RBImGuy rants about the Sean Foley baseball analogy

I have no idea how he come to this advice and conclusion, its not what’s going on in the baseball pitch and I had a guy on GOLFWRX telling me I didn’t understand baseball pitching, yes he was clueless but that’s what happens with bad a education.

I made a small talk here about this, if your into golf and people teach you contradicting messages in the same video like Pete Cowen does or really unsound advice like Sean Foley does, guess what you end up much likely with a bad back, lost power and whining about accuracy.

I was an amateur doing an amateurish swing, taking lessons didn’t do much due to the guy taught in a way that wasn’t really working as you had to adapt to the instruction to make it work. I am teaching a guy without any PGA license, without any golf education what so ever and I am able to do a better job than anyone that Tiger Woods worked with.

Imagine that, anyhow here is the rant

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