Locke + Nicklaus putting, pure awesomeness

The fun fact was he did win the national masters in putting 2013 with what he did before and now it be even easier if he went and competed there.

Had a really good talk on Skype tonight with him, feels good


Booby locke was a south African that was so good with putting the American players made a ban for him to play there. (he took all their money). Nicklaus well that guy don’t need a presentation, 18 majors.

This weekend I get some updates how this all works out.

stay tuned

and why not one more putt

10 Replies to “Locke + Nicklaus putting, pure awesomeness”

  1. As a matter of feedback – maybe it is my computer – old one using Vista – But I cannot see first two videos above with Chrome or Internet Explorer – can see them with Firefox.

    1. Yea, try it, wont work, Locke anchored his hand on the leg. Not allowed anymore.
      Putting is two variables, reading pace and line. Tour pros guess with both.

      My system is built to be 100% accurate in line and pace.
      adding a better mechanic as I did with and for Hans was needed as what he did was to difficult even with a perfect system as mechanics has an impact on the difficulty.

  2. It is impossible to have a ‘system’ for line and pace – they are about judgement and feel – and even you cannot magic secret those.

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