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swing progress and learning

Today summer like with sun up but still cold I started to work on down swing and release a bit. Range that is close by haven’t open yet so went to my back yard as I can hit a few and walk so I get some work done walking.

23 ap impact

I struggled a bit, first as I intended to apply new motion the brain then started to adapt to do that instead of the old, a bit of frustration etc.. and this lasted 5 minutes and I was a bit tired there, after those 5 minutes I started to be energized and empty as the new stuff started to be formulated.

So a bit of improvement, still things to do but its all progressing in the direction I want.

Accuracy is good and I don’t spread balls as I used to do previous years which is one good sign. Distance is around 135yard carry with the PW atm.

A breakthrough with the swing

Yesterday things started to work, my perceptions updated and I swung better than I ever done.

Naturally this didn’t fix the down swing or release or any other muscle patterns I have that is unneeded. Still it allowed me to have the form and container to, aha this is what I have to do to make it work.

Next naturally is the down swing now and release.

Learning something its about finding the conceptual reference in how to do it. Before that many get stuck in the technical details using kinesiology which just confuses things. I worked the new swing motion since it was defined, first from slow motion and indoor swinging and later using balls at the range as feedback. Each time I check my motion, does it fit the template?

If not, I adjust what I do and I go trough each step of the process, set up, address, take away, back swing, down swing and release. During the 11 range sessions I adjusted that my right arm and hand was inactive, fixed the over the top move, fixed the left shoulder pull, adjusted the take away and back swing. Just a few of the adjustments I made. All of them pointed to the same thing and I identified that which allows me to build the feedback and reference needed to make the process faster.

In that definition yesterday the brain went from, what’s going on into, aha this is what I should do and I had a conceptual reference for that. My perception now took a leap of understanding.

I entered realization.

I guess its all mumbled chaos at first for anyone and many get caught into details of the golf swing and many still debate it. I could have model Ben Hogan’s swing and I be able to do it down the road also or any other swing out there. That is what modeling means, we don’t guess we learn to do.

Today I woke up, went and started to work the down swing a bit. I be working it all day. I know what my body needs to do in the down swing so next is to find out how to make that happen and working.

This process is different for each one of us but the template stays the same and we then work the patterns we do and adjust them until they fit the ones we want to do. To see what someone does like a swing wont make you able to do it, if that was so easy then anyone looking at Ben Hogan could swing like him  but none can. If Mike Austin really knew what he did then his students would swing his motion not the one they now use. Its for me an observation I make I don’t make a judgment on that as it seems true to me.

Many get caught into theory, debate the smallest thing why its working as it is and why its there. I don’t. I follow the template to do the motion.

Once I do that I move on to play golf.

I heard some talk about you will reach a plateau in your performance, that your halted in your progress as you cant get better move on to further heights. I hear that from trainers and others. I guess during the last 20 years I did things wrong somehow as I only got better.

My swing is better now, lot better, but it wasn’t getting better during the 4 years of research due to me still was building the template. One I had that then my work to make me do it started. However I cant plateau out though as its just gets better. I know some asks how that is possible since you should plateau out right?

You cant just get better right?

Unless you have reference with feedback with feel and evidence.

I call that the RBIm system.

For me its feedback but without proper reference (template) you don’t know how to be better, then the evidence is provided with feel. So since I check my swing after for the template match, and if its a mismatch I then start adjusting. If I move forward from the top which I did I knew that I shouldn’t do so, why did I do that and then find a way to do the proper way. Sometimes I know what to do and sometimes I have to do research.

Feel some say isn’t real but that’s not true. Many even say the feel is different for each individual and again not true.  The difference happens due to conceptual abstraction is added upon those so called representations or symbolic meaning.

Naturally a golfer would first to think about that like many use Mike Austin as a reference so first they have a held view of what he Mike did, then trying to do it wont work as what they view their system cant do. If it was that easy golf would be simple. So I built a way to identify what a golf swing is about and then how to systematically learn to do it in a few weeks. Then as usual I need to formalize those findings into a program or steps to follow. It wont happen this summer as I be playing golf as it’s a lot of work to do that right.

All the work and research is now piling up combusting into concepts and symbolic meaning to me. I now can understand what I need to do to teach it but the steps are not formalized so those needs to be drawn out. Its like Einstein I guess or any math guy as they find what they find thinking but then they need to investigate the math to prove what they then understand. It might seems strange but its like that what I now know I cant put into writing or video as it wont make sense. I tried, made several videos and it just don’t wont be good as an explanation yet.

I knew this would happen also its why I been tracking my own progress since I started to follow the template, the few months from January when I swung indoors for motion and variation, discoveries I made along the way, definition of motion, instruction and now education of the body.

All those small nuggets vanish if you don’t track them when he brain moves the information due to when you can do things it happens automatically and amnesia normally follows how you did it. Like riding a bike, driving a car, learning to speak, eat etc… I know how that works and unless I track the steps as I go trough the process I wont be able to recall what went on during this process.

Yea the brain re-locate stuff when you learn and then since it moved information around your access path to the information changes also. Its why someone can do things but not understand how they are doing it and their interpretation of what they do are coming out wrong.´It’s the same reason Mike Austin could do it but not explain what he did as he couldn’t access the learning process in how he did learn to do it.

I have no idea how long the down swing and release is going to take to get right but at least I know I am on the right path now.

This Breakthrough feels great.


The down swing

Since most have their back swing working then transition of the swing is where when things go ugly for many. In the take away we sit down on the right hip on the right heel and ball of foot as we move off the ball.

