My Golf swing philosophy are based on feel + evidence

A few years ago I was an amateurish hacker playing golf and was coaching a guy who hurt his back and then couldn’t play but he didn’t want to change his golf swing even when it didn’t work for him. I decided to then study this shit.

I choose to use Mike Austin as a swing template as the refinement was for me to hit it long as we all want to do that even pros. I become a conversy for the trainers of Mike Austin along the way as to copy a golf swing isn’t really doable.

The golf swing happens when you do the physical movements properly but what are those?

Teaching or coaching Hans is easier even though he was so misinformed to the extent he became afraid to change his swing as he said to me, I can use this one and I said no you cant your back hurts and breaks. Today however he can play and hit longer and more accurately a 15% better margin for error. His old swing based on Ballard the Swedish model is 15% less accurate or so than the RBIm template golf swing.

Teaching Larry at age 67 that been playing golf for 50 years that developed swing compensations was different. I knew with this I needed also to develop better golf instructions. Larry wanted a Mike Austin swing motion. He tried different trainers but with his swing flaws its not an easy job to have it there to work for any trainer.

Recently I improved the swing concept so much its down to two principles, one to find the feel in the back swing start movement and the start of the down swing transition which if you can get those two right by feel and evidence your on the way to develop a Mike Austin swing motion.

One can take notice that the movement started to look right for him according to a Mike Austin swing motion.

The major hurdle a golfer face is a lack of feel. Some will tell you my swing feel is different than yours and that’s true to a point but the way I teach this the same feel works both for Larry and Hans from my instruction… I teach them both the same stuff. I said to Hans once, well when your done with this you never will have a golf swing fail you again. It will just keep on working without needing any fix ever again. If you hit your driver middle of fairway one day you will be able to do that every day.

Now maybe you think wait a second, tour pros loose their swing now and then and need to fix it or tinker with it isn’t that a fact? Yes for tour pros are taught badly and incorrectly. A modern golf swing have timing and movement that is really difficult to pull off, watch Tiger Woods maybe the best golfer this generation and he went and tried to be better and turned to Hank Haney, then Sean Foley and now Chris Como and they cant help him, none of the golf trainers I seen or heard about cant do anything for him.

Tiger wanted to be better and he listen to the best golf trainers in the world.

They are all teaching things wrong.

Once Larry has this down a bit better as he just recently got the hang of this he can add speed and leverage the golf swing better and add distance and along the way accuracy.

Any tour pro want to do an athletic movement.

It’s the nature the more default natural movement, the easier it is to do for us.

I built by far the best golf swing in the world to play golf with but I didn’t stay there I also developed a putting system that crushes anything on the market.

Feel can be taught and once you work the fundamentals and then add evidence of that to your practice your able to identify and define what’s going on in the movement both in the back swing and the start of the down swing. The back swing is simple enough to get right but the down swing transition is the point where it all can go bad real fast.

Its why the tour pros get into swing issues they start to miss it a little, maybe little left or right, then they start to doubt things and then soon they stand there with their trainer trying to get their timing back on again.

What you want is to feel this to use your natural athletic instincts so you can trust the move to just work to do what you want it to do.

You want more feel and less technical stuff happening in your practice and game.

When I taught Hans I said, ok move this body part here and feel this. He could confirm this instantly due to him spending time hitting balls a long time correctly at impact but an amateur wont have the same timing at impact due to compensations they developed due to the small window of margin a modern golf swing has.

Fixing Tiger isn’t that difficult to do as I would teach him the same thing as I taught Hans. It would be a one hour work for me and he would hit the ball better than ever.

Longer and more accurate.

What everyone is trying to tell him wont work due to them don’t understand a few things, one Tiger has injuries so that put him into a bad position normally, then he also have a default way to operate when he swing that is coded way deep into his muscle synapses firing off that no golf trainer out there can see or fix for him except me. You need to pack the integrity Tiger has into a new form so he can start to use the same instincts without going off road.

That doesn’t take long to do but then he wouldn’t believe me that I can do that and then even if I could the payment I would require to do that job for an hour would cost him an arm and leg even for him. I build things so they stand the test of time.

Tour pros need to fix their swings due to the whole field of golf teach things flawed. The modern golf swing has no margin to move the body parts without getting timing issues. I see Monte, iteachgolf, and many other popular golfwrx trainers teach things that way to make it complex and they complain about the technical golf trainers out there but why then are they also teaching things the same way?

RBim as a technology look for evidence
and definitions of consciousness itself.

RBIm as a tech can help you establish who you are and then allow you your own life design approach and with the RBIm templates I am developing having thinking patterns people use to create stuff so you wont need to guess.

Teaching the golf swing over the internet with words and video is at best a challenge so I knew I needed golf instructions with feel + evidence to be able to help the individual to define down what they should feel and then be able to correlate to evidence. Videos I made for Larry Hans watched and said he learned a thing or two from.

