Testing variations

You know I am a big fan of testing and applying variations.

I do that a lot not just for working out but for testing things like my golf practice. Today I run one such test for myself. I taped one set of swing with one variation and then another set using and applying another variation and the difference of swings was noticeable.

So for me it shows even if no real scientific proof it seems to hold up for scrutiny for the work I am doing atm.

My new Swing mechanics is getting there, feels real easy btw.

I know what to do, where to go, and what toe valuate the evidence against.

All going good.

Hans for example has a tendency to not test much, he are however really good following instructions no matter how difficult I make them. Once he practice the new he might have a moment where he struggles a bit and then solves it and makes it happen.

So I have to be careful with him to make sure he does what works.

It sharpens me to work harder to find out ah well I did find out already that work is done already btw golf swing athletic and repeatable is solved.

Now its more about practice, if it works with the feedback I move to do work on the motion and once that starts to work I tweak details.

All is due to testing variations also help with the evidence chain.

Really nice to see that the theory holds under testing.

less timing is normally better if you’re a golf tour pro

Once you add timing or compensation it means you have to compensate due to your swinging in a way that cause issues somewhere.

Michelle Wie

her left foot goes up and down due to she needs to move out of the way, timing dependent move and a compensation.

If the spine needs to go up you know its not good for you.

Luke Donald

Rory Mciiroy

For some these golfers might go, wow what a swing and my brain goes, why haven’t their trainers fixed their compensations yet?

Why do they build them for them?

What if they hired me and learned to do this?

Hans demo the RBIm Golf system motion

If you do teach compensation adding timing, for me that don’t make sense. How about as natural swing as possible allowing movement that is athletic that informs your brain what is happening while your swing so you know when you do it right?

So that your able to repeat it like a basketball throw the same way every time or like riding a bike?

If you’re a tour pro well then please inquire for my services.

After what I am able to do for you nothing else out there will make sense to do anymore.

Just ask Hans.

Consistency is really difficult as a tour pro

Zack Johnson hit every green and the next he wasn’t able to.

Did they move the greens from one day to the next? The course when the distances they need to hit their approach shots isn’t so big reaching a 85% GIR as the wind isn’t a factor there atm.

One reason golf is difficult is the distances you need to play at. As players hit longer then they lengthen the courses instead of making them more interesting.  Masters was and isn’t the same as it was back in 1997 you don’t make a lot of birdies nowadays as the approach shots you might need is a 4I instead of a PW.

It’s the same course but the game has changed so they changed the course along the way to match the distances.

Tour pros don’t miss much from 130 yards with the top 500 in the world. That distance is relatively easy to play from. What differs is longer irons and putting where you can earn 3 shots vs the field. In 4 days that means 12 shots.

Adding more consistency to your longer shots improve putting and you have a really good combo there. Still to do so every round every day is difficult for tour pros as they don’t know how and they constantly struggle with their mechanic’s.

So while you can play tour golf with any golf swing and system it is really difficult to repeat the same performance from one day to the next. Its one of those things I study while I was looking at the golf swing mechanics and did modeling as I also wanted to make sure Hans in this case could do just that play consistently from one day to the next

As I study I also took note, it seems to me no tour pro can do consistency. I then had to develop that and I looked at Nicklaus, Annika as those golfers been a lot more consistent than others. While Nicklaus strategy for example allows a better consistency it wasn’t enough for me. It wasn’t what I sought.

If I am right then you should be able to do the same performance from one day to the next, it wont change much of any and you be having a control over how good you can play at any given moment also. I developed that playing video games on my computer. I taught that to others playing FPS games and they went and become aces.

I refined it and now with the study I done it seems I am able to construct a way to play from the zone every time you go play.

That allows unprecedented consistency.

Your playing experience wont change much from one day to the next.

Your game play will improve beyond what you can believe.

Tiger Woods old vs new swing

tiger como

TW with Chris Como

Same integrity as with Foley.




tw foley

Foley swing







Imagine Tiger having this integrity?

No injury, longer and more accurate can we say dominate again then?



I know better it seems than the PGA tour best golf trainers.

I rest my case.

