Thedanplan, told ya about his technique trouble and struggle

Here his last post as he realize he is short (duh) and cant do what a pga tour pro does (duh again) and that he struggles with distance (triple duh).

You want to understand what people are actually able to do when they do things. I walked as a caddie so I have an idea what is required as a tour pro. Distances, flags tucked in and other things like weather.

Main issue is that many cant handle their performances at all due to they are constantly struggling with their mechanics.

So I built more swing power and also accuracy so whenever I face a 250 yard shot I know I can do it. While I might not use a 7i for that distance you really want power in your game to make it easier. If you have a 8i to green vs to have a 3i or spoon it just makes it too difficult to play the game.

I still have a few more weeks to go before ranges here can open up.


The above is at the coast which normally are first to clear snow and such and we see things are not good and we are currently also having a cold front with –10 forecasted.

So at least 2 more weeks until heat really gets here. I don’t think much about the range though as I be testing things on my back yard first anyhow and if that works the way it should then I wont do much range work as I be waiting for the courses and summer to arrive.

I already know this will work the way it should.

Power and distance once taken care off you want accuracy so I created both.

So I ask Hans to test things and track things for me that I consider key variables, distance to pin on average means more margin for error that allow him to do easier pars and more birdies. His current average is between 12-18 feet from the hole on his approaches. He isn’t making enough birdies yet but that will be taken care of during the phase 3 Mikaela factor.

I calculate he should be able to do 3 to 6 birdies each nine holes which translate to a 66 to 60 in scoring on average. That’s my plan. If math and logic was transferable directly without any variables the game and my work would be easier. To make those numbers he needs to be highly consistent and also able to get the ball closer now and then.

He also needs to handle that he makes such a game which is different from how he played and learned to play. It’s a little bit a shock to his system doing that as he said whatever I was doing before its like a joke and not real.

He started to understand what I am teaching him.

Superstar performance.

That’s a different plan.

I hold no illusions how difficult golf is for a tour pro and why they cant do what I am doing. You still want to be able to pull off shots on demand that many amateurs will think is impossible to do.

I recall playing with a friend and a buddy of him as he joined us at the 10 hole I hit a bad drive then made a even worse short green approach. Hit my 60 degree above the hole to make it run down pass the pin so I had a uphill putt made that for par. Next was a par 3 hit it into the bunker with a downhill green impossible no green to work with, almost made the shot into the hole, easy par putt as we walked to the next tee the guy told my friend, he hit shots like the guys on TV does….

Now my short game is plenty good but I always struggled with the mechanics. Now I can skip that and just go play.

That’s a much better plan.

Guesswork and theory or something like bring it on

Let say you would guess if the work you are doing suddenly wouldn’t be there anymore, you sit in the car traveling to work and then its gone the building is gone whatever you thought you did suddenly is gone.

That is what theory is like and guesswork, it might work and the notion is “might”.

I tried to convey this in a manner that would work but I was after trying things I was stuck with that the way the conceptual explanations works wasn’t working, so I waited until I then one day could explain.

RBIm 3.0 is really 3 simple steps, context and experience and then attention.

You can then have any reality you want.

Once you find what to do you can then build it to experience the day as a perfect one if you like, I rest a lot as I am doing things in motion but doing them I don’t exert force as I am sliding trough and ease my way without spending much energy at all. Yes while it isn’t an ideal situation life is like that as sometimes your faced with though choices you might live in Syria or a ghetto in USA or some Asian farm and then well then you might need to do things you never imagine you ever needed to do.

If I wanted to spend time I do that with intu-flow as after 7 years I am still doing it every day. I still follow the Palo lifestyle and I am still applying and learning more about how the brain and body works. I still evaluate intu-flow after all these years, I found my muscles has altered dynamics so much I cant even begin to explain the difference its like the mobility itself has expanded beyond what seems impossible. The space the movement and the mobility as I work out I never get any stiffness there is no cant walk or move the days I do this nowadays its all all moving along just fine.

Its pretty amazing really and if I didn’t do it and would have stopped 4 years ago I never would known the wonder I do today.

One guy said I should do my due diligence years ago as he didn’t do it himself apparently.

The way Roye Fraser worked you find here with RBIm 3.0 and while you might have no idea off who he was and whatever work he did do and I never met him but one thing is clear to me, this RBIm 3.0 your able to replicate his work without NLP and any other stuff.

Now proving such is difficult.

