Do you need a hug?

Seems lot of hate out there on the Internet.

I am myself pretty much a critic in anything from ice-cream to movies to golf and sports and girls. I love ice-cream and girls just not at the same time that I just hate and 9 and a half week did nothing for me there.

The Swedish had a golf forum once, they had to close it down due to grown men made death treats to other golfers as they were debating the golf swing stuff. It was insane not just hate but insanity.

Some guy make the Ultimate Golf swing he even says so and I am like, sure you made one why is then a compensation built in then? I am a critic now and then I admit but that seems strange to me why that would be there, sure not enough hugs when I grow up I bet.

I always wonder why people even bother about what I think and what my opinion is. I ask some friends, well your nuts they say, ok I come back with this, but what does that mean then? They tell me, well your happy and are like this funny guy that enjoys life and that just insane.

It is?


Fuck I need to be normal, I fart a lot, I admit it helps me pass time ass then I lift so high or the air is so condensed I need to write down something as it helps with the smell.

I thought if one use such to propel a rocket maybe we can fly to the Moon and then some say you need stronger stuff for that but the idea is sound.

Writing nonsense is easy and simple.

Its like golfers and their trainers they are so adorable like a kitty, they need hugs and strokes to purr a lot. They tell you they flush the ball and then go out and play and then they cant score but surely they flush it but the scores doesn’t reflect their flush.

I flush the toilet a lot as it helps to keep it clean. To produce a clean result you need to flush that is important.

Golf swings don’t produce scores.

It might look dandy, it might seem like the best thing since chocolate and butter was combined but that swing still is just that a swing and that wont produce the result no matter how nice it looks.

The game is deeper than that even deeper than toilets some say I never investigated what happens after you flush a toilet but I did ask why a flush in cards is different than a flush of the golf ball and why or why not the result would happen or not.

I found the answer under a pile of shit.

I call that theory and guesswork.

I then thought gee, these guys guess a lot and have no idea? But they do seems to know the answer but why cant they do consistency then?

Like this guy says?

Quote” He was paired with a variety of different players, from major champions and Ryder Cup heroes to journey-man pros. They all missed fairways, they all hit it in bunkers and they all lipped out short putts. Although there were many, many great golf shots from each and every player, not one of them played flawless golf for 18, 9 or even 5 holes in a row. “end quote

Seems strange and these guys are good right?

Is there a deletion going on like someone farts in the elevator and you just keep on whistling, wasn’t me?

Or at home in the sofa says, it was the dog….BUT we don’t have a dog?

oh strange then?

yes indeed.

I continue to whistle then as it blows


Wind can be made from many sources not that obvious as I passing time writing another post about nothing really.

I just think tis hilariously funny passing time now don’t you?