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One piece take away For tour pros and amateurs

Not sure how people mess this up. Instructions out there are at best mixed or confusing.

If you sit down on the right hip, all that is required to create momentum.  You can watch Hans for example doing it.

If you think I don’t know what I am doing?

I know what I am doing, here is a girl sry lady sry queen and again sry a Goddess doing the same one piece take away


So Annika does it, Hans does it so why shouldn’t you listen to me?

I find no reason.

Do you?

The sit down creates momentum that will set your swing without doing any manipulation in the first phase, doing a hands and wrist movement instead of momentum action is a risk to then start building manipulations and then you will struggle.

I build swings that will work. There wont be any need to be fixed, changed once your work is done then your swing will work for the rest of your career. There wont be a need to have a swing coach to fix your issues from one day to the next and such.

You be free.

You be successful

You be smiling and laughing about how easy it is.

The brain builds patterns of motions and I make sure you start by building the motion as when you have it down then you can really start improving the golf swing and game.

Larry now have got to the point of finding the motion and then improvement is done fast. You now know what to adapt and respond to, you have evidence and then you build trust and faith into what your doing and then the world is there for the taking.

Anyone ready for a crusade?

Thedanplan golf mechanics

I said previously that Dan will struggle with his swing mechanics.

Main reason a flat swing with a strained impact lacking distance. Becoming a tour pro you need distance especially if your 30 and have a plan. You want to make sure your at 300 yards or better. If your not then you will try to keep up. Then you spread the balls and then doubt, frustration etc..creeps in and then you loose the game.

His swing is an attempt to be athletic naturally with swing theory making it hybrid like.


Issues are, his club head turns over to fast, then he will have timing issues.the dan plan

Second he has a handsy take away. Which isn’t recommended as it prevents a more natural flowing motion to happen as its easy to be to fast or slow with such.
He be short and if he try for more distance he will start hooking it or push it left as he try to compensate for that making it a Phil Michelson issue.

Whenever you want to compete two things are important you want margin for error and consistency.  Even if Dan use deliberate practice and works his game he will struggle due to his foundation of mechanics makes it really hard to perform at your best.

Its hard any way you call it for him, he has a lot of attention from media, he tries and has a definitely good short game but if you struggle with hitting fairways and distance and have timing issues you will not be able to lower your scores consistently.

A tour pro has around 10 shot difference of a good round vs a bad round during a season and its not uncommon to see one shoot 65 one day and then the next shoot 75.  Tour pros cant do consistency unless they for some reason manage to keep their shot making in check and then they still need putting to match.

Its one of those things I looked at, why do they have such difference?

One reason is they cant keep their tempo the same during gameplay. They loose their experience as they play. Partly due to their mechanics are to complex to just do.  You see tour pros shank balls now and then especially under pressure. 

Trying to be a tour pro you want to be able to match their stats or even improve upon them. I figure that if your able to hit it 300+ yards and then have a dispersion of 4% then you be pretty much able to play the same each round. The main difference would then be weather and putting for the day. Still it seems likely this would bring down the scoring difference with a few shots at least.
Next I figure that the playing experience needed work in how to maintain a high performance state during the play.

I would assume thedanplan don’t have that covered in his planning.

While modeling a golf swing like Mike Austin and then tweak it to improve what we would want from the game the nr1 question is, consistency to know without doubt and with absolute certainty that if you do a normal swing and shot the result would always work.

Now I know how to create that and why that happens we can see changes in Hans swing for example with this. He now have a better tempo than in November

The way any consistency happens is to match the tempo of the swing so you cant hit the same shoot with the same rhythm.

The improvement with Hans tempo is mainly due from two sources his attention and focus on his playing experience and his mechanics where the new instruction allows him better feedback so he can adjust what he does more accurately. I really don’t need to learn him to swing but find a way to express what he already can do so it works for him.

