RBIm 3.0 vs RBIm 4.0 changelog and update

Changelog: Update of the interim formula from RBIm 3.0 applied.

Question: Why cant people change as easy as buying new socks, food or cloth?

Answer is that current technologies of mind and body isn’t precise enough relying on old assumptions like for example unconscious mind used in various technologies like NLP, hypnosis and such storytelling or even fuzzy logic models in psychology.

Innovation: New model was needed to organize the concepts of RBIm 3.0

The new revision the RBIm 4.0 adds a new form and structure to change to make it easier.

RBIm 4.0 offers a new model to view change from and understanding why change have been difficult and resisted trough the old metaphor of the unconscious mind the outdated Freudian model and NLP and similar hypnosis technologies that rely on “The Process” without a definition.

RBIm 3.0: consists of FutureNow, Comparison Mode, Elicited Self, intu-flow, contextual mapping.

RBIm 4.0: consist of the same as RBIm 3.0 and are adding a revision to the application of the model and the understanding of the model and change itself trough the SSG (Self Sustained Generalizations).

Why cant someone stop smoking, loose weight or fix a problem they have like social anxiety or something else? The individual will try to fix it with what they think is missing which normally means that someone with social anxiety thinks they lack confidence and then obviously will think they now need confidence to fix the social anxiety an understandable logic.

The brain works like this in simple terms with for example Beliefs and faith:
If someone believe in God and then if they wake up in the morning and hurt their toe into a doorframe, no hot water in the shower, their car don’t start then they think God is testing their faith and patience and them. They wont think its bad planning, skills or anything else. Their brain adapts to their held belief, God exist for them so then the SSG becomes rationalized to be included within the core belief and faith for the individual.

Someone with social anxiety will try to fix their problem they perceive they have but cant as their brain will adapt their SSG to include the problem to the solution they try to implement. They cant fix it as the brain will generalize the social anxiety to the solution itself making it null and void the same way the individual believing in God will assume its testing their faith.

Your lack of faith is disturbing said Darth Vader the dad to Luke Skywalker.

The RBIm 4.0 version adds application from the RBIm 3.0 and that means self sustaining generalizations or SSG for short.

Once the individual build a new SSG then choice appears and the brain can isolate and update its core function.

Example from hypnosis:Your finding yourself listening intensely to my voice”
Whatever the hypnotists says after the above sentence are now in a self sustaining generalization an SSG. The told hypnotic sentence “starts and set the new contextual frame” That means hypnosis as a tool lacks precision as the hypnotist don’t understand their own technology the same way NLP don’t understand their own “Process” either.

RBIm 4.0 adds a new organization and understands that anyone have a core SSG which normally have a start and end in their contextual framework.

Isolating the SSG to its start and end points in a contextual frame (SSG) allows one to replace their own SSG to a more functional one.

Any direct attempt to change the OLD SSG wont work so well due to the individuals own brain will extend that generalization to the solution (evolution and its adaptation rationalizing it). Soon the social anxiety becomes worse as more and more examples are included into this SSG. A more stable form of SSG will only be run and active when it meets the criteria from the set SSG control.

The SSG shows why a therapists will be included into the solution from the client normally so they will fail to find a solution for the client and its why therapy takes time and seldom really works. The models in psychology cant deal with an SSG effectively. The NLP or hypnotist will rely on unconscious mind [Freud] communication which lacks precision and requires skills that needs years of training to do consistently and efficiently. The NLP or therapists will then be working within as a part of the rationalized SSG as a solution applying the invisible Process none can define in NLP in how they actually operate with their technology. (They simply don’t know)

RBIm 4.0 allows one to understand how a SSG works and how to build a new one replacing the previous one.

RBIm 4.0 and its technology of the SSG will allow choice to be available for the individual.

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  1. wow , with this streamlined understanding and application of RBIm 4.0 … a washing sensation ensues in the brain and the whole bodymind becomes coherently unified … seamless spontaneous integration and effortless changeless change now

    SSG rocks !!!

    1. Imran,
      yes, as it allows the individual to take whats abstract to make it managable into a choice. Once you get it and understand the implications you can alter reality in a way thats optimal for you always.

      I have a post set for tomorow morning about the SSG with a youtube talk also.
      Its interesting as you have the system down then change becomes choice.

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