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Talent code and cracking the code

While talent can be said to be skills, the building blocks to create the talent themselves been a mystery a long time and the book by David Coyle showed along some like professor Anders Eriksson with his 10000 hours of deliberate practice that talent is created not a born ability.

No one been able to copy a golf swing from Ben Hogan or anyone else in the history of the game, then I came along and did that with Mike Austin’s motion and transfer that skill to Hans Andersson.

When you know what to do as I do then there is no secret or mystery.

I been an amateur in regard to golf, I play with friends for fun and laughter. Never been concern with pro golf or such. That changed as I met Hans. As he injured himself with his modern golf swing and didn’t want to change I then had to build him a new swing.

So I did.

Talent are skills, trainable such.

Chess is a memory thing, to be better at chess you train memory for positions and can raise your chess rating with a few thousand points that way. You don’t need to think ahead or be creative you need a good memory and knowing chess positions. If you do that you be beating your chess friends easily.

If you believe it is something else when you practice chess then that wont improve your skills or results.

I spent 8 sessions practice the new golf template I developed. In each session I run the cracked code of how to build talent and then add improvement in each session. Golfers normally understand to build a new swing takes 2 or 5 years like Tiger with Sean Foley and then still failing so golfers knows how difficult it is.

To then apply the cracked talent code to the practice as I do allows me to do things faster than anyone else can do in the world.

When you end up with the “can do” criteria then your done.
How fast will that happen then?
It depends.

Most I seen with Hans is 3 weeks when he implemented a movement and that was mainly due to lacking the flexibility and he needed time to adjust for it. Normally its really fast.

  1. You need a good template.
  2. You implement the RBIm talent program for practice
  3. You end up with “Can do”.

Yes it means you be able to swing like Mike Austin did if you apply that template.

You cant replace 50 or so years playing golf due to golf include other skills than hitting a golf ball but at least you have a good solid foundation to start from.

Most assume this

However, if you use the modern swing like thedanplan did then you will fail. Back pain, short hitting and failure no matter how much deliberate practice you do and he had professor Anders Eriksson’s support.

You need a template that’s good not one that suck.

Then your practice will enhance and improve what your doing so you can reach the same skill set Mike Austin had or as someone else had. However what people believe is true like a held off release, a modern swing and then constant back problems and short hitting then you keep on believing that even if someone like Boklov came along with the V-style as people laughed then he won the title and no one laughed anymore as they all changed to the new V-style,same way flosbury flop did in high jumping.

Practice isn’t enough, bad practice is even worse and reason for many to believe in the talent myth. While having a good coach an expert in the field like Monte schienblum isn’t enough as what he teaches isn’t good enough. You end up failing as its to difficult to do consistently.

Then we move into the performance arena in why some people are able to do better than others consistently those elite level performers’. How do you practice that?

Question: Where do one find the 2 shot difference in ones golf game?

Peak book strategy
By being specific about what to do?
Intense focus then wont help.
Direct Feedback wont help.
Discomfort or comfort wont help either.
Coaching from experts wont work either.

A new approach is then needed.

Question: Where do one find the 2 shot difference in ones golf game?

RBIm talent build program

Identify the skill set needed in the performance.
Analyze important variables, ex: proximity to hole, putting.
Ask, can one do those to required skill level?
if so, the solution isn’t skill in its technical nature.
Answer: The state of mind then influence ones performance.

What are then the performance skill needed to focus ones performance to bring out ones best consistent performance?

Check experts: super confidence Bob Rotella, check source Rory loose his game miss the cut, super confidence isn’t the answer.

Identify great performances and map mind focus to find a solution.

Golf is distance control, that means judgement of distance and execution of distance needs to match.
That’s easy.

To bring out ones precision control to be able to repeat ones performance each time however isn’t.

Analyzing performance and mind focus shows people are tracking a target and executing based upon external raw data. Assumption wrong in science, there is no external data.
New revision created based on observation of performances in the zone.

New model derived to be tested.
Test: Solution worked.
Implementation of model is next.

Understanding the difference
to create distinctions of difference is the main goal in any practice.

To develop such models one need to understand the essence of the skill in context and then be able to check difference and teach that difference to someone so they can experience that vs whatever they been doing previously.

A template then with a instruction set to match allows a faster route to “can do”.

Performance RBIm Golf System 3.0 RBIm Templates technology The Mind Game in golf Thedanplan 10k hour

Talent Code and slow motion

The book opens the door slightly to show that some people can develop talent out there. The old Russian lady produced more top 100 player in tennis than any other tennis trainer in the world.

