Understanding the SSG in RBIm 4.0

Whenever you find a way to build a model to then be able to make change faster than ever it’s a good day.

Change now have choice.

Take what’s abstract in your head and body and then make it manageable to shift and change at your own will.

I run it and it works wonder.

I used myself as a testing zombie no harm no foul there.

I tried NLP, didn’t work, I tried Mythoself didn’t work. To maintain the change choice never did happen. I attended a few workshops with NLP and Mythoself and in each case with NLP I was asked to do things that the trainer couldn’t do themselves which I found hilarious but at least they acknowledge my level of skills. I witness people that couldn’t do Mythoself and such as they had no idea what to go about doing that and using hypnosis to then try to fix that seemed bad to me.

The few iterations of RBIm and the recent 4.0 allows you to take what you cant change with any other technology out there in the world, NLP, new code NLP, DHE, NHR, meta-states, Mythoself, 3D mind etc…but now can do using the SSG organization.

Its that good.

Play with it let me know how it goes and give feedback.