My golf swing philosophy

I guess I have a few.

  • We do what works and not fixing what isn’t working.
  • Hit longer is better as we can scale down to meet our dispersion criteria of accuracy.
  • The back swing are there to create space for the down swing.
  • We move off the ball in the back swing to create athletic/dynamic action.
  • The force is felt with pressure points which we can learn to respond to.
  • Feedback is utilized to map and match feel vs evidence of moving body limbs.
  • We bring what cant be seen and written about into visible felt application of positions.
  • Practice is done with feedback of variations so called deep/deliberate practice.
  • Tempo is created by utilizing the compound pivot force action.
  • We learn to have an angle and springboard effect at the impact zone.
  • The body should go down into impact not needed to arise until after impact.
  • The club head is thrown from the top into an angle with back/under/up.

I divide the body into 3 segments, upper, middle and lower as its divided like that trough evolution and they can move independently of each other.

  1. Upper body: arms, wrists, head and shoulders.
  2. Middle Body: core/chest and pelvis.
  3. Lower Body: hips, knee, feet’s.

The template creates an austinique swing motion.

Further on consistency to play golf we use:

  • A good plan utilizing the RBIm experience.
  • Strategy by reverse engineered the one Jack Nicklaus used and tweaked.
  • Tempo from the template action.

The template can be used for other golf swing systems if one would like to hit it short with more effort.

Current role Model for the template is Mr Andersson. (no relationship to Neo)


6 Replies to “My golf swing philosophy”

  1. Your first line:
    “We do what works and not fixing what isn’t working.”

    Should that be not fixing what isn’t broken?

  2. No.
    It either works or not.
    we talk motion and behaviour here.
    Not “things” as those can be broken.

    Your swing, your attitude, your behaviour are not things.

  3. With respect – that is ridiculous … in my opinion.

    If something isn’t working in golf, you either fix it – dump it – or move on to another passtime .. like knitting .. or collecting beermats.

  4. Well, I personally think the whole modern swing instruction dont work. I havent seen them move on to knitting or such yet.
    Or DJ Watts MCS etc…

    So instead of me fixing modern swing golf instruction or the flawed Mike Austin swing system I go do what works.
    Even if I have to invent it I wont fix whats not working.

    I build new, respectfully.

  5. Fair comment.
    I couldn’t really care less how you do it – I just see the results – what you have done with Hans is incredible – For me, you have produced a clone of Mike Austin .. Well done to both of you.

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