Its like I guess someone like Hawking trying to use math and explanations in how a black hole gravity and time works as it will be a bit over my head using that model for sure. I then use something else to grasp it. The Universe is bigger than we can think it can be. I accepted that a long time ago as we study this stuff it will just be more to discover. If we had space ships I be on my way to that star on the right.

Realization and understanding isn’t easy stuff, we might think there is a will of stuff out there for us that want us well but I disagree as that just feeds guess work and theory people and we have enough with people that think to much that are so smart and such and then have stories and more stories to tell.

I relinquish in my days work out today, my previous post lined it out well, I sit here feeling the wake of this work and I am pleased with it and it feels great and my body is tired, all I want to do really is sit down, watch TV eat some junk food and stop doing anything as I am just tired. It’s the easy way out and while that might work for a few days at some point the system shuts down so I balance the work with what I want to accomplish and make sure I feel really great doing the work as I found that immensely helpful.

If your going to loose weight or doing work to play the golf tour make sure its enjoyable and fun. let make it easy and while the endless running or the days and nights we spend alone working skills, lift some weights and then the rain and snow hits or the summer heat we still know where we are going and where we are as we then can enjoy the work done.

10 weeks it took for me until I had this day when I feel really really good about the work starting to pay off. Imagine I would give up that day when I was faced to learn things I had to move from my home to live in a day to day basis. I was going somewhere as I knew one thing this I will do for the rest of my life. Then 21 years later I am still doing it but now the time and experience taught me well that I am spending so little time with guess work and theory and are implementing things so once I know what is going on I move on.

While many are still working the same old theory in golf or dyslexia I already solved that while the elite level performers in any sport don’t know how to access the zone on command I already solved that and moving on. Once it solved its done for me. I then move towards something else and I planned this summer to be exclusively for golf for me. There wont be any theory nothing else as I will apply the stuff I spent so long time developing and now it is time to really go at it with everything I still have within me.

About to move those stars so they fit better around those other planets so watch out.

I am solely focused to play golf this summer and while I might spend time working politics or some other area of human evolution or social scale I find it worthy that this I really want to find out how good can I be using my own system I myself developed?

I am immensely curious to find that out.

No guess work or theory needed.

All systems ready and go.

I am bringing it on

Swing and weight loss changes

I see them on TV talk about golfers what they do and its so funny. I watch them do things and I shake my head seems difficult. I now and then re-visit what I study before, as I look at Mike Austin’s swing my head goes why isn’t he fixing that? Its like why is he all over the map with his movements?

However I built a efficient swing model so I am biased I guess.

Loosing weight some say changes your swing so it feels different so many tour pros goes back to be overweight again as they don’t know how to adapt to the new weight loose situation. I don’t understand why personally as its easy to make them adjust things, it easy to add 30, 50 or more yards depending where you come from in that area. I don’t understand the coaches they hire as why they don’t make them able to do it to be better at what they do.

I working my weight loss, I don’t need motivation to go and do things I am jumping with joy to go do things in spite of me being tired all the time, that the work outs themselves put a strain on my focus and energy that I am running at my max and then now and then need to back it off to just rest. My swing work took me 6 weeks indoors then I was done there. Next up is range and testing which starts in 3 weeks or so depending when spring arrives here. Winter haven’t been to bad, but its cold still, heat during the day melts stuff but the nights still are cold. So I wait.

I will swing differently this year in a way I never done before. I am also preparing physically adjusting my normal routine a bit as I am loosing weight a bit earlier than what I normally does. I added 2 days of intermittent fasting to lower calories as there are no short cuts, do the work as there are no happy miracles here about loosing weight. Normally if I was healthy and such I could work this a lot better and harder but since I cant I train after the same recipe.

Intense, short duration with variation. Mimic the conditions people did in the savanna, do long walks when your hungry and do some work outs when your hungry lightly. When food did run out and you had to walk to find new hunting grounds the human physiology adapted to it. Burning fat and building muscle is all about hormonal adaption. Most don’t do such they follow the advice people have within such fields and those don’t work so well.

Once your brain and body adapted to the change it starts to do efficiency with it. Either it works or not. The body and brain then make it more efficient either its being more depressed or being more happy. The same is true with metabolism, loosing weight is difficult if you allow the body to create efficiency to the work due to once it does that it conserves energy and don’t burn fat and build muscles anymore.

Continuous adaption is key there.

Surprise the body each and very time and soon your system builds an adaptive response which obviously is hormone based. Its what I do. I take walks when I have a fasting day, when I eat I work the gym at home and change the routine each and every time and then just do short, intense durations. It don’t even feel like working out as its so easy to do.