There is then two talents happening, one is the old Russian tennis trainer the lady that is able to produce talent.

The other is the child that is able to take the instruction to be talented. Even if successful not all kids become so good, could be homesick, not into tennis or any other thing.

David Coyles book wont tell us, what to do or why to produce talent only that some people can.

Slow motion can be explained with, old lady cant see so well so she then make kids swing racket in slow motion then she was able to give precise feedback. That is key here, precise feedback. While moving in the proper reference.

If your alone then that is a bit more difficult due to you have to create the difference of feedback.

I talk some about it here.

Golf pro Golf swing Mechanics Hans Andersson Golf pro Mike Austin Modeling golf Performance Putting RBIm Coaching RBIm Golf System 3.0 RBIm Modeling RBIm Templates RBIm6 The Mind Game in golf Thedanplan 10k hour Tour Pro Performance William NZ

Performance skills and deliberate practice time

Breaking down skill in golf for example,

  • Tee shot driver/iron/wood
  • Fairway shot Iron/hybrid/wood
  • Approach shot Pitch/chip
  • Putting Green reading and pace
  • Course management
  • Lie downhill/uphill/sideways
  • Weather conditions
  • Mobility and physical status
  • Mental and emotional aptitude zone/flow
  • Strategies margin of error innovation
  • Gameplay strength
  • Consistency mechanics and timing with tempo
  • Ball striking Consistency with timing
  • Practice, play tournament feedback

While that’s a few and more we can say in general terms it take around 10 years to master those. You start at age 8 and can go on tour around 18-20.

Now add a general golf swing theory of mechanics that make it more difficult. The number of tour players fighting their mechanics out there is massive and they don’t know anything else, Hans once told me, well doing this (what I taught him) make me hit it straighter and I told him, didn’t you do that before? He, no and he said everyone else hit it like that, all over the map, and for me I was like, well why didn’t you tell me then?

Its what I do, I say, I want to be able to do this (result) can you help me to do that?

I was surprised that he didn’t tell me back then about that but it make perfect sense if you do it and everyone else around you do it then obviously its normal and be able to do it a lot better don’t even come into their thinking its even possible and then you have me telling them why not?

What they do tell me is that they don’t know what to do to make it such, those that could do such like Moe Norman was called a freak.

I am like, wouldn’t it be cool to do it?

I told Hans, do this and you be able to statistically be better than anyone on the PGA tour. In distance, in accuracy in the key thing I consider, distance to pin. On average a tour pro over a season is 31+ feet’s from it. Hunter Mahan for example has a 40 feet average as far. That is a 9 feet worse than the leaders.

Reason proximity to pin is a key stat is due to if your able to bring that down to let say, 20 or 25 you be increasing your chances to make birdies more often a lot.

The birdie distance is a steep slope after around 15 yards and if you could bring down your distance to pin to 15 yards or less on average you be able to convert so many chances to birdies its beyond belief.

When winners win they are able to be closer to have an easier birdie or they are able to putt beyond normal like Corey Pavin does when he won or Fredrick Jacobson or Anna Nordqvist due to them isn’t close enough normally to win unless their putting is massively better for the tournament.

So when I looked at stats I knew one thing, Hans needed those or better, makes it easier to bridge the gap between not on tour and on tour.

Time is needed with deliberate practice due to you have a lot of skills to train, the golf swing needs to be simple and efficient. I built one for Hans as his lower back crashed with his modern theory golf swing shit.

That is applying strategy to build a better mechanic like Boklov did for ski jumping or Flosbury for high jump. Result will be a better consistent action with timing on cue every time with then more accuracy due to less error in ball striking.

So once the mechanical aspect is done and taken care off your just able to do it.

Then other skills can be worked on one in particular is the mental performance for consistency which is the zone.

So I was a bit naïve at first as I did assume those wanting to be on tour knew what to do to do the work to make it there. I found out, no one does.

Thedanplan using Professor Anders K Erickssons help with Peak deliberate practice will fail for Dan due to him are fighting his golf wing, short and wild and bad lower back pain, he wont succeed due to he lacks a better strategy (innovation) to do so.

The problem for you as a tour player is this, the modern golf swing sucks its Absolut crap. You will fight your timing, you cant have consistency and you will loose your game now and then due to your timing is off.

