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Why isn’t Anna Nordqvist nr1 in the world in golf?

she is at the top of greens hit for several years.

Depending on how they measure putts, she is 2.5 shots worse than Lydia Ko each round that is 10 shot every tournament. 10! Imagine you go play and you know you cant win as your putting has to be out of this world to be able to. Putting is the easy part of the game, Anna has access to putting gurus out there except me.

Normally you should be able to have around 9 one putts a round that leaves you at 27 putts. The LPGA players play often shorter courses due to many of the ladies cant hit 240 yards even and imagine those ladies that hit 290 and your not even competition in that arena.

At some point its a numbers game.

Its why you want consistency and be able to focus your mind on the task.

If you have a weakness in your game then you know what to improve but the problem is that your coaches may not know how to do that even if everyone tells you they know what they are doing but evidence suggest otherwise.

My putting as I started to study what worked there went from a normal amateur like 35 putts a round to below 30. Each improvement I did was based upon definition and testing and once I was finish it went into perfect green reading and pace. I don’t misread putts anymore. The consistency then goes trough the roof. My weakness been mechanics as I spent time researching not doing. Now that is to an end and I am implementing the template and I expect my game to reach a whole new level.

All stars aligned.

Anna could be nr1 in the world if she improved her putting but I don’t expect her to be able to without me.

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With RBIM, she would hit her approach shots closer to the hole. That alone, would ensure she make more putts!

since they dont post the proximity to hole on lpga its difficult to say whats ailing her but putting is an issue for sure

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