My ideas are real simple, make the golf swing work with feel and evidence that can be correlated to one another and then you can build a swing that stands the test of time. Once the basic blocks are built with the feel of back swing and down swing transition your on the way to develop your own expression to own the swing.

Years later I went from an amateurish hacker to an authority on the golf swing. I cant and wont use golf terms due to

the golf swing should be an expression of your instincts as an athlete

and that when you have that down, your swing will be able to just do what you want to do out there in your game.

Play have fun and now and then win stuff.

Some talk and coaching with Hans

Let say your trying to teach something so its useable. Then as while you teach that the instruction set isn’t clear enough so the individual while thinking this is the way to do it then it wont be.

That’s my story with NLP and Mythoself.

When I was teaching and do teach the idea is to teach why you do things in this way. Teaching the how to do things is easy but its also lacking as we want to know why we do things the way we do them as that help us with the cognitive appreciation of the work.

Well it seems like that to me at least as if I do add that the individual creates what’s called a paradigm shift and the emergence phenomena happens.

One thing I study is talent.

Hansdotter said about Mikaela shiffrin that she is so talented.

Here is the thing, if Hansdotter called me and I started to coach her I could make her faster downhill in matter of hours. I could then start to add the improvement performance curve the arithmetic scale along the way.

Guesswork means you adapt to the instruction and it happens fast, Tiger Woods downfall started with Butch harmon as I can point out before and after and he got a compensation with him that Hank Haney later reinforced and went fully to shit with Sean Foley and I know why.

I said before, talent is created.

So teaching and coaching Hans about this performance is today not so much about technique anymore in fact I haven’t touched his swing since early spring. His stats are great also and I haven’t done much there either.

Once his tee to green was good I knew his putting was going to be a factor so I created the putting system so he can make more putts and he is making more putts also and its also much simpler to putt now for him and its the best putting system in the world.

Still the main thing I am working with him is to get him into the performance zone to update his skill set based upon evidence that’s measurable as soon he does that the system will be going into the overdrive.

Many years ago back in 1997 or so I discovered something that’s been with me ever since and it’s a basic line with the development with RBIm also.

So while Hans is better in every possible way with his game what’s missing is the final step to get into the arithmetic scale of improvement and once he gets there then my work will be done. Explaining this wont make much sense as its needed to understand this to keep on using it and allow oneself to be able to step into the performance zone on demand.

One you can do that then you reach the level of performance your potential allows either it is to win majors or play on tour or win races in skiing or whatever else.

My instructions previously years ago didn’t fact in the big adaption people cant put on hold. It was to much noise and distractions so while I know that once you start doing RBIm that NLP and hypnosis isn’t needed really anymore and wont make sense telling that to someone doing NLP wont catch on for them as they cant believe that is true.

I found those that become better and really good at things never really stop learning and they use an arithmetic scale to do so and while they don’t know what that is in their terms I use, their improvement never really stagnate or stand still.

Its what I am coaching Hans to be able to do and once he can do then things never stops improving.

Then my work is done.


Tour golf and the reality of the Q-school

This article shows the numbers.

  • Only 2 players successfully negotiated all 3 stages and earned a tour card
  • Just 10 players who attended the 2nd and final stage earned a tour card
  • 15 players who were exempt straight into final stage earned a tour card
  • Only 32 players from stage 1 & 2 made it to the final stage and of those just 17 made the 4 round cut at final stage and got some status on tour.
  • The youngest to earn a card was Renato Paratore at 17 years old
  • The oldest to earn a card was Ricardo Gonzales at 45 years old

In 2014 there were 10 venues used for 1st stage with the average winning score being -14.4, and the average for the last qualifying spots was -5.1.

So simply put, if you don’t currently have a competitive stroke average of 70.75 or lower

When someone asks me how difficult it is to make the tour those numbers I am well aware off for Hans what he needs to be able to do. To have a comfortable game to make 3 to 5 under par consistently. No way around that if you want to be a tour player to go trough the school. Its not easy even complicated and somewhat impossible.

Its why I make sure the stats line up for him, distance, accuracy, dispersion and distance to pin which will allow me to at last track that he is able to do those. Then as he is able to do them I focused to find out if he is also able to keep track on the target to allow the performance to happen for him.

His words are in the line off, is this all I need to do?

Me, yes.

But its so simple?

Yes it is but you can always go back to what others teach?

He, no I take simple any day of the week…

Now he has more time as he isn’t cluttered by unneeded tasks he thought he needed to do to play well to score low.

Its almost to easy.

Next to make sure his putting also follows the same mind set.

