Ultimate power and golf

I tried to teach RBIm 5 to someone, they exploded from the power.

Wouldn’t that be funny if that was true?

I often find people write things that does not compute to evidence and if one look at the brochure and PR from many NLP trainers and institutes then people walk in and expect to be taught something different than what the advertisement states.

Its expected to be like that as everyone does it like that.

For me that indicates that the people teaching don’t know what they are doing and that includes names like Joseph Riggio, Richard Bandler, John Grinder, John La Valle, and any other NLP trainer like Jonathan Altfeldt along the way.

So why is then those people who claims to know not knowing then really?

I had Hans tell me this one day, I hit the ball straighter now. I asked him, well didn’t you do that before? No he said. I was like but why didn’t you tell me that? He shrugged well everyone does that out there. I was absolutely flabbergasted that he actually expected to hit the ball like everyone does it out there when I was training him to have the ultimate power in golf.

When he started to do what he can do now he is about to tell me this, why is everyone hitting it so crooked and all over the place?

I said well that’s what I do I create a new reality where whatever you want to do becomes possible.

I call it RBIm 5.

Reaching levels of becoming calm, presently aware in the now unheard before.

Oli is now plotting to take over the world….Blinkar


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  1. Golf question – As you link to and appear on Dan Shauger site – does this mean that you believe that he has proper take on M Austin swing – In other words – are his (excellent) videos a good place to model the MA swing – in your view? Thanks.

    1. I link to william.
      He is trained by Dan Shaugher yes.
      If you live near him, go get a lesson for sure as he is good at what he does.

      The answer to your question which is can we model the Mike Austin swing and apply it for ourselves is a question of ambiguity if one asks me.

      No Mike Austin trainer and I mean none including Dan shaugher and Mike Dunaway with Mike Austin himself did understand what he Mike Austin were doing. So your question for me are a difficult one due to, should I clarify the subject or should I go into explanation about the differences.

      Dj Watts for example tried for years to model the perfect mechancial swing by Mike Austin, he failed. He has a “new” perfect mechanical pivot and swing every few months. Now its from Ben Hogans pivot……come on are people so deluding themselves?

      Jacob Bowden was taught by Dan shaugher and he cant do what Mike did either nor could Mike Dunaway.

      A model is a concept of thinking.
      It steers your attention and focus into a way that cause a specific result to happen normally. NLP models are built that way.
      One can say reverse engineering in cpu as if intel release one or amd release one both camps take it apart and reverse engineer what it does to do what it does.

      Human beings are different.

      I spent 20 or so years with modeling, both doing it and also enhance it.
      If I teach it as I done for Hans it goes agaisnt what he been taught in golf. Figure the amatuer have even less chance to comprehend the difficulty of education from golf.

      I can take a lady alpine skiier, and then apply what Mikeal Shiffrin does in her mind so she can ski faster without any edcuation in skiing faster.
      I never done it but still I can do just that.

      I can make a detailed video and advance golf and golf swing theory by 100 years and make it the definition of the field. Thats what I have done.
      However If I do that without the added performance mode people wouldnt get it down anyhow into the numbers I quote. Thats human nature, I seen it with my students a lot, and I dont have many students and today I seem to have more in other countries than I have here in sweden as I havent done a workshop in years.

      Your education and mind and thinking gets in your way even if I teach it exactly and instruct exactly. Nor Hans nor Larry can do this without me teaching them directly. Both of them are highly motivated and dedicated to this and they still dont get the message even if explained in detail.

      Their mind and thinking gets in their way and if it does that for them imagine someone else who wouldnt be so dedicated to this?

  2. Thank you so much for your time in writing that comprehensive response.

    Unfortunately, Ireland and Australia are just a little bit too far apart to pop over for a lesson.

    I do understand your concept of reverse-engineering the MA swing – and maybe he wasn’t preaching what he practiced (unwittingly).

    But there is no doubt that he was a brilliant teacher that radically improved huge numbers of golfers – the testimonials are all on the net.

    I would love to see your step by step breakdown – and would pay for a video or whatever – like some of the people you have mentioned charge for their products.

    I recall that you yourself posted many videos of your own practice – and you were constantly changing / tweaking … just like everybody else … have you arrived at a final model?

    And I cannot find your videos on the site now – are they still here? Thanks again.

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