I guess that world work. Once the wordpress files was hacked I could clean them up which would take more tech skills than I posses about doing that or I could start over.

It will mean that the website is under well re-booting, to start anew. I will add menu, start to update with the relevant and such for golf and for RBIm.  It’s a bit of an hassle for sure, for me as well for the reader but the simpler solution was that, clear out old and then start over again.

I have the older posts in a PDF format downloaded able from my SkyDrive soon (Onedrive) when Microsoft changes name. So a bit newer posts from September 2013 posts to 2014 until re-boot are there to be found. if you want even older posts I can arrange that but I figure that should cover most needs.

Not upset, as hacking today is so common, I thought I did it all right but seems the wordpress older plug-ins or themes was the cause of this, I didn’t know even if they were deactivated they could be used as a hack and that seems to been the case here, lucky no serious stuff has been done as far I could tell but on the safe side, just re-boot this.

Unless this is the signal for Skynet to appear or Hal to say hello Dave well the re-boot was needed without either hiring someone to clear the site up or learn myself how to do it, I did save the database so it might happen.