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How to ruin a tour pro swing

If we check Yani tseng a player who won a lot and then decided to change her swing.

At the top her left hip stays back it means her turn do the old X factor stretch thing. Her stance is a bit wide.
Half way down she has turned her pelvis and this causes a lot of issues next. Her left side has no room so she needs to stand up at impact.

The drill her swing guru Gilchrest had her do was a pin behind the head to make the head to stop moving.

It’s a bad idea.

If you have your trainer do that they then don’t understand body mechanics and the golf swing.

Her main issues are, standing up at impact, turning the pelvis to early all causing inconsistency and timing problems.

She could start doing such as this

More athletic, longer, accurate and fun.

top hanstop
Side by side we can understand that letting the left side tag along you end up with a more natural top position. While Hans isnt bending his left knee and raising his left heel as much as for example Nicklaus or Austin its better than what he used to do as keeping the left heel down is a bad idea.

half wayhalf way hans

The main difference is here, while Yani already has turned her pelvis applying slice mechanics, Hans haven’t yet turned his pelvis.
Hans can add speed here without effort, Yani will be forced to even have the ball in fairway and more fight her off fairway hits instead of going for it.

The difference of swing theory models and what I do as a model is mine are based on what people actually do in this case Mike Austin as he is the role model for us. To have accuracy you need margin for error in your swing integrity or else you fight your positions and mechanics and your athletic instinct.

Utilizing your natural instincts isn’t a natural act of itself, you will apply it for a golf swing for sure but the way our brain works and body moves this will cause slice mechanics for the amateur and hook for a tour pro. Making the body move more naturally athletically with instinct adapted for the body bio mechanics of a golf swing allows you to increase distance and create better accuracy as your margin for error increases.

Yani would add 40 yards maybe more with such a swing model I propose while increasing accuracy.

Ask yourself – if your left side is going up at impact are you then able to create more force easier than if its going down at impact>? If your body is compressing and going up is that easier to create more force?

The answer is no.

Swing theory is doubtful as a good way to make you play consistent golf. It will likely ruin your career. I feel sorry for Yani but the way the golf tour works only those that do what people believe in not what actually produce a better result for them. The golf swing isn’t a magic ticket to win Majors but removing it as a variable for your performance seems the way to go.

Hitting longer drives than you ever done

There are few secrets to hit longer.

You can for example build strength to add force and be able to contract muscles faster as a golf swing is a short burst swing. You can then build speed and do speed trainings. You can buy a new driver.

Adding strength, and speed workouts you can increase your distance a lot.

Your still bound by your technique integrity. It means however fast you swing at some point you c ant swing faster without your integrity is in jeopardy and you loose accuracy.

You can make sure you hit the sweet spot of the club that alone can make 20 yards or more difference. Whenever I see amateurs trying to hit longer, they tense up. The trick is to relax more. If you tense up you then activate antagonist muscles for example the biceps when only the triceps is needed.

Your technique is also important, swinging with a  modern swing allows you around 270 yards give or take before the integrity breaks down. Mike Austin was able to hit it really long, distances you see the long driving people today hit and they look like broilers so if you have any question about strength, try a long driver and you find those shafts are so stiff.

  • Strength
  • Speed
  • Technique with leverage
  • Mobility/flexibility
  • Short bursts intense muscles contractions

Things to be aware off that slow down your speed are

  • Antagonist activations
  • Hit impulse
  • Compensations of technique
  • Integrity threshold

For example Hans sometimes asks me to hit it longer now and then even though he lately stop asking me that as he just add more distances and he currently is around a 310 yard carry with driver.

What I do then is to check what he is doing ask him about it a bit, often he have some remains of his old patterns so I alter what he does slightly, last change I did he couldn’t hit the ball for 10 minutes. Then as he adjusted and adapted he started to add more speed. He naturally had issues with his longer clubs also as this requires him a new firing sequence.

Changes sometimes can cause this especially since your old firing sequence will be in the way. Once your able to adapt to the new sequence this helps you add more speed as your leverage now can be increased.

It means that your swing can be done with less compensations and have a better integrity and that you can add speed from the top.

Throwing from the top in other words and having a free release.

