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Can you become good? The tree story

There are several ways we can become good at stuff. We can practice and using a role model we can gather their aptitudes with failed practice. To do it then compare to the role model and then do it again until it matches the role models result. (Larp) Live action role play.

If you want to learn to be a doctor you practice with mistakes with feedback to what you did and then do it again, if you want to do better golf you practice with mistakes with feedback to what you did and then do it again but all level of performances are depending on skills.

If you break down every sport you finds skills if you break down things like writing books, screenplays etc…or something else there are skills involved that one if identified can practice and improve upon.

NLP for example studied therapy how a really skilled therapists did things that worked to overcome problems for their clients. Those skills were mapped and put into working models (NLP Patterns) that when you practiced those gained skills that allowed you to to achieved results like those therapists had. You then become better than average therapist doing therapy in less time than what was believed to be needed in the field a one week practitioner can sometimes do things 5 years of university don’t even come close to.

In Golf many study golf swings, I don’t. I study how to play golf better. Mike Austin was the chosen role model for the golf swing but I choose other models to play golf. I looked at Nicklaus and others for different parts of the game.

What’s dominant is consistency but none of them can teach you consistency. Even them themselves had issues now and then to do consistency. Nicklaus however had his competitive drive to make him either win or be a runner up. It wasn’t his swing, putting or such but his competitive drive that allowed him to play his best every time. If one look at the wrong thing that people do to succeed and come to believe its the golf swing that makes you a scratch or tour pro then your in trouble.

I found for me a way to hit the ball straight recently, I changed my grip to a split one and then everything started to come together. Everything I cant do with those other grips I can do with a split grip and it helped me identify the back swing and the down swing flaws I have a tendency to do now and then.
Its due I look for patterns things you do that if you don’t evolve and succeed and make progress I then change things to make such progress and succeed.

Most don’t, they cant change due to them believe in the technology, trainer, method etc..or the common assumed belief shared along the community there.  I just don’t.

Think about this as, if you do improve it means you never get stuck, if your curve of improvement halts then you need to alter and change something due to your limiting or blocking yourself out. Often due to the belief the trainer put in you to assume to be true. Its common in every sport I checked that people do things there based upon assumed correct beliefs instead of results.

I start with success, that you already can do it, whatever happens to get you there will then be much easier. For example if you cant contain your experience doing things like the zone etc..its due to your not comfortable into letting the brain produce it due to the wrong focus and attention markers like the golf swing technique, positions etc…if the experience is disturbed a lot (compared) the brain cant produce a winning performance experience.

A Mike Austin swing wont transform you into a new Jack Nicklaus or Rory Mcilroy as you need other skills to do that.

Once the skills are there and your able to remove obstacles (habits/Beliefs/assumptions etc..) you learned to be able to sustain your experience over a period of time (zone) you then will be able to be good and do good.

We cant cheat us there, the skills needs to be there so we can focus solely to just play well if its golf or to coach someone into success as a client or whatever else the end result is simple attention to the thing that works to do the skills well.

Such practice however reside on perceived feedback and if you do what many does its easy to be seduced you did improved when you didn’t. I check facts what you actually did do. If your able to do that and not some fictive imagined level you didn’t do or the common I practice like this and I will get better due to the trainer said so and I then check what they do and they are not improving the way they think they are.

I then remove the technique focus and go primal and soon they make putts from everywhere, hit the drives longer and more straight. Better focus allows your experience to produce a better performance.
However many cant do this due to them believe something else makes them succeed and do better that has nothing to do with performances. Then that whatever they come to believe will get in their way to succeed.

I taken diagnosed dyslexics and in an hour transformed them to not be dyslexics anymore.

For the field of science with established technology they cant understand what I done and does and here is the kicker, they don’t want to know either as it makes them uncomfortable with success. So in 10 years time no scientist yet has called me and wanted to study what I do yet.

It’s the best technology in the world out there to handle dyslexia.

Its just make beliefs and assumptions people have about dyslexia and how to help them uncomfortable as they need to let go of old beliefs and assumptions.

