11 Replies to “It took 74 tries”

    1. sry, should been a bit more clear, dont do swing changes for amateurs either online or in person atm.

      It may open up later on for some special cases but for now I wont bother unless your a tour pro playing on tour.

  1. ok – I care only to get better. What pros do you teach these days ? I will watch their swings to get some idea. Risto

    1. no, Mike Austin be next.
      the above is the swing model I developed from the study of Mike Austins movement.
      That guy can hit a 2i 280+ yards same as sadlowski long driving world champion

  2. Mike Austin is dead in the ground. I start not to believe you as you don’t teach no one and you show no proof about 2i yards. I am no good but I know about the TRackman. – Risto

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