You can listen to me or someone like Monte that is absolutely clueless along with Butch Harmon, Hank Haney, Leadbetter, Foley and Como and others.

I disproven already so many of their contradicting statements that wont do what they want you to do, they fail to understand why, so does their fans and while I have all the information about what to do they don’t and that’s is why I can do things they don’t even know exist.

The time needed to do a deliberate practice isn’t as easy that the book peak will let you think it is due to the professor don’t know what that is.

I taught Hans, a swing change, one single session on Skype, no more and 4 weeks later its better than ever with 2-3 clubs longer hitting a 2i the same distance he hit a driver last year which he was absolutely fucking stun to even comprehend at first as he flat out refused to believe it.

I said, you did it, so why not you know accept that your able to do it then dude?

He runs into the same trap human does when you exceed your current beliefs about what your capable to do.

I am teaching him things people don’t even understand or even exist.

Matrix style stuff from the strongest places of the force.

I mean, Ren from the first order tells this girl that is currently kicking his ass in the light saber duel that he can teach her about the force to guide her to her power and she Rey looks inside and find her guiding light and opens her eyes and then who then is the Master?

Doubt and fear is the mind killer.

“I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer.
Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.
I will face my fear.
I will permit it to pass over me and through me.
And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path.Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.”

Deliberate practice is a key skill here that transcends your skills with years due to your able to define what you need to do and that when your able to do will be mind bending as Hans found out hitting a 2i so far he was absolutely what the hell is going on.

Sure, someone new wont be able to do so as quick as Hans been with me a long time but the fun part starts when your able to do a golf swing the proper way then other skills can be gained much faster as you wont struggle as thedanplan did and does.

Telling an amateur that hit it at 220 yards a good day they can and will be able to do 300+ once you are done seems absolutely impossible even for a harden veteran as Hans adding 40 more yardage to a 2i is like, not possible due to him knows golf with his friends and peers and what I do is just, impossible.

Golf God

When I found out how deliberate practice did work then I built a model from it into a workable actual kick ass advance skills with years into a timeframe people call, impossible.

Just saying.

Skills take time and yea you need practice, feedback and then awareness of the stuff that’s going on. The feeling you have when you know you never ever again need to fix your swing?

Priceless Legendary Awesome


Special thanks to Hans and any other crazy believer of the Golf God

Performance RBIm Coaching The Mind Game in golf Thedanplan 10k hour

Peak at 10000 hours and going

Some say deliberate 10k hours practice allows you to be an expert.

If you want to be a tour pro in golf that’s around 10 years for most, start at age 8 and go pro at age 18 or so.

When we do deliberate practice, we utilize feedback, however that works not alone but to a source that acts as a reference once we take the feedback and adjust the reference we will improve.

The book Peak however wont detail that down.

I had many conversations with Hans about improving, I said, do this, he says, don’t want to do that and I said, do this, report back if it don’t improve your stuff then continue to do what you did, deal?


He comes back and told me, wtf is this, it works better than what I was doing?

Me: I know……………………

My job isn’t easy I actually had to sell him the idea to try it out due to him didn’t believe a swing change could make him better.

He was wrong.


He calls me everyday to ask if I got something new. (no he don’t)

Match the stats, if a tour pro can do some stats if your able to good.
If not you know what to improve, stats don’t lie.

To make skills better, feedback with reference then you be able to improve within minutes. If you know what your doing that is.

If you have 20 different way to understand something and there can only be one truth then which one is it or even is there one that actually do match the truth?

When I came across the talent code book I was reading it thinking, ok here is how it works and I got, nope that’s not in the book. I had an experience 2011 that allowed me to understand what talent was and how its built. Its one reason a swing change Hans goes trough takes a short time to do and also makes him better while he works at it.

  • Stats
  • Feedback
  • Build reference
  • Test and improve
  • Stats match or better?

Go play

Golf pro Golf swing Mechanics Hans Andersson Golf pro Performance Putting RBIm Coaching RBIm Golf System 3.0 RBIm Modeling RBIm Templates RBIm6 The Mind Game in golf Thedanplan 10k hour Tour Pro Performance

Bring your A-Game and reflections

Any tour pro cant do the A game due to them are not able to do that. If they have such its an accident sheer luck.

For over 20 years I been bringing my A game when working with clients or teaching or coaching. Its just what I do.

Many may check thedanplan and why he failed and it wasn’t due to science or dedication but strategy and tactic, he hit short from tee so he hurt his back. (not surprised.)