Set up address position

Bend from the hips, let the knees kick in to regain balance.
Relax the lumbar portion in your lower back and the shoulders as it should feel relaxed. If the lower back is tense and the spine is held you will feel trapped and likely mess up the sit down on the right hip momentum.

Lump of hay pretty much.

If the lumbar portion isn’t relaxed, then your pelvis and spine is  a bit trapped as the alignment of the spine muscles becomes activated. Then you likely will feel like your in a wheelbarrow.

Feet position is a left flared foot and slightly the left heel is inside the right heel aka little bit so called closed. Depending on age you might need to flare the right foot also a bit due to your hip and other such mobility stuff that might be going on.

Golf swing theory over the years

There is a lot of theory how to swing a golf club.

To much.

Adding theory by detailing up each and every moment can be beneficial but often just stop development dead.

For example, why can Tiger woods suddenly chunk fat a chip wedge 2 times in a row……………….?

Same thing did happen to Nick Faldo as he lost his game he started to hit it fat also.

if you won a lot then I assume you should get better playing golf, not going backwards like TW did. Why? He tried theory guys like Haney, Foley and now Como.

They are good at what they do for sure but why isn’t Tiger getting better? Why have he gone backwards? He tried to become better and listen to guys who he assumed could make him better.

We know the story now.

If you start making changes check for, does them make me better directly or do I need to find out and adapt to them?

The guy that let 5 years of golf swing theory the third generation one get in the way of common sense.  How he teach O´Hair don’t make sense to me. You cant do that if you do a golf swing its to difficult. Kelvin states the obvious…

When I work with Hans, I say move this body part there so this happens. I tell him what should happen as when it does he knows when he is doing it he now have evidence as he get it right.

Then he don’t need me to pull his club, tell him to do things that are difficult to do for any human on this planet.

Golf theory took off with video and people start taping everything and then theory followed to find where you should be in the swing to fit a perfect position. Then it started to become difficult. I know I been trying for years to have a golf swing that just works. Once Hans had back issues with his old one I told him, change to a new one.

He refused due to him believed it would be the same thing as he been doing previously, struggling.


Its more like, I should done this way way earlier.

He now is better in every conceivable way you can think off.

No, he don’t look like the tour swings, its better. When he played vs golf trainers and their students he outdrive them easily to their surprise.

I don’t use video other than to check his motion. I don’t have a position he needs to fit, all I ask is, do you hit the ball the way you want? I have a yes or no answer.

He had a tendency to hit it slightly duffed now and then which was like, he shouldn’t do that, as I found out why he then could add the new instruction and do that which then removed that and now he flushes it every time.

If I had listen to golf theory, DJ Watts and any Internet or golf forum expert then I wouldn’t been able to do what I done.

Redefining the golf mechanics.

So you become better and better over time, not struggling and become worse due to theory start interfering with your athletic instinct.

Which you don’t want to have out there playing for money.

You want simplicity to a point. Its should be natural well as natural the golf swing is for us. You want to be able to repeat the same thing over and over but if your timing is shifting trough the round like it does for tour players as their tempo changes from shot to shot I know that they are not able to play with the consistency they want.

If you struggle and cant play consistent then why don’t change your swing so it then is that?

They don’t know how to do that.

Just saying.

Started a new golf tour level service

Tour player on the PGA/Euro tour?
Or the LPGA/Let tour?

I seen Tiger Hire Chris Como and my first thought was, “I can do better than that”. I realized it was time now to state “ok I have a swing motion model down that allows you to have 300+ yard driving with unmatched accuracy and with that I also developed a performance model also”. I don’t do golf schools and I have no interest really to start one either as what I want to do is really simple.

I want to work with those (You?) that are the best who wants to become even better.

I make people better its what I learned to do over the years and I done so in any field I come across. I found doing client work in therapy, people who had issues you wont believe who gone to therapy relatively straightforward to work with creating results the field of phycology cant do.

I created a model to overcome the dyslexia diagnosis for kids and adults that one of my older students runs.

I worked with Kristine Persson in triathlon previously, she went to win national championships for the first time and competed in European championships and was excelling in her physical prowess with what I did.

Hans for example has to balance his dream (euro tour golf) with family and work with 2 kids and wife with a limited budget so to be able to qualify and get on tour I developed for him a better swing model and performance model that is about to kick into gear this year.