I think atm he is really have it down within what to do with his game to make his performance potential to come out. Atm I am working to improve his distance control. Its basically an adjustment for him to calibrate the new found ball striking to accept and adapt that it now works. While he currently match tour level with distance to pin I expect him to be able to work that into unprecedented numbers.

My plan changes over time while the goal is the same the plan goes trough revisions and any writer or such will tell you one thing, mastery don’t happen in the first draft it takes a lot of re-writes and then more so to uncover the gems. Once the draft is down and the changes started to work and the gems are shining then the rest is still tweaks as any director will tell you with movies some scenes don’t work and a rewrite needs to be done on the spot. Happen to Thor the dark world as Joss Whedon was flown in and re-wrote two scenes as they didn’t work.

Many assume success is a straight line, a simple thing but far from it as I run trough computations and test things at some point something will be found that works and that which stays is then going to be there the next time for someone else cutting down the time for success.

It’s the constant re-writes and changes to the plan that make the plan work.

Long driving or golf?

I plan for golf not long driving as those are different. Hitting it long we talk 400+ yards here at you need to step up and do that each time for a whole few days also. Hitting it 300 yards isn’t long nor is 350.  Once you optimize launch angles and have the power you have a roll to bring you the yardage its why a 240 yard carry like Jim Furyk can hit 280+ yards on perfect fairways on hard surfaces and be competitive. Once you hit it 310-330 at average your advantage goes up a lot.

But then to hit it longer than that for golf?

You spend to much energy vs trying to score.

Scoring also consistent of margin for error, putting, maintaining and controlling your experience for the zone etc…Its not just about hitting it long its about precision and margin of error to create consistency.

I hit a 8i 175 yards carry and hit a 4i hybrid and outdriven driver amateurs.  That without even having optimal mechanics and not even trying to hit it long.

Distance is irrelevant after a point.

Hitting that 7i the same distances each time isn’t.

Hit my driver 280 yards last round I played this year  on the fourth hole and if I hit it any longer I be in deep rough. That at 8 degree Celsius. Add perfect fairway and hard surfaces that’s a 300+ driver on such context’s. 2 years ago last round I played the club had long driving on the fairway and during rainy conditions it was water on the fairways and pouring I won that contest vs half the age guys.

Distances are not so important once you can do them. Then its all about how do I become more accurate, how do I make the same shot each time, how do I zone in and how do I create that at will?

I understand some want to hit it long but that just one thing the next I hear but how do I become more accurate and score better? Its never ending.

I stood on the range, one guy age 55 or so I started to talk a bit with, ended up helping him hitting it flush in 20 minutes while he was absolutely blasted away and HIGH on the new sensation his spoon went as far as my 7i. However he was happy and that was what he wanted. He had issues handling his new found power playing as his handicap started to go down and playing the same way become an issue. I didn’t change his swing mechanics to what I did, I just optimized his.

Just saying that hitting it long is relatively easy and straightforward. Hans added 30 yards to a 80 year old guy in 5 minutes with his 7i.

Distance isn’t key to scoring low its one part of the equation.

Consistency way more important.

Immelman speaks about Chris Como (new Tiger Woods swing trainer)

quote “The thing that intrigued me about him is he doesn’t teach a method or have a strategy. He has just studied and watched great players through the history of the game, some with so-called orthodox swings, some with so-called unorthodox swings. He understands how pieces of the puzzle work together.” end quote

Hum, why haven’t he fixed Tigers down swing yet? He had 6 weeks?
it’s a 5 minute change. Chris might be a great coach same as Foley I am sure which broke the body of Tiger but I am sure he knew what he was doing also.

I don’t study broken swings or slice mechanics. I do looked at them and then went, that doesn’t make sense to me. I then divulged a way that did make sense to me.

Trying to teach an amateur is more rewarding to some extent as whatever you instruct has to work or they cant do it.