Once the system is built what happens is the same as always, doubt as it seems unlikely this will work as it seems to easy and simple. Its new so unknown and why cant I do what I think I shall do and I just say, the evidence shows it isn’t working.

I follow the evidence and then simply can state its crap and bullshit and whatever else how well meaning your trainers been they taught you bad shit.


So what did Jordan Spieth do?

Obviously he changed something from the year he almost won the Masters to then becoming world nr 1 and winning 2 majors. He didn’t change his mechanics like Tiger woods did with sean foley that btw didn’t work at all 5 years later tiger fired Foley.

He told his caddie, we need to prepare better to come here next year and win Masters. So he did.

When he won the Australian open I knew he was coming big and his performance in Masters was better than what Tiger ever managed to do there.

He continued to almost get into the 4 major wins the same year as he was in contention all 4 majors.

So how do you explain that?

You make a decision, create change prepare better obviously he did something to change to be able to do that and it has nothing to do with swing mechanics.

It has all to do with plans and minds.

I want people to do better, perform better not just for golf but for life. However the world have guess technology,NLP, Mythoself, 3dmind, meta-states, psychology its all pure guesswork tech.

I then developed a technology that allows you to be able to perform at your potential once you have it down. I did read the talent code book and while interesting it didn’t tell you what to do so I went and investigated and discovered what to do to create unprecedented change and improvement with the RBIm practice system.

RBIM now starts to become a whole body of knowledge about human performance that basically is changing the world in this area.

I can analyze and then implement a structure that allows you to be better and better and then never hit the wall of whatever limitations people have about their performance, how good or not good they are how worthy or not worthy they are.

Once your able to do this then your curve of improvement goes into the impossible.

You need a good plan, then a good practice ritual then a even better evaluation improvement curve to that and then the ability to change on the fly and all that is found with RBIM the only system for performance enhancement without guesswork in the world.

Now you can guess what Jordan did and try finding it out or you can learn to realize your own potential here with RBIm.

RBIm magic backed by science.

Putted for eagle

I am in pain for sure, 2 days in a row and my body screams at me as the home course I play at his more up and downhill than any other course in Sweden.
It’s a workout.

My game starts to get where it should, the guys I played with liked the way I hit shots. Hit a solid drive on the par 5 and a 4i hybrid to the green but since the greens are really bad it wasn’t like I am going to make this as its more about managing distances which are difficult when one green has no grass and the next one have some. Made the tap in birdie though.

Next step is to improve the short game as I basically lost shots there but being tired playing isn’t a good combo anyhow. I hit great shots but due to greens cant hold them there was several times the ball just run away.

Started with a bad drive into left rough had to play forward to the fairway and then hit the wedge a foot away saved the par. For me that approach shot was something I never really been able to do on command before. That felt great.

Now resting for a few days as I am a zombie for the moment.

18 holes later

Cold, grey sky with rain inc.

Played first nine holes twice as course isn’t fully open yet.

Took it as a practice test. 5 months of fitness work allowed me to keep up better but at the end I felt the hammer. Putting is as it was great, chipping improved, pitching deadly and the short clubs was dead on all day. Short game felt completely done and any short club felt like I could do what I wanted. Never hit them as straight ever.

Some work to do with tee and fairway and longer clubs as expected.

Hit drive wedge on hole one both round pretty much exactly the same. Ball didn’t roll out enough both times. Greens here are early as its been so cold nothing really grows. I didn’t focus much on putting.

Issues with focus now and then and I just played on and improved as I went along.

Tuesday it be better.

May soon June and course still not open.

Its been a cold May. Its 2 to 3 weeks later than average. The upcoming week it will open but its late for us. Forecast looks ok atm as temperatures are raising a bit. I hope we have a late august and September heat wave as it seems its been cold and wet spring.

Range closed down also as they worked on the draining a bit so the last week been slow for golf. It be good this upcoming week to be able to go play finally.

Range session today

Sun was out and it was a good day the first really good one this month.

I never had any tour pro dreams when I played as I was playing with friends and later for my health as it helps to spend a few hours to chase a ball to do things with low intensity now and then. Today was my first day when I could feel I really get the golf swing for myself. The last session established things so today I worked on aim and direction and to improve the movements. It has already started to feel comfortable.

I still have things to work on and improve but at least things have picked up where I wanted them to be. For the summer I hope to have a consistency and then start working the scoring and lowering of handicap. Not sure how much I can play depends on heat and health but the first few rounds will tell what I can expect.

Talked to Hans also today, adjusted his decision making and evaluation as he went into past performances to much.


I learned to go slow build upon what works and then add and tweak as one goes along. I could do better leverage and extend better and was working on that but battery died during session so at the end it was better.

The above is a carbon copy of Mike Austin in the same position. I don’t say I hit it as far as he did as I aint.  At least for myself the structural format I developed is fitting into place.