If you play golf you need to master many skills so coaching skills is part of that but as much we want we also need to be able to bring our best game always. However as noted if your technology sucks like a modern swing you be struggling with your game and cant focus on what to do.

What I tried to do is to solve various problems and establish new solutions for performance. One was putting, getting my own putting into tour pro level wasn’t difficult but I also struggled with putting as I could putt really good and then was like a beginner the next day. I mapped that pace and green reading was needed to do and found out how to do them, perfectly.

So for me putting is easy, simple even and I putt fast and accurate.

The golf swing I had was awful, now I am building a new movement pattern. That work also influenced me to change Hans swing as what I did there also influence the way I understand the movement pattern and once I had enough experience told Hans, got to do that better. A few sessions then he should display a better movement pattern.

I then broke this down, to, ok how do I do a backswing to ensure the proper turn? Nick Faldo teaches such and he sucks at that btw, drills wont work. Proper turn in the back swing then set up the position for the throw. Yes Mike Austin was right about that it is a throw but his explanation what to do was dead wrong.

Once you know what to do setting up the throw then the movement beckons to become natural in how the angles work biomechanically with the body. You know the difference as you can feel the difference as video wont display this even when pointed out.

Do you see Tiger woods swing? it sucks. He at least can pay the best and brightest but then who does he hire? same shit again. If I was looking for the best things and people to make me better what do I do?


So I am saying this I developed the:

  • Best putting system in the world.
  • Best swing system in the world.
  • Best talent zone program in the world.

Naturally this can then be total BS and I just make it up. However why would I do that?

If I was on tour and was looking for a better way, why not you know seek and ask around?

I offered thedanplan my services he didn’t go for it.

I don’t use gadgets, as those aint as good as the eye one use to see movement anyhow. When you play you cant use gadgets. You need to trust your own judgment. so the guy asking me about what I do, didn’t want the best.

He wanted something as Tiger does that he believed would work for him based on his assumptions. (All wrong btw) Most hire someone they think will work but its always based on assumptions that fits what they already are doing that isn’t working for them anyhow to be better, they cant break the pattern they have when hiring people.

So Tiger haven’t changed his basic movement in 20 years I point that out on golfwrx and no one understands that even when its obvious, for me that is. I could explain it for them but why bother I could and can explain it to Tiger if he calls.

Knowing your stuff is rare in the performance field, I had to do research as what people said, didn’t work to do to increase performance.

I developed an approach for Hans, however as he played last summer, it didn’t allow him to play better which it should, so I had to check and sure enough, he got stuck with past event. At some point when you work with people that haven’t succeeded the breakthrough when it happens will always be a new thing they didn’t do or believed it would work to do.

However we want it to be systematic, concrete, understandable not by chance or luck as we want to bring the A-game our best performance every time.

We want the better mechanics, allowing us to just do it instead of struggling with timing and pain like modern tour pros has to do. If you can hit it 320 yards from tee or more, and be more accurate than Luke Donald you have a 50 yard advantage on every par 4 vs Luke, he has no chance playing against you then. He need to hit a 4i when you hit a wedge.

You’re A-game wont help you if you struggle with mechanics, tactics and strategies.

To have you’re A-game isn’t enough if you have issues with your mechanic’s or strategies or tactics. You will struggle due to your technology wont allow you to realize your potential as your constantly fighting the technology to produce results for you.

I am able to do better coaching today than previously due to a better technology (model) behind me both in putting, golf swing, dyslexia, performance, etc…it makes my job easier and simpler.

Efficiency means your able to exhort maximum performance without effort.
You’re A-game

Here is Hans first swing with the change from one skype session.

It wont take years.

Golf pro Golf swing Mechanics Hans Andersson Golf pro Lydia Ko Mike Austin Modeling golf Performance Putting RBIm Coaching RBIm Golf System 3.0 RBIm Modeling RBIm Templates RBIm6 The Mind Game in golf Thedanplan 10k hour Tour Pro Performance

Can an amateur become a tour pro? or the question of hitting your best shot, always

Thedanplan failed with science backing him.
What was his mistake?

Foremost it was Mechanics.

Modern swing theory wont make you hit it long and accurately, well to a point you can hit it relatively accurate but then you meet a tour pro and you realize they are 10 shot better than you are. You see them hit a 4i 230 or so yards dead on the flag.

Now you understand you lack distance and precision to pull that off.