A tour pro like Tiger? Easy to change their mechanics. They already have developed feel so what’s needed is to organize it into athletic action so their instinct when playing during last nine holes in a major don’t need to be, can I make the shot I want or will my mechanics break down? (Like the Foley swing)

Making the impossible possible

It sounds like an Adidas commercial.

I love their shoes – my feet’s are evidently the benchmark for the shoes. I bought my golf shoes and also my walking sport shoes and I cant feel them on my feet when walking and sometimes I look to check do I still have them on?

Your experience may vary though.

So I buy Adidas shoes due to them fit my feet’s perfectly.

Performance is like that to bring out our potential we need to master many skills and be able to make those skills available when we need them to be. If it was just the golf swing it be easy right? Golf is a game where consistency pays off, to hit the same shot pattern one after another. For me normally I like to be creative and indulge into variation.

Still consistency for performance is the skill, to do each shot the same as last time, again and again. if you cant master that your consistency will vary.

The question is then how do one master such?

Our brain isn’t made to repeat stuff at some point you go into habit and started to do the repeat and loose the moment so learning to stay in the moment is needed as then you can ensure your best performance is going to happen each time.

So those who wants to be better then has to train something that basically don’t have much to do with their sport at all not technique nor skill but how their brain operates?


If you don’t then your habit and patterns will kick in and what we do are reinforced and as such sooner or later you be repeating a subpar performance instead of doing your best.

Its like smoking, loosing weight or holding that new year resolution promise, willpower don’t work.

RBIm utilize the FutureNow to ensure the performance stays consistent and for some it might take time to master it. Its so easy to let the world make you react to it instead of letting the world react to you.

Those that perform have learned how to organize themselves into the mind set that allows them to enter the zone. While some might think the zone seems mystical where it all goes easy and efficiently and smooth it’s a learned skill as any other skill.

Each experience has a structure. Each skill has a structure, well whatever reality might be or performance might be there is a structure to make you able to do it.

Normally people get in their own way and instead of letting their level of potential to come out they get hanged up on some notion of an idea what its suppose to be instead of noticing what it is. Our brain is constantly  creating scenarios.

One common mistake is having a great day performing and then the next time think I do the same as the last time and then some create rituals of brushing their teeth before the game, have their socks not washed, grow a beard and all such are just silly. They are all superstitions.

Its due to not knowing what to do to re-create the same experience the next time and that is impossible btw. To make the impossible possible I utilize the FutureNow and find out what the structure is and then I do it.

You need a great plan and then a way to execute it.


Phil told his caddy,
it’s a 5i and all I need to do is to execute it
The rest is history.

He used to choke big time in Majors he was and is doing that on US Open still as he gets in his own way to much still.

Letting go is often mentioned in NLP and Mythoself.

quote “The MythoSelf Process leads a person to the position where they learn to let go completely of all pretense and masking of the essence of their Being. In this way you become aware of yourself both in relation to the larger context that contains you and with which you have a profound and personal relationship … and to know yourself as you are when you are most magnificent, most exquisite … most free to express yourself and manifest a life without the burden of expectation or explanation.” end quote

Performance as anything else is a way to understand how do I perform the way I want to?  How can I prepare and plan accordingly so I know that when its time I can go out there and just do what I want to do?

You know that we grow better over time as we try and do we find the words of Yoda rings for us like spirals on water there is no “try” only do but then to understand such a message we flow on the water let the waves bring us into what is the difference of when I try vs when I am doing?

In the case of Luke it was giving into his emotions to walk the dark side of power. Responses already happening based on the past projecting into the future as a possible scenario almost sounds like time traveling right?

The present moment, right here < is a skill to be learned as any other and true its not so easy as a snap of the finger but elite level performers athletes they know the difference and if they be able to do such each time to bring everything they have each time they do go out and perform that nothing beats it. Not sex, not their first born nothing else as they know with clarity and power this will work every time the same way for them.