Its as true with golf and its people there.

People come to believe reality is built one way, we don’t have the sensitivity normally to argue and check for differences and we accept the leading field what they do and say. If someone does do things differently that works better people still wont accept it as its contradicts the accepted way to do things currently people agreed upon. The brain perceptually do things based upon perception of maps, we are contextually accessing information based upon the context and neural nets in our brain wont be changing soon as a neural net is a signal value so what we do is to build new such neural nets than can draw upon them new information and the essential old one that works to do it.

There is no change or transformation of your performance, life, brain, problem etc..we just build new.

Once you understand that approach I do with RBIm you cant be stuck or limited.

You always build new. You then combine the new with the old that works to produce the desired result.

The brain makes a check to context and since you built a new one then it starts to sue that instead, just like that. The brain don’t make guesses or think it just runs on signal values we receive from the environment and our own thinking. If your own thinking makes you react and respond in a pattern then you build new and bring the new stuff you want and then the old stuff needed will be there also as the brain will fire new neural net threads to support the new action. Due to the nature of neurons and nets this can take some time to stabiles to the individual depending on what it is about.

Its like a tree branch, you plant a new tree next to the old one, the old tree sends a branch to the new tree and you then when you planted it with new information soon are able to increase the signal to use the new tree instead of the old one that slowly fades and the better your able to distinguish between the old and the new one the faster the transgression happens.

If we repeat stuff we grow faster signals in the neural net. If we build new then this interrupts the old signal and we can then adjust to the new. The brain is good doing faster with current information and once we established a new reference the new will become faster soon also.

As I found how to hit it straight I took notice it was a new thing I wasn’t used to do that and become as I played into this idea of accepting when I did it this way then it just went straight. And as I played this was a new experience that I haven’t had before. So as I played and this become accepted to me I then could start doing that and play from that reference. I was able to identify 3 things I did that I wasn’t aware off I did do. That alone allowed me to understand why I was struggling with the other grip and the mechanics.

If you do become stuck, a change of perspective might help, ask someone, read or check a video, or to do a change routine or something else as soon you do that what happens is a change of context is applied. Your moving your attention from the inside of one context to another and then the difference between those allows you to build a new branch and to discover a whole new tree.

That works.

8july golf swing progress

32celcius today so hot out there.

spent some time on the range with sis kid.

while things is improving I was so tired I even thought I would faint. However still standing. I tried a split grip today as it felt like I could get my back swing in order better and the down swing also and both assessment was confirmed.
I also discovered I could do a even better release which wasn’t happening here in the video. I been fighting the swing motion a bit so decided to try this which worked just fine, solid shots followed.
Its still early but with a better release action should improve things a bit more. I would like to lessen the secondary tilt a bit on the top of back swing but in all the way I hit the ball was solid.


A bright moment

The recent heat wave here is hard on me, when its get 20+c in middle of night then I have a hard time sleeping and I am about to compete tomorrow in 30c so I guess I drink 5l water during the round minimum.

Today not doing much I been drinking a lot also.

Now for me I be energized tomorrow, I be on and fine until the competition is over and I go home and look up on the roof for a few days as I wont be normally after tomorrow for a few days.

I then prepare accordingly.

I find many think its luck and talent that wins things I found over the years preparation is key. You can be high on motivation and such to go to a workshop and get the high from a tony robbins seminar and feel like you can jump over mountains and it feels really awesome no doubt.

However the world might not be ready for your high around you.

Practice is one thing but I don’t do much practice atm, I started slowly my gym program again as I cant play much golf.
I plan then accordingly to what I can actually do, if I cant practice I still work the things I work on albeit I do it differently.

I found that compressing material to expose yourself with intense periods is a good thing, want to be a chocolate/coffee/parfume or such tester? spend 3 days doing nothing else than to build aroma distinctions from those materials test, test and test for 3 days straight and you become a world quality tester in that if you are able to do so.

Did you believe you could read and watch a YouTube video and then go, ok I get it?

