RBIm or Realization Behavioral Integration model

Its about your consciousness and to discover what its about and how it functions.
Now let ask us do your consciousness work, did you think what is me and self for and is it something I should go around discovering? If I did the walkabout down under and traveled there or to India if I took the wrong boat there, would I then find myself elsewhere than I am?

If you say no, go to line one.

If you said yes, the answer is “oh God not another one”.

Its about the comparison mode, what you do have is a duality of sorts, its like Darth Vader fucked your mom and ended up with twins called Luke and Leia. Not you of course since this is about star wars the story of the force. In RBIm we call upon the force using tools like the magical carpet ride Intu-flow yes you will feel like a wheel or like that guy chasing windmills but he was nuts so what do I know? The RBIm drill is basically about your attention resides with how your body moves while it moves so you learn to attend the force as its elusive and unseen and you seen the movies so come on! You already knew that! You still loved the movies.

The force in RBIm is called vestibular or more directly this portion of it, Equilibrioception.

Once you tapped into the dark cellar wine and brought an ale or two along, you find yourself drunk on the verge , ah wait wrong story, let me try this again, you thought I am all alone in the Universe I am so alone and then one day you found RBIm and was told you had a fucking twin and that you could hang out with that and you thought after your run screaming to mom that it was after all a cool idea having Darth Vader as your dad as he after all become good in the end as he needed to be spanked hard, let his son almost die and then he did kill that evil guy that emperor and then all forgave him?  What’s that about?

Your duality of consciousness created since childhood have blocked out the real you, nah its more like the future is here now. FutureNow as we RBIm mental retarded cases call it at least  me when I am insane enough to realize that whatever I am doing it isn’t me doing it. That who I am isn’t that but the one in charge of that. However since we are told that what we are is what we do, well then why not create something that you then do that makes you higher than a kite and no to drugs. That you could create a new reality a new FutureNow that includes the very best of you the good Luke, the very nice and sweet Leia the mom that died for your sake so best be really good now and the dad that went to dominate the galaxy and ended up glowing in the dark and how cool isn’t that!!! Glowing…(said with Homer Simpsons voice)

We then create a representation yes a mental image in your head when the future works for you, and then we do this nutty thing its so crazy that we are told we cant do it as its impossible and if it was intended then Buddha would have said so to this. Once that FutureNow image is created we don’t have an answer to it, did you read the words telling you it was about “discovery”? Yes?

What we do is to explore the desire bit to that future image, that on a scale of 1 to 10 how much desire do you have to that and if its zero or don’t care that’s a clue Sherlock. If the scale isn’t going off the chart like a tsunami, earthquake or a spaceship landing in your backyard then its about this desire we need to find out to this FutureNow so it is what you want.

Then we do this thing called traits.

Traits are whole unified field theory the holy grail of all things and for many girls its shaped like a huge dick but for us guys its shaped like a really thight pussy with boobs, its holy so no bad cursing now so no sexist remarks or any religion devil forbade it.

Trait is a level of skill we develop as a response to this FutueNow we created so now we are in this land of unknown that we don’t have an answer to this FutureNow you just created a new fucking future and reality please make sure you are following my ranting here its about self discovery so once you check the desire and then ask what trait did I developed as a response to this FutureNow then you end up with some kind of experience when that is true for you right?

That is what RBIm is all about finding that experience you created so it works for you in your new reality. Its not a job, if all the people telling us we are what we do why not create a future that works by you for you that you created, discovered and experienced daily for the rest of your life?

We RBIm students call it Legendary Awesomness.

Join us as the force never been stronger than this.

Intu-flow demo summer


RBIm drill move the hand attention required.