To create that level of performance you let go of the self as whatever you normally identify with to create the self is then moved into the pure raw primitive side of us and once contained into the performances and skills we posses you can bring it.

Our sense of self the way we navigate and experience whatever is real is a creation anyhow, meaning for example is created and some seek it out some call that extensionality and there are other forms of schools for it, new age, religion and whatever people come to think about such.

While self is been thought if as a real thing we can locate it and maintain its structure and then we can let loose and become the context letting the self become the thing to explore what this is. Many has amnesia when they do such, they cant recall what actually did happen during the events. They just knew what they did but nothing else and when asked how they managed to do it they cant answer it.

They made the impossible possible.

My favorite version of the song.

Experiencing my shoes as I put them on is having a surreal experience that I don’t even are wearing shoes that in my view would be what I consider a perfect moment. Each time I am about to talk a walk and put my shoes on I know one thing it be perfect moments each and every time.

There is no difference.

It just is what it is.

Faith some say are a required trait for religion and still each time you walk into a bank and talk to the people there your assumption is they do have the right to do what they do and if they ask you for a ID your respond to show it but how many times do you ask them for theirs and then ask them to prove they have the right do handle your money ? I do that now and then and they always look at me, what?

Its for them a strange question and still faith is what you use when you walk into a bank and NEVER ask for their ID and proof of their job. Your actions then are the same as any religious fanatics who believe in virgins wait for them in the heaven when they do an act of terror. The guys designing that knew one thing what drives those to suicide for a cause. The Islamic Nation? A powerful motivation to have.

Performance can be the same, then be from your own best actions you can produce at the given time, mine are better today vs years ago, I can change a golf swing for someone now and tell them why I would make the change and why and 20 minutes later they go, wow and then I have to spend more time to make them to actually accept they are doing it.

You know the saying, if you see it and then you believe it? NOT TRUE! Doing it themselves isn’t enough either they even doubt its them doing it.

Hans hit 50 yards longer in a few minutes. It took him a year to accept it.

Whenever you do the impossible as I tend  to have a habit to do then whatever people believe and assume to be true gets in their own way suddenly its not them who is doing it. Even if they hit another swing and shot.

The way identity works is we come to assume its attached and define as it is and to let that go people cant do. I resolve that by re-set the system first to locate the self and once stabilized then we can engage into performing and learn that as then you wont have a lot of stuff to let go off – your designing new.

Making the impossible possible trough RBIm technology.

I make people better that’s what I do

A problem with science and golf

This article talks about the difference of reality as they measure signals traveling from one part of the brain vs the other.

That watching an event vs imagining it the signals travel from different directions. The parietal lobe is a higher functioning such that combines several sources of information and the occipital lobe.

Now the information ends up in different places here depending what we do Imagine/watching, the question is, does that make a difference for you?


You don’t know anyhow if the information was imagined or watched anyhow.

The brain moves information also physically inside the brain. Much like a storage unit. Once the content don’t need additional input anymore it moves it. Its why you cant recall some events you cant recall due to the moving also removes the same areas you normally accessed so its like two different storage units and while they can be placed next to one another they don’t talk to one another.

The above is explored trough hypnosis as the hypnotist is trying to change the location of the context for you. The storage unit changes places simply.

The storage becomes reflexes, habits and patterns you then do. The motoric functions riding a bike or a car, languages or eating or even walking becomes such events that you can do but normally cant recall.

If you want to complicate this then try follow a golf swing theory and struggle with the learning due to you never moves it into storage like Sean Foley failure with Tiger Woods.

If you constantly interrupt the moving process then the brain cant learn to automate its functions.

You would want a natural movement and then learn to coordinate such like riding a bike you know your done when you can keep the balance and go where you want to without falling veer. Once you achieve that then you suddenly start to use the skill as a tool that you then can improve.