That did happen to thedanplan, so he tried to hit longer and his lower back crashed.

tw 02 17

Tiger left 2017 and on the right from 2002 his prime.
Its like two different players.

Now Tiger is fucked due to his body cant handle the swing anymore.

As an amateur you need distance from tee. Once you can do that you need accuracy and margin for error to create consistency. Or in other words, you want to make the shot you can make not the one you want to make.

If your skill set isn’t good enough to do that then you need to work to make it doable as so. Analyzing performance means you need to be able to match stats. If you cant then its difficult to be competitive.

  • Stats and meeting them, distance, accuracy etc..
  • Course management.
  • Margin for error and consistency.

Main drawback for thedanplan was distance and accuracy from tee.

When I did study the golf swing I choose Mike Austin, he was plenty long.
So once mechanics is there to hit it long, then you shall shoot 60 all day long right?

Well scoring is about consistency and margin for error. For example Lydia Ko and Morgan pressel went head to head, and I said, Lydia wins with 5 shots. 18 holes and 5 shots between two tour pros? seriously dude? Lydia made a bogie on 18, Pressel a birdie and Lydia won with 3 shots. Why I said 5 shots is that pressel is inconsistent due to she can loose a shot on any swing she makes and Lydia not so much.

If we analyze what a player needs to do is to have enough distance from tee and that means 290 yards. If your not able to average 290 yards and a 70% fairway hit your going to struggle as a male tour pro.

If you can do that and have enough margin for error you be meeting the stats criteria.

Short game is the easy part as hitting a wedge x meter is easy, putting is basically about green reading as the stroke wont be important as any tour pro will have less than a half degree on their stroke. Why they miss putts? Green reading guesswork.

Next is course management to make sure you hit the shot you can do.

Let me give an example, I have 140m left and can hit a 9i to green but flag stands short and I don’t want to hit to short due to the green edges are not a good place to leave it short, so a 8i would be the better option due to hit it a few longer than needed and let it spin back or dead stop. Now what shot I can do decides what one to use, if I hit the 9i I enter more options to what can happen its less margin for error. The 8i be the better choice normally. Depending on the shot to make as let me say I can make 8 or so 9i the way I want then I could use a 9i and be fine with it but if my shot skill is like 3 out of 10 then 8i be the go to club in such a situation.

Now, while the distance and clubs and decision is slightly different for a tour pro the same principle applies. Then obviously their mechanics will be a factor as any tour pro will be limited by their mechanics accuracy. So in each shot there are many things going on from shot skills to what one can or want to do.

Then the mental edge to be able to hit your best shot everytime or not comes in play.

If you could hit the best shot you can make with every tee shot and fairway and on green etc..then you be playing a different game vs someone else in the same game.

Hans played in the snow/rain yesterday and said just “straight shots”. He didn’t think much of it until after as it felt easy playing. That’s the difference in perception you have as your playing in the zone as when you do, each shot feels, simple and easy. The main difference is when you can use the system to enter the zone as a reference to the shot you need to make the best shot you can make will then happen. That takes some adjustments to accept for the individual as they are now doing something they often will tell is impossible to do. (still doing it) Its due to the new approach I teach allows that to happen but it also goes against what people assume is true and doable and even when Hans is doing this now he has to go trough the acceptance bit as it will be so easy to do and then people then to have a lot of beliefs assuming how performance is suppose to be and when faced with something they cant explain a lot of people wont be able to continue to do the new. Even when they tell me they want to do it.

I had golfers hit perfect shots in 20 minutes and they were like high due to them just did it again and again. To then be able to do it more consistently and accept your doing it due to your skill set and shot making is now pushing the best you can do often many gets into the hard to accept as it goes against what everyone do and believes in the field itself.

I can take a dyslexic, and then they are a normal reader when I am done with them. The field of science professors etc..tells them and me what I did and the result they achieved, is not possible to achieve. So how then are you to argue with retards in science like professors when they deny the evidence even when its there?

I tried to tell some of my students this that trying to fit the catmodel dyslexia solution for school and science is a waste of time due to them cant accept the result achieved as they cant do it themselves.

Golf or any other sport like Tennis etc..don’t believe some thing are possible and then as I ask, well if the talent code works like the old Russian lady with tennis adepts, why isn’t everyone of her students then become so good of her work produce the talent?

Information is missing and it was one of those I investigated and built a model to create talent or in this case to always hit your best shot you can do. Then your average consistency and margin for error will then be unmatched by any of your fellow competitors as they wont be able to come close to what your doing.

