The system of families

Maybe we all should watch the sopranos and think, Gee what a fuck up family right?

Try finding a normal family, I haven’t yet, the one I had was fucked up, the once I met been all in any regard dysfunctional along the way in some way.

So how do we teach people what normal is when no one around seems normal and functional?

If all you been introduced and taught is pain or tragic then how would we go about teaching what normal is when that will be totally foreign to us and often said that isn’t normal and wrong as that would be the normal response.

I had golfers tell me this feels wrong and then swung at the ball hitting it 60 yards longer. It didn’t feel like they assumed to believe it should.

I had clients tell me things like that also and I said well how do you feel when this is like this then? Great and calm and whatever else so I said maybe then this is the new normal for you then?

People cant understand the new trough the old as the new seems all wrong for them as it does not fit their world view.

The system is now transitioned but the concepts in what we come to believe isn’t yet.

NLP users would believe that accessing states is a key for anyone to feel resourceful but that approach won’t work. However the NLP user will believe it will work in spite of evidence due to people taught them that it would work and in the face of evidence then will delete the evidence and still think what they do would work when it isn’t.

That’s btw really bad for the NLP education and for people seeking their help.