I don’t do average.

I been trying to tell people that for years but since what I do have gone this last year into a transgression of unprecedented actions in the line of work I do I now have tools and models that allows me to do even better. I want to work with the best, as what I do is on that ledge edge.

I know how to make the zone appear for your performance each time.
Combined with the swing motion model it allows a consistency to happen golfers on tour all wants but only as far could dream about doing.

Most will struggle then ask their swing coach guy what they should fix and then need fixing again as whatever your doing then wont stick and you continue to go back and forth but never reach that level of consistency you want.

Hans swing for example is now self driven and I don’t need to fix it and change it anymore, he is now developing his own swing motion, owning it.  Applying the performance model pretty much shocked him as he couldn’t believe what he was able to do with it, those beliefs he had about how to score and perform was outdated. He can now just do that each and every time he goes play his performance will now be consistent.

My service is offering what I do which is pretty disperse, I dabbled in dyslexia, with screen writing for a hobby and I done client work over 10 years with people who had real life problems like, “I kill myself if you cant help me, I gone trough 17 years of therapy, I have a phobia, I have confidence issues”, I have this and that for me seemed pretty obvious in how to go about to create results.
Working with such clients also taught me that elite level performers could be more interesting to work with as clients in therapy once they got what they wanted then that left me with someone new in the same bad situation.

I developed RBIm to be a self contained personal development program for all those that seek help. So that I could start focusing on elite level performers which I find interesting. What I do allows you to be more efficient in what you already are doing. If you want to be even better than thought possible, well talk to me then.

If we match and have common ground what to do and go about it which I find important due to working the way I do is selective as I don’t want to work with anyone. I want to work with someone that really want to do the best.

That I can do each and every time. I learned to do that and now I also been able to contain that into performance and now you can have it for a price of course.

You know what it could do for you.

Inquiring don’t cost anything.

Skype is available.

How though is it to make the tour?

The euro tour school has 3 stages, around 1000-1200 players is going there. The second stage adds those that played the tour but didn’t make the card. To be sure to qualify you need to be able to shoot around 3 under par each round.

The question one can ask, if your able to do 3 under par in any course under any condition then you can consider yourself ready to some extent. You also need to master the mind game to be able to just go play and have fun.

If you play for money, to stay on tour to have a ticket home then some have a hard time performing due to stress. A few however suddenly shoot their life out and win a tournament before they even go to the school. Handling the game is just part of the equation.

Consistency, to then be able to know that whatever happens this is what I am capable of doing whatever goes on is what I am doing to Hans as once his baseline of what he can do becomes the way he plays then there is no real difference between his home practice and his tournament play. He then also can add a slightly better performance when its game time.

That is the mind part to perform, to be knowing in the this I can do and do whenever I go play I am able to do this. (3 under any day any round any course)

To make such happen you need consistency in two parts, mechanically the swing action which btw none has out there as they all complain about not being able to have the margin for error they want when they do play. Having that is both a confidence boost but also a notice to the level of mind set I consider needed when you go play this is what I can do. Once your able to drive it 300+ then add a 4% dispersion and dialing in the distances and you find out this happens every time you go play that creates the baseline for your game and allows one to just go play the way one want for the results.

Take a notice, I don’t talk numbers, or beliefs here as what you can do you can do. There has to be a correlation with what your capacity and what your doing first as that create the needed ability and mind set to then perform the way one so desire without doubts.

You just know you can do it every time if you do it this way.

That’s the other part of it the performance mind set. Which allow you to balance or sync the ability and potential you have within using the mechanics to just go play to your potential every time.

Golfing ability > Mechanics + Mind set = Performance level.

The mechanics should be a non issue they should just work.
The mind set steams from the ability you have when performing those mechanics.

I don’t consider beliefs or some other things people talk about, if your able to make the tour or level of play you want isn’t about beliefs its about your actual capacity which btw is unknown for the player. They might believe whatever they do to think whatever they want that create the results they want and they are wrong every time.

I met clients that told me, I need this to change to have the life I want, so I gave them that, they were happy for about oh a week or two and then they called back and wanted the same thing again. I told them, I don’t do that as I cant do that due to it wont sit well with my moral. You do it my way I said and then they were able to stay happy.

