So what did Jordan Spieth do?

Obviously he changed something from the year he almost won the Masters to then becoming world nr 1 and winning 2 majors. He didn’t change his mechanics like Tiger woods did with sean foley that btw didn’t work at all 5 years later tiger fired Foley.

He told his caddie, we need to prepare better to come here next year and win Masters. So he did.

When he won the Australian open I knew he was coming big and his performance in Masters was better than what Tiger ever managed to do there.

He continued to almost get into the 4 major wins the same year as he was in contention all 4 majors.

So how do you explain that?

You make a decision, create change prepare better obviously he did something to change to be able to do that and it has nothing to do with swing mechanics.

It has all to do with plans and minds.

I want people to do better, perform better not just for golf but for life. However the world have guess technology,NLP, Mythoself, 3dmind, meta-states, psychology its all pure guesswork tech.

I then developed a technology that allows you to be able to perform at your potential once you have it down. I did read the talent code book and while interesting it didn’t tell you what to do so I went and investigated and discovered what to do to create unprecedented change and improvement with the RBIm practice system.

RBIM now starts to become a whole body of knowledge about human performance that basically is changing the world in this area.

I can analyze and then implement a structure that allows you to be better and better and then never hit the wall of whatever limitations people have about their performance, how good or not good they are how worthy or not worthy they are.

Once your able to do this then your curve of improvement goes into the impossible.

You need a good plan, then a good practice ritual then a even better evaluation improvement curve to that and then the ability to change on the fly and all that is found with RBIM the only system for performance enhancement without guesswork in the world.

Now you can guess what Jordan did and try finding it out or you can learn to realize your own potential here with RBIm.

RBIm magic backed by science.

Putted for eagle

I am in pain for sure, 2 days in a row and my body screams at me as the home course I play at his more up and downhill than any other course in Sweden.
It’s a workout.

My game starts to get where it should, the guys I played with liked the way I hit shots. Hit a solid drive on the par 5 and a 4i hybrid to the green but since the greens are really bad it wasn’t like I am going to make this as its more about managing distances which are difficult when one green has no grass and the next one have some. Made the tap in birdie though.

Next step is to improve the short game as I basically lost shots there but being tired playing isn’t a good combo anyhow. I hit great shots but due to greens cant hold them there was several times the ball just run away.

Started with a bad drive into left rough had to play forward to the fairway and then hit the wedge a foot away saved the par. For me that approach shot was something I never really been able to do on command before. That felt great.

Now resting for a few days as I am a zombie for the moment.

18 holes later

Cold, grey sky with rain inc.

Played first nine holes twice as course isn’t fully open yet.

Took it as a practice test. 5 months of fitness work allowed me to keep up better but at the end I felt the hammer. Putting is as it was great, chipping improved, pitching deadly and the short clubs was dead on all day. Short game felt completely done and any short club felt like I could do what I wanted. Never hit them as straight ever.

Some work to do with tee and fairway and longer clubs as expected.

Hit drive wedge on hole one both round pretty much exactly the same. Ball didn’t roll out enough both times. Greens here are early as its been so cold nothing really grows. I didn’t focus much on putting.

Issues with focus now and then and I just played on and improved as I went along.

Tuesday it be better.

May soon June and course still not open.

Its been a cold May. Its 2 to 3 weeks later than average. The upcoming week it will open but its late for us. Forecast looks ok atm as temperatures are raising a bit. I hope we have a late august and September heat wave as it seems its been cold and wet spring.

Range closed down also as they worked on the draining a bit so the last week been slow for golf. It be good this upcoming week to be able to go play finally.

Range session today

Sun was out and it was a good day the first really good one this month.

I never had any tour pro dreams when I played as I was playing with friends and later for my health as it helps to spend a few hours to chase a ball to do things with low intensity now and then. Today was my first day when I could feel I really get the golf swing for myself. The last session established things so today I worked on aim and direction and to improve the movements. It has already started to feel comfortable.

I still have things to work on and improve but at least things have picked up where I wanted them to be. For the summer I hope to have a consistency and then start working the scoring and lowering of handicap. Not sure how much I can play depends on heat and health but the first few rounds will tell what I can expect.

