have a different opinion than me in that.

I would ask, does that make you happy?

No? Why reason and think that way then?