Examples of a locked limited compensation release is like this,

Pretty nice examples what you don’t want to look like after impact. Both Major winners though.

What we want to look like after impact to ensure a free release are

Weight center of both are way behind the midline. Main reason the force created needs to be balanced.


Remember your physics lessons? A force going one direction will have a equal one the opposite direction right? To add more speed then force is applied to hold onto this force and to create it you cant follow it as if you do your body wont hold up for the pressure.

Using a free release pattern like Mike Austin and Jack Nicklaus did will add distance without effort. The same effort will allow you to swing faster due to a better leverage and release pattern.

You also don’t want the body to go up at impact like it does for the Tiger Woods that’s a bad idea and happens due to a lack of a free release from the top.


Hogan that made power fade his weapon as long his leg could hold him up. Still using a hold off release.





A hold off release (Drive hold) which 80% or so of todays tour pro on the PGA tour use is a compensation.

They might not say that or think so and also believe its accurately a good one and still if they come see me they add more distance for same effort and with a better release in spite of their beliefs.

I would like to add if you need to compensate it will slow down what your doing as you don’t have enough margin for error in your movement.

This summer I wont be surprised if Hans for example adds 30 yards to his carry.

Plane or no plane golf swing

Is there a on plane golf swing?


To say you can do a one plane golf swing to follow some invisible glass plane like Hogan suggested seems like a nice dream.

It is.

Athletically we can do things that’s more in tune with force, torque and mobility.

Trouble happens when we try to think we can do a position or plane or angle. Those are there to understand what’s going on but not to be focused on while we play.

This becomes an issue for amateurs or players who want to play golf like thedanplan. He is an amateur that use modern golf theory and while its perfectly fine as a theory in actual practice it isn’t as it requires dedication and also if one asks me much easier to learn before you build muscles before age 10.


The above image is Dan in September. He is working on a one plane swing it seems.


Dan faces the issues anyone who is older than 10, either they have had been golfing before or as Dan totally new but also 4 years into the golf swing and game.

When we are really young we cant leverage the club using muscles, we then learn intuitively how to move the club by responding to the force instead of trying to make force.

hans 12 nov left

I turned Hans into a left side swing. You can compare that to Dan and you find a few things that is different. One is distance where Hans leverage 310 carry with driver I am not sure how far Dan is doing but if he is at 260 yards I be surprised.



The plane don’t really exist, some say Moe Norman was a plane swinger as his shaft aligns with address and then as he comes back to impact pretty much is the same. Its fine if you want to hit like Moe at 220 yards also. When Moe hit it long there was no alignment.

What Moe managed to do was to be really accurate. 

If someone asks me I say well you want to start the swing softly and move the arms into a one single takeaway outside out and then up and then fit the top position as you would throw a American Stewie err football.

The problem for Dan is modern theory. He will struggle with his mechanics as he haven’t learned the pressure responses as a kid.

For me whenever I do what I do (modeling) then I need to consider options like how do I teach an adult that haven’t the kids reactions and the lack of feel for example? Feel can be taught, I taught Hans the difference.

When I watch Larry swing I check for what muscle firing he has, if he use his old or is applying the new. If he applies the new and the old firing is going away I am fine with it whatever the swing is like. He then has listen and are trying to find what he is suppose to do and then I can add new instructions to further nuance what he needs to do. I sent him today a tweak to add to how his muscle to start the downs wing can be made easier. So while he has trained one sequence for a week or so, this next bit makes that easier to do without practicing much.

The plane itself will be there when your able to respond to the forces in a golf swing when done properly. Problem is as always how to go about that to teach oneself such as I have to do just that myself during spring. While my last round and range sessions confirmed what I worked on is working it also caused more questions and research to be done. In the end I might need a microscope to find what cells do what when a golf swing is performed.

A tour pro is easy to teach due to them have a ton of responses already made, then to change them into a new mechanics is relatively simple. The amateur however you also need to teach feel and make sure they don’t try to do what they are used to do instead of doing the new. Hans see that with his friends, he might add 30 more yards or more and a week or two later they are back at the old distances due to the new felt awkward to them as they didn’t know what they were doing and started to think about what they were doing instead of just you know play better.