Talked to Hans also today, adjusted his decision making and evaluation as he went into past performances to much.


I learned to go slow build upon what works and then add and tweak as one goes along. I could do better leverage and extend better and was working on that but battery died during session so at the end it was better.

The above is a carbon copy of Mike Austin in the same position. I don’t say I hit it as far as he did as I aint.  At least for myself the structural format I developed is fitting into place.

Hans shot 67 today in a home competition

Talked to him on skype yesterday.

He had an issue with him since his old golf trainers taught him things that created a hang up. He is a good student as he can follow the instruction but he cant defend against his own mind getting in the way obviously. The patterns we learn that becomes beliefs and assumptions its then easily to get it wrong. In his case he never could start the swing correctly nor his putting as he struggled with that due to him somewhere learned he needed to avoid making a mistake with the start of the movement. A technique oriented approach from his trainers avoiding what can go wrong. That also created a conflict for him so he couldn’t stay in the moment all the time.

So I then took that and re-design it for him.

I didn’t elicit a new future state a new narrative story of his life I fixed the problem.

The how you do that can have an impact since people are focused on fixing the problem the way they think the problem needs to be fixed but what you need to do is to design it in the way you want things to work and be.

In his case, “I cant start the swing and putt properly” So he didn’t know how to do it correctly so it would work. Obviously he can do it but beliefs alters perceptions. I said “you can always start the swing correctly and it works the way you want.”

Work done.

Producing performance like Mikaela shiffrin also alters the perception in her case she cant make a winning gesture after the race as her mind is in the high peak performance zone and that doesn’t include much thinking so her cool win gesture is more like, oh I won how nice what’s next?

Listening to experts in a field can be good but also can be a trap as your in for a circle of actions that leads nowhere. I been checking things out and a lot of people especially in sports have no real way to add upon performance without guessing. I never like to guess.

I wanted to know.


14 gir 27 putts.
Proximity to hole Gir 4.3 meter

tävling hemma

Major swing flaws for amateurs and tour pros

  1. Early extension
  2. S or C posture
  3. Over-the-top
  4. Early-release/casting
  5. Sway

Most have one of those or several at some point in their golfing life.

I just call it compensation swings.

Either the golf swing has compensations or it’s the RBIm swing without such.

It means reduced force needed to make the same power.
You can have a 80% reduced effort making the same or longer distances as before.

I didn’t know that would happen but Hans just told me well now I hit it like this.

The RBIm golf swing system reduce it to one single variable.

Removing all the flaws a modern golf swing etc..causes today in the process.

Preparing for the golf season

How do one prepare for golf when all the circumstances has changed?

I have a new swing, a new performance model and as such then the circumstances are not the same anymore. Most then are lost, confused, unsecure they haven’t any idea what to expect.

My plan is different obviously. My swing is done. The feedback from range is lacking but wont take long to adjust and do either as I expect one sessions is enough there and then time to go play.

The plan is already working.

I don’t need to go thinking about how it will work as I already know what and how it will work. Some might think that is a pure hallucination and speculation as you cant know things before you actually done them. I find such people extremely limited in their mind sets. I do that all the time and I don’t find it strange at all but anyone else around me thinks its nuts.

One could ask how do I know and I could answer with a in-depth reply but that would take me to long to fully answer and then the individual would still not believe it as they cant do this.

I am doing the pre-season work mainly, 5:2 fasting and eating pattern and then walks and gym work to the extent I can handle. Working on the edge for me is really difficult but as anything goes its work needed to be done. I videoed my swing yesterday or so and I hadn’t held a club in hand for weeks and its now better.

The new organization is working.

So technically its fine. Physically it slowly getting better. Once ranges opens and the season kicks in which is 7 or so weeks away then I be able to utilize the feedback from playing to start mapping what this system is able to do for me. I expect to be able to play like a tour pro and a bit better.

How does one handle such expectations?

That your going from a hacker and amateur game to something that you watch on TV?

Most would freeze up, tense and be afraid and then be so nervous they cant even play succumbing to their own minds fears of imagination.

I’m already ready to go.

