Make mistakes and fail the way forward

Development either its change for whatever reason or improvement are filled with mistakes as the way we learn we cant really do things perfectly. We fail as the brain and body are made imperfect.

Can we improve the learning curve? absolutely. If you ever did write a book or a article or a script you find that they rewrite a lot. If you ever painted you also know before your able to put anything really shining on the canvas it takes a lot of time to develop the skills to be able to do just that.

However many who approach stuff believe they cant do it due to them fail doing it a few times so what’s that about?

A lack of a good plan obviously.

The RBIm 4 is the 4 iteration as far.

Microsoft has windows 10 and still they add upon whatever due to the technology changes around us. We use devices differently and newer and we need support for them.

So does our mind and body and the main reason of human development is that schools has a tendency to suck for us with their education. You might been lucky to have good teachers but I didn’t. I had to learn stuff myself.

Many also believe they can change by thinking they can change if they have enough information and I met so many who had more information they ever need but still couldn’t change. You might be one of them seeking more YouTube, more books and more articles.

The way to go about stuff is to try it out and fail and make mistakes.

Questions to ask are, how does this work? Am I improving in a reasonable timeframe? Do I need to adapt to the instructions or not?

So the Skype chat I am holding today are all about definitions and distinctions those small details people can learn faster due to talking to the people doing it helps to accelerate the learning curve. You will still fail and make mistakes but the curve changes.

If I was doing anything over the years it was to test things and try stuff out. I found out the NLP founders was clueless about their own technology. I found out that if I stuck with the NLP process I be as clueless like Eric Robbie the guy who Richard Bandler had to go to due to him could do things Bandler couldn’t.

I would have been clueless also if I did that.

I am clueless about a lot of other stuff but this I do understand.

Its why I write more about the understanding and making plans as those allows you to work on the proper levels in regard to change and make improvements.

Once you understand the RBIM 4 you also can skip everything else in the world in regard to change tools and religion and body work. Its that good.

Still your result will vary due to your background as everything I done the last 20 or so years is spent working on this. Its what I do research, analyze and test what I am interested in. It changed my life doing this technology it’s the first that really worked to allow me the answers I had starting out a long time ago.

Anthony Robbins lied on stage back in 1994 and I thought that funny so I sought NLP out and understood why he lied. He don’t know.
I asked NLP trainers and founders questions and got told stories. They didn’t know.
I asked the guy running Mythoself how to do the advertised stuff and he didn’t know and told me stories.

True now and then a story is a good thing for sure but if you don’t know you then be reversing to story telling due to you simply are stuck in the process. You don’t know that you know what you do know.

NLP and trainers like Joseph Riggio ask, how do you know? What’s true here and I don’t get that questioning due to asking someone that doesn’t know seems at best silly don’t you think?

Those masters of NLP asking questions people cant answer that’s how about the reason they cant communicate properly? How they fail and make mistakes still due to being stuck in the process? John La Valle said when asked about the future of >NLP that if he knew he be doing it and its here in Sweden John just call me up and pay a ton of money you be here certified to teach it.

Yes this is the technology they all be using in a few years.

Its currently called RBIm 4 with SSG and tonight it’s a Skype call Q&A with me.

I made mistakes and failed a lot of things but this technology I created doing all that allowed me to create something unheard off in history of mankind.

That I do know I didn’t fail or made mistakes about.