For me working with the mind and performance and using concepts people don’t even know exist can take some time to adjust to as I speak about things like unconscious in a very upfront conscious way. When you lack know how about the subject its then easy to dismiss it as it cant be true as if it is then everybody would do it, right?

I never liked guesswork and when you have someone like Tiger broken his back with Sean Foley third generation golf swing and never got the message after 5 years due to his body couldn’t do it, consistently.

If its to difficult, no matter how much you practice, it wont work out so good.

Distance + accuracy = Swing integrity
Modern swing theory its around 270 yards
RBIm swing mechanics its around 320 yards.

Short game = easy enough no matter the mechanics.
Putting = green reading skills and all tour pros today guess.
RBIm Putting = 100% accurate green reading skill no guess needed.

Consistency + margin for error = make the shot you can make.
RBIm talent development program = Hit your best shot every time.

This forms the baseline for the RBIm golf swing system

Advice seems simple enough,

Match distance + accuracy on tour or better.
Margin for error + consistency the shot you can make.
Putting with green reading skill.
Hit your best shot, always.

Even with that you still need ambition, time, practice and patience.

Thedanplan did this basically 24/7 and it just shows how difficult it can be for an amateur to reach tour pro levels. Then we can add, time, money, handle various qualifier and gain enough experience and we can add 3 to 5 years to even get going to enough level to play as so.

Golf pro Golf swing Mechanics Hans Andersson Golf pro Learning Mike Austin Modeling golf Performance RBIm Coaching RBIm Golf System 3.0 RBIm Modeling RBIm Templates RBIm6 The Mind Game in golf Thedanplan 10k hour Tour Pro Performance

Developing the Talent Code

You want to be talented and then finds out your not. You then came upon the book the talent code by Coyle and thought yes hope has arrived.

While the Russian lady produced more talented tennis players than anyone else in the world, she didn’t know what she does that allows one child to become talented vs another one that gives up that didn’t get it. The same goes for every hot bed of talent Coyle wrote about.

Simply put, no one knows how to build talent specifically.

Thedanplan took a nosedive due to Dan followed modern golf swing theory, broke his back and got injured and gave up. The support of Anders Erickson’s 10k hour didn’t help to elevate the swing theory.

If you could know what builds talent specifically you be able to identify what worked to achieve the performance. Saying you need 10000 hours is to simplify what one does as focused deliberate practice isn’t enough.

You need a know how to simplify the actions done.

Thedanplan was swinging like this

Modern theory, short and wild.


but he could have swung like this

RBIm model long and accurate and efficient

If he had a better mechanics swinging it would help him to not get a bad back and injury plus added distance and accuracy.

Still performance isn’t just mechanics due to the way our mind works we want to know how to do the zone on demand. If your able to do that then your performance will always have a great quality every time you swing and play.

Now we have a composite problem.

  • Mechanics is part of a better performance.
  • Performance is also about the zone doing ones best
  • Deliberate practice 10k hours to talent mastery
  • We don’t know how to do this specifically.

A back story, I become an ace in fps shooters by applying what I did, then taught someone else to also be able to do so. I was also able to do my best in any client/teaching situation for 20 years now.

Then I been building models for 20 years.

People told me that you cant model a golf swing from someone and be able to do it, like Hogan or Mike Austin and then I not only did that but improved upon the mechanics of Mike Austin as I build a golf swing model that took what Mike Austin did and improved upon what he did. I was also coaching a guy at the same time so developing tools for his improved performance was part of my job as a coach.

As thing happens, now people have a more insight in talent and that one can develop talent that its not just to be lucky and be born with it. However what would you say then when baseball hitters have a better eyesight than others to see things? Some would assume, ok got to be born that way then. I mean you cant do as good as them if you have a different eyesight then. Link

I disagree with his statement though.

If you don’t have a perfect pitch for example in music, you can still train you to have it. So in actual benchmark there be no difference from the one born with an ear for perfect pitch and one developing it. Now the excuses will pile up why that isn’t true for baseball pitchers and hitters and so on and they would be wrong.

So if that is doable and possible for pitch in music why is people then call talent as a born ability you cant do if your not born with it? That’s fact and evidence showing that what people believe about talent don’t work the way people believe it does.
I been doing the zone in interaction with clients and students without having 10k hours behind me to learn to do it. I also did learn to be an ace in 3 months again no where near those 10k hours. I trained people to do complex change work that a 5 year trained psychotherapist cant do. One lawyer I trained could do work with clients a therapist cant do.

