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The zone the flow and the golf God

Many as an amateur may not understand that a 80mph golf swing you can add around 100-130 yards to your driving with a better mechanic. Amateurs hit around 220 yards and you can do 320+

As a golf God its not easy for me to make people understand the impossible made possible due to people cant believe what they don’t know about then you have to use faith and hope and maybe dream about it.

Hans said to me, hitting a 2i suddenly the same distance as I did hit driver last year its just brain mind blowing Matrix style. Imagine your just hitting it past everyone on the PGA tour. Without even trying. Your also more accurate.

Now, I wish it was the golf swing solely that did win and shot 55.

However it isn’t even if it does help with a better mechanic we need the mental aspect.

The zone to be able to focus our mind into the performance of the zone and do so at the will of your minds. I developed such a way, its based on RBIm6 technology and again world leading software for your mind and body. Its designed to reach peak efficiency to make you have you’re A-game the best of you each time you go play in command.

The flow of freedom then happens you know how to focus your mind and its attention to reach maximum potential in the performance for the day.

Every time you play.

It’s a little like magic but when your able to do it it’s a simpelness in science as you understand when I do this (RBIm6) this way then I perform this way (zone) and then I am able to do this, result.

It’s a path to do performance people always wanted to do unlock their groundbreaking awesomeness into legendary Godhood.

Not so easy to get you there but once you able to do it, then its always there.

I knew from early on that I needed to find out how performance worked, I wanted to work with elite level performances and the athletes so I then could teach them, do it this way and then your unlocking your potential.

Issue one, no technology was out there that did that, only theory, guesswork and opinions what was good or bad in sport psychology, I listen to Bob Rotella and gee, its nonsense as there is no science there.

Science means we measure and have evidence.

Its how I knew Hans was on the verge on a breakthrough. I measured and when he played the way he did, the way he did that was measured with evidence.


I don’t make shit up, others do.

Its why people run into problems with me due to I am a Golf God the only one knowing stuff how the swing works in golf and then when people try to be smart about it, they fail every time.

I use science and they use guesswork.

Guess what is working out better?

Once you reach the breakthrough point your game goes into a whole new level of performance, you shoot lower scores, things gets a lot easier, things that used to be painstakingly difficult is easy to do now.

While I can explain that is what you be able to do, you still wont believe me.

No one in the world can you think and I am one that can do so am I living on a different planet then?

Am I not getting the point across?

It has been known for a long time people cant change in spite of facts and evidence, I know that first hand and its just the way things are with minds and humans, you cant get out of your own escape velocity much like no one could until we could build rockets that went outside the planet.

Your like a satellite in your own universe and as you circle around you never think there is a straight line to go into as you keep circling.

Anyhow, once the breakthrough has happen then the real work takes place to control to be in command of your performance to design the very essence of what it means to be a golf God or performance God..

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