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Range day 9 light in the tunnel

For the first time things went bazooka today. I was able to generate more speed and start doing things a lot better. For the start of this for me today was a breakthrough range session. Now cleaning up the motion is next as I have to clear up all my old things I been used to do.

6i today


started to look like this guy.
still, release is off, body motion pattern is off, some minor tweaks still needed to get the top position better. still even with this today I could go after the ball for the first time.

Cleaning up and tweaking is next.

Ignorance is easier

One of the things people have a tendency to do is to keep on holding onto what is old. We continue to believe in ghosts as I like to say to indulge into the memory.

Its true in golf instructions. People believe things that isn’t true, people believe things they don’t even know isn’t true nor correct. Now I could point it out and I do sometimes but if you don’t even have a concept for it then how  would you understand it? Many don’t understand their own behavior changes daily or that they try to say its one way when they act differently.

One reason Hans is progressing is that I asked him many years ago how his tour school attempts had worked out before, he said he never tried. I asked but you want to be a tour pro? Yes he said but it cost a lot and so on….and I looked at him and said, bullshit….He looked down and said, yea just an excuse.

That year he went and tried and almost made it trough stage one.

Experience is one thing fear is another we fear more the thing we want to happen, but many never go for it with everything they have, he does and he also stopped the ignorance and started to pay attention to what works.

I write on golf forums, and I just say it how I call it and view it, I don’t think anyone else should do differently as its what I think about things and naturally I am not the popular guy around obviously as people rather want to stay ignorant than anything else.

I guess its desirable for many to want to be ignorant as it’s the safe road the comfortable one. That way you cant fail and you also can make excuses along the way to shovel the crap under the mat as people do.

Conceptual thinking (c7/UGS/MCS etc..) and similar concepts wont make people do a golf swing and build one that just works, once done it should just work and you never would need to fix anything again. That is what I want to do and as I progress and define I stop being ignorant about how to make that happen.  So if I am able to do that I be content with it as I do this for my own sake obviously and for assisting Hans to play better as my skill set is geared towards the PGA/LPGA tour not amateurs.

I didn’t want to change my back swing or work it as I am tired and don’t have the stamina and energy to do it still what do I do? I start working on it as its not acceptable for me to have it that way as its not good enough for me. I could have used what people suggest and done drills out there and stayed ignorant about it but I didn’t do that as I figured out a better way and allowed me to define it better so it works from the start now.

I know it’s a road to brighten the day the light of it to explore avenues isn’t for everyone but staying ignorant seems like a waste of time. I do read other things from people I think pretty much are clueless about what they do. I also read stuff from people I think are geniuses when they themselves never think so or anyone else’s. I sort trough a lot of noise out there to find the nuggets the diamonds that shine brightly lying there for pick up.

Tomorrow I hit the range to work trough my latest stuff. Video be coming up after.

I was ignorant once, I just stopped doing that to educate myself a bit about life and stuff that works. I guess enlightenment isn’t that fun after all Ler

Tragedy killed a golf swing

Down the pile of ashes from the fire the heat was still sensible but the ashes started to spread by the wind.  The audience was all thorn, so sad at the top of its motion of the peak of its power now so gone.

It’s a tragedy.

The golf swing is dead.

Long live the golf swing.

The new king of the hill.

Today was my best day on the range, trajectory is lower and ball spanking better.

I practice with the ball a bit further forward and move it back as I hit a few shots on grass. I wont say its by any means perfect but its now functional at least.

I can play better golf now.

Next to improve longer clubs and hit draw with them.

Dare to dream

In every instance people will tell you forget those ideas, that dream is for foolish thinkers.

It’s the human condition we don’t want the glory, the freedom, the success, the awesomeness, the good and outstanding.

People want the mediocre, the safe route,
the head down don’t stare at me as I fail face.

Anyone on their deathbed saying the same thing, what they didn’t do they do regret and I do hope they are not serial killers, megalomaniacal take over the world with nukes Putin style people but its easy then to say those things, today now in this moment?