So either I am extraordinary talented or that I have a different tool set that is able to cut a different solution from the coal.

I know that if we can have a quality feedback which is one thing deliberate practice does btw and a better plan or strategy like a better mechanic for golf swings we can assume to some extent we can improve real fast due to the feedback offered improves the learning fast. However what feedback received and obviously there is a difference between the feedback you have if you spent years and not succeeded or been able to do whatever someone else that is talented in a field does.

One then need a better strategy to do and have better quality feedback to achieve similar performance as the talented one trough a new model.

The RBIm talent development program aims to do just that. I identified over the years the basic structural formats that allows someone to do the zone on demand. I been able to do so. Transferring the skill set was first unknown, NLP for example couldn’t be used to do so. I tried various ways. With RBIm 6 this however become doable and possible to achieve thanks to a better format to be applied to analyze the actions people do.

The format I been developing with contextual forms and the behaviors along with evidence and measurement started to come together in a way that allowed me to create a foundation for a talent model to be developed.

While one could deliberately practice a specific task within the field it wont mean you be as good, thedanplan showed that with golf, the modern theory the mechanics used was the limiting factor. If Dan had used the RBIm swing system he would have been doing a lot better.

To know how to improve the performance to create talent I devised a test.

I told Hans, ok I want you to do this and focus on this when you perform the swing.

His first session was flawless.

The second session he called me and was stressed out as he couldn’t do it. I said, do this then this and he hit a 9i perfectly again and he was questioning his sanity as he couldn’t understand what I said made him able to do it suddenly. I said, well whenever you do things you tend to use previous memory and then decide to do the same thing again. That’s cause a conflict in the system as now the brain has to adapt to what you want to do but now cant do. It becomes to difficult and obviously for Hans he was stressed out. I said, its a simple task, you need to know when you do what your suppose to do and what your suppose to not do. He as many are not used to control what people call unconscious factors in a conscious interactive way as I do. Once however the second session was done he started to progress faster due to being able to make a different distinction what he was suppose to do vs what he thought he wanted to do again he now could progress into the zone on demand.

Third session, fluid dynamic movement with efficiency

If you can access your best performance allowing a fluid action with a focused attention your actions then will be more efficient. This can be tracked trough various ways one is observation of tension in various muscles while performing the task.
I was asked from a tour pro what I could offer as someone else had all the gadgets which meant the tour pro believed in video technology and not his own mind and feel. Gadgets cant do what I am able to do.

The RBIm talent model builds a distinction what to focus on to allow you to isolate the action your doing vs what’s expected to be performed. The feedback between those allows the athlete or performer to rapidly accelerate their skills and performance beyond any known curves of learning. Whatever you been reading and believe about talent progress and performance, my technology does this faster than anything in the world.

My models in the technology for golf allows the player to:

  • Have the best mechanics efficiency in the world regarding accuracy and distance.
  • A focused mind on the distinction needed to perform the zone on demand.
  • The 10k hours devised by professor Anders Erickson isn’t needed as its outdated.
  • One then knows what to do specifically to develop talent trough the RBIm technology.

Sure, you still need a few hours to have the practice depending on the sport, physically and time needed but you be surprised how little time you need to improve your performance into something you never believed you were able to do due to lacking talent and now finding out you can do better than the talented ones as they cant access and do the zone on demand.

Contra indicators
Main issue is often the individual themselves while able to do it they cant believe they are doing it. They are locked in old beliefs about how talent works and how good they are suppose to be vs someone else in the field and suddenly becoming better than the best in the field can be a daunting realization for the individual.

More about the 10k hour and anders ericksson here

More about deliberate practice from James here

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Talent code and the new talent build

Its easy to state well talent is just what you have, maybe you have a better hand/eye coordination or a better eyesight or whatever. The amateur in golf for example cant be a pro as so many have tried but failed.

Thedanplan failed due to modern theory and in spite of he using deliberate practice and he had support from professor anders ericksson the 10000 hour guy and his research but it failed.

It failed due to talent isn’t born but created.

But how?

Mechanics get you so far.

Hans currently has the best golf mechanics in the world.
They are simple, direct and powerful.

To score low you want to be able to correlate the intention the result you want to have with the execution to do whatever you do to get the result desired.