An older gentleman at the range here last year, I made him high as he struck each ball perfectly, he played better and lower his handicap but had issues handling the new found golf swing. It took me 20 minutes of watching him hit balls telling him what to focus on and then make sure he got the message down.

Changes in a golf swing don’t take long once you move the body better more naturally. If you don’t do it like like Sean Foley does then 5 years isn’t enough time that even the best golfer the last 17 years cant do it.

Make it more difficult to do timing and then something going to go.

I ask Hans, did it work better? More speed, more compression, easier, what else?

His last swing video is better but he also reversed slightly to his old down swing which isn’t strange as he just pounded the ball today. Changes within the fine motoric actions takes longer to adapt for the individual. I remind him of that and find out what works for him as whatever change we do slowly happens over time. I am changing my golf swing already as I don’t need to do range to implement them.

Ben Hogan felt like he swung on a plane, but that is what the brain tells him what it feels like when eh pressured the angles.

Do what he did, don’t do what he said.

If someone would ask me can I become  tour pro? My answer would be yes its doable and possible. It will require some work as the golf swing is just one variable, putting, and the short game is a dimension there also. I said to Simon it takes 3 years to build the foundation and that is with me.

Once you find how to leverage the club athletically and are finding the angle to throw like Mike Austin did then slowly your golf swing will organize to that and you be able to play golf without thinking about what to do and where the ball is going to go, its going to go where you aim it. Organization is a response to the form and structure you then are able to do perform consistently. Once that is there your golf swing will be going trough changes without needing to change. It be more intuitive feel based.

Glass then breaks.

Larry breakthrough progress golf swing

If your young its much easier some say to learn a golf swing and I agree, it is easier as your body don’t use muscles first and foremost to do the work you react to the weight and force until your able to build muscles. Its how tour pros built feel btw.

Larry at age 67 or so is a different matter as he even if fit will use muscles and patterns he already been used to do when learning unless we re-educate the body and brain to take hold and notice those sensations.

I worked the last few weeks to make Larry swing differently from the top, he pulled the left side laimus dorsi as a starting point so I said, don’t do that start doing this instead. The above video is from yesterday.

Slowly he been able to adjust the down swing move, so to impact he is now much better. Larry nov 14As the image show.

Changing patterns is really difficult. RBIm as a technology tells us that to change or transform what we want to do is to change into a futureNow location a future position and then let the brain organize around that so we can have the new without the old.

If it was as easy to just tell Larry don’t do it it be easy and simple. But that isn’t the case with sport.

I recently had a discovery that seems to help both Larry and Hans.

Hans went as far to tell me this, it was my best range session ever. The way I hit the ball and how I felt the throw I felt like Austin. (Not sure what to say except Austin is dead) but I guess he meant the swing.

Anyhow, the progress for Larry is what is interesting as his change before impact is a key to find out how to swing like Austin down the line. The good about the new video is that Larry is able to sequence his kinetic chain much better now.
We can see his left pelvis is now stretched and not rotated.  Austin signature.
I expect Larry to progress a bit faster from this point as he now have had a whole new experience and feel into what he is doing. His swing patterns, muscles etc..will start to organize around this new sequence and this will improve and lead to discoveries for him also as he becomes accustom to the motion.

Once the motion starts to settle and organize around this then his post impact and such will change along the way also. More speed, more power and more effortless of nothing.

A good breakthrough

Compare vs older swing, new the black shirt

For the non golfer, he now has more room for his arms before and at impact and dont need to slow down to make contact as he used to do. Once his upper body adjust to the new pelvis movements it be looking great.

Hans hitting balls and about learning

Innovation is like luck it happens when you practice a lot and do hard work funny how that works as the more I work on stuff the luckier I am?

I have Hans running the last stuff and hopefully the next few days I have some good answers in how it works for him.

Its like Simon told me as we was at the range, but shouldn’t I practice what we did the last time? (He don’t practice much in between on his own) My typical answer is, not needed this makes it easier for you without practicing…20 minutes later he hits it better.