Loosing weight is just a side effect.

My swing work is about to be tested on the range which I look forward to be able to adapt and adjust there to fit it to make the ball to go where I want it to go finally.

Looking forward to that.

Measurement and evidences with the RBIm 3.0

I am a big fan of measure things. Looking into the field of human change and transformation its obvious its more about new age than structural formats and measurements.

RBIm 3.0 is the answer from me for human r-evolution in a conscious way.

Looking into dyslexia creating he that allows someone to train themselves to overcome dyslexia is important.

Checking out golf and then defining the golf swing to own it was the last one I worked on and now its done.

The RBIm golf system allows you to learn how to own the golf swing. Like Ben Hogan did like Moe Norman did.

While all those systems offers evidence and measurement for their use the one model I am most proud of is the performance model as it allows one to be in the zone and control its output.

The RBIm performance model allows unprecedented experiences in your sport as you can always perform at your best. It wont be luck, a good day or such.

You be the one doing it and setting the level yourself.

Now, I don’t get a lot of media hype yet, as people tend to be covered in the beliefs what seems to work with beliefs without measurements. Their evidence lacking but people wish to believe so much. Its like my sister told me, they invested into new heating arrangements at home, they use wood to burn trough and heat their house, as they changed this to a more efficient one her husband thought they might need to start carry wood during the winter and she said, no we wait I think we be fine and they were. He was so used trough the years and years of going down to put more wood into the fire and now he didn’t need to.

He was still acting out of his past references not the new ones. Hans started to update his old ones now and his game will become so much more now.

How good?

Best in the world.

I know the value of my models, none comes close.

NLP is a hack and slash system without them really understanding things there.
Mythoself is like the fairy land of stories leading nowhere.
Golf trainers are like lambs leading themselves into slaughter.

There is little evidence there and lack of measurement tools to offer such evidence is sorely lacking as I asked them and all they said was, nothing of value.

Recently I posted the RBIm 3.0 application tools and those be the last ones most likely I post about that model. I am currently working my weight loss and physical fitness and then its golf for the rest of the year for me. I am finding out soon what I created for golf to be used for myself. Doing that also means I wont work much else as the models are done so they wont need work anymore from my side. I am focused sorely on the golf for the rest of the year.  Once I am done with a model I don’t do much with it. It works and the way its suppose to and then I move on to do something else. RBIm 3.0 is done so I move on from that. I am now finding out for myself what the performance model and the new golf swing mechanic will do for me so I be fully invested into that for the upcoming foreseeable future.

I created the most advanced technology for human r-evolution with the RBIm 3.0 and offered the tool set to apply for change and transformation, so I think for the time being I am pretty much done there. There be no certification courses or such as its all here on the blog. Do the work and you can do it to.

I defined the golf swing as whatever people think it is has nothing to do with it. I am already owning my golf swing and it wasn’t a long process to do so. I am not surprised either or overwhelmed as I know what I am doing trough measurement and evidence and if any of them are lacking then I know one thing, they don’t know why it works and often they have no way to analyze what to do which is currently true in the tour pro circus.

I adapted to what I do indoors, I find I am done so my brain goes, done – what now?

Wait for spring and work my body. Evidence and measurement there is ongoing.

This means my presence here what I write will change during spring a bit.

I might find a new subject to be interested in but atm my focus is to solidify the changes Hans needs to go trough and what I need to be in for shape to do myself justice with the golf system I developed.

Best in the world.

Hans talk and feedback practice

Weather did halt his plans to go south so stay at home and practice on winter greens.
He was happy with his practice and things he is working on improves. His feedback from the old is gearing towards an update with the new 20% effort swinging which will allow him to play with more precision and efficiency. Mechanically he is really where he should be and next is to be able to use that new improved efficiency effectively. Distance he is long and hit all the targets he needed.

Keep on doing what he is doing is pretty much it atm.

One area I want to make sure he is able to do a lot better is approach shots. While the dispersion is fine the distance control is key and he made improvements there today. Updating ones perception and be able to utilize the new feedback have started to work for him. Skrattar

Tomorrow new day for practice.

I feel he is on track.

What makes consistency so important in golf?

Once you can do that you have an edge vs the field, and if you can use your best performance each time you go play and consistently do so then your in for a treat.¨

The game of golf is missing and margin for error. Currently you know when you play its easy to make a bogie or worse if you miss one shot. If you do one bogie you need to make a birdie to make up for it. Consistency creates a safety net so your performance wont be about what misses you may or may not do but all about what shots you make for the day ends up where you wanted them.