People have a whole lot of beliefs that seldom if ever match reality and obviously in golf people have a ton of ideas what makes a good golfer vs one that isn’t.

If someone is good many then think they have magic as it looks so easy to do it as the one not able to do it think they are so God like.

Many who seen me at workshops never understood how I was able to do things I did as they also was thinking such.  Once I couldn’t do what I can do today

Now I can.

It isn’t based upon beliefs its based on actual results. I saw people who been in therapy for years and thought, what are those people going trough and why isn’t the therapist doing this?

The client had two problems, one was their issue and the other one was the therapy. Its like having two assholes and being fucked in both at the same time it just isn’t working so good.

I talk to a golfer they try to tell me its their technique and I tell them its their head filled with nonsense. I don’t give advice on golf forums as when I am done I built a swing that you never need to fix again. I don’t talk technique if much with Hans or for example Larry, I ask, do you hit the ball better? Do it go where you want it to go? If not then we adjust what is going on until your able to do so.

That how easy it is for me.

Hans asked me, I don’t want the weight on my left heel that way, so I looked at what he did, and said change this then, he told me but my left hip is stiff and I cant really do it? I said, I don’t care do it and 3 weeks later he is doing it. That is how I instruct, as natural as it can be and you’re the one calling the shots until your just making no sense.

Hans, cant play my back hurts.
I said, change your swing.
He, nah I don’t want to.
Me, what? Change it should be easy for you?
He, mumbles….
Me, at one point fuck this shit I go study golf swings then.
Me, Ok Hans do this, lift your left heel a bit.
He, like this?
Me, yes.
Ok, oh I added 30 yards to my 4i?
Me, bad?
He, wtf no….

Bit by bit he changed and then slowly he found out he was actually started to be better at this and changes I made all made him better. I told him to change his grip, BUT naturally he said no way dude had this for years and years so that isn’t happening until something freeze over, a girl on the moon or an alien spaceship drops down. One day he tried it on his own and didn’t tell me but he found out he hit it better and more straight. I said its due to better mechanics now.

He was as any tour pro stuck in ideals produced by the golf community that was flawed from the start and then become accepted assumptions how hard and difficult and complicated it is to play golf the way you want. I was previously also stuck with that and I tried to educate people using the instructions they have in the field of golf and I found, they don’t work.

I then decided I will develop my own instructions
so I did that.

Today Hans hit the ball a mile, his back don’t hurt much if at all even as he hit those distances as his back isn’t twisted anymore and rotated. Make no mistake you need good physical stature as hitting a ball long requires a lot more than people think. His swing is simple, its pure poetry in motion atm for me.

I just wished that the golf swing was all it took to compete and win. It does help having more solid repeatable mechanics but it’s the player making them true to do what they want with them.

As he played nine holes last Saturday he hit nine greens and shot 3 under and I said, that you should be able to every time now.

If your able to take your ability to play and then condense it down without you struggling with where the ball will end up you free up your own performance due to your ability to play now go free hands to do what it does best.

For me it isn’t about right or wrong good or bad but a baseline in, what your able to do and if its 3 under or 5 or 7 every round then you be playing that golf each time you go play any day, any course any conditions.

Your performance curve wont change.

It will be consistent.

Its what I been building Hans towards.

He has the best systems behind him to support what he wants to do now. I cant as far I can tell do it any better.

Its like my sisters kid told me, I bet you have something new again next time we are on the range as he been accustom to that from me and I said no I am done this will help you build a swing that simply just works.

If that is enough for Hans to make the tour I have no idea but I surely did my best and then some to make it happen.

The rest is up to him.

Accept the things to which fate binds you, and love the people with whom fate brings you together, but do so with all your heart.

Marcus Aurelius

Opinions like Onions

Whatever you do people will have an opinion about it.

It wont change things.

Whatever you do continue to do it either its wrong or not wont matter as you’re the one doing it. Now and then we might need a reality check so we don’t blow a nuke in a big city to prove a point its safe to do so….(it isn’t)

Now for example this video the guys spend 21 minutes explaining the golf swing.

