RBIm Community what one can wish for

I wish that I could work a lot more but the truth is I cant. At some point a few of my students dont understand that. One other reason is I have a strong tendency to focus on what works for me and what I want to do.

I like research, find out how things works, build models and have elite level performance for athletes.

I run the intu-flow now for soon 8 years as I like the benefit of intu-flow. The same idea applies to a community while we would think we can move the world alone with a long enough lever that’s not really how it works.

I give away as much free support I can on Skype and otherwise here. I like that idea as I have a lot of knowledge about stuff people don’t have in NLP and such places. I tell you what its like from my view and if I am wrong or right isn’t up to me to say.

I know the NLP community is dead due to them cant even fathom how to investigate anything outside what their guru says to them. I find that sad.

I wish that the RBIm community would support one another as the idea of the membership for me is to collect awesome working ideas that one can put into action immediately in some cases and in others need to learn some skills to do but still you would have a library of awesomeness at your hands.

Measurement of statement Bandler makes that I done shows he has no idea what he is talking about but it seems like he does. When you investigate people like Donald Trump which is simply a bully trying to win a presidency without any evidence he can actually do what he states.

He will repeat the same things over and over again without any evidence.
He will divert attention from the topic if he can and is allowed to do so.
Trump is a bully.

It’s a way to reinforce the positive to him and his campaign and take what people believe is true without them never really checking for if it is.

Its though if not impossible to make people think twice about the stuff they believe in. You can offer a counterexample in many ways to make people change their minds directly, Joseph Riggio does that shit so does John La Valle, Bandler, Grinder and a host of others. Main reason is that people cant make a decision for themselves that wont pass the judgment check from the individual which btw biased is totally wrong so the easy way out is to just change your mind for you as those guys do to you.

I don’t.

If you listen to my Skype chat I ask what people want to do. I did RBIm the SSG for dancing, and then lost it due to the other guy danced so much better. I said this, well if you ask this question instead that while he is good you can ask how it would be to dance and such a way in your own way.

That makes you ask a question about what you did believe as a result of your own bias and such. Now its up for him to ask the question to do that or the other thing, RBIm in practice from me btw.

He still have the choice to think the way he thought or simply go the new way.

Hans made 18 birdies in his win at the club championship but he also made 18 bogies…so he won by making a bride and the other guy hit in th water on the last hole after 4 days. I told him, go out there and do this and he told me he didn’t want to do that and I said, go do it test and report back and he did and said, oh that’s why I make a lot of bogies….Now he could choose……

Before he didn’t had such a choice he could make a bride or make a bogey but he didn’t want to make bogies but doing the Mythoself way does not work. I tried to tell Joseph that but obviously the guy refute to even think that way….

Anyhow, a community seems for me to evolve and such over time much like RBIm does. The comparison mode still is what make reality up for us that wont change or such as its how our brain works in a practical way. Making a choice is a difficult one due to your have to choose between continue to do what your doing or build new and then be able to choose which one to do is a huge gift in my view.

I believe in choice and that you should be able to make one but if your forced to change from peoples technology like NLP, Mythoself or such then what the fuck?

That seems as best backwards to me.