That the bright light of enlightenment then suddenly appear and you can do it?

Learning by doing and the approach I use makes you fail a lot.

Its painful many times as it forces you to go deep into digging out what your about to do forces you into a highly charged super motivated learner as the material when digested into usefulness wont get there slowly and tog et there fast you need to fail a lot during the learning.

I can install material and people tell me they didn’t learn anything from me and I ask, so when did you learn to do that? They say, I always done it, so I ask them well could you do it before the first day of the workshop?


So why did you say always then if you couldn’t do it before this experience and event with me then?

People then shrug it off and deny it and then start to pile up excuses.

They didn’t learn it from me for sure at least the shrugs and excuses.

Learning that way is for many magical they don’t know how they did learn it so then I didn’t taught them due to people are stuck with old patterns of learning those that you have from parents, school and work.

I do magic.

I just know how the science behind it works much like a magician make you see a car vanish into thin air somehow.

I just as what I do nowadays teach the failure approach as with that those that sticks with it gets good and I wont hear that other shit.

Putting for example is simple, I don’t understand how people can teach putting and make it so complex as you only need to do one thing and execute one thing to make the putt perfect.  I don’t get the complexity but I also spent time failing and making mistakes and then developed ways to map how to make it better.


For me whatever I do is simple, its been that for me for 20 years, its not luck and talent its hard work much harder than people want to do. You want answers as I say, then run that pattern for 5 years I say and then the student looks at me, but I don’t want to do that for 5 years and I say aha lazy?

You can have the simple answer its easy but to actually be able to do it and execute on it?

That requires a lot of difference and not so much reading a book, watching a video as it requires hands on working it to build distinctions and references in your head. Those that becomes good does the work.

I work my swing mechanics even when I don’t think and practice golf at all, I just have to do it differently. I then once arriving at the result, run tests of it.



It wont mean what I do is perfect or even near that yet as its progress at work.

I added tweaks to Hans, and he hits it better, I changed his putting and he putts better. Still he also needs to make sure he makes what he does consistent as results in golf are a tricky business as you can feel like your doing well but cant score anyhow.

You need to do and improve what makes you to do a better score.

Last competition I played I ended up in third place, I didn’t play that good but I also started to do something I never done before, playing golf. Next naturally is to make sure this happens more often and every time and from there improves again.

To do so I follow another rule, map what you actually did not what you thought you did.

If I make a bogie I made one I don’t think I could made a better swing or chip or putt to save par or even do a birdie. I map what I actually was able to do and then I go from there.

Once you get that down your progressing of skills will take over and your game will change faster and into a height of level you never thought possible.

Improving skills is key.

Whenever I have the time I bring the camera and shoot the putting drill I do.

The sun be out tomorrow, I bring my shades, sun oil and keep my head down and bring it on and endure it.

I will have a bright moment

When is a model a model?

Modeling is to some extent an artform.

If someone has a result in a given field, we can map that and build a model of it. I started with modeling back in 1995, and since then I continue to do it. Over the years I haven’t been mapping the modeling itself although I do have found that whenever I do it leads to a self recursive feedback of correctness.

You know what the difference is to do it or not.

I can teach someone how to do the dyslexia catmodel a way to establish a normal reader as you or me and to know when your done when it works.

I found that lacking in the NLP models.

For me when I build a golf model of the golf swing and as I study Mike Austin it was obvious whatever he did was different than what he taught. That difference the trainers of the Mike Austin golf swing cant explain. Naturally for me it peaked my interest to why that difference was there. So for a model to be done it has to be able to teach you to produce the same result the model did have. To some extent you can choose different criteria and I choose the motion. Once Hans did it, the modeling itself was over. Next was to start re-produce the how to the sequence to make it happen.  8 weeks on the range for me and before that I also spent a few months to improve the stuff with what to teach, what to do and understand the subject itself the golf swing. After the range sessions I then started to play, and I had the signal after a few rounds that my study was over I didn’t need to do more variations, I knew enough.

Next phase then is waiting for the answer.