We fear the richness of awesomeness so many don’t want to find out how good they can be.

People look at me funny, they make faces, they tease me they bully me and so on.

Handling success is a requisite.

We fear the glory and brightness of our own potential more than most know and fail to realize that is what life is all about.

Whenever I do things I do them at 100% its always about succeeding.

I don’t think it might fail as its not in the equation at all. Now does I always succeed? No but that is handled with ease as unless you go for it you wont get it.

I can do things with dyslexics no scientist can explain, how cool isn’t that? I do things they cant see and I work with those elusive intangible mind things as for me they are as solid as a rock.

People then root you to fail also, its not like people cheer me on in the Mike Austin swing community, they removed me from the wiki page of Mike Austin in spite of me being the only one teaching someone the real Mike Austin motion that Mike himself couldn’t teach.

I wont have a parade in my name from them.

Once I do it myself, what then?

Mike would say to me, don’t mind them Sonny they don’t know shit anyhow.

I wouldn’t say that as they absolutely know stuff no doubt.

I note that what people are good at doing, not just in sports but how people handle a family, how to raise kids or other stuff.

Anyhow, after yesterdays range session I am going to the range today again with Simon, yes I know I am nuts as yesterday was 3 hours there, I woke up early also and are currently going to make breakfast soon to then go do the new discovery I made last night. I do things like that work things at the range, receive feedback, then check video and then find a solution as what I am doing wont match what I want.

I look at my own swing video as I would look at Larry or Hans. My answer to myself is why do I move my body that way when I shouldn’t?

Question asked, then later answer is proposed and received. Then as usual, darn need to hit the range in spite of my body is beat. However I am excited to test this how it changes what I do.

Closing in on the Mike Austin motion to actually doing it feels awesome. Its like feeling a huge dick up ones ass, no wait that was the wrong metaphor let me try again it feels like eating ice-cream from breasts and wait a second let me try again it feels like waking up from a wet dream and now let me try this again for real

it feels like Legendary awesomeness

ah yes that’s it.

How easy its to miss out on that right guys? yes <I call girls guys also.

I am confused about my sexuality right or just the abnormal use of metaphors or what’s that about then really?

Success and going for it is about your own mentality and you can do what everybody else does and choose mediocre.

I just don’t.

I make better.

How about you?

How to learn anything….faster/better/awesome and create legend

10000 hours?

Are you freaking kidding me……………………..Fuck that shit

Cut to RBImGuy modeling

Compute a new organization and superior strategy—-wait – entering data, calculate new data

cut back to field

Wait for solution from the field of study….still waiting for that to happen decades later, whole field dies out…

Cut to RBImGuy

8 hours on the range applying superior strategy and new golf instruction, make solid contact with the ball every time.

Cut to calculator

9992 hour saved.

Cut to big smile RBImGuy





Cut away to new thinking awesomely so

Spend 20 hours learning any skill……………………

1. Deconstruct the skill.
2. Learn enough to self-correct (LARP)
3. Remove practice barriers.  Facebook updates, texts, people, kids etc..
4. Practice 20 hours in intense variation practice. 1-45min a few times.

I am not alone in this thinking btw as you find the above pointing stuff here also…..

This image from this website might help,

Phase one soon complete

In my swing research its been, find how to do a golf swing, next once that is done and I call this phase one I move to scoring patterns. Today it was like, ok make contact with the ball, easy now, swing was consistent, trajectory lower and accuracy improved all good and my best swing to date. It has stopped sucking now. (what should the perfect golf swing experts find to complain about my swing now?)

Phase one is now currently about to improve upon this, mainly with speed and leverage and tweaking the pattern.

I now know how to make a golf swing.

As I can do that then the rest will be coming faster and speed will be there.

