I was hacked so what?

Today a lot of people think well I cant be hacked my mind set is, I will be hacked its just a question of when. I thought however my website was secure, it seems that old plug ins and themes even if they are disabled and deactivated can be used as a platform for hacking on wordpress. Make sure you remove (delete) older plug-ins your not using and themes. If the plug in isn’t updated, can be good to find one that is.

I have Martin that make sure its all in PDF form, so he can visit my old posts for some reason and he is my insurance for this. It wasn’t a bad hack a redirect of a website, well those guys maybe do it for visit makes money or some other reason. Normally I take as many security measures I can. Always back up, make sure your e-mail is secure as I use Gmail I also use verifier with phone once a month. I guess some day they hack your phone also but if people want to do that they either have no life or are targeting a bank or such.

I don’t have any issues with my PC as I don’t install strange stuff, run Microsoft’s antivirus and don’t click, check out this babes boobs in the e-mail or the bank or PayPal mail.

For me it wont matter much, it take some time before links are up, fixed the content, but I just start fresh, I made 845 posts and its just telling me I wouldn’t assume anyone would like to read trough 800+ posts. I also likely changed my mind. Posts from September is viable from PDF and good enough if you like to read a few.

I woke up today, got some great coffee, Martin made sure to fix my new website and database he has more experience with that (Thanks dude), and soon my new website was up and running. I then tonight ordered some thaifood, and made fresh coffee again. I am fine, I don’t even get mad from such nuance, no reason to as I move on.

In the coming days I post some stuff about things as usual.

If some topic or such is important to you and your missing it, let me know.

Until then I assume hackers are criminals and cousins to Darth Vader.

14 Replies to “I was hacked so what?”

    1. Yep.
      I make sure I dont have older plug ins and such resting now.
      I also use wordfence, it has already shown attempts from 2 sources to log in.
      As I said it will happen as today its so easy to do it.

  1. yikes !!!

    really wanted to work on the blog post collection from the end of 2012 where you started the blog anew and till the end of last year .

    Damn , here I was choosing to do an RBIm Immersion and may have missed my chance now !

    I have only few months collection from the download section !

    any more , always appreciated .

    1. Yep cant stay behind the curve here.
      I wrote and will write better posts you never missed a thing.

      if you really want them all I can arrange it.

  2. I will work through what’s there and then await your new writings .

    And many you wrote before were very radical and evolutionary , hence the willingness to mine them again , you never know what you find this time !

    cheers , awesome day !

      1. Yes, it’s all part of a sinister plot to lull them into slackdom where they take everything presented to them so they’ll just gulp down the coolaid I hand them, the brown one with the bad acid. That’s when the trip really begins off into space bouncing the stars like a pinball machine all under my control.

        They’ll be so far gone they won’t even notice my evil laughter.

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