A month later or so.

Each step of the way one can ask, how fast can change happen or how fast can learning and improvement happen?

I don’t talk change as I tend to say its about learning and improvement to build new.

It wont matter if its about a golf swing or if its about language or a business plan or health or dyslexia or whatever else.

Where are you going – your destination?
Establish the definition there sets the direction.
SSG with RBIm4

For my golf swing its improving into the template so each session I work on one thing until I can do that. I don’t do 10 things or 5 maybe 2 but that’s seldom as its normally just one. At some point one can measure the improvement as if you can do that your attending feedback as you do.

Measurement of the behavior is the path to improvement.

RBIm allows you to start doing that to be able to correlate what actually happens in the world vs what you perceive it to be.

At some point when I improve I might find that I am not able to do things and then I stop and either apply the proper action or I have to test a few variables to find out what works to establish the intended destination.

Yesterday it become obvious, ok need to fix my pivot now. I didn’t had a thought or plan to do that but it all was obvious as once one follow a template we work one step at the time until that works and when it works we move on to the next thing in the list.

I also work trough the instruction set as it means it takes a bit longer as I am also mapping the system along the way. Old work habit. Doing so means I can understand this differently as I measure along the way what’s going on.

Where are you going?

Measure current progress.
Evidence with behavior (SSG)

Take note of improvement.

If no improvement in a reasonable timeframe check the evidence feedback.