Hans is in constant flux to some extent in the golf swing technique and mechanics, His swing is evolving as he becomes more natural in what he does when he swings a club. I had to fix 25 years of misinformation loaded into his brain storage unit. Yea once the brain has moved and stored this then its not the muscles that do it due to the brain then just access and do. To fix that we don’t break up current patterns we build the new action and motion. Once he is building the new motion and moves it along the way his old access storage goes away as he now starts to store new information what to do instead at some point his access to what he used to do just vanish.

If you use a more natural way to do a golf swing and I did discover just how to do that a couple of months ago this allows you to start transforming your learning of the golf swing and it also allows you to start making a RBIm technology approach to the game of golf. You hit longer 300+ yards and also adds accuracy along the way a modern swing like Sean Foley, Butch Harmon, Hank Haney, Chris Como, Monte Scheinblum etc..cant do. Your faced with the issue of either sacrificing distance and adding accuracy or adding accuracy and loosing distance with a modern swing. There is no way you can do better with slice mechanics.

If you are able to add let say 50 more yards to your tee shots you suddenly have a 6 club advantage vs the shorter hitter. A modern swing ends around 280 yards on fairways that are fine cut and hard Jim Furyk for example carry the ball 240 yards or so and he adds 44 yards at average due to fairways are so hard and finely cut. So he can compete due to the fairways are in such conditions. If you let the grass go up and wet the fairways then he suddenly is out of winning any tournament. Cant compete with such short swing under such conditions.

RBIm technology works by building new

It means whatever storage unit your system ahs atm for whatever your doing isn’t changed it simply to some extent are built a new one and then old information usable for the new skill is transferred or moved to the new.

People think that you need to change what you doing and then you find happiness or the solution or such. What happens when you simply build new is that your old neurons and its pathways are not accessed and since that happens slowly they decay and winder away as the new ones are reinforced. There is also another way this can be done when the location of meaning changes as that also changes the system by rewriting it.

Both ways are viable in RBIm. The same principle is at work and what approach to be used depends on what its about.

Learning a golf swing becomes an issue for many and it ahs for sure been one for me as I started to study the golf swing theory and mechanics it was obvious people didn’t know.

Golf swing theory is guesswork.

I don’t like that.

As I use a unconventional approach to solve and study the golf swing the basis is in science if the hypothesis hold then someone else should be able to replicate the result I found. Its one of those science things as if you do find a working thesis then someone else should be able to reproduce the results using the same laboratory settings or in my case, instructions.

The issue is a big thing in the golf community since none there use science to prove the replication instruction they all do say things but none of them actually knows and understand this.

For example, I quote Monte here“The point is the ENTIRE downswing is your body reacting to what you did in the setup, backswing and transition.” end quote.

What does that even mean?

What is the body? What is reaction to what exactly? How can you replicate that?

You cant. (my point right)

Whatever he talks about in that article cant be done and replicated by you. So the field is first teaching a whimsical approach that some then says shouldn’t be taught while offering a more nonsense along the way?

The best golf trainers are those that offers the least complex things you need to do as your brain adapt to the instruction they tell you to do and often its not precise enough. The problem of not knowing but believe you do know is a fallible science can solve if you draw the proper conclusions from the experiment.

The golf theory believe they know when they don’t. Even if science shows what is going on in the brain we don’t know how that makes us think the way we do or feel the way we do. Its more easy to think we are proven right (fit beliefs) than to think how do I replicate this?

It’s the normal thing we do, we look for evidence that support our current world view than find evidence that is different.

That is common trough any culture and social and part of evolution.

I like to be proven wrong, it is what I do, prove me wrong it just shows whatever I did believe or assumed isn’t correct.

The recent way I started the instruction for the golf swing has shown great promise and allows me to teach better and also its easier to replicate for the student.

How to ruin a tour pro swing

If we check Yani tseng a player who won a lot and then decided to change her swing.

At the top her left hip stays back it means her turn do the old X factor stretch thing. Her stance is a bit wide.
Half way down she has turned her pelvis and this causes a lot of issues next. Her left side has no room so she needs to stand up at impact.

