SSG and beliefs the world of power

SSG or self sustaining generalization are a way to contain information into contextual forms. SSG contains a start point and a end point. Its due to the brain is constantly projecting information for you whatever happens right now your brain wants to project to the future actions you are about to do.

So the SSG stops the projection of the future and then make you manage the problem.

RBIm 5 and 6 focus onto building upon the future based upon what you can do.

Beliefs are projections you have “Opinions” about yourself and life.
None of them are real.

Beliefs are a loose concept as they are tangible to faith for example which means there is no evidence or proof in the way so the individual can create any truth to the statement of faith. There is no contraindication for the believer in faith. It’s a internal created imagination without hindrance.

Beliefs can also be convincing convictions which is also the same as Faith due to you can be absolutely convinced you hate chocolate ice cream until you by some accident tried it out and found it was the best thing ever. Convictions are supported by your own evidence what you come to assume is true.

Wait a second do you mean no one are having any truth what so ever?


We are constantly lying to ourselves all the time.

Once you understand whatever anyone tells you, friend, family, boss, customer, foreigner all that expressed is their opinion about stuff which isn’t true at all. Then your able to understand that’s a statement of their internal world their beliefs, culturally and socially and that they have no bearing on you or your life.

RBIm clarifies that a useable format as the SSG allows the individual to sort information they believe into manageable formats a contextual form that allows them to stop the future projection you have. That allows you to be moving towards a measurable way to go about skills, life experiences that isn’t wishful thinking but manageable units that exist and steams from contextual forms allowing you a new way to project yourself.

The paradox here for most people is that if we are being lied to all the time do we also lie to ourselves and that’s a yes also.

When faced with a contradiction like the example I gave here on Facebook,

RBIm suggest to make people to focus on what they can do and then form their SSG from that which means measure and compare.
Beliefs are basically opinions you have about the world.
I believe in God, (Opinion)
I believe its right to fuck small kids as they love me (Opinions)
I believe I am lucky, etc….all Opinions.
People then tend to forget that is all that is really and then start to act upon them,
Students protest and burn flags, or abortion is a evil devilish thing, no its just your opinion about that subject.
However you feel justified when you act upon your opinions due to your view its wrong to do abortion often supported by a Christian belief or about life and death and choice, the foster has no saying etc…so people feel justified to do things and act upon them as it feels right to do so.
However, after that you killed a few people and realize what you did you now value your belief in contradiction that its right to protest against abortion and then you killed a few doing so and many then actually forms a value proposition to that it was justified to do so and then they can keep their belief (opinion) while that means they just established a double-bind paradox, they protest against abortion killing fosters is bad and wrong but killing people to make their point about abortion is justified.
That’s called a double bind and is very common with nutty people.
You also find them with what you call normal people but when that bind is going on they are not normal.


Double binds are beliefs that falls back to themselves without being resolved. Your damned if you do and damned if you don’t. To resolve them we create an SSG.

The double bind cant be resolved within the environment/context it is active and works within as NLP teaches people to deal with them but the only way to make that work is to work as we do with RBIm and SSG. My client work and experience was to create SSG format for people and while I was working like that there was no NLP that taught that and something I formalized from my own work.

I knew it wasn’t NLP and the way NLP worked but I didn’t have a concept for it until SSG and RBIm.

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