I was bored the first 10 seconds.

They don’t know.

If you ask me, why would you want to know things your doing while your doing it?

Why don’t you show the motion, then explain what makes the motion works the way it does in a way without me having to conceptualize words and hard concept’s into meaningful stuff?

There is no plane.
There is no over or under plane.

If you study what you think is great when in reality it isn’t you end up with a flawed assumption without knowing it.

When you build a golf swing and it works, you never need to fix it again or even explain it.

I understand the need to explain things, I do that a lot I also understand the need to find out how things works as I do that to.

When I am done there is no need to explain it.

It works.

The issue with science is that they have as anyone else take what people do so if your successful in a sport then obviously they study that, if you did that before the Flosbury flop for example in high jump you would end up with a superb explanation that was awesome I bet and then you be coming in last in every high jump after that 1968 Olympics.

The PGA Tour for example are played by people who mastered the pressure playing and then don’t fix what is broken and play with what they know. Mike Weir won masters then went to stack and tilt swing system to change his swing and lost the card. There are players that want to be better but they often end up missing the point and often loose their card.

I understand that the swing is part of the equation the other is performance how to bring out your best every time. After producing a lady to be Olympic material in triathlon it just shows what I do works for physical endurance due to they are as well needed to be efficient in what they do. The more efficient the faster they can swim, ride a bike and run.

Our body and brain works by conserve energy as any unneeded action cost energy, it will also constrain the system so moving the body to a golf swing and your filled and riddled with compensations you will have issues with efficiency. First you hit it short and then try to master accuracy to compensate. (Luke Donald for example)

If you have better efficiency you hit longer. Then if you use better mechanics you hit it even longer with efficiency. I expect Hans to reach 350 yards in his golf swing mechanics hitting a normal drive not over extending his integrity. This is done trough better mechanics, efficiency and adjusting things like launch angles, driver shaft etc.. I don’t want him to toll out to much with a driver due to controlling distance then is really hard.

Having unwanted movements in a golf swing creates strain, compensations that then the tour player learned to play with. They also constantly need to fix their swings, like Tiger Woods who was so angry hitting balls after a Master round due to him couldn’t play the way he wanted and Hank Haney tried to smooth it over.

While the golf swing is important as people want to hit it long once you do that then we can focus on accuracy and efficiency creating a tighter dispersion but that is worthless without a performance model to go along with it.
I thought, let bring out the best of the player let them play their best game each time. Issue I had was I was also stuck in the way I been trained and the way any model works in a given field so NLP for me had to be abandoned so I did.

Naturally people will use whatever model they have to then try understand the new. Then opinions will flare, people told me on golfwrx how Hans swing sucked as his angles was wrong. I didn’t mind that as opinions as onions are layered with whatever model people come from so should I listen to guys who cant make someone hit a ball better?

I spend 20 minutes with an amateur on a range and he flush it every time. I don’t even know his golf swing system at all and don’t care. I increased his efficiency with the motion he had.

That how Hans gained 50 yards in 2 minutes. He hit it longer however today with his new RBIm motion mechanics and more fun he needs less energy to do so.

Obviously this is just my opinions.

I leave the onions to someone else.

Hans is going trough an adaption phase atm, his new feedback he has is now setting into an athletic action with instinct so he now can play better without being concerned with whatever his angles or planes might be or if his wrists are doing what they should or not.

His swing in other words are getting better over time without me needing to tell him what to do.

I like that as a coach I don’t need to do the work.

Time to get me coffee.

The RBIm swing motion Legendary awesome ensured

After a few years as I coach this guy Hans he hurt his back using the modern swing, it also surfaced with pain and he couldn’t really play and I told him dude change your swing, he told me no way. I after a while thought gee, I go study this shit and then teach him a new one, so I did.

I choose the Mike Austin swing as a model for this. The one he did do not the one he taught which isn’t the same. I choose this due to the distance and accuracy as playing golf is all about consistency.

I didn’t know what I was doing then as I assumed the people in the golf field knew what they were doing, I was flat out wrong about that they are pretty much ignorant. I assumed Hans knew what he did, but he didn’t. The last video comparison I did he even didn’t see the differences and for me they were like night and day until I pointed them out to him.