Its more about finding what is there already and understand it but to do so a nuance of difference has to be there a distinction if you like to understand what is what that produces the desired result. When a model is a model it has a self recursive feedback loop built in to correct you to then be able to do it by such actions of feedback adjustments.

Larry was taught the new reference instruction yesterday and this is after he was informed what to do.
Its still early but we see a swallowing out of the shaft at the start of the down swing, something he never done before. For me it means the new instruction allows him to start doing things correctly. He didn’t need to know to shallow out the shaft it happens as a reaction to what he is trying to do now.

Old swing, no shallowing out of shaft

Mike Austin shallowed out his shaft in the down swing so does every pro.

Mike Austin

It’s a signal of what they are doing or an effect of what they do it happens due to other things they do.

I know that a take away and a top of back swing can be achieved the way it is done in many ways and as I stated the back swing is there to create the needed space in the down swing and then I asked, what is required to do a down swing and arrive at impact the way your suppose to do? If you know how to do that my assumption was based upon if that can be mapped then you should be able to build a pro like swing action.

Or in the case of this model a Mike Austin swing action.

In simple terms, its done when it allows you to produce the same result or action the rolemodel did do based upon the modeling criteria in this case the motion.

Problem will be you wont produce it the way the trainers teach the Mike Austin swing today. The difference with a model as it will allow you to re-produce the result Mike did, not what he did teach.

An NLP model for example if you apply the meta-model and when no deletion, generalization or distortion are present anymore in a sentence someone utters then you applied the model but if you do so you wont have any friends left to talk to. The model itself tear realities apart.  Its not a user-friendly model.

The model I am building allows you to clear up old patterns, compensations you might done and do in the golf swing as you learn to do it.

Feedback as you know is important for me as that you can improve from. If no feedback is attended to with what your actually are doing then improvement wont happen you only think you did improve. Its one reason I do good with what I do with RBIm.

RBIm is a model built upon the difference between NLP and Mythoself and the interconnectedness of Roye Fraser along the way.

I know how to make someone produce the zone at a given performance they want to do. You don’t need to elicit the state before and then anchor it and then fire it off like NLP has to do as it’s a inefficient and not an elegant model anymore like RBIm is. Yes while I was building a model for the golf swing I also started to update the RBIm model along the way.  It allowed someone to reach their potential to become Olympic material in triathlon.

RBIm will become more user-friendly due to the model will allow you to structure up your states of consciousness based upon the way the brain create comparisons and how it react and responds to contexts.

I do the work you benefit from it.

18 hole zombiegolf

Today was a hot sunny day 23celsius. I felt tired and in hindsight should settle for 9 holes.

Range hit a bucket, felt fine and was swinging well.

Playing 18 however, didn’t hit one good solid swing during the round, issues with aiming was paramount and had trouble focusing, made 3 pars, 2 up and downs, only 1 gir though and wasn’t close at all. 13 is a short par 5, hit a ok drive there and a 7i to pin high to much draw so fringe green. Greens are early it meant, badly cut, no grass on some, high grass on others so didn’t count putting today.

chipping was on target and felt fine and better than before and the short game is better. Long game is now a waiting game.

at the end I was almost delirious and came home and got a pizza. I get some coffee and likely to fall asleep soon on the sofa.

I feel fine about this though, I feel its getting there, range is fine so I don’t need much more to get it going on the course.  I just wish I wasn’t so tired since that isn’t helping when I play, range I feel fine but walking just is pain as I cant really think out there.

I felt like a zombie though but I am likely to rest until Tuesday now.

Tomorrow golf time

Home course opens tomorrow. Yay!
Like a cow being indoors all winter its time to rush out and see the green. It be early greens, no good but I wont mind that as I just want to walk and get some exercise and test out what I improved.

Hans hitting a driver.

Tonight it be X-Men movie time with sisters kid.


7i and 6i. better impact with 7i there.

Much better today, didn’t stay long to sunny and hot. Improvement for consistency with the swing pattern is better, still minor thing with back swing but its playable now at least.