Two set of issues are true for tour pros

  • They loose their swing (Charl/Kaymer recently)
  • They loose their momentum (Rory/Kaymer/Walker/Charl)

I solved both with the RBIm golf system.

Atm I have no real idea what this means to myself as I am also working my swing this season but if I am able to swing the way Hans is then its seems promising.

Knowing you can go and play and your performance wont change from one day to next is a tremendous thing to have as a golfer. If you’re a tour pro you know that means making cuts, win instead of struggling to make cuts or end up top 30 or so. If you’re an amateur then you know that will shave off some shots in your score if you didn’t blow up those holes.

Either way you can score consistently lower, bring your performance into your potential and enjoy and have fun playing golf.

Analyzing Mikaela Shiffrin performance talent or skills?

She is good no doubt but why?

Most will say she is talented and I disagree. You can train your daughter or son to do what she did. It will require this though.

Making it fun and enjoyable and her parents did a good thing when she was young and the ski team wanted her to compete her parents said no and continued to do what they thought was best, having fun and developing skills. They moved around a lot so she learned to adapt to different places and surfaces when skiing.

All that work however would all been in vain if she did succumb to the fear of her being nervous at age 17 in front of the second run in the world championships, but the rest is what we say is history now.

She found the zone and magic happen.

She is just showing the same thing I been saying a lot, to play tour level golf you need performance also to master your experience and be able to produce the zone at will under your control.

Her training was to apply her best each time. She said it best herself, you do it and then one day it just works.

Its why I like this girl so much, she is able to do what I teach.

Some would ask me what I do and I say well what that girl skiing is able to do is one way to look at what I do for golf.

Its not magic but a long time practice of skills, doing it at your best, improving with adaption, having fun and enjoying what you do and she absolutely love what she is doing as skiing make sense to her.

J-O Waldner had a similar approach to table tennis.

To constantly improve the efficiency in what you do
making it faster, simpler and more powerful.

I had a guy former national team volleyball guy in my workshop once, he had a stretch he did run a few times each week and he had his personal best on that distance so I told him what he could do applying what I taught and he did that run and he said it best, when I looked at my watch and saw where I was I COULDNT BELIEVE IT!

He beat his personal best by more than 2 minutes.

Magic or talent or skills or me knowing what to do?

So it affects physical performance that is easy to measure I know that so I applied this to golf and are about to find out what this will produce for golf this spring.

Golf is simple its about scoring. Its not about the distance hit once you hit it long enough then its all about accuracy and then its all about, consistency. Since no tour pro can do consistency I study how to create consistency so when I teach it, magic tends to happen.

Mikaela had good parents who did and do fun things with their kids and they still are doing that. Her best friend now his her mom. Great support such as that allows for some risk taking as the safety net is huge. Its having fun and enjoying what you do.

She said it herself,
its not a job or a hobby it’s the one thing that make sense to her, skiing.
The rest of the field competing with her, isn’t doing that.
She in some way are doing art in her field
That isn’t talent that is love
with some skill on top of that

mikaela 1

Owning the golf swing

Its been Tiger Woods dream to own it like Ben Hogan and Moe Norman but sadly he will never own it as much Zlatan likely never will win the champions league.

Owning means your able to do any shot on demand where you want to hit it.

Wait a second?

That sounds like the RBIm golf system?


The golf system which you be owning the golf swing making the shot on demand for the rest of your golfing career.

Sry Tiger.

Ongoing magical practice

I continue my golf swing build for the summer.

Today I took a short walk its plus 6 Celsius outside for 3 days now but that’s just shows weather is acting up as soon we get the cold back. Friday shows -6 Celsius more like the normal temperature here.

I had a intermittent fasting day yesterday and had a superb breakfast this morning.
Darn this coffee is good.

comp mike

The above while a still image shows some improvement for me comparing to the original model.

The main difference is a bit less tilted pelvis. While one can nitpick details I am built physically way different than Mike was. The model btw don’t copy exact moves as that would be silly as my swing image is a result of using pressure points Mike used also to swing the way he did.

Magic practice means we achieve result achievable only by applying magic.
Its taking the deep practice from The talent code way deeper.

I learned that from my local golf trainer as he didn’t know that but I figure I apply what I do there and once he saw me hit balls on cue he got Goosebumps and I knew I did something impossible for him.


I mapped that and applied it for the golf research and I call it magical practice.

It allows one to discover what one needs to do to isolate the skill producing tremendous accelerated learning of skills. I speak about a tenfold or more as you know what its suppose to be and then can do that.