Plan is working. The phases are working so the organization of the golf game and producing results are on its way.

I could speculate about those but I don’t until I have raw data to calculate from.

Highly fun times ahead!

Planning for the tour pro tour

Mechanics done and Performance done.
Now some work to work the stuff into magic

First things first, get range work done, confirming ball flush and the distances. Calibrate the distances when playing find a sweet spot for each club within the swing reference. Know your distances.

Learn to alter spin on ball more.
Do the gym work, fix your strength, aerobe capacity.

Match skills with distance, dispersion and if confirmed 300+ yards and 4% then apply performance model to zone in and go low.

Make the checklist and find the variations and adjust.
Its not a 10k hour deliberate practice plan, its my plan.

I said it before, if you know what to do “the strategy” that works better than you can cut many hours off the plan that people assume you need to do. My uncle said it like this, it take 3 years to build them for handball as you need to lay the basic technique first and then apply play systems on that and then tactics.


Takes 10+ years and still you wont know if it works.
Unacceptable to me. I decided to build a better system.

The plan is in full motion now. Gods willing it be a really fun ride.

As far its just theory until proven true. Once proven true its then facts. Then magic happens

The dark force of the universe and the Phase 3 civil war

Its invisible.

The physical amount of mass don’t explain what the scientist can calculate so that means it has to be more mass that we cant see. The old axiom of if you see it and then believe it will be cant see will believe. That isn’t true in either case.

If gravity works the way it does it means mass has as we know it as soon you accelerate and break then you add mass to your body which can be felt so galaxies etc..moving affect gravity the same way with either acceleration or breaking that creates the added mass as it interacts with gravity. The timescale of this are long so measuring that is difficult.

Anyhow, phase 3 has started for Hans.

The Mikaela factor.

It basically means we are defining the variables to perform better in the zone.

In English or whatever people call what I write that you steer the intention to create your desired outcomes.

Most call it impossible, McCabe said none can do the zone more than 5% of the time playing any sport and I say 100%, so who is right?

I am.

I actually test things and don’t believe shit people tell you or me.

Naturally when your able to do things people thought was impossible it challenges your core foundation as a human being.

Your assumptions of the world changes much like seeing someone flying like Superman or wonder woman. When we transcend the normal into the magical people expect to see rainbows and unicorns for some reason.

My work is all about results. That I had to go trough misconceptions, not knowing what your doing like Sean Foley in golf or Monte Schienblum or iteachgolf or some other random expert on the golf forums or the coaches of Tiger Woods people might think well they must be good and the answer isn’t that.

The answer is, they talk to you fitting what they say to what you already believing to be true that you believe will accomplish the result you want and it does not work. I learned that trough client work over the years people coming to see me where the doctors failed, where the therapists failed where the new age coaches failed and then I did things that worked.

I was focused on results not beliefs not stuff that seems to be about nice talks like Sean Foley is doing not the random beliefs people have about the golf swing or such.

I actually know what I am doing.

Then again random stuff happens that we cant explain, the asteroid hit earth instead of passing by wiping out those dinosaurs.

Believing things when they don’t work is common, its safe as you then are working within your comfort zone. I don’t.

I challenge the established as I created the legacy to Mike Austin as I cut trough the red tape that the trainers don’t know about there. Its really simple btw when you know what it is and how it works.

Simple doesn’t mean easy.

The way I found out is some can do directly following the instruction, those that cant need to train themselves to do it. In some cases it might take some serious time and investment to master this.

Figuring out the behind the scenes stuff is like invisible forces working the corners of the eye. Its what I do then I say this you need to do and I told Hans this a long time but it took a long time before he started to listen to what I said and now he started to understand what its all about.

Measurement and evidence to create your desired result using the RBIM 3.0 and the RBIm 3.1 systems.

You might find that I don’t try to convince people about this or write a lot of sales letters persuade or such as I don’t want to do that as I want to work with one or two elite level performers.

That’s it.

After that I don’t know and that is good.

Challenges the RBIm 3.0 stands 4 creates a civil war between the old and new paradigms.

Your mind or the Universe it’s the same shit anyhow.