Excited for tomorrow.

Summer day


It is hot 22c or so, sunny so even if I was tired I went and spent a bit of time on the range.

I struggled today, don’t help if your tired.

In the end I got the message, I was standing open with hip and shoulders.  I then started to really make better swings once I adjusted set up. I was puzzled and thought it strange and as I swung the hybrid really well I was going back to that to find out what I did there. Once I did that it was obvious, oh rob your way open here.

Once adjusted I was able to get down from the inside much better but due to being so tired I work on this at tomorrows practice.

Learning by doing – If what you do don’t work then learn to do what works.

If you want to build a rocket to escape earth then you build one, test it and find out if it works, if it don’t (explode) then you figure out why and build a new one (explode) and so on.

There is no secret to success, learn by doing, use a good model and apply variation.

Naturally we have a few pointers, we can set the futurenow reference and elicit a working solution ahead of what we are about to do so we know where we are going.
Then as we learn we can analyze what we did and are doing to understand what its about. If you want to be a faster runner, well we need to know what kind of running and training makes you faster for the task you want to be faster at.

If you want to learn something having a way to go about it can shorten the cycle a bit no doubt.

In my case I use normally the following approach,
set intention what I want to work on.
Then apply practice with variation.
Map the feedback you receive from the doing until it updates your perceptions.
Adjust based upon the model.

Let say I do a pattern, just hitting a fade (ball curves to the right) but I cant hit a draw (ball curves to the left) I then do the pattern until its stable and then apply a variation a change to what I do, in my case I changed my grip from interlocking to baseball, I then could hit straight and draw and this allowed me to discover I had a to relaxed right arm and hand. This did lead to a change from interlocking to the overlapping grip I use currently. I now can hit a draw.

Once you do a change I do it one at the time until one works. I don’t do many as I also want to know why it did happen and how it works. I am after all building a map of the golf swing for my research also. If you change many things and it works its also fine but then it might happen again and you didn’t know why it did happen.

Once the grip change I never looked back and I just done it.

My back swing has been a subject for months now, as I been moving my body the wrong way for 25 or so years then suddenly got this idea I need to do a better golf swing so it has to be working and if I didn’t have a long term experience a futurenow that I work with then I am likely to accept what I did and just played.

Naturally this is a different approach based upon what I then want to happen.

However it also helps me to do what I enjoy doing research. I don’t like reading papers much but doing things and figure out what I need to do to make it work, and many times I know what I need to do but cant do it.

If I cant then I take some time to think about it, if I tried something for a time and it wont work for some reason the result isn’t happening that I want it simply takes to long then I run trough a check list.

Normally I check two things, what my experience is doing it and the approach learning it.
Normally its pretty much one sided the experience doing it or the futurenow.

I set that futurenow a long time ago, so my experience playing the level of tour golf haven’t changed but I also didn’t really set it with swinging a club so I made an adjustment today.

Playing the golf is the same, I now adjusted the way I swing also. I done enough practice and variation to have a better idea what I want to do there. Sometimes you might just have a rough idea what it would be based upon a book, someone on TV or YouTube and once you do learn by doing this might need adjustment during its process.

For me I listen to my instinct and intuition in this (learned skill) which just means I am aware of when I do things and where I want to go and what I am doing either works and improve at a rate expected to or not. Its two options, either it works or it doesn’t.
When it doesn’t work its due to your stuck in the loop of the hamster wheel in the same context/reality. No matter how hard you try you wont fix it. You be battling it forever.

I adjusted Hans yesterday, he had a phobia for hitting a putt from within 10 feet, so I told him to adjust that so it felt as comfortable as he has with his long lag putting. He now played better. The main reason for that is that he stopped thinking to fix his scoring aka putting and approach shots and could play to his ability, he was always pretty much in the problem fixing mode even when playing.

When it doesn’t work that will hold your attention
and will interfere with your life and performance.

If what you do don’t work then learn to do what works.

I expect Hans to make good stride the coming week.

Learning by doing.