Modeling Golf

Many assume its about their golf swing and I go its just part of the game. I ask do you make solid contact, do you compress the ball and if so your good to go.  Those playing the tour have learned to live with their game, their swing their compensations they don’t seek the secret.  Now, its not about the set up, it has a reason as anything but we ask, or at least I do ask this, if the golf swing search is over for me, I now understand what to do to create a golf swing motion, then what else?

Consistency playing.

I am asking Hans every time he practice about this, I want results and feedback and yesterday (no Beatles association). I devised a plan in 3 steps, first how the game plan  works from RBIm and the FutureNow and then decision strategy template from Nicklaus tweaked version 1.0 and then the execution of the swing action based upon the down swing pressure point. A pressure point is what it sounds like, a point in your body you respond by pressure. Like weight, like force, like torque like such. I talk vestibular here, Intu-flow tai chi, qi the invisible, unseen elusive force beyond. Until you understand what to attend to in the golf swing without technique then its just about dude, how my body moves trough space like Dr Who.  Then your understand that everything you ever did know about a golf swing is so strange, complicated and unneeded. I am about to have a Skype session with a young golfer, to assist him in his quest to play better golf.

Once we found what its about then we can start improving.

Its about identifying the essential bits, then we can work what works and then improve, yes at first it be confusing, as understanding my language isn’t easy I know, try my Swedish if you think my English sucks. Once I am able to see and watch someone swing their body I can point them to where they need to feel this, without it you cant do it. To find it on your own? no way. Hans couldn’t, he is by far the one I had most contact with the last few years and he spent more time rearranging his head since Genghis khans days.

Defining this when there is no definition is also why I don’t spend much time on golf forums they still argue what they should do and I already know that but unless you receive hands on instruction whatever I write here, wont be enough. I swing indoors now, and I go great tempo, great pivot action, great speed, and I still need to hit balls to fully be able to swing improve from this point now. I know now what to do, it will go faster and faster to improve now.

For example this is DJ Watts to the left in a typical just before/at impact sequence image, we see his right pelvis and hip is level or even slightly higher which means he is loosing out on 15mph at least in speed.

driver perfectjämför

We can compare that to Hans, the old image of Hans (white) he was swinging at around 120mph when he played and today I expect him to be at 130mph under control.. once that right pelvis is turning and hip follows, your swing speed has to slow down and cant accelerate trough the hitting zone.

Hips don’t add speed if the right hip gets there with that pelvis action, your already moving the force the wrong way in the down swing there.

You want the angle of the pelvis and hips to be as Hans shows or like this, Like Mike

If the angle isn’t like that your loosing out of a lot of power. I also talk about 20mph. That’s like 50 more yards. All due to better pelvis action.

The above is just evidence of the visual difference that happens when your able to start powering your swing motion. You will look similar when your done.  However the visual is just there to check if your doing it right or not (evidence) for me, I make personal suited videos and explain what you need to know and feel in the swing which is individual depending what motion you currently have.

Feel some say is universal all feel it different they all say,
I disagree on that myth.

My feel is exactly the same as Hans is when hitting that low spinning wedge killing a rabbit when it stops on two on the green. I cant say I can do it consistently due to the greens I play normally those shots isn’t needed. I guess if I play better that shot goes on top of the list to master then.

The feel of the pressure point will also be the same, how you later reference it for yourself will be different but it’s the same. Its what all these old swing guys did, they all responded to the same pressure points its why they all shared the same things in their swings (Nelson, Palmer, Nicklaus, Hogan, Snead etc..), and Austin? He had a different one.

Its how you end up in your motion, once Hans did it, I knew I found it. Then sorting, organizing and teaching is still under progress and processing.

In the modern swing they talk about hip speed, and I go, hips don’t do much speed. if you say its about how much the pelvis turns I go well you don’t want to do that and create speed as that will crash your back ask Rory about it. If you don’t want to do a modern swing you either have to go with natural Golf or E2E or such swings, but the drawback is, speed and power.

I also would to some extent on the accuracy also, if you want control like Hans wants you want speed and a lot of control of your swing pattern, distance and dispersion, then you want to scale the power and speed into manageable efficiency. I knew once I found the way you make decision out there that with this new swing motion understanding I also could utilize this to create better dispersion patterns and distance controls. Now, this is a bit under testing atm, I wish the spring was here summer even so I could go outside, test it, feedback, tape it and then present it in a better form than the written word.

Feel can be quantified, defined, mapped, categorized and used to find out what happens when the body moves trough space, but as anything you need practice into intu-flow and refine your sensitivity as when you find out what then the how happens by itself.

Start by feeling the grip and pressure when moving your club to the top and to impact and make sure you don’t add pressure. This will do more for your golf swing than any other advice.

Adding pressure while swinging is often a indication of compensation going on.