A new organization for the future

Over the years I tried to find ways to organize differently but lack of understanding in the world got in the way so I dug on from pure perseverance to find out what its about.

Once you understand this as I did then it explained it all for me.

Why change is complex and difficult. Why people cant notice their experience changing. Why no unconscious mind was there or needed. How reality was and is created and maintained and rationalized and defended.

It all made sense to me now.

Obviously that’s me and I might be barking up the wrong tree and the cat is all but gone.

For me this allows an easier way to organize to do work and train others if needed to do the same.

This RBIm 4.0 creates choice for the individual.

5 Replies to “A new organization for the future”

    1. I written two post and are writing and refining them the next few days until I post them.

      Likely add a youtube video also.

  1. I think you laid it all out in your last posts already indicating as they show a clear difference that is noticable like instantly

    1. Understanding this when I present this allows you a roadmap to reality redefined. It make sense to me at least.
      Not so sure about others yet 🙂

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