RBIm 4 with SSG Live skype audio chat is now up

Had a great time talking about how to apply, understand and shared stories I encounter with people before RBIm 4 but the fun and live action is here for your benefit also.

RBIM 4 SSG Live as it can be chat link

Let me know if any issues listening etc,, with it.

The talk and chat covers, create context start and end. How to create the new SSG and what we can do to modify it on the fly.

  • To learn new skills
  • Interact with people differently
  • Dance salsa, martial arts and what else?
  • Communicate differently while understanding others better.

This was with two people and me and while I wished it be 10 people as its the maximum on skype it still however shows the potential and how fast this works as its applied live here.


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