Why has change been so hard trough the ages?

Let say you want to start a new job, move to a new place or just ask that girl/guy out but whatever happens you find yourself procrastinating.

I do it later, tomorrow.

Or you really trying to make it work but for some reason its difficult.

It all works trough change of contexts.

Met a guy he told me a few things but one was he wanted to clean his place but he never really got it down and I mean its just cleaning his place its not like he is trying to build a spaceship faster than light to get us out of this rock but cleaning! how hard can it be?

The interesting thing about the human experience your reality and its meaning is that it feels like going on forever but when it does stop, what then?

This guy he didn’t know what to do if he did actually make the cleaning routine work as he had nothing else after that so he never got around to do it. Solution was to add what to do after like plan for a life.

RBIm 4.0 with SSG makes change organized into a choice.