Or in terms of this,

  • The framework are: Context of the desired result defined by ones intention.
  • The execution: Golf swing is the skill set one use to make the result happen.
  • Talent is to be able to do so as consistent with each shot.

To create the desired consistency that also allows one to increase ones talent and skill to perform there has not existed such model out there to do so and even if you did travel to Russia or other talent hotbeds they don’t understand why one player understands it and get good and someone else don’t.

I do, as I been building a test bed for creating the talent code and I have started to implement this for Hans in his swing and game. The idea is simple, to increase the consistency to reach an unmatched accuracy and also produce the desired state when playing.

Explaining this to Hans, he went and hit a few at the range and struggled. He called and I explained it in steps, do this first then that and then hit a shot, so he did that and smoked it. Now he was like, what’s going on as what he is dealing with atm is what people call unconscious and I call context. So dealing with this is a challenge at first as your not used to control your action with such precision.

However when trained he will be able to hit all swings within the same tempo and cadence. That will allow him a consistency he never knew existed.

The practice now isn’t much about the swing or such but the focus needed and the organization needed to isolate the action needed so one can create the needed reference to just do it. Once compete it allows a control over your action which people cant believe is even possible.

RBIm talent code model program

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The secret to the golf swing found

For me obviously not a secret.

Equations are as wiki state:

In mathematics, an equation is a statement of an equality containing one or more variables. Solving the equation consists of determining which values of the variables make the equality true.

When one defines you have a core principle showing up into the pattern so any swing is the same but the expression of that core principle is often different.

It means that Mike Austin swing is the same as Ben Hogan’s swing 1948/49 and 1953, it’s the same as the modern swing like Tiger woods. However to understand each difference between those swings you cant do today with any education within PGA.

I can then examine whatever drills people do and the outcome accordingly to the secret and find if its even close or not to teach the principle or not. Its immediate as I don’t need to calculate things anymore, I just know. Its then what some would say internalized as an equation expressed in behavior, a model simply.

Each project I done I learned more about how things work in regard to consciousness and understanding about the perceptions.

The tour pro can have the swing Hans have and I got this question what I do with Hans as I work with him, I don’t, as when asked hit the ball where you want then ok I am done. There is no fixing needed as Tiger does like Lydia Ko does like anyone on tour does.

It wont fail you Ever

What I do is to ask questions, then from the feedback devise a test and then implement action.

What I do to teach this golf secret wont be disclosed to the public.

Golf pro Golf swing Mechanics Mike Austin Modeling golf Modern swings RBIm Coaching RBIm Golf System 3.0 RBIm Modeling RBIm Templates Thedanplan 10k hour Tour Pro Performance

How to fail with golf miserably to be on tour

Do what thedanplan did, hire a modern swing coach.

He did most things right, he started with putting, short game and hired a scientist but he didn’t hire me.

That’s why he failed.

The tactical strategic value of your plan is needed, modern swings have a theory did you know that 4 of the most famous PGA trainers never changed Tigers Core body mechanics? Yea they fixed the roof that was leaking with buckets but they never managed to establish a new core body movement.

I can do that for you.

I can also analyze body movements and understand what you feel and what you have trouble to explain to others what you really mean as I am able to do so with my skill set that people in the golf field, often lacks fully.

I dont guess as I found out years ago even experts in a field often can be totally ignorant due to perceptual beliefs gets in their way of evolving. I devised to use evidence, based upon behaviors that one can map and relate to. That allows you to map contexts with behaviors to create a body of knowledge, evidence one can use to deduct what’s true.

The RBIm golf swing system allows you to be more consistent by creating margin of error you never believed was possible. The putting system is better than Aimpoint as we remove guesswork fully. You be using your athletic instinct, focus on the task to learn to be better in what you do.

If you’re a tour pro the difference can be for example with Dani Holmqvist that by dropping the putts each round with the putting system she can go from current 20000$ a season to 3.000.000$ a season. That’s the difference for her in her stats that can change as her putting is 3 shots worse than the best.

However what most tour pros don’t understand is their margin for error is to narrow, its to much chance and they believe in faulty flawed mechanics due to everyone does believe the same. To arise above and be better one cant do what does not work one have to start doing what works and then with evidence, tested felt feedback of the result and while that can be a mind blowing experience and really a paradigm shift in your golf swing and game, well that’s what can happen to you as a tour pro.

With me you can unlock and push your potential to its very best and then even better

Hans Andersson the RBIm swing user