The drill her swing guru Gilchrest had her do was a pin behind the head to make the head to stop moving.

It’s a bad idea.

If you have your trainer do that they then don’t understand body mechanics and the golf swing.

Her main issues are, standing up at impact, turning the pelvis to early all causing inconsistency and timing problems.

She could start doing such as this

More athletic, longer, accurate and fun.

top hanstop
Side by side we can understand that letting the left side tag along you end up with a more natural top position. While Hans isnt bending his left knee and raising his left heel as much as for example Nicklaus or Austin its better than what he used to do as keeping the left heel down is a bad idea.

half wayhalf way hans

The main difference is here, while Yani already has turned her pelvis applying slice mechanics, Hans haven’t yet turned his pelvis.
Hans can add speed here without effort, Yani will be forced to even have the ball in fairway and more fight her off fairway hits instead of going for it.

The difference of swing theory models and what I do as a model is mine are based on what people actually do in this case Mike Austin as he is the role model for us. To have accuracy you need margin for error in your swing integrity or else you fight your positions and mechanics and your athletic instinct.

Utilizing your natural instincts isn’t a natural act of itself, you will apply it for a golf swing for sure but the way our brain works and body moves this will cause slice mechanics for the amateur and hook for a tour pro. Making the body move more naturally athletically with instinct adapted for the body bio mechanics of a golf swing allows you to increase distance and create better accuracy as your margin for error increases.

Yani would add 40 yards maybe more with such a swing model I propose while increasing accuracy.

Ask yourself – if your left side is going up at impact are you then able to create more force easier than if its going down at impact>? If your body is compressing and going up is that easier to create more force?

The answer is no.

Swing theory is doubtful as a good way to make you play consistent golf. It will likely ruin your career. I feel sorry for Yani but the way the golf tour works only those that do what people believe in not what actually produce a better result for them. The golf swing isn’t a magic ticket to win Majors but removing it as a variable for your performance seems the way to go.

Hitting longer drives than you ever done

There are few secrets to hit longer.

You can for example build strength to add force and be able to contract muscles faster as a golf swing is a short burst swing. You can then build speed and do speed trainings. You can buy a new driver.

Adding strength, and speed workouts you can increase your distance a lot.

Your still bound by your technique integrity. It means however fast you swing at some point you c ant swing faster without your integrity is in jeopardy and you loose accuracy.

You can make sure you hit the sweet spot of the club that alone can make 20 yards or more difference. Whenever I see amateurs trying to hit longer, they tense up. The trick is to relax more. If you tense up you then activate antagonist muscles for example the biceps when only the triceps is needed.

Your technique is also important, swinging with a  modern swing allows you around 270 yards give or take before the integrity breaks down. Mike Austin was able to hit it really long, distances you see the long driving people today hit and they look like broilers so if you have any question about strength, try a long driver and you find those shafts are so stiff.

  • Strength
  • Speed
  • Technique with leverage
  • Mobility/flexibility
  • Short bursts intense muscles contractions

Things to be aware off that slow down your speed are

  • Antagonist activations
  • Hit impulse
  • Compensations of technique
  • Integrity threshold

For example Hans sometimes asks me to hit it longer now and then even though he lately stop asking me that as he just add more distances and he currently is around a 310 yard carry with driver.

What I do then is to check what he is doing ask him about it a bit, often he have some remains of his old patterns so I alter what he does slightly, last change I did he couldn’t hit the ball for 10 minutes. Then as he adjusted and adapted he started to add more speed. He naturally had issues with his longer clubs also as this requires him a new firing sequence.

Changes sometimes can cause this especially since your old firing sequence will be in the way. Once your able to adapt to the new sequence this helps you add more speed as your leverage now can be increased.

It means that your swing can be done with less compensations and have a better integrity and that you can add speed from the top.