Transition then is the waiting time for the body to sync it self up. Producing the kinetic chain or as I like to say taking the orders in cue.

Now the question remains if you cue is set in the proper order or not.

Last few days I worked to fix, left shoulder scapula/lattimus pull in the down swing (fixed) then to improve the external rotation of the right shoulder (fixed) and then take away to the top of back swing (almost fixed).  What’s left is the driver swing take away as it’s the club that isn’t moving properly yet. Next is release and down swing action.

Naturally this is done in sequence and worked on while I have feedback from balls.

I also keep study to optimize along the natural body movements we do.

You can move the left leg and hip differently the way they do it in a modern swing when the left hip spins out and around which is fine if you do a rotational swing motion.

A compound pivot does this a bit differently.

Naturally explanations of this makes it conceptual for the most part which is why there is no definition of the compound Pivot as far I know. Saying its how the joints move and its a 6 lever system etc..wont help me to do it.

So I worked with kelvins research from Hawaii and done some tinkering. I work this the next few days and hopefully this also makes what I do, easier and better.

Hans thought it was my best swing yet.

I take that.

A small step for me a giant leap forward

Once you follow a plan and you start to really make stride its really nice to feel that progress. Today was such a day, all clubs was good except the back swing for the driver as I didn’t get that right yet. Just a matter of time now.

Then release pattern will be worked on.

It felt easy and even when I was real tired at the end I still was able to contain most even though it wasn’t optimal but still working something I never been able to do before.

Naturally this felt easy now, effortless is a good word to describe this. Even if I am not done things are lining up nicely. The plan works.

I hope the range opens up where I normally practice as I have benchmarks there from previous years to better measure up distances. More speed trough the swing atm, cant say I am done there but all in all where I come from where I been and now just making shots going where you want them seems at times unreal.

Most will tell you their swing is lost during times, it wont work and needs fixing, you shank it, slice it, hook it, it on the toe, humped the goat along the way or some other thing.

Never understood that talk myself. If it works why would it need fixing?

Its like Hans as I had to put the hammer down as why on earth would you want to change what you do if that works to hit the shot you want every time? Do that a bit better and you make it closer in no time. Once what works been found and identified then you can just do it.

I look forward this season as I already know I be playing golf in a way I never been able to do before one I want to play. A few things needs to be worked on still but at least the small steps made suddenly made a giant leap forward.

Soon time to tee it up Skrattar


I will check distances as I keep on working to find out where I stand there, once I hit my own benchmark distances I go play.

Day 1 vs day 11

Range day 9 light in the tunnel

For the first time things went bazooka today. I was able to generate more speed and start doing things a lot better. For the start of this for me today was a breakthrough range session. Now cleaning up the motion is next as I have to clear up all my old things I been used to do.

6i today


started to look like this guy.
still, release is off, body motion pattern is off, some minor tweaks still needed to get the top position better. still even with this today I could go after the ball for the first time.

Cleaning up and tweaking is next.

Ignorance is easier

One of the things people have a tendency to do is to keep on holding onto what is old. We continue to believe in ghosts as I like to say to indulge into the memory.

Its true in golf instructions. People believe things that isn’t true, people believe things they don’t even know isn’t true nor correct. Now I could point it out and I do sometimes but if you don’t even have a concept for it then how  would you understand it? Many don’t understand their own behavior changes daily or that they try to say its one way when they act differently.

One reason Hans is progressing is that I asked him many years ago how his tour school attempts had worked out before, he said he never tried. I asked but you want to be a tour pro? Yes he said but it cost a lot and so on….and I looked at him and said, bullshit….He looked down and said, yea just an excuse.

That year he went and tried and almost made it trough stage one.

Experience is one thing fear is another we fear more the thing we want to happen, but many never go for it with everything they have, he does and he also stopped the ignorance and started to pay attention to what works.

I write on golf forums, and I just say it how I call it and view it, I don’t think anyone else should do differently as its what I think about things and naturally I am not the popular guy around obviously as people rather want to stay ignorant than anything else.

I guess its desirable for many to want to be ignorant as it’s the safe road the comfortable one. That way you cant fail and you also can make excuses along the way to shovel the crap under the mat as people do.

Conceptual thinking (c7/UGS/MCS etc..) and similar concepts wont make people do a golf swing and build one that just works, once done it should just work and you never would need to fix anything again. That is what I want to do and as I progress and define I stop being ignorant about how to make that happen.  So if I am able to do that I be content with it as I do this for my own sake obviously and for assisting Hans to play better as my skill set is geared towards the PGA/LPGA tour not amateurs.

I didn’t want to change my back swing or work it as I am tired and don’t have the stamina and energy to do it still what do I do? I start working on it as its not acceptable for me to have it that way as its not good enough for me. I could have used what people suggest and done drills out there and stayed ignorant about it but I didn’t do that as I figured out a better way and allowed me to define it better so it works from the start now.

I know it’s a road to brighten the day the light of it to explore avenues isn’t for everyone but staying ignorant seems like a waste of time. I do read other things from people I think pretty much are clueless about what they do. I also read stuff from people I think are geniuses when they themselves never think so or anyone else’s. I sort trough a lot of noise out there to find the nuggets the diamonds that shine brightly lying there for pick up.

Tomorrow I hit the range to work trough my latest stuff. Video be coming up after.

I was ignorant once, I just stopped doing that to educate myself a bit about life and stuff that works. I guess enlightenment isn’t that fun after all Ler