I found after a while the swing wasn’t enough so I also researched consistency. For me its all about the motion, set up, stance etc..grip etc..whatever works right?

Not really, as I after the model was finalized tweaked the grip to accomplish 300+ yard driving and 350 is doable and then adding a 4% dispersion pattern to it with the grip change as it allows a better integrity.

hans 6decHans shows so good integrity here its uncanny best in the world.

tiger como

Former world class player now lost, he cant own the swing, I have him add 50 yards in 2 hours and with better accuracy.
Back hurt, knee, hurt, injury prone swing here.



The swing motion defined the system itself allowing feedback within its own boundary.

For Hans this is stuff he never knew could be done playing golf, he listen to the experts, he thought as many does they actually know what they are doing. I asked him after his last 9 holes with the new swing motion and the new performance model and said, your surprised right? Hans, yea.
Whatever he had believed about performing and create result to score low just went out the window. He shot 3 under under winter wet harsh conditions. I told him that you now can do each time you go play.

Next naturally is to have him accept that and adapt that this is now his new playing performance.

The RBIm swing motion as I don’t talk swing system as this contains feedback within it so your building your own swing motion from the proper feedback and then once done your stuck with what works. You be owning it.

It utilize the compound pivot the ten finger grip the RBIm technology for both the swing motion and the performance.

If you’re a tour pro then you owe yourself the best, simplest and most powerful system to create consistency making more cuts, making more money and then start developing unheard consistency that others will ask you what are you doing?

Talk to my coach I just play golf.

Doing modeling the way I do it is slightly different than what NLP modeling does and different vs whatever modeling others do. I developed my own approach. It has now started to kick up a gear as I compound enough evidence and experience with this to add a few more things to it and the performance model I developed are such one.

I stopped doing NLP a long time ago as well doing hypnosis. The change work I did when I worked with suicide, phobias, fear, anxiety, performance was all relatively straightforward. Its different when you see someone as a client and you know the responsibility as the therapists they seen don’t.

I consider a golfer struggling much easier to work with but still you need to translate the feel the player has into coherent talk and explain to them what they feel and what they a re doing and what they are doing. The player feels and that was true for Mike Austin as what he did he didn’t understand well enough to teach. It’s a substitute.

I said before and previously that whatever we are doing we ourselves are unable to uncover in a way that is precise enough to then say, this is what I do and have someone else repeats the result. It seemed true for a long time but now I revise that as I am able it seems to do just that the impossible.

For me this sets an unprecedented ability that the performance model is now model down and put into conceptual model that the individual can apply and use and have the benefits from. I understand how to create the high performance state of the best performers each time every time.

I don’t talk technique, I say this is what you need to do, feel that, receive feedback develop a athletic action to it, natural flowing and once that happens we start to add the performance model to that allowing you to play from your potential.

Consistency becomes unheard off, distance as well and when you can hit it long and make solid shots each time that skyrocket your confidence into again unheard off.


Greatness ensured.

I know this stuff works.

You’re a tour pro?

Inquire for coaching.

The RBIm Swing Motion demoed by Hans Andersson

Perceptually a motion is perceived with less effort the better it suits the body and its natural movement as you strain when you compensate and the more fluid it is the less antagonist you activate and while its possible and doable to make a modern swing fluid you be 40+ yards shorter also and less accurate.

The more naturally you can make it then your also able to add speed and create more force adding distance as you still work within the integrity of the swing motion and its system that starts to break down with a modern swing around 270 or so yards and after that accuracy goes out the window. Here we talk 300+ yards and you still haven’t started to really go at it. You think Bubba hit it long? How about hitting it longer and be more accurate?

Mike Austin won many long driving competitions, Mike Dunaway a student of Austin was a 380 yard carry hitter. John Daly said it best, he hit it longer than me.

I want to work with elite level performers as its where I feel at home myself being one myself in other fields. I find spending time not getting results and having no answers within the field is for me unacceptable. Its why I worked so hard to ensure Hans can have the best system possible and the performance with it. I met the same issues with NLP, with therapy, with dyslexia, and I took the time to develop working world class solutions that creates unprecedented possibilities unheard before in the field.

Legendary Awesome ensured