For Simon this is confusing due to him are used to how schools teach him things and to understand that he don’t need to practice something to learn it but can jump to something else and that makes whatever he was suppose to do happen anyway seems to good to be true right?


He is just a guy happy to tag along is uncle and hit a few balls.

Learning new sometimes can be difficult due to what we been taught cant be done. It happens in the golf industry a PGA trainer will have a hard time teaching someone a golf swing, the player itself will be angry, annoyed and frustrated as they cant swing a club to make contact without it slicing, or such.

When Hans had a back injury after his back gave up I decided to dig deep into the golf mechanics, and I am like a dog finding a new bone, I keep on digging until I am happy with what I found. I knew I had to go trough it all to some extent, cut away bad stuff, find a role model and then figure out a way to do it but for me this is also educational as doing this also allow me to do other things better like RBIm. Now I can teach Simon and he hits the ball better but with all the things I encounter in golf to teach, I couldn’t make him better.

Whatever I am teaching him works better than any other golf instruction out there. Recently I isolated even further nuances of the down swing to create a better leverage and utilizing the athletic instinct naturally. For me a golf swing consist of one instruction.

Its easier to use one instruction to do things than 10, as if you focus to much on the instruction then the learning goes into a slow down phase. Simon been helpful here to be able to try things out on someone who don’t practice much as the new instruction either works better or don’t. Still finding out how to create the deal the closing option to state, ok do this then all of this other stuff happens haven’t been there yet.

I hope I found that today. Once Hans is able to practice, video it I hope to confirm that.

A story about learning

I got this call when I was about to do a NLP Master Practitioner and the guy asked me about NLP trainings I did, and I said well I am about to start the master next weekend, your welcome to attend then. He said, dude don’t I need to do the NLP practitioner first?
Me -No why would you think that?

He – The other guys I talked to NLP-institute, coach2coach etc..all said practitioner first then master practitioner.

Well that is what they do I said but the classes teach different material so you can do master first then prac later without issues. But the guys attending the students there at your class already are good at this so will I be able to really learn this then without knowing anything before? I told him, Its my job to teach you to learn this shit so yea.

He showed up on Friday.

After Sunday lunch, he responded with as I do always ask for questions, comments reflections after a morning schedule he said, you know I been here for 2 and a half day but I haven’t understood anything.

I said, ok what haven’t you understood?

So he told me and I explained each and every of them to him. The rest of the day he sat there compressing and unpacking the 2 and a half day material. He later 6 months or so when he attending the NLP Practitioner told the class that after that Sunday he sat on the buss home and everything was unpacking in his head he had a whole visual category system in front of him (think Minority report /oculus Rift) and learning never been an issue for him.

What I did I knew none other could do in Sweden with NLP and I guess still isn’t happening.

Learning isn’t the students responsibility to do, its yours to practice, the learning bit is mine as its all about how good the instruction is.

Hopefully the golf swing instruction becomes such.

Hans the assassin swing changes ongoing


The above was his early 2014 driver.

Below recently.
h6Still images are difficult to view, angle changes the perceptions.


h5comparing with Austin we see some things that are spot on. The image of Austin is when he used a wider stance. Not always narrow…[wtf?]

check the spine angle, no back issues with that going on.mike

Here is Tiger woods, back issues? YES!^

His right side pelvis/hip has already moved up…..and forward seriously Foley what the fuck did you do to him?



Hans today, getting cold here.



hans 2i

Early October or so, 2i. The sequence is different and the image angle is different still, what I want him to do is to loose the straightness he have had a long time to start compressing the right side more.

It will free him up to do a better pivot as his body will be in a more athletic position.

The above image with blue cap shows he started to do that now. His old habit makes him rotate now and then due to he been so used to do his slice mechanics modern swing filled with compensations.



From 4 nov, while he is hitting a shorter club than a 2i which changes the arm angles and he has a shirt covering his arms, you can see his upper shoulders have a less strained position now. His right arm is folding better.


Some might ask me, how do you make changes so fast with Hans?

I heard it takes 2 years or in Tigers case 5 years and still not working so what is going on?

I teach a more natural athletic swing, where your attitude, temperament is taken into account as some people don’t want to kill the ball, some just want to go sailing and play nice solid golf.

