Hans talk and feedback practice

Weather did halt his plans to go south so stay at home and practice on winter greens.
He was happy with his practice and things he is working on improves. His feedback from the old is gearing towards an update with the new 20% effort swinging which will allow him to play with more precision and efficiency. Mechanically he is really where he should be and next is to be able to use that new improved efficiency effectively. Distance he is long and hit all the targets he needed.

Keep on doing what he is doing is pretty much it atm.

One area I want to make sure he is able to do a lot better is approach shots. While the dispersion is fine the distance control is key and he made improvements there today. Updating ones perception and be able to utilize the new feedback have started to work for him. Skrattar

Tomorrow new day for practice.

I feel he is on track.

What makes consistency so important in golf?

Once you can do that you have an edge vs the field, and if you can use your best performance each time you go play and consistently do so then your in for a treat.¨

The game of golf is missing and margin for error. Currently you know when you play its easy to make a bogie or worse if you miss one shot. If you do one bogie you need to make a birdie to make up for it. Consistency creates a safety net so your performance wont be about what misses you may or may not do but all about what shots you make for the day ends up where you wanted them.

Two set of issues are true for tour pros

  • They loose their swing (Charl/Kaymer recently)
  • They loose their momentum (Rory/Kaymer/Walker/Charl)

I solved both with the RBIm golf system.

Atm I have no real idea what this means to myself as I am also working my swing this season but if I am able to swing the way Hans is then its seems promising.

Knowing you can go and play and your performance wont change from one day to next is a tremendous thing to have as a golfer. If you’re a tour pro you know that means making cuts, win instead of struggling to make cuts or end up top 30 or so. If you’re an amateur then you know that will shave off some shots in your score if you didn’t blow up those holes.

Either way you can score consistently lower, bring your performance into your potential and enjoy and have fun playing golf.

Analyzing Mikaela Shiffrin performance talent or skills?

She is good no doubt but why?

Most will say she is talented and I disagree. You can train your daughter or son to do what she did. It will require this though.

Making it fun and enjoyable and her parents did a good thing when she was young and the ski team wanted her to compete her parents said no and continued to do what they thought was best, having fun and developing skills. They moved around a lot so she learned to adapt to different places and surfaces when skiing.

All that work however would all been in vain if she did succumb to the fear of her being nervous at age 17 in front of the second run in the world championships, but the rest is what we say is history now.

She found the zone and magic happen.

She is just showing the same thing I been saying a lot, to play tour level golf you need performance also to master your experience and be able to produce the zone at will under your control.

Her training was to apply her best each time. She said it best herself, you do it and then one day it just works.

Its why I like this girl so much, she is able to do what I teach.

Some would ask me what I do and I say well what that girl skiing is able to do is one way to look at what I do for golf.

Its not magic but a long time practice of skills, doing it at your best, improving with adaption, having fun and enjoying what you do and she absolutely love what she is doing as skiing make sense to her.

J-O Waldner had a similar approach to table tennis.

To constantly improve the efficiency in what you do
making it faster, simpler and more powerful.

I had a guy former national team volleyball guy in my workshop once, he had a stretch he did run a few times each week and he had his personal best on that distance so I told him what he could do applying what I taught and he did that run and he said it best, when I looked at my watch and saw where I was I COULDNT BELIEVE IT!

He beat his personal best by more than 2 minutes.

Magic or talent or skills or me knowing what to do?

So it affects physical performance that is easy to measure I know that so I applied this to golf and are about to find out what this will produce for golf this spring.

Golf is simple its about scoring. Its not about the distance hit once you hit it long enough then its all about accuracy and then its all about, consistency. Since no tour pro can do consistency I study how to create consistency so when I teach it, magic tends to happen.

Mikaela had good parents who did and do fun things with their kids and they still are doing that. Her best friend now his her mom. Great support such as that allows for some risk taking as the safety net is huge. Its having fun and enjoying what you do.

She said it herself,
its not a job or a hobby it’s the one thing that make sense to her, skiing.
The rest of the field competing with her, isn’t doing that.
She in some way are doing art in her field
That isn’t talent that is love
with some skill on top of that

mikaela 1

Owning the golf swing

Its been Tiger Woods dream to own it like Ben Hogan and Moe Norman but sadly he will never own it as much Zlatan likely never will win the champions league.

Owning means your able to do any shot on demand where you want to hit it.

Wait a second?

That sounds like the RBIm golf system?


The golf system which you be owning the golf swing making the shot on demand for the rest of your golfing career.

Sry Tiger.

Ongoing magical practice

I continue my golf swing build for the summer.

Today I took a short walk its plus 6 Celsius outside for 3 days now but that’s just shows weather is acting up as soon we get the cold back. Friday shows -6 Celsius more like the normal temperature here.

I had a intermittent fasting day yesterday and had a superb breakfast this morning.
Darn this coffee is good.

comp mike

The above while a still image shows some improvement for me comparing to the original model.

The main difference is a bit less tilted pelvis. While one can nitpick details I am built physically way different than Mike was. The model btw don’t copy exact moves as that would be silly as my swing image is a result of using pressure points Mike used also to swing the way he did.

Magic practice means we achieve result achievable only by applying magic.
Its taking the deep practice from The talent code way deeper.

I learned that from my local golf trainer as he didn’t know that but I figure I apply what I do there and once he saw me hit balls on cue he got Goosebumps and I knew I did something impossible for him.


I mapped that and applied it for the golf research and I call it magical practice.

It allows one to discover what one needs to do to isolate the skill producing tremendous accelerated learning of skills. I speak about a tenfold or more as you know what its suppose to be and then can do that.