It took me 8 hours, 4 range sessions with balls to make the swing working. Simon has now started to do this also and his ball impact is slowly getting better. I hope he can do this in a couple of range sessions.  I sent Larry the new video and he will be as I am sure trying this and my calculation this then should fix his swing fully as he be able to just do it.  I was saying to Simon, ok this is easy now, simple and that took me 4 years to get down to a single instruction and action. Naturally I educated my body a bit as I also examine the set up and the release and hand actions and other things as once the pattern starts to work its time to go into details.

I hit the ball with a slight draw today, the early 3 sessions and I couldn’t do a draw to save my life and today I just did it. I hit fades also as the shot shape once the foundation is laid down will be next.

I measure how long it takes from my first swing to meet my intended target for the day, in the 3 previous sessions it taken me at least 100+ balls to get there, today it took 10 balls. Once I had the ball contact then the new action was founded and done. Naturally this felt easy now as I struggled previously this now made it silly simple.  I already know I be playing a new form of golf this summer one I never played before expect maybe in my dreams. My handicap revision put me at 12.1 handicap now. I registered to few rounds last year.  It wont matter as I be shooting under par this summer.

Maybe I should hold my horses, take a step back and re-think this statement then?

Maybe I cant do it? However its now how my mind works as what I do calculate now means I be scratch during summer with this early recent progress I know how to do what I want to do. Next is better leverage, action to make more speed happen with less effort. Its both a curse and a blessing as what I just go with is this new information and even if I cant say exactly how I can play with this at least I be playing twice my greens in regulation which then make me at a scratch level. I cant stop it as its how my mind goes ahead with what I am doing currently.  Still its just a single session and many might think well even if it felt great today you wont be able to do it the next day or session right?  I know the modern swings makes you fight the timing all the time to make it happen however this kind of swing action it will happen as your body moves more naturally. It wont take me 2 years to do it either, I count 3 weeks. It’s the timeframe I seen Hans do it, the way Larry improved but I needed a better set of instructions and guidelines and I found those now.

If I then are able to let say play scratch this year from a 12 handicap then was I then secretly talented? No it just means I am able to express my potential.

How good I am I find out later.

Some say it takes 2 year to change a golf swing, I disagree.

Once you know what to do to make things work I say 3 weeks and 3 months. 3 weeks to put the pattern into action and solidify the motion and then 3 months to make it automatic and habitual.  Took me a week to find the pattern to do it. Your time will vary.

My way of teaching is to teach what I know works. I also update what I teach based upon new discoveries and understanding, while In know how the motion pattern should look like and how it happens wont mean I am able to do it myself or that be easy at first but once I update the progress will be done faster and faster especially once I am able to hit balls. Once I progress my instruction updates the single golf instruction is still the same but how to educate your body so you understand what to do while your moving trough space is currently under revision and bug fixing.  I expect Simon to hit it as well as I am in a few weeks.

Now even for me once I do this as I did it today it feels strange that it just works. No matter how much I done this and use this approach it’s the same feel every time, it just feels good but also at the same time feels funny it just works and I don’t need to do whatever I done for 25 years anymore.

I am looking forward the season now as I like to find out what I can do now on a golf course. 6+ weeks for that to happen.


8 hours later: Greatness

Today I wanted to make sure I made ball contact first with the club head. Took 2 swings then that did happen. 10 swings later it was working fine.

Trajectory, ball contact all fine, hit draws today. All clubs worked.

top 6aprimpact 6 aprilposture 6apr

It was cold, so had to have my jacket on or I freeze to death, windy and cold is no fun.

Still, improvement today was massive and I was done, done and done.

I knew what I was doing, it worked and improvement was now working as it should, I even had swings I didn’t filmed that  was even better as I started to have the leverage working better also.

Me and Hans comparison and then me

Tomorrow range

I be focused to improve my club head vs ball contact. One would thing it be easy to make that happen but after 25 years swinging as an amateur compensations and the lot is in the way.

Improve that and once that works I move on to something else. Progress is made but until that happens it wont matter much what I do so that’s on the top of the list now.

Other than that, Simon tags along and I wait for warmer sun as still its freaky cold here. still minus Celsius during nights.

rob ute