Skype session follow up and about relativity

If desired and wanted I will run an updated feedback Skype session if there is demand for it. After all you can talk to the developer, me and then have access for free to one of the most brilliant minds ever in the field of NLP how about that?

I am surprised that John Grinder, Richard Bandler and Joseph Riggio haven’t lined up yet to be part of the future of mind and body technology. This should also apply to their followers of their cults along the way.

Sadly that does not seem to be the case for some reason?

One of my favorite actors as a character is in the TV show Defiance.
Dr Yewl played by Trenna Keating. She has by far a touch of sarcastic irony that I find hilariously funny.

Back in the early 1900 a young man called Einstein set the world on fire with the theory that newton’s clockwork world was suddenly in question as the relativity would show that light bends around gravity. It did. Today we use Newtonian math and mechanics to send shuttles to space and while the Einstein relativity was important for example nukes and such devastating power with nuclear power we still use both those for different things. While the world model changed from Newtonian was to bring in a bigger world and then somehow they also found out where all the black holes were hiding in the middle of pretty much every galaxy.

The world changed perceptions so we could discover new things.

You and me both are stuck in what we perceive and what we can conclude from that perception and if we are stuck with old stuff all the time we never get anywhere we need or want to be anytime soon. The world changes based upon perceptions so we can ask how to control those so we can perceive more but that isn’t the case with cults. In such people belong to the idea that other people know what stuff is about for real and they don’t know anything at all.

The reason a gang or a cult is difficult to deal with is that the individual give up their individuality their soul so your no longer talking to the individual your always talking to the gang or cult when interacting with their members. That’s how it is with NLP and Mythoself and also true with other such organizations. Main issue is that people don’t understand themselves how this works when they gave up their soul for a group to belong to. Its evolution obviously partly as we are good hanging out with other people.

RBIm 4 allows you to start discovering a whole new world for yourself.

Freud was born in the 1800´s and was from a culture of Newtonian clockwork and a unconscious mind was a thing to add due to he couldn’t understand the logic of the issue some people had. NLP based their technology on what people caused to achieve results that is based upon that same Newtonian culture.

Imagine your working with a 150 year old technology today which is what NLP does along with Mythoself.

Our minds and body needs a better way to organize and that is done trough taking what’s abstract create a self sustaining generalization within a defined context that creates relevance and relation to the information you just created taking what’s abstract in your mind into manageable working structural forms trough the RBIm 4 system. That’s a really good thing btw…

Once you have the organization down trough contextual format your formed a contained structure to hold the information that the brain can work with using neural nets. One has to recall that we construct reality its not out there for us we merely respond to the world we come to assume is real for us the way it seems real to us.

The mind is able to project for the future so that’s what anxiety is for people the past real it seems projected to happen in the future so why would anyone want to project what might happen so they can create anxiety?

The same structure people also use to project what can happen that works for them.
So what’s going on then? Your reality is a projection of stuff you come to assume are true. Either they are or not.

Naturally this can cause all kinds of theories and that’s what you see out there with psychology and other such technologies, guesswork in how reality is created and maintained.

RBIm 4 allows one to create a whole new unified theory of the mind and body to create a whole new progression and discovery in how to deal with stuff that psychology, NLP, religion etc..have no idea to do.

If you believe in a unconscious mind and use a process without definition like people do with NLP can you then have any idea what will happen when you present something different that don’t use that? They cant even comprehend its real.

Its beyond reality for them.

That is true for any cult and followers they loose their individuality and become a member of the new context and its culture and now you have a huge problem as new reality and information wont go trough that mind set. While it can be a good thing as stuff like Stonehenge was built due to no wars were going on for hundreds of years and they built a place to worship their Gods and gifts and at least they didn’t build pyramids and then sacrificed virgins like the Inca guys.

Both did the same but added beliefs what the behaviors was suppose to be and that’s true for any religion today people believe in things to make up to handle what they cant comprehend and instead of seeking out the science its better to bury ones head deep down in the sand and let the ass stay wide open to be fucked with.

Had a ton of a good time with the Skype chat with RBIM 4 and SSG and will enjoy them further on.

Cult or no cults we are all equal Gods.