Visually comparing back pain swings


The above shows 2011 and 2014.

I saw this debate from golfwrx Its about set up and address positions from older players like Snead, Hogan, Nicklaus and more modern Rory, Tiger etc..

I disagree, the address position isn’t the issue. It is what happens in the down swing.
In the above image Hans has reach about the same positions his body posture looks about the same. We can see in his older 2011 he has a pelvis that is about level but his new 2014 its angled. Some talk about hip speed its also flawed as Hans is swinging about 10-20mph or so faster today with less hip action.

What’s key with back pain is this, if the spine from the top at the impact is not angled according to your pelvis your about to have trouble with your back. Its like a upside down T if your pelvis is angled along the spine your into what some call neutral position there is as little twists as you can do but as soon your let the spine and back twist in any way outside that upside down T your about to have issues sooner or later like Hans had with his old Ballard influenced swing.

But the angle of pelvis isn’t the whole truth, as if you have forces going sideways due to you need to lift the left side up to not hitting the ball fat (ground) your likely to add a compensation in your swing action. Older tour players still maintain the back side as a upside down T with the pelvis. 

However they do add a slight twist above the lower back which an amateur would more likely to have issues with.


This is Edfors a Swedish pro. Does not keep the T upside down.   You see his right side pelvis now have turned and his hip moves along this is before impact btw. while you can get away with this actions you either have to be really fit, access to a chiropractor and flexible. This is a typical swivel above the left hip which makes you loose power.



This is Rory with an iron at impact, twisted lower back.  Not good.





I currently have a student that want a swing like Hans has today, naturally he also has a pelvis movement that prevents speed and changing into an austinique pelvis action will be better in the long run. However to do so requires patience as to find out what makes it work and the difference in effects.

The lower body and middle body acts as support from the throwing action, to do so you need to create the proper pelvis support and knee/leg action with it. The above angle of the spine for Hans you can see him 2014 have increased it and its due to his new felt force when he swings down. You will also have the same spine angle as Hans has 2014 when you do this type of swing as the pelvis moves the same for Hans as it will for you or me. Its due to the felt force angle. Once you have identified and felt it, you swing at your max potential speed for your hand eye coordination, age, flexibility/mobility and strength.

If you want speed and power making sure the back stays as an upside T with your spine and pelvis as its key to not add compensations and twists in your lower lumbar back area at impact.


Yes some address positions makes it harder but I can set up properly and still not swing correctly so I would look at the motion before impact and how the pelvis and hips moves before I choose a swing to follow.

(new golf blog post as I wanted to do this one before the hack incident and thanks guys to tell me that that shit was going on)