The summer was a disappointment for me, his injury just before the tour Q school sucked. In my estimate his stiffness was a cause for concern and a reason for the injury. Lucky enough I made some strides into what to do better so I started to implement this for him.

classic hansclassic mike

Not much difference although there are but when he is done you can carbon copy him over Austin and it wont be much of any difference except their own physique etc..

So as Hans works this, we will find he will have a better position here later on and today was better than the above 4 nov.


If you don’t see difference its ok, what I see is how the body composure is at and what kind of muscle strain is present and if he it the angle he is suppose to.  For Hans this is a challenge and requires him to alter and change his fine tuned motoric system into a new down swing firing sequence and also back swing to some extent.

The changes are made to create a more athletic action, to further enhance distance and accuracy, to make it more natural and also to elevate injury as he haven’t used his right side muscles (scapula/lats) that much before.

Changes are made to make him better, the changes he goes trough are relatively speaking easy to get there within a few sessions. I never understood why someone would take a golfer and make them worse. It seemed counterproductive to me and I did once believe in the myth of golf complexity also.

I don’t anymore.

Its is complex if you use theory, positions and technique talk. The more athletic you make it the easier it is to do and here is the kicker, you hit longer and more accurate also. The modern swing needs to scale down what they do so much they cant hit driver just ask Tiger…about that. (be ready to run if you do)

So what did Austin do?

Obviously he did something different from what he taught and implemented and it just shows what 70 years of automated habit and golf swing does to you. It make those sensations you feel when swinging misleading.

Once Hans is doing what I want him to do, I get back to this subject.

Step into the unknown and come out a God

It might be called personal power or master or whatever.

Still as we silently await the abyss people seldom think of what isn’t known. To go to the moon we can conceptually understand as someone actually did go there, to then ask, how do I go there isn’t as easy.

The know how of what some call unconscious is a problematic approach.

Skills for sports for example are about margin for error, your ability to perform at your best in the container of integrity as I call it. Golfers like Tiger Woods who once was able to dominate he won 30% of tournaments he entered once, now? He can hardly win or even make a cut.

Did Tiger suddenly become bad playing golf?

No he started to listen to Sean Foley who didn’t understand Tiger that he wanted to own the swing and he cant do that with a third generation modern golf swing, its not doable. The container of integrity don’t hold up there for Tiger.


His left side is going up, his right side is twisting his back, his knee is on pressure etc.., all this cost him distance and accuracy but more importantly he cant play the way he used to play to dominate with that swing.

A golf swing should be, dynamic and athletic and tailored to your temperament. Hans for example wants to hit driver long, he now at 310 carry and I expect him to add a few more once the new changes are done. This also will add more distance with less effort.

Tiger needs to do one thing, call me. To take the plunge into the unknown to become a God again to dominate.

Its easy to think that a container of integrity to own your swing reside in technique or positions. Our brain cant do that shit. That access memory not actual motion directly.

If you look to become good at something, like triathlon you need to master 3 different techniques, swimming, running and riding a bike. I can take such individuals in sports I don’t know anything about, add more speed, jump higher or run faster and such as I don’t work with technique I work on efficiency and integrity to make the widest margin for error possible.

Once you can do something that is really hard to do like walking a beam in gymnastics and you can make tricks on it and you know if you don’t make it you are going to get hurt you then can talk about focus, concentration and margin for error.

The container of integrity is when the technique cant be contained for the least effort and most efficient utilization, in a modern golf swing it happens around 270 yards and in a RBIm swing its 350 or so. It means you can swing with the same effort with both swings and the difference is 80+ yards.

To dominate and be able to be the best at what you do, you cant hold onto technique and positions, it needs to be stated in athletic ability for dynamic action.

I enjoy this latest video of Hans, its show good improvements a more athletic expression. Looks like Austin here a lot.

I expect him once we are done that he will have a better container of integrity and add more distance with the same effort.


Balanced action, he then has a much better down swing by far than Tiger Woods ever had. (It will be even better soon)

I didn’t a few years ago know much about swing and golf, I played but had no deep understanding of the golf swing. Now I do. I stepped into the unknown of the golf swing theory and mechanics and came out a God.

