Where did we go?

To late they say, to much or just whatever dude.

Humanity is a confused race, they think an image of someone is an insult. Haven’t they learned that images is a representation of the object but not the object itself? That those are not the same thing?

Its why Islam is a nutty religion.

They confuse the map and the territory. Its an old religion one that live in a time that was and is dead and gone since a long time as well as the Roman empire and a few more along the way and its going away much like how we today ridicule the Christians who think the bible is accurate.

It will take time but one day Islam is gone as well as Christianity.

Once people understand there is a difference between who they are and identity.

While people will fight for there cause and who am I or anyone else to say or judge the right to do so? Its when it becomes a task to the people who don’t agree with it that they now automatically are a threat to the cause.

Its like where I live we don’t care what the neighbor does normally unless they try to blow up a house or fight in a bar then the police put them away. People who do such cant talk about it, they cant debate it or discuss it as they have the right and since most of them are analphabets and are controlled from someone’s interpretation of some dark age text then shit will happen as we don’t need more zombies like that anymore.

In the modern society I think a lot of people go overboard with stuff with other things with both the cars, the status and prestige which have no real value anyhow but then they confuse the map and territory there also.

They do the same thing but for them it means alcohol at night, a paid call girl or a mistress to entertain them as the wife got to big and fat and lost interest along the way.

Then we have those kids who think they are the center of the Universe when we already know the Sun is since a few hundreds of year. Sadly many who seek help are being taught by fools and ignorants.

I have an issue with quality and its logistic with efficiency and I guess anyone needs a hobby. I don’t spend much time doing unneeded work. If someone ask me for coaching and some have, I don’t take the job as it isn’t paid enough. I never understood why I should work for so much and get paid so little for it.

Its like the golf swing and coaching, I don’t do what those other guys do there I don’t teach a golf swing I teach a system that makes you perform the best you ever can do to your potential. There is no price on that really if you’re a tour pro on the PGA tour as any of them would be blown away with what I would teach them.

I don’t confuse the map and territory much, I am self made.

RBIm 3.0 is a model that I follow for me you might call it a religion as it do depends on faith its how the brain works btw its how it produce those projections those scenarios all the time for you and the lap of faith shouldn’t be to some book or some guy in a beard dead since a long time and that was and is most likely depending on what religion never did exist in the first place.

Worshipping oneself makes a lot of sense, the EGO has to go, the identity we assume we had to do or be has to go.

What is there then is the we wanted always that was there.

Self made.

Once we can access that then true power happens.

Your free to choose.

If one still wants to do whatever its up to you as I say it the way I say it as I strongly believe in the individual self of the individuals have the right to choose what is for them either if I think most of the time its all crap but its their life and its their life to live.

When I asked Hans what he wanted, he had this simple yet powerful thing, he told me all I want is to play golf. I thought that was worth doing for myself getting him to do just that.

He is now getting really close to be able to do just that.

I wish I did things for the money only, I then would make a ton of videos, then a golf school and then something more but that isn’t what I want to do or work with or such as all I want to do is to work with the best in sports performance. If Hans tells me something then I can figure out what to do for him so he can do it, if there is nothing out there I then invent it.

That is what I love to do.

I realized that the modeling I done is a breakthrough for playing tour level golf there is nothing better out there. If there was then they wouldn’t do that inconsistency.

Maybe we are all about realizing ourselves to understand us, our self, that this we kick us from sleep to go work to seek out people that can help us on the way there but often we get stuck in a religion, some sect or guru system. Maybe worse with some self help books or talk about new age and love.

Beatles tried that, didn’t go so well.

Maybe we need more hugs when we grow up or a good advice along the way to set us on a good path but what to do who to listen to?

The human race killed a whole race called the Neanderthals.

We did that as they got in the way.

It was an obstacle to clear away.

The Stonehenge was built from a combined effort a single goal for the vision at the time that the Gods needed this that this place was magical. The manpower to do so, no wars going on and the rituals must been something to behold.

if we would do things for us only then the human race would die out soon. A balance has to be found between what we have and are to the extent to the world around us, what we accept and what we cant accept.

To start apply rules for others is always a compromise, to run a country it means not everyone will be happy with the decisions made but the decisions need to be made for the whole country not just one single group or individual. Many politicians forget that and think their ideology is the one that needs to be in charge as they have the best way and normally that isn’t true another case of mistaken identity and map and territory confusion.

Skype RBIm 3.0 self made Saturday 21.00 pm Sweden time.

It be about this genius which is me that do something really simple and that shares it with you for free.

The value is beyond anything any religion can offer you now or ever.

Its beyond any science or technology as far I can tell I don’t do drugs so I cant talk about that option though but seeing that those that do drugs dies from it like Whitney Huston, Michael Jackson,  Amy Winehouse, Seymour Hoffman and the list goes on.

Maybe they found an afterlife living beyond the mortal plane?

The gray havens?

No don’t be daft and stupid.

Be educated