A fix for anxiety has been found

In the world a lot of people suffer from anxiety, social or other forms even panic attacks.

In the form of social anxiety, one have issues either meeting or talking to people or masses of people like supermarkets and that cause a lot of social boundaries.

RBIm 4 concept Self Sustaining Generalizations [SSG] allows that to be fixed.

One create after defining the current anxiety and I use social anxiety with people here as an example to a new SSG that simply put set it as you already know the people your going to meet and talk to.

If one has general anxiety like supermarkets you apply it for that context and follow the same outlined SSG procedure and steps.

  1. Define the old SSG Social Anxiety start and end points
  2. Set aside the old SSG. (Its not worked on)
  3. Build a new SSG adding that you already know the people you will meet and talk to.
  4. Choose one of them.

Once the anxiety is taken care of some individual still might need to do more due to unresolved underlying issues the brain tried to fix by creating the anxiety as a solution. If there was really an unconscious mind there doing things it really sucks fixing things for us. Since anxiety and stress and worry are our times common problem it’s a sign that we need ways to address this and RBIm 4 with the SSG will allow you to take what’s abstract in your mind and get practical and then your able to start changing at your own choice and pace.

The recent RBIm 4 SSG Skype chat with me applying the RBIm 4 with SSG will allow you a firm grasp on the steps and if any questions after that let me know.