Performance The Mind Game in golf

Fan of the GolfGod hits pw 145m on a par 5 for tap in eagle

The power in me is growing

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Did I find the secret to the golf swing?

Yes I did.

Makes the swing so much easier to learn, hit longer and more accurately.

Highly excited for the spring range sessions and playing!!!

Cant wait!

Performance RBIm6 The Mind Game in golf

Playing in the zone, always

Its what I do.

One of the benefits of RBIm6 and the work I done is to set up your optimal best experiences doing things. Playing golf like this is really relaxing.

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Did Ben Hogan have a secret?

Don’t think so.

Question what did he do then?

Myswingevolution states he swings like Hogan did, and my reply would be, well Hogan went down at impact, your going up, not the same then.

You react to force in a golf swing the same way you train to ride a bike and after a while if all you need to do is react you have superb ball striking. Ben Hogan, Moe Norman for sure had that.

10 weeks later I arrived at a finished template instruction set.

Its a bit like having 100 puzzles and you only have one image to fit the bits which means 99 puzzle bits isn’t fitting. A lot of work then needed to make the bits fit the framework.

Tuesday the 4 of July 2017 I understood my old reference, once identified I knew this I don’t do anymore. Then as expected I had to start over so I did on Thursday the 6 July as I applied the advice I did for Hans a couple of weeks ago.

I started to have good swings.

Played and had my best round in years and my ball striking went to something extraordinary. The day after today that is I analyzed a bit what I did do and how it worked and its a simple reacting to the force movement. Knowing that also helps to keep on doing that reacting and build a habit out of it. Explaining the movement and what to do is next.

Making a video later on in what to do for the students I have.

Copy or mimic is easy but then you don’t often understand the forces people react to especially if they have a ball striking that people notice as extraordinary.

I guess its the same with people that are happy all the time as they don’t really understand other people becoming depressed, sad or down. For others they cant understand how someone is able to do that.

Modeling is a way to look behind the scenes of magic to understand how it works and then train oneself to do magic oneself.

Golf swing Mechanics RBIm Templates RBIm6 The Mind Game in golf

10 weeks later applying the template

Likely to rest a few days now, may play on Monday but the breakthrough seems like its real and holding. Its one of those moments when you went from identifying the old reference movement I done for 30 years then finding yourself swinging like its from the left like a beginner and then start to do the new and then discover oh okay that’s what it is like swinging and playing the way.

The RBIm 6 moment last Tuesday realizing the old reference, identifying that, then go, not doing that anymore, establish a whole new reference, then use the advice I did give Hans 2 weeks ago and making it work during the round, play absolutely smashing well the last nine holes with a on and off moments as its so new was an absolute blast.

I need video to ensure its all good but as far I can tell, I arrived.

Performance RBIm Golf System 3.0 RBIm Templates RBIm6 The Mind Game in golf

Played Thursday golf, won

Old reference swing was gone today, so a new needed to be built.

First nine holes was a lot of on and off shots, then last nine then things started to begun to improve, did shoot –1 last 6 holes even with a three putt along the way.

Best round of the year with a whole new swing reference, nice start.

Performance RBIm6 The Mind Game in golf

From amateur to tour pro, possible?

Yes, but its difficult.

You want to be able to hit a 200+ iron to middle of the green on demand.

That is kind of the level these guys operate at. Then you have many skills to master and then obviously the mental approach to hold the zone hit good shots on demand every time.

Thedanplan failed mainly due to he was hitting it short and crooked and hurt his back. His short game was good but the precision you want to have is beyond what amateurs knows. Playing with good national level pros or as I done going caddie shows how difficult it is even for those guys.

There has been those that started late age 21 or so and went and win on the PGA tour, some say they are talented but I disagree. They just knew what to do and didn’t get in their own way, they didn’t have a perfect swing or such, they learned to play trough feedback.

Feedback to adjust means difference and that means awkward and also frustration at times as your not able to do what you want to do.

Follow the feedback, use a good role model, master key skills, learn to enter a good playing state (zone) and play at your best is at the best level more about the mind than their mechanics even though, mechanics does matter.

You will also need a firewall against peoples negative attitudes due to people will give them their own failed mind set and you don’t want that you want positive honest feedback not a lot of shit. People cant handle their own failures and have to take them out on someone else to feel good about themselves.

You need a good plan, money and practice time and a vast enormous feedback circuit to improve from. I have myself change and continue to change trough feedback over the last 7 weeks and I started to hit shots I never been able to do before.

Longer, straighter and more consistently.

I still have a bit to go but with each session its closer each time to get there.

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Mike Austin the bell concept

Performance RBIm6 The Mind Game in golf

Sport psychology will change forever with RBIm6

Did test it with some golf practice yesterday, took less than 2 min to enter the zone.

Easy pie eating.

range day

Golf swing Mechanics Learning Performance strategy The Mind Game in golf

Applying template took around 12 sessions to bring into the outcome

To hit like a pro.

To feel the power in ones hand as a God is a diving right.

Naturally as I been an amateur for around 25 years I also built habits that is counterproductive vs what I wanted to do so yes the struggle for golf swings and learning to do is real for us all. Its not a straight road either as I worked in the evenings with video and checks to confirm or change what I did do.

Basically, first session, no power.
Analyze showed me why and I implemented that in the second session, success.

Next to fix the pivot that took a few more sessions “8” and also was a lot of work to identify what to do even if the movement template is known then one need to identify the difference and then apply. That took some doing.

Yesterday I reached that outcome to hit like a pro. It was found and reference could be built.

Today I hit a few at the range even if I was tired, to improve upon previous and a more throw action started to happen. The feeling and experience is obviously vastly different than what I did for 25 years. I increased distance even when the wind was blowing into the trajectory I took notice as I smacked the ball good.

However I can do now.
I don’t need to practice anymore, its a done deal.
I can do.

Next is phase two to further build upon this to play with the pattern to isolate and nuance to distill down the essential bits in the throw and as that is happening the pivot will improve along the way.

I enjoying this as its rare for me to have the time to spend to indulge this way and improving ones golf swing as it also offers insights to improve instruction and why it can be difficult for an amateur to go pro.

To improve from a amateur like swing to a pro one can have a huge difference of distance obviously. You can go from a 220 yards to 300 yards. First obviously that’s a whole different game. Many that learns to do and can do may not even realize they can do it due to it was to easy. Being stuck with previous education is often a hindrance to understanding that learning to do fast is rather easy and simple. However due to the way people think they need to understand before they can do gets in the way well then they become stuck not realizing they can do.

For me yesterday and today was a, can do moment.

I now can do. That means for me I am done I don’t need more practice as every time I go swing its the same. Is it perfect and optimized? Not yet but first task is to realize, I arrived at the destination and then formalize from there what’s next to do.

Learning for some means they miss the train that they actually can do and still think they need to learn a secret or struggle to learn as that’s their history in education. When you understand and realize using measurement and evidence and go, ok can do this, now what?

To get to that point one use quality of feedback to create difference and a good template.

I watched my down swing and took notice of that shallowing out from the top now a classical pro movement and thought well that went the over the top I done for 25 years and this felt so easy to do. It was so easy in fact it felt like cheating.

Great feeling indeed a Moe knows one