Making a swing change (Not like Tiger woods)

It never is an easy decision. Will it make me better? Will it allow me a better action, more consistency distance and accuracy?

Once I started to work this, I built a reference for the feedback so I know where to go and once that was built I started to fix things. However when I say fix I mean adjust to what the new pattern is.

I don’t need to change my old one doing thousand of repetitions. (Tiger woods does)

I build a new one.

Yesterday I fixed my right shoulder movement as it didn’t want to externally rotate properly. I could try the repetition approach like Tiger Woods does then I be dying of boredom in a day.

I went and did some research instead. Added a new action.

3You see my right shoulder doing a tendency of a OTT action moving into a compensation here. I tried a few things but non really worked. 5

Here is the new action the right shoulder is no longer compressed and activated the same way.

Once I knew what to do to make it work it worked in a few swings, no need for thousands of repetitions.

Once you know the difference between the old movement and the new one its like driving a car to work, if they close down the road you normally use you might need a reminder or two until you start using a new road to get there.

Normally a new move is a 3 week max transition. It don’t take 2 or 5 years. Well if you do it the way these guys teach Tiger woods then it surely does.

I am 51 and not healthy doing a lot of work isn’t what I want to do. I then had to figure out how to make changes faster and make them stick. 

While others debate if its possible or doable I am already doing it.

Do Different!

Doing what everyone believes will also allow you the same result and if no tour pro knows consistency then don’t study them for that.

I study a lot of stuff thanks to Google and YouTube you can really find really good stuff out there. The main issue as always, who to listen to? There are some out there that are doing some really nice things. Problem is to know what way to allow me a faster and better result of the time spent. I applied the RBIm modeling criteria when I go study.

Doing that as anything we want to simplify what we do to to have the core essential bit down. Trouble as anything I never had any issue doing other sports but the golf swing been a pain to do.


It has started to be as simple as anything else I done.

Maybe I am able to do something like Hans does this spring.

Hans here fresh from today

Testing variations

You know I am a big fan of testing and applying variations.

I do that a lot not just for working out but for testing things like my golf practice. Today I run one such test for myself. I taped one set of swing with one variation and then another set using and applying another variation and the difference of swings was noticeable.

So for me it shows even if no real scientific proof it seems to hold up for scrutiny for the work I am doing atm.

My new Swing mechanics is getting there, feels real easy btw.

I know what to do, where to go, and what toe valuate the evidence against.

All going good.

Hans for example has a tendency to not test much, he are however really good following instructions no matter how difficult I make them. Once he practice the new he might have a moment where he struggles a bit and then solves it and makes it happen.

So I have to be careful with him to make sure he does what works.

It sharpens me to work harder to find out ah well I did find out already that work is done already btw golf swing athletic and repeatable is solved.

Now its more about practice, if it works with the feedback I move to do work on the motion and once that starts to work I tweak details.

All is due to testing variations also help with the evidence chain.

Really nice to see that the theory holds under testing.

less timing is normally better if you’re a golf tour pro

Once you add timing or compensation it means you have to compensate due to your swinging in a way that cause issues somewhere.

Michelle Wie

her left foot goes up and down due to she needs to move out of the way, timing dependent move and a compensation.

If the spine needs to go up you know its not good for you.

Luke Donald

Rory Mciiroy

For some these golfers might go, wow what a swing and my brain goes, why haven’t their trainers fixed their compensations yet?

Why do they build them for them?

What if they hired me and learned to do this?

Hans demo the RBIm Golf system motion

If you do teach compensation adding timing, for me that don’t make sense. How about as natural swing as possible allowing movement that is athletic that informs your brain what is happening while your swing so you know when you do it right?

So that your able to repeat it like a basketball throw the same way every time or like riding a bike?

If you’re a tour pro well then please inquire for my services.

After what I am able to do for you nothing else out there will make sense to do anymore.

Just ask Hans.

Consistency is really difficult as a tour pro

Zack Johnson hit every green and the next he wasn’t able to.

Did they move the greens from one day to the next? The course when the distances they need to hit their approach shots isn’t so big reaching a 85% GIR as the wind isn’t a factor there atm.

One reason golf is difficult is the distances you need to play at. As players hit longer then they lengthen the courses instead of making them more interesting.  Masters was and isn’t the same as it was back in 1997 you don’t make a lot of birdies nowadays as the approach shots you might need is a 4I instead of a PW.

It’s the same course but the game has changed so they changed the course along the way to match the distances.

Tour pros don’t miss much from 130 yards with the top 500 in the world. That distance is relatively easy to play from. What differs is longer irons and putting where you can earn 3 shots vs the field. In 4 days that means 12 shots.

Adding more consistency to your longer shots improve putting and you have a really good combo there. Still to do so every round every day is difficult for tour pros as they don’t know how and they constantly struggle with their mechanic’s.

So while you can play tour golf with any golf swing and system it is really difficult to repeat the same performance from one day to the next. Its one of those things I study while I was looking at the golf swing mechanics and did modeling as I also wanted to make sure Hans in this case could do just that play consistently from one day to the next

As I study I also took note, it seems to me no tour pro can do consistency. I then had to develop that and I looked at Nicklaus, Annika as those golfers been a lot more consistent than others. While Nicklaus strategy for example allows a better consistency it wasn’t enough for me. It wasn’t what I sought.

If I am right then you should be able to do the same performance from one day to the next, it wont change much of any and you be having a control over how good you can play at any given moment also. I developed that playing video games on my computer. I taught that to others playing FPS games and they went and become aces.

I refined it and now with the study I done it seems I am able to construct a way to play from the zone every time you go play.

That allows unprecedented consistency.

Your playing experience wont change much from one day to the next.

Your game play will improve beyond what you can believe.