I built this bit by bit, research to make the result is what I do, I don’t care about what people says in a golf swing theory, I proven Mike Austin wrong in pretty much everything he said and told what he did. He at least was able to at least make the students hit it long and accurate to some extent vs Sean Foley who cant keep the integrity without sacrificing 80 yards.

To do the unknown as I do is one thing to have you to do the same requires some faith since what most say when they read my blog is, I don’t get it, why is his English so grammar incorrect and so on.

Be one who steps into the unknown and be ready once you come out

Then the world isn’t the same anymore

Golf swing theory

It’s a mess.

One I started to study the golf swing into more technical bits due to I assumed the golf community knew what they did and players that was good also knew. I found out the field of golf was lost and as such are confusing at best.

I study Mike Austin as I notice he hit it long and straight but also that what he did and taught wasn’t the same. In early January 2014 the model was formed, I then spent the rest of the spring and summer to work this out and added details to Hans swing over the summer.

Hans still work to make his body do it, as he can hit it long he still can make unneeded actions coming from his old days of golf swing theory. He needs to work his mobility and flexibility as he haven’t been used to do this the way he now started to do.

For me the last thing I did was that I need to work my middle and lower body to support what I want to do with my upper body. I never done that and my kinetic chain is going to be updated.

Golf swing theory are stuck with positions and technical details. My instruction is one single one that also are provided with evidence. You know if you do this when your able to do it right. You then have evidence.

Providing that evidence allows the player to learn by themselves when they do things right. Hans discover things he done and don’t need to do anymore, he adjust and do better. My recent work is pretty much about the mental side to transfer the experience to play and shoot low. Technically he is fine as 310+ yard carry will be a bit more down the road anyhow.

Golf swing theory lacks evidence, you don’t know if you do it right as they haven’t defined what that is yet. Same is true in the Mike Austin swing systems out there.

Being able to do like Mike Austin did is no guarantee you actually knows what your doing. To then teach what I am able to do is way to complex to me. I don’t even try.

As I said, integrity is key here.


The above shows integrity after impact, Austin kept his. Payne Stewart lost his and Hans still have it.

The modern Sean Foley teaching? Check how badly he taught Tiger woods.

He is a guru of swing theory calling whatever he does as a third generation swing? Seriously? Left side up, knee and pelvis snap, back twisted due to spine is going 3 different directions, that is the result of 5 years with Sean Foley the guru of the third generation golf swing.

What does integrity mean here?

It means how well do you contain the force after impact also shows how well you do at impact. Speed is key there at impact and more speed shows up after impact or not. Payne’s shoulders has turned over, so has his right side.
Austin/Hans has not.


Ouch its just sad, why listen to Foley guys? I don’t understand that.

Btw Hans position is slightly better than Austin there in the above images. Reason? check the width of stance.

change swings


Comparing since august.
While the left image (yesterday) shows improvement so the upper body works now as it should, next to make the lower body and kinetic chain working to support this.

I guess the good thing is I also know what to change and do in my take away so I have things to do in during the winter.

oct 3


so while things starts to work it’s a lot more to do.
First to have the take away and back swing better and I know what to do then have the support and improved kinetic chain.

This are changes that will take all winter to work on and find out what kind of support is needed since that will be mainly a discovery down the road as my swing motion will change along the way.

The front images shows I made good progress without even practice swinging much if at all. Integrity is started to work, my position at impact is similar to Payne Stewart atm due to the lower/middle body isn’t activated as it should.
Not surprised since this instruction changes how I do swing.

Its not like when you know what to do its easy. For example we know how to go to the Moon or Mars even, it doesn’t mean its easy to do it. Its easy to make someone pregnant in most cases but it isn’t easy to raise a kid.

I told Simon what to do also, while he seldom practices even he will have issues to some extent to do and still he done some good progress during this summer.

The below images of Simon goes in progression and the one from yesterday is in blue/purple shirt.


imapctonyasimon oct 2014

Now he started to look right at impact and this will continue to be work he does next year.
Irons is one thing the nr1 change he needs to learn is to hit the driver.