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Elite level performance or why Bob Rotella sucks

What is unstoppable confidence?

Yes that what Rotella talks about which means he has no idea what goes on inside your head when performing. Yea I know people quote his book as the best since chocolate.

Winning and performing at the level in golf for example or other sports are surely a game of minds, mentally and emotionally. Why are some able to do better, well you say Talent and I say, you don’t know.

I listen to a former tour player on TV from the masters and I listen to tour players saying putting is a born in ability as some have it and some don’t.

Such Bullshit.

I hear it from everyone who are ignorant and cant do things.

I improved my putting not with talent but with science and dropped my putting into tour pro level. Actually a bit better but people have a hard time understanding why I am so good at stuff, not so easy to be a Golf God as you have a lot of people lacking faith out there.

Knowledge is the cure here for your ignorance.

I had clients that doctors couldn’t do things for that today are healthy thanks to me.

That’s how good I am when your doctor cant do shit, I can.

Psychology is even easier due to people believe its all unconscious and abstract.

So obviously when I was reading that people thought Bob Rotella was good so I went out there and checked it and gee its like saying, you feel good right, you have confidence right, anyone can do that shit, anyone.

That wont tell me or the athlete what to do to make you practice and train your ability to bring you’re A-game every time you go play and perform.

Getting there is difficult sure, your so filled with the wrong things and assumptions about what works anyhow. I watch Richard Bandler fuck up a phobia intervention giving back the phobia 2 times, I am like, why didn’t he do this instead and it seems drugs taking to much of his brain cells.

People are used to average in elite level performance, luck, or talent, there are so many good athletes that get sucked into that thinking and come to believe they lack it the talent to make it. While the talent code at least brought us to attention that we can do something different wont mean people are able to start programs that will work the same way as they don’t understand the underlying mechanisms at work.

Its what I done for a few years now, as I was asked to do things so I did. Finding out how to perform was a lot different than what people assume and believe and one reason so many believe things and never become able to realize their potential as an athlete.

I recall the day I shot 584 in my practice with air pistol. It felt easy. At the time I didn’t know what I did that made it so easy but today I do. In the Olympics recently that score would been good for a silver medal.

So once one knows what a real outstanding performance is like but don’t really know what one does to reach it for me that just meant a mystery to be solved, so I did. Solving the mystery of talent and how one builds extraordinary legendary awesome performance is a treat for me as I know what to do to get someone there now.

Thanks to Hans I been able to test and run things to pin point down the essence core mechanisms and with RBIm6 that’s then easier than ever to gain such mental aptitude to become talented into unlocking ones true potential as an athlete.

Yea btw I don’t just do golf swings, I do things like fix dyslexia and a lot of things people don’t even think is possible.

Just saying not easy to be a golf God