What makes RBIm amazing then Rob?

I could start with its blowing my mind after 20 plus years in the field. I could start with superlatives in how its transformed the way I operate in the world that its legendary awesome.

However what does that mean really for someone else then?

Once back in 1977 I went to the movie to watch star wars. That was before star wars become star wars. It was a time with no goggle, no cell phones and no Internet its called the dark ages not due to it was dark. I sat there and coughed trough the movie and I was 13 years old. In a couple of months I am about to see star wars done right again after almost 40 years.

How can someone who did create a movie phenomena like George Lucas
fail his own movie series?

Obviously he had a vision and he hired actors who was in his mind the right ones at age 15 that might been a good thing but there is also something wrong with the choices for the 3 last movies. Only actor that worked was Kenobi. I look at Anakin and want to think who hired him? He was obviously not able to display the transgression from the Jedi order light side and the fear to then take action vs the light side and kill all the kids I didn’t believe him and I didn’t believe Lucas approach to Darth Vader’s change and transformation, he sucked. That is what is called did you stay true to the story that its original to the source and the last few movies wasn’t and star wars failed and I was pissed off.

DICE failed their on game series Battlefield they still after 10 years have no clue what made them the company that made them what they are today.

RBIm allows me to identify the why they fail and then map it into a practical solution in what to do to fix that. To either stay true to their source material and improve upon that or to innovate a whole new approach from the original source while still staying true to the story and source.

However that also makes me lonely due to so few can do that so I thought seems I need to do something about that and now I am about to write a certification program for RBIm that I had no idea about that I was suppose to do a month ago.

Suddenly I was like when two students said they come and visit me and one of them don’t live in this country. I am a celebrity to them it seems or a holy man or just some nutcase shaping the blades of history. For me it was now evident, need to certify these in RBIm but I had no program.

So then I had to create a program.

I knew one thing that it had to be awesome.

RBIm is mind blowing for me so obviously that’s true for me but then how do I package it logistically to someone who maybe never thought about this the way we do with RBIm and then just want to have a better life or fix what’s not working?

Then answers started to show up, RBIm core foundation a homage to Isaac Asimov the foundation series become one such answer. That we can start doing Matrix style downloads and be learning a new reality and action behaviors in areas we thought we couldn’t. The homage are due to Hari Seldon as he created the psychohistory a way using math to calculate where the galaxy would be going trough the ark ages and he found a way to calculate what would happen and then be able to adjust and influence the history and change the path human kind was going. Naturally it went all to shit. Mutants and events not predictive in the history of events happen but read the books as I don’t want to spoiler things but any good book have a good twist in the story or else why even bother to read them?

Once the certification happen I applied RBIm to create the program itself. Then as I been doing that I am also thinking to create a educational program with this a RBIm foundation series to lay out the tool set to the world.

I wake up and write this and I am absorbed into the writing itself the material takes up its own life and I am now the narrator of the show.

The momentum itself is rolling on and whatever happens will happen.

Many years ago I knew I was different so naturally it seemed naturally for me to seek out why was I then different in that regard and what I found was none knew. I also found that I wasn’t that different after all but that I had no way to explain that difference to someone else in a way that made sense. Once answers started to happen then more work I had to do to explain what was going on but it took a long time to define what was going on as I had to change my thinking so radically as even if I knew what I was doing I didn’t know how I was doing what I did do.

Until RBIm did happen.

As a tool for enlightenment it’s the best there is. To discover your own path or destiny or fate and then be able to alter and change that destiny, fate on your own accord to be the one.

Things are happening to me now. The system I created to be the narrator of the show is now building its own path the gloves are thrown and the stars are shining as I walk in the lit area. What is there what to become out of all this?

Isn’t that the mystery of all?

Magic backed by science is what I like to say as when you start doing this technology it will change your ways more than what you ever thought or could imagine down the road as I am still doing Intu-flow and the changes to the body and doing this will create a path and carve out the road taken.

However, I know what RBIm has done for me and are doing for me to simplify the change and transformation to be able to choose your own stuff your own path a way to understand why you are doing things you do and what else you can be doing that you haven’t done yet.

I talked to Hans, so he said well I had this problem yesterday playing golf and I don’t think you can solve it before I called. Took me 2 minutes.

Solved, like magic backed by science.

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  1. Can’t wait the certification program, even if there was no certification I believe the training will be worth it in gold alone!

    1. To bad I lost some weight and the price just trippled 🙂

      anyhow, if you want some assistance with modeling that guy you need to provide more information.

  2. But seriously do you have price in mind for the certification.

    btw I dont have anyone in particular to model for the business ‘sharpness’ it was just a something I have been thinking a bot a while but I was thinking of doing the current SSG and new SSG for this….any thoughts on the approach would be great

    1. well here is what I think,
      first do you have a business or are thinking to start one or are you into consulting?

      its really difficult to say what to do since I have no idea what your after. The thing you speak about are more about learning and grow your own personal skill set and competence.
      an easy way are to ask, if I did that “sharpness” my way what then would I do with it?

  3. I’m doing and business currently in the early stages.

    Again you’ve hit the nail on the head:

    ‘if I did that “sharpness” my way what then would I do with it?’

    make new definitions from here and then test it and see the feed back. I will give it a go.

    1. Pure luck I am sure.
      I am like the monkies if you put them down in front of a typewriter some ape will at some time write down shakespeares collected works.

      I dont believe in luck and random and that people even suggest that shakespeares in love could be said to be such a work done by apes is beyond me.

      still I have a huge hammer and everything I do look like nails to be nailed. Nailed that one. 🙂

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