Observing the observer

I work pretty much with zombies every day. Mind numb and dead.

I guess the cat of Schrödinger wants to come out and play as having the idea of a cat is either dead or alive seems at best random why wouldn’t we let the cat play?

One the Buddhist things they do and many other share that idea is to observe what happens as it happens. Now anyone who have the patience to do so for the next 40 years go fuck yourself.

One of the things the brain does is comparison it means that anytime we deal with the mind we deal with a set of comparisons either you know it or not. if your brain runs like a headless chicken which is a bit better than a zombie thank God you then stop and wait and respond to observation what a painting is and you sit there in front of the painting a long time maybe an hour. As you observer the painting your mind slows down, it stops the comparisons, it cuts recursive loops and your enter a blissful observation ok I just saved you 40 years of fucking meditation for fuck sake, send me a check you cheap bastard.
However, how many actually does that, goes to a museum and sit down and watch the same fucking painting for an hour?

I did.

Not the same painting now.

Not the same me.

But seriously millions does meditation sure do its not a bad thing to do, cutting kids open, killing cats with fire and cut of their heads while they are alive, yes bad but meditation not so much unless you sit in front of a cue.

Observation is an old trick it helps you re-connect to the early years when dads and mom said, lamp, dad, mom and such syllables to you when you didn’t understand the difference to pee in the diaper or on people. I never understand why people think its funny even hilarious peeing on grown up as a child but doing it as an adult? People get mad at me for doing it why? I don’t get it. Some people wants me to pee on them they think its sexy and I say no not sex nuts and wrong and go see a shrink.

How the fuck did this world end up so fucking stupid?

If its run by zombies, mindless ones eating brains you would think they be smarter after that but oh no. We are more likely to do the same mistakes the previous generation did and then do them all over again unless we stop and observe is this what I really really want to do?

Desire, the deepest fulfillment the analogue cue in between the comparisons ah there it is, the depth of field, the cat running wild peeing on all and everything and zombies chasing after it with a litter box, seriously?

Don’t buy a cat. Just eat it.

Much easier teaches the cat a lesson also.

Go to some museum, watch some painting or find one close by, go do it.

Let me know if you see a cat there also.

Mine took off after it got killed and are still running away and it will pee on someone.

Its just random acts they do.

Us humans?

We just think sex is getting peed on or cutting us up or think we suck ass or like dogs more than cats and that whoever put me here should have used the chance button so I came out alive.