RBIm coaching with Hans and Mikaela Shiffrin

Had a short talk to Hans, I didn’t do anything as he is on track. Swing works, his approach now works mentally and physically.

My work is now sitting at the side and tweak and nudge as he is adjusting to what works and that is like really strange concept for many.

Mikaela is a girl that was able to understand how to go faster in slalom and been able to now win with 2.65 seconds the fourth fastest margin of win and she also has the nr1 spot with over 3 seconds!

If the Swedish national team in alpine skiing asked me I could teach them what Mikaela learned on her own. I understands what she does due to it’s the process I use with RBIm to improve performance in different sports.

She did learn that by accident by her own and many including the Hansdotter state she is talented and I say, no she is not.

You can learn what people call talent if you know what your doing.

I learned to become good in my area and field as I investigated what works and it isn’t what people believe it is.

What works is a strange concept due to people don’t know what that is.

My work with Hans is now effortless and for me its a good thing as the less I have to work the better he becomes.

Magic by science.

I just call it RBIm.