What is the difference – That I teach with a golf swing?

I work with the natural timing, rhythm and lets call it attitude of the individual and from that I create a consistent golf swing you can do day out and day in. It means I can tailor the work I do to any individual, any golf swing they might have and offer suggestions to what to do so it works.

That’s what a model allows me to do, I follow the template and that gives me instructions to what to do for the individual.

Larry sent me a video today, love that and the swing motion looks good now ( I say perfect), all that is there now is to make sure he don’t do his old tighten up action. I wrote him but I assume he will need a Skype talk to explain it for him. Its just more condensed to talk about it than read about it.

I did read a post on golfwrx forum that helped me define the above, what I can do is to make sure your swing is identical in tempo from one swing to the next swing. That creates consistency no tour player is able to do today in each swing they do.

Any modeling project also teaches me about my own process, the result I arrive at, so next up is a look into the RBIm template again as its not complete yet.  I am glad and happy to be done with the golf swing template as I know what to do with the template there and it works, it also needs Skype and feedback to the player live but today its doable thanks to Skype and tech progress. To talk and watch someone on the other side of the Atlantic and be able to offer direct feedback sitting home drinking coffee?

Love it.

And yes even if I know what to do, still take time to get it there for the player and golfer.

pw to spoon, set the clock for each swing.