Throwing from the top in other words and having a free release.

Examples of a locked limited compensation release is like this,

Pretty nice examples what you don’t want to look like after impact. Both Major winners though.

What we want to look like after impact to ensure a free release are

Weight center of both are way behind the midline. Main reason the force created needs to be balanced.


Remember your physics lessons? A force going one direction will have a equal one the opposite direction right? To add more speed then force is applied to hold onto this force and to create it you cant follow it as if you do your body wont hold up for the pressure.

Using a free release pattern like Mike Austin and Jack Nicklaus did will add distance without effort. The same effort will allow you to swing faster due to a better leverage and release pattern.

You also don’t want the body to go up at impact like it does for the Tiger Woods that’s a bad idea and happens due to a lack of a free release from the top.


Hogan that made power fade his weapon as long his leg could hold him up. Still using a hold off release.





A hold off release (Drive hold) which 80% or so of todays tour pro on the PGA tour use is a compensation.

They might not say that or think so and also believe its accurately a good one and still if they come see me they add more distance for same effort and with a better release in spite of their beliefs.

I would like to add if you need to compensate it will slow down what your doing as you don’t have enough margin for error in your movement.

This summer I wont be surprised if Hans for example adds 30 yards to his carry.

Plane or no plane golf swing

Is there a on plane golf swing?


To say you can do a one plane golf swing to follow some invisible glass plane like Hogan suggested seems like a nice dream.

It is.

Athletically we can do things that’s more in tune with force, torque and mobility.

Trouble happens when we try to think we can do a position or plane or angle. Those are there to understand what’s going on but not to be focused on while we play.

This becomes an issue for amateurs or players who want to play golf like thedanplan. He is an amateur that use modern golf theory and while its perfectly fine as a theory in actual practice it isn’t as it requires dedication and also if one asks me much easier to learn before you build muscles before age 10.


The above image is Dan in September. He is working on a one plane swing it seems.


Dan faces the issues anyone who is older than 10, either they have had been golfing before or as Dan totally new but also 4 years into the golf swing and game.

When we are really young we cant leverage the club using muscles, we then learn intuitively how to move the club by responding to the force instead of trying to make force.

hans 12 nov left

I turned Hans into a left side swing. You can compare that to Dan and you find a few things that is different. One is distance where Hans leverage 310 carry with driver I am not sure how far Dan is doing but if he is at 260 yards I be surprised.



The plane don’t really exist, some say Moe Norman was a plane swinger as his shaft aligns with address and then as he comes back to impact pretty much is the same. Its fine if you want to hit like Moe at 220 yards also. When Moe hit it long there was no alignment.

What Moe managed to do was to be really accurate. 

If someone asks me I say well you want to start the swing softly and move the arms into a one single takeaway outside out and then up and then fit the top position as you would throw a American Stewie err football.

The problem for Dan is modern theory. He will struggle with his mechanics as he haven’t learned the pressure responses as a kid.

For me whenever I do what I do (modeling) then I need to consider options like how do I teach an adult that haven’t the kids reactions and the lack of feel for example? Feel can be taught, I taught Hans the difference.

When I watch Larry swing I check for what muscle firing he has, if he use his old or is applying the new. If he applies the new and the old firing is going away I am fine with it whatever the swing is like. He then has listen and are trying to find what he is suppose to do and then I can add new instructions to further nuance what he needs to do. I sent him today a tweak to add to how his muscle to start the downs wing can be made easier. So while he has trained one sequence for a week or so, this next bit makes that easier to do without practicing much.

The plane itself will be there when your able to respond to the forces in a golf swing when done properly. Problem is as always how to go about that to teach oneself such as I have to do just that myself during spring. While my last round and range sessions confirmed what I worked on is working it also caused more questions and research to be done. In the end I might need a microscope to find what cells do what when a golf swing is performed.

