I am a scientist

I love science, I also love girls, sweet ideas and a curly corner of fresh bed sheets and a whole lot of other stuff out there. Science is this field where you study things however be careful what field you study as some fields cant be proven yet like you know black holes, it can just be indicated but we are not sure yet what those holes are if they are even holes.

I let the guys in a wheel chair figures those out.


Philanthrop maybe, or researcher and definitely a superhero as it’s a must as whenever we have aliens here I want my spaceship I was promised.

Anyhow, when I study golf I like other guys doing the same Kelvin from the island of Hawaii does that. It wont mean I understand what he did study at first hell I was slow but now? Ah yes the riches of hindsight the past catches up with your cognitive brain and goes like duuude please stop smoking crack, no that wasn’t me that was that guy sleeping in a coroner place and proven by far without science that crack is bad for you or anyone else for that matter or meth or any other such drug stay of them….

If you want to understand todays tour pro swings, his Kelvins site is superb.

However I didn’t just study a tour pro nor did I study crack addicts for golf its just evidence for science that we can prove things to be true by casual things also.

What you choose to study is as important.

I choose to study, how to hit it long without being built by a broiler or genetic enhanced like one as those long driving guys many of them could lift my mom, dad and me with a finger.

So I choose Mike Austin as a role model for my project. I pointed out truths, none wanted to understand what I said apparently like kids on a daycare all is crying with no attention to what they do cry about. A scientist however care about the truth, falsified data is common to wanting to prove your idea/theory/hypothesis right. Oh wait that’s confirming beliefs people already have about things they want to stay true to isn’t it? Like they are not gay when they suck other guys dicks or let someone else sucks theirs right? Like drugs is good for you? Or that fucking your wife’s sister isn’t really cheating or that boy with a butt you could kill for? Or that we really want to keep truths which are outdated no matter what we want to believe that is a scientists job to prove things that are already true. Its just with science if its a good one cant really tell this days, I proven the whole research currently done I have better research result than the whole field have about dyslexia.

What people want is to stay true but if that truth no matter is true or not many stop caring about. They want what they come to believe like Newton guys did when Einstein came along they all hated him pretty much. Today we know both are true but guys like Einstein and me we are bringing out new things new truths which takes time to accept. Its like girls who have a hard time believing they just orgasmic so hard they started to cry as being so happy in a corner.

Why is Hans the only one of any Mike Austin student the only one looking like Mike Austin when he swings the compound Pivot?


That is what I wanted to model, the motion of Mike Austin and task accomplished.  I also wanted to understand the golf swing better and yes I do thank you. I studied consistency also along the way and formulated a test to that to create a better platform to make that happen also.

Now, for me I also ask, why is then Hans able to do so when no student of Mike was able to?

Now the scientist in me awakens, it’s a difference here, some truths to be found so evidently what he does works but the questing is then how do we replicate this?  So that I or you can also learn to create such elegant motion? Its also efficient and yes you hit it darn long also.

Now my question here is why was able to do this and make it happen to Hans? One he was good in golf already he made the leg work some say, so adding a efficient motion to what he did do was relatively easy as he could do a lot of work himself with my instructions.

Now I have a few students, I have no interest to largely create a golf school and stand there all day in Florida talking about the golf swing and teach hundreds of students about this golf swing since if I did do that then I wouldn’t have time to study other things. I guess I cross that bridge and then got to think what to do but until then.

My next phase is to replicate this motion for some other guys and it includes me. The motion is found and done. Its replicated. Next is, does the pressure points and such the feel be able to make it say to someone else?

You need to feel the club head hitting the ball first so you need to train yourself to hold the club in a light grip and feel that your not adding pressure during the swing aka tighten the grip. I did that daily for three weeks at the range, every swing focus on grip at address at the top and at impact until I felt it. I did that and if you cant feel it, so do you need to do as you need to feel the club head hit the ball and where on the head and blade. If you cant feel that how do you know if you hit it thin, fat or how much? Once you felt and created that the club head does hit the ball you know where the club should end up and then tweaking the rest of the body along the way to do this is one way. It might be needed to make you do that first to then be able to do what I want you to do.

It might be enough with the compound pivot.

Problem with beliefs is that we once we have them we proven them to be true for us if there is aliens that lives next door is true for many. I don’t argue with them about their beliefs or aliens for that matter, I just point out that their alien looks like miss smith age 20 with eyes of blue skies and she don’t seem alien but best I go there and strip search her anyway right? However if she is an alien she might be one that eat people or worse dicks. It’s a though world to live in when aliens could eat you I guess.

Science is cool, what stars are made off, if the weather is going to be fixed any day soon but I guess the scientistists are more like, what happens if we turn that knob a little more oh wait that the movie mad scientist right? Most companies releasing bad stuff into the air are now killing people with after effects.

Maybe I am little autistic, I think I am a bit actually. I must be as I told every Austin trainer of golf they didn’t do it right. Mark, none of them seems to be interested in what I do either, most tells me to fuck off, shut up and go fuck a goat or something. None have mailed me except Dennis Anderson and he is welcomed to explain the above why.

I forgive you Einstein I understand now what all those Newtonians sent you all those clocks. Time will tell if its true or not even though many truths are buried alive.

Its not about being right even though that is important as truth about that right is the criterion here. I don’t like spending time doing research unless I am finding that the field I study talk a lot of shit. Its true in the Joseph Riggio case, asked him a question got stories, asked Bandler a question got stories, so I studied that field called NLP defined it with dyslexia it was an accident like penicillin as I wanted to know why this girl age 11 was a mess with her spelling and reading and was in a special school in a special class with 6 more students when I did 2 sessions and all her issues went away. I thought it was easy to do it.

Golf oh boy nothing comes close to golfers about beliefs about myths many cant even agree upon which grip is best or what the elbow is suppose to do in the golf swing. Yes people still debate the Ben Hogan swing, none can do it. If they all spent time trying to do it we at least would be closer to replicate but some already shown research there, I also understand how difficult it might be to actually do research instead of endless debates that leads nowhere.