A tour pro is easy to teach due to them have a ton of responses already made, then to change them into a new mechanics is relatively simple. The amateur however you also need to teach feel and make sure they don’t try to do what they are used to do instead of doing the new. Hans see that with his friends, he might add 30 more yards or more and a week or two later they are back at the old distances due to the new felt awkward to them as they didn’t know what they were doing and started to think about what they were doing instead of just you know play better.

An older gentleman at the range here last year, I made him high as he struck each ball perfectly, he played better and lower his handicap but had issues handling the new found golf swing. It took me 20 minutes of watching him hit balls telling him what to focus on and then make sure he got the message down.

Changes in a golf swing don’t take long once you move the body better more naturally. If you don’t do it like like Sean Foley does then 5 years isn’t enough time that even the best golfer the last 17 years cant do it.

Make it more difficult to do timing and then something going to go.

I ask Hans, did it work better? More speed, more compression, easier, what else?

His last swing video is better but he also reversed slightly to his old down swing which isn’t strange as he just pounded the ball today. Changes within the fine motoric actions takes longer to adapt for the individual. I remind him of that and find out what works for him as whatever change we do slowly happens over time. I am changing my golf swing already as I don’t need to do range to implement them.

Ben Hogan felt like he swung on a plane, but that is what the brain tells him what it feels like when eh pressured the angles.

Do what he did, don’t do what he said.

If someone would ask me can I become  tour pro? My answer would be yes its doable and possible. It will require some work as the golf swing is just one variable, putting, and the short game is a dimension there also. I said to Simon it takes 3 years to build the foundation and that is with me.

Once you find how to leverage the club athletically and are finding the angle to throw like Mike Austin did then slowly your golf swing will organize to that and you be able to play golf without thinking about what to do and where the ball is going to go, its going to go where you aim it. Organization is a response to the form and structure you then are able to do perform consistently. Once that is there your golf swing will be going trough changes without needing to change. It be more intuitive feel based.

Glass then breaks.

Larry breakthrough progress golf swing

If your young its much easier some say to learn a golf swing and I agree, it is easier as your body don’t use muscles first and foremost to do the work you react to the weight and force until your able to build muscles. Its how tour pros built feel btw.

Larry at age 67 or so is a different matter as he even if fit will use muscles and patterns he already been used to do when learning unless we re-educate the body and brain to take hold and notice those sensations.

I worked the last few weeks to make Larry swing differently from the top, he pulled the left side laimus dorsi as a starting point so I said, don’t do that start doing this instead. The above video is from yesterday.

Slowly he been able to adjust the down swing move, so to impact he is now much better. Larry nov 14As the image show.

Changing patterns is really difficult. RBIm as a technology tells us that to change or transform what we want to do is to change into a futureNow location a future position and then let the brain organize around that so we can have the new without the old.

If it was as easy to just tell Larry don’t do it it be easy and simple. But that isn’t the case with sport.

I recently had a discovery that seems to help both Larry and Hans.

Hans went as far to tell me this, it was my best range session ever. The way I hit the ball and how I felt the throw I felt like Austin. (Not sure what to say except Austin is dead) but I guess he meant the swing.

Anyhow, the progress for Larry is what is interesting as his change before impact is a key to find out how to swing like Austin down the line. The good about the new video is that Larry is able to sequence his kinetic chain much better now.
We can see his left pelvis is now stretched and not rotated.  Austin signature.
I expect Larry to progress a bit faster from this point as he now have had a whole new experience and feel into what he is doing. His swing patterns, muscles etc..will start to organize around this new sequence and this will improve and lead to discoveries for him also as he becomes accustom to the motion.

Once the motion starts to settle and organize around this then his post impact and such will change along the way also. More speed, more power and more effortless of nothing.

A good breakthrough

Compare vs older swing, new the black shirt

For the non golfer, he now has more room for his arms before and at impact and dont need to slow down to make contact as he used to do. Once his upper body adjust to the new pelvis movements it be looking great.